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Sweet Exploration

Category: Lesbian Sex
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Gently I take your face in my hands, snaking my fingers into your hair and look long into your eyes, before I lean and softly kiss them, slowly. Moving my lips down to your mouth, kissing your cheeks as I go, I brush your lips lightly with mine, over and over, teasing you, before parting mine and lightly licking over your join with my tongue.

With a soft murmur your lips part and my tongue slides in searching for yours. As your arms slide around my shoulders, holding me against you, breast to breast, our mouths open wider, tongues probing deeper and deeper, the kiss deepening to something more. My hands leave your face, reluctantly, and move around your slender body to hold you against me, tightly, as if I would press you into me, become part of me.

Your moan into my mouth, vibrating against my lips and tongue, the feel of your body softening against me, tells me all I want to know. I briefly tear my lips from yours, bend and put my arm under your legs, lifting you t me, and, returning my mouth to its previous home, carry you to the bed, where I lie you down, with myself beside, then on top of you and continue with my exploration of your mouth, kissing you over and over and over again, softly, deeply, lingeringly. I just can’t get enough of your mouth, the feel of your lips against mine, your tongue lazily licking over my lips, both tongues playing idly against each other. Moving my mouth briefly away I tantalisingly take your bottom lip in my teeth and gently nibble along it, until I reach your cheek, and then missing your lips already, return to your mouth, and continue to explore every pore, with my own lips and my tongue.

And all this time, my hands? They are taking part in their own exploration, Of your soft, shivery skin. No lingerie to tease and titillate. Tonight, I want, I need, to feel your skin, all of it, against mine.

I move a leg to rest between yours, nudging them slightly apart, and in doing so, my thigh brushes against your clit, and a soft moan escapes your lips sending sweet vibrations into my mouth. My hands slide up your sides, fleetingly brushing against the sides of your breasts, and I am rewarded this time with a soft shudder as well as another moan. My hands reach your pits and with extra pressure against your underarm, make you understand that I want you to raise your arms. My hands continue their path along the inside of your arms, that soft, buttery skin that can hardly bear to be touched without eliciting shudders, shivers and moans. As my hands continue their journey, my lips and tongue maintain their exploration of your mouth, and my thigh softly, gently slowly moves against your pussy, my delight growing at the wetness I can feel there.

Finally my hands reach your hands, and I softly spread your palms, interlocking our fingers in a sweet lovers’ embrace, and with gentle pressure, move your arms round to arc and meet above your head. I release my own hands, and place your hands together. Knowing I do not need to tell you anything, not use one word, I move my hands slowly back down your arms, my thumbs making light circles on the inside of your wrists (smiling, in my head, at more shudders – my mouth is still occupied with yours and reluctant to leave it) and I trail my fingertips all down your arms, through your pits and round to softly cover your breasts. By now your trembles are quite noticeable. I decide reluctantly it is time to move on, and lift my mouth from yours, needing to use it elsewhere, quite quickly, by the level of your moans. You lift your head, trying to keep your mouth in contact with mine, but I gently ease you back on the pillow, whisper against you, “I won’t be gone for long love, be patient.”

Slowly I move slightly lower on your body, my mouth now moving to nibble and suck along your jaw line and down on to your neck and shoulders, noticing and loving the moans, the trembles, the slight whimpering. I look up at your hands, and am pleased, so pleased to see that you have parted them and are gripping the rails of the bed head. I am touched by your self control and reward you by bending and taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking it deeply in and as much of your breast as I can fit in my mouth. Your reaction is all I want it to be. Your mouth opens and a long moan escapes, which becomes a hiss as I take your nipple in my teeth and gently nip it. Your back rises off the bed, attempting to push your breast deeper in my mouth and I am happy to comply.

Not wanting to make the other feel left out, I move across to the other breast to replace my mouth on the first with my hand, gently taking the nipple between finger and thumb and squeeze it in time with the slow sawing movements of my thigh against your now free-running slit.

My attentions to three very sensitive areas are obviously playing havoc with your control, as the moans are now perceptibly louder, and interspersed with long, “Please Kate, pleease”. Much as I would love to just suck and play with your nipples for hours, I’m not sure you could stand it, and I reluctantly lift my mouth and slowly make my way down your sides and ribs with my mouth and hands.

When I reach your navel I swirl my tongue in the soft dip and caress your hips with my hands. By now, I am on my knees and the removal of my thigh from your throbbing centre leaves you lifting your hips searching for some sort of contact. What can I do but help you out, so I move my hands to part your legs as far as they will go, bending your knees for comfort, and gently but firmly bury my face in your wetness.

Ooohhhhhh sweet heaven, the aroma, the texture of soft satin on my tongue, both combine to make my head swim. I reach out my tongue again and lick up and down the length of you, coating it with your juices, then curling it back in to my mouth to savour. This action appears to send you into uncontrollable shudders and draws a long “Goddddddd” out of you, so I decide to repeat it as you enjoyed it so much. I reach with my fingers and with the tips, tickle up and down the edges of your now very wet lips, while pushing my tongue into you, pushing as deeply as I can. This time, you simply wail long and loud, and from the movements of your body, I realise you are gripping the bars of the bed head tightly, pulling all your muscles tight and lifting your hips from the bed.

The time for teasing is over, your need is at is peak, and moving my hands to your thighs, I lift your legs over my shoulders, slide my hands under your bottom and pull you against my face, thrusting my tongue deeply in and out of you, not fast, but slow, deep and continuous. My nose has now come into contact with your clit and I settle into a rhythm which stimulates that nub and allows me to continue to tongue you. Your juices are flowing fast now, coating my tongue, my face, my nose – the aroma beginning to make me light headed and sending messages directly to my own pussy.

Your voice, husky with desire and need, floats down to me, gasping… “Kate… please…finish me… please…”

Sensing the finale, I remove my tongue, heavily coated, and lifting your hips slightly, trail it downwards to your rosebud, lathering the copious fluids over the opening, probing gently, eliciting more moans. While I do this, one of my hands has replaced my tongue at your pussy, and one, then two, then three fingers are plunged into your depths, twisting and churning inside you. Your sounds are now almost incoherent babbling, as the fingers and tongue change places again, the tongue returning to slide deeply inside your pussy. With great care, I gently nudge one finger at your rosebud, and finding the way well prepared, gently insert it into the heated tightness.

As I slide it back and forth in time with my tongue in your pussy, and my nose nudging against your clit, I feel your muscles tighten on my tongue, your hips lift against my face, and in a surge, you cum against me, hard and fast, again and again, calling out my name. Over and over you rise against me while I feel your muscles squeezing my tongue and my finger.

At last you fall back on the bed, exhausted, your arms still above your head, your chest rising and falling in breathless panting.

I slowly remove my finger and tongue, lower your legs, with soft kisses along the inside of your thighs adding to your post-orgasmic trembles and shivers, and one lingering kiss on your pussy lips. I move my body back up along yours, skin to skin, until I resume my place, breast to breast, hips to hips, my legs lying softly between your still outstretched ones, my face above yours, watching you. Slowly your breathing returns to normal and I unclasp your hands and bring them down to lie softly around my back. As you finally open your eyes and look at me, I smile into them, and leaning down to you, whisper against your lips, “I told you I’d be back.”

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