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The song on the radio was a smooth R&B love song – the type to make a person glad to have someone. I looked over at Nesha to share a memory that the lyrics invoked. She was still looking out of the window. Feeling courageous, I reached over and stroked her bare thigh. Without a word, Nesha shifted until my hand slid to the seat. I sighed heavily, resolving to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Why did I even bother? I didn’t think what I did warranted the punishment she was dishing out. It was her idea in the first place.

Nesha said it would be an adventure. I was perfectly happy with the status quo – our regular routine of life as a couple was anything but boring. Arguments were few, sex was frequent, and the cooking was like the dishes Grandma used to make. When the time clock sounded, I was among the first to my vehicle in a hurry to enjoy the comforts of home. I wasn’t receiving any type of “comforts” lately. My hands gripped the steering wheel. Seven days. This had been anything but adventure.

Nesha’s biggest fear was that we would start to take each other for granted the more time we spent together. To support her view, she cited the ancient theory of lesbian bed death and the break-ups of couples we knew. The fact that we were always fucking somehow didn’t qualify as a statistic to be included in her research. Our night apart should also cause some subjects for conversation so our relationship won’t become stagnant. My mind was already racing with ideas for a night out with the “boys” that I only nodded when Nesha said we should miss each other a little bit. So she hooked up with some femme friends and I rolled with their respective studs. I never expected my escapade to collide with Nesha’s adventure at our favorite strip club. Even more surprising was that I was in the middle of smacking some buxom beauty’s ass when I turned and noticed her. She played it off well. Laughing, she told me to order her a drink and we all sat down together. To the rest of the crew we were the perfect loving couple; but I could feel the cold tension of her body against me. I could see it when our eyes connected as she slid into the passenger seat of the car. On the way home I prepared to explain my actions for most of the night, however, Nesha gave me another surprise by playing soft music and taking a bubble bath – all without uttering a word to me.

I sat in the arm chair by the bedroom door kicking myself for giving in to the obvious temptation. She was making me sweat. From, experience, I knew she couldn’t hole out. Nesha was just as hot for me as I was hot her which explained why our arguments were so few. When Nesha emerged from the bathroom, her lips were sealed while she prepared for bed. Transfixed by the sight, I watched as she smoothed lotion on her body. Nesha’s hands glided across places I had memorized and often daydreamed about while at work. The silence was deafening. With twitching hands, I escaped to the bathroom to take a shower, more than a little worried that her stalemate wouldn’t end before morning. My hope was renewed as I slid into bed next to her and noticed she was topless. Usually, when I fucked up, Nesha would put on her “don’t-touch-me” pajamas consisting of lounge pants and a t-shirt. She may have already relented. The strip club tended to get us more than a little hot for each other. Carefully, I slipped my hand across her waist and pulled her closer to me. The scent of her lotion tickled my nose and my libido. Coasting up her stomach, my fingertips inching toward her ample breasts; but before I could complete my mission, she spoke,

“Why don’t you find that skank bitch you were spanking and play with her titties? You ain’t playing with these.”

She pulled away from me and settled into a deep, comfortable sleep. Disappointed, I fluffed up my pillows and settled back for a long night of frustrated ardor. Now for a whole week, I had lived seven sleepless, horny nights feeling her body next to mine as she fidgeted in her slumber. Nesha made it extremely difficult strutting around the house half-nude and brushing up against me in the boy shorts I surprised her with when I was still in her good graces. The book in my lap was quickly forgotten as I watched her stretch to dust the entertainment center, her ass just beckoned me. Her activities weren’t anything she didn’t do that was out of the ordinary, except on a regular day I would be able to grab her and have my way with her. Being the persistent stud that I am, I continued to try again and again. Each time I was shot down with the same response.

“Casey, I’m not in the mood for you.”

Shit. Casey, I’m not in the mood for you. I had heard that more times this week than I cared to recall. Casey, I’m not in the mood for you. Fuck, I was horny. As soon as I saw what she was wearing to the party, I knew the torture was only just beginning. The slinky blue dress had a flared hem that provided good pussy access that I loved so much. I could see the heels suspended in air as I kissed her shapely legs. Her nails digging into my scalp as she pulled me closer, deeper inside. Fuck, I needed some pussy. This was getting downright criminal.

The booming sound of the stereo system shook the windows as we pulled up. This was the last place I wanted to be. A night of keeping up appearances was not high on my list of fun. Now getting some pussy, I consider that fun. My eyes feasted on her bare legs as Nesha stepped down out of the SUV. Mutely, I followed her to the well lit two-story dwelling. It was a small gathering; an assortment of women who were either single or coupled off, enjoying good music and conversation. Femmes were attached to their studs in a most possessive manner to ward off all improper advances from the unattached lesbians. Most of the bachelorettes arrived with the intention of hooking up with someone new. Estrogen littered the living room and the back patio for those who enjoyed the gossip and camaraderie. Others escaped upstairs to lounge on the lush couches or shoot a game of pool on the blue felt table. Nesha was seemingly oblivious to the effect she was having on me as she mingled into the crowd to exchange pleasantries. She quickly disappeared with the hostess, completely secure that I would behave amidst the single women.

If she wasn’t going to worry about me, I wasn’t going to worry about her. An ice, cold bottle of beer dulled my senses as I attempted to socialize. A group of studs who were also in attendance that fateful night waved me over. After a few minutes, I moved on. If they had been better lookouts, I wouldn’t be pussy deprived. Conversations surrounding me while walking through the house were unimportant and inevitably my thoughts returned to Nesha. When I saw her across the room, I gave up on the networking tactic and was sulking by the fireplace when Shea approached me. I didn’t feel like being bothered and irritably scowled. At that moment, I didn’t care how rude I was being.

“What’s going on, Casey?”

My upbringing prevented me from completely ignoring her. “Nothing.” I wished for her to go away. Wishing wasn’t working.

“Where’s Nesha?”

“Do you see her right here beside me?” I sneered. “Then obviously I don’t know where she is.”

“Damn nigga. I was just asking. What has you all wound up?” Shea asked. “I’m guessing something to do with Nesha?”

“Mind your business.” Keeping up appearances was not my strong suit.

“Look, I’m going to try and be friendly to your ass one more time. You want to come and smoke this blunt with me or what?” Shea shoved me in the shoulder.

That idea was almost as good as pussy and I readily agreed. Out in the garage, among the bicycles and mechanics tools, Shea fired up the neatly rolled cigar. The acrid smoke filled my lungs and some of the pressure eased. Shea indulged me a few hits before taking it from me.

“So what the fuck is wrong with you?” She passed it back.

“Man, Nesha still tripping over that stripper.” I complained, grateful for a sympathetic ear. “She’s been withholding the pussy for a whole week now.”

Shea just shook her head. “That’s fucked up. You better than me, dawg. I would have had to take the pussy from Sharissa by now.

Something clicked inside me. Shea had a point. There was only one way to end this. After taking a few more its, I went in search of my woman. I had no time for consideration as I pushed through the crowd. I wanted Nesha. Where was she? I checked the kitchen and quickly escaped from the group of huntresses who had gathered there. I didn’t know how I would react if I found her in one of the bedrooms and thankfully I didn’t have to find out. I was upstairs long enough to quickly surveyed the room with no luck. Finally, I passed through the sliding glass doors to the patio. She was by the rail of the wooden deck, smiling and laughing with Sharissa. Nesha hadn’t smiled like that in a week. Her smile disappeared when she saw me approach, causing my jealousy level to skyrocket. I struggled to get control of it since different types of frustration battled within my body.

“Hey Casey. You having a good time?” Sharissa asked.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I kept my eyes on Nesha. “You mind if I talk to my baby for a minute?”

“Of course not. I’ll see ya’ll later.” She raised her eyebrows at Nesha before closing the sliding door and shutting the vertical blinds.

The moon and the citronella torches placed around the yard provided little illumination. It was peaceful and the only sounds were the mating calls of the crickets and the muted hip hop music blaring inside. We should have been enjoying the night together with my arms around her right now. I didn’t have much of a plan and didn’t think beyond finding her. My mother always said test the water before diving in.

“Hey Baby.”

“Casey, I’m not in the mood for you right now.” Nesha replied coolly.

“Well damn, when you going to be in the fucking mood?” I snapped. “Shit, you haven’t been in the mood all week.”

Her sigh was heavy and irritated. “I’m not doing this here. We can talk about this at home.”

As soon as she turned to leave, I grabbed her hand. That wasn’t the best approach. “Baby, it was just a stripper. We’ve gone to that joint dozens of times.”

“I know we have – together. You didn’t behave that way when we’re there – together. This is how you disrespect me when we’re apart?” Nesha asked.

“No, I don’t disrespect you.”

“How am I to be sure about that? And then, all my girls saw you. Nothing but bullshit, Casey. How do you expect me not to be angry?”

“Okay Baby, I understand and I’m sorry. Please believe I don’t disrespect you when we’re apart but you cutting me off like I cheated or something.” I pleaded my case.

“I don’t want to think about it right now. I told you I would…”

Her demand was interrupted by my mouth on hers. Momentarily she responded, sliding her arms around my neck and leaned into me. Then she was pushing away.

“No Casey. I’m still upset with you.”

I pulled her back to me and nuzzled her neck. “Baby, I’m sorry. I can’t go another minute without touching you.”

“Ooooh shit. You know that’s a spot. Wait, I don’t care Casey. I felt disrespected.”

“You know I wouldn’t intentionally disrespect you.” My hands caressed her breasts. Damn, it had been too long.

“Baby stop. Not here.”

“Here Nesha.”

“Not right now. They’ll hear us.” She tried to reason with me but was losing her own inner battle.

I was already pulling her dress up. “They won’t hear you.”

Nesha slapped my hands away and backed up. “Yes, they will hear us. I heard what you said, Casey. No, not here.”

Tonight I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I backed her up until she was against the sliding glass doors. “Nesha, I want some pussy.”

Even in the semi-darkness of the night, I saw her eyes glint. “How bad you want it?”

“Damn it Nesha. Stop teasing me.” I couldn’t restrain myself any longer. Before she could stop me, my hand was underneath her dress pushing her panties aside.

“Wait Casey.” Nesha made one more futile attempt but my fingers had already found her sweet, wet spot. “Oh shit, not your fingers.”

I pushed gently inside, luxuriating in her velvet walls tightening around me. Her clit was swollen and pulsating against my thumb. Damn she felt good. Was it possible that I had missed her this much? Nesha had spread her legs as an initial reaction, but it wasn’t enough for me. She was so wet, I needed to get deeper. With my other hand I grabbed her ass and lifted her up. After she wrapped her legs around my waist, I glided deep and we found our natural rhythm. I tried to be as quiet as possible as not to alert the apartment full of lesbians.

“Ooooh fuck, Baby.” Nesha murmured into my neck. She was riding my fingers with smooth strokes.

I used my hips to hump against her. “You know you’re my Baby Girl. I have mad respect for you.”

“If it hadn’t been in front of my girls, …shit…I prob-b-bly…mmmm…wouldn’t have…damn…don’t stop Casey.”

“You need me to get it?”

“Y-Y-Yes. Get it Baby. Fuck, that feels good.” Her legs tightened around my waist as her hips thrust harder. I knew she was close and I didn’t want her to be. I didn’t want it to end at all. “Don’t stop, Baby. Damn, you know how to fuck me right.”

“I thought you weren’t in the mood for me.” I said, teasing her clit.

“Shit,…mmm…you should have known that was a lie.” Nesha confessed.

My lips found hers again and when I slipped my tongue into her mouth, Nesha sucked on it with a lusty moan and a hard grind. It was either the beautiful noises in my ear or the hypnotic motion of Nesha’s hips, but somewhere I lost my cool and I felt myself humping harder against her. The patio doors squeaked and I was grateful for the loud music playing inside or we would have definitely had an audience.

Nesha’s arms held on to my neck and a low moan began to spread throughout her body. She stopped rocking against me and tensed. “OOOOOOOOOOOO. Casey, I’m…ooh shit…I’m….Mmm-hmm…damn.”

I slowed the tempo, my hips thrusting with a small circular motion. “You cumming Baby?”

“Mmm…yeah. Oh shit…yeah. Right now…oh…oh…oh…Oh Fuck!”

She gushed past my fingers and oozed down into the palm of my hand. Nesha’s head collapsed to my shoulder and she continued to hang on to me. I walked to the lounge chair and sat down until her breathing evened out. I realized I was still inside her and wiggled my fingers.

“Casey, wait. Take them out. Please, Baby, not right here. It was hard being quiet.”

I did as I was told. “I want to taste you.”

“Here?!” Nesha answered in a screamed whisper. “You couldn’t possibly want me to…”

“Baby, you couldn’t possibly make me wait until we get home. After all week, Nesha?” I rubbed my cheek over her exposed cleavage. “Come on, Baby. Ride my face.”

“That is so unfair. You know that’s a favorite.” Nesha was quiet a moment. “What if they hear us?”

“They won’t hear us.”

“How do you know?”

“Baby, I had you on the patio door and no one heard us. The music is too loud.” I pushed my tongue down in between her titties.

“Mmm. No you didn’t.” She wrapped her arms around my head and arched her back. “Okay, okay. You get fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes?” I whined.

“Yes, fifteen minutes. I want to save some for later when we’re at home. Then we can make up properly.” Nesha stood and removed her panties. “Hold these for me.”

“Yes ma’am.” I adjusted the lounge chair until it laid back partially and stretched out. I was ready. Damn, I was ready. I had been lusting after that mouth drenching delight for seven days. Nesha positioned her knees on either side of my head and hesitated. “Casey, don’t make me scream.”

My hands caressed her supple thighs moving up to her ass as Nesha’s dress cascaded around my head. She felt so soft beneath my hands. “I’ll try not to.” I muttered as I pulled her down to my mouth. Opening wide, I licked upward across her succulent lips until I reached a swollen clit. I twirled my tongue around it and nibbled with my lips. I loved how her body twitched in reaction as her hips rocked against my mouth. I heard a muffled noise from Nesha but I was too lost in my own desires to make out what she was saying. Besides, I didn’t want to waste my fifteen minutes. I sucked her clit into my mouth letting it rest on my tongue. Nesha’s body trembled and she tried to shift away. I caught her thighs with my hands and plunged my tongue deep inside her. I moved in and out of her, cursing the time spent letting my fingers have all the fun. I matched her pace, taking my tongue out and sucked her clit back in between my lips. Then she stopped. When she tried to move off, I resisted and held on to her thighs.

“No wait, Casey, I think someone is coming.”

I let her go and she scrambled to a standing position. I looked around as she straightened her dress. “No one is coming.”

“Wipe your face. We need to go home.” Nesha slipped into her heels again.

I started toward her. “Nesha..”

“No Casey, I can’t handle you out here in the open. Let’s go home and you can eat me all night.”

“Okay.” I wiped my face and smoothed out my polo shirt. I was ready. “Can we just go or do we have to say good night?”

“It would be rude not to say good night.”

“I don’t care about being rude.”

“Casey, come on.” She slid open the door and I followed her inside. My eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room before I noticed Shea standing beside the couch grinning and talking with Sharissa. The whispers stopped when they saw us.

“Say dawg, we’re going to call it a night.” I bid my farewells to Shea.

Shea winked. “Going to get that squared away, huh?”

I smiled. “More like continue squaring that away.”

“Already. I ain’t mad at you. Ya’ll be careful, man.”

“Yeah.” I nudged Nesha who was talking to Sharissa in hushed tones. “You ready, Baby?”

“Yes.” She shook her head at my impatience.

After pulling her out of the door, I rushed to the SUV, thankful we hadn’t been blocked in. Nesha noticed her panties sticking out my pocket. “Fuck, Casey. Were my panties sticking out of your pocket the whole time we were saying good-bye?”

“I don’t know, Baby?” I rushed her into the vehicle.

“Casey, I think Sharissa knew we were fucking on the patio.” Nesha said as I turned the ignition switch. She moved to the middle seat and wrapped my right arm around her waist.

“What makes you say that?” The thought had occurred to me when I saw Shea and Sharissa talking but I didn’t want to mention it to Nesha.

“I think they saw my panties in you pocket. Oh my god, why did I listen to you?” Nesha stretched her legs out on the seat.

“Because you wanted it was bad as I did.” I said, calling her out.

“So what if I did?”

“So it’s not my fault if they did know.” I entered the on ramp looking for cops. “You shouldn’t have kept my pussy from me.”

“Oh really? You finally realized it still belonged to you, huh?” Nesha taunted me. “This could have been solved long ago. All that extra work I put in flouncing around the house.”

“Is that right?” My hand slid from her waist to her pussy before she could stop me.

“Wait a minute. I was just playing.” Nesha grabbed my arm, even though her hips were already reacting to my touch.

“I’m not playing.” I replied, my fingers immersed in luscious wetness.

“I-I can s-see that.” Nesha draped her leg over the back of the seat.

“You know I don’t like you keeping my pussy from me, Nesha.” I informed her, my palm caressing her clit.

“I had t-to, B-Baby…mmm shit. Casey!” Her nails dug into my arm. “Right there, Baby! Right there!”

“You sure?” I teased, speeding past the big rig truck so the driver couldn’t see down into the SUV.

“Yes! I’m sure, I’m sure! Ca-Casey!” Her body tensed and after a few beats, Nesha’s grip on my arm loosened. When I exited the freeway, Nesha removed my hand.

“Baby.” I protested.

“Cops. We’re almost home. Damn Baby, you act like you haven’t had it in a month or something.” Nesha struggled to free her twisted dress from around her waist.

“Shit. Long enough. Then you were mad at me too. That just made it worse.”

Her voice was soft. “Did it?”

“Yeah, I hate it when you’re mad at me.”

“Don’t do stupid shit.” She replied.

“Lesson learned.”

“You know, this was the first time you have ever abided by the no pussy punishment. I was very surprised.” Nesha admitted as we pulled into the garage. “All that teasing I did and nothing to show for it.”

Huh? “What are you talking about? I did try.” My confusion knew no bounds. As she stepped from the SUV, I was given an unobstructed view of sexy, bare ass until her dress fluttered down from her waist.

“You half-assed tried.” She sighed as she grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. “But I think you have redeemed yourself.”

I followed her up the stairs shedding clothes along the way. “You know if you really need me to show how redeemed I am, I can. I really want you to feel that, you know, how redeemed I am.”

Nesha laughed and skipped the rest of the way. She was still giggling when I caught up with her slipping out of her dress and even more still when she was on her hands and knees in the bed. The snickering suddenly became moans of pleasure when I positioned my head between her thighs. She did say I could eat all night. All in all, I think my week ended well; with a mouth full of pussy and my ears full of redemption.

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