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As the group walked down the path in the state park, Jared pulled me aside to look at a flower.

As we were bent over, he whispered to me, “I want you to find a reason to get Frenchie alone for a few minutes. When you are out of sight of everyone, I want you to offer him a blowjob, right then and there. The group is going to be stopping by the stream to look for fossils, so you’ll have time to catch up. When you get back to us, squeeze my hand twice if you accomplished your mission.

I don’t want him shooting in your mouth, I want him to cum into your cleavage. Don’t lead him to believe it will be a regular event.”

A thrill of fear and excitement ran through me as he said all of this. Jared was my master, though no one knew of our relationship. I’d met Frenchie, actually Frederick, a week ago on another group outing and I found him likeable enough, but sort of bland. I think he called himself Frenchie because Frederick or Fred were even more boring.

Jared was wont to spring these sorts of surprises on me and I had a choice to either obey or to face a very severe punishment when we got back. Normally I enjoy being punished, I liked the sting of the crop on my ass, but I knew this wouldn’t be one of those.

I looked at Jared, took a deep breath and said, “Yes sir.”

“Oh, don’t bother lying and saying he turned you down, I’ll know.”

Damn him, he would know. He always knew. One thing that attracted me to him was that ability of his to know exactly what was going on in my mind.

I ambled forward, passing a couple of people on the trail. Some of the group I knew as they were part of a regular outing club that went for nature walks every week, but none were close friends.

I tapped Frenchie on the shoulder as I came up behind him and said “hey there, do you know what this flower is? I’ve been seeing it all over.”

Frenchie was about half a foot taller than I am and as he looked down I could see he was trying to look down my blouse. The sports bras I usually wear on these trips didn’t give him much view, but I squeezed my arms in a bit to assist him.

As we bent down and he looked at the flower he said, “Larkspur, I believe.”

“Oh, is that what it is? I couldn’t find it in any of my books. I saw another one a couple of weeks ago up this ravine a little ways up that I haven’t been able to find either, care to take a look? Maybe you’ll know.”

“Sure,” he said.

We walked forward a bit, passing more people who were bent over flowers or poring over identification guides. When we got to the ravine I took him by the hand and led him forward until we were out of sight of the trail.

“Actually, I wanted to show you something else.” I said.

As he watched, I took off my blouse and pulled down my bra. “I saw you looking at my cleavage and it was making me hot, so I decided to give you a bit of a show. Do you like what you see?”

He swallowed hard and said in a nervous voice, “uh, yeah. Look, I think you’re really sexy, but aren’t you hanging around with Jared?”

“Oh, Jared doesn’t mind, he knows I like to do this and it’s ok with him, I told him I was going to try to get you alone,” I said. As I said this I took his hand and had him cup my breast. His thumb brushed my nipple which stiffened instantly and sent an electric current straight down, lodging somewhere in my toes.

“If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d really like to blow you,” I said.

I saw the surprise register in his face, but he quickly said “Are you sure?”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” I said reaching down and unbuckling his pants. As I dropped down to my knees in front of him I could feel the heat from his groin on my face and I could see the start of a bulge on his left leg side. I slowly unzipped his pants. I love the sound of a zipper inches from my face, it sounds so full of promise. As I undid his zipper I saw that he was wearing boxers, much easier to fish a cock out of boxers than briefs. I put my lips against the bulge that I now judged to be half-erect and blew lightly through the fabric. This makes a warm spot that guys find incredibly erotic. He stiffened more and I reached in and pulled his cock out before it became entrapped. As it sprang out, lightly brushing my nose, I noticed that he smelled clean, in spite of the two hours we’d been hiking. I like that clean smell, soft skin and wiry pubic hair smell, it was making me wet. I licked the underside of his cock head in that sensitive spot and he moaned. He struck me as the type of guy who didn’t get a lot of action because he was too “nice.” Pity, that.

Slowly I covered his penis with my mouth and once he was all the way inside I clamped my lips down and applied suction, engulfing his cock with warm wetness all at once. I thought he was going to shoot right there but he didn’t. I moved my head back, almost letting him out of my mouth then quickly took him all of the way in. His cock was long enough that it just hit the back of my throat, and as I reached around behind him I grabbed his ass and pulled, getting that last bit in. His pubic hair tickled my nose and still tight against him I rocked back and forth, not letting him out of my mouth any. I sensed him start to tense, so I backed off and stopped dead. He almost fell as his knees seemed to give way but he caught himself. Grabbing his hand I put it on the back of my head and pushed it against my hair until I was nose deep in pubic hair again. He got the idea and started pulling my head in time with my sucking. After about a dozen more strokes I felt him tense again and before I knew it I felt a warm wetness on the back of my tongue. Quickly I pulled my mouth off and the next spurt caught me in the throat. I directed his cock towards my breasts and the next few spurts landed nicely between them. I let the cum in my mouth fall from my lips between my breasts and then leaned back a little. Frenchie looked like he was going to faint, swaying there.

I pulled up my sports bra to make sure his cum stayed there and started buttoning my blouse. “You ok?” I asked.

Slowly he answered, “That was incredible. I only had one girlfriend who ever did that and she hated it.”

“Silly girl,” I replied, “giving head is one of life’s pleasures. But don’t expect it again, I was just inspired and in a mood today.” Was I ever in a mood. I think my underwear was soaked through and I am surprised that the pheromones I was emitting hadn’t attracted every rutting beast in the woods…

I wiped my throat and said “Pull up your pants and let’s get back to the group. If you ever tell anyone about this I’ll deny it and say you’re being a jerk.”

“Oh, I won’t tell anyone, besides, who’d believe me?” He replied.

As we made our way back to the trail and the rest of the group, I could feel Frenchie’s eyes on my ass. The shorts I wore showed it off nicely and I liked the lingering looks I got from guys when I wore them. Arriving at the stream I saw Jared watching for me. When he caught sight of me I gave a slight nod of my head letting him know mission accomplished. I saw the corner of his mouth crook up when he saw the expression on Frenchie’s face.

He came over to me and whispered, “when we get back I’m going to fuck your tits using his cum as lube.”

I couldn’t wait.

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