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Swallowing a Whopper

Category: Gay Male
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I found one way to connect with other men looking for some fun was on chat lines on the phone. There were a few that were free although many charged for the service and you could get on and find others interested in the same thing you were interested in.

The particular time I’m thinking about started off as many of them did with me getting an invitation to talk with another guy about what it was we were looking for. During the course of the first few minutes it became clear that he was looking for a man to come over and give him a blow job.

He made it clear that he was not into reciprocating just wanting the relief of getting off in someone’s mouth. We talked about it for a while with him asking me questions about how much experience I had.

I was in my mid-thirties by now and had been with dozens of men both as a sucker and as one getting sucked. Many times we would pleasure each other but there were also lots of times when I had provided oral relief to other men with no return of the favour.

He told me he was in his late 40’s and described himself for me. He said he was 6ft tall about 200 lbs half bald, wore glasses and was mostly grey haired. He also said he had a 7 inch cut cock and large hanging balls. We talked about what he liked to do with guys and he said all he had ever done was get blowjobs and that that was all he was interested in.

We talked about that sort of thing over a few nights and also about how old we were when we had started. It turned out that like myself he had first been introduced to male sex in his late teens and had kept going back for more form time to time ever since. Finally after probably 2 or three hours of talking over much of a week he agreed to meet. We set up a time and he gave me his address. The meeting was to take place the next day around dinner time.

I was always nervous about meeting someone new for the first time but as I pulled up outside his house I decided to go ahead and at least see him. When I knocked on the door I heard him moving in the house and then the door opened and he invited me in. We went into his den and I saw that on the computer he had there he had some gay sex playing. I asked him what it was about and he said it was of a couple of younger guys, early 20’s that were getting together for a suck fest. We sat down on 2 chairs to watch for a few minutes and I told him to go ahead and paly with himself if he wanted.

At that he stood up and took off his pants showing that he had not been exaggerating about his package. Even soft it was at least 7 inches long and very thick. As he started to stroke his cock he told me that he was married and that his wife was at work for another couple of hours. He said that she didn’t like sucking him because he was too big for her and her jaw got tired from having to keep her mouth open so wide. Watching his now hardening cock I could believe it. The head of his cock was now the size of a plum and the shaft was covered in thick veins. His balls were even bigger and hung between his legs resting on the seat of his chair. It was obvious that he trimmed his pubic hair and also that the talk and the movie were making him quite horny as precome was leaking out the end of his cock.

I leaned forward and licked over the tip of his cock tasting the clear fluid leaking out and then got down on my knees between his legs. I told him to ease his ass forward to the edge of the chair and then when his balls hung over the edge I started to lick and suck them while he continued to slowly stroke his cock. Fully hard by now I think it was at least 8 inches long and even though his body was a bit out of shape his cock was as hard as a rock.

I took over jacking him off at that point while sucking first one ball then the other into my mouth. He told me it felt great and then I surprised him by managing to get both his balls inside at the same time. When I had done that he had my mouth so stuffed I couldn’t breathe so I could only stay like that for a few seconds. After releasing his balls I started licking the underside of his cock from about half way down up to the tip. Every time I passed from the shaft over the ridge unto the crown he took a sharp breath and then let it out again as I started again near the base.

The next time I licked up to the head of his cock instead of going back down I opened my mouth wide, closed my lips over my teeth to be sure not to rake him and took that big head into my mouth. He sighed again as I did this and then holding him like that I just stuck my tongue out letting it slide up and down the underside of his cock while the top of his cock was pressed against the roof of my mouth. As I got used to the size of him I started bobbing my head up and down a little bit taking a little more of his cock into my mouth each time I leaned into him.

He leaned back in his chair and let me have complete access to his crotch. I now had his balls in my hand and I was playing gently with them. I circled his scrotum above his nuts and pulled down on them gently. I also continued taking more and more of his cock into my mouth when I was going down on it till I was feeling him hitting the back of my throat. At that pint there was still at least 3 inches of his cock still outside my lips and I wasn’t sure if I could do it but I knew I wanted to try. I pulled back till just the tip of his cock was in my lips and I had my tongue stuck out under the head giving it a groove to slide on. I took some quick deep breaths to hyperventilate a bit. I have been a scuba diver and spent quite a bit of time under water both with tanks and snorkeling and I knew I could hold my breath for 90 seconds with no real trouble.

Then again opening my mouth as wide as I could and relaxing my throat I started sliding down his cock taking it inside me. When I felt it reach the back of my throat I just kept pushing forward and after a bit of hesitation I felt it slide past the sticking point and shove down my throat. At that point I couldn’t get any air in or out and I could feel the pressure of his thick head in my throat. He groaned and I heard him say he had never had anyone actually manage to take him in entirely. I relaxed as much as I could there with my nose pressed up against his belly and his cock stretching my lips and throat to the maximum. I continued playing with his balls while this was going on and was just waiting with his cock buried down my gullet while the need for air started growing in me.

At last I had to pull back and felt the head again popping out of my throat and into my mouth and then out past my lips so I could breathe freely. After a couple of breaths I started sucking on the firs 4 or 5 inches of his cock again and he told me he was getting close to coming. I told him to hold off for a few seconds and that I wanted him to come when he was buried in my throat again.

Releasing him I once again hyperventilated for about 30 seconds and then taking him into my mouth forced his cock down into my throat again. He groaned again when I did this and then with my nose again pushed up to his belly I played with his balls and he cried out that he was going to come. At that I felt his cock spasm in my throat and knew he was shooting spurt after spurt of hot come down into my belly. As his orgasm slowed down I pulled back and got the last little bit of come out of his cock by milking it with my hand and running my thumb up the underside to squeeze the last drops out onto my tongue.

By now we were both covered with a film of sweat from the action. The movie which had been playing behind me had stopped having run its course and he said that we had to wrap it up pretty quickly so he could get a shower and be ready for when his wife came home. He then surprised me by asking if I would be interested in repeating the performance with her watching. Till then I had assumed she didn’t know about his interest in men but he said she knew and not only didn’t mind but got turned on watching. He said it would only be as a voyeur she would participate but if I was game he’d set up another time when I could come over and blow him while she watched. We ended up doing that about a month later and it turned us all on.

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