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Sophia and I had known each other for several months. We had met through mutual friends and quickly discovered that we shared many of the same tastes. We both had a love for chic-lit books and foreign films. We loved good food and hated reality television with an unholy passion. Sophia and I came to enjoy each other’s company and had taken every opportunity to hang out.

I loved our time together but the more time we were in each other’s company the more I noticed a certain tension between us.

I couldn’t ignore the fact that I found her very attracted. Her creamy skin and soft black hair drew me in from the beginning. She was petite and with a lightness of step that reflected her outlook on life. She never took anything too seriously. Nothing weighed heavily on her and it was possible to imagine that she’d never known unhappiness. I later learned that she had known plenty of sadness in her life and that she’d just come to a place where she refused to let those experiences cloud the rest of her life. But knowing that just made her more attractive. It made me appreciate her optimism all the more.

She was absolutely adorable and every day spent with her just increased my crush all the more. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how she would accept my advances.

It wasn’t that I was unattractive. I was curvy, compared to her athletic figure, but I’d never had any complaints before. My red hair and freckles had attracted more potential partners than I could accurately recall so I was confident enough in my overall appearance. But I wasn’t sure how Sophie would react to my advances. I know she had recently broken it off with the fellow she had been seeing for the past 6 months. He was looking for more of a relationship than she was ready for, at least that’s what she told me. Other than that, she had never given me any indication that she found other women as attractive as I did. Our o-ogling was completely one-sided. She knew I was a lesbian and was completely comfortable with that information. But she’d given me no way to discern whether or not she at least was willing to be interested in joining my side from time to time.

At least until recently. Over the past several weeks I had noticed a certain energy between us. We weren’t uncomfortable with each other, but there was this air about her when we were together. There was a bit of sexual tension when we were together, though I wasn’t sure if this was just wishful thinking on my part. I know just how badly I wanted to be with her and I was afraid that I was just imagining things because of that.

Yet, I couldn’t deny that things were different between us. She was touching me more, nothing sexual, but it was there. Every time she touched me sent my pulse racing. Still, I put it aside. I firmly told myself this as I got ready to pick her up to go see the new foreign film none of our friends had any interest in.

“Hey Sweets!” Sophie greeted me as she climbed into my car. She pulled on her seatbelt as I looked her over. She was wearing a short blue skirt, white baby t-shirt and white sandals. I lost myself in thought as I glanced at her creamy thighs.

“Earth to Nina…hello…come in?” Sophie giggled. “Wha? Oh? Did you say something?” I came crashing back to earth.

“I asked if you remembered to bring your glasses this time.” She snorted. The last time we went to see a movie I had left my glasses at home. I didn’t need them for anything other than seeing stuff far away, but that makes movies with subtitles a little difficult.

“Yes I did.” I glared at her before breaking into a grin. “Actually, that was the first thing I did before I even started getting ready. I put them in my purse. I think.”

Sophie chuckled. “I’ll check.” She began rummaging through my bag before asking, “Are you sure you packed them?”

“Yes, of course I’m sure! You called me and after I got off the phone I went and found them and was going to put them in my purse when…”, I trailed off.

“When what?”

“When the phone rang again and I forgot where I put it down at. I put my glasses down while I hunted down the phone.”

Sophie groaned in mock anguish. “You’d forget your name if given half the chance.”

“Shut up you.” I grinned back at her.

“Do you think we have enough time to go back to your house and get them?”

I checked the clock on the dashboard. “No.” I sighed. “The movie starts in 10 minutes. It’s a 20 minute drive back to my place. I’m sorry. I’ll just suffer.”

“I’ll tell you what, we’ll sit in the back and I’ll whisper to you what everyone is saying, that way you won’t be lost.” She laughed.

“Aw, you don’t have to do that. We can do something else.”

“Nah, it will be fun. I’ll be your seeing eye dog, helping the incapacitated.” She winked at me.

“I’m not that bad.” I poke her in her side. Sophie laid her hand gently on my thigh. “Oh, I know, you’re eyes aren’t that bad. You only can’t see a HUGE movie screen.” She was giggling again but I had stopped paying attention. Her hand on my skin burned deliciously. I almost whimpered when she took it away.

At the theatre we quickly found our seats and joked back and forth through the cheap advertisements shown on the screen in front of us. It wasn’t until the lights dimmed that I remembered that I was probably going to spend a good deal of the movie lost. Eh, at least I could enjoy the company.

It wasn’t until the movie started that I remembered Sophia’s promise to read me the subtitles. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt her breath on my neck and heard her whisper the first lines to me.

I turned and smiled my thanks at her trying to pretend that it hadn’t affected me as much as it did. For the next 90 minutes I tried to concentrate on the movie, but instead found myself focusing on the way her skin felt as she rested her arm next to mine, shivering each time she exhaled each delicious line into my ear. Blessedly, I was able to concentrate enough to understand the basic plot of the movie as I knew Sophia would want to discuss it on the way home.

My thoughts tumbled over each other as I sat next to her, images of us together playing over in my mind. Images of things I told myself would never happen but images that made me unbearably wet, none-the-less. Sadly, our nether regions never pay attention to realities.

When the lights went up I once again thanked her for her assistance.

“Ah, it was nothing sweets. I’m sure you’d do the same for me.”

“Well, maybe. If you paid me enough.” I smiled at her.

“As long as we know that you’ve always got a price.” She nonchalantly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards my car.

I unlocked the car door and asked, “Do you want to get something to eat?”

“Maybe? What if we pick up take out and just go back to your place?”

I considered this. Maybe we could…

“Sure, that sounds perfect!” I had to see if I could turn my fantasies into reality. I had to know if there was a chance.

We bickered briefly over whether we were going to get Chinese or a pizza, tossing good natured insults at each other with comfortable familiarity. I allowed her to choose (Chinese) as I felt it was only fair. I mean, I was planning on feeling out my chances with her.

We set the food on the table when I remembered a new pair of shoes I’d bought a few days before.

“Sophia, you’ve got to come see these shoes I bought. It’s absolutely me. Well, it’s you also, but I saw it first.” I grinned wickedly.

“Sounds nice, maybe I’ll have to steal them from you.”

I pulled her to my bedroom to lay my purchase out before her.

“Oooo…” she squealed. “They are perfect! Can I try them on?”

I nodded as I watched while she chucked her shoes and slipped her fit into the chunky sandals I’d spent a small fortune on. I threw myself on the bed and laughed as she peacocked in front of my full length mirror.

“These do look great, don’t they?”

I nodded. “They do. I bought them to go with that dress I got a few months ago. All that’s left is jewelry. Not that I have anywhere to wear the outfit, but since when was that ever important.” I grinned.

She turned and looked at me. “Never. One never needs a reason or a place to buy fabulous things. Provided one has the budget. Which is why I drive a very cheap car. Sometimes one must make sacrifices.” She smiled at me and flopped down on the bed next to me. I couldn’t help but stare at her. Her eyes just drew me in and I watched as she arched one eye brow in a questioning look.

I leaned towards her. “These earrings are perfect. Where did you get them?”

“I got them at- *gasp*.” I had laid the lightest kiss on her neck.

Sophia pulled back for a moment and looked at me before moving closer. I took the opportunity to press my lips against hers, kissing her chastely for a moment before parting her lips with my tongue. I leisurely explored her lips, her tongue and her mouth before running my hand up to the back of her neck and bringing her closer to me. She was breathing faster and I was lost in the taste of her mouth.

Slowly I pushed her back on the bed, never releasing her mouth. I leaned over her fluttering her mouth with my kisses and gently rested my hand against her breast. With the lightest of pressure I caressed the firm globe, brushing my fingers against her nipple, feeling it harden.

I traced a pattern with my lips from her mouth, along her jaw line and down to her neck just below her ear. As I tasted the skin on her neck I allow my hand to drop to the hem of her shirt and slide my hand gently underneath. I felt the softness of the skin on her stomach before moving my hand up under her bra. I catch my breath when my fingers make contact with the pointed tip of her breast and begin to rub it in earnest.

Sophia shuddered as I pulled my hand out to slowly unbutton the shirt she is wearing, revealing her cleavage button by button. I peel back the front of her shirt to reveal the lacy light blue bra that hid her breasts from me. I pulled her up long enough to untangle her from her shirt and unhooked her bra before laying her back down again. My mouth returned to hers and I brought my fingertips slowly across to the other breast, tracing a light pattern around her nipple and watching it harden from the corner of my eye. I left her lips and placed a trail of soft kisses down her chin, to the scented skin of her neck, playing my tongue in the hollow of her throat.

I move from her lips and leave a tail of soft kisses down her chin, to the scented skin of her neck, playing my tongue in the hollow of her throat before letting my lips caress the soft skin in between her breasts, deciding which one I should taste first.

The left one wins as I lean over her and very gently take the turgid tip of her nipple into my mouth. I flick it lightly with the tip of my tongue and marvel at the texture of the skin there. I wet it before blowing a cool breath of air across the tip, causing it to grow even harder. I taste the fullness of her breast as I draw it into my mouth, feeling it fill my mouth and hearing her gasp at the suddenness of it. I suckle it gently and let my hand trace patterns on the downy skin of her stomach.

I release her captive nipple and look at her. Her eyes are closed and she’s breathing shallowly. She opens her eyes and smiles at me and I take my cue. I move to her other breast and trace a slow pattern around the areola and nip the tip gently before she pushes herself up to me. I pull her hardened nipple into my mouth and suck more aggressively and use the opportunity to rest my hand on her bare thigh. I allow my hand to move up underneath her skirt, only giving her the lightest of caresses to compete with the thorough lashing I am giving her breast.

I move lightly from her knees to her panty covered pussy, feeling the heat emanating from there though never quite touching it.

Sophia spreads her legs a little farther, trying to get me to touch those places that now ache to be touched. I smile and stand up. I slowly pull her skirt off and lead her to the head of the bed. I remove both my shirt and bra, letting my breasts bounces free. I wink as I quickly drop my skirt revealing my nakedness. I climb across her and lower my own breast into her mouth, which she draws eagerly into her own warm mouth. I moan slightly and the already present dampness in my pussy grows immediately. I place my hand under her head and pull her closer to my breast, trying to get her to take it all inside. I shudder with the pleasure before pushing her back on the bed and laying atop her, once again pressing my tongue into her mouth. My leg is placed between her parted thighs and she begins to rub herself against me. My tongue dances in her mouth as our breasts rub against each other, each hardened nipple pressing into the soft flesh of the other’s breast.

I slide myself down her leg, leaving a trail of wetness from my leaking quim before pushing her thighs further apart and settling myself between her legs. I lightly brush the dampened crotch of her panties with my tongue, smelling her sweetness. I pull them away to reveal her groomed pussy; shiny with its wetness and glowing pinkness.

I begin to trace light kisses along her thighs coming close, so close to the seat of her pleasure. I tease her and smile as I listen to her whine above me. I use my hand to spread her lips and take a long look at the sexuality in front of me. I blow lightly and take the lightest of tastes. I roll the nectar of it in my mouth and allow myself another barely there taste.

Sophia is gasping and her chest is heaving as she tries to press her leaking pussy into my mouth. I finally give in and run the full length of my tongue across the parted folds and above I hear Sophia cry out hoarsely as I come in contact with her swollen clitoris. I concentrate on the turgid tip and lap at it playfully.

Sophia is moaning in earnest now and reaches down with her hand and tangles her hands in my hair guiding my head to the secret folds that need my touch. I drink the wetness of her pussy and suck her delightful clit into my mouth hearing her scream in pleasure. I suckle it as deftly as I had once suckled the nipple above me, feeling it grow in my mouth and feeling a fresh wetness on my chin. I slide one hand up and deftly insert two fingers inside her depths applying a pressure I know can only push her further.

Sophia moans throatily and bucks into my mouth as I bring her closer and closer. I push her thighs apart further and attack her with my tongue, pressing and pulling with my mouth and taking delight in the flavors that pour down my throat. My own fluids are running down my thighs as I am bent over her body, my own pussy exposed and gaping.

Sophia is reaching the point of no return and I am in desperate need of some touching.

I pull away and grin wickedly at her. “Wha?” Sophia whimpers in frustrated pleasure and watches as I turn around and straddle her face. I lower myself and shiver as I feel the first tentative touches of her tongue on my most sensitive places. I feel her tongue slide up the depths of my femininity and I close my eyes and allow myself to moan softly.

The smell of her pussy wafts up at me and I realize I need to taste more of her. I lean forward, keeping my nether lips in contact with hers as I once again dart my tongue forward to capture her clitoris into my mouth.

I feel as she traces my folds and begins to play with my pleasure node with renewed vigor. I am crying out, my face muffled with her pussy and covered in her wetness. It is all I can do to hold back, I’ve been building up for so long. I try to urge her faster with my own tongue, giving her clues that I needed to come now and I aimed to make her come at the same time.

Each taste was ecstasy as I felt her moans vibrating into my own pussy. Each ridge was pleasure and I placed my hands under her legs and drew her more fully into my mouth. I was getting closer and closer as she tongued me rapidly. Sophia writhed beneath me as I re-launched my attack on her nodule of pleasure. I could feel her sweet bucking as she rode my tongue.

In a few more moments, just a few more moments. I felt fresh wetness and her scream at the exact moment I reached my peak and moaned my own ecstasy into her muff. A fresh spray of wetness gushed from my pussy and covered her face.

Once the moment was over I carefully cleaned her pussy with my tongue, avoiding that over sensitive bump and smiling as she shuddered beneath me.

I extricated myself from her body before turning around and laying myself partly on her and partly off. I kissed her nose playfully and pressed my lips against hers and parted them. I sighed as we basked in the afterglow, tasting our own juices on each others tongues.

Sophia pulled back, brushing my hair out of my eyes. She smiled. “Well, it’s about time. I wondered how long it would take before you finally made your move. I was getting tired of flirting.” She laughed as my eyes grew wide in surprise.

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