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A Foot Up

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Paul exited his office heading toward the mail room, as he stepped into the room he ran directly into a young lady heading out. With a slight screech the poor girl landed flat on her butt.

“Oh my god,” Paul said with concern, reaching down to help her up. “Are you alright?”

As he bent to take her hand, his eyes diverted to her legs, down to her sandaled feet and up to the sight of her panty clad pussy, then back down her legs to her pretty little feet and painted toenails.

Helping her up to her feet, Paul again apologized, “I am so sorry, I didn’t see you, are you alright?”

“Please, please, I am fine,” the girl said, “I should have been paying attention to where I was walking.”

Picking up the papers that had fallen all over the floor, Paul noticed that they were all new hire paperwork.

Standing there looking at the poor girls small stature and confused look he said, “Hi, my name is Paul.”

Reaching out her hand she said, “I am Debbie, this is my first day and I was acquainting myself with the area, my office is just down the hall.”

“Well Debbie,” Paul said, “it is my pleasure to meet you, and again I am sorry for the rude meeting, I have been with this company for nearly 20 years now, I will be happy to show you around.”

This began their friendship, more of a father/daughter friendship due to the vast difference in ages, Paul being 57 and Debbie 30. But still a very close friendship.

Over the next 5 years, Paul and Debbie would often have lunch together, sometimes going out to a small diner in the area, other times just sitting in one or the others office and talking. They even went out for dinner once a week or so. During all these times they learned about each other and their friendship grew very strong.

One afternoon while enjoying a lunch together, Paul mentioned the start of the summer farmers market that weekend.

“Debbie,” Paul said, “the farmers market starts this weekend, how about you and I go there Saturday night and check it out?”

“That would be fun Paul,” she replied, “I have wanted to go there for some time, but I didn’t want to go alone, I fear I would get lost in the crowds being so short.”

“There is no way any man could lose a beauty like you,” Paul said with a smile and wink. “So, how about I pick you up around 5pm Saturday and we can make a date of it.” Paul said.

“Oh, a date is it, it’s about time you asked.” Debbie said with a wink.

Looking up at her, Paul was suddenly struck with her beauty. Standing all of 5′, with beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair that framed her pretty young face. Paul felt a tinge of desire.

The rest of the work week was hell on Paul, he was noticing more and more just how beautiful Debbie was, she didn’t help matters with her dress style that week, to Paul it seemed like he was actually seeing her for the first time after 5 years of knowing her. She always wore open toed shoes and Paul’s eyes always went to her sexy feet first and wandered up her curvy body, enjoying the fantastic way her round butt looked in her skirts and her overflowing breasts were magnificent. On more than one occasion Paul found himself in the men’s room relieving some sexual tension to his fantasy thoughts of Debbie.

Finally it was Saturday, Paul woke early with a his hand wrapped around his erect dick, slowly he began to stroke himself, picturing Debbie’s naked curvy body next to him.

“My god,” he thought to himself, “I am acting like a horny teenager.” As he continued to stroke himself to orgasm.

Paul drove to Debbie’s apartment at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, feeling kind of a guilty nervousness because of his recently discovered dirty old man thoughts of this young lady, he rang her doorbell.

Debbie opened the door to step out and Paul was instantly hard when he saw her. Debbie, dressed in a light summer dress that was probably a good 4 inches above her knees was a vision, her feet clad only in flip flops with her cute little toes painted a light pink.

Stammering a bit, Paul exclaimed, “Wow, you look fantastic.”

“Why thank you kind sir, and you look pretty good in a pair of shorts yourself,” Debbie said coyly. Watching his eyes as they roamed up and down her body, she smiled.

Paul opened the car door for Debbie to get in, as she sat, he got a nice look at her thighs as her skirt rode up a bit. His mind still lost in the sight, Debbie looked up at him and asked, “are you alright, Paul?”

With a slight shudder Paul replied, “huh, oh, yes, I am fine, just lost in thought for a moment.”

As they drove, Paul kept stealing glances at Debbie, watching the bounce of her breasts with the movement of the car, looking down at her bared thighs and pretty little toes. These glances did not go unnoticed by Debbie, she purposely shifted a few times so that her skirt would slide up a little further, all the while smiling and enjoying the tease.

As they walked the streets, stopping at various fruit and vegetable stands their bodies often were touching, each slight touch of Debbie’s body would send electric shocks through Paul, at one point as Debbie was slightly bent forward checking out some fresh tomatoes Paul got bumped and was pushed right up against her ass. His hands quickly went forward to steady himself landed on her hips. Debbie was at first startled but pushed back lightly and gave a little wiggle as she reached back to place her hand over Paul’s, a slight sigh coming from her lips.

Paul stepped back a bit, his hands still on her hips and her hand still over his. Thinking to himself, “damn, I do hope she didn’t notice how aroused I am.”

After a few hours of browsing the stands and chatting about life in general they decided it was time to head off, placing their bags in the truck, Paul walked over to open the door for Debbie, as he reached for the door Debbie raised up on her toes and gave Paul a quick kiss on his lips. “Paul,” she said, “that was fun, thank you for bringing me.”

Paul, taken by surprise with the kiss said, “it is always a pleasure to be in the company of beauty.”

Paul got in the car and glanced over at Debbie, she was taking off her flip flops and giving her feet a little rub. “I haven’t walked this much in years, my feet are a bit sore, and strangely I am a bit hungry,” Debbie said.

“Well, why don’t we stop by my place for a quick bite and you can put your feet up for a while,” Paul replied.

“Oh, that would be fantastic, I’m really not ready to lose your company just yet.” Debbie said grinning.

As they entered Paul’s house he took the bags of produce and placed them in the fridge saying, “go have a seat in the living room, get your poor tired feet up and relax, I’ll make a quick meal and bring in some wine.”

Bringing in a small plate of snacks and a bottle of wine Paul stopped and stared, Debbie was sitting on his couch her feet up on the coffee table, eyes closed and dress up almost to her panties. As he stared at her, watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed his eyes devoured her body, walking around the table he looked first at the beauty of her feet and let his gaze continue up her legs, finally with a sharp intake of his breath he saw her panty clad pussy fully exposed to him. Paul almost dropped the plate of food as he stared at this forbidden fruit. Setting down the plate and glasses he poured them both a glass of wine and sat down on the other side of the sofa.

Debbie opened her eyes slowly, taking the wine from Paul took a sip and sighed, “my poor feet will never forgive me.”

Setting his glass on the table, Paul says, “why don’t you put your feet up on my lap, I will give them a massage, matter of fact, let me get some lotion.” Standing Paul went to his room, coming back with the lotion and a warm damp towel he sat and patted his lap, “bring em on over here,” he told Debbie.

Debbie lifted her feet off the table and turned her body toward Paul, gently setting her feet onto his lap.

Grabbing the warmed towel Paul first gave her feet a gentle bath with it, wrapping first one foot then the other in the warmth of the towel. Putting some lotion on his hands, Paul began to massage Debbie’s feet, going from one foot to the other letting the moisturizer soak in, “You do have very pretty feet,” he said.

Debbie only moaned as she leaned back to enjoy this new sensation.

As Paul lifted one of her feet to work on the bottom side, adding more lotion as it was absorbed, letting his fingers caress gently between her toes, Debbie leaned back and closed her eyes, letting this new sensual feeling relax her body. “My god Paul, your hands are amazing,” she said in a low whisper, “I could take this forever.”

Paul continued working tenderly on her right foot, while her left foot, still on his lap would flex and move slowly. This movement, along with the soft feeling of her other foot in his hands caused Paul’s dick to start hardening under his shorts. Squirming a bit, trying to adjust the pressure in his pants only made things worse, his movements caused her foot to be rubbing gently on his ever hardening dick. “If she feels that she’s going to think I am an old pervert,” Paul thought to himself.

Paul then lifted her foot to his lips and gave it a kiss before laying it in his lap to begin work on the other.

Feeling Paul’s lips touch her foot, Debbie felt her pussy actually tingle. “My goodness, I am getting turned on by a foot kiss,” she thought to herself with surprise.

As Paul changed feet Debbie felt his hardness under her freshly loved foot on his lap, bending her leg slightly she rested the arch of her foot directly over Paul’s hard on and rubbed a little. Causing a light groan to escape Paul’s mouth. Even through his shorts the feeling was incredible.

Hearing his moan Debbie began to feel herself moistening, her pussy started to tingle as the touch of his hands on one foot and the feeling of his hardness under the other sent uncontrollable feelings through her body. Debbie began rubbing her foot in his lap up and down his dick, not only did the feeling of his shorts sort of tickle her, the feeling of his hard dick turned her on, feeling his hands grip the foot he was massaging, suddenly Paul’s hold on her foot tightened, she could feel his hips lift slightly and could hear his breathing become more rapid and deep. The next thing she felt sent her over the edge, Paul lifted her foot to his mouth and began to suck her toes, her hand went straight to her pussy on its own as she came, feeling Paul’s tongue on her toes she felt his hips pump, and his dick pulse under the pressure of her foot.

Looking up at Paul, she saw her toes in his mouth and his eyes closed as he grunted and came all the while dancing his tongue around her toes. “My god, I made him cum in his pants with just my foot,” she thought. Realizing that now Paul’s eyes were open and his gaze was directed at her hand over her pussy. Slowly Paul lowered her foot from his mouth, leaning over he lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it, licking her fingers and tasting her juices. Paul then lowered his face to her wet pussy, kissing through the panties, her back arched and shoved her pussy into his face. Lifting his face, Paul reached up and lowered her panties, revealing for the first time her beautiful young treasure. Staring deeply into Debbie’s blue eyes, Paul began to lower her panties down her legs, Debbie lifted to allow them to be removed, lowering his face while staring into her eyes, Paul’s tongue went deep into her open pussy.

As Paul continued to push his tongue inside her pussy, Debbie draped her legs over his shoulders, Paul’s hands slide under her butt as he lifted he to his mouth, his tongue darting in and out of her pussy, never had she felt such a strong orgasm as she came in Paul’s mouth. The feeling of his large hands on her ass, pulling her body up to his mouth, her hands on his head pulling him closer and deeper. Debbie moaned loudly as the last waves of her orgasm subsided and her body relaxed. Paul began kissing his way up her body, reaching her lips Paul kissed very gently, Debbie could taste herself on his mouth as she parted her lips to his invading tongue.

Paul was removing his pants as his mouth was on Debbie’s, his soft kisses caressing her lips as their tongues danced together, both moaning into each other’s mouths as Paul slid his dick deep into Debbie’s wet tight pussy in one thrust. Never letting their lips off each other, Paul began to slowly pump into her. Their arms wrapped around each other holding like they had been lovers for years, Paul began to pump faster and harder, he was about to cum again, Debbie could feel his thrusts quicken and his muscles tighten as he buried himself deep inside her, moaning into her mouth Paul let himself go as he shot his load into her. Their kiss continued as Paul’s dick began to go down while still buried inside of her.

Slowly their lips parted and Paul lifted his face to look at her, Debbie’s face was slightly flushed, their eyes met, both speaking the same word at the same time, “wow.”

Paul sat up, reaching for the wine glass he handed it to Debbie, “that was amazing,” he said.

Debbie looked at Paul, sipped her wine and said, “I think we have some exploring to do.” Setting her glass back down, she stood and removed what little was left of her clothing then leaned over Paul and began unbuttoning his shirt. After removing his shirt, leaving both totally naked, Debbie sat in Paul’s lap and wrapped his arms around her, and whispered, “Paul, you are only the second man I have been with, and you have brought feelings out in me I never knew were there, a world of discovery that I would like to pursue.”

“Debbie,” Paul quietly said back, “I didn’t know myself how I felt,” kissing her lips gently he continued, “I haven’t been with a woman since my divorce 15 years ago, you have brought out feelings I never knew I had either, I would enjoy for us take this journey together.”

This is the first of I hope to be many stories to come detailing the discoveries that Paul and Debbie share.

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