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So Terribly Lost

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The dry warm spring day began to cool and I finally emerged from the reverie of fishing. All day I had fly fished on this desert river. The spring runoff from the surrounding mountains swelled the stream and kept me from feeling the heat of midday, but as the sun set the cold water began to chill me. I realized that I must pack my gear and try to find the road out of this wild place. Finding such an ideal spot, that was completely deserted, had been my goal and by using maps and conjecture I had successfully found the place I desired.

But, I had come in off road in the morning light and now must pick my way out as the light disappeared. I needed to drive over the hills to my north to find the road that would take me to my lodging. I simply followed my morning tracks for the first few miles, but as the light dimmed the task became more difficult. Somewhere I took a wrong turn thinking I knew where I was heading and an hour later I could tell I was lost.

I had spent much of my 40 years involved in outdoor activities and was prepared for a night in the hills. Nonetheless I wanted a warm shower and a soft bed instead of sleeping in my jeep. I continued driving over the rocky terrain using my maps and compass, but the night was dark and I really did not know how to get to the road. Luckily I had a full tank of gas and other supplies to survive a challenging drive through the hills so I drove on trying to keep heading in the direction of the road. I dropped into a valley I had not encountered before, but I felt it would lead in the right direction even if I did not find the road. This changed my focus and I concentrated on the compass heading instead of trying to find a road that was surely not in this valley. Driving slowly over rocky terrain kept me alert but the lack of progress did not help my chances of that warm shower.

Two hours later I felt I had barely made any progress despite my best efforts. I was tempted to call it quits and find a good place to park and spend the night. It was still early enough for me to abandon that idea and push on, hoping to gain a few miles and perhaps get an idea of where I was. I followed a running stream thinking at least I would have water if I chose to camp overnight. Rounding a bend I saw a campsite with lanterns and a fire a few hundred yards away. Encouraged by that sight I picked my way over the rocks and around the bushes until I entered the small flat field the campers had chosen for their site. I was sure they had not arrived by the route I had just taken for I had seen no tracks so hopefully they knew of a road or trail out.

The campers were not in view when I first spotted the campfire, but as I approached two forms came out from behind the pickup. The cap over the bed of the truck had hid them. I was stunned to see two women, both wearing shorts, shirts tied at the waist, and hiking boots. I drove slowly and stopper about twenty feet from their truck. I turned off my Jeep and walked towards them saying.

“Hi, my name is George and I am terribly lost. Do you know how to reach route 6 from here?”

“Man, you are lost!” One of them answered. “You would have to take this trail for about 8 miles to the Green Valley dirt road and then go west another 12 miles before you see rte. 6. Where did you come from?”

I told them how I had driven in that morning and how I had spent the day fishing. I explained that as the sun had set I could no longer follow my tracks and therefore made a wrong turn somewhere.

“Well, it wasn’t a wrong turn you made; you just followed the wrong valley. You better spend the night here. Do you have any gear and supplies?”

“I’ve got a sleeping bag and plenty of food, but no tent. But I can just sleep in the Jeep. If you like fresh trout I would love to share my catch.”

“You’ve got a deal. Help us set up the cooking, Cindy and I are starving and we would love some fresh food. We’ve been camping for 3 days so far and are pretty tired of the provisions we brought. By the way my name is Anne and this is Cindy. We are sisters on vacation for a week and thought a few days of camping would be a great change.”

I pitched right in to help set up the fire for cooking and got out all my gear to make things more comfortable. While working I studied the sisters and realized they were truly lovely. They were both about 5’8″ with light chestnut hair. Their legs were long and clearly they used them for vigorous exercise. They knew their way around a campsite and visibly enjoyed being out of doors. I was delighted to have stumbled upon two adult energetic women with similar tastes as mine. I felt sure they had both passed their thirtieth birthday, yet a more precise date would only be speculation as they were full of energy and extremely fit. As I helped build the fire I asked them how long they planned to stay in the mountains.

“We are here for ten days, but we may head to a motel for the final two or three before we have to return to city life.”

“What city do you call home?” I asked.

“We are living in Chicago for now, and are thrilled to feel the sun and warmth of the day while it is still cold and wet back there.” Cindy answered.

“Well, I’m a New Yorker and enjoying the warmth also. I am so tired of the snow and cold I’m thinking of relocating! I must admit spending a day half naked in a trout stream certainly recharges the batteries.”

“Speaking of naked, let’s get this fire roaring, I want to wash in the stream and change for dinner. Now that we have a guest, Cin, we better clean up a bit.”

Anne laughed as she piled more wood on the fire and looked at me in what could easily be called a challenging manner. Her sister went to the truck for towels and clothes as I just stood there not knowing how to act. The fire surged upward creating a wide circumference of heat that would certainly repel the chill of the evening and dry a body after a dip in the cold water.

The women walked to the stream with towels over their shoulders. I could barely see them in the dark once they reached the waters’ edge. But obviously they were undressing as if I weren’t there.

“Come on George, join us. We don’t want to dine with a smelly fisherman tonight.”

I had no choice gut to follow their orders. I grabbed my towel, but I had nothing to change into after the swim. They were both in the water washing and complaining of the cold when I joined them. “Hurry and get in here.” They both cried. “We can’t stay in for long, its too cold!”

I stripped quickly and jumped in. Yes, it was cold. I dunked my head under and started wash as vigorously as possible. The girls jumped on me and rubbed my everywhere with their soap. They were stunningly lovely and natural. I would have loved to spend more time washing them as they washed me, but we were all too cold.

We ran from the water to the fire, and soaked up the heat of the flames as we rubbed our bodies with the towels to get the circulation going. I was astounded by how relaxed Cindy and Anne were with their nakedness in my presence. I even became comfortable myself and dared to dry my hair with the towel and show all to the sisters. As they dried the girls pulled long fleece dresses over their heads and folded their shorts and shirts.

“Get dressed, George, and start cooking those trout. We are famished.” Cried Anne.

I pulled on my jeans, shirt, and a sweater and went to my Jeep to get the trout from the cooler. The images of those two long legged beauties naked in the stream kept invading my thoughts. Their dark hair against their fair skin glistening with water simply highlighted their beauty. Their nipples, contracted, dark red, and hard from the cold, stood out in sharp contrast to the softness and paleness of their small round breasts. Their tight bellies and thighs meeting in dark triangles soaked with the stream water were burning in my brain. Yet their natural, casual manner and their unsexual comportment kept me from having any hopes of living a fantasy that night. Again I was lost! I had no idea how to behave. I decided to try to be as calm and natural as they were. Simply cook the fish and enjoy the evening as if I were with old friends.

By the time I had returned to the fire with the fish, Cindy and Anne were setting out plates and utensils on a blanket beside the fire. They had a large bag of potato chips and a bottle of white wine in the middle of the blanket.

“Why don’t we put the wine in the stream while I cook the fish?” I suggested.

“Good idea,” answered Anne, “but let’s serve a glass first. I need a little drink to celebrate our guest’s arrival.”

Cindy laughed, uncorked the bottle, and poured three glasses before running down to the stream. I began cooking the trout throwing in a little wild thyme I had gathered earlier.

“To our lost guest,” Cindy toasted upon her return, “in hopes that he finds his way.”

“You have no idea how lost I am.” I chuckled as I raised my glass. I truly felt lost with these two. They had completely disarmed me. Yet as I sipped my wine, I realized how relaxing it was to simply discount any seduction and just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the beauty of my companions.

While eating the sisters began talking of the joys of camping, the outdoors, and the high desert. We shared conversation about places we had been and how we preferred to travel. Soon we were opening a second bottle and truly enjoying each other’s company. We finished eating and I took the pan and dishes to the stream to wash. Upon my return the women were stretched out on the blanket chatting and sipping their wine. “Join us, George and tell us what you do in New York.” Said Cindy.

I lay on my back, looking at the stars and began a brief account of my life. They seemed to be interested, or at least polite enough to pretend, nonetheless I kept it brief. As I finished Anne sat up, took my hand, and asked me.

“Have you ever been tied up by a woman?”

I guess my face betrayed my lack of understanding.

“I mean with ropes. Tied up and made to do as a woman wishes. Completely lose control, have no say in the way the woman takes her pleasure.”

I shook my head, No, knowing again that I was completely lost. This certainly was not familiar terrain!

“Would you agree to allow us to initiate you to that experience? We will not hurt you, but you will lose all control of the proceedings.”

“Ladies, I must admit I am again completely lost and have no idea how to find my way. If you will be my guides, as Cindy said, I will let you lead me.”

“George, we need a little preparation, so sit here, drink your wine, and when we return you can give us your final answer.”

I sat cross-legged looking into the fire as the sisters went to their pickup. The situation had changed so suddenly and so unexpectedly that I was utterly bewildered. Yet in the back of my mind I knew I could not say no. These two beautiful uninhibited women were offering to take me where I had never been. Perhaps even to somewhere I could never have had the chance to go had I not become so lost earlier in the day. I was sure to assent to their demands; I would let them guide me down a new road.

The sisters returned and deposited a small quantity of gear off the blanket and both stood in front of me.

“Look us in the eyes and tell us, Yes, I accept your offer, or, No thank you I cannot accept.” Anne said looking deep into my eyes.

I remained seated cross-legged, looked at one then the other, and stated: “I accept your offer, please guide me down a new path.”

“Oh, George, you will not regret your decision. Now stand up and remove your clothes. Once naked, stoke the fire so that it lasts a few more hours burning brightly.”

I did as ordered. While I stoked the fire both women were busy around the blanket. They had taken my clothes to my Jeep and were inflating an air mattress under the blanket. They were still wearing their dresses and I was naked, I guess the roles had been set. The sensations were unfamiliar, yet exhilarating. I was bewildered, yet stimulated. My past had not prepared me for this moment; even my fantasies had never included a scene such as this. I decided to abandon myself to these two stunning women, and to allow them to lead me to new worlds and feelings.

“OK, George, come here and lie on your back. Unless you have changed your mind.” called Anne.

I went to them on the blanket. The told me to lie on my back and spread my arms over my head. A thrill rushed over me as I followed their orders. The feelings were so new. The sisters each wrapped a wrist with rope and pulled them to what I imagined to be tent spikes in the ground. They lifted my head and tied a blindfold around my eyes. They proceeded to my feet and again used ropes to secure my legs spread and tightly pegged.

“Are you comfortable?” They asked. “We don’t want you to move, yet we do not desire you to feel any pain.”

I answered that I was OK but not exactly comfortable. They laughed.

Flat on my back, with no ability to see what was happening, I tried to listen for clues. The sisters were moving around me whispering. I could not discern their words or the purpose of their movements. The feelings of vulnerability and excitement engulfed my body resulting in a swelling below my waist. I was surprised to be getting hard without seeing anything and without being touched anywhere. The sisters were playing with my mind very successfully.

Suddenly I felt hands caressing my chest on both sides; hands that very lightly stroked my body from my thighs to my face, so softly that I could not tell how many were touching me. I could feel the heat of each of the sisters, one on either side. They made no sounds yet continued to stroke me in unison constantly building my erotic feelings. Every caress brought me to a higher stage of sexual tension despite their never touching my genitals.

“You seem to be enjoying our little games!” said one of the sisters. “Shall we continue?”

Of course, I nodded, yes; afraid to speak for fear my voice would divulge my passion, although that was clearly being demonstrated by my blood-engorged manhood.

One of the ladies straddled my right thigh and began to caress my stomach in delicate circular motions. The other moved to my head and began to rub my shoulders with some force. It felt as if she were massaging me in preparation for something. After a few moments she moved and placed her knees outside my shoulders. I could feel, and smell the heat of her sex merely inches above my nose. I knew what was being desired of me and I must admit I was thrilled to comply. I strained my neck and made contact with her pungent fur. I licked everything I could reach, delighting in the texture, taste, and smell. She lowered herself a little so I no longer needed to lift my head to reach her softness, as I licked her folds she shifted slightly to bring my tongue in contact with the places she preferred. Though I was licking, it became clear that she was using me to achieve her own pleasure. I could hear her moans and feel her trembling as she shifted to localize my licking to her sensitive nub. She leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest, and dropped her weight onto my mouth. Now was the time to prove that I really enjoyed a woman’s taste! I drove my tongue deep into her folds, and then I fluttered the tip at the top of her seam feeling her clit stiff against the point of my tongue. I repeated alternating from plunging into her core and licking her clit producing louder moans and more shaking. Obviously she was nearing her climax. I wished that was true for me. My sensitive engorged cock waved unattended in the night air.

I could feel the sister sitting on my thigh lean forward to meet her sister as the one on my face approached orgasm. They must have been kissing for I no longer felt her hands on my belly. I concentrated in helping the woman on my face achieve her goal by licking and sucking all the places I hoped would make her cumm. She rocked against my mouth forcibly making the contact she desired. I tried to suck her bud into my mouth to bring her to her peak but she wanted to rub her lips against mine. I savored her nectar and simply let her ride my face to pleasure. Suddenly she stopped; I could taste the flow and feel the contractions. Oh, to experience the same release!

The other was now riding my thigh as they held onto each other moaning and softly talking. My needs and my equipment were being completely ignored. I enjoyed the sounds and the sensations of being furniture for these ladies but I wanted to participate. Soon the sister on my thigh was moaning her first climax of the evening while the other remained on my face. The sounds and smells contributed to my frustration. Not being able to see or participate was driving me wild, yet these new sensations were thrilling therefore I did not want them to cease.

The sisters left me after they cooled from their pleasure. I was alone again wondering what was to follow. I could not hear them and had no inclination of their intentions.

Suddenly I felt a cool liquid on my prick and the presence of the sisters on either side of my waist. They spread the lotion all over my genitals, lower belly, and upper thighs. Their hands became busy slowly caressing the whole area with no special attention to my manhood, but not ignoring it either. Again I was frustrated b the lack of control, having to simply submit to their caresses at the pace of their choosing. I felt there were two hands stroking my shaft while the other two traced circles on my thighs and lower stomach. Both were unbearably light touches. My desire built yet could not find release. The sisters were playing with my passions, completely in control and never letting me forget how much I craved relief. Occasionally they would rake a fingernail along my sensitive skin but never hard or painfully. They only changed the feelings they were imparting before returning to the agonizingly slow, delicate, warm touches.

My hips constantly jerked upward to attain more contact with the hands caressing me. At each thrust the hands would leave my skin and only return when my ass was back on the blanket. The exquisite torture continued without change until I began to beg.

“Please let me cumm. Please rub me hard and allow me my release. Do you want me to promise something?”

“No, George.” One of the sisters replied. “We simply wanted you to beg! It is such fun to be in control.”

The hands stroking my cock gripped the shaft and slid the full length. The grasp was firm and sent pleasure throughout my body. The other hands began to fondle my balls and slid a finger along the passage to my anus. My hips leaped into the air as my climax flew from deep in my bowels.

“Oh, yes, that is wonderful! Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oooohhhhhh!” I cried as my discharge shot into the night air.

The hands continued to stroke and caress until I had completely calmed. Then the women released my bonds and removed the blindfold.

“You had better run to the stream. You are a sweaty mess.” Laughed Cindy. “We will warm a towel for your return.”

I followed her orders and dove into the cool water, shocking my body back to reality. I remained in the water until I was completely chilled and shrunken to my smallest dimensions. I wanted to return to Cindy and Anne soft and relaxed as if we were nothing but good friends.

The fire warmed me as I rubbed my body dry. “Will you join us in our truck for the night?” Anne asked.

“I would love to, but I would prefer not to be bound in my sleep.” I replied laughing.

They both smiled but Cindy said, “We will make you sleep naked if you join us. We intend to continue playing with your body. And your mind, I might add.”

Somehow I had seen that coming and agreed despite not really knowing what they meant.

The sisters told me to place the air mattress in the bed of the pickup and spread the sleeping bags over it. I followed orders still naked. The novelty of being under the women’s command was past but the excitement continued. I realized that I wanted to please and would do whatever they asked despite having no idea what they might ask.

When the truck bed was ready both Anne and Cindy stripped and pulled me in with them.

“You will keep us warm, so there is no need for nightgowns.” Anne laughingly stated.

I certainly was not going to argue.

They placed me in the middle and both pushed their bodies, full length, along mine. They each tenderly kissed my cheeks as if to say “Good night” but Cindy had other ideas.

“We want you to make love to us with your mouth. You must make each of us cumm by licking us and then we will reward you. You may not screw us as we have no condoms, but we promise the reward will sufficient.”

Cindy took my head in her hands and guided my mouth to Anne’s left breast. She instructed me to start gently and to be very loving.

I complied, with pleasure, and softly licked Anne’s breast. I flicked my tongue over her nipple until it responded by becoming firm. I sucked tenderly listening to her moans to guide my actions. I felt her right tit was being left out so I moved my mouth. The nipple was still soft until I loved it as I had the other. As Anne whimpered I felt Cindy’s hands caress my butt. My prick leaped to attention as pleasure flooded my body.

What could be better than to be licking one lovely woman’s breasts as her sister caressed my ass?

The moans and sighs escaping Anne told me it was time to move south. Slowly I kissed my way to her navel where I lingered to dip my tongue briefly. Then gently nibbling on until I met her soft fur. I shifted to kissing the top of her thighs, breathing her aroma and delecting in the softness of her skin. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her center. I obeyed her command and began to lavish her seam with my tongue. I licked her full length with a broad, wet tongue, constantly making the trip from the top of her slit to her puckered hole. She tasted sublime as she started to release her nectar. I gently sucked her lips into my mouth, then darted the tip of my tongue to her nub. At this she pulled my head against her body making me concentrate on her clit. I willingly obliged and circled her crucial point with my wet tongue until she pulled harder and came into my mouth. As her orgasm burst she cried out and raked my hair. I could not move, nor did I want to, her smell, taste, and softness completely captivated me. I remained in place to let her guide my next action, but I felt the hands on my butt again stroking me. I could not remain quiet so I started to lick Anne again.

She pushed me off and said, “No, it is Cin’s turn, and you better be good!”

Cindy immediately took control and drew my head to her breast. Her small dark nipple was already firm and puckered yet demanded attention. I proceeded to lick circles around the wrinkled part trying to avoid the nub, but she wanted direct contact.

“Suck it, George. Suck it hard and bite it until I tell you to stop!” She commanded.

I followed her demands and sucked as hard as I could. Her nipple became incredibly stiff in my mouth. I bared my teeth and gently bit on the stiff nub. Cindy let out a loud moan and growled, “Harder, make it hurt.”

I clamped my teeth on the base of her nipple eliciting a scream that was half way between pleasure and pain. She held my head in place as I released the pressure to lick some more. As her hands relaxed on my head I bit her again with force.

Again she screamed, again I released her and began to lick.

“No, I want you to do the same to my clit.” She cried while shoving my head to between her legs. I sucked her lips deep into my mouth tasting her juices. I then thrust my tongue into her slit and slid it up until I reached the top. I found her inflamed clit and circled it until I felt her hands dig into my hair. I exposed my teeth and bit her lightly.

Her reaction was a powerful groan followed by a long scream as I bit harder. I backed off a bit trying not to hurt her sensitive flesh.

“More…Harder….Don’t stop…Now!”

I clamped my teeth on the base of her clit and started to flick the end with my tongue. Her hips rose off the mattress and she began to shriek endless cries. I bit down harder and flicked faster as her hips thrashed. Her hands held my head in place despite the movement as I increased my efforts.

Suddenly she stopped all movement, wailed a long uninterrupted cry, and flooded my mouth with her nectar. She went limp except for her pushing my head away to break contact. I lay my head on her thigh and waited for her to calm.

Anne began to caress my hips and said, “I think you made her happy, now we will see if you deserve a reward.”

“Only if he promises to do that again afterward.” Whispered an exhausted Cindy. “I need to cool off before being touched another time.”

“You know, Ladies, I am at your command.” I said, “But relief would be very welcome. You have excited me more than I can stand so I will promise anything.” I laughed.

“Well, George, we don’t really believe horny men so we are going to tie you again.”

With this statement the women roped my hands and feet to the corners of the truck bed. Again I was spread out on my back, naked, and at the mercy of these two lovely sisters. I had no idea what to expect but my engorged prick was eager for relief.

Anne rummaged in her pack and extracted a bottle of something, then laughed saying.

“You certainly won’t get sunburned after this!”

She shook some lotion into her palm and began to caress my thighs. The cool ointment felt wonderful but I wished she would rub elsewhere. She handed the bottle to Cindy who poured a large amount directly onto my cock. The cold was a shock but also a thrill. Her fingers lightly spread the liquid everywhere even onto my balls. Her actions somehow didn’t feel sexual, it was as if she were playing Doctor and covering a wounded area with a salve. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed the sensations.

Meanwhile Anne rubbed more lotion onto my thighs and lower belly completely covering my hips and groin with the cream. Slowly and very softly the sisters caressed and stroked the entire area. They brought me to a level of desire I had never known. I had no control and was forced to wait for them to decide when to allow me my pleasure. Cindy lifted my balls and Anne slipped a greased finger into my anus, then back to the slow caresses.

I was desperate for release, and they knew it! They obviously wanted to torture me with pleasure.

“Please help me cumm!” I moaned. “You see, Anne, why we can never trust a man.” Laughed Cindy “They are always so impatient. Relax George; you will enjoy what we plan for you.”

I closed my eyes and let the sensations engulf me. Being unable to control the pace or even the intensity of what was happening to me, I decided to try to relax and let it all flow.

The ladies hands continued to trace patterns on my body. Sometimes touching very sensitive places and sometimes just sliding along my thighs or stomach. The four hands felt wonderful and warm. But I wanted so much more! Their pace never changed, nor did they rub harder. Every time they touched my cock they felt like a feathers gliding along my length. My hips rose off the mattress again trying futilely for more contact. Yet they continued their slow, soft touches increasing my sensitivity and desire with every stroke. Suddenly I felt fingers, many fingers, fluttering on the glans of my penis. The touch was as light as all the others and tantalizingly sexy. I held my breath in hopes of bringing myself to climax by focusing on their feather like contact, but the sisters had other ideas.

They stopped and began another form of torture. Gently probing my anus with more than one finger one of the ladies opened my ass until it was completely relaxed. The other sister stroked my manhood from balls to tip with firmer strokes. My reaction was to almost immediately cumm, but just as I was about to release all my tension she squeezed my balls and the head of my prick firmly until the throbbing subsided. Once I became calm they repeated the same caresses, both front and back. I began breathing hard and became more aroused than ever before as they repeated this cycle four times. The final set of caresses the fingers at my ass penetrated deep and stroked my prostate as both balls and shaft were firmly rubbed in an increasing pace.

I was lost to the sensations and exploded my sexual release while the hands on my shaft milked me expertly. The fingers on my prostate expelled the liquid and increased the sensations more than I could believe. The sisters softened their strokes as I finished and said.

“He will sleep well now, and I’ll bet he won’t bother us much either. Nonetheless he still owes us a lick in the morning.”

They untied me and gently kissed me while telling me to take one last trip to the stream to clean off my seed and the lotion.

Upon returning to the truck the sisters hugged me back to warmth and we fell into deep satisfied sleep with arms and legs entwined.

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