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Summer Temptation

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It was tradition among our friends to camp out in Jake’s backyard at least once every summer. Jake had a giant tent, with three rooms and two closets. The first time we ever set it up it took us two hours. Working under the hot summer sun, joking and sweating, we were confident and untouchable. We were seniors this year, nearing maturity, working out every chance we had. Needless to say, we were very in shape.

“Who all is coming?” I asked as I put together a 10 foot long pole.

“Jack, Troy, and Nick.” Jake said, heaving the large tent out of its bag.

This was slightly exciting for me, I had been in love with Troy for about three years now. I had just recently gotten him into working out, and he was quickly building muscle. Six feet tall, tan skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and muscles slowly developing all over his body.

I hadn’t seen Troy in a month, and he had been telling me how he now works out every day. I was looking forward to seeing his improvement.

“What’s with the smirk on your face?” Jake asked, one eyebrow raised and an accusing look on his face.

I quickly left my day dream and gave him my best troublesome grin that I could work up in my frustration.

“Tonight’s gonna be a good night.”

I wasn’t lying. With a case of beer, a bottle of rum, three liters of coca-cola hidden in a cooler in the tent and grape cigars in my backpack, tonight was in the making for our best camp out yet.

“Look at these two sexy mother fuckers!” I heard from behind me. I knew that voice anywhere. I turned around to see Troy running down the hill toward us. I could see his chest muscles through his tight fitting shirt. His perfectly formed biceps seemed to be running out of room in his sleeves. Looks like he wasn’t lying, he was working out everyday.

He hugged the both of us as he laughed. His body pressed against mine as he hugged me much longer than usual. I couldn’t help but breathe in slightly as I felt his muscles against mine. As I patted his back I could feel his shoulder muscles ripple. I quickly let go, before losing complete control of myself.

I was in good shape myself. Five foot eleven, 140 pounds. I had a large chest and biceps, and my abs, a well defined six pack, were the best in my group. That’s what they were, “My group”. I was the ring leader for the most part, always making our plans and always an influence on the others. Which wasn’t always a good thing.

“What have you two been up to?” Troy asked in excitement. He hadn’t seen either of us in a month, which was a long time for our friend group. We rarely went longer than a week without hanging out. Everyone in our school called us “The brotherhood.”

We exchanged stories briefly and joked with each other before going back to setting up our tent. Troy sat on a cooler and watched, calmly drinking water and barking out instructions. Despite our orders, he refused to help. I didn’t mind too much, he was fun to watch, even if he wasn’t doing any work. His defined jawline shadowed by the sun, his V-neck showing off his collar bones and large chest. Although I enjoyed watching him, Jake and I silently planned revenge.

We finished setting up the tent and quickly got inside to escape the heat. Troy was always the youngest of our group, so unfortunately for him he was usually terrorized by Jake and I.

“Hey Troy, can you get something out of the closet for us?” I asked, trying to hide my smile.

He unzipped the closet, with Jake and I behind him. We quickly pushed him in, zipped it shut, and used a locker lock to lock the zippers together. The closets were tiny, about a foot long and two feet wide. Also, this closet was directed right at the sun, turning it into a sauna.

“What the hell!? Let me out!” Troy yelled from the inside as Jake and I laughed at our easy accomplishment.

“We’ve decided that since you didn’t help set up the tent, you can stay in there for half an hour or so.” Jake yelled into the closet.

Troy let out a small sigh, and quietly laughed in defeat. Jake and I went to get a pizza and some non-alcoholic drinks, leaving Troy in the closet for a good 45 minutes. It was 83 degrees out, so it was slightly cruel, but he had water in there.

We got back to Jake’s house and ran down to the tent. Troy heard us coming and started yelling at us, calling us every name he could muster out. We laughed and unlocked the zipper, after joking about forgetting the combination for a few minutes, leaving Troy even more distressed.

As soon as we let him out he sprang for the closest one of us, which just so happened to be me. Unfortunately for him I had done martial arts for the better part of my life, so I quickly stepped to the side, grabbed him by his neck, and pinned him to the ground. Straddling him, holding his arms down while my legs wrapped around his body, he quickly tired himself out.

His squirming body under mine was nearly too much to handle. Soaked in sweat from being locked in the closet, his shirt clung to his body and his pants slid down slightly, revealing a chiseled V. My eyes followed the V up to his revealed abs. He had definitely been working out.

He gave up and I regretfully got off of him. laughing while he caught his breath. He laid there for a few minutes, allowing me to steal a few more glimpses of him. He finally got to his feet and took off his shirt. My heart raced as I watched. Sweat dripped off of his chin and onto his chest, it slid down onto his perfect abs and down to his V before hitting his blue plaid boxers.. His entire body glistened, making me nearly fall over. He turned to Jake and I got a full view of his rippling back. Each individual muscle moved as he did. I turned away, catching my breathe and fleeing the tent.

I didn’t have long to get my bearings. As I left the tent I ran straight into Nick. He grabbed me and picked me up in a bear hug. Nick was a little chubbier than the rest of us, my height and about 190 pounds. He didn’t care about working out, only fishing and hunting.

“Logan!” He laughed as he hugged me, holding me in the air.

Jake and Troy got out of the tent and attacked him, which quickly lead to all of us being a twisted knot on the ground. Grunting, laughing, and yelling, we attempted to get up. This was nearly impossible due to none of us being able to catch our breath. Tonight really was going to be a good night.

Things settled down and Jack arrived, he got the same welcome as the rest of us. The sun set and we started drinking. My preferred drink was a strong rum and coke. I could drink a couple of those and be set for the night. I never cared to be drunk, only relaxed. The rest of the guys, on the other hand, made it their mission to black out by the end of the night usually. Tonight, though, Troy decided to stay with me and just relax.

We talked and laughed under the moon, sipping our drinks, while the others went off and smoked. This moment was perfect. I felt as if I could stay there forever. Troy’s eyes lit to a bright blue under the light of the full moon and the stars. The light left shadows cast across his body, defining each muscle even more than usual.

None of my friends knew that I was bi, even though I had been for five years. I never came out to anyone, and nobody ever suspected me. I was terrified that they would act differently around me. I wasn’t willing to take that chance, so I hid inside of my own skin.

“This night is perfect.” Troy said. He took a long gulp of his drink and continued. ” I haven’t seen you in forever, anything new going on?”

“No, nothing at all.” I laughed, I wished I could tell him about my feelings for him. I wanted nothing more than to have him feel the same way, but he never would. “How about you?”

“Well, Tiffany and I broke up.” He sighed, as if he had been waiting to tell someone the whole night. He took another long gulp of his drink. “She cheated on me.” He said as his voice shook.

I grabbed him and hugged him tight. He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me back. We stayed in each others embrace for what felt like a lifetime. Holding eachother tighter and tighter with each moment that went by. With our shirtless bodies pressed against each other, my heart began to race. Troy nuzzled his face into my neck and my heart melted. His warm breath on my neck made my entire body tingle, causing me to pull him even closer.

He broke the hug and smiled, thanking me.

“I really needed that.” He laughed, wiping a tear from his cheek. “I need another drink, you comin’?”

I obliged and we walked back to the tent where I poured us both a drink. Four fingers of rum and to the rim with coke. In my defence, he told me to make it strong.

I handed him the drink and noticed him looking at a sleeping bag.

“What are you plotting?” I asked

“How funny would it be if both of us were in the sleeping bag when the guys got back?” He said, with a grin on his face.

That’s all it took for me to be in on it. We quickly unrolled the sleeping bag and squeezed into it. This wasn’t very easy. Two good sized guys trying to fit in one sleeping bag is quite the struggle. Once we were in we got comfortable and noticed that the only way we both comfortably fit was by cuddling. Full blown spooning. I tried to not let him know I was enjoying it. I kept my hands to myself and tried to keep some distance, which didn’t work.

We stayed there for about five minutes before we heard everyone coming back. As they started to open the tent Troy grabbed my hand and wrapped my arm around him. My heart stopped.

“What the fuck..?” Jake broke into laughter as he said this. “We leave for twenty god damn minutes and you two go full blown faggot on us?”

This statement hurt slightly, but I didn’t care too much. We laughed and explained our plan. Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed at us, coming up with multiple names for us. Before we could get out of the sleeping bag Jack explained that he had forgot his sleeping bag. It was suppose to drop down to about 50 degrees that night, so I offered him mine.

“Logan can just share mine with me.” Troy said without hesitation.

Everyone was too tired to even notice how weird this was. So Jack took my sleeping bag, and everyone went to bed. Except me.

I laid there, once again trying to keep my distance from Troy, trying not to freak him out. While doing this I fantasized about us cuddling closer. As if he had read my mind Troy picked his head up, looking at everyone to see if they were sleeping. He grabbed my hand and pulled my arm around him, pulling me closer and wiggling his butt into my lap. The heat coming off of his body and onto my member made my body shake slightly.

My heart started racing and my head was spinning. What was he doing? He paused for a while to see how I reacted. Once I got my bearings I pulled him as close as I could and put my face into his neck. He breathed in sharply as I did and let out a sigh.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was trying to be braver and push farther. After a few minutes, I convinced myself to see how far he wanted to go.

I nuzzled my face into his neck once more, and lightly kissed right under his ear. His entire body shivered. I kissed once more right under his jaw, gently biting his skin and flicking my tongue across it. He started to shake uncontrollably as I did too.

He grabbed my hand and put it under his shirt onto his abs. I flattened out my palm to cover as much skin as possible and gently nibbled his ear, pulling him closer as I did. I started to get hard, and my cock was pressing against him. He felt it and slowly guided my hand down his body to his underwear line.

He stopped there, hesitating. So I bit his neck, harder this time. He moved his underwear and put my hand on his rock hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and started sucking on his neck slightly, trying to keep my breathing quiet in fear of waking up the others.

He let out a tiny moan and we paused, bodies stiff as Jake moved and then fell back to sleep. I started to stroke his entire cock as I pushed mine against him. He was the perfect size, my hand fitting perfectly around it. He slowly thrusted into my hand. Back and forth, stimulating him more and more as I kissed and sucked on his neck.

He stopped me for a moment and readjusted himself so that we were facing eachother. He frantically undid my pants and put his hand down my underwear, grabbing my cock firmly and started jacking me off. We kissed and my entire body went numb. Slowly at first, our lips barely touching, and then harder and faster, our tongues interlocking as we grew more passionate.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I no longer cared about anyone else in the tent. I started jacking him off faster and faster as we kissed harder and longer. He went faster as I did and my entire body began to shake as I reached climax. I could feel him shake as well as his cock throbbed in my hand. He was cumming too. I slid our underwear down and went faster. We both let out silent moans as we came on each others stomachs. Load after load of cum hit me and slid down my body, causing me to cum even more.

When we were finished we held each other close, ignoring the mess we had just made. We kissed gently and I put my fingers through his hair. He smiled at me.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He said, and kissed me once more.

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