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Summer’s Loss

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I’ve told no one of my little summer secret; just held it dear to me, and pulled it from my memory when I’ve needed a special moment for myself… a very special, private moment that would never be the same, once shared. Now, I’m breaking my rule and telling you, My Journal, for I’ve promised to hold no secrets from you.

It’s time to bare my soul, and tell you my deepest, darkest secret – as the cliché goes; at least I know you, of all my confessors, won’t judge me.

It was almost 46 years ago in the spring of ’57, but in my mind, it will always be yesterday, or more accurately – just this afternoon. A month earlier, I had completed my 19th year on this planet, and was set to do wondrous things with my life, once finishing college and (I hoped), graduate school; but for now, I was an easily impressionable freshman with much less worldly experience than I thought… as I was soon to find out. I was home in Tampa for Easter break, but my parents, along with their friends and next-door neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, had gone for the day and evening to one of my Mother’s mystery adventure dinner’s (don’t ask), leaving me with the time to myself, which I quite preferred.

In those days, prim and proper young ladies such as myself didn’t easily escape to the “sins and degradations” of a proper spring break as is the norm today. My day would be a swim in the pool, a bit of sunbathing, and finishing my copy of A Lady’s Life In The Rocky Mountains by Isabella L. Bird, in whose letters I found my first real interest in wild things and places, and formed the foundation for my future life as a wildlife biologist in British Columbia – but this isn’t about things you already have in your pages… this is about my afternoon… my frightening, yet glorious afternoon.

My parents had warned me of the Watson’s visitor. Their only daughter had died before they moved here two years earlier, and I hardly knew them, but apparently their niece had come to stay the summer… to, as Mother said, “work out some troubles”. Whatever that meant. She was supposed to be 22 or 23 and not a “college girl”, although what kind of a girl she was, Mother wouldn’t say; just that I wasn’t to go over there when the Watson’s weren’t home. I wasn’t that curious, and after the bustle of the freshman dorms, looked forward to my private afternoon – little did I know!

I put on my new two-piece suit Mother would have hemorrhaged if she knew I had, and went out to the pool; it was still a bit early in the year, but I loved the water and it was great. After 15 minutes or so, I collapsed onto the lounger and soaked in the warm afternoon sun. As a college woman of my now advanced (19) years, I thought it only appropriate I sunbath topless, and thus show off my no-tan-line tan back in the dorm, so I slipped out of my top, and lay it beside me, the tall hedges around our 3 acre yard ensured my privacy – I thought.

The sun on my slight, athletic body, and my firm breasts felt wonderful; back then, I hadn’t filled out with the big bottom and powerful thighs developed in later life from trudging up and down the B.C. mountains, and still had the lithe, trim legs that sent my 5’6″ frame around the track at near scholarship speed. I didn’t need the book, as my daydreams were taking me away to the dates I had yet to have, and the boys who’d ignored me for the past few years. Not only did I still have my virginity, no one had even had the decency to challenge me for it! As my fingertips softly played across my stomach and breasts, bringing my golden brown nipples to a soft crinkle, I heard a low chuckle behind me. Startled, I covered my breasts with one arm, while scooping up my discarded top with the other; turning, I saw a stunningly beautiful young woman walking into my view and onto the pool patio. Straight, flaming red hair flowed past her shoulders as she plopped down on the lounger next to mine, and locked on to me with the greenest eyes I’d ever seen… the smirk on her lips would have made Liz Taylor jealous. She shifted her gaze to my barely covered breasts, which had just been the centers of my attention.

“Now that… looks like fun,” She said.

She followed with a little knowing smile that caused me to blush like I hadn’t done in years… and thinking back through the years, I’ve come to realize–that’s the moment I fell in love with Marla.

“Oh, don’t look so panicked,” she said, “I’m not here to steal the family silver. I’m Marla, Tom and Jenny’s niece. Mom and pops talked them into hiding me out till that jerk of a soon to be ex-husband of mine leaves for Germany.”

I’d managed to get my top back on with only the slightest re-exposure (which Marla didn’t miss), and sat up, giving my short, wet, mousy brown hair a flip.

“Susan… I’m Susan.”… “Johnson.”

(Yes, Dear Journal, that was the introduction of the worldly Miss Susan Diane Johnson, student at the University of Miami, 19 years suave, country club trained at remaining cool and calm under pressure… trying her best to recover from this Lucy Ricardo routine – and failing miserably.)

“Well, happy to meet you, Susan…I’m Susan… Johnson.” Liz said, “How’s the water?”

“Fine. Get your suit and join me.”

“I was born with it.” And with that she stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head, and peeled her shorts down her trim legs and padded naked to the pool and dove in.

I sat there stunned, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she did a slow Australian crawl up and down the pool. Her trim, athletic body didn’t have an ounce of extra fat on it, and was covered with little brown freckles under her summer tan-no tan lines on her. There was no wasted motion in her strokes, and she covered the length of the pool quickly and returned only to flip into a lazy backstroke back up the pool. With her body now fully exposed to me, I stared openly-without realizing.

Her small breasts were perfect, her stomach flat and hard. Her thighs rippled as she swam, and her pubic hair was light auburn, giving her away as a true redhead. As my eyes roamed over her body, a warmth started in my own thighs, and my nipples got hard and sharp. This was a new feeling to me-I’d never had this happen when looking at a woman before, but then again… I’d never looked at Marla before. I’d fantasized and masturbated often, and even fantasized about women a time or two, but never entertained the thought for long (this was the 50’s still).

As I came out of my daydream, I realized Marla was watching me as she swam. She had a little smile and a knowing look, and said, “It’s ok.”

“What?” I asked, blushing again.

“To look.” She said, “I kinda like it.”

Flustered, I didn’t answer, just went back to my book.

Marla swam for a while and then climbed out of the pool and stretched out on the lounger. I tried not to stare, but wasn’t completely successful.

“You got any cold beer in the fridge?”

“I think we do… I’ll go see.”

“I’ll come too, if I can borrow your towel.” She said.

Not knowing what else to do, I handed her my towel and we went into the house.

Sipping on a glass of Schlitz, and leaning on the kitchen table, Marla gave me that Liz Taylor smile again and asked, “Well, you gonna give me the grand tour?”

Still flustered and feeling completely out of control of the situation, I said, “Sure.” And led her off for a tour of the house… towel and all.

Marla didn’t seem all that interested in the house until we came to my room. She swept in like she owned the place and started checking out my things on my desk and then to my closet, and then to my bed. She sat down on edge of the bed with her legs crossed-which caused the towel to expose one tan leg to the hip, and gave me that smile again. I felt the warm flush start in my thighs again, and blushed for the umpteenth time.

She sat her glass on the bedside table and said, “Come here.”

I still can’t claim that I didn’t know what she meant. A rush of fear ran through me, but I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame, and I couldn’t resist her orders if I’d tried. Nervously biting my lower lip, I walked over and stood in front of her. The butterflies in my stomach were making my knees shake, and my breath was coming in short, ragged bursts-I was as frightened as I’d ever been, but nothing in this world could have made me move away from her now.

She put her hands around to the small of my back, and pulled me in between her now open legs, and ran them slowly up my spine… giving me goose bumps all over and standing my nipples up hard. Without a word, when she came to the buttons on my swimsuit top, she released both and slowly took the straps off my shoulders, and then slipped it off, leaving my breasts exposed right in front of her face. My nipples were already hard, but now they gave out a little twinge of pain as they tried to tighten even more.

My breath caught in my throat as she leaned forward and took my left nipple in her lips. I gave a little gasp as she gently sucked it and rolled her tongue around and around while keeping a firm grasp on the small of my back. She let her tongue and lips work on my nipple until I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, then started to kiss my breast with gentle little brushes of her lips and tongue, and worked her way over to do the same to my other breast. Her hands were exploring the back of my swimsuit bottoms, and the back of my thighs with light brushes of her fingertips. They roamed to the inside of my thighs and around to the front of my suit, and when she rubbed my pussy through my suit… my knees almost collapsed. A hot rush went through me like I’d never felt before and I almost came right then and there.

She rubbed me harder, and took her mouth away from my nipple to say, “Let’s get these things off.”

She reached around and undid the buttons, and slowly took my bottoms down. As they reached my knees, she leaned in and kissed my navel and let her tongue explore there while I stepped out of them. Holding my ass gently, she kissed my abdomen with those same little kisses and traced a wet trail with her tongue to the top of my thickly matted pubic mound. My knees started to buckle for real as my breath caught completely in my chest, and I would have fallen if Marla hadn’t turned me to the bed. I collapsed back onto it with my feet on the floor and Marla kneeling in front of me.

She took off her towel and dropped it beside her as she leaned into me-she was magnificent! Her brown nipples were crinkled hard and her eyes were locked onto mine as that Liz Taylor smile led her lips to the inside of my right thigh. The feeling when her lips kissed me there was exquisite, and I gasped out loud as my breath came out in a gush. As her hands came up around my hips and her mouth moved closer to my pussy, I balled my fists and squeezed them into my cheeks with a ragged moan I know I’d never made before. Her tongue led her to my labia lips and I thought I’d die. As her hands held my thighs open, her tongue ran around the edge of my pussy, and then filled the inside of its lips right up to my clit. She lingered there for an eternity as her tongue played, and her lips covered my clit and pussy, and sucked and teased me till I thought I couldn’t take it anymore.

Her hand moved her fingers down to the bottom of my pussy, and started teasing my skin and lips down there while her mouth continued to work magic. As my tension built rapidly towards climax, she slipped a finger inside me, and raked it against the front wall of my vagina, rubbing it back and forth. As she did this harder and faster, she increased the intensity of her lips and tongue on my clit, and my breath started to come faster in time to her movements. My hips were rising up off the bed, but she stayed right with me as I rushed to orgasm. When she slipped two fingers into me and at the same time sucked hard on my clit, I came hard, and my hips almost bucked her off, but she pressed me down into the bed, and I came a second time even harder-the hot waves rushing through my body almost causing me to passout.

As I tried to catch my breath, Marla moved up my body with wet kisses, took me into her arms and kissed me on the mouth with a long and gentle kiss.

“It’s okay sweetheart.” She whispered.

Tears welled in my eyes as she held me closely and tightly, and covered my face with little kisses, and brushed my hair from my face. As I cried quietly for the loss of my virginity, I knew at that moment that I would love Marla all my life.

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