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Sweetness in Heat

Category: Incest
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At first I agonized over having seduced her. Later, I came to the conclusion we seduced each other. Once she got that first lesson she was an apt pupil. She took to sex like a fledgling takes to flight.

Our second encounter was your basic explosion of hormones – not much finesse. Within days of our first fuck she web-mailed me this: I walk around wet all the time. I’m so wet I have to wipe myself. I fuck you every night in my fantasies.

I called her for a meeting to explain a few things – about my marriage, my brother/her father, making babies, right and wrong. She sat on the couch listening quietly, eyes downcast, all the while her legs and hands trembling. I was the picture of responsibility and self-control, trying to sound like a wise old uncle. She was wearing a short blue plaid skirt, and a tight white cotton buttoned shirt. (I never had a chance.) She nodded occasionally as I spoke, sighed a lot, and shivered though it wasn’t cold.

She was perched on the edge of the couch, knees together, me on the easy chair. I said I hoped she’d understand, that it was a sweet moment we’d had together, but life didn’t make room for me and her. I thought I was getting through to her with my wisdom and logic.

However, by way of a response to my lecture, she looked down at her chest, then reached up with a delicate little hand and cupped the full globe of one of her pert, hard, tits right through her cotton shirt and thin bra.

I hear what you’re saying, she said, but I can’t argue with my body.

Then she unbuttoned a few buttons on her shirt and freed her breasts from her bra.

They get so hard they hurt, she gulped. And indeed, the tips of her nipples strained against the afternoon breeze wafting in the living room windows. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Indeed, the two upthrust, brown little buds at the ends of her creamy white breasts looked painfully swollen. My mouth watered. I struggled for control.

I’d been hard since she walked in. Hell, I’d been hard since that day I’d discovered her panties. The sight of her golden-hued, velvet-smooth, freckle-spreckled chest heaving up at me sent every last blood cell in my body screaming into my cock.

Um, I attempted to speak, and found I couldn’t.

And this, she said, very slowly now, licking her big red lips and swallowing, this..I….don’t know…what to do about…this. She sucked in her breath as she reached a couple of fingers to pull up the hem of her skirt. Oh god. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest.

She was slumped down, hanging her ass off the couch, legs spread askew. Pulling aside the elastic leg band of her flower-print panties, she probed a couple of fingers inside her puffy pussy lips. We were both staring gape-mouthed at the V of her crotch, that vortex of desire. I was being ripped apart inside my gut between what was clearly forbidden and what was so intensely fuckably desirable.

She brought two fingers out from inside herself, held them up, staring intently at the sticky jelly coating their tips, then, as though out of simple curiosity, she stuck them deep inside her mouth and suckled them for a few moments. I might have groaned. I suppose I did.

I stood, thinking I might do something sensible. She looked up at me with her fingers in her mouth, then slumped forward a little more so her hips raised slightly. She began humping the air ever so slowly, gyrating her pelvis at me. I don’t think she knew what she was doing, it was more like pure carnal instinct. I don’t remember how I got there, but I found myself kneeling between her lewdly outspread legs, unable to tear my eyes from that ripe, overflowing, sweet young cunt.

I could only whisper, my throat was so tight. This is your power, I breathed, like fire it can either warm you or burn you up. I reached under her ass, grabbed her panties and lifted them up and off her upstretched legs, then carefully rested each of her smooth, supple gams on my shoulders. Her head was tilted against the back cushions of the couch, she was biting her lower lip, elbows tucked in at her sides so her fingers were absent-mindedly tugging at the rock-hard flesh of her nipples. Her skirt was wrinkled up around her waist.

She pushed her naked wet cunt toward my mouth. Please, she whimpered.

I held the twin globes of her buttocks in my large hands. Her labials were bulging and red, the slit between was a burbling fountain, and I could feel a slow drip, drip, drip on my thighs. I stared a moment at the sight before me, trying to get some perspective on what was happening: my niece’s fine white legs splayed on my broad dark shoulders, her cunt simmering so close I could feel the heat of it on my face, offered so sweetly, framed in a soft tuft of wispy hair, the elegant, tender folds of pussy skin beckoning my mouth, her wetness flowing freely down her crack making my grip slippery on her ass.

This is the fire that consumes men’s souls. I don’t know if I said that or thought it as I lowered my mouth – and my soul – into the swirling suction of that sweet young beckoning flesh.

She came immediately, as soon as tongue touched clit, erupting a pent-up river of honeycum into my gulping mouth, her hips writhing in my hands, her fingers tangled in my hair. Noises escaped her throat, sounding like something between grunts and gasps, and when I slipped a finger inside the rosette of her anus, she came again, her body freezing up as stiff as a board, then a series of shivers ran the length of her, a convulsive quaking that shook us both. When I probed two fingers up inside her sizzling pussy and found her spot, she seemed to almost pass out, eyes rolled back in her head; violent tremors rocked her slender frame each time I flicked my buried fingertips. When finally I stopped and pulled my tongue and fingers away, she lay seemingly unconscious, quivering and shaking in fits and starts. Then, to my surprise, she peed all over me and the floor, warm wetness soaking my legs.

I laid her gently down on the couch and went to the bedroom to wash off and get a rubber. When I started back she was waiting in the hall, perfectly naked, eyes glazed with lust. My cock stood between us at full mast and she gawked at it, swallowing hard. I looked down to roll the condom on very slowly and sensuously and as I looked back up she threw herself at me.

Lips mashed to mine, she literally climbed my body, arms around my neck, legs wrapped around my waist, trying desperately to impale herself on the hard lance of my phallus. I grabbed her wiggling ass and backed her into the wall right there in the hallway, lining my cockhead up at the slick entrance of her gasping slit. She wriggled and jammed her hips against me, all the while whining like an excited puppy, kissing my mouth, licking my face, neck, eyes, whatever she could reach. She got the big blunt tip inside her then used her weight to drop her warm wet voluptuously virginal-tight cunt down the full length of my rigid pole, letting out a long sighing moan as steel-hard cockshaft penetrated deep inside her greedy and as yet barely-fucked young pussy.

I lost it. My own lustful instincts took over and I began ramming her against the wall, rocking her so hard her tits bounced. Wham, I’d slam inside her, sliding her up the wall as I did, then I’d withdraw and catch her with another hard upthrust as as she slid back down. I was grunting like an animal, she making a little yelp-and-whine sound, occasionally lavishing my face with her tongue. She began chanting a lewd mantra, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme.

And I did, hands squeezing her asscheeks while pile-driving my hard demanding flesh into her soft yielding flesh, the sweat flying off her forehead with each resounding impact. Just before I came I felt a surge of incredible strength and actually began bodily lifting her like a ragdoll up and down on my cock. Then I threw my head back and growled from deep in my throat, FUUUUCK, while I poured every last bit of myself through the long hot tube of my dick, skewering her to the wall like a butterfly specimen.

Damn. Panting like race horses, I managed to walk with her still pinned on my cock, to the bed where we collapsed, her on top of me in a sweaty wet tangle of limbs and hair. We lay like that for a long time.

Her puss continued to pulse and throb and contract all by itself, with me deep inside her. After a long while, she began kissing my nipples, my breasts, throat, and then she began fucking me, slowly, sweetly, elbows propped on my big chest, her mouth gaped open. I lay back and watched that flawless ass rise up off my pelvis in exquisite slow motion, then reveled at the sight of her asscheeks clenching as she hunched her hips back downward to swallow my beast inside her sweet beautiful newly-awakened cunt. I whispered softly to her all the while, words that came, unbidden, from somewhere within previously unknown depths of my heart and soul.

I had no idea where this could go but as I came for a second time while her sweet willing cunt milked my balls for the last few drops of jism inside me, I knew I was being given a gift I’d remember to my grave.

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