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Surprise Pleasure

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Tina arrived home to a quiet house. She knew her girlfriend Shay was home not only because her car was in the driveway, but Shay had called her at work and told her to hurry home for a surprise.

After dropping her keys and coat on the table by the door, Tina headed towards the back of the house wondering where everyone was. The kids normally greet her at the door, all excited with news from their day but no one made an appearance today.

She could hear music playing from the bedroom she shared with Shay, soft tones with a sexy slow beat to it.

A quick peek in the room the kids shared, let Tina know they weren’t around. She was more than curious now and headed to see what was waiting for her in the bedroom.

Shay was sitting on the edge of the bed when Tina opened the bedroom door. She was dressed in nothing but one of Tina’s big T shirts.

This was one of those times Shay was at her hottest. Something so simple as a shirt barely covering her cute ass, always teased Tina with the possiblity of what was just under it.

“Hi baby.” Shay said with a slight smile “Glad you made it home so fast.”

“You sounded too sexy to refuse on the phone.” Tina stated as she started into the room

Shay just grinned while she stood up and walked towards Tina. When she reached her destination she leaned in and kissed Tina, making sure to press her body close. Tina’s arms immediately went around Shay’s waist and pulled her closer. Their breasts crushed together as Shay slipped her tongue past Tina’s lips and moaned softly.

Before getting carried away, Shay pulled back. She had big plans and wasn’t going to let anything disrupt them today.

“The kids are at my mom’s for the night baby. I wanted us to not be disturbed.” Shay explained as she slipped out of Tina’s grasp and went to stand next to a chair at the end of the bed.

Tina had been so focused on Shay she hadn’t even seen the chair. Raising an eyebrow she questioned Shay about the chair. It wasn’t something typically brought into their bedroom games.

“Just part of the night I have planned.” Shay answered “But first we need you out of those nasty work clothes. They are just in the way.”

Tina decided to not argue and began to undress while she watched Shay walk to the side of the bed and pick up something. Walking back towards Tina with her hands behind her back, Shay grinned a mysterious grin.

“What are you up to?” Tina asked caught up in the smile and totally naked now

“You’ll see.” Shay said while she took Tina by the hand and lead her to the chair.

From behind her back Shay pulled out Tina’s strap on and asked her to put it on. Tina did so willingly.

Once it was in place, Shay gently pushed Tina onto the chair and walked back to the side of the bed. She seemed to have some hidden treats over there that were just out of Tina’s view.

Coming back to Tina in the chair, Shay walked slowly around her. Moving just enough to tease Tina with small glimpses of her ass under the shirt she was wearing.

As she walked behind Tina, her hand slid lightly over Tina’s arm, pulling it softly behind the back of the chair.

Shay leaned down and kissed Tina ever so gently on the neck and then ran her tongue up to Tina’s earlobe before sucking it into her mouth.

Tina shivered and moaned.

Lost in the feeling, she didn’t realize her other arm had been pulled behind her back until she felt cold metal clasp around both her wrists. Suddenly she was cuffed to the chair and Shay was back to standing in front of her again.

“Now that I have you where I want you, the real fun can begin.” Shay winked at Tina and walked over to turn the music up.

Tina could only sit and watch as Shay stood just out of reach and started to sway to the music. Her hips moved side to side as she wiggled down to the ground and back up again. Her hands glided over her body as she caressed herself to the beat of the music.

A low growl escaped Tina when Shay turned around and lifted the shirt she was wearing up slowly over her ass, then her hips and finally up over her head. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Tina as her hand came down to spank her own ass.

Tina tugged on her cuffs tryin to find a way to release her hands so she could grab for Shay.

Shay just chuckled and scolded Tina for trying to get loose. She turned around and faced Tina as the music continued to play. Her hands roamed over her body once again only this time she stopped them on her breasts.

Shay let her head fall back as she caught her nipples within her own fingers and pinched them.

A moan slipped past her lips as her back arched.

Tina felt herself getting wet as she watched the show Shay was putting on for her. She about lost it when she watched Shay’s hand slide between her legs and heard her gasp as a finger found her center.

“Oh God baby, I’m so wet already.” Shay confessed as she pleasured herself

Tina could only growl again and demand to be released.

“Not yet.” Shay managed to say between moans

Tina watched helplessly as Shay made her way closer. She kneeled at Tina’s feet and parted her legs. This allowed Shay access to Tina which she proved by leaning down and running her tongue over Tina’s inner thigh. Her hot breath then blew over where she licked and Tina trembled.

Shay kissed her way up Tina’s thigh until she found herself facing Tina’s cock. Making sure she had Tina’s attention, she leaned over the cock and wrapped her lips around it. Shay began to suck the shaft slowly as her finger slid down under it and teased Tina’s pussy.

Tina’s hips bucked forward at the touch of Shay’s finger and desire shot through her as she watched Shay suck on her dick.

They had never done this before. Sure they had played with the strap on but Shay had never really treated it like it was a real cock. Watching her suck on it and lick it made Tina hotter than she’d been in a long time.

Unable to ignore the finger probing her pussy, Tina moaned and thrust forward trying to get the finger deeper inside her pussy. But Shay wasn’t about to let her have her way just yet. She pulled her finger out and Tina felt it replaced with one of her small vibrators. Shay pushed it deep within Tina and told her to ride it while she tongued her hard shaft.

Tina did as she was commanded and began to ride the toy throbbing inside her pussy.

Shay continued her assault on Tina’s cock as she alternated between sucking and licking it. She even let a moan out as she took it deep into her mouth.

Looking up at Tina the entire time, she watched all the expressions of want, lust and pleasure cross her face. After one last lick,Shay stood up.

Tina was having a hard time breathing and was soo horny now she was almost beside herself with need. Thinking she couldn’t take anymore she asked once again to be released from the cuffs.

She just wanted to touch and taste Shay. And she was dangerously close to cumming.

“Soon baby.” Shay said before straddling Tina’s lap.

“Right now I want to feel your hard cock buried deep inside me.” Shay groaned out as she lowered herself onto Tina’s cock.

Their breasts immediately rubbed together, the friction driving them both into a frenzy of lust.

Shay began to bounce on the cock while Tina tried to thrust up into her. Shay’s moans were becoming louder than the music with each thrust. Tina was going crazy with the toy pulsating deep inside her and with each bounce from Shay it brought her closer to the edge. She wanted to touch Shay so bad it was making her insane.

“God woman, let me touch you.” Tina begged

Shay responded by lifting her own breast to Tina’s lips, allowing Tina the pleasure of sucking her nipple into her mouth. Shay arched and cried out as she felt her nipple get caught and tugged on by Tina’s teeth.

She loved how Shay tasted and couldn’t get enough of her hard pink bud.

Shay’s hand let her breast slip and she replaced her nipple in Tina’s mouth with her tongue. Her arms wrapped around Tina’s neck as she rode her cock and kissed her passionately.

Their tongues danced between their moans and gasps as Shay’s hands dropped to release Tina from the cuffs.

The minute Tina was free she grabbed on to Shay and moved them the few feet to the bed. Kneeling above Shay, Tina thrust deep into Shay as her legs wrapped around her hips. Tina grabbed on and began to slam into her pussy as she herself was about to cum.

“Fuck me baby, please.” Shay begged as Tina buried herself deep.

“Oh God damn I’m gonna cum” Tina cried out as she felt her pussy grab around the vibrator and wave after wave of pleasure hit her.

Shay felt herself giving in to the fucking and began to cum as well. Her body was being pounded by her lover and their screams filled the room as they came.

Tina grunted and groaned as she thrust deeper into Shay. Feeling a second orgasm coming with such force Tina couldn’t stop it and came a second time as she clung to Shay.

Shay held Tina close as she quivered and shook from the orgasm. Their bodies both spent and their breathing hard and heavy. Tina pulled out and collaspsed next to Shay on the bed.

Too weak to do anything but try and breathe, Tina felt Shay remove the vibrator from her soaked pussy and slip the strap on off.

She was about to say her thanks when she felt the moist heat of Shay’s tongue against her slit.

Gasping from the previous orgasms and from the new sensation she felt stirring within her, Tina arched her back and prepared herself for the 3rd orgasm she knew Shay was going to give her.

She’d ride it out and find away to get back at Shay for this sweet torture she’d been put through, as soon as her tongue stopped doing those wonderful things to her clit.

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