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Stress Therapy

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My mind is reeling as I drive to this appointment. I am a middle-aged man and successful in all the ways of life which I value. I have been married to the same woman for twenty years and my wife is my best friend. I adore her and while it would be unfair to say that temptation has not raised it’s ugly head, I can say I have not had an affair since I said “I do”. Together we have raised our children as the centers of our lives, providing them with whatever we could to make their lives fuller.

Professionally, I have developed my own business, working the many, many hours necessary to ensure the continuing success and survival of the business.

My life has been very full taking care of my family and my business, and in return, I feel the joys of all my successes. But in the last year or so, I have also noticed things about myself which have raised some concerns. I do not seem to have the patience that I always prided myself in possessing. My tolerance for other people has lessened. I am feeling less able to focus on things and my concentration ebbs and flows, sometimes with me drifting into fantasies of escaping my life, even if just for a little while. Oh, but even the fantasies are tame and boring compared to some of the things other people talk and write about. My fantasies do not tend to be sexual in nature. More a matter of just getting away. Yet, the idea of leaving my business and family unattended for even just a short period causes feelings of guilt.

My wife has noticed the changes in my behavior and we have talked about it. We agree a vacation is in order for both of us, but due to all our obligations, is still a couple of years down the road. She suggested I speak with one of friends who is a licensed psychologist, and with much support and urging on my wife’s part, I agreed.

Not being comfortable setting up an official appointment at his office, I called my friend and we agreed to meet for a drink. Although I was feeling very apprehensive about the subject matter, once we started talking, he seemed to understand and spoke with much caring in his voice. Basically, he summed things up quite simply when he said, “You are just really stressed out. After all these years of taking care of everyone and everything around you, the fact that you have not taken care of yourself has built up and you need a release.” He went on to explain that I needed to take some time for myself, maybe working out regularly, and participating in some relaxful activities just for me. As I pondered his words, his intuition must have told him that my thoughts repeatedly returned to “When? When do I have the time?”

Smiling but somewhat tentatively, he said, “I know of a therapist in town who does a somewhat unorthodox form of stress therapy. She is very good and sees many of the more well-to-do people around here. Her treatments seems to have almost instantaneous results, with people feeling much better after the first session…and in many cases, one session is all that is needed.”

My eyes must have lit up for he smiled again, and continued, “She tends to be very expensive, but she also owes me more than a few favors. Would you like for me to call her?”

“Sure…I guess…one session sometimes…?” I inquired. He nodded yes.

“So if it’s not asking you to give away any trade secrets, what is this “unorthodox treatment” she uses?” I asked as respectfully as I could.

“She uses a method to break down the walls holding you back from releasing the stress and frustration which you have been carrying around for all these years. Once you let it out, you no longer need to carry it around and life will take on a new look for you.” he explained.

“And what is this method…? Hypnosis..? Stress management stuff…? What…?” I questioned feeling some hope things might be able to get better and quickly without some long drawn out psychotherapy, talking about things I have no interest digging up.


I must have looked totally shocked! But taking a deep breath, my friend calmly talked of how handing control over to someone else, of how feelings of vulnerability and humility, and the careful use of controlled pain can help people who are use to being in control all the time, can allow these same people to drop all defenses and the stress can be released much more quickly than any other method he has come across.

“But…but….how…..what exactly does she do…?” I stammered.

“Sorry, I can’t really go into much more of it. I just know it works with many people. And it is a very short-term therapy which seems to have some very long-term, positive results.” He responded.

We did not talk much more that night and it was agreed I would call him to arrange an appointment with this therapist if I decided to go that route.

I was very reluctant to really talk with my wife in much detail about the conversation. I did tell her that our friend believed I was just experiencing the effects of being very stressed out and his idea of doing some “me”-things like working out. I also mentioned he had brought up a friend of his who does some very short-term stress therapy, but explained no further. My wife, being able to tell I was not very comfortable talking about any of this, assured me that she would support anything I did. She went on to say she understood that I prided myself in being very independent and self-sufficient, but maybe this time, I should just trust our friend’s professional judgement and see the professional he suggested.

So all this is what brought to me to making the appointment and driving to the older, well-kept home where I park my car. Taking a deep breath, I open the front door and walk into what had been converted into a very nice, comfortable reception area. No one else is in the room except an attractive younger woman sitting behind a desk. She warmly smiles and looks over at the appointment book.

“You are Mr. Stephens?”

Unable to find my usual confident voice, I just nod.

“Good…Ms. Williams will be ready for you in just a moment. This is your first appointment, right?” she asks in a very cheery and understanding way.

“Y-yes…” I say, trying to clear the nervous tickle in my throat.

“Well, good. I have been told that since you are a friend of Dr. Smithen, not to worry about billing so we do not need to take care of the insurance papers. Just go through that door there…get undressed…there’s hangars and place to put your clothes…then go through the other door in the room and Ms. Williams will be waiting for you in her office.” the receptionist instructs. “Oh, and I see a note here to mentioned since this is your first visit, please remove all of your clothing.”

I can feel myself blushing as the knot in my stomach seems to grow so tight I can hardly move. With a smile which seems to light up the room and a look of genuine caring in her eyes, this young receptionist tries to re-ensure me by saying, “Relax….you came here so Ms. Williams could help you. When you leave, you will be feeling much better.”

I numbly nod and can feel myself moving towards the door to the…um…undressing room?

Once in the room, I start to undress with trembling hands. I can not remember a time when I have felt this nervous…this anxious. As if on some sort of auto-pilot, I take off my clothes and carefully hang them up and move towards the other mystery door. Without my clothes, I already feel very naked…very vulnerable. With a barely audible and anxiety-filled giggle to myself, I think, “Well, my friend had this much pegged.”

Taking one more deep breath, I open the only other door than the one I entered through and look into a marvelously decorated room. It does not look like an “office”. Rather, it more resembles a Victorian tea-room or sitting room. The large windows are dressed in heavy, expensive drapery. The furniture also looks expensive, done in dark woods and maroon velvet. The room, even though very formal, has a natural warmth to it. Besides a large oaken desk, there is a couch, two love-seats, and several chairs. In one of the more ornate straight back chairs sits a woman approximately my age. And even though she is only wearing some sort of thin negligee-type robe which matched the same maroon color as much of the furniture in the room, she looks very majestic and confident. She seems to be a larger woman, though it is difficult to tell with her seated.

As our eyes meet, I suddenly feel very idiotic standing naked in her doorway.

“Mr. Stephens? Please come in.” she welcomes me in a gentle, confident manner.

I close the door and slowly move towards her, glancing around, not knowing where I should sit.

“Right here will fine,” she says, indicating I should stand right in front of her chair.

As I step in front of her, I move my hands first to my groin to cover myself, then behind me, and finally, nervously letting them drop to my sides. I find it difficult to look her directly in the eyes, but as I do, I see her face break into a large, friendly smile.

“Hello…my name is Ms. Williams.” she says in a softer, but still confident voice “And you are Mr. Stephens. Daniel, isn’t it?”

I simply nod, not knowing whether I should extend my hand. All I know is I am feeling totally out of my element, pretty stupid and…and my knees are shaking.

“Nervous?” Ms. Williams needlessly inquires.

“Oh, yes,” I reply feeling that nervous grin creeping across my face. For the first time, I really look at Ms Williams, who appears to be a more rubenesque woman. Her face is full as is the robe she wears. Though veiled, her breasts seems to be quite large. Her appearance is more nurturant than sexual. Yet she had an authoritative sensualness about her.

“I understand. Dr. Smithens provided me with your background. I also understand Dr. Smithens explained abit about the methods I use. Correct?” Ms. Williams queries.


“Good. Then the fact you are here indicates your desire to continue. Correct?”

“Yes,” I reply more meekly than I had intended.

“Good. Once we have started, things will go wherever you need for them to go. The only thing is, you will have no control over where that may be. Your emotions and need will guide you. Undertand? No, this being your first time, you won’t. But you must trust me. Shall we continue?” Ms. Williams watches me patiently, waiting for my answer.

Again, in a meek tone, I heard myself agree.


Ms. Williams parts the lower portion of the robe, baring her slightly plumb thighs to my eyes. Seeing no signs of panties, I suddenly realize that she too must be naked under the wimpsy material. And an unexpected and sexual shiver runs through my body.

Straightening her posture even more in the chair, she looks into my eyes, and with that same soft yet authoritative voice, says, “Daniel, step over here,” motioning for me to stand next to her chair. “Now lay down across my lap.”

With hesitancy, I find myself draping my body across those soft thighs. Using her hands, she guides me into the position she wants and when she seems satisfied that I will not fall or slide off, I feel the smooth flesh of her thighs wrap around my cock as she closes her legs.

I feel awkward and vulnerable, my hips supported by this woman’s thighs…my head hanging down….arms and legs stretched out…with my fingertips and toes just able to touch the floor. I feel her hands on my lower back and thighs as they start to move…gliding across my skin. Her touch is soothing and electrifying, sending those same shivers coursing through me again. I feel myself both tensing up and relaxing at the same time. The anxiety and fear is starting to fade as I feel myself beginning to trust her…to trust she will help me feel better…hell, this already feels good.

Then one of hands stops it’s movement, firmly positioning itself on the small of my back. For just a moment, the other hand rests on the bare cheek of my ass. Then with a swiftness I did not anticipate, I feel that same soft hand slap one of the cheeks of my naked ass. I am surprised how the sound fills the room. And I wait for the pain. But there is no real pain. At best, a sting. The hand rests on the spot it landed, and seems to wait. I am aware I had clenched my muscles with the slap and wait for another….and wait. Silently, Ms. Williams seems to also be waiting. I feel myself let out a breath of air and as I do so, those muscles relax under the warmth of her hand.


This blow lands on the opposite cheek of my ass and was harder….the sting deeper. And we wait silently. I start to relax again and ….


….one for each cheek. And again harder. The pain is still not anything I can not manage, so I just try to relax. This time the wait is not as long when…


Ms. Williams now seems to be into it, no longer waiting. Instead the spanking has begun in earnest, her hand raining blow after blow down on my naked ass. Heat is beginning to radiate from wherever her palm lands….on each cheek from top to bottom…sometimes further down…on the top of my thighs…the inside of my thighs…..


The sound of the spanking fills the room and the stinging moves towards genuine pain, but still nothing I can not handle. I notice the feel of her thighs as my hips are moving…. moving on their own….squirming on her lap. And my cock is rubbing between her valley of flesh…and to my surprise and embarrassment, getting harder.

Time stands still and all that exists in my world is the sounds and feels of this woman spanking my ass. The discomfort seems to have leveled out, and I am more distracted by the friction of my hard shaft sliding against the confines of her supple thighs.

Now it stops…the slapping stops. I lay there and feel the heat from both sides of my body…my ass hot from the spanking…my cock from being trapped between our bodies.

I can feel Ms. Williams moving and hear the sound of a drawer opening. A moan escapes from my lips as the hot pliable flesh of her thighs puts more pressure on my aching shaft as she reaches for whatever she is getting. Then we settle back into position as she must have retrieved what she was seeking.

“You are doing well, Daniel,” Ms. Williams says in a re-assuring voice.

“Thank you,” I softly gasp out, not previously aware that my breathing was shallow and rapid.

“We are going to the next stage now. I want you to focus on the discomfort and take as much as you can. Do you understand, Daniel?” She said tightening her grip around my waist and pressing those pillows of breasts down onto my back.


Apparently satisfied she has a good hold on me, I can feel Ms. Williams take in a deep breath and….


“OHHHH!” the sound is forced out of me as the blow lands on my already sensitive ass. The sound was very different as was the pain…. much sharper and more intense! My mind races, trying to figure out what just happened!


“AHHHH!” My body jerks up, trying to escape the new sensation, but Ms. Williams has a very firm hold which tightens as I squirm wildly.


This time my head flings up and I can see our image in a mirror probably placed in the exact right spot for the client to view the happenings. I can see Ms. Williams, raising her arm…a leather paddle of some sort in her grip….and the forceful blow disappearing from the view of the mirror…landing on my….



The pain is rifling through me.

“Stop it! Quit! Please!” I hear my own voice pleading.

“Hold it, Daniel! Hold it all back until I say! Fight it!” she demands.

Oh, god! it hurts!

For some reason, I listen to her…..fighting it…..holding it back….the pain sooo intense!


“Alright, Daniel…when I say “now”, let go! Let it all go! Stop fighting it and just let it go! Ready…CRACK!……. NOW!” she shouts.


“AHHHHHHHHHH…..” I scream….and suddenly feel it….all of it…like an explosion from deep inside me….bursting out of me….a flood of tears….sobs….uncontrollable crying as my whole being seems to cleanse itself of the years of frustration….of the disappointments and regrets….crying…tears flowing down my cheeks.

Ms. Williams drops the paddle and spreads her legs wide apart, allowing me to slide between them so I am now kneeling. She wraps her loving and nurturant arms around me, cradling my head against her chest and breasts. Rocking us both slowly back and forth, she speaks so motherly.

“That’s it Daniel. It’s ok, now. Just let it all out. You’re safe. And it’s ok.”

I do feel so safe…so taken care of. And I sob, tasting the salt of my own tears as they coat her skin. I do not know how long we stay like this, me sobbing…her holding me…re-assuring me…but then there seems not to be any tears left. And I am feeling exhausted and….lighter…free of some toxin or something….

My breathing is slowly returning to normal and my cheeks feel warm against her breasts. I feel so close to this woman. Without thinking, I gently, appreciatively kiss her satiny skin. I gradually realize that at some point through all of this, her robe must have loosen and fallen completely open. Her breasts are bared and welcoming me. My lips continue kissing the slopes of her breasts, slowly working towards her large erect nipple. Her hand strokes my hair as my lips finds the succulent bud and draws it between my lips. My tongue initiates a sensuous dance with her nipple and I smile as I hear a breathy moan come from this beautiful woman.

I only want to please Ms.Williams…to give back just a little of what she has given me. So, drawing an invisible line on her skin with my tongue as I move, I slip from one nipple to the other, sucking it gently into the warm, wetness of my mouth. I suckle at her breast as my arms reach around her, pulling our bodies tightly together. Her hands are pressing my head into the downy softness of her mounds and I revel in the feeling.

I am now aware that her hips are sliding forward slightly, sprawling her thighs further apart and causing my abdomen to press against her womanhood. I slowly move my body up and down, slithering against her, opening her swollen lips to the point that her hot juices are spreading across my skin. With the slightest of pressure, she guides my head down until I am crouching between her outstretched legs….her scent now seeming to intoxicate me with lust. She is so red…her nether lips so swollen…her juices glistening…beckoning me just to taste her ….and I want nothing more. I need no further persuading as I bend forward and get my first taste, running my tongue the full length of her pussy. She tastes as she is…strong yet sweet at the same time. And I can not get enough of her nectar as I lick and suck and kiss her….pushing my face further into her….my tongue finding her opening and delving into her warmth, I adore her as I have adored but only one before her.

I have never been so lost in pure lust…pure passion. The spanking not only freed me of my stress and frustration, but liberated me from inhibitions I was never aware of. And I wanted nothing more than to satisfy.

Slowing, I focus my attention on the hooded nub poised at the top of her slit. I ever so softly flitter the tip of tongue against her clit which causes her to moan deeply. Her hands are again on my head, her fingers interlacing through my hair, pulling my mouth more firmly against her. I suck her sensitive clit between my wet lips and with the slightest of movement, slide them up and down as if I was sucking a small cock. Her legs began to tremble and her grip tighten on my head. Her hips begin to move, pressing her mound even harder against my lips. I can sense she is rapidly approaching her own release when suddenly her hips begins to jerk, bouncing off the seat of her chair…her legs are shaking….and I watch as spasm after orgasmic spasm ripples through her body. I feel so happy… so proud.

As her breathing slows from its quickened pace, she looks down at me…strokes my hair…and smiles.

“How are you feeling?” she asks.

“Ahhh, very good,” I respond with my own smile.

“And the tension and stress…?

Laughing softly…almost giggling, I say “Gone”.

“Good. I think we were successful today and there will be no need for a second session,” Ms. Williams says in an almost professional tone.

A feeling of disappointment whelms up from somewhere inside me and must show on my face.

“Daniel, you came here today because you needed to rid yourself of the stress you have been lugging around for so many years. And I knew from talking with Dr. Smithens that you would not be happy if you did not pay for services in some way. Let’s just say we bartered services today, ok?”

I shrugged for I knew she was right. When the receptionist said Dr. Smithen had taken care of things and there was no insurance papers to deal with, I did not feel comfort with it. But I was also too distracted by my nervousness to really say anything.

“Anyway, if I suggest that you come back again, I am not sure it would be for you or for me” she said with a somewhat guilty smirk.

I watch as Ms. Williams stands and pulls her robe close, tying it tightly around her waist. She extends her hand and helps up me.

“Daniel…Mr. Stephens…I am glad I could help you. It was a delight working with you,” she again extends her hand and I know the session is over. I shake her hand and smile.

“Next time I see Dr. Smithens, I will thank him for the referral and let him know how much you helped me,” I remark. And then, looking as deeply into her eyes as she will allow, I graciously say, “Thank you.”

Turning, I go back through the “mystery” door, dress and leave, smiling a warm, relax and genuine smile at the young receptionist.

And I do feel lighter…less worried…renewed. Life does look much better.

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