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Curtis and I were best friends growing up. In high school, we competed with each other in sports and academics. I was the captain of the football team. He was the captain of the basketball team. I graduated just ahead of him for the highest GPA but his SAT score was 100 points better than mine. He got a scholarship to an Ivy League school while I accepted an appointment to a national service academy. He was the embodiment of every parent’s dream son.

So you could imagine my surprise when, on the night of our high school graduation, he confessed to me that his older brother was also his father! His brother was 18 years older than us. I had only seen him a handful of times throughout my youth. He had always lived on the other coast. The man I previously thought was Curtis’s father owned a local car dealership. I always thought he was a nice enough man.

Curtis and I had gone to a graduation party and he had gotten considerably more drunk than me. As I was drove us home, we discussed our futures and how we’d always stay in touch. When out of the blue,

‘Hey man, I want to share something with you. It’s a secret but I know I can trust you.’

‘Sure Curtis, shoot.’

‘Ya know my older brother? He fucked my mother 18 years ago and he’s my real dad!’

‘The FUCK?!? Are you serious?!’ I almost lost control of the car.

‘Yeah man, she told me about a year ago. She’s never told my dad or my brother. Is that fucked up or what?’

‘Uh yeah, that’s kinda fucked up! Wow… I wonder why she decided to tell you. ‘

‘I think she felt a lot of guilt and shame over it. Once she saw I had become a bright, well-adjusted young man, she unloaded the burden she had been carrying. I felt bad for her, honestly. I could give a damn whose sperm fertilized her egg. She’s been a good mother. My dad has been a good father and my brother has been a stranger. That is how I will always feel. It makes zero difference in my life.’

I was amazed at his mature, philosophical perspective. He made total sense of course. Why fly into hysterics like a bad made-for-tv drama? I told him I appreciated he would share that with me. That was it. We have remained close friends since then and the topic has never come up. The only reason I mention it is because of what it led to in my own life.

I came home for a three week break after my first semester at the academy. My father (who is a US Representative and the reason I got my nomination to the academy) would not be home for the first two weeks of my break. There was yet another budget crisis in Washington he had to deal with. So it was just my mother and I. We have always had a close, relaxed relationship. My father was 35 years old and she was only 19 when she got pregnant with me. He married her immediately when they found out. They’ve beaten the odds and stayed together for almost 20 years. Due to their age difference, she is much more playful and forthcoming with her 18 year old son than her 54 year old husband. I really enjoy our time together. We are more like friends than mother and son.

The first day I was home, my mother and I drove to my grandparents to visit. They live two hours away so we had plenty of time to chat. On the way up, we talked about my school and your typical neighborhood gossip. On the way back home, we felt the relief of having done our duty visiting the cranky old folks. We had also has a few glasses of wine so our conversation was much more open and lighthearted. I brought up the rumor of my senior prom date. She was now pregnant from a local community college football player. Thing is, she didn’t know which one. Seems she banged several over the course of a drunken weekend. This surprised my mom.

‘Really? She seemed like such a good girl when you two dated.’

‘She was always super horny, mom. My buddy Curtis took her virginity our junior year. I took her to prom because she was cute and fun. I never thought of her as a serious girlfriend. She wanted to have sex on prom night. When I told her I didn’t have any condoms, she said she didn’t care. I think she wanted me to get her pregnant then. I think she saw me as a good catch and getting pregnant with my kid would have made me hers forever.’

‘That little slut… well, she is right. You are a catch. You’re the jackpot, baby. So smart, strong and sexy…’ She leaned over and kissed my cheek as I drove. After a pause, she continued, ‘You know, your father and I have been trying to get me pregnant since you left for college.’

‘Really? That’s awesome.’

‘I’m at that age where, if we’re going to do it, we got to do it now. I’m 36 and feeling a strong, strong urge to have one more child.’

‘I think that’s fantastic, mom. How is Operation Baby going?’

She let out a discouraged sigh. ‘Not so good. Your father, he’s older now. Getting it up and getting it in is not a problem thanks to the little blue pill. He’s just not making many swimmers like he used to.’

‘Swimmers, mom?’

‘Stop it. You know what I mean.’ She playfully slapped my shoulder.

‘Hee hee, I know. It seems with people having children so much later in life, the age of optimum sperm production is wasted on the young.’

‘If you and your father could just switch bodies for one night..’

‘Speaking of sons knocking up their mothers, did you know Curtis’s biological father is really his older brother?’


I immediately regretted disclosing that. First, it was told to me in confidence. Second, I wasn’t so sure my mother could handle that news as analytically as I did. His mom and mine weren’t best friends but they did socialize fairly regular. If my mom couldn’t keep this secret, things could get real dramatic in the neighborhood.

So I told her the story as it was told to me. I emphasized Curtis’s view of the situation. I explained I was in agreement. It was a matter of biologic history at this point and nothing else. Then I pulled the car into the nearest gas station and put it in park.

‘Listen, you can’t ever tell anyone about this, ok? Curtis trusted me with that story. I should have never said anything. Please, if you love me, you’ll never mention this to anyone. Promise me?’

She was silent for a moment then said, ‘Ok baby, I promise.’ I pulled the car back on the highway.

After a bit, she asked, ‘I’m just shocked. Don’t you think that’s disgusting?’

‘Honestly mom, not really. Curtis is one of the smartest, nicest, well-adjusted people I have ever met. If that’s the product of mother-son mating, perhaps the world could use a little more of it. Anyway, I have found most societal taboos to be hardly anything worth freaking out over.’

We drove the rest of the way home in silence. I wasn’t sure if mom was mad at my attitude about incest or if her mind was just blown by the story itself. It was getting late by the time we got home. We watched tv for an hour then she went to bed. I crash soon after.

The next day was busy for both of us. I visited friends I hadn’t seen in the last few months while mom was out running errands. We met back at the house for dinner and told each other about our day. Afterwards, we walked down to a local ice cream parlor to treat ourselves. We sat in a booth eating our cones when I decided to ask about last night.

‘Were you mad at me yesterday?’

‘No honey, why would you say that?’

‘We didn’t talk after I told you about Curtis. I thought it was because of something I said.’

‘Oh no, baby… well, I guess I was a little wierded out by your attitude. I mean, you don’t think sex between a mother and son is disgusting?’

‘I understand it is natural to feel reverence for your mom. She’s your protector, provider, disciplinarian. Those emotions normally stomp out any sexual feeling. This is true. But under certain circumstances, I find it conceivable a mother and son could develop an attraction to each other.’

‘I see. In that case, can you imagine a situation where you and I become lovers?’

I laughed mid-lick into my butter pecan cone. ‘Moooom!’

‘I’m serious.’

‘You’re a beautiful, sexy, 36 year old woman. If we were estranged for a few years then met again, I’d be on your tail in a second.’

‘Oh, really?’

‘Yep. You would not have to worry about lack of swimmers, either. Your pool would be overflowing.’

Mom laughed out loud at my ‘swimmers’ reference. ‘I guess I can see that. You’re the type of young man who could fill about any pool he wanted. I couldn’t say no.’ She beamed a beautiful smile at me as she reached out with a napkin and wiped a bit of ice cream off my nose. ‘But I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if we, ah-hem, did it and it drove you away like it did Curtis’s brother.’

‘Mom, if we, as you say, did it, it would be a totally different situation. I would be helping you make a baby. I would love and respect you every bit as much afterwards as I do now. If anything, I’d be around even more.’

‘Woah,’ I thought, ‘this conversation is going too far.’

‘We could never tell your father.’

‘Of course, I would never dream of it.’

She looked at me in silence for a moment, shook her head, smiled and said, ‘You’re something else.’

I breathed a sigh of relief. The tension of the last couple days seemed to vanish. I felt now she and I could relax for the rest of my break. We held hands in a sweet, innocent manner as we walked home. We decided to stay in and watch a movie. I felt a little grimy from the long day. We both agreed we’d clean up and meet in the den.

I showered then went to the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. I grabbed a couple glasses and headed to the den where mom was already flipping through the ppv choices. We were both in our normal stay-at-home evening wear. I had on boxer shorts and a t shirt. She had a thread-worn nightshirt that reached her knees. But there was strange vibe in the air this night. I first realized it when I caught a whiff of her perfume. It was not the scent of her bodywash. It was definitely something above and beyond the norm. That made me focus on the rest of her. She had brushed her long, dark hair and put on mascara and lipstick. The dark areolas that capped her pert c cups were clearly visible through her nightshirt. If you take the perfume and make up, then add the lack of modesty, you can see how I’d wonder if our recent conversation was having an effect on her.

I sat down on the over-sized couch. She maneuvered next to me, our hips touching. She continued scrolling through movie choices on the screen.

‘This reminds me, mom. Have you tried an evening of porno movies with dad? You know, if you keep him in an excited state for a couple of hours before you do it, he’ll probably shoot a lot more swimmers than he would from a standard session.’

‘Oh please. I love your father but when it comes to making babies, his attitude is ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be’. I would never be able to get him to watch a porno.’

‘You know they are right here on our cable service, don’t you? They show almost everything you’d see if you bought the dvd.’

‘And how would you know that, mister?’

‘Let’s just say I was able to get the cable bill before you did when necessary.’

We both laughed at that. Then she asked me to show her where to order them. A few clicks of the remote and the whole glorious pornacopia was on the screen. They were arranged by genre; Barely Legal, Interracial, Gay, Lesbian, Classic, ect. Mom asked me my favorite type and without thinking, I said Milfs. She asked me what that was.

‘Those are older women with younger guys. You know, like a 36 year old woman with an 18 year old guy.’ I smiled and winked at her. I knew she’d get the correlation with our own ages.

She insisted we watch one of them. I halfheartedly protested then agreed. I was starting to get excited. Just the idea of watching a porn with my mom had my cock swelling in my boxers. I picked a movie that I knew well. The woman and man in it resembled my mother and I. Not only that, but the dialog insinuated they were mother and son (without coming right out and saying it). I made sure our wine glasses were full, turned out the lights and pressed play.

The story was your typical one of the ‘mom’ masturbating and she catches her ‘son’ spying on her, leading to a five position fuckfest. My mom finished her wine quickly, drinking the last half of the glass in a couple big gulps. She set her glass down and I put my arm around her. We watched without speaking until the woman started blowing her son. At that point, I had to say something to break the tension. I turned to mom. She was mesmerized by what was happening on the screen. Even in the dim light of the television, I could tell she was flush with excitement. Her nipples protruded outrageously. Her legs were crossed tightly, as if she was trying to create pressure on her clit.

I leaned into her hair and loudly inhaled. I moaned in a low, dark voice. ‘Mmm..What is that scent? It’s delicious.’

She snapped out of her trance and she looked at me in confusion for a moment. Then a cat-like grin crossed her face. ‘Do you like it, baby?’ she purred, ‘It’s called Erotic Evening.’

She lifted her long hair off her shoulder, offering me her bare neck to apparently smell the fragrance where she had dabbed it. I placed my nose within an inch of her skin and took in the intoxicating combination of perfume, soap and the hormones that nature emanates when the need to mate is strong. I felt the heat of her flesh on my face. Her body was warm with the sexual stimulation of the movie and our closeness. I placed my lips to her tender flesh. She let out an audible gasp but kept holding her hair up. My tongue ran slowly up her neck, stopping for sucks and nips every other inch. My mother groaned. I continued my journey until I reached her earlobe. I sucked it in. After a couple pulls, I placed my hand on her opposite cheek and turned her face to mine. Her face was that of someone lost in an opiate dreamland. Her eyelids hung half open and a touch of drool leaked form the corner of her parted lips.

I leaned in and pressed my mouth to hers. Her lips responded with shameless passion, capturing my own in an erotic oral wrestling match. In the background was the sound of wet genitals slapping against each other as the porn continued to run. The actress moaned and cried out as she was being thoroughly fucked. I broke our kiss. Mom looked as if she would cry.

‘I’ve got to turn this off.’ I said. I switched to a soundscape music channel to avoid further distraction. I then leaned back on the couch and pulled her close to me. She assaulted the side of my face with kisses. Soft moans escaped from her as she indulged her urge. She then slowed down and her kisses became more loving.

She whispered in my ear, ‘Looks like someone is excited.’ She ran a fingertip along the outline of my throbbing 8 inch erection. It kicked and struggled under the confines of my boxer shorts. ‘See, men can’t tell if a woman is turned on but it is always obvious if a man is turned on.’

‘Oh really? What about these?’ I captured a hardened nipple between my thumb and forefinger through her nightshirt. I gave it a gentle tug while at the same time, engaging her in a wet French kiss. She moaned into my mouth as I found her other nipple and gave it the same attention.

After several minutes, we took another gasp of air. ‘Maybe I’m just cold. Hard nipples don’t always mean a woman is hot.’ She purred, ‘If a man really wants to know, he has to check if a woman is wet.’

She leaned back and parted her legs as far as the knee-high nightshirt would allow. She slowly ran her tongue along her swollen lips and gave me a ‘come get it’ look. I grabbed her open collar with both hands and in one lust-filled move, tore her nightshirt completely open right down the middle. I again put my mouth on her sensitive neck, only this time I kissed, sucked and nibbled my way down to the peak of one heaving breast. She kept running her hands through my hair while moaning, ‘Baby.. oh yes…YES!…oh baby… sweet baby..’ I ran my hand up her thigh. Her skin felt cool and soft until I reached the vicinity of her womanhood. She was simply drenched. My fingers were lost in world of liquid heat and silky flesh. It was difficult to get my bearings for a bit because my face was being pressed into her demanding tits. Whenever I thought I knew where my hand was on her sex, her pelvis jerked and undulated and I was lost again. Without knowing how, a couple of my fingers were suddenly buried inside her sopping box. She was instantly overtaken by a shuddering orgasm while yelling my name. Her thighs clamped down on my hand like a vise. She pressed my face between her breast with an iron grip on my hair. This frozen contortion lasted a good thirty seconds before her legs and hands released me. She seemed to melt into the couch. She was a human puddle of satisfaction.

I got up and stood before her. I took in this vision. Her legs were splayed apart. The lips of her vagina were engorged and open like a flower. Her lubricant gleamed on her upper thighs and her matted pubic hair. She slowly ran her hands down her slight belly then up, over her tits, to her neck. She gazed at me with a smile of sinful satisfaction. I pulled off my tee shirt then my boxers. My cock was fully erect. It slapped against my stomach in lewd need. I knelt on the floor between my mother’s legs. I slid my hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy to the edge of the couch. We locked eyes as I bent my face to one thigh and began a languorous journey of kissing and nibbling my way to her pussy. My tongue cleaned her thighs of her sexual discharge. As I approached her petals, she tried to protest. She felt self-conscience over her messy state. I was hearing none of it.

My tongue split her labia at the bottom. I slowly drew it up until I reached her fat clitoris. I twirled slowly around it several times then traveled back down to the bottom of her opening. I completed this circuit again and again, each trip spending more time on her clit. I switched the twirling with fluttering then combined the two. I started to read her reactions. I became in tune with her sexual responses. Soon my conscience actions were taken over by instinct. I lost tract of time and presence. I was in a world of pulsations and rhythm. It was a beautiful thing. Yet before I knew it, my mother’s shouts of ecstasy brought me back to the world. Her hips were bucking up and down. I was having a difficult time keeping my mouth where it needed to be in order to see her orgasm through to completion. Thankfully, she didn’t throw me. She then alighted gently back to Earth after soaring through the heavens of love and pleasure. I mercifully left her throbbing flower to rest and lovingly kissed my way up her body. I made it to her cheek, giving it a soft peck. I asked if she was alright. She made a vague grunting sound that I took as an affirmative.

I lifted her spent body and carried her upstairs. I laid her on their king size bed. I thought perhaps she was done for the night but as I turned to go, she reached her hand out and softly called me to her. She spread her legs apart to indicate my place. I kneeled before her, my rod bobbing with my every heartbeat. I lowered my face to hers.

‘Baby, I’m ovulating as we speak.’ she breathed, ‘Please give me a baby.’

As she spoke, her hand gently captured my turgid erection. She lowered the shaft, running the swollen head between her drenched labia. I lowered my hip but my hard-on’s natural curve and her very slick entrance caused my cock to miss the mark. Instead, my length ran along her fat clit, causing her to groan deeply. I pulled back and tried again. This time my head entered her heavenly gates. The heat, the wetness, the enormity of the moment, all a caused me to cry out my love for her. She pulled my face down and mauled my lips with her own. She was able to take my whole length after a few minutes of gentle rocking. Once she could accommodate me, I fell into a loving yet purposeful rhythm. I’d like to think I could have made love to her longer than I did. After five minutes of steady fucking, she started throwing her hips up to meet my downward thrusts. Even then I felt I could hold on a little longer but her sphincter started pulsating so violently as she began to orgasm, I could feel it thump-thump-thump on my shaft’s underside. I was beyond hope and she knew it.

‘Come baby! Come deep inside me!’

My release felt like I was shooting my very soul into her depths. I trembled and jerked. I groaned from a mixture of agony and bliss. I had never and will never be capable of ejaculating that copiously and violently again in my life. I had filled her womb to capacity. My army of swimmers raced to the ultimate prize. As my mom and I lay next to one another, gazing into each other’s tear-filled eyes, the only certainty in our minds was I had just given her the baby she desired.

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A great incest story that manages to keep the charm of a romance…