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Susie’s Surprise

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Ron knelt on the floor of his closet rubbing his crotch to relieve his erect nine-inch cock as he peered through the vent into the bathroom in the apartment below. From here he could see Susie Ellis in her shower using her shower massage as a vibrator to get herself off.

Ron had discovered this vent one day while cutting into the panel in the back of the closet in an attempt to create a hidden compartment to hide his porn collection from his wife.

Once he had cut through the wall he saw light coming through. Upon closer examination he saw that it was a crack in the vent in the downstairs apartment bathroom. He went into his own bathroom and examined the matching vent, then went back and widened the crack until he could see clearly through the vent. Fortunately he soon realized that Susie, the woman living downstairs, never used her exhaust fan which enabled Ron full view of her anytime she showered.

Susie Ellis was cute, but by no means equal to Ron’s own wife. She was a 34 years old petite girl, barely five foot tall with short brown hair, a thin body and small breast. Ron barely knew her, but had learned a lot about Susie from his wife, Ann, who had befriended Susie in the gym.

Through Ann, Ron had learned that Susie had been divorced for nearly five years. She had married right after college to the man who had taken her virginity while in college. The two had a good marriage for several years, despite the fact that Susie was unable to have children. Both were devout Catholics and Susie worked as the church secretary. Their marriage fell apart when her husband revealed that he had been having an affair with a woman at his work and had gotten her pregnant.

Susie enjoyed sex and was very active with her husband throughout their marriage. Even though he had only a four and a half-inch dick he still satisfied Susie. After all, it was the only one she had ever experienced so she had nothing to compare it with.

Even though she was often horny, Susie refused to engage in sex outside of marriage. She had dated several men, but never had sex with any of them. She believed that to do so would be a sin and she could not permit that. So instead she did her best to keep her desires under control. And when all else failed she used her shower massage. In her mind, since this was not her fingers, or some sex toy, she was not actually engaging in masturbation. She would have been mortified to know that Ron often watched her in the shower, usually jacking off with her as she used her shower massager to get off.

Ron was not masturbating tonight, for he had other plans. Ann was out of town for a week. As she was once a month when she had to go out of state for business. Ron and Ann had a happy marriage. But both had been unfaithful. Ron had fooled around many times on Ann. But found it difficult to do so the last couple years. For one, he was getting older. The women who knew about his 9 inches were often willing. But he had to be careful not to get too involved with anyone for fear of Ann finding out. So that made it more difficult. He had resorted to prostitutes recently, but never really found them very satisfying.

He knew that Ann sometimes had affairs on her many business trips. Sometimes with women and other times with men. She was always careful to use protection with men, and Ron had no real fear of her running away. She was just too happy with his manhood to be satisfied by average men.

Tonight Ron had decided that he was going to take Susie. The thought of the pretty, tiny woman lying all alone with her tight pussy that hadn’t been used in over four years tantalized him to no end. He had thought this through carefully a few weeks earlier. Ron knew that Susie’s sliding glass door was easily jimmied open. And it was blocked from view by heavy brush. Plus she always left her living room lights off after showering. So getting into her apartment would be easy. He created a resourceful alibi to prove that he was out of town for two days in case the police wanted to know his whereabouts. But he guessed that Susie would never call the cops.

Ron resisted the urge to whip out his cock and jack off while watching Susie moan as she brought herself to orgasm in the shower. When she stepped out of the shower and dried off, Ron closed up the hidden compartment and began preparing.

Dressed in dark clothing and wearing a ski mask, he went out on his balcony in the darkness and climbed down to Susies. Just as he thought, her lights were out. Ron easily jimmied the door and quietly slid it open and crept inside her apartment, closing the door behind him.

The only light came from beneath the bedroom door. Ron slowly made his way down the hall and knelt to peer beneath the crack in the door.

He saw Susie sitting in front of her dresser, still naked with just a towel around her, brushing her hair. Ron got on his feet, ignoring his pounding heart, and slowly gripped the doorknob. It was now or never he thought. He could easily sneak back out. But Ron just had to have Susie.

He inhaled, then turned the knob and threw the door open, rushing in after Susie.

Susie turned in panic; her towel dropped as her hands came up. She started to scream but Ron’s hand had already grabbed her across the mouth.

“Don’t make a sound.” He whispered, trying his best to alter his voice.

Ron was surprised that Susie didn’t struggle more. But in her panic she didn’t know quite what to do, until he threw her onto the bed. At that point Susie realized what was happening and began trying to resist. But she was no match for Ron.

Ron grabbed Susie’s pantyhose that were lying on the bed where she had placed them while getting undressed. He rolled her over and used them to tie her hands behind her back.

“Just relax and everything will be all right.” He whispered while straddling her body and feeling her small but perky tits.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Susie begged.

Ron laughed. “Hurting you is the last thing on my mind. I plan on making you feel like a woman again.”

With that he climbed off her and unfastened his pants. Susie’s eyes went wide when she saw his fully erect, nine and a half-inch, cock. Susie had heard girls talk about men that big. But most of them claimed never to experience one. Only her friend Ann had claimed to be fortunate to be married such a well-endowed man. Susie’s only experience was with her husband who was only half the size and girth of the dick that now throbbed before her.

“You like this, don’t you.” Ron said, stroking his cock as he approached the bed once more.

“No, please don’t. I can’t have sex out of wedlock, it’s a sin.” She rambled on.

Ron laughed. “You’re not sinning if I make you take it. So just enjoy yourself.”

“No, please don’t do this.” Susie pleaded.

“I think we better stop by shutting you up.” Ron said, grabbing her by the shoulders and raising her up to sit on the side of the bed. He grabbed Susie’s head and pulled it to his crotch.

“No, please.” Susie begged. She had tried giving her ex husband a handful of blowjobs but never enjoyed the act much. Now it was being forced on her. Then, thinking that this might be a way to satisfy her rapist without having to go farther, she opened her mouth to accept his cock.

Ron pushed his manhood into Susie’s mouth. “Suck it good.”

Susie began working her mouth back and forth on Ron’s shaft. She was unable to get more than half of it into her mouth, but Ron didn’t seem to mind. He was enjoying the sensation of her wet mouth stroking his cock too much to care about anything else.

“Oh, yes. Make me cum in your mouth.” He said.

Susie wanted to pull away, but Ron grabbed her head and began fucking her face, pushing his cock farther into her throat as his orgasm neared. Susie matched his thrust with her mouth, waiting for the inevitable mouthful of cum that was on its way.

Ron moaned and thrust deeper, and Susie felt the first drops of semen splatter into her throat. Then Ron unleashed a large volley of cum into her mouth. Susie tried to keep from swallowing, she had always spat out her ex’s cum, but Ron’s cock filled her mouth and was still cumming. She had no choice but to begin gulping down the sticky fluid as Ron continued to buck his hips forward as his orgasm coated her mouth and throat with several thick blasts before slowly diminishing.

Ron continued pumping her mouth until his cock went semi flaccid in her mouth.

“That was wonderful.” He proclaimed as he pulled his dick free. Susie was not able to meet his gaze.

“Not it’s your turn.” He said, pushing her back onto the bed.

Before Susie knew what was happening Ron was between her legs licking her pussy. Susie was surprised to discover that she was wet. She excused this as a result from her getting off in the shower. But her clit was swollen as well. Susie rolled her eyes as Ron’s tongue began working her clit. Having already climaxed once tonight she found her love button to be tender but easily excited against her will.

Ron shoved a finger inside her pussy as he licked, making sure to rub her G spot as he tongued her clit.

“Ohh.” Susie caught herself saying, and immediately tried to fight to keep her body under control. She had wanted someone to do this for a long time. But not this way. However, her body was betraying her and she knew that this man was going to force her to climax soon. And the worst of it was that she was rapidly welcoming his effort.

Ron licked her clit and fingered her cunt, driving Susie closer and closer to orgasm. She had lost control and was rocking her hips in time with him. She felt her orgasm mounting and caved to her desire.

“Oh yes.” She cried out as she climaxed on Ron’s face.

Once her orgasm had subsided Ron pulled the ski cap back down over his mouth and climbed on his knees between her legs. Susie saw that his cock was fully erect again.

“No, please don’t screw me.” She said.

“I’m not going to screw you, Susie.” Ron replied. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.”

Ron pressed his cock against her wet cunt and began pushing inside her. Ron had never experienced such a tight pussy on a woman who had already climaxed twice. But he remembered that Susie had only had one, small, dick in her life. And that was more than four years ago.

Susie gasped as Ron’s large pecker filled her. He was not only longer than her ex, but twice as thick. Her pussy was stretching to accommodate his rod. She was thankful that he had already licked her to a climax to help loosen her up.

She had thought that he was all the way inside her. But then Ron drew back and slammed forward until his groin crashed into her’s. His cock rammed all the way inside her, finding space where she had never believed it to exist before. She grunted as the force of his cock pushed her cunt to the limits and crashed into her cervix.

Ron could not believe how wonderfully tight Susie was. He pounded her petite body, shoving every inch all the way in as he wrapped his arms around her.

Susie gave in to the lust that was growing inside her. She had missed being fucked for too long. And she agreed that if she was being forced to fuck then she was not sinning, so why not enjoy every damn second of it to the fullest. She thrust her hips up to meet Ron’s cock, willingly taking him inside her again and again and again.

Somehow her hands had come free, and Susie found herself wrapping her arms around her rapist. Ron rolled over and Susie found herself atop him. She pressed her hands against his chest and started riding his massive cock trying to make up for lost time. Her body exploded with another orgasm and she moaned loudly, increasing her own thrusts.

“Fuck me!” She cried out as her climax continued.

Ron thrust his hips up into Susie’s tiny cunt, enjoying the feeling of her throbbing pussy as it climaxed on his shaft.

Susie continued riding him after her orgasm ended. She could tell that Ron was approaching his own orgasm and wanted to feel him blast his seed inside her.

“Oh god, yes!” Ron bellowed as his balls unleashed a steady stream of cum inside Susie’s tight hole.

Susie was enjoying the sensation of his cock filling her cunt with cum. Her pussy was now slick with both of their juices as she continued riding him. Moments later she came again, putting every ounce of her body into draining his cock as she climaxed.

Once done she collapsed atop him. Ron rolled her over and got up, quickly dressing as he looked down at Susie, unable to believe that she was such a fireball in bed, even when being raped. Without saying a word he quickly rushed out to the living room and through the sliding door and upstairs to his own apartment.

Minutes later he sat in his bedroom, reliving the events of the night. Then he heard the shower turn on downstairs. He rushed to the closet and removed the door to his secret compartment. He saw Susie in her shower washing off.

“I can’t believe how lucky Ann is.” She said to herself.

Ron nearly shit. He realized that Susie knew who he was. But then she spoke again.

“Oh well, I guess he’s right. As long as he raped me then I’m not guilty of anything. I just hope he comes back down here every time she goes out of town. I can’t help it if a serial rapist lives in the building after all.” She giggled.

Ron’s cock was hard again. He had a willing sex partner as long as he was willing to rape her. Hell, he wasn’t going to wait for Ann to go back out of town. Ron grabbed his ski mask and decided that it was already time for the criminal to return to the scene of the crime…

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