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Summer of ’76

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It was the summer of 1976 and I was vacationing with my family in one of several log cabins that were part of an aging camp constructed in the Thirties on the shore of Lake Michigan. Each morning after breakfast I would set out combing the endless beach collecting stones and driftwood, enjoying the waves rolling over my bare feet.

The previous night, for the first time ever in my eightenn years, I had shared a breathless make-out session with a girl. She was a sweet girl from a neighboring cabin, and eager to kiss a years-older boy during a moonlight swim. There was a bonfire on the beach where our parents and the other vacationers chatted. While the younger children roasted their marshmallows, she and I, far enough out in the shallow waters to enjoy some privacy, created our own bonfire of passion. We kissed, and she nuzzled my neck and surprised me by sucking my earlobe.

Alas things would go no farther, as soon her parents called her in from the water, and the next morning she told me their vacation was over and she that she had to go. She kissed me quickly, and hugged my neck, then broke away with tears in her eyes, and in minutes she was gone.

I played the scenes through my head as I trudged along the beach, feeling both excitement at the experience, and an emptiness that she was gone.

I spotted a large chunk of Styrofoam which was rocking in the surf, and having determined it would be great fun at the camp, I headed back, balancing the salvaged raft on my head.

After a bit I started hearing footfalls coming up quickly behind me, and something hit the raft, causing me to go sprawling into the sand.

I was helped to my feet by the jogger, a man about my father’s age with a golden tan, a bit of a belly, and a hairy chest. He was very apologetic, saying he had only meant to tap the raft as he jogged by, but had misjudged the force he had used.

I was fine and accepted the man’s apology, but he wasn’t through with me yet. He expressed his concerns for me and asked me to sit on the raft so he could make sure I wasn’t injured. I complied, and he inspected me and brushed some sand from my knee.

In a moment I was surprised to find that I was enjoying the man’s attention, and that I was attracted to him. It was somewhat unsettling as I had never had such feelings before. I had butterflies in my stomach

‘I’d like to keep an eye on you for a bit’, he said, as he placed a friendly hand on my shoulder, ‘how about coming with me to my beach house for something cold to drink?’

I was thirsty, but something else urged me to go with the man; I was enjoying being in his care, so I agreed.

His place was air-conditioned and very comfortable. I quickly had a lemonade in my hand and was feeling at ease. I was feeling something else as well. I felt that I was having an adventure, and that I liked being in this place, with this man, and that I wanted to stay.

When he asked if I wanted rum in my lemonade, I told him I thought that would be wonderful.

‘On second thought, if you told someone I gave you rum, I could get into trouble’, he said.

I told him I never would tell on him, but he said he couldn’t be sure, unless he had something that I wouldn’t want him to tell. So I told him all about the girl, and the previous night’s necking. He asked me lots of questions, including about other experiences I had (none). Had I jacked off after? (in a cabin shared with my family? – no). Did I like to think of girls when I jacked off (yes). But he said that wasn’t enough, that young men loved to brag. I promised him I could keep a secret but he said he wanted to be sure.

‘I will give you the rum if you give me a kiss, I am sure you would never tell that you let a man kiss you’

I could feel the flush in my swim trunks and I told him okay, and in a moment he was kissing me. I quickly deciding that one thing better than kissing a girl, was to be kissed by a man. He kissed me for a long minute, when he broke it off he told me that it was very nice and that I was a good kisser. I felt proud that I had pleased him.

‘Now look what you have done’ he exclaimed, leaning against the wall, ‘You’ve made my dick all hard’.

‘I did that?’ I asked stupidly.

‘Yes, do you want to see? Come over here’

I quickly moved to him and he pressed down on my shoulders, and I knew I was going to be on my knees for this man, and would suck his cock.

He told me to feel his cock, and I did.

He told me to pull down his swim trunks, and I obeyed, exposing his beautiful, uncut 7-inch cock .

He told me to put his cock in my mouth and I did as I was told.

I was a little afraid, but I loved what I was doing. He gave me several instructions on sucking his cock and I played close attention, I wanted to make him happy. My mouth was watering.

I could feel the force of his hand on the back of my head, as if to say ‘don’t even think you get to decide when you are through sucking my cock’. I was intoxicated by the smell of him.

After awhile the instruction stopped and I could hear the music of his relaxed breathing. I was also very relaxed and very tuned on.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, and told me to stand up and take my swim trunks off slowly. As he watched me he added the rum to my drink. I adored having his eyes on me and didn’t feel shy at all.

‘Very nice’, he said, ‘now drink it all and get into the bed on your back’.

I quickly obeyed and he joined me in the bed, running his hands all over my body while he kissed me passionately.

‘Mmm, you are very sweet, like a girl. Would you like to be my girlfriend?’

I almost came right then, but I told him it would be my pleasure, though I have never been a man’s girlfriend before.. he began kissing me all over, and soon he was touching and sucking and licking my five-inch cock and my balls. I was in heaven. I had only had my cock felt a little once before, through my swim trunks, the night before in the lake.

He began to rim my ass and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt. I was moaning in delight.

‘That’s right baby’, he whispered, ‘don’t hold back’.

He rimmed me for quite some time, and told me he would fuck me soon and that I would be his, I told him I was his already, and that he could fuck me anytime. He put me on my side and began to push the head of his cock into my ass and it felt wonderful, but suddenly he was in, and it hurt, and I cried out in pain. He stopped moving, but didn’t pull out. He whispered to me, ‘you have to relax your ass now, sweetheart, you’re going to have to trust me, I won’t move until you say it is okay, but relax your ass baby, now.’

I totally submitted to what he told me and willed myself to relax and take his big cock happily, and just as he said, in one minute the pain had stopped and only pleasure remained. He began fucking me deeper and harder until I felt like the sexiest thing alive, and suddenly he shuddered with pleasure and shot his load deep into my ass.

He then told me he was going to make me cum, and sucked my cock for about 30 seconds until I exploded in his mouth. He told me he loved the way I tasted.

After a few minutes of laying together he left the bedroom and returned with a hot wet towel, with which he gently wiped me clean.

‘You belong to me now, baby’, he said…and for the next five days whenever we could, I did.

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