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Southern Retirement

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This is quite pleasant, Fred thought, as he lounged by the community pool, located only steps from his retirement home. He had always liked to swim, even back in Ohio during the cold winters, and the size of the pool permitted him to lap swim and keep fit. Yesterday he did a half-mile, so this was his day to relax. When it cooled later, he would walk a mile or two around the village. It was too bad his ex-wife Betty couldn’t enjoy this. Yeah, right, that bitch ran off with a wealthy business man five years ago.

Two months after the divorce was final, the big-shot rich man filed for bankruptcy; it seems he was juggling the books so that everyone, along with Betty, was taken in. Betty came around, looking for a second chance, but Fred would have none of it. He didn’t trust her.

Fred and Betty Prendergast had once talked about retiring to New Mexico, where they had vacationed often and had friends, but Fred decided that there were too many memories of Betty there. Besides, he had some relatives in Florida near Gainesville, and there were a lot of nice retirement communities located there. Fred also liked the national forests located nearby; he recalled many past adventures of canoeing through the swamps and woodland.

So here he was taking it easy near Lake Oklawaha and having a good time. An unexpected bequest from a distant relative had induced him to retire early from his government job in Cleveland. Maybe in a few months, he would look for something down here to keep busy and earn a little income. Fred missed his kids, but he also knew that they would become snowbirds and drop in on him in the future. After a month he had met enough people to provide a circle of friends.

Fred looked up. His new buddy, Marianne Pucci, was walking toward him. He had just met her at the library four days ago. She taught at a local college and had been dumped her husband three years ago. She was only six years younger than Fred, but looked younger than that, no more than forty. They had hit it off right away; she had grown up in Toledo. He could see yearning and loneliness in her eyes each time they had talked, reminding him of his past few years.

“Hi, Marianne,” Fred called out, barely raising his voice. He watched as her face lit up with the joy of seeing him. He felt a stirring within himself too. She seemed to be such a nice woman.

“Hello, Fred, sorry I’m late, but I stayed up half the night reading that book you recommended. It turned out to be a real page turner.” Fred was delighted to find someone who shared his own love of books and talked about them in an intelligent, unpretentious manner. He possessed a TV only to watch news, weather, and some special documentary shows.

“Don’t give it a thought; it is not as if we are in any great hurry to do anything or go anywhere.” He watched as his friend took off her beach robe and arranged herself and her things on the recliner next to him. She had a nice lithe body, hips flaring out from a narrow waist, nice-sized tits, and shapely legs, definitely a sexy lady. His mind had wandered several times over the past two days as he wondered what she might look like naked.

“Well, Fred, here we are again!” Marianne said with a laugh. For the next hour they continued their exchange of personal information in the form of anecdotes of their past lives, with some laughing or sighing, depending on the moment. Fred enjoyed this; it felt good to be able to open up with someone, to even mention a few private thoughts. A noisy group of old ladies arrived and distracted them. Fred looked at his watch and then at the Sun’s position.

“Damn!” he said, “Time flies when you’re having fun. I need to get to the post office before it closes. Listen, Marianne, would you like to have dinner with me tonight, someplace nice?”

She frowned and said with a sigh, “Dinner would be nice, but I promised to eat tonight with my friend Elizabeth. How about tomorrow?” Fred looked at her pretty face, now filled with a hopeful expression.

“I’ll take tomorrow; I’ll try to bear up until then,” Fred said. “It seems so long to wait, but I guess I can do it.” Why did I say that, he thought as soon as the words left his lips; probably because he meant it and it had been so long since he had been on a real date. A few minutes later Fred was in his car, his mind still filled with images and words of Marianne Pucci.

At nine that night he was relaxing with a popular historical novel about the French and Indian War when the telephone rang. “How are you, Fred?” the now familiar voice of Marianne said. “Are you doing anything or are you too tied up to come over for a glass of wine?”

“I think I can juggle you into my busy schedule; Let’s see…yup, I can fit you in between the bowling tournament and the midnight basketball league. What happened to Elizabeth?”

“She developed a headache, so I came home.”

Minutes later, Fred was tapping on Marianne’s door. This would be his first time in her little house. Her voice called out, inviting him in. He walked in and stood in from of a huge built-in aquarium, admiring its arrangement and tasteful assortment of fish. Marianne came in with a tray. She set down the ice, glasses and a bottle and came over to him.

“What do you think of this?” she asked.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said, “but I never get around to it. I really like your setup. It looks like a real underwater scene… You know… no deep-sea divers or treasure chests with bubbles coming out. It looks good, like an exhibit in a zoo or aquarium, very professional.”

She was beaming at him. His remarks had clearly filled her with happiness. “I was a biology major in college, and I took some courses on ichthyology. I have a ton of books; you should see all my breeding tanks in the laundry room! I really have fun with my little fishies.”

From the couch they could watch the aquarium as they conversed. It was almost as if only a few seconds had passed since that afternoon. They drank the wine, nibbled some cheese and crackers, and admired the fish. He looked into her animated, pretty face and felt his heart ache. Marianne placed her hand lightly on his leg; she said softly, “This is more fun than I have had in years.” He smiled at her and nodded in agreement. Her answer was to slide herself closer to him.

Marianne set her glass down on the coffee table and turned toward Fred. She said, “I would like it very much if you put your arm around me.” He laid his muscular arm around her slim shoulders and hugged her to him. Marianne let out a deep sigh. Her head rested on him, and Fred could not recall how long it had been since he felt something so fundamentally simple, but so pleasant. He could feel her heart beating against him. She hugged him and whispered, “Please don’t think I’m a bad person, but… would you… would you stay with me tonight, just be with me and hold me?” Her hand squeezed his arm.

“I’d be very happy to remain here with you tonight, but, am I right, that you just want us to be together, nothing more than that?”

“If you want, I could try to please you, but I really want us only to be together. Is that all right with you, or does it sound too silly?” She lifted her head and looked up at him. “I feel sad; on this date a few years ago I learned that my former husband was taking a friend of my daughter’s to motels.”

Later, as they cuddled together under the fragrant sheets on her bed, Fred felt some hot tears fall on his bare flesh and pulled Marianne closer to him. He felt her lips brush against his skin. The bottle of wine soon carried them off into peaceful slumber. When Fred woke after dawn, his companion was draped over him, one shapely leg across his own. His bladder was distended by wine, and a morning erection, far harder than any he had experienced recently, had awakened him. Slowly he eased himself from the bed and slipped into the bathroom. Marianne was peacefully asleep when he returned; he slipped under the sheet and gathered her to him.

Fred woke again to see Marianne’s bare back retreating into the bathroom. His eyes feasted on her firm, round ass and how sexily it moved. In a few minutes she returned, providing him with a sexy frontal display. It had been a long time since he had been with such a fabulous woman. Her breasts were still firm and full. Her stomach was softly rounded down to a thick dark patch of hair that allowed only the slightest hint of her labia to peek out at him. He felt a deep urge to grasp those broad hips and drive himself deep into her.

Marianne smiled, slid under the sheets, and cuddled next to him. “Thank you so much for doing this. You are someone very special to me. Has it been a long time since you’ve done something like this… been with a woman?”

For a minute Fred was silent: she caught him by surprise, but he answered, “It has been a long time, a very long time. What about you, Marianne?”

“Years too long, Fred, ever since my divorce, but I think that I want that to change, and I want it to happen now.” Marianne raised herself up and leaned over him. She gave Fred a soft kiss and he returned it with enthusiasm. Her tongue slid into his mouth and touched his. The kiss seemed to last forever. When they finally pulled apart, their faces were flushed with excitement. Marianne pushed the sheet away from them and looked down on Fred’s nakedness. “I want to do something for you right now, something that will give both of us deep gratification.”

“Wh-what’s th-that,” he stammered, while looking at both her pretty face and then at her swollen, hard nipples hanging inches from his lips.

She glanced at his penis, now fully erect and nearly six inches long, with a girth that she knew would stuff her vagina. “Oh, Fred, this’s such a nice one!” Her hand touched his swollen member, and her delicate fingers eased themselves gradually around its circumference. “I want this in my mouth; it has been so long, and I have such a deep need for it.” She leaned over and kissed its velvety head with soft, partially open lips that left a dab of her saliva on him. “I want to suck your cock and make you come in my mouth. I want the taste of you on my lips and on my tongue. Will that spoil what we mean to each other?”

“Only it you try to stop me from pleasing you, only that would bother me.” Fred replied, rubbing a hand across her smooth shoulder and arm. He leaned forward and kissed a firm nipple.

She slipped out of the bed and knelt on the floor “Come on,” she whispered while pulling his legs. “Move over here near the edge. I want to do it like this.” Fred slid toward her, and she leaned over him and sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. Her raven hair fell forward and obscured his view; he brushed it away with a sweep of his hand. He lay there watching her lovely face as she licked and kissed his cock, pausing only to look at him and smile.

Fred watched as she ministered to his need like a wanton whore. Marianne already seemed a far different lover than his ex-wife, who grudging gave him, at best, a a few quickies each month and rarely put her mouth on his cock. His mouth watered at the thought of licking Marianne’s pussy. He let his hand slide over her bare skin, stroking and scratching her as she began to suck his cock.

Her mouth engulfed him, and he groaned as she slowly took his entire length into her mouth and throat. He felt her glottal muscles briefly clutch the end of his imbedded prick; then she slowly let him slide out. With a barely audible slurping sound, the head popped free. Marianne smiled at him wickedly. “You taste so good.” she murmured. She slowly licked and sucked the head as she slid her fingers softly up and down his length. She paused and told him, “I haven’t had a man in my mouth in so long, I’d forgotten how good it can feel. This has always been, to me, so naughty, and I feel like being naughty this morning.”

“Oh, my god, Marianne,” Fred groaned, “you feel so damned good, and you are exciting me so much. It has been so long, so very long.”

“I want you to come in my mouth?” she whispered. “Don’t hold back or pull away when you feel yourself ready to ejaculate. I want your cum to fill my mouth, coating my tongue, so I can taste it and savor your flavor.”

“I want you in my mouth too; it has been so long. When I come, I want to be kissing your pussy.” He pulled himself away from her and motioned for her to join him on her bed. He lay back as she rose from the floor.

“Oh! Oh god, yes! I need you also,” she cried out and quickly turned around to straddled him so that her cheek was pressed against his hard, slippery dick and her wet cunt was near his face. Marianne wiggled her curvaceous, feminine hips around and pushed her sweet pussy against his mouth. Simultaneously, she sucked his big prick back into her mouth, eager to please him and hungry for his seed. Both moaned as each pleasured the other’s sex with their lips and tongues. There was nothing so pleasurable, they both realized, as the wonderful sensation of being mouthed while sucking one’s lover.

Fred grabbed her firm, meaty ass, digging his fingers into its smooth skin and pulling Marianne’s dripping twat to his lips. Oddly, neither wanted to rush their lovemaking. It had been so long and felt so good for it to end quickly. Marianne wanted to shove her pussy into Fred’s mouth, but she merely undulated her ass as she pressed her swollen labia against his eager mouth. He was gentle with her delicate flower; he softly pressed his lips to her, so he could tongue and probe into her pink slit. He let his lips caress her parted labia, dragging his tongue up and down her crevice, while occasionally flicking it over her erect clitoris. The casual licking was slowly driving her right up a wall, increasing her need to reach a climax.

Marianne was giving the head of his penis a combination of kisses, licks, and sucks, to edge him closer to his own orgasm. When she felt his fingers slide deep into her, her composure broke down, and her vagina began to spasm and release a spurt of her female juices. She lost control of herself and began to stroke Fred’s cock and massage his balls, wanting now to fill her own mouth with his semen. Involuntarily, her cunt pressed itself forcefully onto his mouth, pressing her clit onto his mouth in a frenzied attempt to bring herself off. Her cheeks dimpled inward as she attempted to suck him off.

Marianne’s mouth swallowed Fred’s cock, wantonly urging his sperm to squirt down her throat. Both of them were now beyond conscious control with their long deprivation driving each to climax in each other’s mouths. Marianne felt the wave of her orgasm spread out from her cunt. She gripped Fred’s balls more tightly and sucked him harder. He responded with a flood of rich, creamy semen spurting into her waiting mouth. Quickly she swallowed the first jet of semen, knowing that more would follow. Fred pressed his mouth hard against his lover’s oozing pussy, driving Marianne to a secondary climax.

Marianne was determined to have it all. She sucked, licked and, fondled her lover’s cock and balls, hoping to obtain every precious drop. Minutes passed, and she felt his penis begin to soften. Yet, she let it rest inside her mouth, until, finally, after one last little droplet had passed across her tongue, she released it. She lifted herself up and turned herself around next to Fred’s warm body.

Marianne pressed her lips to Fred’s mouth; he opened up his lips and probed with his tongue. “Mmmmm,” she sighed, still experiencing the deep pleasure of the moment. She could taste the flavor of her own secretions on Fred’s lips and knew that he could taste himself in her mouth. Her mouth still drooled with the flavor of their sex as she pulled back and gazed fondly into his eyes. Again and again they kissed deeply, alternating with wordless periods of looking at each other, as if not believing their good fortune.

They relaxed; she slid off him and snuggled against him. Eyes fluttered and eventually closed. They were both asleep and drained, for the time, of their energy. Sweet, erotic dreams whispered through their heads.

Marianne woke. Two hours had passed. She lifted her head and looked at her new lover. He was so handsome and felt so good lying against her. She looked down and saw his cock was still partially swollen and draped across a thigh. Her hand, with a mind of its own, moved to his manhood and began to explore it. She looked, fascinated that her touch could have such an effect. Fred’s cock swelled to full hardness and became solidly erect, jutting proudly upward from his groin.

Fred’s eyes opened to discover his lover fondling his genitals. His cock, recently drained of a large load of semen, seemed ready to go again. He lifted a hand and massaged Marianne’s back. His fingers found every place where she needed a man’s touch. She sighed with pleasure and turned her smiling face to him.

“Wanna fuck, big boy?” she whispered lewdly. Fred didn’t answer, but instead, firmly rolled her over onto her back. Marianne spread her legs and he was between them, pressing his hard cock into her wet cunt. She wriggled her hips and he was inside her. He slid deeper into her, and Marianne groaned with the pleasure of his fullness within her belly. In sympathy, Fred groaned as he felt the tightness of her pussy envelope his swollen prick. He began to piston himself in and out of his lover. She, in turn, lifted her legs and entwined him. Her hands dug into his back and his grasped her to him.

Again they took their time, fully savoring this erotic coupling and not wanting it to end quickly. Having had the edge taken off their need only a short time before, they were able to prolong their slow and sensual fucking. After a while, Fred pulled out and urged Marianne over onto her stomach. She raised her ass upward and fingered her wet cunt, knowing Fred could see her touching herself. He eased his hard prick gradually into her dripping twat again and began to stroke her from behind.

“Ohhhh… ohhhh…. god,” Marianne moaned as the end of his cock slid across her G-spot again and again. She ejaculated a small amount of her cum. Fred felt his way become more slippery and his lover’s vagina oozed her love juices out, dripping down her legs. He began to pound against her ass as he gripped her wide hips, pulling her pelvis against his raging erection.

Fed gave up another load of his creamy semen deep inside Marianne’s vagina, warning her seconds before his orgasm, with a loud groan. Her cunt gripped him and milked him as completely as her mouth had earlier. They remained locked together, until his cock shrank out of her pussy. Marianne slid down onto the sweaty, dampened sheets and clutched Fred desperately to herself. Marianne’s pussy was drooling its load of semen and secretions onto her inner thighs. She knew that the remainder of his ejaculate reposed deep inside her pussy, flooding her uterus with its swarm of sperm. Thank goodness her tubes were tied!

It felt so good to lie next to each other with the damp flush of their coupling still on their bodies. They had been so hungry for each other. Fred felt Marianne’s little hand cup his soft penis, as if she wanted to insure its presence for their next moment of passion.

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