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Sucker for a Shredder

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Lucky me. My company’s annual convention was in Vail, Colorado this year. My family had been planning a winter ski trip and I thought I’d take the chance to scope out Vail as a possible site. The convention was scheduled so that we attended meetings through lunch and had the afternoons to explore the town, ski, or network with fellow employees.

As it turns out, I did some serious networking, but I doubt the new contacts I made will help my business and I definitely won’t be adding them to my client list. I don’t think my boss (or my wife for that matter) would be to happy to hear that my new contacts spent the week training me to bottom like a cockluving whore.

So I’m happily married and until this recent week, fundamentally straight. I admit I often surf internet porn and have been strangely attracted to gay porn in the last couple of years. I often jerk off to gay porn and am fascinated by how uninhibited and downright dirty the male stars perform. Sex with the wife has become somewhat perfunctory and not very frequent, especially as the kids take more and more of our daily energy. I’ve had several strange dreams recently that included me engaging in homosexual activities with a variety of friends, co-workers, and strangers. In all these dreams, I become infatuated with my male partner’s large penis and end up performing acts I only wish my wife would perform on me. I usually awake to find my pajamas wet and sticky with a huge load of my nocturnal jizz. My wife is clueless although I think she wonders why I have recently taken an interest in the chores, having to do a couple of loads of laundry each week to prevent her from finding my crusty, cum-covered pj’s.

I just shrugged this unusual behavior off as one more tell-tale sign of my oncoming middle age. I’m 38, been married 15 years, have three kids, and am generally a conservative Republican type. But these wild wet dreams were very soon to become more than a figment of my imagination.

The second day of the convention, several of my co-workers decided to hit the slopes and do some skiing. All three were excellent skiers, having grown up in Colorado and I was soon left behind to slowly traverse the beginner and intermediate terrain as they went to explore the expert bowls on the backside of the resort. We were to meet back at the hotel for drinks before dinner. It being mid-week the area was not very crowded and I rode several lifts by myself, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the increasing snowfall. As I loaded onto an empty gondola for a ride back up to mid-mountain, a 20-something snowboarder came to a screeching stop, unbuckled his board, and jumped onto my gondola as the doors slid shut.

“Sorry, dude,” he said as he settled in across from me for the 18 minute ride up the hill.

“No problem,” I replied, “the gondola is built for 8, I think there’s plenty of room for the two of us.”

As we crested the first cliff, putting the base area out of sight, my companion started to fidget in his seat. “Damn, bro, I got to piss like a racehorse. Those couple beers at lunch just hit me.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just chuckled, until the boarder dude stood up and started to unzip his baggy pants.

“I can’t hold it in man. We’re over these cliffs and out of site of the ski runs. Do you mind if I lower this window and take a leak?”

What could I say? When a guy needs to pee, he needs to pee. “Be my guest,” I said.

The window was about four feet off the floor of the gondola, so the guy put one foot on each bench seat, straddling the floor and pulled out his dick, aiming a long, steady stream of urine out the small window.

“Don’t eat yellow snow,” he giggled as he continued to aim a river of warm pee at the snow covered terrain beneath the gondola.

I tried not to look, but from the minute he unzipped, I noticed he had a very impressive member, significantly larger than my penis and rivaling the thick, meaty dick of a pornstar. He was uncut and his flaccid tool was easily 6 inches long with big veins and a thick hairy mop of blonde pubic hair to match the shaggy mane hanging down below his wool snow cap.

My midnight dreams came back to me and I immediately wondered how big his cock would get when he was hard. I felt my ski pants tighten in my crotch as my dick stirred to attention with these nasty thoughts.

He shook his cock several times to get the last few drops of pee and I think his dick actually grew a couple of inches as he jumped off the seats and turned back toward where I was sitting.

In no hurry to stash his package away, he stood directly across from where I was seated, his cock at my eye level and said, “You see something you like?”

“Uh, no. What do you mean?”

“I saw the way you were eyeing my package as I took a leak,” he began. “I’ve seen that look on dude’s faces before. You some kind of fag, or something?”

“Absolutely not! I’m happily married and am definitely not gay,” I replied, embarrassed to admit that his cock was making me very horny.

“You’re married. So fucking what. I’ve had several married dudes blow me and usually they get an A for effort. You want to blow me dude?” he asked as he began to slowly stroke his ever growing member.

I couldn’t believe how forward he was acting, but to be honest, I did want to blow him. But I was frozen with fear and couldn’t bring myself to answer.

“Look partner,” he said. “We’ve got 10 minutes to the top and with a little help from my hand, you might just coax a load out of this bad boy before those gondola doors open up. So quit fucking around and get on your knees like a good little cocksucker,” he ordered as he fell back into the seat and wiggled his pants down around his ankles, exposing his big hairy nuts.

Without further hesitation, I did as instructed, dropping to my knees on the floor of the gondola between his legs and reached out to grasp his now nearly fully erect cock in my virgin hand. I’d stroked my own cock plenty of times, but holding his massive member in my grip was like the difference in holding a golf club versus a baseball bat. His cock pulsed with energy and I could barely get my hand around the base of his shaft.

“Yea fucker,” he groaned. “I knew you wanted some of this. Open your mouth and get to work, we ain’t got much time.”

The fear of reaching the top of the ride with me still on my knees between the young snowboarder’s legs overcame my fear of tasting his big rod and I open my mouth wide and engulfed his large mushroom head, running my tongue down the underside of his shaft. I’d watched plenty of blowjob pornos and thought I knew what a good blowjob looked like. Having convinced my wife on a few occasions to perform oral sex on me, I also knew what a bad blow job felt like. I attempted to take several inches down my throat and immediately began to gag.

The boarder dude laughed, “Shit, buddy, you can do better than that.” He put his hands behind my head and forced it back down on his shaft, pausing as I started to gag but not letting me back off his tool. As my throat began to accommodate his girth, he forced several more inches into my mouth. I had roughly half of his length in my throat and I still had my hand wrapped around the base of his monster.

“Now suck on it, dude. And watch those teeth,” he instructed.

I put on my best Hoover impersonation and created a nice vacuum seal on his rod, starting to bob up and down as he applied pressure to the back of my head, forcing more and more of his incredible tool down my throat.

“Play with my balls, man,” he ordered as he pulled his spit covered cock from my mouth and gave my face a few wet, firm whacks. “Suck those hairy nuts, boy. Feel that warm jizz starting to bubble deep in my nads.”

I took one ball in my mouth and sucked lightly, tonguing his nuts as I stroked his long, spit-lubed boner. I changed balls and took his other nut in my warm mouth, amazed at how horny and nasty I was acting. He lifted his feet up onto the seat on the far side, exposing his puckered hole to me. Without any instructions, I licked my way down to his hairless hole and began to tongue fuck his ass as he moaned with pleasure. I don’t even like giving my wife oral sex, but I was turned on beyond belief rimming this guy’s ripe ass.

“That’s it cocksucker,” he groaned. “Now get back up here and finish off this boner.”

As I massaged his balls, I took his dick back in my mouth and let him face fuck me like a cheap whore. I knew we must be getting near the top of the lift, so I doubled my efforts to suck him dry. Unbelievably his cock seemed to grow even bigger deep down my throat and the veins on the top of his shaft began to pulsate.

“Oh yea fucker, I’m gonna blow. I’m gonna shoot this big load straight down your faggot throat,” he exclaimed as I began to feel spurt after spurt of warm, creamy goo coat the back of my throat.

“Fuck yea!!!” he screamed as he unloaded a gallon of man sauce into my eager mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but cum dribbled out of my mouth and ran down my chin into my beard.

“Lick it up, dude,” he ordered. “We’re getting close to the top and you need to clean up my tool, now.”

I slurped up the sticky cum, licking his long shaft like the sweetest lollipop I’d every tasted, swallowing every ounce of warm fluid I could get. I didn’t want to stop but he shoved me away and yanked up his pants as the gondola door swung open, with me still on my knees between his legs, his spunk still wet in my beard. He jumped out of the gondola and grabbed his board as I stood up, exited the gondola, and grabbed my skis, an obvious tent protruding from my ski pants. The lift operator gave me a nasty look, as I was sure he knew what had just happened, but he didn’t say anything.

I met the boarder out on the slopes as he was putting on his snowboard.

“Dude, you’ve clearly done that before. I don’t know if a chick has ever given me head that good.”

I smiled, proud I had satisfied this stud, while feeling guilty and embarrassed at the same time.

“Based on that lump in your pants, you must have enjoyed it too,” he chuckled.

I couldn’t argue with that. It was probably the hottest sexual situation I had ever been a part of and I was already regretting it was over.

“Tell you what cocksucker,” he began. “I’ve got a condo down at the base, why don’t you follow me down and let’s continue this party at my place.”

With that he took off and without thinking twice, I started after him. As we rode down the mountain, I tried to imagine what he had in mind once we got back to his condo. I decided I didn’t care what his intentions were, as long as he was willing to give me another chance at that magnificent cock. As we reached his condo, my cock was still standing at attention and I was ready to follow this stud to my complete and total deflowering.

As he opened the door to his place he turned to me. “Strip down married guy,” he instructed. “Let’s see how much of a cockslut you really are.”

I removed my clothes, my 6″ dick standing straight at attention as he popped a dvd into the player and turned on some straight porn.

“Grab a beer, dude, and relax,” he said as he headed into the bedroom. I heard the shower running as I popped a brew and sat down on the couch, the cold leather against my bare ass reminding me I was naked and ready to submit to this young stud. I slowly stroked my raging hardon as I watched the hot porn, a tiny little starlet getting drilled deep in the ass by a well-hung guy. Even as big as the pornstar’s dick was, a good 9″ I estimated, I think the snowboarder had him by at least an inch. As I watched him deep dick the girl’s butt, I wondered if I was shortly going to be experiencing the same thing.

The snowboarder returned with a towel wrapped around him and grabbed a cold beer, the outline of his meaty pole clearly evident beneath the thin cotton.

“Dude, I’m giving up the last hour of boarding for this, so you better make it worth my while,” he said. “I gotta tell you, I prefer chicks, but the way you sucked my cock, I gotta felling you’ve got some pent up sexual shit going on so let’s have some fun.”

With that he stepped in front of me, his cock stirring beneath the towel. I reached out and rubbed his growing bulge, mouthing his shaft through the towel before ripping the towel from his torso. His cock sprang to life, smacking me in the cheek, his mushroom head still hidden in his uncut foreskin.

“Oh yea, slut. I’m gonna make you beg for this big cock.”

I took his rod into my mouth and began to blow him again. In no time his head popped out of its cover and his tool grew to its impressive full length. I took his muscular butt cheeks in my hands and pulled him into my mouth, as his cock disappeared down my throat.

“Get that cock nice and wet, bitch, cause where its going, you’re gonna want all the lube you can get.”

I immediately knew what he meant, and although I had a pang of fear, my cock began to leak precum at the thought of getting ass fucked by his huge cock. After sucking his dick for several minutes, he ordered me to stand up and bend over the back of the couch.

“Spread those ass cheeks, bitch and show me that virgin hole,” he instructed.

I did as he wished and braced myself for what I was sure to be an uncomfortable few minutes. I figured if the cute little porn chick could handle a big dick in her tight rear, why couldn’t I learn to enjoy the same thing.

The dude spit a huge wad onto my exposed ass and I felt the fluid run down between my cheeks. Using his big pole, he spread the spit around my puckered hole, giving me the only lubrication I was going to enjoy.

Without any further warning, he leaned his weight against my ass and his spear popped into my virgin chute, his big mushroom head invading my tight hole with an audible pop. I tried to wiggle forward away form the searing pain but I was trapped against the sofa. I started to scream, but the boarder dude grabbed one of my dirty socks off the sofa and shoved it into my mouth, holding the ends behind my head like a set of reins.

“Don’t be such a baby,” he commanded, as he continued to apply pressure on my trapped body, driving inch after painful inch into my tortured hole. “You know you fucking want it, so be a man and take it like the little bitch you are.”

Even as my ass felt like it was being split in two, I knew he was right. I wanted every last inch of his cock buried in my butt and I wanted him to fuck me just like the guys in my nightly wet dreams.

After several minutes of excruciating pain, I felt his balls against mine and knew he had bottomed out. I was having trouble breathing with the sock in my mouth, but I could feel my own warm precum leaking from my raging boner and knew my mind was enjoying something my ass was still having trouble processing.

Holding the reins tight, he began to slowly withdraw before forcing his massive rod back into my empty hole. With each stroke, he increased the pace, starting to fuck my ass for real. The incredible burning pain began to subside and the friction of his in-and-out pounding massaging my prostate became pleasurable. On each downstroke, I felt incredibly full but as he pulled out, I longed for him to plunge that incredible fuckstick back deep into my horny hole.

He continued to fuck me with furious, deep strokes and I began to push back against him as he withdrew.

“I knew you were a little butt-slut,” he laughed as he threw the now useless dirty sock across the room. “You love having that big cock up your ass, don’t you?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned. “Screw me hard and deep. Please don’t stop.”

As I finished begging him to fuck my ass, he withdrew all but the head of his enormous pole from my tattered hole and stood motionless. “No, bitch. You fuck me.”

Eager to please, I pushed back against his rod and felt it disappear into the depths of my bowels. I began to rock back and forth, fucking his now stationary cock and moaning in ecstasy.

“Fuck that feels so good,” I exclaimed. “I love having my assed fucked deep and hard.”

Even as I finished mouthing this unbelievable statement, the front door of the condo opened and in walked two more snowboarders.

“Dude, you getting some ass and you didn’t invite us,” boarder one said.

“You got that queer ready for us?” asked boarder two.

“This little married faggot is a full blooded cockwhore,” replied the boarder still buried deep in my ass. “He blew me on the gondola like a pro. So I brought him back here for some serious fucking. You guys ought to see the way he fucks. I think we’ve got a real convert here. Don’t know if he’ll ever crave pussy again.”

With that, the two new arrivals stripped down and came over to stand in front of the sofa, offering their still soft cocks up for my attention.

“Hope he enjoys a good gangbang,” boarder one laughed as he stroked his dick to attention.

“He sure as fuck will after we are done with him,” cracked boarder two, pulling on his nuts as his boner leapt to life.

The first guy’s dick was not much longer than mine, maybe 7″, but fat as a can of Budweiser. Boarder two had a long, thin rod with a big banana curve that made his bone point skyward. It was easily as long as the one now impaled in my ass, but a little less thick.

I reached out to stroke the long thin dick, as Bud boy shoved his fat tool into my mouth, immediately bottoming out as his nuts bounced off my bearded chin.

“This fucker has no gag reflex, dude,” Budweiser boy quipped as he began to power fuck my throat.

“I cured him of that nasty habit,” said the guy who continued to pound my abused ass. “He’s a deepthroat expert, man. And he’s a fuckspert too. Look how his little man-clitty is leaking as I fucking pound his tight hole.”

“His hole may have started out as tight, bud,” Banana dude chuckled. “But after you’re done with him, he’ll just be another worn out piece of ass.”

I was being treated like a submissive little whore and I was loving every minute of it. Any apprehension that had hit me when the two new studs walked in had disappeared as I continued to blow one guy and jerk off the other. I knew the stud in my ass wouldn’t last forever, but now I had two new fuckers to take over and keep my ass filled with cock.

“Let me try some of that throat,” Banana boy said as he pushed Bud guy out of the way and rammed his long, skinny rod into my open mouth. Unbelievably, I was able to take his entire length down my throat and tongued his hairless balls as he left his rod firmly planted. I reached over and jerked Bud boy’s wet cock, shocked that I was unable to get my hand wrapped completely around his massive girth.

It took all my concentration to be able to jerk one guy, while getting faced fucked by the second and ass pounded by the third. I was in cock heaven and when the fucker buried in my ass starting spanking my butt cheeks and increased his rhythm, I knew he was close to planting his seed in my raw hole.

“Yea, bitch, take that cock in your little man-hole,” he hollered. “I’m gonna blow my load straight up your shitter.”

With a loud grunt, he sank his shaft to the hilt in my ass and exploded, filling my hole with his second load of the day. I felt each and every ejaculation as he shot wad after wad of hot, sticky man-cream into my stuffed anus. I swear he came for a solid 30 seconds. As he withdrew his deflating boner from my stretched and happy ass, there was an audible pop and I felt his warm seed leaking out of my ass and running down the inside of my thighs.

Without hesitation, Bud boy moved behind the couch and pushed his thick cockhead against my still gaping hole. I wiggled back to try and get his cock to penetrate my ass, but he kept moving backwards, teasing me.

“Beg for it bitch,” he ordered. “Tell me how bad you want this fat cock buried in your horny hole.”

With Banana boy still fucking my throat mercilessly, I had a hard time speaking. I mumbled, “Please, fuck my ass. Stretch my tattered hole with that fat cock of yours. Rip my ass apart and fuck me like a bitch in heat.”

I have no idea where these deeply disturbing words spewing from my mouth were coming from, but I was beyond horny and I wanted nothing more that to get my now empty ass filled with more cock.

“That’s it cunt,” Bud boy said as he leaned forward, ripping my already stretched hole as his fat pole poked through my gaping sphincter. My ass was again on fire as I struggled to adjust to his massive girth. Again I would have screamed in pain except Banana boy was still buried down my throat and I was struggling to breath even as my ass was being split wide open. He showed no mercy as he drove his cock straight down my hole until I felt his big, hanging balls bouncing off mine. He immediately began pounding in and out, as he roughly grabbed my hips and fucked me like a wild animal.

He continued to fuck me for about 10 minutes before I felt his already massive rod thicken and unleash a second load of hot spunk into my now well-lubed asshole. As he pulled his cock from my ass, I felt a cold draft blow up my now empty gaping hole.

“Come around to this side of the couch,” Banana boy ordered as he pulled his now slick cock from my aching jaws.

He had me sit on the couch with my ass hanging off the edge as he knelt in front of me and hoisted my feet up onto his shoulders, fully exposing my man-cunt to his big, curved spear. He aimed his rod at my gaping target and with little effort drove his bone home. It easily slid up my lubed and stretched ass, but as he began to fuck my ass in earnest, his long, curved tool began to hit spots inside me I didn’t know existed. I had fully enjoyed getting fucked by both the other guys, but whether it was this studs freakish curvature or the new position, this new deep dicking had me squirming with delight. After several minutes of fucking, my dick was harder than stone and I hadn’t even touched it, too busy with my hands grabbing Banana boy’s butt cheeks and pulling him deeper into my now quivering ass.

As he rammed his member home again and again, I began to shake and groan, feeling his cock repeatedly massage an erogenous zone I didn’t know existed deep in my bowels. With a loud scream my cock exploded, shooting a giant load of boy butter all over my stomach and chest, several explosive spurts even hitting my face.

“Look at that,” one of the now spent buttfuckers exclaimed. “The little bitch just had the big O. He didn’t even touch his little clit, it just went off from all that deep dicking.”

“Fucking amazing,” shouted the other dude as I was blinded by a flash. Looking over, I realized the first fucker had pulled out a camera and he was snapping photos of me getting drilled.

I started to protest, worried the pics would end up on a website or worse, in my wife’s e-mail inbox.

“Shut up faggot,” the amateur photographer snapped. “You do what we tell you and these pics won’t cause you no issues. You fuck with us, well, that’s a different story.”

I was too highly stimulated to argue. I only wished I had a few of the pics to remind me of this incredible day.

As my body collapsed in exhaustion, the stud that had finally flipped my switch pulled his glorious tool from my rear and with two swift jerks, shot his load across my chest, several thick globs landing on my face and adding a third load of jizz to my already crusty beard. I caught some on my tongue and swallowed greedily. He pushed me down onto the floor and forced his cock back into my mouth, ordering me to suck every last ounce of spunk from his now spent dick.

All three guys grabbed a beer and flopped down onto the couch.

“We’re done with you for now, bitch,” one of the snowboarders remarked. “We are going out to find some real pussy tonight.”

As I gathered up my clothes, the salty taste of cum still making me smack my lips, the guys put their heads together and reached a consensus.

“Tell you what though,” said another of the boarders, “We’ll be here at noon tomorrow for lunch. When we walk in, I want to find you on the bed, dressed in panties, garters, fishnets, and fuck-me pumps, on all fours, with your ass in the air and ready for some more breeding. Like I said before, I prefer pussy, but maybe if we dress you up, we can make do. Besides your ass is one hot fuck.”

The third guy chirped in, “Oh, and don’t clean yourself up. I expect to see that dried cum on your chest and down the inside of your thighs and that spooge still clotted in your beard. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” I meekly replied as I put on my ski clothes and left, walking very gingerly.

“And don’t forget, we’ve got a little insurance policy here,” one of the guys continued, tapping the camera. “Don’t give us a reason to post these pics on the world wide web.”

As I headed back to my hotel, I was already thinking of the excuse I would have to tell my boss for why I was a no show at the next day’s meetings. No way was I going to meetings with dried cum on my face, but I didn’t want to do anything to give those snowboarder studs an excuse not to fuck me silly tomorrow. I also needed to get home and find a lingerie shop that delivered cause I was now officially a cockwhore and I had to learn to dress like one.

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