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Switch’s Life

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As she stood viewing herself in her black outfit consisting of a mesh/solid skintight sleeveless shirt and tight soft leather flare pants. Spike heal boot on to add just that few inches of height. Rich strawberry-blond hair gelled back into a ponytail that reached the middle of her back. She’d done her make-up skillfully, black of course to match her outfit even her nails.

Yet, lips left alone with only a soft hint of gloss noticeable. She smiles softly as she puts on her first and only black leather slave collar. Taking one last look at herself in a full-length mirror she grabs her duster and leaves the house.

She was headed to a party that like always was held at a friend’s bar for Masters and Mistresses along with their slaves to meet, talk, and have some fun. This time would be different, no search for a new slave to teach, fellow Master to help out, or even playing with her own pair of slave boys. She was off to meet a very special person, for which she had stayed away from far too long. It would be a first for everyone there to meet this Master.

A little nervous but extremely excited she throws her cape around her shoulders letting it hide her lovely outfit and walks in. Everyone looks at her except one person, the one she wishes to talk to. As she moves toward the person, fellow Masters greet her and their slaves smile and bow their heads in greeting. One new slave bolts in front of her and bows.

“Please Mistress, if it pleases you, I’d like to be with you tonight.”

Smiling softly at the slave’s boldness she looks toward the Master that the slave belonged to. A look of displeasure crossed her lovely face.

“Come back here little one,” Barks the slave’s Master.

~ All knew that she was glad to help if things needed to be worked on or talked out. ~

Very few noticed the collar on her neck. She finally got to the person, which she knew so well. He had turned toward her and stood. All watched amazed as she knelt down onto her left knee.

Head and eyes lowered. “Greetings My Lord,” she said respectfully.

Everything and everyone was silent. The Mistress they knew was a slave to another! They all watched.

He spoke, “It’s been a long time little one.”

“Yes My Lord it has been much too long.” She replied softly.

Running his hand along her check he lifts her chin and she rises. Head once again held high but eyes just slightly lowered.

“Come sit my little one. We have much to talk about”

“Indeed we do My Lord,” she smiled softly.

He returns to his seat and she sits on his right.

“I see you still have your collar little one.” He says tracing it with his fingers.

“Of course, Mistress or not to others, I am still yours My Lord. No other will be able to deal with me.” She smiles softly.

“So true my little one. So what is it that is bothering you?” He runs his hand along her back.

“I’ve become restless with dealing with slaves of other Masters and along with my slaves as well,” she sighs.

Just then a girl walks in and noise erupts. A healing gash is seen on her arm. The Mistress looks at her then mumbles to her Lord.

“I regret that. She ticked me off good, just a couple of nights ago. She tried to get me to switch roles with her.”

The Lord looks at her sternly, “Did you two agree to switch roles?”

“No My Lord it was agreed that she would stay slave. I quit right after I snapped and hit her way harder then I ever intended. Took care of the cut and told her to finish cleaning herself up and to leave me be.”

The Lord nods when the girl walks up. She gave the Lord a puzzled look then with a quick bow spoke to his slave.

“Forgive me Mistress for going out of bounds” and left.

The Mistress looked after her pitifully as another Master hugged the injured slave.

“I’m surprised she came up to me. Such a brave girl she is.”

The Lord smiles, “She reminds me of you my little one. Head strong and testing the limits.”

The Mistress could only smile.

Getting up, “Come little one, we have business to attend to.”

She follows just a step behind as they leave. Together once again Lord and slave off for a night of enjoyable passion and reminder of old lessons.

She followed her Lord’s car that night to his new place. A little scared on what punishment she will be faced with for hurting the slave, though it doesn’t fully matter because she knows she earned whatever he does to her. With a sigh she pulls into his driveway.

Her Lord walks over to the car and opens the door. Speaking in a calm commanding voice, “We have a long night ahead of us little one.”

Turning off the car she gets out. They walk up to the townhouse in the community. Walking in a soft smell of cigarette smoke reaches her nose. The furniture is simple: A painting table for minis, a couple of chairs, and a TV in the corner, a kitchen to the right, and stairs just in front.

She pauses at the stairs enjoying the fact she is back with her Lord as he continues up.

“Hurry up little one, do not make me wait.” comes his hardening voice.

Going up the stairs she finds him waiting at the bedroom door. Bowing her head she removes her cape and leaves it at the door as she walks in. Noticing immediately the king size bed with restraints on the posts, then the Saint Andrew’s Cross to the left of the bed and to the right a night stand with scented oils and lubes set out on it along with a four drawer dresser also with who knows what hidden in the drawers, and a small closet in the corner most likely, hiding an array of outfits for her to one-day wear.

“Take off your clothes little one and show me what is rightfully mine.” He commands.

Moving to the night stand she removes her heeled boots, her toes painted black. Then goes her shirt with her boobs bouncing free, nipples erect and hard. Before she gets her hands on her belt her Lord is removing it for her.

“Nice flat leather belt my pet. It will serve well in punishing you. Now finish getting your pants off and lay rear up on the bed.” He says moving back, no smile on his face.

As she removes her pants and her rear is shown along with a trimmed cunt. His smile is seen.

“Such a well minded slave. Remembering well how to present my body and keep it healthy.” comes his approval.

“Of course my Lord, it has always been your body and I have always cared for it to keep it how you like.” Comes her voice; unwavering but not bold like her Mistress self.

With that she lays down with her plump ass face up. Her Lord moves around putting on the restraints so she can not free herself. He then takes the belt folding it in half and snaps it finding it is nice and supple.

“Your belt is nice pet, I wonder why?” he asks calmly already aware of why.

“I’ve used that belt on my slaves my Lord” she replies calmly.

“That’s easy to tell pet, now it is going to be used on you.” He says as the belt whistles in the air before coming down hard on her ass.

She cries out as the belt hits. Immediately a red welt forms where the belt struck her white ass.

“One my Lord.” she says her voice tearful.

There is no resentment on his face as he strikes her ten more time just as hard.

She chokes out the last hit, “Eleven my Lord”

He doesn’t swing again, asking curiously, “Will you hurt your slave like that again?”

“Noo… my Lord… I’ll never strike my… or any slave… like that again.” said his pet. Weak with tears she cries hard but doesn’t ask for him to stop.

His hand touched her face and concern can be seen on his.

“Your ass is so nice and red little one.” He says in a calm tone.

He grabs some oil off the night stand and slowly rubs it onto her sore cheeks. She jerks to the cold oil then relaxes. After a few moments he releases the restraints and has her stand on the Saint Andrew’s Cross.

“Raise your arms pet.” He orders softly.

When she raises her hands he locks them into wool lined restraints. He then moves her feet out into restraints that are on the bottom bar. She is now balanced on the balls of her feet. Her Lord then moves and pulls a blindfold out of the dresser. Once secured over her eyes. He is ready yet again to spank her ass. Folding the belt in half he swings the leather kissing her ass hard.

“One my Lord,” She cries softly.

Beginning the assault again he watches as her cum starts running down her legs. He wants badly to take her and please her but the punishment must come first.

“Thirty my Lord,” she cries, arms strained from hanging.

He removes the blindfold to see her eyes puffy and red from tears, her mascara running down her face. No anger toward him from his harsh punishment just love and trust. He moves to the bed and sits.

“Should I let you cum pet?” he questions.

“No my Lord I feel as if I am undeserving of getting to cum.” She whimpers out through heavy breaths.

“Do you want to stay in those restraints little one?”

Breathing hard she replies, “No my Lord.”

He only looks at her and waits. Seeing if she’ll let her temper get the better of her. She’d done so well so far but he had to see how far he could push.

“I’ll be back my pet,” and with that he left her.

Hanging there her tears soon stop as the pain she’d felt diminishes from her ass, still highly red from the whacks. Surely she’d be sore for a few good days. She yawns, her body becoming tired naturally and from crying so much. She couldn’t relax. The strain in her arms was starting to bother her. Twisting her arms trying to ease the strain her Lord walks back in with two bottles of water.

“Trying to get free my pet?” He asks calmly.

“No my Lord, my arms hurt from staying in this position. Please my Lord let me down.” She asks with a tired voice.

“Sure pet, I’ll let you down but you’ll have to pay to stay out of the restraints. So what will you do as payment?” He asks smiling.

“As payment my Lord I’ll suck your pleasuring cock with my little slut mouth and swallow your precious cum not wasting a drop.” Comes her answer.

“If you waste any cum little one I’ll put you back in those chains.”

“I understand my Lord.”

He then sets the water down on the nightstand and removes the restraints from her ankles then her wrists. Her arms slide around his neck hugging him. Before she moves to the side of the bed and kneels. Her Lord hands her a bottle of water to get a drink. She gulps half of it down.

Her Lord is standing in front of her waiting. Her hands slide up his legs to his belt undoing it and his pants. Sliding them and his boxers off completely. She is greeted by his wonderful semi hard cock.

Flicking her tongue out across his head, her Lord responds sternly, “Do not tease me little one.”

With one movement she engulfs his member. Swirling her tongue around and sucking hard she shows her expertise for him, nothing forgotten on how to please him. Her hands rub and message his balls. He runs his hands into her hair and pushes her to deep throat him. Feeling her tongue slide along him makes him shiver.

“Damn little one you haven’t forgotten a thing.” He moans softly.

All she does is hum in reply driving him closer to the edge. She sucks harder on him swirling around his head faster. His hands tangled in her hair, starting to grip hard. With this she gets him as far down her throat as possible and he cums. The pressure of her swallowing causes him to cum harder. As he pulls back she still sucks on him lightly to keep him clean.

“You did very good pet. Now on the bed I have something I’d like to do.” He says warmly to her.

Swiftly she moves standing by the bed and he guides her down putting her wrist in restraints yet again. He bends her knees and spreads her legs so he can see her cunt. Running a single finger along her lips he finds that she is soaked. He moves his finger around her clit getting her hips to buck.

“Please Lord, take my cunt into your mouth,” She pleas softly.

“No pet, I will not please you be following your wish.”

He gets up and digs in the top dresser drawer pulling out a small vibrator egg. He then pushes the egg into her and turns it on low.

“You’ll not cum nor push this out pet. I’ll be back in the morning.” He orders and walks out the door.

She lays there wishing she hadn’t asked her Lord to taste her. With the egg on low she knows she won’t cum but will be driven nuts all night. She tries to stay calm. Oh but the pressure on her g-spot and soft vibration going on has her at the edge. She starts grinding her hips slowly to ease the need with no luck. Her body grows weaker till she falls asleep with no release.

Waking up covered in sweat, the slave whines when she feels the egg still vibrating slowly within her. Shivering from the need for release she begins to cry weakly. Pulling at the chains which still hold her hands over her head, she drifts back to sleep.

The Lord sat there watching his little one squirm in her sleep, waking up and whining before trying to sleep some more. Sighing to himself, he goes downstairs. Starting a pot of coffee, he wonders how she will react if he threatens to leave her as she is, no release. Smiling, he knows he can’t do that with his wanting so bad to feel her hot pussy grip his member and bringing him to release as well.

With his cup of coffee in hand he hears her moan. Her whines get louder as he walks upstairs and steps into the room. She is squirming hard and is trying to get free.

“What’s wrong little one?” he asks calmly, waiting to see if her temper will fly.

“Please, My Lord,” she whines. “May I go to the bathroom.”

He watches her, the pitiful yet stressed look on her face. Moving he removes the restraint on her left wrist.

“You will not touch yourself in anyway to release the pressure and need of release. Understand?” he says sternly.

She only nods as he releases her other hand. Then slowly pulls the egg from being nestled between her legs. Leading her from the room to the bathroom and watches her as she goes. Her face relaxed as she washes her hands, he wraps his arms around her and kisses her neck. She whines softly enjoying his embrace.

“Come little one.” He says softly and leads her to the room across from his dungeon room.

Walking in to find a king sized bed with deep red sheets. He grabs her and playfully pushes her onto the bed. Motioning for her to move up and she does. Once on the bed fully she spreads her legs for him.

“Eager are we, little one? Well you’ll just have to wait.” He says softly.

Trailing his fingers slowly along her leg, she jerks and giggles. “Hold still!” He orders heavily. She stiffens, trying her best to stay still as she continues to giggle.

His hands travel up toward her wet pussy touching along the edge moving away. He hears her moan in longing. With a slow motion he tickles her further by going along her sides. She jerks again, hard almost kneeing him in the chest.

“That one is going cost you pet!” He barks.

He forces her onto her side then to her stomach, then swatting her forcefully on each ass cheek. She only cries when his hand came down on her. He continues the assault, five on the right then the left, alternating from five to ten at a time at the middle and lower part of her ass. At some point near a hundred swats on each he finally stops.

Crying hard she in able to turn over. “Hopefully next time rules are set, you’ll keep to them.” He scolded.

Tearfully she nodded and said, “Yes, My Lord.”

At that he kissed her and rubbed her breast lovingly. Slowly moving down to her neck and bites hard into her skin but doesn’t draw blood.

“Please my Lord,” she moans softly. “Please let me cum.”

“All in due time pet, you’ll cum many times before I’m done.” He says coolly.

She kisses him deeply moaning in pleasure at the same time. His right hand finally reaches her clit and pinching softly, drawing a warm wanting moan from the slave. He moves so he can suckle her breast as he slides his fingers into her, finding her soaked. She starts grinding on his hand while his suckling becomes harder. By biting, pinching and scratching her nipples with his teeth. Her moaning becomes constant her pussy pulsing around her Lord’s fingers, rising quickly to her climax.

He stops and pulls away, only to get an immediate cry from her. Her face pinched up trying to get passed the need to cum, to get over the building pressure. When his member entered her needing pussy, she came instantly, breathing heavy. Looking at him she smiles softly glad that some pressure was released.

“Get on all fours.” He ordered, “It’s time you get fucked like the little bitch you are.”

Once she has moved he pushes into her cunt hard, stretching her all at once. Her moaning becomes a steady needing whine, letting her Lord know she is close again. Her Lord starts moving in her slowly then harder keeping her close but not taking her over that edge that would get her to cum. He wanted her to beg for it, cry out for the release.

“Oh Lord!” She cries out. “Oh, Lord, Please!”

Teasingly he replies. “Please what, pet?”

“Please let me cum again.” She says quickly.

“Okay pet.” He says as he reaches down flicking her clit.

“Ooh fuck!” She screams as she is racked by the orgasm.

Her hands grip the sheets, pushing back on him wanting more. All the while his fingers keep her orgasm going by rubbing her clit. Her cries becoming labored with breathing short but he doesn’t stop, pushing the orgasm to keep going.

Her body stills, the orgasm having numbed her. She feels her juices pushing around her Lord’s member and going down both legs. He slows down and waits for her to move. Breathing hard she pushes herself back up onto her hands. She moans softly when he pulls out. She sits up as he moves and leans up against the wall. She straddles him and starts to grind when he pushes her back.

With his right hand he pushes two fingers in her tight pussy, working up to three. He works on stretching her, getting four fingers in her cunt. She is panting from his exertions to her body so near to reaching release.

“Oh, again, please” she cries.

And he complies by flicking her clit with his thumb rocking her body hard with yet another orgasm. Her moans are heavy and many, hands gripping the bed sheets and hips rocking with the movements of his right hand. Her juices flowing out around his hand as he works on fisting her. His hand begins pushing in again working to open her up for his thumb to slide in too.

“More.” She whines softly.

He pushes his thumb in, sliding his hand into her cunt. His hand folding into a fist and he begins to rock it up and down putting an extreme amount of pressure to her g-spot causing serious pleasure. She whimpers and bites her lower lip as a high keening sound rips through her throat and her mind snaps with the massive orgasm that tares through her body. Her body quacking, legs shaking, she involuntarily continues to grind on his hand the act keeps the orgasm going. He smiles at her pleased to see her enjoying herself. Her body begins to slow, weakening from the exertion. Carefully he works his hand out of her eliciting soft whines from her. Breathing slowly she is helped into a sitting position before turning and leaning on her Lord. His hands rubbing her shoulders, neck, then down to her breast. He tweaks her nipples, bringing her excitement back up for more.

“Lay down pet.” He whispers in her ear, and slides out form behind her.

She lies down easily. He moves over her, his member pointing straight at her pussy. Slowly he pushes into her, drawing a soft moan out of her and him self as he feels her hot cunt clamp down on him.

His hands hold her wrists in place as he rides her, some smooth strokes but many fast and hard beating his pet’s pussy with his member. His right hand going smoothly behind her head and tightens in her hair while keeping her hands immobile in his left, controlling her movements.

He curls his back as he lowers his head to her right breast taking hold of her erect nipple and sucking hard bringing her closer to yet another orgasm. Being controlled and deeply pleased at once making her moan and cry all the more louder.

“Cum for me, little slut,” He growls, “Cum for your Lord.”

He pushes in to the hilt causing her to cry out as the orgasm rips through her body. Back arching as he pumps hard finally cumming himself. Once he is spent he kisses her forehead before getting up. Grabbing some shorts he exits and goes into the bathroom. His pet falls into a deep sleep.

The next morning she wakes up and finds that she is sore as all hell and loving it. She felt so good after the punishment and pleasure she had received from her Lord. She couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy time with her boys. She sat up and found a note from him.

Good Morning little one, go take a shower and meet me downstairs for breakfast. ~L

Quickly she got up and went into the bathroom and found a brand new outfit for her. It was simple and yet suited her style very well. A black tank top, dark blue jeans, and a new hat, she smiles with glee at the sight of the hat. He remembered her love for them. The sides were embroidered with a red and white roses and the around the base of the hat was a chain also in embroidery.

After taking her shower and getting dressed she bounced herself down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. Her Lord was just finishing up the omelets he was cooking. She could only smile at his thoughtfulness to her. Even though to him she was only his slave he still took such great care of her.

“Good Morning My Lord.” She said when he looked at her.

“Have a seat little one.” He replied with a warm smile.

She walked over to the table and sat down enjoying the feeling of tightness in her muscles. She couldn’t believe that this had lasted for 2 nights, her job crossed her mind. Those boys better have kept everything running smoothly. Her Lord sits down across from her and just stares at her.

“I see smoke coming out of your ears little one, what’s on your mind?”

“Thinking about the two boys I got back home My Lord and the shop that I own that they help me run.”

“I see, you finally got the hobby store you wanted to start up and going”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Well that’s good to know, you can bet I’ll be in to buy some new minis. Now let’s eat before the food gets cold.”

Both of them ate in silence, her Lord watched closely at the smile that kept creeping over her face. He could tell that she had enjoyed herself immensely even if the beginning was punishment. He laid his free hand down on her leg and she jumped slightly to his touch. They just looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“Do you remember your lesson little one?” He asked soft but stern.

“Yes My Lord, I have learned my lesson. This slut will not harm a slave outside of agreements, nor will she allow her temper to control her” She replied softly.

“Good, though I think I’ll be keeping an eye and ear out on you from now on since I’m back in town.”

She looks at him and smiles as she remembers some of the more fun times they have had together. They went back to their breakfast and enjoyed the serenity of the moment. When they finished she picked up the dishes and washed them quickly. Then she walked up to him and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you very much My Lord for the hat and clothes. And a big thank you My Lord for caring about me so much to punish me after being apart for so long.”

“Any time little one, forever and always, you will be MY little one.”

He returned the hug and kissed her deeply slipping his tongue past her lips to tease and dominate her mouth. His hands run along her back down to her ass, gripping hard through the jeans causing her to moan into him. Gently he let her go so she could stand on her own.

“Those boys of yours are waiting little one. I’ll be by in a day or two to check out your shop.”

Sighing she smiled “It feels so good to be in your arms again. I’ll see you later then My Lord.”

With that she grabbed the bag by the door and headed out leaving her slave self slowly slipping away. Bit by bit her slave side slips away as she gets in her car and heads to her hobby store. What she would run into when she got there was not something she would be happy about.

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