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Sunday Session

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The Sunday session is tradition in Australia. After two days of relaxation the young and the young at heart head for their favourite watering-hole to cap off the weekend before returning to the grind of the working week. I was in town on business for a couple of weeks, I’d come alone leaving Caz, my wife 1 600 Km away. My usual outlet for my excess sexual urges was not on hand, If you’ll pardon the pun, so I sought an alternative. This was acceptable to Caz as long as it didn’t involve women and she was told all the ‘dirty details’.

I had settled comfortably into a mid city hotel with the night life of a city readily available instead of my usual situation of living in a remote country town where the options for night-life are rather limited. Come tomorrow I was going to be hard at it so I decided to party while I had the chance.

About 6pm I made my way to an inner city pub and enjoyed a couple of pints, this and the couple of cones I’d had with a friend had lubed the socialisation centre in my brain and I began to feel ‘in the groove’. The music was loud and the crowd a happy mass of lightly clad younger souls enjoying the warm Sunday evening. I looked about and seeing the heterosexual nature of this mob decided to do something about the growing ‘itch’ in my jeans.

Earlier I’d phoned the all-male sauna to check it out, as this was to be my first visit. Sunday night is not the busiest for the sauna buts it turned out to be busy enough to forfil my needs on that particular summer evening and my needs needed filling!

The taxi new where to go and only cost a few dollars to drop me at the door. Inside I knocked on the hatch which was opened by a pleasant older man. After paying for membership, a towel and locker key he showed me around the establishment indicating the Television room, theatre, dry and wet saunas, private rooms and maze with glory holes, mirror room, slings and lots of dark corridors and corners.

There were about a couple of dozen men of various ages, sizes and shapes wandering around in their towels, a few passed by whilst I stripped, putting my towel about my waist and slipping the key around my ankle before locking my clothing in the locker. My cock-ring kept me hard and I noticed those that passed checking out the product.

I wandered around to check out all the available areas, the movie showing had one smooth bodied young man on his knees sucking a huge black cock which erupted a few minutes after I entered. I watched fascinated at the copious amount of cum which was splashed across his tongue and face as he tried to catch it in his mouth. One of the few men watching was sitting on the top level of the benches stroking his erect cock which was glistening with pre-cum. I watched for a short while, the scene on the video changed to the same smooth bodied man being fucked doggy style, the wanker stroked in pace with the cock plunging in and out of the sloppy hole on the screen. With my cock tenting out my towel I left and made my way to the maze. I figured I’d get action there.

The maze was just that a confusing tangle of dark corridors, corners and small rooms. There were glory holes all over the place, most were unoccupied but soon one had me behind it.

I squatted down and peered through the hole and watched as a man entered the adjoining room. He dropped his towel to reveal a small but erect cock which I reached out and stroked. He moved towards the hole and pushed his cock through the hole, presenting it for my service. I licked the hard flesh, slipping my tongue under the foreskin and feeling the veins beneath, he groaned and told me to suck. I opened my mouth and swallowed him to the balls, with my face pressed to the wall. He began to fuck my open mouth causing me to gag occasionally as he struck the back of my throat with the head of his hard cock. I was dribbling and moaning with pleasure when he suddenly pulled out and left the room. I sat back confused and panting, then got up and prowled the maze.

I found the two sling rooms with their slotted walls which allowed men outside the room to see what was going on inside. Other rooms had mirrors on all the walls and ceiling, mattress’ covering the floor and in another area a bondage frame along two of its’ walls. I continued to explore when going down one blind alley I found an elderly man standing there naked and erect.

He motioned to me and I approached. I sank to my knees and began to nuzzle has cock and balls with my nose and mouth. “Do you swallow?” he asked.

I nodded and opened my mouth wide while looking up at him from my place kneeling on the floor in the dark corridor.

“Good.” Was all he said as he reached for my head with both his hands and taking hold of me pushed his cock into my mouth.

He fucked me forcefully and fast for about 5 minutes sweating and grunting, his belly slapping against forehead and making me gag and groan. The noise of others could be heard across the tops of the walls which did not reach the high ceiling. Our noise could obviously be heard for soon I felt hands on my arse.

I heard the stranger behind me ask the man fucking my throat if he could “use this end?”

“Sure lets skewer the little slut.” He grunted.

Hands pulled me to my feet while those holding my head pulled me into their owners crotch even harder. I was now gagging with each thrust and loving it. Hands pulled my cheeks apart and a tongue swiped across my hole causing me to shiver and groan. The blunt end of a thick cock pressed against my hole and suddenly plunged in. No easy entry just a shove forward which buried the full length in me, his pubes pressing against my arse as he ground deeply in my bowels.

The older man groaned loudly as the cock in my throat began to pulse as he came. He shot down my throat, I’d tell you what it tasted like but he was so deep in my throat I couldn’t do anything but swallow and try to breathe as he held me against his crotch.

This action spurred the stranger in my arse to begin fucking completely in and out of my hole. The head of his thick cock bashed its way through my quickly slackening sphincter with each thrust forward.

“Look how his lips pucker when I pull out.” He says to the older man as he begins to leave.

I brace against the wall before me and the stranger goes into overdrive pumping in and out furiously making obscene sloppy noises which bring others to watch. Soon he groans, slams into me and cums, pulling hard onto his cock so I can feel him pulsing inside my rectum.

He pulls out and pulls off his condom emptying the copious contents onto my back and walks away leaving me slumped in to dark corner. The others leave.

After about five minutes I recover enough to get to my feet and make my way to the shower room to freshen up. I have a quick shower and go into the steam sauna.

Two men were in the sauna, one sitting naked and slowly stroking his cock while the other stood opposite him naked, erect and watching. I joined them and watched the man wanking a nice thick 15cm cock. My cock was still hard and I joined the wank for a while before heading back out into the maze.

In the maze I noticed that the watcher from the sauna had followed me and continued to do so as I slowly made my way to the darker corners. He approached me and reached for my erect cock. I felt him grab me and begin to wank me slowly. He pushed my head down until I was chewing on his nipples as I groped for his cock in the darkness. He groaned as I bit harder and harder while roughly jerking his 20cm cock. Precum began to dribble onto my hand and he began to hump against my fist when suddenly he stopped and pushed me away.

“Come around to the sling room.” He commanded and turned walking around the corner. I followed and found him in the sling room turning the red light down low so I could just make out my reflection in the mirror which covered the one wall.

“Get in.” was all he said and I climbed into the heavy leather sling. I lifted my legs up and he clipped me into the shackles so I was restrained in the most helpless and available position I’d ver known. I looked to my right and saw my reflection in the huge mirror, to my left I saw two men watching the events which were unfolding.

Looking down between my raised, spread legs I saw the man spit into his palm and rub it along his cock as he stepped forward between my thighs.

“I’m going to enjoy this.” He stated and pressed his cock against my hole which opened and quickly engulfed his full length.

“Slack bitch.” He swore and taking hold of the chains to which my ankles were clipped he began to fuck me back and forth on and off of his cock. I could feel the head of his cock pounding deep inside my belly as I lay bound and impassioned for his pleasure. He was soon grunting and groaning away, his cock making loud slurping sounds as he completely pulled free and then slammed back into me. Lube dribbled out of me and I could hear it splat onto the floor beneath me. The scene in the mirror was one from my filthiest dreams. A stranger pounding away at my helpless body for his own pleasure and me just letting him do what ever he wanted.

He’d closed the door to the room and the men outside complained they couldn’t get in but he wouldn’t let them, he just kept on fucking the ‘slack bitch’.

I came, the first time without touching my cock and sprayed cum across my belly and chest. He just doubled his effort and called me a “cheap slut.”

He pulled out and began to push fingers into my hole. First two and then three and eventually his whole hand. I squealed and begged him to “fist my hole slack.” He punched in and out a couple of dozen times and then re-entered me with his cock. I could barely feel it now and he must have had trouble touching the sides because he began to forces four fingers in alongside his cock “ to make it tighter.”

For almost an hour he pounded away at my hole causing me to shoot across my belly once again as he filled me with cum. God knows when his condom had gone but the hot load he shot into me had me squealing like a prom queen virgin as he emptied his huge balls way up my arse.

He undid my ankles and wrists then pulled out and left me there. I grasped my cock and pulled it furiously but stopped before I came. No-one was there to satisfy me so I got out of the sling and made my way back into the maze.

Cum and lubed slid down my thighs and made me slip on the vinyl floor. I made my way into the bondage area and using a pile of car tyres there proceeded to fist myself using his cum as lube and licking the mess from my hand as someone unseen watched through the gaps in the wall.

After emptying my hole in this manner I made my way back to the showers to clean up. The man who’d just fucked me was there and as I entered the shower he stepped up behind me. Others were in the room but he didn’t care and he slipped four fingers up my hole as I stood beneath the water.

“I enjoyed that slut.” He said as he pushed his whole hand in once more. I bent over and he gave me a quick fisting in front of two others and then pulled out rinsed off and left.

I finished my shower and dried off before returning to the maze.

This time I settled into a glory hole room after watching one young man be fucked by three others one after another. When they’d finished he looked like he had a gallon of cum pouring from his hole. The last man made him lick his cock and the floor clean of all the spilt cum.

I got into my room and squatted down. There were two glory holes one to my left and one in front of me. Through the front one I could see a man fucking someone through the second hole in his room. I reached through and stroked his arse and balls as he fucked.

Someone entered the room to my right and I looked through to see another older man but this time with a good large cock. He pushed it through the hole and I dived onto it sucking it down to the base. It was slimy where it had been in someone else and I loved it as I sucked him clean making him groan and say how good I was at sucking. Someone knocked on the door to my room and without lifting my head I slipped the bolt letting them in. About four men stood outside, one came in and moved around behind me.

I felt him slip into my hole and begin to fuck me. I nearly came as I realised I was going to be gang-banged. The others waiting were stroking cocks of different sizes but all were hard and a couple were even dripping. The cock in my arse exploded and he held me tightly against him as he shot into my bowels.

“Next for sloppy seconds” he said as he left. Another stepped forward and I was soon being entered again. This one was long but thin and he had to fuck for a long time to cum in my slack open hole. The one in my mouth pulled out and shot onto my face before wiping the last drops across my lips.

The man up my arse said to someone, “Go on T… fill the other end.”

Another man entered the room where I’d just sucked off the older man. His cock was huge at least 25cm long and thick. He pushed it through the hole as the one up my arse redoubled his efforts. “That’s my man in your face slut.” He announced.

These two fucked me for over an hour and a half. They had me stand and put my cock through the hole to be sucked, they both came in the same room and fed me their cocks at the same time. I wanked both of them into my face and eventually they both shot their loads into my mouth as I held it open, tongue out as a platter for their offerings. When they’d both finished shooting I licked them clean and the bigger cock was used to”push all the cum right down his throat.”

They left me and I staggered to the shower. It was 1am when I eventually pulled on my clothes and made my slow way back to the hotel a couple of miles away.

I slipped my dildo in and fell asleep, I needed something to stop the cum dribbling out onto the sheets.

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