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Sweet Surrender

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Aimee wandered absent mindedly around the crowded room, smiling slightly in greeting to this person and that. She was having a very difficult time concentrating on the party. She knew very few people here, but she knew she had to be here. Kayla wanted it. And what Kayla wanted, Kayla got.

She lay on her back on the bed, her wrists bound together and above her head. Her feet were positioned, resting their bottoms together, making her pull her knees up and spread them wide.

“Don’t you dare close your legs. I want them spread. I want you open to me.” Kayla’s voice had hissed in her ear. “I want you to feel everything.”

Aimee shuddered. She could feel the tails of the flogger trailing back and forth across her thighs, her pussy, and up and down her belly. She whimpered slightly, not from fear, but from anticipation. She needed to feel the leather’s kiss across her body. She needed to feel totally possessed by this woman who stood over her.

“Aimee, how good it is to finally meet you. Kayla’s told us so much about you. We were so happy when she told us you’d be coming, too.” A smiling woman extended a hand, and Aimee grasped it, smiled shyly and stammered a greeting in return. “Oh, how silly of me, I’m Shelley. Kayla and I work together. She’s been singing your praises for so long, I feel like I already know you.”

Shelley continued her friendly chatter, and Aimee nodded politely, wondering where in this place Kayla was hiding. How was she supposed to concentrate when her thighs were stinging and her clit was throbbing from the unreleased sexual tension?

The tails slapped again and again across her open thighs, curling around her legs and making her cry out. Again and again, they fell, stinging the tender insides of her thighs and her aching pussy. Kayla paused now and again to trace her fingers along Aimee’s wet and longing sex. The tip of one finger teased lightly over her clit, just hard enough to cause electric sensations to race through Aimee’s tense and trembling body, but not enough to allow her the much needed release of orgasm.

Aimee felt an arm hook through hers and heard Shelley’s voice saying, “Come, my dear. Let’s go find that girlfriend of yours. She’s truly a very naughty girl to leave you alone among all these dirty minded men. She shouldn’t trust them around you.”

Aimee’s words of protest were quickly brushed aside by Shelley’s cheerful conversation. She felt rather out of place in this environment, but she warmed to the friendly attempts of the more outgoing and friendly Shelley.

“I think I saw her in the kitchen before. Why don’t we go check there?”

“Aimee, there you are!” Kayla’s voice made her pulse quicken and she blushed slightly, the thoughts from earlier that evening were still swirling in her head and making it difficult for her to form thoughts into words.

“Shelley’s been entertaining me, Kayla. She seems to think the men can’t be trusted.” Her voice slowly returned along with her slightly sarcastic humor in the very familiar banter that was often exchanged between the two of them.

“Too bad for them that you’re mine, isn’t it my love?” Kayla’s voice never changed its tone, but Aimee was all too aware of her meaning. Her fingers rose to her throat to finger the delicate chain at her throat, and she became suddenly more aware of the tingling between her thighs.

Shelley’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “I really MUST get back to the rest of the guests. Please excuse me. I absolutely couldn’t have it be said I’m a bad hostess. Enjoy yourselves.” She smiled brightly before ducking through the swinging door and back into the hum and chatter of the party.

Aimee trembled. She could feel Kayla’s eyes on her and without even looking she knew what the other woman was thinking.

“Are you being a good girl, baby?” Kayla’s voice wrapped around Aimee’s sex-starved brain. “Are you remembering our playtime earlier tonight? Are you still wet for me?”

Aimee whimpered softly and nodded, her lower lip caught between her teeth. She could feel her nectre trickling down her thighs and she became even more aware of how she was dressed. Kayla had picked out one of her shortest dresses, a little black number with a skirt a little fuller than was currently fashionable, but fashion wasn’t exactly her reason for picking it out.

Kayla reached out and grasped Aimee by her hips, forcing her backwards, all the while crooning softly in her ear. “How wet are you, my little slut? If I reached my fingers up under that skirt, would I find that sweet pussy dripping wet for me?” Aimee could do nothing but nod mutely. Her tongue seemed to have forgotten how to work and speech was denied her by her own traitorous mind.

She cried out, feeling the glass ball at the end of the flogger handle, cold against her hot sex. It slipped and slid up and down her aching pussy, gliding across the slippery wetness of her soft flesh. She shuddered and moaned as she felt it pause against her dripping entrance.

“Beg for me, baby. You know what I want to hear. Beg me.”

Through the haze of lust, the meaning of those words entered Aimee’s brain and her tongue began forming the words they both wanted to hear from her. “Oh God, Kayla. Baby, please. I need it. Please, baby, fuck me now!”

Kayla’s husky chuckle filled her ears, and suddenly, Aimee knew what was in store for her. “Not yet, my pet. I’m going to make you wait. We’ve got a party to go to and we both need to get ready.” She leaned down and kissed Aimee’s aching clit, taking a moment to catch it between her teeth and nibble and suck long enough to bring her to the brink of orgasm. Aimee begged once again, though this time there was more desperation in her voice than before.

“Kayla, baby, please. I can’t survive. Please, just let me come!” She screamed loudly, just then as she felt Kayla’s teeth sink into the tender flesh of her thigh, right next to her tattoo. Her mark of ownership. The subtle sign of her submission to Kayla.

“You will wait, my little slut. You will wait, wet and aching and wanting all night long.”

Aimee felt the table strike the backs of her thighs. Kayla pushed her thighs apart causing her to sit on the edge of the table. “Show me now.” Aimee felt the meaning more than heard it, and brought her right leg up to rest the heel of her shoe on the table beside her. She hiked up her skirt and spread her legs, opening herself up to Kayla’s probing fingers.

“Such a good little slut,” Kayla crooned. Aimee mewled, her wordless pleas begging for mercy. But mercy from what, she wasn’t sure. Did she want Kayla to take pity on her and finally let her come, or did she want to have her stop, to save the possibility of being caught by any number of the party guests less than six feet away from her perch?

Kayla’s free hand brushed the thin straps of Aimee’s dress down her shoulders, baring her breasts and exposing her pierced nipples to anyone who chose to walk into the kitchen. She grasped a ring between her fingers and tugged it, whispering in Aimee’s ear. “Who are you, baby? Tell me now,” Kayla demanded.

Aimee sucked in her breath and gasped, “Yours, baby. Always and forever, only yours.”

Kayla chucked softly to herself, feeling that familiar rush that always flowed through her when she made Aimee say those words. “Such a good girl. Now, fix your dress, and let’s go parade you around all those hungry men who seem to be looking at my girl and having ideas about her.”

Aimee screamed inside with frustration. God, how her body craved release. She straightened her dress and stuggled to regain some semblance of composure.

Kayla freed her wrists and tweaked her nipple. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulled Aimee close, holding her tight and kissing the top of her head. “Go shower, my love. I’ll lay out your clothes for this evening. You know what to expect. I want you to think about that while getting ready. Oh, and light on make up tonight, Aimee. You don’t need it anyhow.”

Aimee whispered softly into Kayla’s neck. “Yes, love.” She slid slowly off the bed and her trembling legs carried her out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom for a nice hot shower.

She stood under the water, wishing she was allowed to ease her tension. She looked longingly at the shower head, and felt its pulse on her shoulders with a little bit of envy, knowing how wonderful it would feel on the throbbing between her legs. She knew she’d better hurry though, because this party was important to Kayla. It was the first time she was bringing Aimee to meet her friends and she was very nervous. She shook her fears from her head and quickly washed and conditioned her hair, scrubbed her body with a sweetly scented body wash and brushed her teeth to prepare for her wonderful evening.

Kayla grasped Aimee’s elbow and led her out into the main throng of the party goers. She steered her towards a group of men sitting around a table, playing cards and talking quietly to each other. One of the men looked up, smiled and called out to Kayla. “Ahh, so this is the mysterious woman we’ve been hearing so much about. Come sit down and play a few hands.” Aimee flushed at yet another reference as to how much Kayla had said about their relationship. How much did these people know?

One chair sat unoccupied at the table, and one of the men made to stand up. Kayla stopped him and smiled. “Don’t be silly, Ben. She can sit on my lap. Who’s winning?” Aimee found herself being pulled down to sit on Kayla’s knee, most of her lower body hidden under the table. She smiled and made small talk with the men, getting to know them a little better. Ben, it turned out, had grown up down the street from Kayla, and they’d been friends for nearly 20 years. Aimee then became aware of the sensation of fabric slipping out from under her backside. She realized it was Kayla discreetly tugging her skirt out from under her to allow freedom to her lower body.

She came from the bathroom, her hair dried, brushed and styled casually. Pulled back from her face with a few wisps framing it, it was casual, but suited her and the situation. She closed the door and hung her robe on the hook behind it, then turned for her clothes Kayla had laid out on the bed. The little black dress. Black stockings. A black garter belt. And nothing more. She knew exactly how this night was going to go.

Aimee felt Kayla’s fingers slipping between her legs, pushing her legs open and teasing her throbbing clit. She was aware of her clit being teased and tried very hard to keep from moaning. She bit her lip, and smiled softly each time everyone laughed around the table. She squirmed in Kayla’s lap, wishing she could just throw her head back onto her tormentor’s shoulder and moan and beg like she wanted to.

Suddenly, Kayla slapped Aimee on the rump and said to the group, “Excuse us, boys. I think my shy girl has a bit of a problem here and if we don’t find the restroom there’s going to be a puddle on my lap.” Everyone laughed, and Aimee flushed, knowing it wasn’t a need to empty her bladder that Kayla was referring to. Kayla once again grasped Aimee’s elbow and steered her down the hall towards the bathroom. They stepped inside, and Kayla turned to lock the door before perching Aimee on the edge of the sink and again hiking her skirt up around her hips.

“My sweet little girl, aren’t you? So wet and wanting for me. My eager girl wants to come, doesn’t she?”

Aimee nodded, her eyes wide and pleading. She didn’t trust her voice. Kayla stood between Aimee’s spread legs, her fingers deep inside the trembling girl’s dripping sex. Aimee moaned softly, feeling Kayla’s fingers moving deep inside her, her teeth scraping on her neck. She couldn’t help herself. “Please, baby. Oh God, please just let me come,” Aimee pleaded.

Kayla stopped and pulled Aimee off the edge of the sink, and pushed her slowly to her knees. “You know what to do, baby. Please me.” Kayla leaned back and braced herself against the sink and smiled down at the obviously flustered girl. She closed her eyes then, feeling the kneeling girl slipping fingers under her skirt and pushing aside the wet crotch of Kayla’s panties.

Aimee eagerly sought out Kayla’s wanting sex, hoping above all hope that if she pleased her, she’d be allowed to come sooner instead of having to wait ’til they got home. Her tongue found Kayla’s clit and flicked across it eagerly. Kayla groaned and tangled her fingers in Aimee’s hair. “Suck, slut. Now! That’s my good girl,” she growled. Aimee suckled at Kayla’s throbbing clit, moaning softly and wishing for the same sensations on her own body.

Kayla’s breathing grew quicker, more a panting than actual respiration, and Aimee followed the wordless clues Kayla’s body was giving her. She buried her fingers deep in the panting woman’s pulsing cunt and sucked harder. Her tongue flicked faster over the throbbing little nub. The fingers in her hair pulled harder, and Kayla’s hips bucked as she moaned through her climax. Her pussy pulsed and clenched and Aimee kept licking and sucking the entire time.

Finally, Kayla let go of Aimee’s hair and stood up from her perch. She straightened her clothes and smiled down at the kneeling girl. “Get up, my dear. You need to straighten your hair so we can rejoin the festivities before anyone else notices we’re gone.”

Aimee looked up at Kayla with pleading eyes. She ached so badly. Her need to come was nearly overpowering her. She knew if she were just allowed to touch her clit, she’d be able to climax without much effort. “Please, baby. I just can’t take this,” Aimee whimpered. Kayla reached a hand out and grasped Aimee’s shoulder and urged her up and into her arms.

“My poor aching girl,” Kayla crooned softly. “Your clit is throbbing and that sweet little cunt is dripping wet, isn’t it?” Aimee nodded, her breathing ragged in her throat. She didn’t know how much longer she could continue without breaking down and begging wildly, even if it was in front of everyone. “Don’t worry, girl. You’re going to get all you can handle. Remember the car ride on the way here? Remember how you begged me then? I’ll make you beg much much more before the night is through.”

Kayla’s fingers found Aimee’s clit and pressed hard, wiggling ever-so-slightly, just enough to send those familiar sensations coursing through her. Within seconds, Aimee felt her climax looming. She started panting, her body trembling. “Oh God, Kayla, please!! Baby, I need to come! Oh baby, please, I’m begging you.”

“No!” Kayla hissed that single word into Aimee’s ear, but never once easing up her torment. “Fight it, girl. Fight it for me.” Kayla’s free hand dipped inside the top of Aimee’s dress, seeking her nipple, pinching it hard between her fingers. Aimee swooned, her knees buckling. She gritted her teeth and fought hard against the rising pleasure.

“Kayla. Oh God, love. Please!” Aimee whimpered, her breath and words ragged and desperate. Her legs trembled and she sagged against the dominant woman waiting desperately for the words to come.

Kayla stopped as quickly as she’d started. Her fingers withdrew from Aimee’s aching clit, and she brought them to her lips to suck them clean. “Delicious, as usual baby. Now come on, let’s get you fixed up.”

Aimee numbly stood up. Her body was screaming and she was near tears with frustration. She needed to come. Her clit was hypersensative and the mere act of walking caused friction against the aching little bud. She felt Kayla’s arms wrap around her and pull her close.

“I know you’re needing, baby. Just remember what’s in the car. We’re going soon, and we’ll find time to play with a few things on the way home, if you’re very good.”

“Touch yourself for me, girl.” Aimee responded immediately, turning her body in the seat and spreading her legs. She raised one leg and put it on the car seat, positioning her body so Kayla could see what she was doing. She shivered as she realized she could feel her juices begin to trickle down along the crack of her ass. It was a good thing, she thought, that Kayla had seat covers that could be easily washed.

Her fingers traced across her clit. She tipped her head back, resting it against the car window and felt her eyes drop closed. God, the pleasure was exquisite. Her clit was throbbing from the earlier torment, and her thighs were striped red above the top of her stockings from the flogging she’d received. She moaned, low in her throat and ground her hips, pressing harder against her finger.

She felt, rather than saw, the car slow and pull off the highway, into a quiet little rest area. This time of day there was almost no traffic on the road, and the rest area was deserted. Kayla put the car into park and turned to face Aimee. “Open your eyes, girl. Open them and look at me.” Aimee opened her eyes and looked at Kayla and gasped as she saw the barely contained lust that burned in her beautiful blue eyes. Aimee also saw Kayla reach back behind the drivers seat and pull a small duffel bag to sit in her lap.

“Guess what’s in here, girl. Yes, that’s right. A few of our favorite things.” Kayla reached in the bag and brought out a small metallic vibrator, waggling it slightly between herself and the whimpering girl. She set it on the seat between the two of them, and reached back in and brought out the same flogger that earlier that evening had been resting right there between her eager thighs. Aimee whimpered as Kayla laid the flogger on the seat as well, draping the tails across her stocking-clad thigh. Kayla chuckled, seeing Aimee’s distress. Soon, a blindfold and a length of rope followed.

“All of this is for after the party, girl. You are going to have these thoughts all night.”

Aimee shivered, remembering the car trip. Remembering the feeling of complete and utter desperation for the chance to release her pent-up sexual tension. She wanted so badly to come, and wished she was a more rebellious girl who could just let go and feel her orgasm flow over her aching body. She knew though, that if she did, she would be aching so much more for a much longer time.

With trembling fingers, she repaired her hair and applied some fresh lip gloss. She turned and faced Kayla. She flashed her a shaky smile and said softly, “I love you, baby. I love giving so much to you.”

Kayla smiled lovingly back at the trembling girl, and pulled her close. “I love you too, girl. You make me very proud. Your reward is coming, and it will be well worth the wait.” She kissed her forehead softly and opened the door. “Now, let’s go enjoy this wonderful party some more.”

The next two hours dragged on for Aimee. She tingled with each step. She was aware of her clit each time she moved. Sitting on the sofa and talking with people she met for the first time that night, in the middle of some light hearted chatter, she turned to see Kayla gazing intently at her across the room. The voices around her faded into the background, and she was very aware of her own pulse, quickening now under Kayla’s scrutiny. Kayla shifted her gaze towards the door, and then back to Aimee. Aimee realized her meaning and softly nodded, rising from her seat, and after making her excuses walked to Kayla’s side to face her fate.

Within a few minutes, Aimee found herself in the car, buckled into her seatbelt and quivering with anticipation. Kayla had taken time to place the secreted blindfold firmly over Aimee’s eyes. Her wrists were bound firmly together and her skirt was pulled up, baring her lower body to Kayla’s eyes. The entire time, Kayla’s words curled around Aimee’s brain, pushing her deeper into lust and longing.

“Do you know, girl, how hot it is to keep you like that all night? To know that you were wet, wanting and totally powerless to do anything about it? To keep you that way with all those people around? And to know that you were loving it as well, weren’t you, my little slut?”

All Aimee could do was whimper and nod in agreement. She could feel her pussy literally dripping, feeling a slow trickle of juices running down the crack of her ass and soaking the back of her skirt. She became conscious then of the car slowing, and of the crunching of gravel beneath the tires. She was confused. There were no gravel roads on the way home. She wanted to ask where they were, but felt she’d not find out anyhow. A shiver overcame her and she mewled softly.

The car slowed, then stopped. Kayla shut off the engine and let herself out, coming around to release Aimee, at least temporarily, from her bonds and seat belt. Soon Aimee found herself being led up a slightly sloping path, and then inside some sort of building. She heard her heels clicking on a wooden floor and paniced slightly as Kayla let go of her. “Stay where you are, baby. Do not move.” Aimee froze in place, waiting breathlessly for her next command.

Soon enough, after some rather loud bumps, crumpling paper and a scratching sound, Aimee felt Kayla return to her side and lead her deeper into the room. Aimee felt the warmth, and heard the crackling of a fire. She smiled then, realizing Kayla had built up a fire in a fireplace. Kayla removed the blindfold and Aimee took the time to glance around the room. A rustic cabin, sturdily build and tastefully decorated, while remaining very much true to its construction. Beams ran the entire length of the room, low enough to be useful, but high enough for hooks to be embedded in them without being a hazard to anyone walking.

“Strip, girl. I want to see you naked, now!”

Aimee quickly obeyed, slipping the straps of her dress down her shoulders and sliding the garment down her body to pool at her feet. She stepped out of her shoes and reached to her thighs to unfasten her stockings from her garter belt. Before long, she had managed to shed what little clothing she’d been wearing and was standing naked before Kayla, head up, with her arms behind her back, each hand gripping the opposite wrist.

“Ahh, my lovely girl. I do so prefer you naked to dressed. I love how the firelight glints off your nipple rings. Such a good girl. Now kneel.”

Aimee sank, trembling, to her knees. wishing she could just be allowed to touch her clit and come ’til she screamed. She rested her hands on her knees, watching as Kayla walked towards her with a length of rope. She found each end of the rope tied around a wrist. A sturdy clip rested between Kayla’s fingers and she led Aimee to stand beneath a beam and it’s accompanying hook. She soon found her hands above her head and the clip firmly in place on that same hook.

Kayla reached into the bag by the fireplace and brought out the flogger. Aimee moaned at the mere sight of the sensual object. That flogger had been both erotic pleasure and terrifying pain inflictor on her more than once. She shivered as the soft leather trailed across her skin, caressing her as only leather can. She tried desperatly to relax her body, knowing what was about to come.

She heard the swish of leather, felt the air moving, and then the thud as the tails of the flogger struck her shoulders. She gasped, as she always did, and felt the familiar rush inside herself. She often yearned for the feel of the leather striking her flesh. Again and again, she felt it fall across her skin, raising her sensitivity and making her very aware of her need, the same need that had been building all evening long.

Kayla circled her sweating, trembling body, striking alternately at Aimee’s breasts, thighs, shoulders and ass. She chuckled a little to herself, feeling her own desire swell with each strike of the flogger. Each sound of leather on flesh made her aware of her need, but she pushed it back a bit, concentrating on rewarding the bound and trembling woman.

“Spread your legs wider, girl. Do it now!”

Aimee responded instantly, sliding her feet wider apart, opening herself wider to Kayla’s desires. She moaned loudly as Kayla’s fingers sought her dripping sex.

“Poor thing. Such a wet little slut, aren’t you? You’ve been in need all night long.” Kayla’s fingers tormented Aimee’s clit, circling it and taking time to stop and pinch it lightly. She slipped her fingers into the girl’s sopping cunt. Aimee panted and whimpered, grinding against the invading fingers.

“Please, Kayla. Oh god, I can’t take much more. I ache so badly.” Aimee’s pleas rang out. She was near her limit, and didn’t know how much longer she could take.

“Not yet, love. Fight it. Fight it for ME.”

Aimee groaned at those words, knowing how hard she’d have to fight, but also knowing how that struggle would please her sweet Domme. The fingers left her aching sex, and Aimee nearly cried from frustration. Her frustration soon faded as the tails of the flogger began striking against her thighs, curling around and stinging against the tender inner flesh. Now and again, a stray tail would slap against her wet and swollen labia, and the sensations drove her closer and closer to her limits.

Suddenly, the flogger stopped. Aimee felt her arms freed from above her head and realized Kayla was lowering her to a soft pile of cushions beside the fire. Her inner thighs were striped with red welts and glistened with her own sweet juices. She looked at Kayla and trembled at the wicked grin crossing the woman’s face. In her hand, shining in the firelight, was the metallic vibrator.

“Just remember girl, not until I say so.”

The words caused her to gasp, holding her breath. The motor of the vibrator whirred to life, and she felt it sliding over her aching cunt. The sensations were pure heaven, and sweet torment as well, since she was fighting desperately to keep the orgasmic bliss at bay. The tip of it traced around her clit, causing her to pant and whimper.

Kayla watched with utter fascination as Aimee writhed beneath her ministrations. Taking her cues from Aimee’s reactions, she slid the vibe into her sopping pussy. Leaning down, she sought the throbbing nub with her lips, suckling and nipping it delightfully.

Aimee cried out, nearing the end of her control. “Kayla, baby, please!” she begged, knowing if she wasn’t allowed to come soon, she’d no longer be able to fight it.

Kayla sat up a little, looking up at Aimee’s contorted face. “Now girl. Come NOW!” She returned to capture Aimee’s clit once again with her lips. She sucked hard, flicking her tongue across the little button. Aimee screamed, feeling the long awaited release flood through her. Her hips bucked and her entire body shook with pent up sexual tension. Aimee felt the familiar flood between her thighs and heard Kayla moan against her clit.

Kayla shivered with delight as she felt Aimee come, and felt the familiar sensation of the flood of wetness that often overtook Aimee with orgasm. It never ceased to be a pleasure to her to take the girl to this level of arousal and bring her to such an intense orgasm.

Aimee stopped screaming, her breath coming in quick pants and her body still trembling. Kayla moved to lay beside her on the cushions, releasing her wrists and pulling her close. Crooning softly, she caressed Aimee’s sweaty, trembling body. “You did very well, baby. I’m so proud of you. I love taking you there.”

Aimee lay in Kayla’s arms, trembling and crying softly, as was common for her. She loved this woman so very much, for taking her to this very place and for giving her such a deep and loving gift. She snuggled closer, feeling the warmth and love of Kayla’s embrace. She felt Kayla’s fingers wiping away her tears, and brush the damp hair from her brow.

She wanted to stay in this place forever, snuggled in the arms of the woman she loved. She hoped to have many more nights like this one. And she was sure they would.

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