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Swim Time

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You’ve been coming over to the house for three weeks to cut the grass, always when I have been out shopping or away on other adventures. I had the misfortune every tine to miss you by just a few minutes, until last week.

The Jeep my son had bought you was sitting in the drive way when I got home, grass had been freshly mowed, but I didn’t see you around anywhere.

Once in the house I checked the pool, you weren’t in there cooling off, but I did hear something coming from my guest bedroom. I was wondering if you had brought someone over for some company as I approached the door, noticing it was slightly ajar. Then I realized it was the TV, and I also recognized what was on. You were watching one of the tapes your Grandfather and I had made. This particular one was about ten years old that I actually forgot to take out of the VCR a couple of nights ago when I was feeling lonely. Him and I were on the bed, having mind blowing sex. I could see the TV from where I stood peering through the crack in the door. I remembered that night like it was yesterday.

When I heard you moaning and slowly pushed the door a little further until I could see you on the bed – naked and masturbating. I held my breath as I watched you grab your thick cock and jerk off. You looked so much like him when he was your age – even your cock was as huge as his – 22 years old, dark black hair, muscular body and steel gray eyes. Between watching you and what was on the TV, I was in the mood for something – this was making me wetter than I have been in a long time.

You had all your attention on the TV, so didn’t see me at all. As I was about to give in and come in and help you finish I saw your load explode all over the sheets. Turning around, I went back downstairs and out the front door. I stood there for a few minutes, catching my breath and trying to stop my heart from racing.

When I had finally calmed down I made a little more noise as I entered the house.”Paul! Are you here?” I called loudly.

I heard the bed squeak and your foot steps on the floor, imagining how fast you jumped out of the bed and turned off the TV.

“Hey Grandma, I just finished – I need to take a shower – is that okay?”

‘Yeah – you finished all right.’ I thought. “Sure, go ahead – you know where every thing is.”

I heard the water running for about 10 minutes as I sat on the couch in the living room – thinking about going up there and joining you as I caressed my wet pussy. As my control was wearing off – I heard you bouncing down the stairs and quickly stopped what I was doing and stood up. You were wearing your normal tight jean shorts and t-shirt and I was in my jeans and a loose top – bra less like always.

“Thanks for cutting the grass Paul, here I’ll give you some money for it.”

“No – that’s alright. My Dad won’t let me take it. I’ll be back next week to do it again.” You seemed kind of nervous staring at me, and I could tell you wanted me. The only thing that had changed from the time that video was made was the color of my hair, now it was a little gray but the red still came out. I was still a head turner at 52 years old.

“Well – I have to go, school stuff you know,” you stammered as you turned around.

“What, no hug and kiss for your old grandma?”

That stopped you in your tracks and you walked back over to me. It wasn’t a full body hug, but the kiss you planted on my check seemed to linger a little longer than normal. “Bye!” you said as you all but ran out of my house.

All week I had been thinking of you, your lips on mine and our bodies entwined in wild sex, your cock throbbing inside my tight pussy. Today was the day.

When you arrived I met you at the door wearing my purple string bikini under a thin white house coat. I made sure it was partially open to expose just enough.

A tingling sensation started at my pussy and worked its way up my spine as I saw your eyes scan my body. One look at your crouch and I could tell those tight jean shorts were getting a little tighter. You were a little surprised that I was even home.

“Is this a bad time to do the grass?” you asked.

“No, not at all, I was getting ready to swim a few laps. Feel free to hop in to cool off when needed.” I said with a smile.

“I’ll do that, it’s a hot one today.” you said as your walked around to the back of the house.

“Yeah, and it’s going to get hotter.” I whispered as I headed to the pool.

It didn’t take you long to do the front and as I got out of the pool I saw you sitting in one of the chairs I had scattered across the deck. I walked out slowly, letting the water drip off my body. The water was cold today and the excitement of what I hope was going to come and the temperature of the water had made my nipples so hard they pushed against the flimsy fabric of the bra.

“I brought something for you to drink, sitting on the table. Hop in the water and cool off.” I said.

“Yeah…it looks like it’s cold.” you say as your eyes are locked on my breasts.

As you moved to the table I grabbed my towel and dried off slowly, my eyes glancing at you occasionally as you faced me and drank the ice cold tea. Sitting down on the chaise lounge, I slowly began rubbing oil on my tanned skin, starting at my legs and working my way up my body. I could tell you were watching me and it was turning both of us on.

Moving my hand across my stomach and over the parts of my breast that were visible I stared into your eyes, glancing down a few times to watch your cock pressing against your jeans.

“Could you do my back for me?” I asked as I sat down with my back toward you.

“Uh,sure.” you stammered. I wish I knew what thoughts were going through your mind as I handed you the oil and reached back and untied the string keeping the bra in place. Crossing my arms across my chest I waited for your touch.

Slowly your hands moved over my back, massaging the oil into me. Just the touch of your hands was making me even wetter. I sighed as I felt your finger tips move around my side and gently graze my breast. I only turned my head a little and smiled into your eyes when you stopped and placed the bottle on the ground.

“Thanks Paul,” I said as you stood up and I could see the outline of your very hard cock pressing against your jeans. It was inches from my face and would have been so easy to pull it out and begin sucking on it. But I wanted to wait until you were done. “Hurry up and finish.”


I watched as you walked away and waited until you were almost past the gate before before I removed my arms and uncovered my breast. As I suspected, you glanced back at me just in time to me to see me naked from the waist up before I stretched across the chaise on my stomach.

For the next thirty minutes I listened and waited until I heard you shut off the engine and move the lawnmower back into the barn.

Leaving the bra on the deck, I rolled over onto my back and waited. Just the thoughts of your body against mine were driving me insane with lust. With my eyes closed my hands moved over my body and up and down my thighs, getting closer to my pussy with each stroke.

I heard you at the gate and moving slowly toward me until your shadow fell across my body. All I heard was your heavy breathing as I opened my eyes and sat up slowly. “Don’t move.” I said staring at your cock pressing against your jeans. I reached up and unzipped your pants – discovering you were commando as the thick hard rod popped out right into my hands.

My lips kiss your tip before they surrounded your head, slowly traveling the length of your shaft, sucking on it as it reached the back of my throat.

Your hands move to my head while you thrust your groin into my face, sighing and whispering, “I’ve never done this before.”

I held on to your tight ass while my tongue played around your shaft.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum.” you say between your heaving breaths.

I can feel your cock throbbing inside my mouth as I taste the precum before you explode inside me. I swallow all of you as my lips continue to stroke your cock, causing you to tremble.

“God that was good.” you say as I lick you clean.

“It tasted good too.” I say as I stand up and kiss your lips. Our eyes lock on each other as your hands tentatively reach for the string tying my bottoms on and quickly release it.

I lay back on the chaise and spread my legs, showing off the recently shaved pussy. “Eat me.”

You bend over and place your head between my legs, your tongue nervously touching my clit – making me jerk slightly.

“Suck on it!” I moan as I feel your at the touch of your hard tongue as it travels slowly up and down my lips. “Oh yes, that’s the spot…” I continue as my hips thrust into your face. “Finger it. Stick your fingers in me!”

I feel your thick fingers in my cunt, moving around and finding my G-spot. “God I’m so wet, I’m going to cum on fingers.”

My juices flow from me, as you lick them up and swallow. Your tongue stops moving and I feel your lips slowly making their way to my breast. Then I feel your cock, hard again as it slowly pushes inside me.

“That’s a hard cock, oh yeah, fuck me slowly.”

Your lips finally touch mine and we taste each other as you thrust into me, all the way in before going all the way out as I grind into you.

I feel your hardness stroking me, causing me to tremble with each thrust, “Oh I’m coming again. Coming on your cock!”

Behind your breathing you tell me your coming too and as you explode inside me, filling me with your cum.

You rest on top of me for a second before you get up and dive into the cold water of the pool, and I follow closely, catching up to you in the shallow end. “Can you go again?” I ask.

“Maybe tomorrow.” You say as you step out and grab a towel to dry yourself off.

“Okay, I’ll be here.” I say as I watch you dry every part of your body and then get dressed. “Thanks for the grass cutting.”

“Grandma, you can pay me like that anytime. I’ll come over tomorrow and do some chores for you.”

“Okay, I know there’s something in the bedroom that needs fixed.”

You smile before you turn around and leave – the thought of your touch and that cock still lingering.

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