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The first time she realised that she could see into his apartment was when he had just stepped from the shower and was towelling himself leisurely while looking through a magazine. Connie could well imagine what kind of magazine it was by the state of his prick, and she felt a faint pang of guilt as she looked across the dark space that separated their units, but continued to sit quietly in the dark as he casually stroked the length of his full erection.

He milked a drop of liquid from it and brought it to the tip of his tongue, the man takes his pleasure fully where he finds it, she thought to herself.

Then she realised that she, too, had been absently touching herself, more fascinated than aroused by the sight of a man playing with himself. She had never before actually spied on a naked man and it gave her a strange feeling to be able to invade his privacy. As he sat on the edge of the bed, reading the magazine, he spread his legs, then slowly and methodically ran his hand up and down the length of his prick. Watching as he wet his hand with saliva and rubbed it into the head, she spread her lips with two fingers and touched her clitoris, feeling it respond to her touch. His hands ran from the base of his balls to the head of his prick and back again, the movements exhibiting a sensuous technique that hinted a touch of a master.

Abruptly, the man rose, disappearing from sight as the room went dark, and Connie got up sighing, closing the curtains, returning to the bed. Her fingers found the sensitive fold of skin beside her clitoris, and she closed her eyes and thought of his hands moving along the length of his prick. Her fingers moved feverishly and his hand became hers as her two fingers became his prick, sliding into her wet pussy. Feeling the muscles squeeze them at the base of her clitoris, her orgasm began to spread through her.

She put her drenched fingers in her mouth and savoured the taste of her juices, remembering other nights when those fingers had been a prick and her clitoris had been excited by the lips and tongue. It had been a long time since she had let herself go free with anyone. Seeing her neighbour tonight seemed to have kindled a spark she had forgotten. It would be very nice, she thought, to be able to make love to a complete stranger exactly the way she wanted, for as long as she wanted, and with no obligations or remorse. She reached to turn out the light and, for no special reason, looked at her curtains to see if they were drawn.

Of course, they were, but looking closely at them again, Connie noticed a small powder box on her windowsill that had prevented them from closing all the way, leaving a small Vee of light between them. It was almost too small for her to see. There was no chance that anyone would have been able to see in. For a moment, she wished that someone would have. She closed her eyes and settled into her pillow, the smell of her pussy still clinging to her fingers. Her tongue lick them one last time before falling asleep, she loved the taste of herself.

The hot shower and some erotic poses in the magazine, together with his hand, made his prick hard as he rubbed up and down the length. The sensations of an orgasm began to rise and abruptly, he stopped and turned off the light and went to the window. He looked out at the dark night and across the way, he could see a triangle of light where someone had not pulled their drapes together. He could see movement behind them and smiled to himself. There was a difference between a peeping tom and a voyeur of opportunity. He wasn’t sure what it was, and didn’t care. His binoculars showed him that a very sensuous lady was enjoying herself in the privacy of her bedroom.

The opening was just large enough for him to see occasional glimpses of her thigh and her hand busy at her pussy. For a brief moment, she spread her legs wide and he saw that she had both hands at work on herself. His robe was open by now and his prick was raging for satisfaction. He gripped it tightly and felt the head swell as he looked at the soft flesh of her lips, spread wide by her delicate fingers, faithfully caught by the lens of the binoculars. Then her legs closed and the view disappeared, but the movement became more and more frantic and he knew she was cumming. He stroked his prick matching the rhythm of his unseen neighbour.

Her legs opened once more and he felt the fury of his own orgasm coming and staring through the glasses as his hand stroked faster and faster, his balls bouncing between his legs. The thrusting of the woman’s pelvis signalled that she was cumming, as semen spurted from his prick, then catching a large drop on his fingers, rubbed it on his tongue, wishing he was licking the exciting lips of the woman he had been watching. The taste of his cum was on his lips when he saw the broad expanse of her behind as she rolled over to reach for the light. She was not small, but had the full body he especially loved. The tiny Vee winked out and the world was dark. He sat back and inhaled deeply, and just before he dropped off to sleep, an idea occurred to him and he smiled to himself.

When she returned from work she opened the package someone had left in front of her door, there was no note and no label. Inside the package was a rather expensive pair of binoculars and a tiny card ‘From One Birdwatcher to Another’. Looking out her bedroom window, not expecting to see anything of course, visions of the man stroking his prick had came back to her. His curtains were closed, as they had been when she had left that morning. She took off her clothes and hung them up while waiting for a TV dinner to cook. Passing through the bedroom once more, she glanced out the window, his bedroom curtains were now opened.

She could see most of his bed and part of what seemed to be a mirror on the wall, and wondered why she hadn’t seen it the night before. But that wasn’t important. The important thing was that he was not there, but on the bed, very clearly, she could see a pair of binoculars like the ones she had just received. Propped behind them was a piece of cardboard with a message on it. She rushed back to the living room to get hers. The note simply said ‘Thank You’. Her face burned with embarrassment. Had he seen her watching him? How could he, her room was dark.

What did the message mean? Had he seen her playing with herself? He couldn’t possibly have, she told herself, then remembered the tiny Vee between the curtains. Damn, she thought to herself, and angrily slammed the two halves of the curtain together, this time making sure they closed completely. She dressed quickly and dialled the phone. ‘Suzy, this is Connie. Are you busy tonight? I need to talk to you’ she said in a rush. Just as she was about to leave, she opened the curtains again. His windows had not changed, the binoculars remained on the bed along with the sign. She got her own pair and put them on her bed, along with a pair of crotchless panties, then wrote a message on a piece of cardboard and set it behind them. ‘SHOW AT 11 PM’.

‘You did what?’. Suzy exclaimed. ‘I didn’t do anything’. Connie told her. ‘I can’t imagine how he saw me watching him’. ‘What’s he look like? Come on. Tall, short, fat, skinny? What’s his prick like?’ Suzy asked. ‘Like a prick. You see one, you’ve seen them all’ Connie laughed. ‘No way, sweetie. How long, how fat, circumcised, a lady pleaser or a pee chute? Come on, girl, this is Aunt Suzy you’re talking to’. Connie thought a moment. ‘I don’t know, it’s hard to judge from the distance’ she said.

‘How about the rest of him?’. ‘Okay, okay. He could lose a few pounds, but couldn’t we all?’ Connie muttered. ‘We all could. So let’s leave it at that. Tell me about ‘Show at 11’ Suzy said. ‘Was it was just an impulse? Why don’t we give him a double show?’ Suzy finished. Connie sat silent for a long time with Suzy glancing at her now and again. ‘Do you really think he saw you jerking off?’ Suzy asked suddenly. ‘Do you think he saw you with the binoculars, I mean?’. Connie nodded. ‘I guess so’. Suzy’s grin was too wicked to ignore as she said ‘Come on, it’s almost 10 o’clock. Showtime’s 11’.

The note had said 11, but the lights came on in the woman’s apartment at 10:30. He had turned his own lights off and sat in the darkness of his bedroom, wearing only his robe. Behind him, the radio played softly. He was prepared to be ‘stood up’ but for some reason felt something special was about to happen. He didn’t even know what the girl looked like, not even sure that she lived alone, but he was not prepared, however, when the curtains suddenly snapped shut and a moment later they opened, his jaw dropped, there were two of them. One was taller that the other, but both were full bodied women with round, lush curves and smooth bodies, smiling, he picked up the binoculars.

The short one had huge breasts with dark, pronounced nipples and a thick patch of auburn hair between her legs. The tall one had smaller breasts, more proportioned to the rest of her. Her pubic hair was a light red, like the hair on her head. Her nipples were small and pink. They both had attractive faces, although the tall one seemed nervous and constantly glanced in his direction. The best part, though, was her arse. It was as full and round as his glimpse the night before had promised. They knelt on the bed and turned to face him, bowing low. The show was about to begin. His prick stood painfully erect, but he refused to touch it, not wanting to cum prematurely. He had a show to watch.

Without further warning, Suzy leaned over, and kissed her passionately. Connie cautiously put her hands on Suzy’s waist and ran them up to cup the her huge breasts. ‘Like them?’ Suzy asked. Connie nodded and then gasped as Suzy leaned down to kiss her pink nipples. She went from one to the other, licking and sucking, drawing them out to their full length. Suzy’s hand wandered down, caressing the fullness of Connie’s arse as she slowly, pushed her pelvis into Suzy’s. When Suzy found her pussy, Connie relaxed her thighs to let her lips open to the insistence of her fingers, murmuring deep in her throat. ‘It’s not too much for you, is it?’ Suzy asked. ‘No’ Connie whimpered.

Suzy’s tongue ran a trace down to her navel and swirled there a moment before proceeding further down. It stopped just below the line of her pubic hair, and Connie fell back, spreading her legs wider and urging the soft head down to where her clitoris throbbed. Connie spread her legs as wide as she could to let Suzy’s tongue probe up into her pussy. She gritted her teeth and began to cum as she felt Suzy’s fingers tickling her arse and her tongue probe her pussy. Across the way, the light still showed the erect prick, but there was a hand cupping the balls hanging below it.

He stroked his prick slowly as he watched the short one busily devouring her partner. She was on her knees with her arse towards the window so that he could see her open pussy as her breasts hung down beneath her. Her head blocked any view of what she was doing, but the spasms of the taller girl’s body told their own story. If their aim was to torture him, they were having their way. He looked at the other girl’s face. Her eyes were closed but her mouth opened full and pouting as if she was trying to say something as the other girl crawled up to kiss her. Then they both stood up and bowed toward him, and he could think of no better response than to wave his prick toward them. He still had not cum, but it was not far off. Then the show continued.

Connie was feeling guilty. Suzy had just licked her to one of the finest orgasms she had ever had and now was lying back stroking her own clitoris, afraid to ask her to bring her off. She rolled over and kissed Suzy firmly, letting her hand run down the girl’s body to caress the fleshy fold between her legs. Suzy’s pussy seemed to draw her fingers inside it as she felt the abundance of juices flowing. Slowly drawing her soaking hand up to her face and inhaling deeply, the musky odour was almost too much as her tongue came out to lick her fingers. Suzy groaned loudly and spread her legs wide as Connie kissed her gently and then slid down until her face was firmly pressed against Suzy’s pussy lips.

With loud slurping sounds, she sucked and licked as much juice as she could from deep inside. Then took the clitoris between her lips and pulled it gently, letting it almost slip away before sucking it back again and again. Suzy squealed as her pelvis spasmed over and over, her hands entwined in Connie’s hair as she came. When Suzy stopped writhing, Connie slowly pulled herself up to a sitting position. ‘This is our secret’ she told Suzy. ‘Ours and his’ Suzy replied, pointing at the window. In the window was a large sign, ‘Like company?’, it’s owner standing partially in the shadows. ‘Want to invite him over?’ Suzy laughed, and they both looked toward the window and waved.

There was no mistaking their meaning and they both knew he was on his way. Connie jumped up to pull on a robe and Suzy instinctively covered herself with a bedsheet as a knock at the door interrupted them. ‘My name’s Don’ he said, dressed for the occasion, under a long coat, he wore nothing but a pair of loafers. ‘I’m Connie. Suzy’s in the bedroom. Do you always over dress?’ Don smiled and looked at her a moment, ‘I do feel a little silly’, he admitted. ‘Please, don’t. I’m not being a good hostess’, and Connie let her robe drop to the floor, openly appraising his body, her attention focused on his rising prick. As his eyes swept over her, his prick throbbed and there was no question about it, the man liked what he saw, and she like what she was doing to him.

Suzy came out of the bedroom saying ‘Hi. I’m Suzy’. ‘I’m Don’. ‘Nice to meet you, Don. You have a nice prick’. ‘And you’re breasts are remarkable’. Connie went to the kitchen. ‘Can I get anyone a drink?’ she called. ‘I brought wine’ Don announced. ‘You what?’ ‘There’s no reason one must be a barbarian to be a trifle sleazy’ he replied and produced a bottle of white wine from the pocket of the overcoat. They opened the wine in the bedroom and poured a toast, everyone drinking from everyone else’s glass. ‘How about a special toast?’ Suzy declared and doused her nipples one at a time in her glass.

Connie and Don both licked them clean. ‘And another toast’ Don said as he dipped the head of his prick into his glass. Suzy knelt down and sucked the glans into her mouth, her tongue swirling about it. Don then soaked it again, this time offering it to Connie, who swallowed a much of his prick as she could, feeling the shaft fill her mouth as the head slid against the roof of her mouth. ‘Your turn, Connie’, announced Suzy, looking at her with a grin. ‘I’ve already done breasts’. Connie looked at them for a moment, then taking her wine glass, laid back on the bed and put her feet up over her shoulders.

She opened her pussy with two fingers and poured a trickle of wine into it. ‘A special, special toast’, she murmured as Don leaned down and sipped the heady liquid from the delicate opening, savouring the mixture of tastes. His prick, still hard from the skilled mouthing the women had given him, felt Suzy’s hand rub his balls and the underside of his raging prick. ‘Save some for me’ she said, and Don reluctantly pulled away. Connie smiled and poured another trickle into her pussy as Suzy climbed between her legs.

The sight of Suzy’s round arse, her wet pussy and the little sounds Connie sighed as the woman licked her dry were too much for Don to endure and without hesitation placed the head of his prick squarely among the pink folds of Suzy’s pussy and pressed home. Her squeal was muffled by Connie’s pussy and her arse moved in a big circle as Don thrust his prick into her to its full extent. Slowly, he withdrew it and moved to the head of the bed where Connie’s mouth engulfed its head. Suzy continued to lick her pussy furiously. Pouring wine into her pussy was the most bizarre thing Connie had ever done, but this seemed to be the night to swing on a star. She closed her eyes and bathed in the heavenly feelings Suzy’s tongue was stirring.

When she opened them again, she could see Don as he plunged his prick into Suzy wet pussy. She closed them again and suddenly felt Don’s prick touch her lips, smelling so deliciously like Suzy had tasted not so long ago. She looked up and saw it glistening with juices and a warmth spread through her as she opened her mouth to accept the head, drops of fluid hanging from its tip. She caught a sweet droplet on the end of her tongue and tasted it before capturing the spongy head between her lips and could taste Suzy’s juices. Running her tongue up the shaft tasting more and more, her tongue flicked from side to side across the swollen vein that ran the length of it.

Eating Suzy had been delightful, but Don’s prick in her mouth was lovely. Taking his prick out of her mouth, she ran her tongue along its base to his balls, sending a shiver down to where Suzy was sucking her clitoris. Slowly, she sucked the full length of Don into her mouth until she felt his pubic hair against her lip. Her climax was building fast as Suzy’s fingered her pussy and the prick in her mouth pushed her toward the edge. Don pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and she explored it with the tip of her tongue, feeling the ridges and the sensitive opening she knew would reward her if she loved it properly. Suddenly it was gone. ‘Please, I want to taste you’ she pleaded.

‘Later. I don’t want to cum yet. Right now, Suzy and I have a duty to perform’. he said as Suzy looked up at him expectantly. He reached over and picked up Connie’s robe and removed the belt. Turning her over on her back, Connie’s eyes widened as he tied a loop on one wrist and then the other. Soon, she was trussed firmly, her arms spread above her head and her legs spread so that her arse and pussy were open and unprotected. She shivered as Don ran his tongue from the middle of her breasts to her arse cheeks, swirling it quickly on the tender flesh around her arsehole. Suzy scrambled up and turned around to place her pussy over Connie’s mouth.

Don put his prick between her breasts and fucked them as he squeezed them together, then moved around to put his prick inside Suzy. He could feel Connie’s mouth and tongue working on his balls and her pussy. Suzy collapsed forward and buried her head in Connie’s pussy, her own arse high in the air as Don’s prick slid in and out of it. He held her hips as she came, pressing deep into her while Connie fastened her mouth on her clitoris like a limpet and sucked. Don stood up, ‘I have to take my time’, he said. ‘Untie me. I want to make you cum’ Connie pleaded as Don walked back and kissed Suzy, running his tongue deep into her throat. ‘Connie wants to cum’, he told her. ‘What are you going to do?’ Suzy asked. ‘Let’s fuck her properly’.

Don walked to the foot of the bed and kissed Connie, a moment later, she felt his prick slip past her labia and spread the walls of her pussy. He pressed it into the hilt and then drew it all the way out and let its wet length lie along the crack of her arse and squeezed the cheeks together. Connie felt Suzy’s hands busily rubbing his balls against the sensitive parts of her pussy while Don drew his prick back down the crack of her arse. She felt it pause as the head passed over her arsehole, then move to her pussy as Suzy’s tongue flicked over her clitoris.

Her climax mounted as Don’s prick filled her and worked in and out. She strained against the belt, trying to reach for him and Don smiled down at her, then bent down to suck her nipples. Suzy’s hand was working her to a frenzy as the prick plunged in and out of her. She groaned as her climax started, and shuddered with pleasure. She opened her eyes to find Don’s prick pressed against her lips and his hands busy freeing hers. Grasping his prick and stuffing it greedily into her mouth, she sucked him deep into her throat and swallowed hard, trying to devour the thick shaft.

As he felt the spunk rising in him, he pulled his prick almost all the way out of her mouth, allowing only the head to remain inside as his thick cum pumped out onto her tongue. She closed her eyes and tasted the salty liquid filling her mouth, not swallowing at first, but savoured the taste, allowing a single drop to seep out the corner of her mouth. Don leaned down and kissed it away, and Suzy clamped her mouth down on Connie’s, sucking Don’s cum into her own, and all three exchanged deep kisses, savouring the rich, heady tastes of sex. They stretched out and slept then, Don between the two of them, his hands holding a breast of each while they both held his soft prick and balls.

Connie awoke sometime later with the bed shaking with a telltale rhythm, and in the half light, she could see Suzy above Don, her breast swaying wildly, her head rolling from side to side. Then his back arched and she realised he was cumming as Suzy slid off his spurting prick, her hands gripping the base and aiming it at her pussy. As Suzy collapsed forward, Connie sat up and looked at them, Don’s cum covering her pussy, dripping back onto his prick and balls, his pubic hair matted with cum and sweat. She rolled over on her side and slid her head in between them. She could feel Suzy’s wet arse against her cheek and smell the rich odour of their combined juices.

Connie greedily licked his slippery prick which elude her in the dark and finally she caught it, sucking it into her mouth, tasting Suzy’s cum as well as Don’s. She worked it in and out slowly and gently, knowing it was super sensitive after just being inside Suzy. When it showed no sign of getting hard, she slipped it out of her mouth and concentrated on his balls. At the other end of the bed, she felt Don’s head slipping in between her soft thighs, his tongue seeking the soft center of her pussy. She went back to his soft prick as his tongue invaded her pussy and his lips closed over her quivering clitoris.

His tongue licking its way back to her arsehole, arousing exciting new feelings as he nibbled along what was once a forbidden zone. Connie sensed that Don’s progress had slowed due to the position of her thighs and slowly raised them. She was rewarded by his tongue running lightly around her arsehole, the pleasure was becoming intense and she could feel his tongue beginning to probe gently. His tongue at her arse, teasing her on and then flicked back along her clitoris, swirling at the entrance of her pussy as she took his ball separately in her mouth and ran her tongue around them. She felt his legs part wider as she licked, then realised she was nearing an area where she had never been.

Connie responded to the strange new feelings by grazing her tongue over the surface of his arsehole and as she did, his body thrust against her lips. His prick was still soft, but she knew she was having a very erotic effect on him and enjoyed this wicked new experience by reaching up to spread his cheeks wider. When her tongue reached the arsehole, she licked around it, flicking it every now and then, then tickled it with her fingertips. She probed and pressed with the tip of her tongue, afraid to take the ultimate step and even more afraid not to.

With her finger, she pressed against his arsehole and felt it resist. She backed away and replaced her finger with the tip of her tongue, then probed again, more slowly this time, and the resistance went away and a huge shudder went through Don’s body as her tongue burrowed impossibly deep into him. Her tongue massaged his slippery arse and she felt him tense as he realised what was happening. She wet her index finger in her pussy and heard him groan as she replaced her tongue with a finger, rubbing it over the tiny flower of his arsehole. Ignoring the resistance she forced it in to the first joint, then moved back to his prick, swallowing as he started to grow inside her mouth.

He thrust against her face, trying to fuck her mouth and slowly, she pulled herself free whispering ‘Fuck me Don’. He didn’t answer, but moments later, loomed over her in the dark and she felt his hands spread her thighs wide apart. It was Suzy who guided his prick into her pussy as she wrapped her thighs high around his waist. Her arms around his neck, his prick pounded into her harder and faster and as his breath came faster, she knew he was going to cum. Connie wanted to feel his hot sperm shoot deep inside her, moaned softly, ‘Oohh yess Don, cum inside me’, then felt her own climax building.

It was dawn when she awoke, Don was gone. As she moved her legs, she felt his cum between the cheeks of her arse and ran her finger through the wetness, moving them into her mouth, the taste lingering on her lips. Connie giggled and stretched, feeling lazy and fulfilled, beside her, Suzy lay sleeping. She could see into Don’s apartment, the curtains wide open and wondered if he was using his binoculars, then spread her legs to give him a better view, just in case.

He stopped on his way from the bathroom and casually picked up his binoculars, looking through them at the apartment he had just left. Connie lay with her legs spread invitingly as Suzy lay next to her, one knee drawn up, exposing her arse and pussy to his gaze. He licked his lips, still tasting the two of them. He looked down at the binoculars and smiled thoughtfully, the whole thing had started as a lark and resulted in the most fabulous experience he could remember.

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