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It was two days till my best friends 21st birthday. Me and mark had gone through a lot when we were kids and even when I moved we continued to be friends. I couldn’t decide what to get him and I didn’t know what he would like. So being the type of friend that wants to make the other happy I asked his brother.

Well to make the journey to the party shorter his brother Joey gave me a good idea for the present and he was thrilled when he opened it. The party started at 8 and I got there at 7 to help him out. And that’s when I met her. God she was beautiful so full and so… god I can’t even explain it. She was his next door neighbor but I had never seen her before. When she came to give mark a hug and to wish him a happy birthday, I had found out her name was Nicole… Nicole… what a name for her. It seemed to suit her. Well, that’s when I had first met her in all her glory.

“Hi, I’m Nicole, you must be Vikki. Mark has told me so much about you!” She said.

“Hi. I wish I could say the same but mark had never told me he had a neighbor our age… but… I… I hope to get to… know… you since I know nothing about… you.” I said trying not to stutter my words too much.

Well you could say we hit it off to begin with but that’s not when I realized that I had fallen for her. It was when I first kissed her. It was like a spark that shocked the both of us.

Some of the people from the party decided to play spin the bottle combined with dice. (If you’re wondering they were sex dice). Well it was all fun and simply kissing, until the dares started to combine in our game. I was the first to get the dares portion… joy to me… and the bottle landed on mark… which I was fine with… and the dice landed on kiss and the dare was to kiss for one minute using tongues. (Not a big dare but how the one ends it becomes bigger). To my surprise the dare was very easy because I… well… I was an open bi and I didn’t find mark attractive… well he is gorgeous but he’s my best friend. The game proceeded as normal until I felt eyes on me… looking around our circle I noticed that Nicole… yes it was her… Nicole was looking right at me… eyeing me up and down… you know the elevator stare… so dumb… but coming from her I was hot and excited. Nicole had the bottle this time and spun it.

Nicole’s eyes never left mine and the bottle as if sensing this landed on me. The dice rolled a kiss on lips and the dare was open mouth, tongue to tongue for two minutes. (Yeah I know cheap ass dares but I wasn’t complaining). Nicole was the one who got up to approach me. She knelt down and pushes me to the floor while straddling my body pinning me to the floor. It was like I had seen her soul as she was looking down on me. Beautiful. We stared at each other for a while until the group got impatient and urged us on.

Her lips moved lower to mine as I rose up to meet hers. Our lips lightly touching sent shivers all over my body and I think she felt it to because she gasped. Her lips trailed my lower lip taking it into her mouth and gently sucked on it for a few seconds… driving me crazy for more. Without a hesitation I took her face in my hands and forced her mouth to cover mine. Our tongues collided searching for more areas to explore. Nicole stared moaning in my mouth that sent the vibrations straight to my pussy. I was so hot I could have ripped her clothes off right there. Things started to get more intense when everyone in the circle yelled time… breaking our kiss that could have lasted all night.

“So how did I do?” She said smiling down at me.

“Fine… I… I… ummm… ” I couldn’t get my words out but she had my response… or at least what I was thinking.

“How about we head to my place?” She couldn’t have said it better.

Without even a word to the group we left the circle in a trance that seemed almost fake and not… well real. She led the way to her front door and walked in, with me following behind her like a lost puppy dog. The door closed with a thud and me following the same suit into the door. Her lips we on mine and her hands could not stay in one place.

This was all so sudden… I barely knew the girl and here I was making hot lip actions with her. I couldn’t take it anymore I was sick of this slow to the point arousal game. I took charge.

I was Kissing her lips like I was hungry and couldn’t get enough… but I pulled away. She looked up at me in confusion but all I could do was give a sly smirk on my face that could not be read. With that I picked her up threw her over my shoulder and asked where her room was. I was told to take the first door on my left to the basement and when I got down there, there was a huge bed just waiting to smell and even taste of us.

“Mmmm… You want it bad don’t you… I can feel your wetness through your pants.” I said with a slight hint of a laugh.


I could only laugh with what she said… but with no hesitation I placed her on the bed and began kissing her lips while roaming her body all over.

“I’ll show you bad hunny.” With that I grabbed some loose clothes off the floor and straddled her lap.

“What are you doing? I don’t like this… get off of me.”

“Hun, you want it bad so I’m going to show you bad.” Was all I said as I started to tie her hands to the bed posts but it wasn’t easy; she kept trying to free herself from my grip but couldn’t and ended up tied spread eagle on the bed.

It was the hottest thing I could have witnessed. Here was this beauty, tied to her own bed and was just smelling of sex. But there was a downside… she was still dressed.

I could see it in her eyes she wanted me as much as I wanted her. It was a game she was playing and well I was going to play with her… all night!!

“Now that I got you tied up what should I do with you?” I said as I stroked my hand over her breasts, teasing her and making her nipples point out through her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra which made my job easier.

I made it a point not to talk or even show any hint of arousal at that moment. But damn I could feel my pussy burning up just begging to be licked. I could have sat on her face right there and then all night long and still not be satisfied but tonight was her night and I wanted all the attention on her and not myself.

I went out of the room wondering upstairs.

“Where the fuck do you think you are going? You can just leave me like this. At least untie me”

No Reply.

“Fucking Bitch get your ass back down her or so help me go… ”

I stood in the door way with a pair of scissors. “What are those for?'” was all she could say.

In a low seductive voice I said, “Now tell me how I can be a bitch when I can’t have what I want? There seems to be an obstacle in my way and can you guess what it is?” All she could do was nod.

Walking along the side of the bed I began dragging the scissors up and down her legs. With one quick motion I snipped of the front of her shirt exposing the most perfect tits I have ever seen. I could help myself I had to touch them, feel them and suck on them.

Lowering my mouth to her already hard nipple I dragged my tongue gently across her nipple making it even harder, if that was even possible. My other had gently begun to stoke her other breast paying much attention to that growing nipple. Her moans could be heard softly but she was enjoying it nonetheless.

“That’s it baby lick it. Ohhh… h.h… hhh… fuck suck it please… suck it hard baby.”

How could I not listen to that request?

With that said I began to suck her nipple hard into my mouth rolling my tongue over it constantly… keeping at an off rhythm… making her anticipate what’s to come next. I Bit down on her nipple causing her to scream in pain, and as gently as I could I began to suck her nipple to make up for the pain. I did this for some time cause her smell to intoxicate me… leaving my pussy dripping wet with lust.

I couldn’t let her get to me like this. I had to control how I was feeling and the things I wanted to do… but I had to take my time… tease her.

I once again took the scissors and began to slowing trace them down to her feet. With a slow cut I sniped the end of her pants and very slowly moving up her leg towards her burning cunt. She could feel the scissors tracing up her body that made her shiver and arch her back as if saying more.

“Now who’s the bitch?” I asked in a demanding voice.

“FUCK I’m the bitch… not you… meee… mmm… please just fuck me already… I… I… I… ca… Nn’t wait.”

She was so cute lying there whining that I wasn’t fucking her. She was begging but that only gets her so far. Continuing my efforts to remove her pants I found myself in a state of shock when I cut her pants all the way.

“Your not wearing panties?”

She nods her head no… with a smirk on her face that just says I wanted you and I knew I’d have you. Now there she was in all her glory… god and glory it was… to my eyes it was heaven on earth. With nothing left to stop my movements I started at her toes. Licking each toe individually… and sucking on one occasionally. Starting on her left leg I ran my tongue up her ankle towards her calf then her thighs stopping just short of her dripping cunt. I followed the same process on the other leg once again stopping short of her heated pussy. Lightly I blew my breath on to her pussy but not touching it. Feeling the torment she tires to search for the source by lifting her butt off the bed as much as she can. With a quick lick I lick right above her slit and then with one long stroke I lick my way up towards her bellybutton, leaving her pussy begging to be touched.

Kissing across her stomach then up towards her perfect breasts, my tongue traces underneath her right breast moving slowly towards her rock hard nipple, while my hand centers in on her nipple on her left breast. I carefully slide my right hand down her body working my way towards her dripping cunt. My figures lipped easily into her hot whole… but not wanting to give her too much release I pulled away and made my way back towards her tits.

“Don’t leave me hanging… please… fuck me… I need to cum please… ”

“In time”

I could hear her moan wanting me to touch her, begging me to touch her, but I’d hold back as long as I could. Slowly I began to work her hard nipple into my mouth, swirling it over and around my tongue and biting on it every once in a while. Her moaning became shear screams of pleasure.

“God baby don’t stop I’m sooo close.”

But to her surprise I stopped. I walked around the bed watching her try to remove the clothing from her hands but unable to do so. She was just glowing with sweat and pouring out juices like a waterfall. Some would call this teasing but I’d prefer the term fulfillment of great pleasures! Standing there at the foot of the bed I got a view any woman or man would drool over. Her legs spread wide, her pussy just dripping and waiting to be touched, her breast lifting up and down, her moans coming from those lips, and her eyes begging me to touch her.

“You need some help?” I said while slowly licking my way up her leg.

“God yes” Was her reply.

Crawling on to the bed I slowing continued my long lick up her leg stopping just short of her hot sex. Her moans became wants and needs to continue. She was constantly on the edge and constantly begging to be fucked. Slipping out my tongue I licked her outer lips and moved away while her body tried to find the tongue that was once there. Licking her lips slowly and moving away, then stopping altogether. When she started to protest I darted my tongue into her dripping hole, making her scream out.

“OHH FUCKKK… AAHHH” her screams continued.

Darting my tongue in and out of her pussy she tensed up, and I stopped all actions.

“FUCK, DON’T DO THAT… PUT IT BACK… FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE NOW… ” was all she could muster before I inserted two fingers into her. Moving in and out slowly at first until her orgasm began to work back up.

“FUCK IM CUMMING” and with that my tongue licked at her clit furiously, sucking on it and biting down on it gently, Lapping over it again and again, non stop assault. Her first orgasm hit her hard, I inserted another figure, figure fucking her faster and licking uncontrollably at her clit, while slowly working my other hand towards her asshole.

Wave after wave hit her… her screams becoming more intense, I could feel that her biggest orgasm was on its way. As I continued working her dripping pussy with my finger and tongue, my other hand worked its way to her ass. Stopping just at her pussy, I lubricated my figure with her juices and worked my finger slowly at the entrance of her hot asshole.

Her ass was tight, but I wanted nothing more then to go where no one in her life has gone. Ever so slowly I worked my finger into her hole… trying to pass the first ring… but she was so tight… It would take some effort. Her screams were carried throughout the room and she came and came again.

My finger finally in her ass I pumped both my fingers in her ass and in her pussy at the same time, while my tongue worked furiously on her hard clit.


She was so beautiful lying there with her juices flowing out of her. I couldn’t get enough of her, I tried to lick up all of her remains, until I was satisfied that there was nothing left to lap up.

I couldn’t help but stare at her for over an hour… she was lying there so peacefully I didn’t have the heart to even join her on the bed in fear that I would wake her up. She laid their still tied up, naked, and sleeping. I of course was wide awake and fully dressed, but I could wait an eternity for her to wake.

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