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Taking Turns

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I lay on the bed beside Sarah in the warm afterglow of amazing sex. Our passion when we are together burns as hot as a thousand suns, and I always loved those relaxing moments afterwards. I was prone on my belly as she gently stoked and rubbed my shoulders and back, her gentle administrations and soft, loving words caressing away my stress like gentle waves caressing a secluded beach. My lover knew what she was doing, and I often found myself wondering how I’d been lucky enough to find her.

Our lovemaking was as varied as the patterns of snowflakes. We both felt free to discuss any fantasies that came to our mind, and then we satisfied almost each and every one. The only rule we had when it came to sex was that anything can be suggested, and almost anything goes, although we’d agreed on two exceptions. We both had to be monogamous–not a problem since neither of us wanted to share the other with anyone else–and we would never intentionally cause the other pain. Though I suspected we might find other things one of us didn’t care for, at this point those were the only two we’d shot down: group sex and pain. This left many options open, and we loved trying to come up with new kinky ideas to surprise our lover. We’d only been together for a few months, but already I knew I’d never been happier or more open relationship.

In our most recent session, I’d lovingly tied her wrists to the headboard with two silk ties and slowly, teasingly sampled every inch of her soft woman-flesh. Sarah was known more for her insatiable thirst for cum than she is for her patience, and it turned me on so to fan the flames of her desperate lust. I’d kissed and licked every place on her body, taking my time and deliberately avoiding her warm pussy even as the copious moisture glistened and dripped from her lovely lips. Though I’ve never thought of myself as a foot-fetish kind of guy, I had spent many, many minutes in that last session teasing her feet, sucking on each toe in turn, licking between those toes, and slowly, softly licking the sole of each foot.

The tickling sensation had almost proven too much for her, but after a minute or so of adoring her pretty feet, she began to moan with intense pleasure. Her pussy juices were flowing by the time I was done, and when I finally gave in to her pleadings and crawled up her body to lick her ass while fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit, she exploded. I’d planted my mouth on her gushing womanhood and drank like a thirsty man at a trough of cool water. Then I had untied her hands and turned her over, helping her bring her knees up so her ass was poised scrumptiously in the air.

Then I’d taken her pussy from behind, the way we both love it, and fucked her with a primal need. Making her wait had meant making me wait too, and when I finally sank my cock in that warmth, I was delirious with my own desire. When I reached the point of no return, I had quickly turned her over yet again. I placed my throbbing cock between her bountiful tits, gently squeezed them together and humped those gorgeous globes as she licked at the head of my cock. She was rewarded with a large load of pent-up manjuice as I spurted heavily into her mouth, temporarily satisfying her thirst for my cum.

So now I lay there exhausted as she cuddled against me, caressing my back and shoulder muscles. I thought she must be as exhausted as I, but I should have known better. You see, my lover never gets tired of sex, and she wasn’t relaxing. She wasn’t recharging or recuperating. She was scheming and planning her own assault, for we are both submissive and both dominant in this relationship. We take turns.

I felt her hands moving lower on my body until she was caressing my ass with her fingertips with a touch as soft as dandelion fluff. She moved down my body and began kissing each cheek.

“Oh baby,” she whispered. “Do you have any idea how much I love that cute little ass of yours?”

“Do you, now?” I asked, wondering where this was heading.

“Yes, I surely do,” she said, parting my cheeks and running her tongue down my crack. “It’s just so damn yummy!” Her tongue entered my ass for one warm, wonderful moment and then she withdrew.

I felt her breasts trailing up my back as she moved up the bed, grabbed the silk ties and tied my own hands to the bed. Satisfied that I was sufficiently helpless, she began whispering in my ear. “I want to fuck you now, baby.” She reached across the bed, opened a drawer in the nightstand and removed a purple dildo I’d never seen before. It was just about the same size as my own substantial cock She waved it in my face first ensuring I saw what she’d shopped for in secret, then began rubbing it across my shoulder muscles. “Will you let me fuck you?” she asked, her voice as soft as butterflies whispering. She clicked a button and the cock began to vibrate softly against my skin.

“I’m not sure about this, baby.”

“Why, lover? You have fucked my ass on many occasions. I think I should get a turn to show you how incredible it feels.”

“But it looks like a cock. I mean, it’s just you and me–I understand that–but still, well, it just makes me a tad nervous.” I said, already feeling a apprehensive but exciting fire flaring in my belly.

“Good nervous or bad nervous?” she asked, turning off the vibrating dildo.

I hesitated only for a minute before folding like a dollar-store lounge chair. “Good nervous. I have butterflies in my gut.”

“Butterflies? Oh my sweet, sweet boy. Trust me, okay? I just want to take you places where you’ve never been,” she said. Then she giggled. “I want to be the one to take that virgin ass of yours, baby.” She kissed her way down my back. She switched the vibrator back on, and the tip of that fake cock followed every inch, buzzing its way down my spine and softly probing between my cheeks. She reached for the drawer again and brought out a tube of lubricant. “I’ll be ever so gently, sweetie. Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

I nodded my head before burying my face in the pillow. The sound of the vibrator abruptly ceased, and then I felt her hands rubbing lotion on my cheeks and down my crack. Her finger entered my anal rose, preparing me for what was to come. I felt her finger gently probing my ass.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked.

“Yes, it does,” I admitted. “Very good.”

I felt more lubricant being poured down my crack. “I’m going to try two fingers now,” she said. My muscled ring tensed for just a second before both of her digits slid inside. She began working them in and out of my ass. I began to relax and let her have her way. As soon as I did, the feelings turned incredibly pleasurable. I could feel her fingers stroking in and out of me. It felt wonderful, and I moaned.

“Oh my! My baby is enjoying this, isn’t he?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then I think you’re ready for the next step.” She removed her fingers, and I found I missed the fullness. I turned my head and saw her lubing her dildo. “I wish you could see how sexy your ass looks, sweetie. All puckered and vulnerable and begging for more! Damn, but you have the cutest little tushie!” Then she spread my cheeks with one hand and I felt the head of her fake cock at my opening. “Just relax, baby, and let me take you right where you want to go.”

There was a brief moment of pressure–not pain–as she guided the head of the dildo past my anal ring. I gasped but then it was inside me. She held it still while my ass became used to the size. Then she started guiding it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke. “Oh baby, this is so sexy!” she squealed. “I could watch this going in and out of you all day! It makes my pussy wet just watching your ass swallow it all up!” She was caressing my cheeks as she glided the fake cock in and out of me. She kissed my cheeks. “Oh, you are doing so good for your first time, baby!” There was real glee in her voice. “My sexy, sexy man!”

She had me lift up while she placed a couple of pillows under my belly. The dildo seemed to have more room as I felt it gliding deeper inside me. She switched on that damn button and my ass began to gently buzz. It was intensely pleasurable as it massaged my ass and prostate. The hand that had been caressing my cheeks now reached between my legs. Her fingers encircled my cock and found it hard as a granite statue. “Oh baby!” she exclaimed. “I really want to watch this going in and out of your beautiful ass, but I have an idea. Pull your knees up closer to your chest and spread your legs wider.”

I did as she requested. She continued to piston the gently vibrating toy in and out of my ass with one hand but turned to lay on her back and scoot beneath me. My cock brushed her face, and then she opened her mouth and took me inside. She sucked my real cock while fucking my ass with her fake one. So many pleasant sensations were assaulting my senses that it was almost too damn good. I began to moan in earnest now, and I found myself pushing back against her buzzing toy then pushing my hips down again to fuck her wonderful mouth. This went on for several minutes until I felt the cum boiling up in my balls.

“Oh my god!” I shouted. “I’m going to cum so hard!”

“Give it to me, baby! Yummy! I want to taste your cum, sweetie. Fill my belly! Cover me in your juices, lover!” she squealed in ecstasy between slurps on my cock.

I came harder than I ever had in my life, spurt after spurt of hot cum splashing the back of her throat. Even though my lover craved cum in her mouth more than anyone I’d ever met, she was quite unprepared for this torrent of hot, creamy juice. There was no way she could swallow it all, and as I held myself up on my arms and looked beneath me, I saw it running out of the corners of her mouth. She pulled my cock from her mouth as two more thick ropes splashed her face. I could feel my ass spasm around the dildo as wave after wave of cum erupted from my cock.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “So much cum!”

Still my cock twitched, the cum river finally drying up to a trickle which she used to paint her nipples while gently stroking my member. Still my ass spasmed around the vibrator although the cum reservoir had apparently dried up.

“Oh, sweetie! Damn, I love you so much, baby,” she said, licking my cum from her lips and rubbing it into her skin.

My ass had a hold on her fake cock like a set of vise-grips, but then I finally began to relax. I had to catch my breath, and my skin was covered in a sheen of sweat. It had been the strongest, most powerful orgasm I’d ever had–hell, by a factor of ten. As my sphincter gave up it’s death grip on that dildo, she slowly pulled it out. I lay on the pillows, spent and in awe. She quickly untied my hands and rolled me over. Her mouth found mine and she planted a deep, wet, cum-flavored kiss on my lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth hungrily as she shared the flavor. She moved my sweaty hair away from my eyes and kissed me again and again. “I love you so much, baby,” she said, staring into my eyes.

“I love you too, darling! That was incredible!”

Again we lay together in the delicious afterglow, just holding one another and planting tiny kisses on each others skin. After about ten minutes had passed, I heard her giggle.

“What?” I asked.

“Your turn!” she said.

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