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Solario’s Story

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In the end, it was easy. A young man, full of the dewy, visceral urges of youth; his lust controlled him… we simply catered to his lust. Gods, he was a beautiful sight – dark hair, streaked with sun, casually flowing down in waves over his shoulders… smoky, soulful mocha eyes that gave away his every emotion, and all the struggles within; including when he finally lost those battles…

creamed coffee skin, that darkened to plum in the most sweet and sensitive areas: skin that reddened almost on the touch, and heated with the lightest caress… or the lightest slap.

He was looking for someone to train him, to take him to the place beyond his boundaries; he just didn’t know it yet. My Mistress and I caught sight of him at the same time; this being the case, neither could claim first ownership, and thus we decided to share him. He returned our fascinated gaze with a calm one of his own – it was clear we found him edible, but he only seemed to have a little puzzlement in his eyes, as if wondering why he felt drawn to us, like the moth to the flame. He kept looking back with this calm wonder in his eyes, and maybe that was what made him irresistible.

It took some work; but I am nothing if not persistent. Firstly, I noted that he drove a battered, ten year old 280Z; a sports car at one time, now it had the air of one hiding a terminal disease from loved ones. I tracked the plates easily – it’s a nominal fee, and anyone’s registry is available, it’s public record – and found him in Van Nuys, in a small, single guest house.

Over the next few weeks, I discovered that he worked as a telephone service representative for a low-end white collar firm; he was a fledgling guitarist; his girlfriend was not very interesting; his family was far away in San Martine, V.I.; and he had only a few friends from work – apparently, he’d not lived here long… most importantly, as a musician, he loved music. Rock music. I liked that… and Mistress was thrilled.

But I get ahead of myself… this is his story, in his words.

* * * * *

I had never won anything before, so the ticket was a surprise. It was cool – free limo ride to a White Zombie show downtown. The guy on the phone told me that I’d be riding with the other winner, a chick – this didn’t go over real good with Caroline, my girlfriend; she was pissed, and hadn’t even met the chick yet. Since she was pissed, she cut me off of course; it was okay, tho – everybody talks about sex, but since I started having it, I found out it wasn’t as earth shaking as people said. At least, so I thought at the time… I found out that I was wrong later. Way wrong.

So, anyway, the big day came, and of course Caroline was there when this big, black limo pulled up, and she was just seething. The limo stopped, all shiny black and chrome, and the driver stepped out – he kind of caught my attention, like I knew him from somewhere, but he really caught Caroline’s attention: He was kinda tall, like maybe six foot or so, long chestnut curly hair and a goatee, black chauffeur’s tux, shoulders like maybe a doorway wide; behind heavy black shades, he looked kinda scary till his face broke open in a big smile. “You must be Mr. Cuental,” He said, coming over and catching my hand in a hamlike fist. “Um, call me Tony,” I said; there was something funny about this guy – not only did he seem really happy to see me, but I got butterflies shaking his hand. Must’ve been thoughts of the show – and he was totally ignoring Caroline, which was making her pissed. Well, the way she was looking at him made me pissed, so I followed him around to the other side, where he was holding the door open for me. I didn’t say hello, good bye, or suck my nutsack to Caroline – she was being a bitch… and, then, I saw who was sitting in the limo with me.

A flame of hair flowed down over her bare shoulders, accentuating the milky sweetness of her breasts; a tight leather mini showed off smooth, creamy legs, and she was sitting casually to one side, so I could see the perfect curve of her ass; a leather strapless v-top clung sexily to her skin, the spaces between lacings giving small views of perfection. I felt my cock harden in my already-too-tight jeans; there was an aura about her that I couldn’t resist. I started guiltily, and looked up into seafoam eyes that wouldn’t allow me to look away, or lie about how drawn I was to her. She smiled knowingly, looked down at my hardness and back to my face with a kind of approval; I felt the blood rush to my face. “Very good,” she whispered.


I felt as if a spell was snapped… or at least shaken really hard. It was Caroline, at my window. She, too, was red faced, though not from embarrassment; hearing the driver gently laugh didn’t help, either. I didn’t know what to do – and I felt a hand on my thigh, gripping me tightly; scarlet nails entranced me, and it flickered through my head what they’d look like against my bare skin. “Be still,” She whispered, and leaned across my body to the window. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of him,” She said to Caroline, as the window rolled up of it’s own accord. And the limo eased out into traffic, leaving my world behind.

“Well, that was fun… my name is Kitten. Glad to meet you, Antonio,” Kitten said.

“It is my pleasure, Kitten. Um, thank you,” My accent was thick enough to cut with a knife; I get that way when I’m nervous.

“Spanish?” A quick, gentle word from the driver.

“Yes, sir, I am…” I felt a little out of sorts, like a kid amongst adults.

“You’re nervous, aren’t you?” said Kitten, leaning forward to open a little wooden cabinet. “Don’t be; you’ll be fine. I can see a lot of potential in you. Here, a drink.”

She handed me a shot glass; a light colored liquid was in it.

I worried; my stomach is sensitive, and there are many drinks I cannot handle.

“What is it?,” I asked.

The driver’s words were quiet, as I was discovering was usually the case, but firm: “Kamikaze, Antonio. I mixed them myself – good for a sensitive disposition, but very strong.” Cool. A little buzz would be perfect for the show, and if there was something strong that wouldn’t mess up my stomach, I wanted to know about it. I drank it down; it tasted of lime and strong citrus, with just a strange aftertaste of almonds. Very good, in fact.

“So, um… you like White Zombie?”, I asked Kitten, with much more than half my mind thinking of what my light olive skin would look on her milky sweetness… I had a burst of vision, the dark head of my cock stretching fine, delicate pussy lips and her face contorting. Wow. I’d never felt this way, really – I mean, I’d been horny, and some good fantasies, but…

“No, I don’t. I like you, though,” She said. “Huh?” The alcohol seemed like it was already going to my head… why would she be going if she didn’t like them? Glad she liked me… hey, wait, what was that about potential she said earlier? Little warning bells went off in my head – I may be young, but I’m not stupid. Or am I? A limo ride to a concert from a contest I don’t remember entering? A beautiful woman and a guy… a guy with the same quiet voice as the man who called to confirm that I won?? Oh, shit. This is L.A., anything can happen and will. Stupid, es muy estupido, Antonio.

I turned quickly to yank open the door, and my head spun; terrible, terrible vertigo, but no nausea. Oh, of course, I thought, with a kind of objective clarity, they drugged the drink. Kitten grabbed my shoulder and eased me back against the seat. My head was really spinning now, but despite that, and despite the fact that I was having some sort of paranoid fit, I couldn’t help but shiver a little from the heat between us. She slowly ran a hand up my denim clad leg, and over my hard cock, and I could feel a little wetness forming on my skin as my precum oozed out. I stared at her, unsure what to say or do; was I imagining all this, making up a conspiracy, in panic? Maybe that drink was just really strong… I couldn’t get the cotton out of my head, that’s for sure, and it seemed that minute by minute my mind was seizing up and slowing down. I knew I didn’t want her to stop, tho – I’d never been with anyone besides Caroline, and even when I was inside her it wasn’t this hot.

“Please…” I said. It was all I could say, as I tried to stay aware of the world – they had to have drugged me, my body was getting sluggish, and I was going to pass out, oh god please let me stay awake long enough for her to rape me or something, I really want it, I don’t know why I’m saying please but please say yes back….

“You want me to take care of this for you, don’t you?” Kitten leaned her hot body against me, licking and biting my neck.


“You want to be taken care of, don’t you?” “Yes….” She was stroking my cock in my pants… I was trembling and shaking, starting to move my hips against her hand.

“You want me to totally take you, to teach you to be what I want, to please me, to be a good boy?” “Ohhhh… ” something about that scared me… I was a man. I was beyond having to be a good boy; men did not need to be taught… but it sounded so inviting… I drifted through the thought of it, and with the pleasure…

“Answer. NOW.” A firm squeeze of my cock and balls, fingers strong and digging into the denim; it felt uncomfortable, but good; I pressed hard against the hand, trying to ignore the question. My head was pulled back by a hand in my hair, and my eyes opened – I don’t remember closing them… Kitten leaned to bite me hard, the door was open – we were stopped somewhere, and the driver.. the GUY… was gripping my cock and balls… I tried to pull back, but it began to feel so good… and everything was so hazy… and I wanted to stay awake… and I wanted… I wanted so much… I wasn’t sure they could hear me, so I began saying yes, over and over and over…

“We know, little one, we know… rest now, and soon you will begin…”

* * * * *

I woke up slowly; just kind of drifted up out of sleep. I’d been dreaming this really hot dream, about being abducted and drugged and raped and shit – pretty cool, I thought…only, when I went to reach down and start jacking off, I couldn’t move my hand. I think I handled it okay, cuz I didn’t freak; I stopped and thought about things… very slowly, cuz my mind was still drifting in dreamtime.

Little by little, warning reports came in from my body; I was flat on my back on a firm mattress… it was comfortably warm and dark… my hands were pinned apart above my head… my ankles were pinned also, well apart at the foot of the bed – there was no give whatsoever in the restraints holding me, and I was spread eagled. And, yeah… I was naked. I’ve always been very modest about being nude, about my body… so THAT was when I freaked. I thrashed against the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, screaming for help; after about 15 minutes, my throat was raw, and I just knew it wasn’t doing any good. You ever been someplace where there’s an anti-echo? Where you scream or talk or make noise and it just gets swallowed up, like pouring coffee into cotton? This room was like that… and I knew nobody could hear me. At least, nobody outside the room.

When I stopped struggling, I heard a soft patter of applause; then Kittens voice saying, “Yeah, it was quite a performance, wasn’t it?” and she giggled. I was just about to lose it – I didn’t know what was happening, but whatever it was wasn’t good; I started screaming again.

“Let me GO, you motherfuckers!! Let me go NOW!” I was bouncing, straining, fighting the bonds on my wrists, filling the air with the nastiest shit I could think of to say, “Get these things OFF me! You can’t hold me here!! LET ME GO, BITCH!!”

I stopped to draw a ragged breath, and heard Kitten say in an elegant, chiming voice, “David.” And I saw a leonine head, smiling down at me, felt a big, warm hand press down on my chest, and a quiet, masculine voice going, “mmmm… niiice”. The pressure kept growing: between that and the bonds, I couldn’t hardly move, and it was hard to take deep breaths to scream… but if they thought I’d be quiet, they were totally fucking wrong – as long as I kept screaming and resisting, they’d never win, never be able to do whatever it was to me. So I opened my mouth to scream – and a thick rag was shoved into it. I tried to open wider, and push it out with my tongue, but when I did, Kitten pressed more in… I really woke up, then, seeing the strength and determination in her eyes, and realizing I was in serious shit. She had me gagged and bound to a bed; she had a dude that would probably tie me in a knot if she told him to – he seemed real easy going, but you could tell he’d do ANYTHING she said… and that included turning me inside out, if she wanted. Fuck yeah, I was scared. I heard a little whimpering noise… my eyes were wide and starting to water… and I realized that noise was me…

“Relax, my new pet,” Kitten said, “You gave consent, remember? You said you wanted me to take care of this…” She gently ran a hand over my cock; sudden electricity jolted through me, and I felt something… twist and give a little in my mind. Oh, fuck no… I gotta get FREE. I threw everything I had into it, trying to break loose, trying to get past that warm, firm hand between my nipples (no no no don’t think of it like that) – and the bed only shook a little.

“This is your first lesson… you belong to me, now.” She began dragging her nails down over my chest; I could see her clearly for the first time – she scared me and made me hot at the same time, a mixture of milky perfection and dark leather, everything I’d imagined the secret world of sex would be… before I’d explored it and been disappointed. “You are my new possession… this belongs to me,” she said, tweaking my nipple very painfully, “this belongs to me,” running a hand down the side of my thigh, and brushing my ass cheek as I whimpered, “and this, of course, belongs to me,” she said, gripping my cock in her hand and gently sliding her hand up and down… somehow, during my struggles I’d become hard. I couldn’t believe it, it was as if my cock had betrayed me – I’m terrified, fighting for my life, resisting… and my cock is getting hard for her. It was as if she read my thoughts, saying, “Oh, yes, you belong to me, and my will is your command; you have no responsibility for your actions… your body already understands, you just need to learn.”

A grin from the man (David?) – “I think he’ll understand in the end. I mean, I’m sure he’ll really get behind the concept; we just need to assert ourselves… I’m sure it’ll be hardon him, but if he keeps a stiff upper lip…” Kitten began to giggle, and couldn’t stop. I was glad for the break – maybe my cock could go soft again, like it should, with out her hands on it… but a little part of my mind in the back understood what the puns meant… and flipped the idea over and over and over… and didn’t let it go. And that most of all scared me.

“David, your sense of humor is, as always, pleasing. However, also as usual, it is not appropriate. Perhaps we should show our new pet your discipline?” “Yes, mistress, as you wish.”

“Explain to him what is happening… he won’t understand, yet, but he will have much time to consider and learn…,” Kitten said, turning away out of my vision.

“You see, little one, there’s a difference between discipline and punishment; discipline is often pleasurable, even if painful, to help you refocus yourself. Discipline is for slight errors, and sometimes for no error at all – simply for enjoyment and to kind of sharpen oneself, if you see what I mean,” He said, leaning over me… unlike Kitten, David was totally nude except for a thick leather collar with a silver owner’s tag… and leaning this close, his hard cock was very close to me. I felt kind of a sick vertigo – God, please help me, your servant, escape this trap… it’d been so long since I’d prayed, but I knew something really bad was going to happen to me. But David continued, “Punishment is unpleasant. Necessary, but unpleasant. It’s for serious fuck-ups. Oh, and go ahead and look at my cock all you want… get familiar, you’ll get to know it well.”

He leaned over me, his chest across brushing mine, and braced his body on the other side of the bed. “We will do twenty lashes, Slave, and you may not have extra. We are at work on another, and this is unfair to him”, Kitten said, sternly, then added with a small grin, “I will count, just to be sure.” “Yes, mistress, as you wish,” David replied… and there was a certain release and anticipation in his tone that made me realize more than anything how real and dangerous this was for me. And then she brought something hard, a whip or paddle or something I couldn’t see, hard across his ass – and his body locked up and just hummed with the tension. I could see his face – eyes closed, going somewhere inside… I realized I was getting distracted from my escape plans, from trying to be free, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him – each time she hit him, his face contorted in a very sexy way… about halfway thru, he’d dropped enough to be skin to skin with me… very warm, flesh to flesh… nearing the end, the strikes became very hard, and faster – and he laid on my prone body, I couldn’t get him off of me, he wouldn’t stop, and I couldn’t help but it felt good but it shouldn’t for christs sake he’s a guy and yeah maybe I want to fuck HER but not him… and then his lips found my nipple… and his teeth…

I was kind of shaking, and realized they’d stopped. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”, Kitten asked me with a little frown, running what I saw was a riding crop up between my legs… and I saw my cock was hard enough to be standing away from my body, precum drooling down, making a puddle that filled my navel. “Nod yes or no… I want an answer, or you’ll get your first taste of punishment early, Antonio…” I shook my head no. Hell no, I’d never done this before, and I won’t let you do this to me now, either. I’ll just refuse to cooperate. I’m a man, I will not submit to any woman – it’s a loss of machismo, and I am a muy macho hombre.

“Okay, then, our first lesson, and the beginning of your training, continues. Say goodbye to Antonio. Antonio is who you were, and who you may be outside my ownership… but here you will discover who you truly are, and I will give you a suitable name. I am going to remove your gag. You are not to scream for help; although it will do you no good if you do, I find it unpleasant. You will address me as Mistress, and you must use my title every time you address me. As you are now my property, and very fine property at that, you will obey me in everything,” Kitten paused, grabbing my hair and turning my head to lock eyes with her. “Nod yes if you understand.” I nodded, if only to get the gag removed. “Very good…David, you have something to say?”

“I will be your Master; as such, you obey me implicitly in all things. As Kitten is Mistress to us both, you will obey her order before mine, her word before mine. Understand that you are my responsibility, as well as my property; we will take you dangerous places inside yourself that you need to go, but keep you safe. This is our contract.” He seemed very solemn… christ, he was very serious. What were they planning on doing to me? Well, I’ll play along… get the gag removed, maybe it’ll hurt a little but I can take a whipping, I’m tough – hey, they gotta be around thirty, right, I’ll wear them out, then, and when they’re sleeping, I’ll get loose and escape. I’ll just hang in there, maybe even get to get off, how long can sex last, anyway? Fifteen minutes or an hour? That’s what they want is some freaky sex, right? Somehow, I was almost disappointed when I figured that out… but I was still chilled with fear, as I realized I was the only one sweating already… “One other thing, dude – you are one very hot property, gorgeous and sweet.” David smiled, and I felt a weird sensation, kind of a little pride from his words. Okay, flattery, whatever.

Kitten smiled softly. “Very good, lover… I’m proud of you.” She then bent to remove my gag, and I took a deep breath… but couldn’t think of anything to say. I could scream, but they’d just put the gag back. I decided to wait… I could handle anything they could dish out. “Good boy,” she said, with more than a little pride, “Very good boy. I was sure I’d have to punish you. You’re a very quick learner… a natural… we’re very far ahead of where I thought we’d be.” My pulse was pounding, and I was totally wired on adrenaline – adrenaline? Oh my fucking god, I know where I knew them from! Magic Mountain in the spring!! Yeah, I was stoned and there was something about them… they kept looking over at me like they wanted to flirt or something… and…

CRACK!! My body almost doubled under the harsh sting across my chest. “Back to the here and now, little one,” Kitten said. “BITCH,” I yelped; I was totally pissed off – no woman was going to treat me that way, tied down or not. She smiled and said, “That’s ‘Bitch, Mistress’, my slave; time for a little discipline… and training.” Big warm hands seized my wrists, first loosing one and crossing it to the other side, and then crossing the other as well. Then my legs – although I was a little more successful kicking my legs when they were free, I was still flipped over on my belly and my legs spread eagled and pinned. My heart was pounding, and I felt cool air between my asscheeks… I felt terribly afraid and vulnerable. Oh gawd… I hadn’t considered… what if my ass… no, let’s not worry about it. I’ll live through it to fuck them up if they do. I swear.

And then a finger ran from the back of my knee up to my asscheeks, gently stroking between them and running on up my back. I couldn’t do anything… oh man… thank god I was on my belly, so they couldn’t see my cock… it wouldn’t stop being hard… they must’ve done something to make it hard, because I sure as hell wasn’t liking this. THIS IS NOT ME. I am not like this. Fuck.

“You’re awfully quiet, Slave. Not fighting so much now, hmm? Didn’t break you so easily did we?” Kitten grabbed a handful of my hair and lifted my head; I glared back at her with all the venom I felt for what she was doing to me. “Oohhhh… David, look. All that anger… and want… and fear… Don’t worry, little one, we will guide you to your boundaries and through them; you will come out the other side a strong, happy person. But first, let’s name that person…

She moved close, her lips inches from my face, her eyes intent and unbelievably passionate. The feeling that rolled off her wasn’t just sex… it was more like cloves and skin… made me think of red candles… “Your name is Solario. The child-prince of the sun, with passion and heat in your soul, and eyes that blaze like your namesake.”

“Now, then, a little discipline.” Warm thighs straddled my hips, and panic exploded within me; there was a warm, fuzzy place in my head where I’d been hiding that shattered, and real fear rushed in coldly. “Don’t worry, Solario,” David said, rolling that name, NOT my name, in his mouth a little, “I’m not going to fuck you…yet.” I felt an unreasonable gratitude to him creep into my anger. “In fact, I won’t fuck you until you beg me to.” His hands slipped under my hips to grip me tight, and he leaned to my ear. “And you will, too… but that’s something for you to earn.” He lifted me by the middle, and a thick pillow was stuffed under my belly, freeing my cock to hang, and forcing my ass in the air. I felt humiliated, like a dollar whore down town, with my ass jammed up in the air… and my cock was broken, it was incredibly hard and it shouldn’t have been, something was wrong. I did NOT like this… it was just really confusing, how it felt and how it should have felt… and it was hard to think… everything was happening so fast…

Kitten ran something that felt like soft suede strips across my vulnerable ass. “Antonio is a boring little straight boy… Solario is a much loved slave, that gets to do everything in his darkest fantasies – without taking responsibility for them. Now then, who are you? What is your name?”

“I am Antonio Cuental. Let me go… I won’t tell anyone…” A sudden, hot sting across my ass, and I howl in pain. “FUCK!!”

“No. Let Antonio go. Who are you?” “I am Antonio Cuen AAAAH! You BITCH!!” My heart was pounding so hard, and my breath was hard to catch – it really didn’t hurt that much, it was just so… gawd, I felt so…. I mean, my ass was in the air like some sort of ass slut or something… and…

“Solario, you’ve forgotten to address your Mistress properly. This is cause for punishment… we will return to your training shortly.” David’s quiet voice had a determined, almost scary tone to it… fuck, he was going to bust my head in, or break my ribs… or… what the hell? He’s just running a finger along my side? I almost laughed – if this is punishment, I think I can deal. But I could see Kitten’s face light with an evil little grin of anticipation, and I knew what shark’s smile looked like. The finger continued down my thighs, then across the soles of my feet; luckily, my feet aren’t ticklish… then up the other side, to my rib cage… it hit a spot where it felt like a fly landing, so my skin twitched. The finger stopped and slowly went over my lower ribs again. I couldn’t help it, I wriggled a little, and almost laughed. A matching finger appeared on the other side… then more… and began to lightly stroke my ribs, rolling in circles. I didn’t even know I was ticklish there… but I was. At first, I could stand it, as the laughter carried the tickles away, but he kept on… and on… and the tickles got so intense and I couldn’t get away and I was laughing and I couldn’t breathe and begging him to stop please please do anything just STOP I’ll be good the top of my head is gonna come off…. “Hmmm… seventeen minutes. Not bad,” And I could swear there was a big smile in his voice. I was sobbing, raging and giggling into the pillow all at the same time; it felt like my mind had broken into little pieces and I couldn’t quite put it back together, so I just jammed it back together as close to right as I could. “You’ll remember to call Mistress by her title in future?” “Yes… ” A quick finger stroke to my overly sensitive side. “Yes, WHAT?” I jumped – oh, so stupid, es muy estupido, Antonio. “Yes… master…” Well, if it kept me from being tickled like that, I’d do it. Didn’t mean anything, right? But I knew in my heart it did mean something; I chose to ignore it, and just ride it out.

“Very, very good… I’m very proud of you, Solario. You handled your first punishment very well, and you’re going to be a very good boy.” How fucking twisted… they were trying to get me trained, huh? A little punishment, then letting me know that I did good… a part of me was really frightened, because it had needed to know that I’d done good… it wanted to know that I was a good boy. This had to stop. I had to stand up to them now.

“That… is not… my name.” Sudden fear. “Oh, shit. That is not my name, Mistress.” Fuck. That’s not the right way to rebel… or stand up for my rights… what the fuck am I doing?

A little playfulness was in Mistress’ voice; “Oh, really? Are you sure? Didn’t you already say good bye to Antonio? Remember, Antonio was a boring little straight boy… if Antonio were here, he wouldn’t get to enjoy this…” A very slick, warm hand gently wrapped itself around my cock… no no no, I would not enjoy this. Unfair, unfair. But my cock was more than ready… I felt my cum rise, easy, after a few strokes…

I yelped, and jumped on the bed; I forgot about cumming just long enough to not get off… but the pressure and feeling remained, and started to build again…

“What is your name?” “Uhhhh… Tony… Mistress, my name is Tony… please…”

“UNNNNHG. Please… I was close…”

And they brought me close, so close to cumming I could feel it in my teeth.. then, just as I started to go over the edge, a sharp stinging of fire welted my ass, stopping me. And they kept demanding… wanting to know my name… pulling me in two directions… I couldn’t cum… but I couldn’t stop, either….

“What is your name?” “My name… is tony… uhhhh.. Misstresss… ‘m gonna… unnnh…”

“Ohhh FUCK… no… I almost had it… uhhhh…” “You like the crop, huh, Solario? And my hand on your cock, gently bringing you up to the edge?” “Yes, sir… I mean, no, the crop hurts… I… my name is not solario… ”

The gentle breath in my ear, sweet hot creamy white breast on my shoulder, and I feel my mind all fuzzy, going away or something… “What IS your name, then?” “My name is… is… antonio? Mistress… ohhhh… please, make him stop.. I don’t want… don’t want a man… please, mistress…”

Then there were no hits… and my cock was left aching. And there was silence. It was… was worse than what they were doing… I felt all alone. I was gonna cry, and I didn’t want to.

Mistress knelt by my ear and spoke. “We can stop… Solario will be trained, but NOT Antonio. Antonio isn’t here. Understand?” I understood… “Yes, mistress…”

A single swat, and a warm, soft hand gently caressed my balls… somehow, the thought came to me that Caroline had never done anything like this for me, and I nearly laughed… and cried… and I sensed them waiting. I wouldn’t just say it, I couldn’t just give in. They had to ask, to make me say it. And I would.

“What is your name?”

“My name is… is… My name is Solario, Mistress.”

* * * * *

“My name is Solario , Mistress…”

The words hung in the air for long seconds and I savored them. This was the first step in a long and delicate process of turning our macho young Cholo into a Slave such as had not been seem for centuries. This was my calling and I gloried in it. David was one of my first Slaves and he had stayed with me, tied by bonds stronger than that of Domination, the bonds of deep love. Outside, He and my Wolf and I were total partners, equal in every way, a Trine of long standing bond. Within.. they were my Slaves and would live and die for Me.

I gave myself a mental smack and returned to the here and now as well. “Solario”…. I repeated his new name savoring both it and the expression on his face, one of mixed anguish and lust, tears and rage. His ass was twitching unconsciously and his nipples were rock hard and purplish where David had been playing with them. He was fighting a losing battle with his body and, more inportantly, with his true nature. I walked around to his head. I always wear leather while Hunting, and I love the combination of leather and sex: it has a smell like no other. I was hot as hell and I knew that scent surrounded me like an aura, so I purposefully stood near his head and let him smell it, squatting down and looking him in the eyes as I talked softly to him.

“I am so proud of you Solario.. that was probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do here and you deserve a reward…a small one.. but a reward nonetheless.” Never letting my eyes drop from his I reached down and slid two fingers into my soaked pussy, withdrew them and caressed his lips with the sweet juices of my body. He watched my every move and when my fingers reached his lips, his mouth was open and eager..but I didn’t allow him to suck on them. Instead I called David to my side. He jumped off the bed and knelt at my side, eyes down. I lifted his head and allowed him to lick my fingers clean. “A small reward, Solario… and one for David as well.”

I ran my moist fingers down Solario’s back from the nape of his neck down his spine and between his ass cheeks, noting that he didnt even realize that his back had arched to follow my touch.. until my fingers lingered right above the opening to his ass. He was still reacting to my little taste treat and hadnt realiszed where I , or more importantly, where David was. David had returned to his position behind Solario and was watching me with great interest.. the next part of the play, he knew, was his……

I watched Davids face as he was presented with the lovely and elegant backside of Solario and saw a faint frown appear and just as quickly dissapear. “What is it, my Slave?” I asked and he gestured with mild disdain and a shrug… and I had to laugh. David could get downright particular on certain aesthetic issues. “Well, fetch me the necessary equipment and I’ll take care of it. Now is as good a time as any.” At the word equipment, Solarios head whipped around despite his bonds and his eyes grew wide. I laughed again softly and reassured him. “Relax little one..almost everything is staying right where it is.. we just want to clean you up a little bit.” David reappeared carrying a silver platter on which rested a silver bowl of hot water, a straight razor and a towel. He placed the tray next to the bed, then placed another pillow underneath our little slave, raising his ass a little higher and spreading his knees a bit wider. He also arranged a goose neck lamp for best light As he felt the heat from the lamp on his now totally open and vulnerable ass and balls Solario began to struggle again and screaming half in fear half in undeniable arrousal. “No puta bitch shaves me!!!” he roared as he struggled against the restraints. I gave him five swift smacks with my crop, blurring them together. “None of that!!! We are going to shave you, little boy, and I personally guarantee that if you struggle, you will lose a couple of huevos that you are fond of.” At this I gently placed the cool blade of the razor on his perineum, just below his balls. He froze instantly. “Ahh I see you understand my meaning.. Now are you going to stay still?” “Yes, Mistress, I will stay still…” His voice was rough with fear and his accent was thick as honey with repressed lust. “Excellent,” I whispered and got to work. I have shaved many men but it is still a job requiring concentration. Carefully, I shaved the area around his ass, using tiny strokes and a soft gel-like cream, rubbing it carefully all through, even in places I had no interest in shaving just to get him used to being touched “there”..Then I worked my way down the crack towards his balls.. and admonished him.. “Breathe Solario.. breathing doesnt count as movement.” Behind my blade was revealed his smooth soft dark skin now much more sensitive than it had been only a few minutes before.. I blew gently on the freshly shaved places and watched the ripples spread up and down his body . I worked carefully around his balls stretching the skin to make sure they were totally smooth.

“Ok David, we need to flip him so I can finish… looks better already, though, doesn’t he? “Yes Mistress, much better.. quite tasty..” David licked his lips so Solario could see him. He grabbed my slave and flipped him over at the same time I was ridding the bed of the pillows that had supported him. He landed on his back legs flopped wide and almost exactlly the position I wanted them in..Quickly David pinned his arms with his knees and grabbed Solarios ankles, one in each warm large hand and pulled them up towards his chest. Caught between David’s grip and his own raging hidden desires, Solario was now as effectivly pinned as by the strongest restraints; he held perfectly in position. I admired the view for a long moment before returning to my work. I shaved him almost totally bare… except for a triangular patch right over his pubic bone which only served to emphasise his new condition. He was still almost painfully hard. As I shaved him he kept opening his eyes and silently begging David for release, although this brought into his view Davids cock which was equally as hard as his own. He would open his eyes, gasp, blink and then quickly look past it to Davids face to see if any clue could be gained from it. Unfortunately for him, David is an excellent poker player and kept his face unreadable. Finally I finished up and nodded. “Tie him to the pillars, David”, I said as I opened a cabinet and chose Solarios new wardrobe. David pulled the dazed boy over to my pillars which have been specially designed for this purpose: Attached firmly into the wood were two sets of strong velevt covered ropes with snaps on the ends, which were used to pin Solario spread eagled, arms stretched high over his head, legs wide, face ..ohh that face. I walked quietly back and smiled at David… Solario was truly a magnificant sight; hair wild and streaming down his back and around his sweaty body, stomach tight, every muscle as delineated and tense as a strung bow string. I wrapped the leather harness around his upper body, smoothing my hands across his chest and letting them learn the planes of his flesh. Then I buckled the lower straps of the harness and stood back to check out the effect. Black suede straps criss crossed his chest and circled his slim waist. Carefully I adjusted his cock into its own harness and tightened it so it was tight but not restricting the blood flow too much. Then I stepped back and admired my handiwork.. “Ohh Solario you are truely worthy of the title Slave… Look and see…”

I pulled the drapery away from the far wall and revealed a full length mirror. “Yes, you are truely an Aztec god…”

As Solario looked at himself, his face underwent every concievable emotion.. shock, shame, fear, much anger, and despite of it…his cock was dripping precum and quiveringly rigid. His eyes kept coming back to his cock in the black leather harness and he squirmed a little bit whch only made him harder since every move was directly translated into some action on the part of the harness; it breathed as he did, tightening and loosening slightly around his balls.

“Well, now” I said “Say hello to Solario…”

* * * * *

The transformation was very erotic; as always, Mistress had provided a powerful cathartic episode for her slave. Is it any wonder we love her so much? Solario’s eyes, those expressive mocha eyes, were searching… and not our faces, either – he was looking at himself. He was puzzled, furious, terrified… but the one emotion that was a constant beacon was his lust. He saw himself, but not the himself he knew: Mistress had stripped away the facade of the latin rocker dude, down to the bare metal of a wild young man, full of his sexuality… different enough from his self-image that he could look and be objective, could see himself through outside eyes…and the person he saw turned him on. And he realized it… and realized that the person he saw in the mirror was himself. Mistress inspected him thoroughly, and noted that he stayed in that fascinating area between outside and subSpace; approvingly, She then inclined her head, and spoke. “David.”

It was my job to temper him, to teach him the untapped power, strength, and joy within him, and to give him the intensity he wanted so badly. I was to be his Master and guide into subSpace. A daunting responsibility, and a task requiring extreme accuracy and finesse: he was, despite what his machismo told him, a very fragile young man… he was bisexual, as evinced from his fascination with my body, his eye contact at the park, and any number of physical responses; but, as with many bisexual men, he was extremely in denial. Add to that he was naturally submissive, which he also denied: he was already responding as if he’d been in cuffs for days, not hours. But it was a dangerous situation; one mistake in releasing his nature could really hurt our little one – and that was not an option I was prepared to accept.

I stepped forward, and began with my strongest tool: speech… but it is Solario’s duty to tell you as much of his emancipation as he can remember.


I’d broken, and given in. I was ashamed of that… but I’d had no choice. They scared me… I didn’t realize how serious this was, until they… I… I didn’t want them to stop. I was afraid I’d be left alone. What they were doing, as much as I hated it, was better than being left alone… I didn’t want to be alone and helpless.

I tried to come back to myself, I really did, when I was being shaved; but the cold steel and danger and touch… I found my mind going to that fuzzy place again, and I realized that I kind of liked the way it felt, the razor’s edge on my skin, and the razor’s edge of danger in my mind – was she going to cut me? On purpose? By accident? And I knew I wasn’t thinking clearly, but it was okay… I was making it through…

And then they showed me… me. My hair was unkempt, flying about my head… my body was… was… erotic. It looked like something out of a porno mag; I couldn’t believe it was me… I looked so different. The harness made me look like… like I’d do things, and my cock… it felt like a stone jutting out from my body. It was just like locked in the on position. The drool was just flowing out of it, and it bobbed and danced as I watched… it looked so different in the mirror, and my pubes were cut down into a little triangle right above my cock. All the other hair was gone… my ass felt so sensitive. I tried not to like it, I really did… but it just sank into me… I liked it. I was changing, and the most terrible, terrifying thing was I was fucking liking it.

I threw everything I had into getting away, then; I had to get away from Solario, he was in my head, I was ANTONIO, goddammit. I think I whimpered… my body barely moved, certainly not enough to notice… I didn’t even shake the ropes… And I looked into my eyes… I saw the eyes of a frightened child, and the eyes of lust.

Then, there was warmth along my back, and I saw David’s face appear at my shoulder… his voice spoke in my ear. “Beautiful, that’s the word. You are beautiful. And you’re learning…” He smiled at me in the mirror… I just stared at him… he stared back into my eyes, and smiled… and I smiled back, just a little…

“Very good, little one,” He said, “Now, we begin the physical part of your training. It starts like this: I tell you to not be frightened and you are frightened anyway. ” And he smiled at me, a glimpse of Mr. Hyde showing through Dr. Jekyll. “Especially when I tell you this: I am going to completely turn you into the man you see in the mirror; I am going to make you accept what you do not want to accept about yourself… and I am going to craft you into a strong and powerful slave, pleasing to both myself and our Mistress.”

I freaked. I screamed, I think – I realized that he meant he was going to… do things… to me. Not just our Mistress, even if she beat my ass I wanted her so badly I could taste it and did… but I don’t want him to… I don’t want to be a…

THWAP! I was swatted hard enough on the ass, my poor shaved sensitive ass, to rock me on my feet. “Shut up,” David said. I shut up. “You’ve been very brave so far… you’ve been an incredibly good boy, in fact,” A wave of gratitude flew through me…god, they’d fucked me up… “but you have to realize – we’re going someplace very, very dangerous with your body and your head now. You have to be strong and brave. I’ll tell you how to get through it, but you have to be very, very good and listen to me. Understand?” I nodded.

He looked at me and the laid back longhair went out of his face; instead, I saw a quiet… storminess. “Answer me, and answer me correctly the first time, Solario.”

“Yes, Master. I understand.” I did not want to be punished… god, it was so hard to think, to keep hold of who I was…

“Very good. You’re such a good boy, I’m going to give you a reward… early.” He grinned, and I got way scared. That grin said that it was time. He yanked my head back, and began nipping my neck… first little bites, then his tongue slid over my jugular… no, this wasn’t right… then a little harder bites… my mind was getting blurry, no no no please no… and his bites went around the side… the tender side… and a little sharptooth caught the back of my neck… aww gawd that felt good… and biting down hard… aw it hurt but don’t stop… and his hand from behind on my chest… then my nipples were on fire… ow FUCK not so hard.. oh no… yeah… and heat his hands down my… and my neck trembling… and oh no don’t stroke me ‘s not right oh dude don’t don’t don’t oh yeah that feels oh fuck I’m gonna you almost made me before but now I’m gonna shoot please don’t… and my whole existance slowly cartwheeled, turned and focused on my balls… he was standing in front of me, with my balls in his hand, gently but firmly pulling and squeezing… it almost hurt… and my cum backed off… gawd… couldn’t they ever just let me cum and be humiliated?

“Rule number two: You cum when I give you permission, and not before. You do NOT want the punishment that you get for breaking this rule,” He said, and looked closely into my eyes. “It’s a punishment that would break my heart to have to give you.” My eyes began leaking… I felt so fucking weird in my head, like gratitude and frustration and something I didn’t want to admit…

“You know what rule number one is, don’t you, Solario?” David asked me. “Tell me.” I racked my mind, suddenly aware of how hard it was to think… I tried to climb up out of the haze… “Rule number one is… ” I hesitated, trying to think – did he tell me or should I guess? Oh, fuck, I always hated quizzes…”rule number one is… obey?”

“Very, VERY good, little one,” He said, and I almost collapsed with relief and pride… I was getting tired of resisting that, and pride wasn’t a bad thing… I can take pride in being good, in being smart, right? That’s not something bad, is it? Yes, it was… it was… and I felt happiness and pride in pleasing him, anyway.

“Now, you have to be strong for me,” He said, very seriously. Oh, fuck… but I’m being as strong as I can now, don’t make it harder…

“I’m going to overload you, little one. Give you more sensation than you can bear. And make you concentrate on it and on me; I’m going to lock you into your body…” He was talking as he tied a light leather blindfold over my eyes; then, some sticky stuff – wax – was gently pressed into my ears… “Can you still hear me, Solario?” David asked. “Yes, sir.. uh, Master…” I answered… I could hear his voice, muffled, but it did muffle any light noises… such as his movement. Oh… I wouldn’t know where he was…

“Open your mouth, little one.” What felt like a ball was gently forced into my mouth; straps were tied behind my head, and a waxy substance was wiped on my lips.

A warm hand stroked up and down my body, fingertips tracing where my pubic hair used to be… so fucking good, I felt like cumming right then… I wasn’t close enough, but I wanted to, just the same. I didn’t care if it was wrong anymore… I wanted it. The blindfold and gag did something to kind of make it okay… I was truly powerless. I tried to say something, but only grunts got past the gag.

“Now you’re going to be pushed over the limit, little one. You can become all animal… that’s what the gag and restraints are truly for, so that you may scream and thrash,” He said. “You should also be honored: I’ve arranged for the best to drive you – since you have no safety, and no control, your strokes will have to be delivered with skill beyond mine, and he is the best. Follow my voice, if you get lost…” And I was wondering what the fuck he was talking about? How much skill does stroking a cock take? And what in the hell did…

The first strike seared red hot stripes across my ass. I screamed, but only grunts came from the gag… it was more surprise and adrenaline, though, cuz it wasn’t that harsh… more of a caress, really, and I… the second strike came, a reverse of the first, burning into my flesh – silent, due to the earplugs, and I didn’t really need to scream, not so bad, but cuz of the gag… and I couldn’t see… and it felt just the hair’s breadth stronger than the first, but it was hard to…. and then the flames licked me again, harder now, and hotter, from my shoulder to my ass… it began to hurt… I couldn’t… and then back up… how the hell did he get it to go backwards… and I can’t scream it off… they’re getting…and David was saying, “breathe slowly, my good boy, deeply…. Relax into it…” he was pacing back and forth, I just knew… and I could smell Mistress nearby… and.. … oh…the flamestripes… the heat… an electrical fire was starting in my brain… faster… harder?… or just more insistent?… slowly, slowly they build… and I feel like marble, heated marble…

“Listen, my little one, my good boy, ride them out… they’re just sensation, very intense, but just sensation… surf them… let them lift you,” David’s hands pinioning my head, his voice full of urgency, was he Oh my god, the flames licked around my side, any harder and it’d be too much, balanced on the edge of too much… and they returned again and again… David was telling me that the heat could be taken into me, used as power… accepted through my body… and he was right… I was red with heat… and the flames kept coming, no pattern, just in the right places where I would start to cool, sometimes just hard enough to almost break thru, and thinking was too hard… couldn’t think and ride the red wave at the same time… I was reaching a point of breaking whether I wanted to or not, and I couldn’t tell anyone… no one… I was locked in… but David was telling me what a good boy I was… and I was a good boy… but it was easy, I was incandescent… but I was going to break, it was too hot… I couldn’t hold on… I started screaming again, I didn’t realize I’d stopped… and Master said that I wasn’t going to break… but the flames kept coming, and I knew I would… I was white hot… glass… Master said Antonio would break… Solario was heat, and could take the flames and go on… surf the red wave… so antonio went away…

“Solario? Come back to me, little one… you’re so good… you’ve been the best boy… ” I was hanging somewhere, and I was glowing… it was the best part. The flames had stopped, but I was still incandescent. And Master was holding me… I wanted him to hold me, to caress me, but it was wrong… wasn’t it wrong? He would tell me… I loved this place.. so hard to get to this warm place where I didn’t worry… I didn’t want to leave… and hands were lifting me down, letting me rest on the floor… big, warm hands, master’s hands, and other hands, rougher, harder… Master was thanking someone… oh, I made a friend… I was happy… my hearing was returned, and my sight, but I was to open my eyes carefully… and my mouth was emptied… I tasted blood… I had some water….

I shuddered. Unnnh… Oh, I was still so warm… I was on my knees… Master was looking at me very lovingly… he knelt, and said, “You’ve been a very good boy. The best.” and pulled me close to him… and kissed me. It wasn’t like kissing Caroline… his mouth was harder, stubble grazed my lips… his tongue was insistent, and strong… but most of all… most of all, he meant the kiss, it had meaning, he… I felt something from him… and his body felt so good next to mine… and, suddenly, he moved his hand over my chest, and my nipples exploded – little flames returned, igniting me, making me redden again for a second…

I found myself on the bed, again… I moved my hands to be bound as master wished… my ass was in the air… there was something wrong with that – not my ass… no no… that’s… won’t that hurt? Not good like the flames… I whimpered… and teeth appeared on the back of my neck… I shuddered… my back was so sensitive, it felt thick and itchy and sensitive all at the same time… and the teeth gnawed my neck until I was humping the bed… and then the tongue ran down, down… my spine trembled… I tried to pull away but I… Oh fuck…and I came unglued… my ass is not supposed to… but… OH, God… I never knew…

I gave in…what was wrong and right again? I spiraled down, and became a slut. I didn’t care anymore… somewhere, Master told me that I had freedom to be a slut, to be as nasty as I wanted… it was not my choice…He would tell me how, that I could enjoy it… because I had to obey, it was his responsibility, not mine… I could do it all… all those things I had wondered about… why I looked at all the hot people… guys girls we are all… all those fantasies late at night in bed I didn’t need to feel guilty… I felt something slick in my ass… gently, gently… I was invaded… fear flitted by, but went away… it didn’t hurt… it felt…felt so intense inside me, moving, matching the gentle strokes on my cock… Oh, I wanted to shoot so bad, but I couldn’t… wasn’t allowed… I asked, I begged… but Master only slowed down and told me I had to wait… and then, I felt a creamy tingle inside… I was so close…

“What is your name?”

“Solario… master, please let me cum…”

“No, you may not. You must wait…. Who do you belong to?”

“unnnnhh….please… I belong to you, Master….”


“And Mistress, yes, Mistress… I want mistress, she tasted so good…”

“You are ours… and what are you?”

“I am a.. Oh, fuck, Master, what… UNNNNHHH….muy caliente…”

“That’s it, be a good boy… hold on to it… now, answer the question…”

“I am… I ammm a slut for you, Master… your slave… ”

“You’ll do anything I say, won’t you?”

“Yes, Master… please… anything…”

I was released and flipped over onto the floor… my ass felt full, something still in it, my cock was bobbing and pulsing, slick and wet all the way down to my aching balls… the harness kept moving with me, tightening around my shaft and making me tingle… I was so hot, and I was just mindless…

“Look at me, Slave.”

I forced my eyes to focus… I was on my knees, looking up at my Master… if Mistress was strawberry and cream, Master was alabaster and chocolate… I was going to… what was he going to have me do?

“Time for you to learn to serve, Solario.” And I knew… my stomach tightened… “Very good… to suck cock properly, you work best on your knees…” And my mind froze… a cold wind tried to clear the lust, the haze, the… did he say suck…the lack of will… from my mind…

“Close your eyes and obey, little one. Open your mouth slightly and stick out the tip of your tongue…. very good… now, taste… mmmm…. a man’s cock is his most vulnerable spot… control it, and you control the man… ” I couldn’t help but listen… “Now, open your mouth, slide over my flesh and taste me…”

It was a thick fleshy arrow… it tasted like skin, not dirty or nasty like I thought… and the power in it that Master was describing made it exotic… I slid down, and was so surprised at how smooth it was… I stopped to really taste it, it wasn’t that gross… I didn’t die or anything.. I pressed my tongue underneath to feel it, and Master shuddered. He shuddered… oh, yes… not only was I his, but he was MINE… I pulled back and looked, really looked at his cock… it looked like pure sex… pure fuck… I carefully licked all up and down it, learning how it curved, where the ridges were… and master grabbed a handfull of my hair… and he was in my mouth, filling me, and I pushed down, determined to take all of him…

BZZZT… Just as my lips made it all the way down, a shock shuddered through my ass, making me almost spew all over Masters feet.. I had to back off and rest… groaning… Master chuckled, and said, “Again.” I stroked up and down his rod, trying to give him the best feeling… I was allowed to stroke myself, and when I did particularly good, especially if I was able to take the whole shaft, something in my ass would shake me apart, driving me right to the brink… inside me there seemed a spot that was full of something… and that shudder inside just shook me by the roots… my mind got clearer, but it wasn’t the same… I was on the other side of something, now… I tried harder and harder, claiming Master as mine, learning his flesh like a good boy, feeling that dark secret spot he knew shake me inside… stroking myself til I was stone bone and hurting…

Then Master stopped me, and turned my head toward the mirror. “Look… how beautiful…”

I saw a wild eyed beast… lips blushing and wet, drool down his chin… hair tangled and knotted and flying away… ass clenched tight, cock so hard it was purple and black, shiny and slick… eyes wide and dilated, back red and striped…. hand tightly clenched around another man’s cock… oh, my god. No. I was a cocksucker. No.

Then Master gently turned my head to look up at him, and he smiled… and turned my mouth back to his cock… how did I ever… but… I remember the pleasure…I obey and he drives me, gives me pleasure… gently, with no urging… his hands not in my hair…. not touching me, only giving me his will… I lean forward and tentatively take him back in my mouth… I know what I’m doing. I want to do it. I obey. I belong to him, and he makes me… pushes me… I get so hot… and my ass begins to buzz, and I stroke myself to the brink, and back off, because I’m not allowed and I know it and it feels good and I’m not responsible I’m free to do it… and my mouth is full of him and my ears are full of his praise, I’m a good boy… I’m pleasing him and myself… and it is the most sexual thing I’ve ever done….

Master pulls me up, and kisses me gently… I am dizzy, and barely able to stand… I begin to fall, and Master guides me back onto the bed… and locks my hands down.

Gently, “What is your name?”

“Solario, Master.”

“Do you want more, Solario?”

“Yes, master, please more.”

“We kidnapped and drugged you, Solario… what do you think of that?”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Hmmm…. what about Antonio?”

“Antonio is no more, Master.”

“No… Antonio is just not here right now… he can come back later…”

That scared me… Antonio… now I didn’t want to be Antonio again… I would be changed and the things I did…

“But you still want more, Solario?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What do you want?”

“I… I want it all, Master…”

Master begins idly stroking my cock… I’m so close now, I immediately tremble… he slows his strokes till I’m right on the edge…

“Say it, Solario. If you want it, you have to ask properly.”

“Master…. please, take me…”

“No… that’s not enough… don’t you know what you have to say?”

“Please master…. fuck me.”

Master chuckled… my head was spinning, but I didn’t want him to stop… and I did want him within me… I didn’t understand why and what that tingle was deep inside, but I knew he would make it incredibly strong… and I wanted it to be… and I wanted to cum….

“Shouldn’t you ask your Mistress? After all… you haven’t pleased her yet….” And I felt humiliation and shame… for Mistress had been in the room the entire time… I think… and now she was approaching the bed… she’d seen what I’d become… a woman had seen me do those things…

* * * * *

I saw him hit the Wall… it’s funny, I’ve helped shape many men and women, and there’s always a point in their training, whether their potential is dominant, submissive, bi, straight, space alien: they hit The Wall. That place where the crux of what keeps you from being what your true nature is; for me, it was a fear of love – you don’t need to know why. I found catharsis in my truest nature, in that stripped down core of myself… and I found healing. This is the truth of S&M; it really should stand for Sex & Magic, for it’s so powerful and healing.

For Solario, the Wall was a fear of not being a man… and, he had being a man tied up (pun intentional) with possessing a woman, being virile. His nature drew him to sex with other men easily enough – he must’ve been close to exploring his full sexuality, as quickly as he accepted it; but, he accepted it as a secret, dark thing… and to have it exposed to the most powerful female in his life… yeah. Big time Wall.

The interesting thing is, one hits the Wall in slow motion… a sickening mental thud, then lots of little crunches and wet noises as the psyche hits an immovable object with unstoppable force.

“You have pleased me greatly, Solario,” Mistress spoke purringly, running a finger down his chest, the incredible sexual aura, sex and leather and lust, sweeping from her. “You have learned well.” A look from Her, and I knew… her unerring healer’s instinct had found the thread… Solario needed help from within the skull – he needed to understand to be able to accept. His most basic switch that needed flipped was purely mental, not physical or emotional… and it was in my hands..

Of course, I was terrified.

“As you’ve pleased me, Solario. You’ve earned a reward, I think…,” I said with some gravity. If this next thing did not get through to him, he would begin to sink, I thought. “Listen and listen well,” I leaned close to him, willing my presence to fill his senses, forcing my way past the dismay and sudden cold cloud that was fogging his eyes. “Only the strongest of men can discover themselves as you have today and not break, My Slave,” I said in the most intimate yet casual tone, “You understand now the freedom of being a slave, don’t you?”

He fought to think… I saw him grapple with the concept… and I leaned down, timing myself to reach his cock and gently lick from base to tip, just as Mistress reached his lips and kissed him passionately. He was so ready… more than too ready… he’d actually already leaked some cum out, partial orgasms… I allowed myself a little greed, and took him in my mouth, repeatedly tugging his balls down to keep him backed off, while Mistress kissed and pampered him, repeating how good he was, to enjoy his reward, how marvelously strong he’d been, and how much she’d enjoyed watching him learning. His body betrayed him, as it betrays us all… it tells the truth. I felt the acceptance spread through his body… and with it, the fire and desire. I hoped we’d given him enough strength to make it through the aftermath, when he came back…

“Please… uhhhh… please…”

“Please, WHAT?”

“Oh, god… I’m sorry… please, Mistress…”

“Much better. No, you may not.”

“Mistress… please… I can’t hold it….” I backed off. He was going to break.

“Then we will give you discipline, to sharpen your ability. You have proven yourself a very strong man, let us heighten that strength…”

I slowed, barely teasing him the least amount. He was right on the edge. Mistress put his nipple clamps back on. He sighed, just a little; such rapid acclimation… infuckingcredible. I lifted his legs, locking the ankle restraints to the overhead suspension, spread wide, exposing that beautiful café latte ass…. And grabbed the leather paddle. Mistress raised an eyebrow; I did not think it too extreme, however – he needed something that would really push him, despite how quickly he adjusted.

“Now… what is your name?”

“My name is Solario, Mistress.” Panting, his body shuddering, but his voice firm with conviction.

“And what are you?”

“I am… a slave, Mistress.” I remember the first time I went that deep… I waited for my cue…

“And… what else are you?”

“I am… uh… ” Yes, down in the deep places it’s hard to think…

Mistress’ voice slightly teasing, “What kind of slave, then…”

“I am… a good boy… a strong slave… a fuck slave?… a slut for you…”

“Very good. But, weren’t you a little straight boy when you came in here?”

He whimpered a little. “Yes, Mistress… I don’t know what happened… Master did… Master?”

Uh-oh. “Yes, my sweet one?” I felt the shock at my use of that affection. Good.

“Master…. Am I… okay?” Better answer this right, David.

“Yes, you are more than okay. We have stripped you to your core… remember that this is the honest animal inside you, despite the outside you wear when the rest of you – Antonio – returns. Just remember to be strong and brave and accept this animal when the time comes to leave this place and return to Outside. He’ll be afraid… I will comfort you, and Mistress will comfort you, but only you can comfort him.”

“…Thank you, Master.”

“And then we’ll go for Pizza…” Dammit… It just slipped out.

And he sat still in shock, and Mistress looked at me… for a second, she wasn’t Mistress anymore, just my beloved Kitten, and her eyes were wide with anxiety in that ballooning, still cracking half second on the edge. And then he laughed. “Oh, fuck… I can see us sitting d-down at Shakey’s… hee hee hee hee… in my ha-ha-HARNESS…” It wasn’t the high, tittering laugh of someone breaking, it was the deep belly laugh of release… of an old friend. I smiled; his laughter helped me to step back, and see the beautiful young man we’d first laid eyes on in the spring…

CRACK!! Timed just in the half breath after the moment of release, just like my Wolfbrother taught me. He’d be proud, too – Solario’s eyes opened wide, and a moan flowed out of him… He dove back into the depths with barely a ripple.

Mistress was tracing the outline of his cock with gentle fingers… maddening. I’d been on the receiving end of that electric touch before.

“Mistress… Master… please….”

“Please what, Solario?”

“Please… take me… Mistress… PLEASE… ”

“Beg.” Gawd, I love hearing her say that. I love, even more, the impact it makes.

“Master, Please… ” and he was pleading.

“Solario, beg us for what you want. You must learn to beg properly. You need to be clear on what you want… I enjoy your desires…” Something about her voice, steel in a velvet glove…

“Mistress, please… take me… inside you… I want you… to ride me….”

CRACK!! He gasped and hyperventilated a little, his eyes closing and fluttering… then coming back to us.

“What of me, Solario? You must admit what you want of me… beg for it. I told you that you would have to beg…” I pushed him, just that little bit… and he went that little bit deeper

“Please, Master… please…, ” His voice dropped to a whisper, sounding all the more savage for it, “please…. Fuck me, Master… Mistress…. Fuck me…. I am yours… ”

Mistress straddled him in one fluid motion, gently stroking his cockhead against her nether lips… His hips tried to buck, to force himself up into her, but his legs were extended and suspended and found no purchase… I watched him closely as she slid down his shaft, taking him slowly inside with a satisfied growl… his ball sack immediately drew up, his ass clenched and the small muscles began to twitch…

CRACK!! CRRACK CRRACK!! Solario tensed like steel, caught at the very onslaught of orgasm, three sharp paddle strokes searing up his spine to his brain – I’d laid them in with a full stroke, my first for him. His body rocked in the restraints, and his mind could not process the sensation, and gave up… and shut down. He whimpered… And Mistress began to gently ride him… I looked over her shoulder… his eyes had rolled up, he was far down, past verbalizing… gently, we coached and reminded him to not cum until he had permission…

And I gently, ever so gently positioned myself… slick, oh so carefully worked to loosen, his body was still very tight and resistant… Mistress leaned into his body, and whispered fiercely to him… I slowly pressed into him, sinking into him so slowly… His legs shook in the restraints and his face twisted into mask of pleasure and pain, the sickening first time feel fighting with the soaring rush, and losing… I saw the white of tooth, then the red of blood as he bit his lip… and tasted blood, as I bit mine; I was beginning to sink not only into his flesh, but into my own dark places.…

I stroked gently, fully into the furnace that he was; Mistress matched my strokes, riding him… he tensed, shaking; She ripped his nipple clamps from him, and the sudden sensation gave him his last discipline control. Sweat rolled from his body, and every muscle was expanding, growing taut… his eyes suddenly opened and he opened his mouth, but only chewed and choked his words; his gaze was eloquent with pleading.

Mistress settled down on his length, and I could feel her contract her tight velvet wetness around him, spasming his length; I drove forcefully into him, hard and deep for the first time, and we said one word, one thought, together.


His body buckled, trembled, found no release from the restraints… he whiplashed between us, the spasms setting off both my own and Kittens explosions as I reached around to lock her in place on his body and deftly, slickly surprise her, triggering her little love button while she rode him, giving her that gentle push into the deep cum. Solario’s cries alternated with grunts, each grunt signalling a shot of his seed; his body a lightning rod between us… it seemed like hours… then, gently, we withdrew, cleaned and released him. We comforted him between us, as he curled up between our bodies… once, right before sleep claimed him, he suddenly opened his eyes wide, and ran his hand over my face… and turned and stared intently at Kitten, peacefully slumbering… and I lay still, my insomnia gripping me fiercely, hoping we wouldn’t lose him… and he wouldn’t lose himself…

* * * * *

Oh, it had been so good… my mind, my body, pushed beyond everything… I was an animal, I was delight, I was given everything I wanted. Mistress took me, then, perfectly. She slid over me, claiming me, warm and strong and slippery and holding my most vital self intimately inside her. My heart leapt with my cock – I gave them both to her, for her joy was mine. All the fears and extra thought, the world, was burned away and I was just there. Her body rode me, tense and strong thighs over me, she leaned and held me whole, spinning her thoughts through my ears into my mind… and I felt Master opening me. The pain was strong, but I was stronger… Mistress held my mind and body for me, so that I could flow through it… or it could flow through me… and she took me in, and I took him in, and the red wave returned… and I was filled and lifted… and they began to pour me out…

And the crest, the forbidden crest came… it wouldn’t be denied this time… I tried to tell them, but couldn’t remember how… I couldn’t… but they knew… they allowed it… they’d built it… built it for me… and my world exploded into thousands of delicious shards… on and on….

I woke up… curled between them; I felt loved, held, safe… realllly fucking sore…and it was like my mind was a balloon at the bottom of a lake; I came floating up to the top. I was myself again. Or as close as I’d ever be to my (old) self, again.

Madre de Dios, Antonio… What happened to me? What had I done?

They’d done it. They’d brainwashed me. They’d turned me insidefuckingout. But I made it through, and the joke was on them – I woke up first, and I was GONE. By the time they came out of it, I’d be home filling out the police report; but, somewhere inside, I felt a pang of guilt for even thinking it. Fuck that. I was gone like the wind. I carefully slid free of the bed, in the dark, kneeling at the bedside, then standing.

Standing too quickly.

The blood rushed to my head – or was it my feet? – and the room spun, and I fell… only to stop within half a second. Something was hooked to my harness? I stumbled, and found my feet… found I was being half carried… that thing that was hooked to my harness was a hand… a big, warm hand I remembered so well…

David looked at me, in the dark; I felt his eyes more than saw them. “Go, if you still wish to do so. But remember what I told you to remember.” This struck a chord… deep inside (the honest animal) some part of me still wanted to obey him. I felt some real rage and defiance (and lust) jump up in me.

“You… you fucked me.” I was SO fucked up.

“Yeah. And you loved it.”

I ran. I fell. I ran. The door was unlocked… it opened into a regular like living room. There was somebody there, a longhaired scruffy (sexy) guy with a goatee… he was naked (don’t get hard tony don’t get hard), sitting at a computer. I felt suddenly very naked and vulnerable – He knew!

“Your clothes are on the chair by the door, Guy.” his voice was warm (hot), but he didn’t even bother to look my way. I ran carefully to put them on. David didn’t materialize (hurry up master) from the other room… and part of me was baffled and disappointed… maybe he was waking Kitten (please hurry mistress) up…

Then the man in the room turned my way and spoke. “Last chance to stay.” He looked at me with compassion peeking out from behind his eyes. And I almost did stay. Almost.

I pulled on my jeans, and grabbed my shirt and shoes… and ran out the door. It was dark as hell out, and pouring rain… rare for southern california. If I was still in SoCal. I could be in Washington State… or…. Or…. China… hell, I didn’t know… but I was FREE.

I ran…barefoot, on the pavement, down the middle of the lane, then down the middle of the street… my body was beaten, but I ran just the same… I ran hard, and didn’t think… because thinking would be bad… but something inside was hurting, and angry… and really afraid… and I couldn’t keep running. My side hurt. And it got hard to breathe.

I stopped, under a tree… A palm tree… good sign. I heard a song… “Swallowed”, by Bush… I turned… and saw myself, in the rain, in the glass of a store… I was a new creature, harness riding my breath, leather and heat, I was sculpted from steel and glass… And everything caught up. Something inside was screaming… it hurt. I wasn’t free… oh, my body was free, but Antonio – me – I wasn’t free. It was the little monster inside me… THAT was screaming… it hurt, my running away was hurting it. And I realized they were right. All the fantasies, all the wanting for things that I knew were “wrong”… the real me inside…he’d been unlocked… and now I was trying to lock him back up…

And… let’s just say I broke down. No, more than that… but there’s no words for what it was…I started to cry… for myself… for the little monster inside me… and for the world I’d just thrown away and could never get back.

Sometime later, I pulled it together and started trying to get up. I didn’t know where I was… I didn’t know what to do… I couldn’t find them again, and if I did they wouldn’t want me. I had abandaned… betrayed them, hadn’t I? I didn’t really want to get going, go back to my old life, but I had to do something. At least now I knew who I was… I uncurled myself, going first to my knees, then half standing… and I saw them. Kitten and David… Mistress and Master… standing, in the rain, hardly dressed… soaked, worried, and waiting on me. Leaning against a car. I think I stopped breathing.

They threw open the door. I got in… and we went home.

And, yes, later, we did go out for pizza.


The tallish, thick man leaned slightly, and whispered something to the petite redhead who’d caught my eye a moment ago. She looked like an Olivia print I’d seen once… very nice, not that I’m like a lesbian or anything. They both turned, and I think they knew I was watching them… they spoke to a young, exotic looking guy – Italian, Spanish maybe – and he looked my way with a direct, smoky look. Wow. Too good looking to be single… but I think the big longhaired guy and the pretty redhead were a couple, so he’d have to be by himself. Maybe a girlfriend at home; certainly doesn’t look gay.

Ooooops. The line moved… hope it wasn’t obvious I was paying attention to them paying attention. Cool. They’re right behind me, getting in line for the front cars. Oooh – it’s a four car seat, maybe all four of us will go up at the same time. Kinky, Sarah, kinky. Right. Like sex could be as much of a rush as Superman the Escape; I’m an adrenaline junky and proud of it, but I think sex is over rated. Both of the boyfriends I’ve had were pretty good, I guess, but given the choice of going to Magic Mountain or going to bed… I’ll go to Magic Mountain. Heh heh. The Riddler even lasts longer than Ben….

Ohhhh, Coool… Mr. Exotic is moving on purpose to sit next to me when we get on the ride. I kind of strain a little to listen in on what they’re saying. Something about an Anniversary Present… Then we’re sitting in the car and I have the most electric feeling… somehow, the redhead is sitting next to me, her leg is lightly against mine, but I don’t mind – it’s kind of chilly out, and she’s warm, no big thing, not like it’s sexual… and I turn and am arrested by the smokiest mocha eyes. “Hello… you’re very beautiful.” Spanish, all right, and so confident… wow. “What’s your name?” “Uh… my name is Sarah… ” Try and keep the high school giggle out of your voice, girl.

“Glad to meet you, Sarah… My name is Solario…”

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