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The minute he stepped into the room a slow and aching fear began to spread across his back and settle into his shoulders. In one quick glance he could tell his entrance was a mistake, but it was far too late to turn back. The room was a perfect cube, four rust stained walls, a window covered with a thick layer of dark brown filth, one solitary light bulb hanging from a mass of wires in the center, dangling forebodingly over a plain musty mattress.

The fear that had originally washed over him moved like pin-pricks to the pit of his stomach and settled there, making him feel queasy.

“What’s the matter, Asei? Don’t like the accommodations?’ The rich dark sound seemed to echo off the room, bouncing from wall to wall to hardwood floor before forcing its way into his mind. Asei looked up from his tennis shoes and caught the other man’s attention for the first time since they’d entered. Gabriel was tall, almost a full foot taller than Asei’s five feet, seven inches. Gabriel was thin, but his frame was built to make him look sturdy, like a construction worker. The shirt he wore was stretched tightly across his chest and bulged a bit at the arms as Gabe casually crossed them over his chest. Asei could see his hands clearly, calloused and wide. He was positive that whatever torture came to him in that room, it would be delivered by those hands.

Gabriel gave an effortless push from the wall where he had been leaning as Asei surveyed him. He strode towards him in long confident strides, filling the room with the sound of jean rubbing against jean. Asei hadn’t lurked in the doorway, but had stood before the dirty mattress on the floor, much to Gabriel’s satisfaction. He reached out as he approached him and ran a rough thumb over Asei’s dry lips. Gabriel wasn’t a man to waste time and the fun and games were about to start.

Gabriel’s hand moved down Asei’s mouth to his chin, past his Adam’s apple, in a straight line down his thin, flat chest. Gabriel drank Asei in like a sculptor examining his model. He continued to trail the line down the center of Asei’s body until his thumb sat inches above the heat between his thighs. He gulped hard enough to make the sound known to the room, bringing Asei’s head up to meet his eyes. With one swift movement Gabriel dragged Asei onto the bed, both men standing on the near flat mattress.

“Why did you come?” The harshness of the question forced chills up Asei’s spine, the first invasion of the night.

“I…” he stammered, trying to clear his head. The air in the room seemed thick with an undetermined smell and he could hardly catch his breath. “I… I… I wanted to feel real again.” Asei took in a sharp breath and held it for what seemed like minutes while Gabriel’s cruel black eyes pierced into him. All he had wanted was to feel hands on him, to feel real and alive, but this … this was a mistake.

Gabriel seemed to read his thoughts and let a smile play on the corner of his lips. With a fluid movement of those long calloused hands, he swung and connected with Asei’s jaw, sending him spilling backwards with the weight of the blow, landing on his knees upon the mattress. Gabriel smiled down on Asei, watching the small thin line of blood flow from the corner of his mouth. Asei shuddered on the foul smelling thing, reaching up to touch the spot tenderly. His hands came away from his face covered in crimson, but he didn’t fight to clean them off. He didn’t fight to do anything, but knelt there perfectly still, fresh tears clinging to his soft black lashes.

“Do you feel alive now, Asei?” Gabriel whispered softly, almost lovingly over him. “Oh, the fun I’m going to have with you. You’ll regret ever coming here, but you know that, don’t you?”

Asei gulped in a large drought of stale air and nodded slowly. His blue tear-stained eyes looked up rather knowingly to Gabriel. He was going to make him hurt in ways that he’d never known.

Gabriel stalked slowly around Asei, like a tiger surveying his prey as Asei continued to kneel in the same position. The blood at the corner of his mouth was beginning to dry, and Gabriel could hardly bring himself to allow for such a thing. “Get up,” he commanded.

Asei stood slowly and unsurely on the mattress once more. He knew that within seconds he’d be on his knees again and he decidedly wanted to brace his feet solidly against the foam material. Gabriel chuckled from behind Asei, edging up closely to him so his stomach and groin pushed harshly against his back. Gabriel’s hands came around Asei, holding him closely, almost tenderly, as his lips sought the blood at the corner of his mouth. In one long lapping stroke, Gabriel’s tongue darted out and stole up the red fluid, generating a shudder throughout Asei’s body. Asei’s mind swam with the texture, the touch, the sound of Gabriel. Gabriel smelled like sweat and cologne, like a man, and a need was building in Asei like he had never known.

“You’re getting pleasure out of this, aren’t you little one?” He reached down the length of Asei’s body again and found the heat between his thighs, stroking and massaging him through the dark jeans. Asei couldn’t help but moan, even through all of his fear his desire was mounting to match the place it had come to that brought Asei to Gabrielle’s room in the first place.

Gabriel reached around and grabbed both of Asei’s thin wrists and pulled them sharply behind him. Gabe’s knee rose slowly to settle into the small of Asei’s back as he pushed forward to hone the dull ache he was creating, splaying Asei outward as if on exhibit. Asei shut his eyes firmly, pushing the pain from his mind, breathing in shallow breaths. “That’s good Asei, take it,” Gabe said as he applied more pressure. He continued with more and more force until both became aware of Asei’s soft whimpers. The tiny cries came faster as Asei fell into fear. “Please,” he whispered through choked tears. “Please, please, please,” he mumbled barely audibly.

Gabriel reached down into his pocked and pulled out a long strand of twine he had cut before he found their room. He wrapped the rough straining material around Asei’s wrists and continued until he was secured. Then, without any warning, Gabriel swept Asei’s feet out from under him sending him forward to fall back onto the mattress. Asei lay with his head against it, arms tied effectively behind him, resting closely against his lower back.

“Please,” Gabriel repeated. “Is that a ‘Please don’t hurt me Gabe? I love you Gabriel. I’d never do anything to disobey you, Gabriel,’ Asei? Or is that more of a ‘Please Gabriel, hurt me, make me bleed, fuck me and leave me here for dead, right here on this disgusting mattress?'”

Asei panted against the bed realizing what the smell had been all along: urine and feces, years old, souring in a room with a window that never opened. He coughed once, and then gagged, trying desperately to right himself and pull his face away from the mattress. As soon as he had managed it, Gabriel stood before him and smacked him again. A brand new taste of copper blood filled his mouth and Gabriel dropped to his knees in front of him, wrenching his mouth open with his thumb and tongue, sucking deeply to taste.

Asei moaned with eyes shut tight, leaning into Gabe’s embrace, sliding his tongue hungrily against the roughness of Gabriel’s. Everything about Gabriel was rough, his mind rationed, and if this didn’t kill him, he would be lucky.

Gabriel opened his eyes as Asei moaned and allowed the smile to play with his lips as his little captive lapped at his own tongue. He had wanted to have him this way ever since he first met him; ever since the day he had begged a cigarette off of him outside the bar he tended. Gabriel had done a million things for Asei ever since that day. He had bought him food, he had given him clothing to keep him warm on the streets, he had brought him in from the cold, made him well again when he was sick. Now it was time for payback.

Gabriel pulled away, leaving Asei helpless and panting. The blood was all gone again. He had become an expert at the ways to make someone bleed, but only enough to excite and pain, never enough to cause irreparable damage. Gabe pushed up on Asei’s shoulders to stand once again, grunting as he got up, realizing that this time might be different. Asei had wanted to die, Gabe was sure of it. Asei had told him so many times as he slumped helplessly against him with a needle in his arm. Maybe, just maybe, he’d help him out.

The room stood quiet for a matter of moments and Asei looked up to be sure Gabriel was still there. Gabriel stood looking down on him, thinking his dark thoughts, with a look of near compassion on his face. Asei would have reached up if he could, but he held himself still, waiting for more.

Gabriel’s hand fell on his jeans as he slowly slid the button from the surged loop. Asei’s eyes widened as he watched, tongue lapping at his dry, bruised lips, as Gabriel’s hand continued sliding the zipper down. Asei sat slightly lower than crotch height to Gabriel and could see the white material hiding behind his stone cut jeans. Gabriel pushed his jeans down to above his knees and cupped himself in front of Asei’s eyes. The look on Asei’s face spoke of many things – love, fear, desire, and pain. Gabriel reached down and stroked Asei’s face with his hand, as his right continued to fondle his cock and balls through the material.

The white cotton disappeared with the jeans, as Gabriel kicked them both off into the corner and exposed his hardness to Asei’s eyes. He was eight inches solid and about two and half inches thick. The only thought that Asei could put together as he watched Gabriel slide it towards his lips was how much it was going to hurt when Gabriel slammed it inside of him. He took a deep breath, eyeing him as Gabe’s hand slid around the back of his head and pulled him towards his cock. Asei groaned as Gabe began to pull his hair, slapping his face with his hardened member. Each slap became more furious and the length and rock-hard contact of it made him feel as though he was being beaten by a heavy metal rod. It stung his lips, bruised the bridge of his nose, but still Gabriel didn’t stop. The sensation running through Gabe was enough to keep him there, beating him with it, slapping pre cum against his cheek. Surprising to both of them, Asei’s tongue reached out to lap his skin before attempting to slide over the head and finish the job.

Gabriel smiled down on him and waited for Asei’s mouth to open before he grabbed his hair in earnest and shoved his head forward with a force strong enough to break his neck. Gabe’s cock disappeared down Asei’s throat, causing the boy to panic and gasp. The gasping opened his throat to him and as he pulled up and slammed back home the second time he completely sheathed himself. Asei’s lips pressed to the base of his penis causing Gabe to cry out and Asei to gag. Gabe laughed lightly and began to fuck Asei’s face, ramming his hips against the boy’s tender lips, forcing him to retch and wheeze with each thrust. Soon Asei began to vomit around him, but still Gabe didn’t let up, slamming each thrust painfully. Asei choked back his sickness and concentrated on breathing from his nose, trying desperately to let everything loose, slackening his jaw, unclenching his throat and while the thrusts did not let up, he began to swallow Gabe more easily.

Just as he had become comfortable, Gabe drew back. Something about Asei made him know that whatever he gave, Asei could take. He had strength about him that he hadn’t realized at first, but now he was sure of it. As he moved backwards from Asei’s body, the suction from his mouth gave a loud pop and nearly brought Gabriel to his knees as the sensation of that young hot mouth washed over him. He could hardly afford to cum just yet when there was still so much to be explored.

Asei sat panting, gasping in front of Gabriel, hunched forward, clenching his wrists tightly behind him. The position, the way he was tied, Gabriel’s force when taking his mouth, everything pained him. His face throbbed from the blows Gabriel had bestowed upon him, both with his hands and his cock. He lapped at his swollen lips, trying desperately to wet them again, fighting the urge to be sick in the already soiled room. Gabriel stood back, composing himself, while he watched Asei in sheer delight. His smaller companion looked absolutely helpless and the sight of him gasping and bound made his cock harder. He never thought it possible but it was true. He stood back as far as the wall would allow and began slowly undressing, watching as Asei regained his equanimity, sitting up with a newfound interest in his captor.

Gabriel stripped the pale blue t-shirt from his taught and tanned upper body. Asei involuntarily licked at his lips again, but this time out of his own desires for flesh. Gabriel smiled down on him, walking back towards the mattress to reach feather light fingertips out to touch Asei’s cheek. Gabriel tilted his head, looking on Asei with affection, gauging his next move. He had truly come with the intentions of raping Asei, even though Asei would have gladly give it up, now he wasn’t so sure. Asei had surrendered easily, had taken everything he’d done, and still held a mysteriously complacent look on his face, sitting ever so still on the mattress. His soft hair fell forward into his face as his eyes watched the ground; submissive to the very last.

“Do you enjoy being my slave, Asei?” Gabriel choked into the space between them. He was having a hard time maintaining his calm when all the desire in the world filled him with a need for the young boy.

Asei never moved, never shifted even for all the pain he carried in his wrists and lower back, he simply spoke towards Gabriel’s direction, “Yes.”

“Yes what, Asei?”

“Yes, my Master.”

Gabriel groaned audibly at the sound. It was everything he wanted. Every piece of clothing he had had on lay in crumpled heaps across the floor, his body fine toned and smooth in the dim light of the room. He walked towards Asei, displaying powerful muscles along his hips and thighs that even through his hair, Asei couldn’t fail to notice. Gabriel took a spot behind him once again and grabbed up a handful of his hair. The sudden burst of pain along his scalp sent him shrieking and Gabriel’s hand came down once more to slap him. The sensation shocked him back into himself and he stopped making any noise at all.

“I know this hurts Asei. It’s supposed to hurt,” Gabriel breathed almost furiously. The tenderness, if it were ever there, left his hands, replaced by harsh roughness; a mark of Gabriel’s ferocious longing.

Gabriel began stripping Asei of his clothing. His jeans went first over numbed knees, and then his shirt was stretched back and over the bonds, providing a new leverage point for Gabriel behind him. Finally when he was as bare as Gabriel wanted him, he stood back to admire the young boys body. So fine the etched detail around his ribcage. So thin, emaciated from hunger, skin stretched painfully tight across his medium sized frame.

“You haven’t been using the money I’ve been giving you to buy food, have you?” Gabriel breathed severely. “This is what you’ve been doing with it, isn’t it?” He bent Asei’s arm back at an unnatural angle, dragging his head to look at the track marks in his arm. Asei pressed his eyes shut as the pain burned up his spine, but Gabriel would have none of it. He wanted Asei to look at himself, to actually see what he’d done to his body.

“Open your eyes,” he demanded, shoving his hand down in front of the boy to grab his exposed cock.

With a shudder and a gasp, Asei’s eyes flew open and he did his best to follow Gabriel’s orders. “Yes Master, yes, ” he moaned, both in response to Gabriel’s questions and in response to his touch. “I have been using the money you give me to escape. I’m sorry Gabriel, please… please forgive me.”

“Forgive you? You think I’ll just forgive you for this? Look at yourself! Look at the scars that run along your body. You’re so marred with scars it’s pathetic. How old are you now Asei, nineteen? Twenty?”

“I’m nineteen, Master.”

“Nineteen years old, strung out, no home, no family, wasting what I give you to buy drugs. Is that any way to repay me for all of my kindness, my generosity?”

“No Master, please, please, I beg you. Let me repay you, I’ll do anything you want of me; anything at all.”

Gabriel leaned to his knees in front of his new prodigy and whispered, “Oh, I know you will,” as he pulled the bonds at his hands. He was positioned expertly behind him and without any gentle gesture he pushed his long hard cock up into Asei’s body in one grand thrust.

Asei cried out in the room, a scream of pain with absolutely no pleasure, as Gabriel grunted heavily with his own twinge. He knew that within time the pain would subside, that Asei would produce what was necessary to finish this, but until he bled it wouldn’t happen. Gabriel fucked into him stretching him beyond his limits and soon his dick was completely sheathed in him rapidly, sticky with Asei’s blood.

Asei fell forward as Gabriel thrust into him. Tears began to run down his face and he cried in earnest against the filthy mattress. The pain was eating him up inside but he still needed this. He knew through every mind numbing drug he had taken before this that he was truly alive. His soft sobs grew louder as he fought to contain them and finally Gabriel let up on his wrists. His cock was still deep inside him, but he pulled back and out, leaving Asei crying on the floor.

Gabriel’s hand reached up Asei’s sweat covered back and drew back down again. He had meant to be cruel, he had meant to be brutal, he was hungry and he was owed. However, the minute he heard Asei’s honest tears, felt the blood flowing around his cock, knew the pain and torture he was inflicting, it all became a little less important. With Gabriel’s touch Asei’s tears became whimpers. Gabriel reached around the front of him again and felt Asei’s telltale hardness. The tears had stopped flowing and the sound of his sobbing was replaced with tiny whispered moans.

“You are mine, Asei,” Gabriel returned.

“Yes, yes,” Asei moaned, writhing against his hand.

“Say it Asei.”

“I am yours, my Master. I am yours Master Gabriel.”

“Good, good,” he cooed, fisting Asei’s hard cock over and over, covering his palm in the boys pre cum.

With the wetness from Asei’s cock, combined with his own and his saliva, he positioned himself at the young mans hole and pushed in again. This time things felt different, less severe a punishment for both to endure. Gabriel’s hand continued to pump Asei’s cock as his tight ring relaxed around him. Together they pushed and slammed into one another, over and over again, Gabriel fisting his youthful slave, both riding toward the edge. With one final thrust of his hand, Asei began to cum; not asking his Master for permission, but the sound of it caught Gabe up so he didn’t much care. Gabriel pulled out of Asei at the last moment and positioned his cock near the boy’s mouth and shot load for load against it, opened and closed. The sounds of their orgasms filled the room.

Gabriel couldn’t bring himself to fall onto the mattress, the thing disgusted him intensely, so he rocked back on his heels, letting Asei fall forward and rest. He had been a good slave, one he could now cherished, and the indoctrination into his embrace had gone better than he expected. He would find a way to keep Asei; whether they loved one another or not. He didn’t much care for the how or why of it, but rather for the pleasure that could be had.

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