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Sweetest Patrick

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Toby confessed that he’d been a virgin when he’d met Valerie. He was red in the face and seemed on the point of tears when he told her that he’d sucked a few cocks when he was at uni. He said that he’d presumed it was just a phase because he fell in love with her, but that he still thought about men and his voice grew very quiet as he confessed to lusting after their gorgeous neighbour Patrick.

Valerie was stunned: she had totally no idea. No idea that Toby had been a virgin; but now she saw his lack of expertise in a different light. No idea that Toby was attracted to men: but the thought of him with a cock in his mouth aroused her a great deal. She couldn’t wait to tell Patrick all this.

Much discussing and unburdening of souls ensued: Valerie talked to Patrick and Valerie talked to Toby. Which resulted in Valerie, Toby and Patrick all three together sitting on Patrick’s sofa one evening not too long after Toby’s revelation.

They were drinking wine and making small talk. Patrick was the most relaxed; he sat next to Toby whose face was flushed and his leg bounced slightly up and down, betraying his nervousness. Valerie sat the other side of him and was even more excited than her husband; pondering all the possibilities that the evening might bring. Toby gulped his wine noisily; his glass was nearly empty.

‘Slow down there, mate.’ Patrick put his hand on his thigh but carried on to say; ‘You don’t have to do this you know . . .’ Toby put his wine glass down, his hand visibly shaking; but he turned to Patrick and clumsily, but with passion, kissed him hard on his lips. Valerie felt the electricity in the room and a wave of excitement flooded through her entire body. Patrick pulled Toby closer to him and returned his kiss, his hands cradling Toby’s jaw. He broke their kiss and took hold of Toby’s hand, pulling him up from the sofa. He extended his other hand to Valerie and the three of them headed upstairs.

They sat on the bed. Patrick shamelessly naked; Valerie in a red silk camisole top and matching panties. She was amused to see Toby wearing red silk briefs that she’d not seen before. He must have bought them especially for the occasion. She thought Patrick was still as gorgeous as ever, but seeing Toby next to him she realised how well toned her husband’s body was. He was tanned from working outdoors and his chest was nicely muscled. Patrick’s cock was hardening as both Valerie and Toby watched, transfixed. Patrick sat up against the pillows, his legs akimbo, inviting.

‘Wouldn’t you like to taste my cock?’ he was looking at Toby, straight in the eye. He looked towards Valerie for permission and at her encouraging smile, crawled between Patrick’s thighs. Valerie shifted on the bed so that she could watch the action and was rewarded with the amazing sight of Toby’s tongue, so inexpertly used on her own body, gently licking Patrick’s cock. He licked the head as if he were licking an ice cream cone, circling his tongue around and around, and then licking from the head to the base and back again. Valerie was impressed with the confident way Toby approached his task. But he seemed to be holding back a little.

‘Go on Toby. Take it in your mouth.’ Valerie said it quietly but firmly. Toby’s shoulders rose as he took a deep breath and took the plunge. He took Patrick’s cock between his lips and swallowed it whole. Patrick’s face was a picture of bliss; his eyes closed and his hands gripped the pillow behind him. He shifted slightly to allow Toby to move his mouth up and down the shaft. Valerie could see saliva dripping from his mouth, coating Patrick’s cock as he seemed to swallow all of it. Patrick’s hips bucked and one hand went to Toby’s head; his fingers entwined tightly in his hair.

Valerie was amazed at how easily Toby managed to keep Patrick’s cock in his mouth; moving his head up and down, faster and faster. Patrick began to moan loudly and Valerie was shocked to hear him vocalise his pleasure. ‘Oh yeah! Suck it! Harder. Oh that’s SO fucking good!’ She felt her own arousal rising as Patrick was obviously close to cumming. She realised her hands were wedged between her thighs; feeling the heat and moisture through the silk. She took her hands away; not wanting to come just yet. But Patrick had no such inhibitions. No thought of delaying his orgasm. He shuddered violently and Valerie saw that Toby squeezed his balls hard as Patrick shot his load down his throat. Toby sucked and swallowed expertly, but when he lifted his head up from Patrick’s thighs there was a slight dribble at the corner of his mouth. Valerie thrilled as she saw Patrick lean forward and lick his own cum from Toby’s lips. She licked her own lips, wondering what it would taste like. What Toby’s cum would taste like.

‘You’ve got a magic mouth there’, Patrick grinned widely, ‘very talented.’ He winked at Valerie, ‘There’s hope for you yet.’ Toby sat up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and he too grinned, as widely as Patrick. He looked over at Valerie, needing reassurance that everything was still ok. She smiled and raised her eyebrows encouragingly; her head full of images of dripping cocks and dripping mouths.

During this hiatus things shifted imperceptibly. Valerie sat up a bit straighter; her face flushed and her hair disheveled; her panties drenched, but with no trace of hesitation she spoke. ‘You did very well, Toby. I think he should get his reward, don’t you Patrick? I think Toby would very much like it if you sucked his cock now.’ Her voice was steady and she sounded as if she was expecting no argument. Patrick smiled to himself and looked at Toby. He saw Toby’s pupils dilate in lustful anticipation.

Patrick and Toby changed places on the bed, and this time it was Toby’s engorged cock that was the focus. Valerie had so wanted to crawl between his thighs and taste her husband’s cock; feel the hardness beneath the satiny skin. But this time it was another man’s mouth that was going to bring her man satisfaction; a mouth that was much more experienced than hers. Patrick teased the cock with his tongue, licking the head oh so gently and tenderly. Toby’s cock leapt, quivering and Toby let out a low growl of pleasure. Valerie was torn between looking at her husband’s face, ecstasy writ there large, and the sight of his cock being licked and then sucked by the red, red lips of her gorgeous neighbour. Patrick knew that Toby wouldn’t last long and began slowly, but he soon was loving the feel of Toby’s rock hard cock sliding in and out of his mouth, the head hitting the back of his throat and sliding its way down. Toby was pretty well endowed, going on for nine inches Patrick reckoned, and he was really getting off on the way it filled his mouth and throat. Toby continued to make a low moaning noise and Valerie rubbed her hand between her thighs, mashing the delicate silk into her own delicate folds. Patrick breathed noisily out through his nose and felt Toby’s heavy balls against his chin. Toby came with a loud drawn out yell and pumped rapidly into the accepting mouth. Valerie shuddered and moaned as her orgasm swept over her, but then surprised everyone, most of all herself, by grabbing Patrick just as he released Toby’s cock. She kissed him hard on the mouth. She slipped her tongue inside his mouth and tasted her husband; his tangy musty taste and greedily swallowed the last remaining cum that Patrick still had in his mouth.

They all three collapsed on the bed; their heads swimming whilst their heartbeats returned to normal. All three were smiling. Toby and Valerie kissed deeply and fell asleep, their arms entwined. Patrick lay awake for a while, feeling spent and sated. He heard the two young newly weds fall asleep together next to him and looked forward to the morning. He hoped Warren would be home before everyone woke up . . .

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