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Summer (School) of Love

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After the events of the previous night, most of the group’s carnal secrets were out in the open. Gina, a woman in her mid-40s who was also Jim’s department chair, was fucking Aaron, an 18-year-old freshman who previously dated her young daughter, Karla. Jim, 31 and wrapping up his doctoral dissertation, had just started fucking Molly, a 19-year-old intern (she was having intercourse for the first time with someone other than her father, but that secret would remain intact a while longer).

Gina came downstairs and found Jim and Molly in the kitchen. She laughed heartily. “Did you enjoy the show last night?” She leaned into Jim and whispered, “Good for you. This one is much better than that loony Lynn you were chasing before.” Aaron bounded into the room, dressed only in boxer shorts, and on his way to the fridge, Gina swatted her young lover on the ass.

“Do we need to talk?” she asked Jim and Molly. They turned, grinning, to look at each other and then faced Gina.

“Hey, what’s there to talk about?” replied Jim. “We’re all adults here.”

“Well, OK. If we’re all being so mature about this, I’ll lay it on the line,” said Gina. “I think everyone in this room is hot as hell, and if I had more time this morning, I’d do something about it. I’ve got to go to work sometime, though…” Her voice trailed off and her forehead creased in deep thought.

“Aaron, is the beach house still in one piece?”

“Sure, Gina, we didn’t do that much damage last time,” he answered between gulps of coffee.

“All right, how about if you fine young people meet us there tomorrow after classes, say around 600pm? Get a ride with Aaron, he knows the way.”

Molly answered that she had no offers better than that, and Jim nodded in agreement.

“Good, it’s all settled. I’ll see you tonight” – Gina pulled Aaron in for a kiss and a quick grope – “and you two in the office later. Don’t bother packing much to wear, it’s supposed to be a scorcher at the beach this weekend!”

Gina waved and walked out the back door. It was still only about 700am, and Jim didn’t have a class until 930am, but Molly was to report to work by 800am, so she kissed Jim goodbye and departed just a moment after Gina. The boys were left alone, and Aaron broke the silence first.

“So, you and Molly, huh? She’s fine. How long have you and she been hitting it?”

Jim smiled and shook his head. “A gentleman never tells.”

Aaron yelped in laughter. “Hey man, you might be old, but you’re no gentleman. I’ve heard how it is between you guys.”

“Don’t talk to me about hearing, you little punk,” Jim said. “You two were shooting a damn porno in your room last night. Shit, Aaron, your ex-girlfriend’s mom? You’re 18 and in the hookup Hall of Fame already.”

Aaron blushed, and then looked up at Jim. “The first time, man, that was something…”

“Karla was leaving for school, all the way in Texas, so we had agreed to see other people. Of course, we fucked right before she left, but I think we both knew things would be different after that. Gina called me the next day, asked if I’d help her move some furniture around. I got there and we went upstairs to Karla’s room, and Gina just came right out and said she wanted to fuck me. What would YOU have said to that?”

“I was kind of nervous, you know, so I just said, sure, how about right now. She just walked over to Karla’s bureau and took out a drawer, which was full of underwear Karla didn’t take with her. Gina put the drawer down in front of me and yanked out my dick and started sucking – I mean, first thing in the morning and my ex’s mom is blowing me.”

“When I was ready to cum – and it didn’t take long believe me – she pointed my dick at the drawer and I just soaked everything in there. Then she stood up and whipped off her shorts. No panties, man, she told me to lick her until she came. We fucked the whole rest of that day, and just about every day since. Girls from school, they’ve come sniffing around because they know Karla’s out of the picture, but really, I don’t have the time, you know?”

Jim sat slack-jawed for a moment, and then composed himself. “Does Karla know about this…?”

“I don’t think she’s used any of that underwear, if that’s what you mean,” Aaron chuckled. “No, she knows I’m fucking someone else, and I know she is, too. Somehow, I get the idea she’d be cool with this, though. I guess we’ll know eventually.”

Jim just laughed and waved his hand. “Ah, you crazy kids. Keep up the good work, stud!”

* * * * *

That afternoon, Jim was in his cramped department office, trying to grade papers after a full day of teaching. Undergraduates were always a mess, and summer school was a lousy time to expect improved attention to detail. Jim felt like he knew where they were coming from. He was about halfway through the stack when his office phone rang.

“Jim, how’s it going?” It was Gina. “Did you finish those evaluations yet?” She was all business at work.

“They’re next on my list tonight, Dr. Daniels, after I finish grading these essays.”

“I’m getting ready to leave in a few minutes, but I really need to see them tonight if you can swing it, Jim. If it’s not too late, come on by my house and drop them off on the way home, would you, please?”

“Sure thing. Next year, though, let’s see about doing these online, or at least on documents we can email, OK?”

Gina laughed. “Hey, I’m only a department chair, not God almighty! See you later.”

Jim hung up the phone with a sigh. He and Molly weren’t going to see each tonight anyhow, as they discussed furtively over lunch, but this still wasn’t his idea of a restful evening. Oh well, he thought, the work of the wicked is never done.

About four hours later, Jim was at Gina’s house, evaluations in hand. She greeted him on the porch with a smile and a drink, both pleasing on the warm summer evening.

“I appreciate your effort, Jim. Thanks for finishing these. May I ask you something personal, however…?” Gina queried suggestively. “Are you and Molly exclusive in any way?”

“Well, let’s get right to it,” he laughed. “I’m not exactly sure what it is we’re doing, but we’re having a lot of fun and there are no restrictions.”

“That works out very well,” said Gina, and she walked over to where Jim was standing with his drink and kissed him, wet and lingering. “Nice night, but I think we’ll be more comfortable inside.”

Jim walked in through the open screen door, and they progressed to the back of the house. “I don’t make a habit of fucking my faculty, but for you, I’m going to make an exception.” She gestured him into a small bedroom, unlit except for the light from the street.

“First, you’re going to go down on me. From what Molly told me this morning on the way to school, you have a special talent for that. When you’re done, then I want to see this cock close up and personal; apparently you have some skill there, also.” Gina gripped Jim’s stiffening penis through his pants. Reaching behind her, he unhooked the top of her sundress and slowly pulled the zipper down. A black satin bra held her breasts high and together. Gina stood to shake off her dress while Jim let his pants and underwear fall to the floor.

Gina pushed Jim down onto the bed, and from his sitting position he reached up to grope her breasts through the bra. Gina tilted her head back to moan while he tweaked her nipples. Jim’s hands slid down her flat soft belly to the top of her panties. She grabbed his shoulders for support while he pulled her panties aside and grazed her trimmed pubic hair.

“Oh, that’s nice, Jim, very nice,” whispered Gina. Then he stood and sucked the bra into his mouth, and Gina’s nipples swelled against his tongue through the satin. Jim’s fingers slid over her clitoris and up into her, then back out again. The lips of her pussy were swollen and puffy; this was not the first time she had been aroused today, Jim thought, but he didn’t have much time to dwell on that curiosity. Gina removed her hands from his shoulders long enough to pull her bra off and kicked her soaked panties free from below.

“OK, Jim, get on with it,” Gina groaned as she reclined back on the bed. Jim peeled off his shirt and matched his boss’s nudity. He made his way down her tummy to her glistening pelvis, where Gina’s meaty clitoris already stood up and out of her pubic thatch, ready for attention.

He licked around her hips and down, following the sweet smell of her arousal. As Jim defined her clitoris with his tongue, Gina grabbed his head with both hands and directed it until his mouth was wrapped around her wet opening. “Eat me, fucker, make me cum!”

His hands slid to her ass, and Gina’s clitoris became even more engorged when Jim wiggled one finger into her asshole and then another into her pussy, rubbing the thin layer of flesh between them. Her groans turned into full-on howls when each finger was buried past its second knuckle, and Gina’s entire body stiffened and trembled, and then she had to shove his head away. “Too much, too much…” she muttered.

A moment later, Gina was ready for more. She stroked Jim’s erection to its full length and then turned around on all fours, facing the end of the bed toward the room’s single closet. “Fuck me,” she said plainly, and Jim was no mood to contradict her request. Two weeks ago, he was neck-deep in his dissertation, and then after a brief mis-step, he was having more sex than he’d had in his entire life. Multiple partners were fantastic! The turn-on from discovering the differences in his lovers’ bodies alone was almost as good as the fucking itself.

But ah, to business… Jim stood up behind Gina and slid into his cock into her dripping pussy. He stroked in and out, bending over her so he could feel her supple breasts. Her pussy had a stretched out feel to it, like perhaps he had not been Gina’s only visitor that day. Like he cared. Gina turned her around to looked Jim right in the eye. “No, not my cunt, Jim – in my ass. Fuck me in my ass.”

Jim was inclined to comply. After several more short thrusts to lube up his cock, he pulled out and, glistening with Gina’s slippery secretions, pushed it against her puckered hole. This friction made his cock grow even harder. As her asshole dilated and allowed him inside, Jim slid slowly into Gina until his balls bounced against her dripping pussy. He leaned over and played with Gina’s breasts as he pumped her. She was groaning and pushing back against him, squealing when he pinched her stiff nipples. “Do you like me up your ass, Gina?” Jim asked.

“Yes, it’s been so long since I had a cock up inside me like this!” Gina was sweaty and her whole body was becoming flush with excitement. “Fuck me in my asshole, Jim, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” she chanted.

Jim could not hold off his need to let loose. He leaned over and blew softly in Gina’s ear. “You make me want to cum – where do you want it?”

“In my ass, in my ass,” she kept saying. She WAS the boss, so Jim pumped in slow, short strokes so his cock would be as far up inside her as possible. Then he came, and his orgasm blew gob after gob of hot white semen up her brown little hole. Jim fell on Gina’s back, and they both fell to the bed, exhausted and drained.

“Well, your dick is clearly made for my ass,” she noted as Jim pulled back and out of her. He watched his spooge drip out of her bottom and down into her pussy. Gina was using her internal muscles to give her subordinate a show. Jim kissed her firm cheeks in appreciation and leaned over to wipe up her soaked pussy, but she stopped him.

“No, you’ve done enough for the moment. Let someone else attend to that mess.” Gina looked up towards the closet, and the door swung open to reveal Aaron, fully naked. He walked calmly over to the bed and began to lap at the sticky mess Gina and Jim had just made, licking both of her holes gently and thoroughly.

Jim was mildly stunned, but it was not the strangest thing that had happened to him lately. Gina grinned while her young stud serviced her, and she turned to Jim. “Since we’re all going to be fucking each other now, I figure it’s fair to tell you about me and Aaron, or confirm whatever he’s already told you,” she said, ruffling Aaron’s blond hair while he sucked Jim’s cum off of her.

“As you can see, it’s a goddamn shame to waste his enthusiasm on freshmen girls!” Gina fell back onto a pillow as Aaron continued. “He and I have been fucking for several months now. Sometimes I keep him to myself, and other times I share him with whomever I drag home. The nice thing about youngsters is they’re always… up for anything.”

Aaron moved back from Gina’s crotch and displayed a huge and growing penis: it was thinner than Jim’s, but past his peak of seven inches, Aaron’s cock hooked a little up and to the left for another few inches more. Jim contemplated its curious shape while Gina went on.

“After seeing you with Molly this morning, I knew I wanted to get the three of us together. I mean, I can do this“ – she shoved Aaron’s boomerang into her pussy until their pelvises slammed together – “ and with yoga and a little practice, I can do this“ – Aaron withdrew and moved up to her face, where Gina bobbed up and down on his cock until her nose was hiding in his blond pubes – “but no way in hell can this old lady get all that up her ass, and since I do enjoy a butt-fucking,” she mumbled as Aaron pulled his penis back, “thank you very much for your help with that, Jim.”

She licked her hand and stroked Aaron’s hard-on until he began to twitch. Gina leaned in and directed his pearly spray like a fire hose, the first blast in her mouth but the others that followed on her face and hair. Aaron let out a sharp bark with each pulse, and Gina murmured approvingly. “Oh yes, what a good boy you were, not jacking off while watching us. Show me what a good boy you are now, baby.” Aaron leaned in and licked his copious ejaculation off her face, and they snowballed his full load together with a long wet kiss.

“Just think of me instead your mother’s sweet cunt when you beat off in your own bed tonight, OK?” Aaron laughed and stood up, and Gina pinched his firm bottom. “Anything we can do for you tonight, Jim, or do you want to save it for this weekend?” she asked.

“Well, if you’re taking requests,” Jim replied, and the three of them hatched a scheme for themselves and the absent Molly.

* * * * *

“Oh, Daddy, I wish you were here to take care of me yourself!” Molly tilted her head over to hold the receiver to her ear while she worked one of her vibrators between her swollen pussy lips.

“Tell me what I can do for you, pumpkin,” intoned her father. He was more than two hundred miles away, so they talked via phone several times a week, getting each other off almost every time.

Molly shuddered and then spoke. “Picture this…I am sitting at my desk with my nightshirt on and no panties. I have the shirt pulled up so that I can see my shaved pussy. Your tongue slips over my moist lips and then you circle my clit. Can you see how wet you make me? It’s making me weak, Daddy!”

“Fuck yes, Molly, you make me weak, too. My cock is huge and wants to be inside you.”

“That’s what I want too, Daddy, I want your cock inside me, and so that’s what you do. You move up and plunge your cock right into my cunt, right where I want you.”

“Oh no, pumpkin, your pussy is for your other lovers, Daddy only wants your ass.”

“Fuck that, Daddy, I’ve had boys inside my cunt now, and I can’t stand it that you won’t fuck me there, too. Get up inside me – pinch my tits until I’m red all over!”

“Oh, Molly, it isn’t right, but I do want to fuck you properly, I want to be all the way inside you.”

“You are my sex god, Daddy, now get that gorgeous, huge cock of yours ready to cum! Fill me up with your seed, pump me until I’m pregnant, oh fuck yes!”

“Ah, that’s it, pumpkin, I’m cumming with you, cumming…”

Molly’s pussy sends an almost electric shock through her whole body. Each phone sex call with her father gets nastier and brings them both to new orgasmic heights. After she catches her breath, Molly sits back up and licks her vibrator clean. It is nothing like a hot wet cock in her hand, but it will do for now.

“So Daddy, I’m going away this weekend with some people from school. I told you about Jim, right?”

“Yes, that’s the fellow you’re so fond of. Is the sex with him still good?”

“It’s so good, and I think there’s a chance I’ll get to fuck his boss and her lover, too.”

“His boss…? You don’t mean Gina Daniels, the department chair? She’s almost as old as me, and a woman, pumpkin.”

“Oh, she’s oozing sex, Daddy, and her boy toy can keep her satisfied, so they’re folks I want to get to know better. I’ll let you know more when we get back. Hey, I better run – do you have time to jack off one more time tonight?”

“Anything for you, pumpkin. Tell me again how you want me to get you pregnant in that sweet tight cunt of yours…”

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