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Summer Heat

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It was a blistering hot summer day. I had just walked a couple of miles from the auto dealer repair shop where I had left my car for a tune up. Normally it’s a pleasant walk but today it was just sweaty. I was nearly home when a voice behind me said, “Oh good, could you help me with this?”

I heard her bike come to a stop. It was Kimberly, my neighbor, kitty corner from across the street. I was standing right in front of her house. Kimberly and her husband are a young couple that purchased their first home here several months ago. Kimberly is a grade school teacher.

I’m not quite sure what her husband does but he does it in a suit and he is gone by 7 am and back around six. They were young, good looking, and athletic. They always seemed to be doing something energetic like biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, running. They dove into fixing up their new house by refinishing the floors, painting, gardening, and even jack hammering out the back cement patio. I used to be like that but after two decades in the same house there isn’t that much more to do and I can afford to hire people to do most of those projects now.

Kimberly was returning from her morning ride which I’m sure was a 50 miler. It was about 11 am and the heat left a moist glow all over her. It was summer, school was out, and she had her days free to take morning bike rides into the local hills. Me? I was just taking a couple of vacation days for the heck of it. I’m maxed out on vacation at work and it’s use it or lose it. My wife was at work.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I need a hand to get this up on the rack. C’mon into the garage with me.”

I followed her into the garage and saw it lined with their sporting equipment including several bikes.

“I don’t use this one very often so I keep it on that high rack in the corner. I’ll lift it up but you can spot me on the step ladder so I don’t fall and kill myself. I’m just feeling a little woozy from riding in this heat.”

“No problem,” I said as I followed her.

She parked her bike against the wall and dragged a step ladder over to a spot beneath the rack. She climbed up three steps and bent over to lift the bike. I steadied her by grabbing the calves of her legs. Kimberly had fantastic legs. At the moment they were smooth, moist, and hot from exercise. As I looked up I could see her perfect round ass molded into her tight white spandex shorts. I could even see the cleft of her pussy clearly outlined between her slightly spread legs. For a brief moment she wobbled and I pushed her back up with the palm of my hand on her ass. Man! Was it firm and muscular! She spent a bit of time with the fasteners on the bike rack and I entertained myself peering at the moist line of wet fabric running from between her legs up through her ass crack. It was a hot ride indeed! I backed off as she stepped down off the ladder.

“Thanks. That was perfect timing you being there right then.”

“Yeah but you probably should have started earlier in the morning when it was cooler. Just my short walk from the car place has me beat. I’m going to go home and hose my self off to cool down,” I said.

“No. No. Stay and have some drinks in the backyard with me. Bottled water, lemonade, beer. We’ve got plenty of cold drinks. And some shade now that we finished the deck. Let’s get to know each other.”

I hesitated a little. Kimberly and her husband had moved in about 4 months ago. We met them while my wife and I were walking our dogs in the evening. As we passed by their house they saw us and came out to introduce themselves to us. We chatted a little at the time and a couple of times since then but we really haven’t socialized. Besides, we’re in our early 50’s and they are what? In their mid 20’s? Our lives are pretty much on different tracks.

Kimberly was cute, not drop dead gorgeous, but cute. About 5’8″, straight blond hair parted in the middle and tied back in a ponytail, shoulders a little broad but a narrow waist, and of course her firm ass and luscious legs. She had nice sized breasts, good handfuls I’d say, but for right now they were plastered nearly flat by a sport bra top. The nubs of her nipples were clearly showing through the fabric moist with her sweat. She has a round inviting face with expressive eyes. With a little makeup she might actually be stunning. I guess now was an opportunity to be neighborly.

“Sure, I’d like that.”

I followed her through the garage and into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and peered in bending at the waist. Ah, another glimpse of her hips stretching the thin white fabric across her ass. I nearly reached out to put my hands on those firm cheeks again.

“What do you want?” she asked, “I’ve got some cold Coronas and limes”.

“That sounds perfect for a hot day,” I said.

She stuck her left hand out with a beer and she turned to look at me. I tore my eyes from her ass to the beer and said, “Thanks.”

We went out to the shady part of their deck and I flopped into a chair. She set her beer on the small table between us.

“I’m going back for some chips. I could use a little salt right now.”

I sat, squeezed a wedge of lime into the bottle, and savored the cold tangy beer. She was taking some time getting the chips but when she returned I could see that she had changed into some dry clothes. She was barefoot, wearing a short white pleated tennis skirt and a short cotton button down top that bared quite a bit of her toned midriff. Her breasts, now freed from the sport bra, bounced underneath.

She pulled the chaise lounge into the sun and laid back on it facing me with her legs crossed. We talked, revealed the essential basics of our lives and gossiped a little about the neighborhood. We finished the first beer and then a second. We were both feeling pretty relaxed by now. She didn’t know it but as she slouched in the chaise I could glimpse her white panties under her skirt. They wedged up and outlined the mounds of her pussy. And just peeking below the hem of that short blouse was the bottom rounds of her breasts. She didn’t seem to act as if she had seen any of my glimpses or that the bulge from my semi-hard on was at all visible. She went in for a third set of beers. I couldn’t help but think about how cute she was with that gorgeous young tight body barely covered with just a thin layer of fabric. She was going to give me something to jerk off to when I got home.

She returned and we continued chatting as before. As we talked, she shifted in the chaise and I could see that she was opening up her legs little by little. The stiff pleats of the skirt were tenting across her thighs. I was getting excited at the prospect of more glimpses of her pussy outlined in her white panties. What I got was a perfect view of her smoothly shaved pussy with the hood of her clit poking out the top of her slit. It looks like she did more than just get a couple of beers earlier. By now I was sporting a raging hard on and, try as I might, my eyes drifted to the show in front of me. I lifted my eyes to hers again and I saw her looking at the bulge in my shorts. She continued staring and then looked up at me. Our conversation stopped.

Now she looked down at my shorts again and slowly but deliberately splayed her legs wide hiking her skirt up her thighs. She brought her cold beer bottle down between her legs and pressed the cold glass against her clit. She flinched at the coldness but kept it there slowly moving it side to side. She slouched down a little further scrunching the skit up to her waist. She was looking straight at me and I could clearly see the mounds of her breasts up her blouse. She set her beer down and reached with both hands to her pussy. One set of fingers circled her clit and the other slowly slid up and down her slit. I could now see the small inner lips of her labia. Her pink pussy was glistening in the sunlight from the condensation from the bottle and her sweat.

I looked in awe at the young athletic body in front of me. I found my own hand already rubbing my cock through my shorts. She used both hands to spread her pussy wide so I could see her inviting hole. I slipped my hand into my shorts. While I sat there rubbing my cock in front of this gorgeous neighbor of mine she unbutton her blouse and released her firm breasts. Her nipples pointed to the sky and she gave them a hard squeeze. She slipped her hands down and she plunged two fingers into her pussy. Her thrusts into her pussy matched the rhythm of my strokes on my cock.

She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them off. “I guess we’ve crossed a line . . . didn’t we?” she said softly.

“Guess so,” I replied, my eyes locked onto hers.

She slowly got up from the chaise. She dropped her cotton blouse to the deck. She bent over looking at me. A wisp of blond hair brushed over her face. My eyes moved down to her hanging tits. They jiggled as she stepped out of her skirt. She was now fully naked before me. She moved closer and spread my legs. With her hands on my shoulders she leaned forward and slowly rubbed her tits across my face moving them side to side. They were steamy and I licked the salty sweat as they swept across my lips. I pull my hands out of my shorts and grabbed her tits. I shoved a nipple into my mouth and circled my tongue around it. She moaned with pleasure.

Leaning forward, she licked my ear, and then whispered, “Don’t stop. That feels so good.”

Her warm breath in my ear made my cock leap. I licked one nipple and then the other and then buried my face in her moist cleavage.

She then backed up, closed my legs, and straddled her legs around the outside of my thighs. She lowered herself onto my lap and started to grind her pussy into my cock. I put my hands on her hips and she played with her tits while looking into my eyes. I could feel her pussy split across my shaft as she ground her clit into the fabric of my shorts. She leaned over to my lips and plunged her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues intertwined and I struggled not to cum right then and there.

“Oh fuck! This feels good but let’s get you naked,” she said with a tone of desperation.

She slid back off my lap and pulled at the waistband of my shorts. She hooked the waistband of my boxers as she slid them down. My cock sprung free into the hot summer afternoon air. She knelt down to untangle the shorts from my ankles and flung them off the deck and into the grass. She took a moment to admire my cock. Her left hand wrapped around the shaft and slowly traced the veins. My balls were hanging loose in their sack in this summer heat. Kimberly gently cupped them in her right hand. Then she leaned forward and ran the flat of her tongue from my balls to the tip and back down. She then took my whole ball sack in her mouth and rolled them over her tongue. I was in ecstasy as I slouched in the chair and watched her head bobbing on my cock. She drooled spit on it and covered it with a thick film of saliva.

“Perfect,” she said as she got up to straddle my naked cock this time around. She split her pussy around the shaft and rocked forward and back rubbing it along her slit. I could feel the friction of the inner lips of her pussy on the underside of my dick head. Between her spit and her juices we had plenty of lubrication. I felt fucking great! She rocked with steady deliberate thrusts now with her head back, eyes closed and her tits swaying. She was consumed by the feeling of my cock sliding up and down her slit. She slid faster and faster and grunted softly. Then, without warning, she grabbed my dick and furiously rubbed the head of my cock onto her clit. Her face scrunched up, she bit her lower lip, her stomach contracted, and she writhed in a shuddering orgasm. She continued to press my dick onto her clit as the waves of pleasure swept through her.

She collapsed forward and put her arms around my neck. She breathed heavily and put her tongue into my ear again. Now she slid her hips forward, up a little, down, and pressed the tip of my cock onto her pussy hole. She was tight from her orgasm. She wriggled, pushed a little harder, and my cock plunged inside her. Another groan escaped her lips. She lifted and came down on my cock. She lifted and came down again. Then she held me tight as another orgasm pulsed through her. I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock. We were dripping in sweat.

Slowly she started to ride my shaft. “Damn!” she said in a breathless voice, “That second one was amazing with your cock stretching my tight cunt.” This young thing talking dirty only made my cock harder. She sat up and I looked her firm athletic body up and down as she continued to ride me. Her tits pointed at me and jiggled slightly as she moved up and down.

“Lean back so I can see you fuck me.”

“So you like to watch . . . do you? OK, I’ll give you something to watch.”

Then she leaned back with her hands on my knees and I could see my glistening dick being pumped by her pussy. Her lips were spread wide and her clit swollen from her orgasm. She could see the lust in my eyes.

Leaning forward she put her lips to my ears and breathed, “I’ll do anything you want me to.”

“Turn around,” I said, “I want to fuck you from behind.”

She smiled, lifted herself off my cock, and turned around. She dragged a foot rest in front of her to lean on and then she bent over.

“Just a minute,” I said, “I love this view.”

Before me was her heart shaped ass and firm cheeks. Her muscular legs were together and the mounds of her labia pushed through her thighs. They were thick and full and now wet with sex.

“Spread those pussy lips,” I demanded.

She moved her legs apart a little and with both hands reached between her thighs and spread her pussy wide open revealing the perfect pink oval of her inner lips and a black inviting hole for my cock.

“That is just beautiful,” I said, while stroking my dick, “Sit on me.”

She reached back and guided my cock into her pussy. She leaned on the footrest again and pumped her ass up and down as I watched my cock slide in and out. The folds of her pussy wrapped around my shaft. She looked back at me and smiled as she saw me staring at her ass.

“How’s it feeling back there? Are you enjoying that tight cunt of mine? Cause’ I could do this all day.”

And I bet she could with those strong thighs of hers. She laughed softly as we heard voices just over the fence as a couple of neighbors strolled by on the sidewalk. Now I was ready to really do some fucking.

I grabbed her hips as I stood up and pushed my chair back. I started to pump her faster. We both grunted with my thrusts. Her tits bounced and my balls slapped her firm ass cheeks. She began to lose her footing.

“Let’s move over to the table,” I said.

We separated and quickly moved to the food table, pushing the chairs aside. She flopped onto the table pressing her tits into the glass. I spread her legs with my hands and shoved my thick hard cock back into her sopping wet pussy. Now I could pump her hard without her falling over. And pump her I did! The sensations in my cock were out of this world. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking this beautiful young slut and she was enjoying every minute of it. I pounded my dick into her and she just kept asking for more. As I kept fucking her cunt from behind I reached around and started fingering her clit. She instantly pushed her ass into me and came with a shudder. Her juices poured down our already sweaty thighs and her knees went weak. I grabbed her hips and with a few more hard pounding thrusts I exploded into her. Streams of cum erupted into her hot wet cunt. It felt like it would never end (and I didn’t want it to). Breathless, I finally pulled my cock out and a dollop of cum plopped to the deck. It was followed by thick stream oozing from her hole.

“Stay put a second. I want to see it drip out of your pussy.”

“You what?”

“I want to see my jizz dipping from your cunt you little slut! Relax. Just let gravity do the work.”

“You dirty man you,” she said teasingly.

“Well, that’s my fetish. What’s yours?”

“Older men . . .”

I stroked my cock as I watched the thick white cream slowly drip from her pussy onto the wooden deck. After a while Kimberly turned and stood to face me. She leaned back against the table and put one foot up on a chair. With a satisfied smile she reached down between her legs and with two fingers scooped some more creamy cum out of her pussy. She slowly rubbed it on her tits and then one finger at a time she licked them clean. I nearly came again! She stepped over to me and planted a wet kiss on my lips. She took my hand and we went into the house.

We cleaned up together in the warm spray of her shower. We soaped and fondled each other for a long time. She was even able to bring my exhausted cock back to life with her mouth but we were done fucking for the day. She threw on her shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops. I gathered my clothes from the back yard. It was about 3 pm and time to go. She saw me to the font door. We said our so-longs and as I was stepping out the door she put her hand on my shoulder.

She leaned over and said softly, “Come on over for beers anytime. The summer is just beginning.”

I smiled and walked across the street to my house thinking of all that vacation time I’ve got saved up.

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