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Stroking In Satin

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“Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

On my way home from work I had walked into my older sister Susan’s apartment to check on her place while she was out of town. I found her boyfriend Larry sitting on her couch watching some porn about a group of men and women fucking in a store. Larry was wearing my sister’s blue lace bra and panties and had been staring at the TV while he slowly stroked his enlarged cock which was wrapped in some filmy blue underwear.

“Uh – nothing, Becky,” he answered sheepishly as he quickly tried to cover himself with his clothes that he picked up from the floor. He was too slow to prevent me from seeing that his dick had already shrunk to a miniscule size. It served him right to lose his hardon. In spite of my anger, I had to laugh to myself.

“Don’t give me that crap! You were going to shoot your load all over her panties, weren’t you? Then what were you going to do? Put them back in her panty drawer and hope she wouldn’t notice? I’ve had it happen to me before and it’s nothing short of disgusting when some random guy squirts his cum on my clean panties.”

“No,” he replied. “I would have cleaned up everything. Please don’t tell her. She doesn’t like it when I – er – go through her stuff.”

“Well, I’m not surprised that she’d be pissed at you. And you’re not just ‘going through her stuff’. You were going to shoot cum into her best panties! And it’s awful that you’re dressed up like that in ‘her stuff’. You’re staining and stretching out her underwear and she won’t like that. What else would you have done if I hadn’t walked in here and found you doing – that?”

“Um – I probably would have looked around for more of her underwear and – um – well, you know,” he said letting his answer taper off. “Are you going to tell her? Please, Becky. I’ll do anything to keep this a secret.”

“Well, I’m going to think about what I have to do here. In the meantime, you get her underwear off right now and then get your sorry ass out of here!”

“May I put everything back where it belongs so she doesn’t know about – this – um – what I was doing?” he asked plaintively.

“Oh, OK. Just be quick about it and get out!”

He got dressed in a rush, replaced Susan’s underwear and was gone in a few minutes.

After thinking about this unexpected situation for a while, I recalled that I had several boyfriends who were fascinated by my underwear and really enjoyed it when I’d jerk them off using my panties. There were others who wanted to wear my panties and have me masturbate them through the soft fabric. Oversized satin granny panties were almost unanimously the method of choice for them. I often found myself buying big panties for their jerkoff sessions both with me and when they wanted to do it for themselves as a solitary pursuit. I soon discovered that most men may not like to see their partners wearing granny panties, but they sure like them wrapped around their cocks.

They all seemed to prefer satin panties because they felt so soft and pleasing to their cocks when they beat off in them. Many men told me they learned that from initially using their mother’s or sister’s panties to masturbate before they started dating. Some of them had even worn whatever women’s clothing such as skirts, blouses and other underwear they had found around the house. As I recalled that some of my boyfriends had dressed up in my underwear or even complete outfits, I began to wonder: what’s the big deal about my sister’s boyfriend jerking off in her underthings? It’s pretty typical male behavior and maybe I was just being too uptight about the whole situation.

One of my first boyfriends asked me to wear short skirts and soft panties on our dates. That way when I gave him a hand job in the car or the movies I could easily slip off my panties and wrap them around his stiff cock so he could shoot his big load into them. It seemed a little strange at first, but I discovered that this would get him off quickly and for this reason I started to like doing it as well. Usually I’d stuff the cum-soaked panties into my purse for cleaning later. But just for fun, a few times I put them back on and wore them home with his cum sticking to me. Once I even had cum dripping down my legs after he had shot an unusually large load of sperm into my panties. I had to wipe myself off several times before I got home so my parents wouldn’t notice that I had been a very naughty girl that night.

When I dated in high school, I had one boyfriend that I remembered in particular. Like the others, he would like to have me reach up under my skirt, remove my soft satin panties and wrap them around his cock. He wanted me to sit on his legs and slowly stroke him while he stared at my pussy which was barely hidden by my short skirt. While I jerked him off, he would unbutton my tight blouse to look at my lacy bra. If it happened to be a front-close bra, he would open it and look at my luscious tits as they came spilling out. I could always tell when he was about to cum because he would squeeze my tits and then sit up to suck on my enlarged nipples as he climaxed.

Once in a while on dates I’d wear white bikini cotton panties to give my boyfriend a very special treat. Before stroking my partner, I would remove the cotton panties and give them to him to sniff so he could smell my pussy scent and taste my juices. I would then jerk him off with a pair of satin panties which I kept in my purse for just that purpose. My partners always enjoyed the surprise panty sniffing and I could count on them to deliver an impressive load of cum which was dutifully captured by the wonderfully soft satin fabric.

I had another boy friend who I would sneak into my parents’ house while they were gone. I’d completely dress him up in my mother’s underwear, including her girdle and stockings. Occasionally, when we had the time, I’d also squeeze him into a blouse and skirt or even a dress. Whatever I chose for him to wear, it never took him very long to cum – sometimes I would barely have to touch him before he exploded. To get the party started, I’d gently slide my hand under his flowing skirt and then up his stockinged legs to his garter clips. Then I’d slowly run my fingers up the garter straps and explore the elastic of his panties – just as he would do before he finger-fucked me. I’d slowly caress his cock through those soft granny panties and finally reach inside to ever-so-gently stroke him up and down. The tip of his dick would rub on the inside of the panties and make him cum with such force that it would often shoot right through the thin fabric and up on his skirt.

Of course, then I had to clean up the big mess he had made so that my mother would never find out what had taken place in her underwear. It was fun to tease my boyfriend with the promise of a dress-up session to get a nice dinner or other special treat in return for my services. He really appreciated having easy access to women’s clothing and underwear, as well as my being his willing partner when he wanted to have some cross-dressing masturbation fun. It was only much later, after I had more sexual experience, that I began to wonder if my parents had ever done the same thing in their own love making. All men are very attracted to panties and you never know what happens behind closed doors when underwear is involved.

And then there was another incident which occurred when I realized that my then-roommate James had been beating off in my best panties. He’d rummage through my underwear drawer and occasionally he’d manage to shoot an immense load of cum all over the top layer of my clean panties. That always annoyed the hell out of me and, not surprisingly I always thought of him as “Jerkin’ James.” One time, just before my boyfriend and I were about to fuck, I sent James a text message which said “I know that you’ve been looking through my underwear drawer and cumming in my panties. If that’s what turns you on, come downstairs very quietly at exactly 9 o’clock. I’ll have something very interesting for you to watch. And it might even make you cum in your own pants for a change!” And I closed the message with a smiley face.

Of course, he could hardly turn down an invitation like that so at the appointed time, he snuck downstairs and he found me sitting in an armchair while being eaten out by my boyfriend in the TV room. My blouse and bra were lying on the floor and my short plaid skirt was hiked up to my waist. With his face so occupied, there’s no way my boyfriend could see James. I was wearing nothing else except white knee socks, just like you’d expect a naughty schoolgirl to wear. My large breasts bobbled pleasantly while he licked my pussy and I could plainly see that James was enjoying every moment. I could also see that James’ dick immediately started to get hard and he began to rub himself through his shorts.

I winked at James but did not say anything to interrupt my otherwise occupied boyfriend. James seemed to be a little confused as to whether he should leave. I’ll bet he really wanted to join in and was probably fantasizing about stuffing his cock deep in my mouth while my boyfriend tended to my lower parts. But James would just have to deal with his frustration in another way. So he just stood there for a while watching the two of us and then he unzipped his fly as I figured he would. When his cock sprung out of his pants and stuck high in the air I sent him an exaggerated expression of surprise.

Then I lowered my skirt to completely cover my boyfriend’s face, reached for my nearby panties and tossed them towards James. They didn’t quite reach him so I held my boyfriend’s head tightly into my pussy with one hand so he couldn’t see what was happening. With my free hand I made a come-here motion to James and pointed towards my panties. It didn’t take him very long at all to figure out what I was trying to tell him to do so he snuck into the room and retrieved my panties from the floor.

They were soft light blue satin panties with no lace on them. After all, I certainly didn’t want to scratch a man’s cock even slightly during a jerkoff session. That would be pretty much of a bring down for him. So they were everyday panties but considering the situation, they immediately acquired an extremely high turn-on value for James. He noticed a small wet stain where my cunt had already betrayed my foreplay excitement. He held the wet spot up to his nose to check it for my scent and was rewarded with the pungent smell of my pussy and its juices.

Staring directly at me, James licked the spot several times and then began to rub the panties gently on his stiff cock. Streaks of his pre-cum had started to dribble out on the panties already. When he glanced back at me, I made a rapid stroking motion with one hand before securely grabbing my boyfriend’s head with both hands and wrapping my legs around him so he had no chance of seeing what James was doing out of his sight.

James wrapped my soft panties around his dick and started stroking. I was watching him intently and smiling as I thought of the situation which I had created. My panties were so soft and must have felt so good that James’ face clearly showed me that he was starting a huge orgasm almost immediately. It rose to an unstoppable peak and he shot an immense load of cum into that wonderfully soft satin fabric. It seemed like it would never stop even after several waves of intense orgasms. I smiled at James approvingly and sent him another wink. Completely spent, James didn’t seem to know what to do with my cum-filled panties, so I motioned for him to toss them back to me where they landed on the floor behind my boyfriend with a barely audible “plop.”

Just at that time, my boyfriend began to disengage from licking my pussy so I shooed James away with a frantic wave of my hand. He stepped further back into the shadows and continued to watch us. I assumed the doggie-fuck position on all fours allowing James a view of my tiny ass hole before my boyfriend entered me from behind. His engorged cock easily slid deep into my saliva-soaked pussy and he began to madly pump away inside me. I managed to sneak a few quick glances in James’ direction to determine that he was still watching my large breasts jiggling from side to side as I expertly cunt-squeezed my boyfriend’s cock as tightly as I could. As a result, he quickly had a massive orgasm and blasted his big load of sperm deep inside me.

Now that he was satisfied, he withdrew from me and put his clothes back on before wandering off into another room. I waited until he was gone before picking up my cum-filled panties and, facing towards James, I slowly slipped them back on. I lifted up my plaid skirt to let him see those plain-Jane panties that had just a few moments ago been wrapped around his dick and which now displayed prominent dark blue wet cum stains in several places.

I slipped my hand inside my panties and, with a smile, withdrew my cum-covered fingers. I slowly slurped the sperm off them while smacking my sticky lips to get every last bit of both men’s cum. Putting an exaggerated sad look on my face and blowing James a kiss, I hiked up my skirt again so he could see those wonderful panties for one last time. Then I turned and went into the other room. Well, I guess that’ll teach him to never stain my panties with his cum again!

Once I started having sex and giving blow jobs, my dates and I didn’t play dress-up or panty jackoff much any more. I guess over the years I just forgot about how exciting women’s underwear could be to the average horny male. Soft panties were by their very nature so close to the object of all men’s focused attentions that they had to be absolutely fascinating to them. Certainly what I had caught Larry doing didn’t seem to be so bad after all and it wasn’t worth making a big fucking deal out of the situation. I had already participated in many similar scenarios while dating and I did enjoy it to a certain extent.

I realized that I could control Larry because of his fear about what Susan might say about his masturbation habits. While he wasn’t unattractive, I just wasn’t interested in having a fuck fest with him. I did wonder what it would be like if he’d show me a good time by properly licking my pussy and giving me some good old-fashioned oral sex. Most men just don’t know how to go down on a girl, but they’re quite quick to point out my faults when I’d give them blow jobs that didn’t meet their overly strict standards as to licking, sucking and swallowing. Not having anything to lose in this situation, I decided that I would seek to have some good sexual fun at Larry’s expense.

After considering the matter for a while longer, I decided that I would make him play dress-up on my terms and find out how much I could make him please me as I desired. I wondered if my sister would get upset if I got Larry to eat me out or perhaps buy me some jewelry. But I’d worry about that another time. Rather than stretch out my good lingerie, I made the rounds of the resale stores and rummaged around for a white lace bra and satin panties plus a short white uniform suitable for using in a nurse or waitress fantasy. I also picked up a riding crop for possible use in the scenario I was planning.

And just to give Larry an extra thrill, I wore the satin panties for a couple of days to fully impart my pussy smell to them. I took a pair of white thigh-high stockings from my hosiery drawer and added them to my “fun pack” for Larry. Then I wrapped up all the items that I had collected for him and wrote the following letter with these directions for him to follow:

“Pay attention, Panty Boy!

You must obey the following instructions to the letter if you wish me to keep your underwear fetish and panty jerkoff sessions a secret from my sister:

1) You are to dress up in all of the included items and present yourself at my house this Saturday at exactly 10 AM. You may wear your usual clothing on top of the outfit while in public if you wish to avoid ridicule and humilation.

2) At all times you shall address me as ‘Mistress Rebecca’.

3) You shall obey all commands I might give you while you are at my house.

4) You shall not touch yourself unless I tell you to do so.

5) And finally, you are not to masturbate without my permission from this moment on. If you do not produce a big load of cum when I tell you to, you will suffer very severe consequences.

Your new boss, Mistress Rebecca”

Then I sent the package off to Larry at his home address.

I decided to wear blue underwear because I figured that color turned him on. I was pretty sure that’s why he chose to wear Susan’s blue bra and panties when I caught him jerking off. On Saturday, I prepared for Larry’s visit and punishment by dressing myself up in all blue underwear including a lacy front-close bra, very soft granny panties and half-slip together with a pair of tan thigh-high stockings. At the appointed time, Larry arrived at my house, rang my bell and awaited his punishment. When I opened the door he tried to rush inside but I blocked his path by holding up the riding crop and told him that I would have to inspect his outfit before allowing him to enter.

“Open your jacket and take off your pants! Show me that you’re wearing everything that I sent to you! Do it now!”

I slapped the crop somewhat less-than-gently across his side for emphasis. Reluctantly, he did as he was told and hurriedly adjusted his outfit for my inspection. His cock was hard and a wet spot had already soaked through the front of his uniform. I told him to hike up his uniform hem and then turn around several times to show me that his underwear was really in proper order.

“You’ve been beating off, haven’t you? Even though I specifically instructed you not to.”

“No, Mistress Rebecca,” he replied. “I’ve followed your orders and have been saving all my cum for you.”

Of course, that was a lie and we both knew it, but the talk added a new fun dimension to my little scenario. I could imagine him opening my package and immediately getting all hot and drippy after viewing the contents and likely even wearing them. It would be about impossible for him to refrain from stroking his stiff little cock while viewing all those feminine undergarments that he had probably only dreamed about until then. And if he had sniffed the panties, he would surely notice my sweet pussy aroma wafting from them. I had to wonder how many times he had already cum in them. He’d had my package for three or four days, so it was unlikely that he hadn’t already jacked off at least a few times. I decided to press my advantage a bit and give him some well-deserved grief before making him get down to business between my legs.

“Then what’s that dried stain I can clearly see on your panties? I can tell just by looking at them that you’ve been a very bad boy and have already shot at least one load into them against my explicit orders. Susan tells me that you can’t go more than a couple of days without jacking off if she’s not around. So when it’s time, you better give me a big load of cum or else!”

He sheepishly looked at the floor as he probably wondered what else Susan had told me. As it was, my sister had never said anything much about her sex life but my stab in the dark had apparently hit a nerve with Larry. All guys like to beat off frequently and he was obviously no different in that regard. It was clear to me that Susan didn’t either appreciate or indulge his harmless fantasy. So I felt I might as well take advantage of the situation.

And with that I finally allowed him to enter the house. He stared speechless at my very revealing thin front-close bra and short half-slip while we stood there in the hallway. I decided right then and there that I would take him immediately to my bedroom for his punishment as well as my own personal pleasure. I went up the stairs a few steps ahead of him in order to allow him a good crotch shot. About half-way up the stairs I suddenly stopped and spun around to face him. As I anticipated, he was indeed staring up my legs trying to see what he could see.

“Were you just looking up my slip to see what I was wearing underneath? Have you been trying to check out my stockings and panties?”

“Oh no, Mistress Rebecca,” he replied. “I would never do that.”

“Now I know you’re lying, Panty Boy. Just like you haven’t been beating off either. When I want you to have a look at my crotch, I’ll tell you when you can do so. Now you certainly will require some extra punishment for that unauthorized peek.”

And with that, I lifted my slip with one hand and pulled his head roughly into my crotch using the crop with my other hand. He took in the wonderful smell of my pussy as more sticky stuff surely started leaking out of his extremely hard cock.

“Pull my panties aside and I will permit you to have a quick taste of my cunt. You better be good with that tongue of yours or you will regret it!”

He did as he had been ordered and stuck his tongue deeply into my pussy. It felt very good as he licked around my clit and lapped up my already flowing pussy juices. Now I knew that I would permit him to pleasure me all the way after I had gotten him into a frenzy by preventing him from cumming until I gave him permission. I held him tightly to my crotch so I could enjoy him a while longer and tease him with an extended taste of my cunt. When I pulled away, I saw that the lower portion of his face was covered with my juices and his saliva – proof of a very good start to his continued licking of my expectant pussy. I led him to my bedroom where we sat in opposite chairs and I spread my stockinged legs far enough apart so he could see the blue triangle of the panties with which he had just been up close and personal. To build up some tension for him, I pretended to be lost in thought as I pondered the next step of his punishment.

“Hmmmm. So just what are we going to do with you, Panty Boy? I think we’ll start out with you telling me everything about that day and what you would have done if I hadn’t walked in on you when I did. So get started now. And make it very detailed. But don’t you even THINK about touching yourself until I give you permission!”

He told me the video was called “It’s Panty Week at Ross” and the supposed story was that several young ladies with insanely large tits would try on different underwear combinations of bras, panties, garter belts and stockings right there on the store floor. Male customers would “vote” for their favorite girl and outfit by jerking off and shooting copious quantities of cum all over the girl whose outfit they liked the best. I had to snicker at the silly title and began to understand why he liked watching the video with all that underwear, tits and cum shots on display.

Of course, I’d had my share of pearl necklaces over the years. While I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, I knew that guys really liked the thrill of shooting their long ropes of cum all over my face and tits. And then I always had to clean myself up after they’d shot their sperm wherever they wanted. Larry described how he would slowly stroke himself while approaching an especially exciting scene in the movie. Presumably the large vote from Housewares in the form of multiple enthusiastic ejaculations came in for the girl who would be declared the overall winner. At that point he would shoot his own load of cum into Susan’s soft panties. Afterward he would wash out her panties, dry them with her hair dryer and replace all the lingerie back in its proper place in her underwear drawer.

I could tell that he really wanted to cum while discussing the “Panty Week” video with me because he kept wiggling in his chair and trying to rub his engorged cock on his soft panties. I made him stop by simply shaking the riding crop at him a couple of times. When he was finished describing how he watched the movie and how he would have pleasured himself that day, he asked if he could please jerk off now.

“You will have to take care of me before I will permit you to cum. And we’re not done with our little talk yet. Just how often to you sneak over to her place and jerk off in her underwear?”

“Every time she’s out of town, Mistress Rebecca,” he admitted sheepishly. “I don’t have any panties of my own and I’m too embarassed to buy them from a store.”

This gave me an idea which I hadn’t thought of before. I would provide him with panties or other items of female attire of his own which could be easily and cheaply available at any resale store. I would use the clothing to entice him to do my sexual bidding in whatever manner I desired. If he didn’t eat me out exactly as I instructed or otherwise failed to obey me, there would be no panty payout for him. And if over time he turned out to be a good licker session after session, he would “earn” himself a complete outfit, one sexy item at a time. But if he disappointed me, I would send him away from my house without any underwear or even obtaining his sexual release. And for our first session, I decided that I would reward him with my panties.

“Well, maybe we can fix that! But you have to do exactly as I tell you before I allow you to take my panties with you when you leave. But if you don’t go down on me and lick me properly, you won’t get any panties or be allowed to cum at all!”

This statement appeared to get his attention because he showed the beginnings of a smile on his face. Maybe he had realized that his “punishment” would actually turn into a fun encounter as long as he used his tongue to my satisfaction. He would end up with a nice pair of jerkoff panties of his own if he could prove to me that he was a good pussy licker after all.

With that, I got up out of my chair and popped open the front closure on my bra allowing him to see my large breasts. My nipples had become very enlarged during our conversation about the video. I had found that his vivid descriptions of all the fucking and licking had gotten me quite excited. I could feel my pussy juices flowing into my panties and I even noticed a slight trickle of sweat as it rolled down between my swaying breasts. My tits were much bigger than my sister’s and apparently he’d never seen any of this size before because he stared at them in amazement.

“Are my tits as big as the ones you were describing in that ‘Panty Week’ video?”

“Oh, Mistress Rebecca – yours are much bigger and better, ” he responded with a smirk.

“That’s a very good answer, Panty Boy. Now it’s time for you to suck on my nipples before getting down to business between my legs.”

As I went over to him I tossed my bra aside and leaned over allowing my breasts to envelop his expectant face. He eagerly cupped each breast and took my nipples into his mouth, alternating between them several times. It felt so good to have someone touch me and do exactly as I desired. By now I was now quite ready for him to lick me to orgasm so I stepped back from him and lifted my slip.

“You will start kissing and licking my legs and slowly work your way up to the tops of my thigh-highs. Then it’s on to my pussy where I expect great things from you.”

I spread my legs so he had unimpeded access to my crotch now that my slip was hiked up all the way. He bent forward and began kissing my stockinged legs about knee level because he couldn’t bend down any further. He slowly kissed and licked my thigh-highs all the way up to the supporting elastic bands and then beyond. The feel of his wet tongue and delicate nibbles on my inner thighs was so delightful that I could feel a steady drip of pussy juice forming at the bottom of my lips. When he began kissing and tonguing my pussy through my panties, I started to moan softly at his intimate touches. He probed as far as he could into the soft fabric and repeatedly traced the outline of my panty’s elastic along its edges. He was playing his part pretty well – much better than I had expected. I could really get to like this newly found ability to make him do my bidding.

“My balls are starting to hurt!” he mumbled into my panties. “May I please cum soon? I’m ready to explode.”

“You will address me as Mistress Rebecca and I’ll decide when, where and how you cum! I’m in charge here today. Do you understand that, Panty Boy? And make sure that you eat me properly and make me cum buckets of juice or you won’t get to take my panties home when I’m done with you.”

“Yes, Mistress Rebecca,” he whined.

“Now take my panties off and place your face right in my snatch!”

He immediately did as he was told by pulling my panties down to the floor and just as quickly I stepped out of them. I again used my crop with both hands and forced his face firmly into my pussy. That crop was just so damn useful after all. And to think I almost considered not buying it! That would really have been my loss.

“Now start licking me like there’s no tomorrow or I will tell my sister EVERYTHING! She will be very upset with you for jacking off in her panties. And if I inform her about your dressing up like a nurse there will be hell to pay.”

His licking tempo increased dramatically. I guess by now he must have wanted to get me off as soon as possible so he could relieve his own aching balls. I wasn’t about to argue with him because I never really thought he would be so compliant and pleasure me just the way I wanted him to. He was actually doing pretty well with his eager tongue – much better than many of the men in my life had been. He continued to lick me like a pro which felt oh-so-wonderful and I could tell that I was ready to cum any moment. Now it was time to get him to finish me in just the way I had always wanted a man to do.

“Now take my clit between your lips and roll it around and lick it until I am through cumming! And don’t you dare stop until I am done!”

By this time I was so excited that I came almost immediately. I screamed loudly and my body shuddered and jerked in great spasms while I tried to keep his mouth attached to my throbbing pussy for as long as I could. Damn! That man actually gave me a good lick session! And I didn’t have to give him a blow job or stick a finger up his ass in order to get some uninspired tongue action on my horny cunt in return. He was so good at making me cum that I thought I’d be calling him “Lickin’ Larry” from now on. Well, maybe not so that my sister would ever hear about his new nickname.

“Mistress Rebecca, may I PLEASE cum now?” he asked in a pitiful manner. “My cock is about ready to explode.”

I had no objection now that I had cum so I agreed that it was finally time for him to achieve his release. I wondered if I should do it for him or let him do his own thing while all dressed up. I could let him stare at my boobs and open my legs all the way so he could see my pussy. Given his state of excitement I didn’t think that it would take him very long to cum – maybe five strokes at best. What was the harm in giving him a little bit of pleasure when he had given me such a fantastic orgasm?

“Yes, I will allow you to cum now. You have been such a good cunt licker that I think I will give you a very nice panty job. But you have to produce an enormous amount of cum to prove to me that you haven’t been beating off this week. I hope you are up to the task.”

He smiled expectantly as I thought about just how I would get him off. By now the front of his white uniform was completely soaked with pre-cum so I unbuttoned it and let it slide down to the floor. He was now standing there in front of me wearing his bra and panties through which his enlarged dick trying to escape. I told him to sit down and I sat on his lap facing him. His panties were soaked through and I knew that they wouldn’t feel right on his cock so I gently extracted his dripping penis and cleaned it off using my slip. I picked up my panties from the floor and allowed him to have a good sniff of my built-up pussy odor. Then, much to his obvious delight, I ever so slowly wrapped them around his throbbing cock and gripped him tightly.

“Is this what you want, Panty Boy?”

He had caught on to my little game about what I wanted him to say and do because he replied, “Oh yes, Mistress Rebecca. Would you please stroke my cock with your panties. I would be ever so grateful if you would allow me to shoot my load of cum into them right now.” I’m sure by now he now realized that I really didn’t give a shit about catching him beating off in my sister’s underwear or disciplining him for doing so.

As I had predicted, after only a few strokes he came with a strong stream of sperm that shot right through the panties and splashed all over my tits. With his huge load of cum sliding off my breasts, I forced his face into my wet chest and dripping nipples and held him there with both hands.

“Well, it appears that I got your vote for the ‘Panty Week’ video winner.”

We both laughed uncontrollably for several moments and then I turned serious again.

“Now, you very naughty boy, you must ask permission to clean up this mess that you have just made on my chest. And you can’t use a hair dryer either. You must use your little pink sponge and clean up every last bit of your cum.”

He looked at me quizzically for a few moments until he realized what I meant by “little pink sponge” and he played along with my request.

“Oh, please, Mistress Rebecca,” he said. “May I lick all that cum off of your tits? I’d really like to do that for you. Wonderful tits such as yours should be properly cleaned after you have given me that most amazing panty job.”

When I finally gave him permission to do so, he started licking up and swallowing his cum without a moment’s hesitation. For my part, I started to wonder why I hadn’t done something like this before in order to manipulate my various boyfriends into pleasing me for a change. From now on I would be the boss. I would have my partner make me cum first in a manner of my choosing and he would just have to wait for his own pleasure. No longer would I have to give what I thought was great head just to get a lackadaisical licking in return.

“You have done – oh – rather adequately well for your first time and you may take my panties home with you as a reward. When I want you to return for another session, I will let you know. Now leave all the other women’s clothing here and I will decide when you will be allowed to wear them again.”

With that, I tossed him the blue cum-soaked panties and dismissed him with a wave of my hand. With a big smile on his face, he stripped off his dress-up clothes, threw on his own, stuffed the precious panties into a pocket and quickly vanished out the door. I decided that I’d play with Larry and have some fun with him for a while and then move on to some other man who liked to play dress-up. They couldn’t be too hard to find. But for the time being I’d see that Larry’s tongue got a good workout over our next sessions.

If you should ever run into me somewhere, you be will able to recognize me quite easily – I’ll be wearing soft satin panties.

Unless, of course, you’d rather be the one wearing them. Or perhaps you’d prefer to have them wrapped around your cock while you or I stroke it? What color would you like to use? I’m kind of partial to blue. Whatever the color, I’m sure you’ll enjoy filling them up with your cum.

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