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Sorry, Prof…

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Yet another academic year. Yet another dean’s speech. The main hall was crowded with all the staff stuffed in there to hear the good word. To be honest, everyone was there for the subsequent traditional free drink. So everyone was polite enough to pretend to listen to the speech, glancing left and right, waving hellos to colleagues but giving little attention to the sacred word.

And I was stuck in there. It was about the tenth time I was hearing that speech and I was bored like hell. I hate those moments when I have to mingle with the crowd of colleagues in the heat of autumn, everyone squeezed against each other, thirsting for a glass of cheap champagne. What I liked about my academic life was quite the opposite of this torture: having my own office at the end of a corridor, giving a few lectures and doing my research work quite freely, and since I’m quite successful in my area, no one gets in my way nor bothers me.

And the speech went on and on as it went every beginning of academic year. I was repressing a yawn, hiding it behind my hand, when I felt someone’s back pressing accidentally against my crotch. I looked at whom it was and a young woman turned round and apologised

“Sorry… oh, sorry, prof Thom!” and she smiled widely at me.

It took me little time to remember where I’d seen that pretty face before. Mary. She’d been one of my students a couple of years ago. The kind of student you always appreciate. Particularly clever, witty, respectful, she was always smiling, apparently happy to attend my classes, and what made it even more pleasant, she was quite pretty: not very tall, with blond hair often knotted in a pony tail, deep dark eyes, full lips, perfect skin complexion, a lovely breast that was always discreetly enhanced by classy clothes and a nicely round bum that I always took a glance at when she left my class.

I had been told that after a brilliant graduation she had managed to become the dean’s assistant. Her being in the audience of the dean’s speech proved at least that she’d become of member of staff. I took a good look at her — she was as pretty as ever, she’d even matured in a very nice way. I smiled at her and finally replied

“That’s ok Mary, no worries. But now that you’re a member of staff, don’t call me prof! Simply Thom will do.”

She grinned, apparently slightly uncomfortable then replied “ok, Simply Thom”, then turned back to hear the rest of the speech.

However, she did not step away from me but stood where she was, her back pressed against me. Being slightly taller than she was, I was towering over her shoulder, which gave me a very pleasant plunging view on her white blouse. The sight was clearly giving a new interest to the dean’s yearly speech. Her blond ponytail was wiggling against my chest and, although I could not definitely be sure if she was doing it on purpose, she was not so innocently rubbing her magnificent bum against my crotch. For a few seconds, I thought about stepping backwards, but sincerely, this was too enjoyable and even if my head wanted me to step back, my body did not react to any of its orders.

It was so enjoyable that I started to feel the first physical symptoms caused by Mary’s behaviour. And the longer the dean’s speech went, the deeper she seemed to push back on me, the harder I was getting in my pants. By the time the lengthy speech reached conclusions, there was no doubt Mary had noticed the effect she had on me. And when the crowd moved at last in the direction of the free drinks, she turned and threw me a lovely smile and said

“I shall definitely see you around, Thom!”

And to make sure I had the message, without her eyes leaving mine, she gave a discreet but firm and gentle squeeze on my crotch.

She left me there, speechless, hard like rock in my pants and dumbfounded. There was no way I could handle a conversation with anyone, so I gave up on the free drinks and went straight back to my office to try and get my ideas straight.

My office is what I imagine every academic office is or should be: walls covered with shelves of books, a large desk submerged with piles of papers and reports of all sorts, even the low table by the sofa was piled up with documents. As soon as I entered, I felt a bit more comfortable. I opened the filing cabinet and poured myself a glass of decent 15-year-old whisky, then threw myself in the sofa, grabbing the report I had to evaluate for the day after.

The liquor relaxed me a bit, burning down my throat as I sipped it slowly. But what was burning within me was the vivid memory of these few minutes of promiscuity with a young, gorgeous and brilliant ex-student of mine, now grown to a full woman, with the most exquisite womanly shape. “Oh, stop thinking about her!” I kept telling myself. But I did not manage. Had I been at home, I would have stripped naked, rushed into the shower and masturbated frantically until my load splashed all over the bathroom wall. And I would definitely release myself that way as soon as I’d get home.

I soon got disrupted in my daydreams by nails rattling on my half open office door. Before I had time to lift my chin and see who that was, Mary was already tiptoeing in my office and closing the door behind her back.

“Am I waking you out of your dreams, Thom?”

I think I blushed and I barely managed to stutter some kind of apology. Mary giggled softly. She was there, standing a few feet away from me, in a classy black jacket and skirt with white blouse, hands fiddling in front of her, thus pushing together her magnificent breast. She was definitely eyeing me from head to toes. But her glance stopped at my crotch.

“Oh, so I see you kept on the same track of thoughts since the dean’s speech!”

She moved swiftly and sat on the sofa arm, right next to me.

“Three years in your weekly seminar and I never managed to grab your attention”, she said, fiddling with my tie. “Have I got it now at last?”

She surely had. At first, my attention had gone to her legs. Her mid-thigh skirt was tight on her legs. Her skin was immaculate, a blonde’s skin tanned to the perfect caramel colour. Now my attention was on what levelled my eyes. Her chest was heaving slowly. She knew where she wanted to get to and was confident she would get there. I’m quite certain she had snapped the top two buttons of her blouse, because now I could get a hint of a lovely white lace bra cupping her voluptuous breast.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Mary ordered firmly but with a most sensual voice “look at me in the eyes!”.

I looked up and met her stare. Her dark mascaraed eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“I want to see on your face if I’m doing things properly” and she leant slightly and I felt her hand caress my crotch to verify my physiological state. If I could have grown harder, I surely would have. My mouth gaped open in surprise and pleasure. Mary seemed quite content and smiled. She was slowly caressing my hardness then suddenly stopped.

“Come on, you know what we’re heading for and you know you will give in to temptation, so you’d better stop repressing your ravings” she blamed me, as she grabbed my hand and brought it to her chest.

Through the silk of her blouse, I could feel the delicate drawing of her lace bonnet, but also a large nipple, hard like a little stone, poking threw the material. Her hand then returned to my lower body. As I kneaded softly her much-more-than-a-handful breast, I stared back at her, melting in her stare and her smile. Her fingers assertively unbuttoned my pants and slipped inside my pants to explore my intimacy. She grazed slightly my pubis, her palm passed caressingly over my burning cock then her fingers wrapped around my hardness and pulled it out and started stroking me. I gasped and she took that opportunity to completely lean on me and press her mouth on mine.

Her tongue probed in my mouth, searching for mine. She moaned softly as I rolled her nipple through her blouse and squeezed my cock. I started unbuttoning her blouse but she abruptly stopped both kissing and stroking me.

“Wait, Thom, I have something to show you…”

She stood up and climbed on the sofa, towering over me on her heels, one foot on each side of my thighs. Mary unknotted her black wrap-around skirt and unfolded it slowly till it revealed her naked pubis. She was neatly shaved, except for a thin line of perfectly blond hairs, and she was as tanned as the fully shaped legs leading to her pubis. I sat up and grabbed her legs and pressed a kiss on her pubis. She grabbed my hair and pressed my head firmly against her mound. “Oh, I’ve dreamt of that so often, even wide awake when in your classroom” she moaned. Feeling challenged I start licking her labia. She was dripping wet and her juices are delicious. She pushed me back and moved over me to press her pussy on my mouth. My tongue probed between her folds, playing with her clit, before penetrating her. Her juices were pouring in my mouth. Her fingers clinging on my hair as she moaned loudly. She had wanted this for so long that she quickly reached a shattering orgasm, her body shaken by spasms, her mouth voiceless, as she couldn’t breathe out her screams of pleasure.

Once the thunderstorm had receded, she kneeled down and looked at me in the eyes:

“It’s even better than what I had ever dreams. Your full lips have filled my fantasies for years and they do make wonders. Now I want to feel in me what I’ve never had the chance to see of you before today.”

She then grabbed my hardness and guided it in her well-lubricated but very tight pussy, as she lowered herself slowly, impaling herself on my shaft. Her eyes half closed, biting her lower lip, humming softly as I filled her womb. My hands reached for her breast and opened her blouse and unsnapped the convenient front claps of her bra. Mary lifted herself slowly then fell back down on me. I was playing with her nipples between my fingers. And she did it again, and again. Each time letting herself impale on me, each time moaning louder, each time taking us closer and closer to a shattering orgasm. She pressed her lips on mine, remaining still, keeping me deep inside her, her pussy massaging and pumping on my cock. I moaned in our kiss as I exploded deep inside her, leading to her own orgasm.

Once we had recovered our breaths, she looked at me and murmured

“I sincerely hope I’ll have frequent reasons to come to your office. But now the dean will be looking for me”.

Mary kissed me deeply then stood up and dressed up. I did not even move, just took her in, she was so beautiful. As she was about to leave, she turned towards me and threw at me a small white ball of clothing. I grabbed it and unrolled it. It was a fine lacy panty, the one she had most probably worn before entering my office. It was all damp, her scent all over it. She blew me a kiss

“This is to keep you waiting till next time.”

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