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Sympathy For The Angels

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Ellen Brophy was grateful for the ringing of the telephone, because it jarred her out of her melancholy reverie. She’d been thinking about Jack again, and how much she missed him, and that was never good.

She picked up the phone and answered dully, “Hello.”

“Mom?” It was Ellen’s daughter, Robin. “Mom, are you OK? You don’t sound so good.”

“I’m awright,” Ellen said, although she knew she wasn’t.

“Mom, you’ve been thinking about Daddy again, haven’t you,” Robin said in a tone that was half accusatory and half sympathetic.

Ellen’s reply was silence on the line, so Robin continued in a more gentle tone. “Mom, you can’t keep beating yourself up over it. Daddy’s been gone almost two years now, and there’s nothing you could have done.”

“I know, I know,” Ellen replied finally. “It’s just… It’s just that I miss him so much, and I should have done something, anything.” By now the tears were flowing freely, as they always did when she allowed herself to wallow in self-pity like this. But then she got a hold of herself. Her daughter didn’t deserve to have this thrown on her, especially when she was the one who had initiated the call. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have burdened you with my problems. Anyway, how are the kids?”

“They’re fine,” Robin replied. “Tommy got an A on his science fair project. He said to thank you for the stuff you sent him. That really did the trick. And Lisa won the spelling bee in her class. We were so proud of her. They really do take after you; they’re very conscientious about their studies.”

“I’m so glad to hear that,” Ellen said. “They really are good kids; you and Tom should be proud.”

“Oh, we are,” Robin said. “Look, the reason I called, Tom and I are planning our big spring fling two weeks from this weekend, and I think we’re going to do crawfish. Everyone at his work seems pretty hip on the idea, and so do the people at my office. And, Mom, we’d really love for you to come. I know how much y’all enjoyed doing a big boil when Daddy was alive. It would mean a lot if you’d come. You need to get out of that house and start to live again. You know damn good and well that Daddy wouldn’t want you shutting yourself off like you do. My God, Mom, you used to be the life of the party. Please, come join us.”

“I know what you really want; you want me to watch the kids,” Ellen said, in a more jovial manner.

“No, no, no,” Robin answered. “I want you to come and enjoy yourself. You’re still plenty young and you need to get out and cut loose. How long has it been since you really let your hair down and had a good time?”

Ellen just kind of mumbled a response, so Robin pressed her point. “Do you think Daddy would have let you mope around like this? C’mon girl, I want to see you live again. And don’t worry about there not being people your age there. Tom’s mom and dad will be there, and a few of their friends, too. It’s going to be a real mixed bag. Please, Mom, say you’ll come.”

Robin was persuasive and persistent, and finally Ellen agreed to come. When she thought about it rationally, she knew Robin was right. It was just that social events like that always brought back in stark reality the fact that her husband, Jack, was gone, and that she could no longer enjoy them with him.

Jack Brophy had been the love of her life for 35 years, ever since they had met at LSU in 1966, when she was a sophomore in college. She still could not get out of her head the scenario that had taken him from her. He had been complaining of severe headaches for about a week, and nothing had seemed to help. But it had been at the end of the school year, and she had final exams to prepare at the junior high where she taught seventh-grade science, so she hadn’t gotten around to insisting that he see a doctor.

So it happened that Jack went to work one morning to the insurance agency that he worked for, and collapsed during a meeting. His co-workers called 911, but he was dead before the ambulance got there. An aneurysm had burst in his brain and, just like that, Ellen Brophy was made a widow at age 54. Ellen could still see the look on the faces of her principal and the teacher’s aide that came to take over her class as they broke the news to her. Nearly two years had passed, and Ellen still wasn’t over his sudden passing.

Brian Anderson looked up to see Robin Taylor approaching his desk, so he perked up. Robin was always worth taking time with; she was pretty and perky, and never failed to lift everyone’s spirits.

“Hey, Brian, how have you been?” Robin asked cheerfully.

“OK, I guess,” he answered.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Tom and I are having our annual spring blowout, and we’re inviting everyone from the office to come,” Robin said, handing him a sheet of paper with drawings on it. “Here are directions to our place. Tom, his dad and his brothers are doing a whole mess of crawfish and it’s going to be a great time. Brian, I really wish you’d come. You know, you can’t live in a shell forever. You’re way too young to just vegetate the rest of your life. What do think Alison would say if she saw you like this?”

Brian just looked down at the floor, but Robin was persistent.

“Please, say you’ll come,” Robin said gently. “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone, so you can get on with your life.”

Brian looked up at Robin’s pleading eyes and finally nodded that he’d try to make it.

“Good!” Robin said. “We’ll probably put the first batch on around 5 or so. We’ll have a couple of kegs, and plenty of liquor, if you’re not into beer. I promise you, you’ll have a good time.”

If he’d been honest with himself at that moment, Brian would have admitted that he’d agreed to come to Robin’s party just to be nice. Fun was something that was part of his old life, the one he’d had with his wife, Alison. In spite of his best effort, he found himself slipping into remembrance.

Fourteen months previously, he’d had life on a string. He’d played the field through most of his 20s before settling on Alison, the girl of his dreams. They had been married for two years, two blissful years of love and lust, before she’d announced right before Christmas that she was expecting their first child. Life couldn’t have been any better, but it was all swept away in one awful moment.

It was cold and it had been raining off and on all day, the way it often is in the Deep South in the late winter, and Alison had been rushing to get home from work late that afternoon. She’d gone to the grocery store then pulled up to the stoplight just outside the store’s parking lot. The light had turned green; she’d proceeded into the intersection and had promptly been broadsided by a drunk driver who ran the red light coming the other way. He’d walked away without a scratch, but Alison was dead at the scene, and, so too was his unborn child.

Suddenly, at age 30, Brian Anderson was left alone, with nothing but his career and a family way up in Iowa to cling onto. He had thought about moving back, but he couldn’t bear to leave the site of his wife’s grave, plus he’d grown to like most things about where he lived. Despite his grief – or perhaps because of it – Brian had over the previous year become the top seller at the real estate office for whom he worked. Robin thought it was because people empathized with him, figuring that he wouldn’t sell them something he didn’t believe in, which was pretty close to the truth. After a respectable period of mourning, Robin had tried to get him to open up, to be the kind of fun-loving guy he’d been before Alison’s death. But it had been a struggle. All Brian seemed to want to do was go home to his apartment, drink beer and brood about his loss.

Still, the fact that he’d said he would come was encouraging, Robin thought as she walked away. And as she did, a funny thing flashed through her mind. Looking at Brian’s soulful, pain-filled eyes, she had seen a reflection of her mother. She often had the same look in her eyes, Robin thought, a haunted look of deep despair that couldn’t see any way out.

Ellen left for her daughter’s as soon as the final bell rang that Friday. She’d packed that morning, so she could get going quickly. Now that she’d decided to go, she was eager to reach Robin’s house. She was grimly determined to have a good time this weekend, regardless of how she felt. Robin was right; Jack would not have approved of her being such a mope.

As she made the two-hour drive to her daughter’s house, Ellen found herself reliving parts of her life with Jack, especially the juicier parts. She smiled as she remembered sex with her husband. God, they’d acted like runaway schoolchildren almost to the bitter end. They’d been products of the free-love Sixties and they had never lost that spirit of sensual adventure. Jack had been possessed of a very nice, very thick cock that he’d known how to use right from the start. Even into their 50s, hardly a week went by without the two of them fucking like rabbits, and often they went at it two or three times a week. On occasion, they’d even explored some of their fantasies, inviting other men or women – or both at the same time – to share their lust for each other.

Ellen felt her pussy moisten in her seat as she thought back on some of the escapades she and Jack had gotten into over the course of their years together. It was only when she had to concentrate on making the turns to get to Tom and Robin’s house that she let the images fade away.

The party was a huge success. The weather was warm during the afternoon and early evening then a slight chill came up as darkness fell, giving Tom and his family an excuse to build a bonfire. A large crowd had turned out and Tom boiled up four sacks of crawfish, 180 pounds worth, and the crowd went through about two-thirds of the tasty crustaceans, along with a mess of corn on the cob and new potatoes.

Ellen was her old, charming self, visiting with her daughter’s in-laws while she worked on a large package of her favored white wine then mingling with the younger people at the party. As the night wore on, however, and the more inebriated she got, she felt the melancholia start to descend on her again. Jack had always been the true life of these sorts of events, and his absence was felt. Deciding she needed to clear her head a little bit, she walked off from the party to the little fishing dock that Tom had built out onto the bayou that flowed slowly at the back of their property. It was a good place to sit and reflect, not to mention that the fishing was usually excellent.

As she approached the dock, though, she was disappointed to see someone else standing along the railing staring out at the dark water. Brian had decided to go to the party, just because he didn’t want to disappoint Robin, who had been a real friend to him over the previous months. Over the course of the night, he’d had quite a few beers, and had walked off to think and to brood alone.

Ellen thought about walking off in another direction, but there was something about the way the young man was staring out at the water that struck a chord with her. As she approached the dock, she recognized the man as one of Robin’s co-workers, and she had observed earlier that he seemed to hang back from the party, enjoying, but not enjoying himself, if that made sense.

Brian turned when he heard the clatter of Ellen’s shoes on the dock, then turned back to stare at the water.

“You look lonely,” Ellen ventured. “This is a good place to hide out, but it probably won’t solve your problems, or mine.”

“I’m sorry, I was just thinking about how much my wife would have enjoyed this,” Brian said. “Robin’s really got a nice place here, and everyone’s so nice.”

“Well, where is your wife?” Ellen asked. She gasped when Brian told her the story of Alison’s death. “I’m so sorry; I shouldn’t have pried.” In that moment, though, she realized that here was someone who knew exactly what she’d been going through, so she told Brian about Jack, and as she did she started to weep softly. As the story unfolded, Brian realized that this was Robin’s mom; he’d recalled vaguely the circumstances about her father’s death, and he understood that the widow was still grieving, just like he was.

Brian reached over and put his arm around Ellen’s shoulders to comfort her, and when he did, something happened. A spark seemed to pass between them, and when Ellen had composed herself and stepped back, Brian took a moment to give this woman a more thorough appraisal.

Quite simply, Ellen was gorgeous, he realized. She was a little taller than average, about 5-6, maybe 5-7, and the years had added some truly sensual curves to what had always been a splendid body. Her breasts were a little fuller than when she’d been younger, she had added just a subtle amount of padding on her hips and thighs, and a lifelong love of the rich cuisine of her native Louisiana had left her with a slight swelling at the belly that no amount of exercise could quite diminish. Ellen had resigned herself to the fact that she would never be a size 8 again, but she was careful about her diet, and she worked hard at the Y to make sure that her legs remained trim and firm.

Brian liked what he saw of Ellen’s body, but what really arrested his attention was her face. Ellen had a nice, modest mouth that seemed to curl in a perpetually wry grin, even with the pain she felt in her soul, with fairly thin lips. Her nose was small and unobtrusive, and her ivory skin was smooth, except for the barest hint of crows-feet at the corners of her eyes. And what eyes! Ellen was blessed with large, deep pools of azure that just seemed to suck you right in. The whole effect was topped by a luxuriant mane of mostly silver hair that she wore loose and long, to just past her shoulders. Elegant, that was the word he was searching for. Here was a lady, in every sense of the word. But there was a hint in the way her mouth and eyes looked that suggested moments when this woman was no lady at all, but a carnal creature capable of just about anything.

Without realizing it, Brian felt a lurching in his groin, the first time that had happened from another woman since Alison’s death. The realization startled him. He was getting turned on by a woman old enough to be his mother! All of this passed in but a moment’s time, and he quickly turned away in embarrassment.

Ellen, too, had taken a moment to apprise this young man who had taken the time to commiserate with her in her moment of weakness, and she also liked what she saw. Brian wasn’t your classic hunk, but there was an earnest sexiness about him that lay just below the surface. He wasn’t tall, only a couple of inches taller than she was, and although he wasn’t muscular, he looked to be in good shape. He had a full head of sandy-colored hair, a mouth with ample lips, an average nose and soulful brown eyes. And in that moment of appraisal, Ellen also felt her insides do a small cartwheel, then she stopped herself. He’s young enough to be your son, she thought, he’s not going to want an old woman like her.

Nevertheless, she moved back to the rail, leaned over and engaged the young man in conversation. No harm in that, she thought. Instead of commiserating over their mutual grief, the conversation this time was more upbeat. They talked about their lives, and their backgrounds, and quickly found that they had some fairly similar tastes. They both loved classical music, they both loved good food and good drink, and they both loved sports. And they found each other very easy to talk to.

Realizing that they each needed a refill on their drinks, now that their heads had cleared a little bit, Ellen suggested that they rejoin the party. Brian was actually a little disappointed. He’d enjoyed talking with Ellen, loosening up, really, for the first time since Alison’s death. On impulse, he offered Ellen his arm as they reached dry land and she took it almost without thinking.

Just then, they spotted Robin headed in their direction; she’d suspected that her mom was starting to feel down and was headed out to cheer her up. She was surprised, then, to see her mother on the arm of her friend Brian, walking back toward the house, each with a smile on their face.

“I was just coming out to check on you,” Robin said. “I see you’ve met Brian. I’m glad to see y’all had a chance to meet and talk. Maybe you can pull each other out of the funk. C’mon, let’s get a drink.”

For some reason, Ellen didn’t want to leave Brian’s side, so they mingled together among the dwindling crowd. Finally, Brian signaled to her to come follow him; he wanted to talk some more with this lady who seemed to know just what to say to bring him out of his self-imposed exile. Getting a fresh glass of wine, Ellen was eager to join him. They walked down the road a little way, chatting about life, and death, until they rounded a curve and were out of sight from the house.

“Do you mind if I do something?” Brian asked suddenly. He was just drunk enough to be bold, and he knew what he wanted to do right then more than anything in the world.

“Depends on what it is,” Ellen replied playfully. But the smile died on her face when Brian turned to her and abruptly kissed her. At first it was tentative, a sort of feeling out of their emotions, but as it lingered, they began to kiss more deeply, as a dam of sorts burst between them. In no time, their tongues were dueling like swordsmen, slashing at each other, and Brian pulled Ellen to him, feeling her curvy body mold to his. Ellen could feel the tension in his body, and she could feel a hard bulge growing in the young man’s pants. Finally, they had to come up for air, and when they did, they looked at each other almost in awe.

“Whew!” Ellen said, as a flush descended from her face over her whole body. She hadn’t been kissed like that since Jack had died, nor had Brian kissed anyone like that since Alison’s wreck. They could each sense that they were on the cusp of something; all they needed was a push, and this time it was Ellen who initiated another furious round of necking. She pulled his body to hers and kissed him with all the passion she could muster, wrapping her arms around him pull him as close as she could. After long minutes losing themselves in each other, she had to stop. This was getting out of hand, and she had to get a grip on her emotions.

“I don’t know if we should be doing this,” she said softly. “Hell, I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“I don’t care about that,” Brian said. “I think you’re one of the sexiest women I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that. You really are.”

“Me? I’m just a fat, old lady who’s had too much to drink,” Ellen said as they started back toward the house.

“Seriously,” Brian said, with feeling. “In the first place, you are not fat; in the second place, 56 is not old; and in the third place, you are one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen.”

Ellen blushed at that; this was the first time in a long time that anyone had told her she was sexy and pretty, and she was sincerely flattered.

By the time they returned to the house, the party had been reduced to the hardcore partiers, and the music had become quite loud. They decided to sit in the house and relax before Brian left for home. He was through drinking, and he needed a little time to sober up. A big pot of stout chicory coffee had been started; Brian fixed a couple of cups and they headed for a quiet spot where they could continue their conversation. They talked about a lot of things, but avoided the subject of what had gone on outside. Ellen figured that the kisses they’d shared were the alcohol talking; nevertheless she was thoroughly enjoying the attention from this soulful young man.

After a couple of cups of coffee and a half-hour’s conversation, Brian decided it was time to go. He got up to find Robin and thank her for a great time, and Ellen jumped up and said she’d walk him out to his car. For some reason, she felt as nervous as a teenager experiencing first love. As they reached his car, no words were necessary; Brian and Ellen just sort of melded themselves together and kissed hard for several minutes.

When they broke the embrace, Brian opened the door to his car, but instead of climbing in right away, he reached in the center console and pulled out two of his business cards and a pen. He gave one card to Ellen to keep then gave the other card to her, along with the pen.

“Ellen, I really want to see you again,” Brian said. “Maybe we can go to dinner, see a show or something. I really like you, and I want to see more of you. I think we’re good for each other. You know where I’ve been and I know where you’ve been.”

Ellen just looked at Brian with misty eyes, scrawled her telephone number on the back of the card and handed it back. “I’d like that,” she whispered. “Call me some time next week and maybe we can plan something.” Then they kissed again, more briefly this time, but with just as much passion as before. “Drive carefully,” she said, packing Brian in his car and shutting the door. She stood and watched as the car drove out of sight. She couldn’t believe her feelings. She was falling for a man almost half her age, and she suspected that he was falling for her, although she figured maybe in the morning, when he’d sobered up, he’d realize that he’d been a fool. Whatever, though, she’d enjoyed herself this night more than she had on any night since Jack’s passing.

It was late and things were starting to wind down; Tom Taylor was out back regaling some of his friends with a story of one or another of his exploits, but Robin was in the kitchen cleaning up when Ellen walked back in the house. Robin looked at her mother and grinned.

“Well, looks to me like you and Brian hit it off pretty well,” Robin said as Ellen joined her at the sink. “Now, aren’t you glad you came?”

Ellen blushed, but the smile on her face gave her away. “He’s a very sweet young man, and he’s been through a lot.” She paused for just a moment before asking her daughter a most important question. “Robin, what would you think if I started dating again? Would you think I was some kind of fool if I started going out with a man half my age?”

“With Brian?” Robin exclaimed. “Mom, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. He’s a wonderful man and if you want to go out with him, go for it. Follow your heart. It won’t lead you astray.”

“I don’t know,” Ellen said, as she poured herself a last glass of wine. “Maybe I’m just being a fool here, throwing myself at a younger man like that. I mean, what would your father think if he saw me smooching with a guy young enough to be my son?”

“He’d tell you the same thing I’m telling you,” Robin said. “Go for it. I know for a fact that he told you many times not to stay alone if he went before you did. Your happiness was everything to him, and he’d want you to be happy. If being with Brian makes you happy, then do it, and don’t worry about anyone else’s feelings. Follow your heart.”

After she went to bed that night, Ellen lay awake thinking about everything that had gone on, and about the firm bulge that Brian’s jeans had failed to disguise. It had been so long that she’d gone without sex, and when she put her hands under her nightgown, she was startled at how wet she was. Running her fingers through her pussy lips, she found her throbbing clit and she began to roll it around in mounting arousal, and this time it was the youthful image of Brian she saw in her mind’s eye. She imagined him taking her down, stripping off her clothes and making love to her, fast and furious. And as she came hard on her fingers, the first really good orgasm she’d had in months, she knew that if he wanted her, she was going to make it happen.

Brian spent that whole Sunday in a daze. He couldn’t believe how he felt. Of course, in the bright light of the day, he went over in his mind all the reasons why he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with Ellen. She was, indeed, old enough to be his mother; there would be no children from their union; it was way against convention; his family would likely disapprove, plus he wasn’t sure how her family would react; and there was the memory of Alison to consider as well. But everywhere he turned, he saw Ellen’s face, felt the sensual curves of her body, and recalled the warmth of her lips and the passion of her tongue searching his. At the end of the day, he was decided. It was time to live again, to love again, and so what if the object of his affection was a woman in her 50s; she was still a hell of a woman, more woman than most of the bimbos his own age.

Robin immediately sought out Brian when she got to work on Monday. She needed to assess his feelings toward her mother and to assure him that she, at least, would stand behind them both, if they chose to see each other. Brian looked up with a little trepidation as Robin approached him in the break room around 10 that morning.

“Looked like you and my mom hit it off pretty well,” Robin said.

“Y-yeah,” Brian answered slowly, unsure of where the conversation was going to lead. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do anything; we just kind of got swept away by the moment.”

“Don’t be sorry, silly,” Robin said. “Look, she’s been alone now for almost two years, and it’s torn her up. She needs to get out and live again, and so do you. By all means, if you like her and want to see her again, you certainly have my blessing. The only thing I ask is please don’t play with her emotions. If you’re not serious, then back off, because I’ve got to tell you, she walked around all day yesterday with this glow about her like I haven’t seen since Daddy died. I think she likes you a lot, and I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“Robin, I would never hurt her in any way,” Brian said, feeling very relieved. “I value her too much, and I value your friendship too much to do that. I’d like to go up there this weekend and see what happens. If it’s meant to be, it will be; if it’s not, better to find out now before we get too attached.”

“OK, I trust you,” Robin said. “And don’t worry about what anyone else says. If it works out, then go for it. I’ll tell you the same thing I told her. Follow your heart.”

As Monday evening wore on, Ellen had about decided that her initial fears were correct. Brian had awakened Sunday and come to his senses, as it were. He wasn’t going to call and they weren’t going to have a relationship. Naturally, she was disappointed, but if nothing else ever came of it, she was at least grateful for Saturday night, and the fact that he had helped her out of her funk and pointed her in the right direction. She was going to live again, and enjoy life, because that’s what Jack would have wanted. She had fixed a small dinner then had sat down to grade papers. She was so engrossed in her work that when the phone rang around 8:30, she literally jumped and gave a small shriek of surprise. With her heart pounding in her chest, she answered the phone and was overjoyed to hear Brian on the other end.

“Ellen? This is Brian, from the other night. Remember?” Brian said in a soft, almost apprehensive voice. Remember? Hell, he was about all she’d thought about for two whole days. “Sorry I’m so late calling, but I had to show a house across town and they didn’t get through until after 7:30. So, how was your day?” They conversed lightly for a few minutes, before Brian came to crux of his call. This was the moment of truth, the moment when they either took the plunge and became lovers, or backed off and remained just friends.

“Ellen, I have something very important I need to say to you,” he began. “When Alison died, I didn’t think I could ever love another woman. When I lost her, I lost a lot of my capacity to love. I started to find it again the other night with you; I like it and I want to explore it a little further. You’re about all I’ve thought about these past two days, and I really, really want to see you again. We can take it as fast or as slow as you want. If you think the age thing is too much to overcome, I’ll understand; we can still be friends. But I want to be more than your friend. Like I told you the other night, I think you are very, very sexy, and…” At that he faltered, and that’s when Ellen jumped in.

“Brian,” she began softly. “If it’s not a problem for you, it’s certainly not a problem for me. You awakened some things inside me the other night that had been dead ever since Jack died. I’m ready to live again, too. And, yes, I’m ready to love again. If you want me… Well, why don’t you drive up this weekend and we’ll see what happens. I know a real nice, intimate place we can eat a fine meal Friday night and we’ll take it from there.” Ellen could feel herself getting hot just from the conversation, and she knew exactly where she wanted things to go.

So the date was set, and Brian agreed to come up for the weekend.

By the time Friday rolled around, Ellen was a bundle of nerves, but after she got home that afternoon, she willed herself to calm down, helped by relaxing glass of wine. She put on one of her favorite classical CDs, a collection of Mozart, and drew a bath. She washed thoroughly all over then carefully shaved her legs and under her arms. As she did, she looked at the unruly thatch of hair between her legs and decided something had to be done about it. When Jack had been alive, she’d kept her bush well trimmed, the better to display her charms. But she hadn’t had anyone to display herself to since he’d been gone. Well, she had someone now that she wanted to show off for, so she took her scissors and trimmed the hair back to a modest length then bladed it back until the fulcrum between her crotch and her thighs was bare and her pussy lips were well exposed. The action sent her arousal soaring and she ran her fingers through her pussy, eliciting a groan of lust. But she stopped herself from going any further; a man – a young man – was going to take care of that for her tonight, and she couldn’t wait.

After her bath, Ellen chose her ensemble with care. She had gone to the lingerie shop on Wednesday and bought a pair of black thigh-high stockings, which she put on first. She dug out a pair of her sexiest black silk bikini panties and a thin black lace bra, which was just sturdy enough to keep her tits from flopping everywhere, but light enough to allow a bit of jiggle when she walked and to allow her prominent nipples to show through. She found a sexy black crinkled silk skirt and a semi-opaque black lace blouse, each of which fit snug enough to enhance her curves, but not so tight that she looked cheap. She brushed her hair until it shone like polished silver and took her time with her makeup. Finally, she wore her ankle-strapped high heels with the open toes. She had just finished her makeup when the doorbell rang.

To say Brian was stunned by Ellen’s appearance would not do justice to his reaction. He just stood at the doorway staring in awe. He had worn his best suit and had even worn a tie, which he hardly ever did, but he felt like he was shabby compared to how Ellen looked. He stared for long seconds before he remembered the rose he’d brought as a token of his affection.

“You look magnificent,” he whispered, when he finally found his voice. They came together then and exchanged a slow, relaxed kiss before heading to his car and the drive to the restaurant where Ellen had made reservations. Dinner was exquisite, and they did indeed turn some heads when they arrived. Ellen just walked through the room with her head high and her arm on her new man. There was no question how the night was going to end, but now that they were here, they could take their time. They talked about a lot of things over dinner: music, world events, sports; they told funny stories, and, after a couple of drinks, told a few raunchy jokes.

Finally, though, it was time. Ellen could feel the gnawing in her gut that told her she was ready for love. Brian, too, could feel it in his groin. As their meal had worn on, they’d played footsie and their hands had subtly explored each other’s legs and back. Brian paid the bill and they walked out hand-in-hand, oblivious to the disapproving stares of some of the other patrons.

As soon as they were seated in Brian’s car, they turned to each other as if on an unspoken signal and kissed mightily. It seemed like electric sparks flowed through their locked lips as their tongues lashed at each other in huge swells of passion. As they kissed, Ellen dropped a hand to Brian’s lap and was gratified to see that he was rock-hard, and she began kneading his cock through his slacks. Brian, too, was exploring the front of Ellen’s blouse, squeezing and rubbing her round tits, and he, too, was pleased when her nipples stiffened through the thin material.

“It’s time,” Ellen breathed, when they had broken their embrace. “Time for us. I want you so badly that I just can’t stand it. Take me home and love me.” Brian’s response was to pull this mature beauty to him and kiss her again, hard and insistent.

Ellen lightly stroked Brian’s dick through his pants all the way home, keeping him at a fever pitch. And Brian’s hand wasn’t idle either. He traced a line up the inside of Ellen’s thigh, up to the crotch of her panties, which were soaked with her arousal.

When they arrived at Ellen’s house, they retired to the den, where she put on some romantic music and lit several candles, giving the room a soft, sexy glow. Brian had removed his jacket and tie, and after he sat down, kicked off his loafers. Ellen sat back down on the big sofa and they melded together again, necking like teenagers in the back seat of her father’s car. Brian filled his hands with Ellen’s tits, squeezing and pinching the hard nipples through her blouse, which she quickly discarded. The skirt was next, and Brian gave a low whistle as he saw Ellen’s body being revealed. He ran a hand up her thighs and pulled her soaking-wet panties aside to get at the juicy cunt that lay underneath. Ellen’s breath quickened as Brian’s fingers found her sex then she gasped as he began to finger her pussy in earnest.

Before she could get too far down the orgasm trail, Ellen stopped Brian, and began to work on him. She pushed him back in the sofa and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, running her fingers through the light glade of hair on his chest and pinching his nipples. His shirt quickly joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor then she worked on his pants. Soon, they were off and she could see his throbbing cock under his briefs. A large wet spot showed where his leaking tip had come in contact with his underwear, and Ellen cooed in a seductive tone, “Ooh, did I do that?”

As Ellen squeezed his cock, Brian reached down and removed his socks then he pushed Ellen away and maneuvered her back on the sofa. Reaching around, he deftly unhooked Ellen’s bra, filling his hands with her warm titflesh as he tossed the bra aside. He marveled at how Ellen’s breasts still stood up high and proud on her chest, the round globes defying the pull of time. Her nipples were fat and pink, and extended from her areoles a good half-inch. Bending down, he pressed each of her tips to his mouth, one after the other, and began to lick, suck and even nibble on her nipples. Ellen responded with a low moan of rapidly mounting lust. She could feel a huge orgasm building, but she was totally getting off on the long, slow burn that was stoking her fire to a fever pitch.

After he felt Ellen’s tits had gotten sufficient attention, Brian licked his way down her stomach, to her abdomen, sliding off the couch as he did. Kneeling on the floor between Ellen’s widespread legs, he traced a wet trail with his tongue up the inside of each thigh, teasing her with his touch. Ellen felt a maelstrom of frustration and anticipation building in her pussy as Brian took his sweet time getting to where she wanted him to be. But she sensed that the reward would be well worth the wait, and so it was.

Brian finally reached under Ellen’s butt and pulled her panties off her hips then rolled them up her legs as he lifted them to the sky. When he had discarded her panties, Brian let her legs back down then leaned back to get his first good look at Ellen’s body, which was now naked except for her stockings. He liked what he saw, especially her heaving bosom, which made her tits rise and fall in a sure indication of naked lust. He ran two fingers between Ellen’s dripping pussy lips then slowly entered her, filling her with his fingers until his thumb was pressed against her pulsing clit.

Ellen couldn’t help herself; she began to hump down onto Brian’s fingers, her lust building and building. Part of her wanted to savor the moment and part of her wanted this man to rip off his shorts and fuck the absolute bejesus out of her. But Brian was in no hurry; he’d waited a long time to experience sex again with a woman he cared deeply for. For a long time he hadn’t even been certain he ever would again, but Ellen had reawakened his lust for life and love, and he wasn’t about to rush things.

Besides, he had something he dearly wanted to do, and without warning, he spread Ellen’s legs, dropped his face to her crotch and slashed a wet path up her juicy slot. Ellen squealed in surprise and satisfaction as Brian began to lick, kiss and suck her pussy like a man who wasn’t sure when his next meal would come. He speared her pussy with his tongue, pursed his lips over her clit and fucked her deep with his fingers.

Ellen had been sitting on the edge of a massive explosion for what seemed like hours, so when Brian started in on her cunt, it didn’t take long before she was writhing and moaning on the sofa. She wrapped her stocking-clad legs around his shoulders and pressed both hands to the back of his head, trying to suck every bit of him into her hungry pussy. With a gasping, keening moan, Ellen felt a white-hot flash roar from her pussy, up her spine and into her brain, and she cried out a gut-wrenching orgasm. Her pussy twitched and trembled as the waves radiated back through her body, until she finally had to pull Brian away from her super-sensitive clit.

Brian crawled back up Ellen’s body and kissed her urgently, giving her a good taste of herself. When Ellen had gotten a hold of herself somewhat, she knew what she needed to do. The hard lump between Brian’s legs spoke of stark need, and she knew just what would start him off right.

“Stand up,” she said. “One good turn deserves another, don’t you think?” Brian stood up in front of the sofa, and Ellen quickly knelt in front of him. She gripped the waistband of his shorts, pulled them out from his cock and rolled them down his thighs. She gave a low murmur of satisfaction as his cock sprang out of its confinement and slapped her across a cheek. Gripping it at the base, she leaned back to get a good look at it, lightly stroking it as she did. Brian’s cock was fairly long and meaty, just about perfect in her estimation; it wasn’t too big, but it was more than enough to satisfy any woman’s needs.

When she had admired his cock long enough, Ellen bent her head under Brian’s dick and ran her tongue up the underside, feeling the hard ridge pulse and throb with lust. Up and down she licked, getting his shaft liberally coated with her saliva. When she heard an audible groan escape Brian’s lips, she knew he was ready, so she licked her way back up the shaft, to the bulbous head, opened her mouth wide and slowly covered it with her lips. Slowly, she filled her mouth with his hard meat, and she couldn’t suppress a groan as she once again felt a hard man scudding down her throat. All the way down, she sucked every inch of his cock, until she felt her nose come up against his soft pubic hair. Then she pulled back and began to suck, slowly at first, letting her tongue languidly circle the shaft as she bobbed her head on his purple pecker.

Brian threw his head to the ceiling and gasped in astonishment. He had thought he’d gotten some great blowjobs before, especially from his late wife, but this was easily the best one he’d ever gotten. Ellen was an experienced cocksucker who knew just how to extract maximum pleasure from a man with her mouth. She hadn’t had a man in her mouth for nearly two years, but once the art is mastered, the knowledge never goes away, and she was giving Brian every bit of her cocksucking expertise.

Ellen slobbered and hummed as she picked up the pace. She could tell Brian wasn’t going to last long, as his hips were starting to push his cock more and more urgently into her throat. Ellen gripped his buttocks to regulate his thrusts, and Brian wrapped his hands in her silver hair to do the same. Instinctively, they found a brisk rhythm, and Ellen quickly set about getting her reward.

“Um, um,” Brian exclaimed with mounting lust. He could feel something like an iron rod gathering strength in his balls, and with a choking cry, he erupted in a seemingly endless multitude of explosive cum shots. He bathed Ellen’s throat with superheated cum, and she frantically worked her throat muscles in a vain attempt to swallow it all. She had never seen a man cum so much, and it quickly became too much, so she wrenched his cock out of her mouth and let him spew his last few bursts on her face. He left several streaks of cum along either side of her nose and down her chin. She laughed wantonly at the display, before returning his cock to her mouth to pull the last oozing shots out the end of his cock.

Brian’s knees felt weak, and he quickly collapsed on the sofa. Ellen quickly cleaned his cum off her face, scooping it up with her fingers and licking them off, then she crawled up on the sofa and snuggled contentedly next to him. They looked at each other then laughed the laugh of lovers who knew they had a very long way to go before they were sated.

“God, I didn’t think you were ever going to stop cumming,” Ellen said after a while. “You must have had it stored back for quite some time. Do you mind if I ask how long it had been since you last had an ejaculation?”

“A couple of months, I guess,” Brian replied. “You have to understand; I was in such a state of shock that I was physically impotent for months after Alison’s death. I couldn’t get a hard-on if I’d tried, and I didn’t even try. Then, about six months after it happened, I had a dream where I was having sex with Alison. I literally woke up humping the bed then I cried like a baby. About a month later, I couldn’t sleep, so I conjured up an image of me and Alison fucking, and did finally cum, although it wasn’t great. I’d say about every six weeks or so, the need would get to be too much and I’d pull out one of my old magazines or look at some porn on the Internet. That worked for a while, but the last few times, I just hadn’t gotten any satisfaction from that either, so I just basically quit. I guess I was just waiting for the right woman.”

“I’m curious about something,” Ellen said. “What was it that made you come on to me? I’m sure there were other single women more your age at Robin’s party. Why me?”

“The truth?” Brian answered. Ellen nodded, so he continued. “For one thing, there was our shared experience of losing a spouse. You knew what I’d been through, and I knew what you’d been through, and you knew exactly what to say to get me out of my funk. But the other, main, reason was that I sensed that you were that rare and wonderful woman who was a sophisticated lady on the outside and a nasty slut on the inside. Am I not right?”

“I don’t know whether I ought to be flattered or whether I ought to slap you,” Ellen said teasingly. “But you’re right, you have no idea how nasty I can be when I’m in the mood.”

“Oh?” Brian cocked an eyebrow at this. “So what’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Let’s take this upstairs where we can get comfortable and I’ll tell you about it,” Ellen purred with a lusty twinkle in her eye. “By the time I get through telling you this story, you ought to be ready to fuck me like a madman.” After shutting off the stereo and blowing out the candles, they retired to Ellen’s bedroom, to her big four-poster bed. Ellen removed her hose then they sat back with the pillows propped up against the headboard, their hands lightly stroking each other’s sex as they cuddled together.

“I guess it was about 1978, and Jack and I had gone to a convention in Atlanta,” Ellen began. “This was during the height of disco, and we’d gone dancing. Over the course of the night, Jack ran into two fellow conventioneers, and we all had a grand old time. I danced with all three of them and we started getting hot. Keep in mind that Jack and I had a fairly open relationship, in that we were always willing to indulge our fantasies, especially during that period. Remember, too, cocaine was everywhere, especially at the discos. Anyway, one of the men had a sizable stash of coke he’d bought while he was there, and he wanted to get rid of it. He was leaving the next morning and didn’t want to risk packing it on the plane. So we bought some beer, went back up to our hotel room and had a party. And some party it was, too.”

Brian’s cock was beginning to stiffen and throb as he listened to Ellen’s story. He had an idea where she was going and the thought inflamed him. Ellen continued, “Well, we put on some music, did up some lines, drank some beer and the next thing you know the guys were calling for me to put on a strip show for them. So I did, then when I was completely naked, I told them they weren’t playing fair and that they should strip for me. I was drunk, stoned and horny as hell. To make a long story short, they all stripped then they each fucked me, one after the other. Jack was last; at that time he was getting a rush from fucking me after I’d been filled with another man’s cum. After they all had a turn, we did some more lines, had another beer then I took them all on at the same time. One guy – I don’t even remember their names – but one guy lay back on the bed, I straddled him and rode his cock, Jack got my ass and the other guy stood on the bed and fucked my mouth. It was incredible, and they all came at the same time. Then, for an encore – after more lines, of course – I knelt on the floor and took turns sucking their cocks, and when the time was right they shot off all over me. I mean, there was cum flying everywhere, and I ended up covered with it. I went crazy that night, and it kind of scared me, because after that we backed off the swinging scene quite a bit.”

“So, you still take it up the ass?” Brian asked, his cock a throbbing, pulsing monster from listening to Ellen’s story.

“Absolutely; that was always one of our favorite things to do,” Ellen said. “If you’re a good boy, I might let you fuck me back there before the weekend’s over. But right now, I want this thing in my pussy. I’m just about to burst over here, and it looks like you are too.”

Brian needed no further encouragement. He rolled Ellen onto her back and crawled between her legs. Ellen held her pussy open for him as he gripped his cock at the base and pushed it past her lips. His hard cock slid into Ellen’s super-slick highway like a hot knife through butter, and they both groaned heavily as he sank to the hilt in her quivering quim.

Because they had both had one orgasm already, there wasn’t the utter urgency they’d felt earlier, but they were also beyond the teasing stage. They were ready to fuck and to fuck hard, two newly-minted lovers cementing their passion. Communicating on a wordless wavelength, they each wrapped their arms around the other and Brian pumped his cock in a steady rhythm that wasn’t too fast, but wasn’t too slow, either. Their mouths met and they kissed, hot and hard.

Ellen could feel another white-hot orgasm rumbling in her guts, and Brian’s steady fucking strokes were inexorably drawing it to the surface. Looking up at her new lover with lust-lidded eyes, she gasped, “Oh, you’re good, you’re verrry good. Ummmmm, keep doing it just… like… that.”

Brian couldn’t believe how Ellen’s pussy felt. She molded onto his cock like she’d been built for him, and for a woman of 56, her cunt was quite tight, very hot and extremely wet. Sweat broke out on their bodies as he worked his cock back and forth in Ellen’s pussy, and as she bucked and humped upward.

After quite a while, Ellen could sense that Brian was getting tired, so she wrapped her arms tightly around him and rolled him over onto his back. Throwing her silvery hair back, she lifted herself up onto her knees and began to ride his cock with strong up-and-down strokes, her powerful hips clenching and unclenching. Brian was goggle-eyed as he watched Ellen ride him, her full tits swaying rhythmically, her head thrown back and eyes closed in mounting lust. Her orgasm was building like a slow fire, like a volcano that’s been long dormant, but is coming slowly but surely back to life. Brian couldn’t help himself; he had to get a few handfuls of Ellen’s wonderful breasts, which shook wetly above him. He squeezed her tits, rolled her nipples around then pulled her down so he could suck on them. Ellen groaned and gasped as Brian worked on her tits.

They could have gone on like this forever, and it seemed almost like they did. But eventually, the heat became too much and they felt the fire starting to get out of control. Brian was ready to deliver a hot creamy load, but he knew he needed to be in command of himself to finish it, so he rolled Ellen back over, his cock sliding out of her pussy as he did. He gazed down for just a second at his prize, her legs splayed wide open for him, her pussy gaping, her face contorted in extreme lust.

“Fuck me, Brian, fuck me hard and make me cum,” Ellen whispered intensely. And he was ready to oblige. Brian leaned in and rammed his cock home with as much power as he could muster, and was gratified to hear a gasp come from Ellen’s throat. There was no holding back, no slow but steady, this time. This was animal lust of the highest order, two bodies fused together and tumbling down the rapids. Brian pumped his cock like a machine in Ellen’s red-hot pussy, and Ellen thrust and rolled her hips around in a frenzy, trying to suck his cock into her completely, roots and all.

Mewling sounds of swelling lust filled the room as the couple hurtled toward their climax, pounding, pounding, pounding, until Brian pulled himself up almost on his toes, rammed his cock as deep as he could possibly go and surrendered a stony load of white-hot cum. He felt like his whole insides were coming out the end of his cock as he fired one rocket shot after another deep in Ellen’s womb. As soon as she felt Brian’s cock balloon in her pussy and begin to explode, Ellen felt her orgasm crash over the top, and with a gasp and a sharp series of cries, she let it all tumble out, all the long months of grief pouring out of her soul like a boil that’s just been lanced.

Brian, too, could feel his soul emptying as the bitterness of the previous months came flowing out along with his semen. Before they knew what they were doing, Brian and Ellen were sobbing, tears of sadness and joy mingling as they let their emotions come gushing out. For long minutes, they held each other as they let their emotions subside. Brian continued to squeeze out little mini-bursts of cum, and Ellen felt little spasms of her orgasm tingle long after the first rush had swept over her.

When they had finally finished, Brian rolled off Ellen’s body, they just held each other, and soon they were both sound asleep in each other’s arms. They slept late and woke up thoroughly contented. Ellen awoke first, so she padded downstairs naked to fix coffee. Brian was just stirring when she returned with two cups. He grinned as he watched Ellen sashay into the bedroom and plop down on the bed. He gazed up in awe at this incredible woman who had given herself so completely to him, and him to her. He wasn’t sure if he was in love yet, but he was sure getting close.

“Any regrets?” Ellen asked.

“Are you kidding?” Brian answered. “That was incredible.” Already he could feel the beginnings of another stupendous hard-on building.

“Good,” Ellen replied. “Because I want more. Finish your coffee and do whatever you need to do in the bathroom, because I’m ready to fuck some more, and I think you know what I want.” Brian got up and peed then brushed his teeth, and when he returned to the bedroom, he was confronted by an amazing sight. Ellen was kneeling on the bed, with her butt thrust into the air. Her pussy was still wet with his cum from the previous night and she was massaging some of his cream onto her asshole.

Brian climbed onto the bed behind Ellen, his cock hard as a board, and took over the task of fingering her crotch. He pumped two fingers in her pussy, gathering some of her dew onto his fingers and smearing it onto her backside. He plunged two fingers past Ellen’s anus and was rewarded with a low growl of approval. Ellen reached over to her bedside table, opened the drawer, pulled out a tube of KY Jelly and handed it to Brian. He smeared a liberal dollop on his fingers and began working the lubricant into her ass then he covered his cock with a good amount. After a few minutes, his cock and her ass gleamed wetly from the slippery lube.

Ellen threw her hair back then turned to look over her shoulder at Brian. “Fuck my ass, Brian,” she purred. “Fuck me like a cheap whore and fill my butt with your cum.” Brian just grunted as he lined his cock up to the puckered hole. He slowly pushed the head of his cock past Ellen’s sphincter, feeling the resistance before he suddenly burst through. Ellen clenched her fists and squeezed her eyes shut as she awaited his initial plunge, but she was well enough lubricated that the pain was minimal and it quickly turned to intense pleasure. Brian pushed his cock slowly up Ellen’s rectum, feeling the velvety walls giving way reluctantly. Deeper and deeper he plunged until he felt his balls on Ellen’s wet, swollen pussy.

“Ahhhh, do it, fuck my ass hard,” Ellen hissed. And again, Brian was more than willing to oblige. He pulled back and pushed in with tentative strokes at first, getting used to the tightness of Ellen’s rectum. But he quickly began to pick up the pace, especially after Ellen began to rock her hips back to meet his incoming thrusts.

Soon, Brian was giving Ellen every inch of his cock, pounding her ass like a pile driver, while Ellen spewed forth a very unladylike stream of obscene exhortations. Brian pulled almost all the way out, until just the head of his cock was in her butt, then he slammed it in full force, driving all the air out of Ellen’s lungs as he did. Back and forth, back and forth, Brian fucked Ellen’s ass long and hard.

Ellen could feel the kind of all-consuming orgasm she always got when she got her ass fucked. It was somewhat different from being fucked in her pussy, in that it seemed to take over her entire body, almost like she was possessed by a demon. She snarled and growled as she humped back madly on Brian’s cock, and he, too, was fucking like a wild man, humping deep in Ellen’s ass like a piston. Somehow, Ellen’s fingers found her bloated clit, and the moment she touched it and began to roll it around, she exploded, going stark wild as her orgasm ripped through her like a prairie grass fire, sweeping back and forth through her body.

Ellen’s thrashing was too much for Brian. With a gasping roar, he gripped her hips tightly and sent a huge load of creamy hot cum deep in Ellen’s bowels. He filled her butt to overflowing with his cum, pumping it out from around his shaft and down over her gaping pussy as he fired. He shot so much that it actually dripped off her clit onto the bed, triggering yet another twitching climax in Ellen’s lust-filled body.

When the spasms had finally subsided, they collapsed on the bed in sweat-covered exhaustion, and Brian’s cock oozed out of Ellen’s ass like a big fat snake, followed by a stream of his cum.

In that twilight moment between wakefulness and sleep, Brian knew he’d found a woman after his own heart, and that he was going to love her, come what may, for as long as she’d have him. Ellen, too, knew she’d found the perfect lover to replace her Jack. Jack would always be her Number One, but she knew she was going to be very happy with her Number Two.

Brian spent the rest of the weekend merrily fucking Ellen every which way, and they stopped only to eat, drink and rest before resuming their lust. By the time Brian left to return home Sunday night, he was worn out, but they were already talking about the possibility of a long-term relationship. It wouldn’t always be smooth sailing, but the love and lust that grew out of their shared grief would prove strong enough to withstand anything.

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