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Step Up To A Shower

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I had known for a long time that he had a secret fetish involving bondage and domination. The books, the magazines, the web sites he surfed, all pointed to his fascination with it. It was obvious too, to see that he preferred to be the one restrained. The fact that he was so into it, really turned me on.

I have never been a very dominate person, more of the type that blends into the crowd. So , to be a focal point of what I wanted for him had taken me months of fantasizing and planning.

I heard him pull in the driveway. I had carefully dressed for the role I was going to play. I had tall black leather boots on. Coming just above my knees. They had 4 inch stiletto heels and silver buckles adorned the ankles. Just putting them on gave me confidence, and turned me on. I felt so sexy in them.

So, as I added a pair of black patent leather crotchless panties, and a Black leather Bustier, I felt very sexy, and VERY naughty. My breasts are not large, but with the help of the sexy garment, my 34C’s looked full and promising. My already hard nipples strained against the material. My hair is dark, just shoulder length. I added a bit of mousse to slick it back, and put on a full face of makeup, including some rich red lipstick.

I had carefully put all the props, I felt like I wanted to use, in various places around the bedroom and master bathroom.

I heard him pull up. My heart beat wildly with anxiety.

I heard him walk in the house. He was already giving his rendition of his day. “HI honey I am here. God its great to be here, I tell you, those incompetent folks I work with never gave me any peace today. I had to take care of everything No one can do anything by themselves without me taking charge. Just one day, I would like to sit back and not have to take care of everything”.

Oh, little did he know, he was about to have those words tested to the limits.

I watched him through the doors. He had already took his tie off, and unbuttoned his shirt. For a man in his mid 40’s he is in terrific shape. I watched his slightly hairy solid chest come to view as he continued to remove his shirt. By the time he had unbuckled his pants, he was at the bedroom door.

As he rounded the threshold and took me in for the first time, I saw his eyes grow huge.

I approached him and immediately continued the task of removing his pants and boxers. I could already see signs that he had approved of my outfit.

I brought my fiery red lips to his and kissed him hard. I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth and began probing and playing with his tongue.

“Honey, this is quite a surprise, but really I need a shower” he began to protest.

I put my fingers to his lips as if to hush him.

“Your right, you do need a shower” I said to him.

As he took a step away from me, I wasted no time in securing both of his hands and putting them behind his back, quickly clamping handcuffs on his wrists.

I could tell by the look on his face, he was so surprised and immediately turned on. I lead him to the large walk in shower stall in the bathroom, where I had placed a 2-step step stool in the middle of it.

I lead him to it. I spread his legs to each leg of the stool and securely tied his ankles to the legs on each side. His ass was just resting in a supportive fashion against the slanted top step. I anchored his already bound wrists to the back of the stool.

His cock was now fully hard, his balls tightening in anticipation. The whole time I was restraining him I called him my “slut”.

“You will do everything I tell you to now my slut” I continued to taunt.

I had a feather duster ready. I began using it on the bottoms of his feet. Soft feathery wisps. I could tell it tickled him, his feet, bound at the ankles flexed trying to get away from the stimulus. I kept on. Spreading each toe, I slid my little finger in and out of each crevice in a sensuous rhythm.

Up his body went the feathers. To the outer sides and backs of his calves, to his tender inner thighs.

I removed my bustier. “Suck my nipples” I demanded of him as I fed my breast into his mouth.

He greedily followed my command. “Suck it harder you slut” I told him as he nursed on my nipple.

I pulled his head even harder to my chest. As he was still feeding on my nipples, I had moved the feather duster between his legs. Now tickling his balls and just exposed ass with it, his cock was leaping everywhere. I slowly began to “dust” his cock with it. Moans of pleasure, and frustration were already coming from deep within him.

“Honey, I can’t stand it. Grab a hold of my cock” he pleaded.

I just looked at him, shook my head no, and stepped out of the shower for just s brief second.

I came back with a pair of panties I had had on earlier. The crotch was heavily wet with my moistness from the anticipation from the day. I exposed the crotch, put it right under his nose for a minute so he got a good smell, and made a gag out of them, stuffing the soaked crotch in his mouth and securing them behind his head.

I saw him sucking greedily at them in no time at all.

Now with him fully gagged and restrained, I resumed my play.

I stood back just away from him, put one booted fit on the step between his legs, and produced a vibrator. I removed his gag just for a second.

“Suck this” I demanded of him”

He once again cooperated with zest. I replaced the gag and turned on the vibrator and buried it in my pussy. It was so hot watching that pussy inserted in the leather slits of my panties. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was very turned on. I began not just letting that vibrating cock tease my pussy, but was ramming it in and out of my hole.

“Oh yes, this hard cock feels so good fucking my pussy. I love this cock in my wet cunt. I am going to cum on this baby. Do you want me to cum?” I chanted to him.

He couldn’t answer clearly because of the gag, but I heard the muffled reply’s of “yes”.

I felt my pussy spasm and explode all over the vibrator from my very intense climax. When I removed it from my pussy, it glistened with my cum.

I put it under his nose for him to smell. He took in the aromas as if he were a dying man trying to get a breath of fresh air.

I once again removed his gag. “Suck this cock clean” I told him.

He licked and sucked it like a Popsicle.

I replaced the gag once again. I took that still wet vibrator, now from his saliva and my cum., and placed it under his balls.

I could tell the intensity was great. He tried to move away from it, but couldn’t. I kept it on a low speed just for a second, and then turned it on high, putting pressure on the area under his balls, between his ass. I began sliding it from the top of his head of his cock, all the way back to his asshole. Sweat had started to bead along his forehead, his eyes wide open, the muffled moans and pleads coming from his mouth. I knew I was giving him extreme pleasure as close to the “line” as I could go.

Every time I neared his ass, I pushed a little bit harder. Soon it was penetrating his tight hole. He could look down and see everything going on. I added some KY to the tip of the vibrator. He looked at me and was shaking his head no.

“Yes my little slut. You are going to take this in your ass” I responded to him. I went back to the same torturous routine. Stroking his shaft with it, teasing the tip of his head and pee hole, and continuing down between his legs, all over his balls, and then underneath to probe his asshole.

At his tight opening, I paused and took in the sight. It was so incredible to see him trussed to that stool. My soaked panties in his mouth. His legs spread for me, the vibrator at the opening of his ass. I saw him tighten. I waited a moment, letting the feeling of that vibration penetrate his asshole. I gave a little push. He was enjoying this more then he was pretending to, as the vibrator easily penetrated his tight virgin ass. As I let him adjust to the pressure, I grabbed his cock with my other hand. Smearing it with Ky, in no time at all, I had began masturbating his long shaft in a steady firm fashion. He was trying to move his hips to the rhythm I was creating to get closer to my hand. I could tell he wanted a quicker tempo and that he was nearing an orgasm. His head was thrown back his whole body covered in sweat as I plunged that vibrator in and out of his now accepting asshole, my hand firmly wrapped around his cock.

Precum was flowing out of his head and dripping down his shaft making it even silkier for me to stroke. I stepped over to straddle his thigh. One leg again up on the step, so my legs were spread wide, I looked him in the eyes, grabbed his cock even harder, plunged the vibrator deeper in his asshole and gave him a golden shower. I let my pee trickle at first then in a steady stream, cover his legs.

He screamed against the gag and erupted with the largest load of hot creamy cum I have ever seen emerge from him. Spurt after spurt streamed from his head. It was incredible.

Even after I had him untied, and had given him a nice shower to clean up. He stayed close to that step stool. It is a good thing he does not work in construction, because to this day, every time he even sees a ladder at a hardware store, I know he gets a rise.

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