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Snow Bound

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They had planned a weekend at the cabin deep in the woods with a few friends. Nothing special, just a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. They pushed on as they listened to the weather forecast on the radio. The weatherman was forecasting at least 3 feet of snow by morning and it didn’t look like it would let up anytime soon.

They pulled off the main road, to the dirt one that would take them deep into the woods to the cabin. They have everything they needed with them, having stopped and stocked up on food supplies in the town they had long ago left.

He looked at his love sitting next to him and watched as she talked to their friend in the back seat. Beth was telling Lynn about how beautiful it was at the cabin. How secluded it was and not to worry about the forecast, they got it wrong a lot of the time.

After about 30 minutes, they pulled up to the cabin. The truck was unloaded and everything stored away quickly. As beth was making some hot chocolate for them all, the phone rang. It was the other couple that was suppose to be meeting them there. When David hung up, he told them that Tracy and Steve wouldn’t be coming, they had decided not to chance getting snowed in.

Well, nothing to do about it now, the snow had started falling already and they watched as the thick wet flakes floated to quickly blanket the ground.

“Well, I don’t know about you two ladies, but I can’t think of better company to have if we’re going to be snow bound.”

Beth giggled and Lynn smiled nervously. She had never been in a snow storm before and asked if they shouldn’t head back themselves.

David just shook his head and explained that by the time they got to the town 60 miles away, it would be to dangerous to travel. It was best if they waited out the storm, warm and dry. She nodded her head in understanding and sat watching the snow fall outside the large window.

The rest of the afternoon passed with them checking the wood supply for the fireplace and having a wonderful dinner with lots of laughter and just a few to many glasses of wine. David watched Lynn as she fought to stay awake. He chuckled and told her to go get in bed before he had to carry her himself. She smiled and said good night to her friends and headed off to bed.

Later that night, Lynn woke up and stumbled to the bathroom down the hall. On her way back to her room, she thought she heard someone crying from the living room. As she crept closer to the landing that over looked the main room of the cabin, she heard whimpers and what sounded like someone being slapped.

She froze with her hand on the railing at the sight before her. There was beth, standing in the middle of the room naked! Her hands tied behind her back and a bar somehow attached to her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide. Then she saw David. He was standing behind beth, with something in his hand, talking very low into her ear. She couldn’t hear was he was saying, but could tell by the tone of his voice that he was angry! No, not angry, that wasn’t right. He sounded more commanding than angry. Lynn stood frozen as she watched the events play out before her very eyes.

David had heard Lynn as she gasped and saw her from the corner of his eye as she stood frozen on the landing above them. He smiled to himself as he imagined what she was seeing. Well, well. Lets see how much she can handle. He chuckled as turned his attention back to beth.

He smacked beth’s ass again and said loud enough for Lynn to hear, “What is it you want, my little cum slut? Tell me what you need.”

He could see Lynn’s eyes grow larger and her mouth drop open. But the total shock on her face, when beth answered was priceless.

“Please Sir, please let me suck your cock. I need to feel you throbbing in my mouth, taste your cock as You shoot your cream into me.”

He circled around beth and pushed gently on her shoulders for her to sink to her knees. She did so gracefully and raised her head expectantly. Just like the good little slut, mouth open and searching for it to be filled.

“Such a hungry little bitch. Can’t wait to have your mouth filled with cock. What I think you need is to have that hungry little mouth filled with a wet pussy.” beth whimpered, “Yes, thats just what you need. But until then, lets see how you deal with this!”

He held his hard cock to her lips, just letting it rest there as her tongue snaked out to lick the gathering drops of pre cum. She purred and tried to lean forward to take more into her mouth. Smack! “I didn’t say you could have more than that little bitch, your getting ahead of yourself.”

beth whimpered and pleaded to be allowed to have more of his cock in her mouth. To be allowed to please him. Begged him to use her mouth for his pleasure. He could see the moisture that had gathered on the inside of her thighs, could smell her musk in the air. He gave her a little more and felt her tongue dance over the head of his cock. She was so hot and hungry, she almost devoured him. He slowly gave her more and more, filling her mouth with his cock. Smacking her ass from time to time with the long wooden ruler to slow her down and keep her focused.

Her mouth felt so good wrapped around his cock, but he wanted more. He pulled out and she cried, begging and pleading to be allowed to finished. He gave her several smacks on the ass and told her it would be his choice if she was allowed to have her reward. Beth hung her head and tried to calm her frantically beating heart. She was so turned on by their play that she was completely without shame. She wanted to please him so much. To feel his command over her body. He was the only one who had ever made her feel these things. She could completely let go and be the slut and whore she craved to be.

“Shoulders on the floor slut, let me see that ass in the air. Yes, thats it, show me what you have to offer me.”

beth lowered her shoulders to the floor and raised her ass high in the air, wanting to feel him thrust deep into her wet and throbbing pussy. He walked behind her and she purred as she felt him kneel behind her. She spread her knees further apart to give him full access to her. He teased the entrance to her pussy with the head of her cock. She didn’t know how much more she could stand. He had already brought her close to orgasm several times, only to deny her release. She pushed back and felt the head of his cock enter her wetness. When she tried to push back and take more of him in, she felt the sting of his hand on her ass.

“Such a hot slut you are. You want my cock deep in your pussy? Tell me what you want bitch and I might just give it to you.”

“Please, oh god please!” she whimpered, “i need to feel you deep inside of my pussy! Pounding deep and hard! I want to feel you cum at the same time as i do as i squeeze my pussy around your cock! Please, oh please give me your cock!”

She was almost screaming by this point, she was out of control. Her entire body was shaking and he felt her wetness running down her thighs and coating his cock. In one powerful thrust, he seated himself deep and felt her shudder and tighten around him. “Ahhhhhhh, yes, thats it bitch, ride my cock. Show me you know how to fuck me!”

They rocked faster and faster. He could feel her pulsing around his throbbing cock. It wouldn’t be long until he exploded deep inside her tight, wet pussy. He loved the way she gripped him. He alternated thrusts with slaps to her ass, knowing this only added to her excitement. She begged him to let her cum, that she needed to cum for him. His arm circled her waist holding her close as his other hand slipped to her clit, stroking it harder and faster as she neared her orgasm.

“That’s it bitch, ride my cock! You want to cum little slut?” she whimpered her plea, “Cum for me my sweet little slut, cum for me now!”

With those words her pussy pulled and tightened around his cock as he slammed into her. She cried out as her orgasm over took her. With one last powerful thrust, he let loose his own seed as he too reached his own orgasm triggered by hers.

They collapsed to the floor, breathing fast, hearts pounding. When he was able to move again, he released her wrists and turned her toward him. Holding her close in his arms and kissed her tenderly as her body still shook with the aftermath of her release.

He glanced to the landing and saw their guest still there. He watched as she gathered her own composure and slowly stood. She couldn’t see him watching her or the smile that grew on his face. He noticed her unsteadiness as she slowly backed away and headed to her room.

Well, he thought. Looks like it’s going to be an interest week.

Lynn was apprehensive about seeing them face to face after what she saw last night. It has shocked her to no end but she couldn’t leave. She had stayed where she was and watched the entire events play out below here. She was more shocked at her own reaction to them. When she had finally made her way back to her room, she was hot and wet. More than she had ever been before. The only relief she found was by her own hand.

Why had what she had seen affected her so much? She couldn’t get the images out of her head, no matter how hard she tried.

With great apprehension, she made her way down stairs when there was nothing else to keep her in her room. She couldn’t hide there forever. Beth was in the kitchen and David before the fire reading a book. She quickly passed through the living room and into the kitchen before David could stop her.

Beth smiled as if nothing was out of the ordinary and asked how she slept. Lynn shook herself and smiled and said she had slept well. She helped beth with breakfast and was setting the table when David came in and said that he was starved. Lynn almost dropped the coffee cup she was holding at that statement!

Why was he smiling at her like that? It’s almost as if he knew what she saw last night. But that couldn’t be, he would have said something. And she was sure she was well enough hidden that he couldn’t have seen her.

Lynn couldn’t help but watch them during breakfast and then through out the day. Looking for signs from beth that something was very wrong. But she didn’t see it. Beth seemed just as loving toward David as always, if not more.

Lynn noticed more than once that David would slap beth on the ass and look at her with a stern expression on his face. Beth’s only response was to giggle and lower her head.

At one point during the day, she felt someone watching her, as she and beth were playing cards. She looked up to see David watching her intently. She blushed and quickly turned back to her cards.

“Lynn, are you ok? You seem very distracted today. Are you worried about the snow? There’s nothing to worry about you know. We’ll be just fine.”

That brought her back from her thoughts. “Oh no, I’m not worried really, it’s just I’ve never seen so much snow before and it’s still coming down.” Beth giggled as she looked out the window. ‘Yeah, isn’t it great! Hey, I know, lets get bundled up and go play in the snow. Build a snow man or something.”

Beth laid down her cards and grabbed Lynn’s hand and dragged her from the room. Telling David what they were going to do. Lynn couldn’t help but get caught up in beth’s enthusiasm. Soon they were dressed and ready to head outside.

The fat wet flakes hit them in the face as they raced outside. Beth let loose of Lynn’s hand she’d been holding and started spinning around. Laughing the entire time. “Isn’t this great! I feel like a kid again.” She leaned down and gathered a handful of snow looking at Lynn with a glint in her eye.

Before she knew what was happening, beth had hit her with a snowball! “Hey! ok Missy, your going to pay for that!”

Soon they were both out of breath from laughing and covered in snow. “Lets build our snowman before we freeze. I’ve got snow down my back from that last one you got me with.”

“Ok, come on Lynn, over here were we can see it from the living room.”

Soon they had the basic shape of the snowman built. Beth had grabbed two sticks from the wood pile and was sticking them in the sides for arms when they heard David call for them to come in before they were as frozen as the snowman.

Laughing and holding hands, they made their way back to the warm house. “Look at the two of you. Covered in snow and probably freezing cold. I aught to turn you both over my knee for that!”

Beth looked at Lynn and then burst out laughing. Lynn couldn’t help but join right in. She was feeling to good and had had so much fun. She hadn’t acted so foolishly in a long time.

The rest of the day was very normal. The snow didn’t let up. Soon everything was covered in a thick blanket of white. They had to clear the door to the wood shed several times to make sure they had an ample supply of wood for the fire. They passed the time with board games, cards and reading.

Lynn was surprised to discover David was quite the cook that evening. After dinner they sat watching the snow and lazing before the fire. Lynn and beth were stretched out on the floor, looking at old pictures.

David sipped his drink, watching them closely. He had done so all day. He noticed Lynn’s nervousness earlier in the day, but that had changed. She no longer flinched with the slightest touch from him. There was now a curiosity in her eyes. He could read her thoughts clearly on her face.

“Pet, why don’t you go fix some hot tea for us?”

She smiled and went quickly to do as asked. Lynn didn’t move from her spot.

“Come here Lynn. Come sit beside me so we can talk without having to yell.”

Lynn hesitated.

“Oh come now, I won’t bite, unless you ask me to of course.” He laughed at the expression on her face.

“You know I’m only teasing you.”

He patted the space next to him on the couch. “Come on. Come and tell me why you’ve been avoiding me all day.”

Lynn slowly stood. She wasn’t a coward and decided to face this now. She threw back her shoulders, held her head high and sat next to David. He chuckled as she sat ridged next to him.

“Are you enjoying yourself Lynn? It looked like you and beth had fun playing in the snow today.” His voice was very calming and gentle. Lynn relaxed slightly.

“Yes I did. Beth is so much fun to be around and it’s so peaceful here. I can see why you two come here so much.”

“And how did you sleep last night?”

Her head jerked up and she stared at him with her mouth hanging open. His only response was a raised eyebrow. She looked away quickly, not able to look at him.

The silence stretched, almost becoming unbearable.

“I know you were watching last night. You must have enjoyed what you saw since you stayed.” His voice was deep and reverberated through her.

Again the silence was heavy in the air. But also tinged with an excitement. An almost electrical charge. She didn’t fear him. She feared her own reactions.

“Have you wondered since then, what it would feel like? The feel of the restraints around your wrists? The darkness from the blindfold? Always wondering what will come next?”

“Will it be a caress of a hand or the sting of the paddle? A tease to the inside of your thigh or a pinch to an already aroused nipple?”

Her heart beat had increased with every word he spoke. How was he able to see so much? She had never said anything to anyone about these feelings. It was as if he could see inside her mind.

“Yes.” It was barely whispered, but he heard it and had to fight the knowing smile that pulled at his lips.

Beth came back in with a tray with 3 cups of steaming tea. She could feel the change in the atmosphere. Lynn sat with her head down and a blush on her cheeks. David just winked and smiled that sexy smile of his.

After a while, David whispered something to Lynn. She only nodded her head yes.

“Beth, please go and lay out everything from the bag on the bed. When that is done, take your normal place.”

Lynn watched as beth smiled and made her way up the stairs. What was in the bag? What would he do? Her mind raced with all the possibilities.

She jumped when he took her cold hand into his warm one.

“I know this is all new to you and a little frightening. You saw last night and this morning that no harm was done to beth.”

“If you want to know the freedom that comes from letting go completely, we would be more than happy to guide you. Nothing will be done that you don’t desire. There is great trust involved from all sides.”

“Your trust in me to guide you without harm. And mine, that you will be honest with your true feelings.”

“If this is what you want, take my hand and come with me.”

She sat there trying to think. Everything he said was true. She had watched beth closely today and didn’t see any sign that she didn’t enjoy herself last night. In fact, she seemed closer to David than before. When would she have another chance like this?

She looked into David’s eyes. A calm washed over her quickly. She smiled and gave the only answer she could.

“Yes. Please show me what I’ve been missing.”

He pulled her to her feet and led her upstairs. She stopped just inside the doorway at the sight before her.

There was beth, in the center of the room, on her knees. She was wearing a short silk robe and from the way her legs were parted, Lynn could see she wasn’t wearing anything else.

David walked toward beth. He smoothed his hand over her hair and down to cup her chin. He lifted her head looking deep into her eyes. When he spoke, his voice was deep and laced with authority.

“Such a good little slut you are.”

They both heard Lynn’s gasp. He saw the shock register in beth’s eyes and watched as they darted to the doorway.

“Ah little bitch, you will pay for that you know.”

Her eyes quickly returned to his. “Yes Sir.” She lowered her eyes quickly. He felt the shiver that ran through her body. He stepped away from beth and motioned Lynn to his side by the bed.

He watched as she took in everything laid before her. He gave her time to think of how they each might be used.

“Is there anything here that you would not want used on your? Or anything you wish to ask about?”

She took her time and eyed each item. She wasn’t completely unaware of what they were used for. She just had never actually seen them up close or had them used on her. Well, most of them anyway. There were vibrators, dildo’s, paddles, rulers, nipple clamps, rope, zip ties, masking and duct tape, mens ties, silk scarves and bottles of lube.

As she was reaching for one of the scarves, she heard David chuckle. She jerked her hand back quickly and her cheeks heated with embarrassment.

“It’s quite alright. You can examine anything before you. Do you have any questions about any of them?”

He waited as she took in everything. She shook her head. “N-no, I know what these things are. I’ve never used most of them though. But what is the tape for?”

“I’ll show you. Come here slut!”

Lynn turned to see beth stand and walk toward them. She stopped in front of David and sank to her knees again. Lynn noticed her hands go behind her back when she was settled, her head down. She didn’t speak, just waited.

“Such an obedient slut isn’t she? But she is missing something.”

He reached for the restraints and when he turned back to beth, she held her arms toward him. Lynn watched as he attached them to her wrists. Then he pick up another pair and turned to Lynn.

“Shall we start with you also? So that you can feel what beth feels?”

Lynn hesitated only a fraction of a second but then presented her wrists to him also. She was surprised how they fit. Not to tight but not loose enough that she could get out of them. She looked at them and noticed they had a clip that would fasten them together and a metal ring. She took a deep breath and dropped her arms to her sides.

“Now, sit on the end of the bed and put your hands behind your back.”

She moved to the end of the bed, sat and did as she was told. She tried to pull her hands back in front of her when she heard the clasp snap closed. She watched as beth’s were also fastened together behind her back. David then picked up the roll of duct tape and moved in front of Lynn. He leaned down and put her feet flat and together. He looped the tape around her ankles over her socks several times. Testing to make sure it wasn’t to tight. He then moved to beth and did the same to her.

He moved back to the side of the bed and Lynn saw him reach for the scarves. She watched as he put one over beth’s eyes and heard a moan escape her parted lips.

“Shhhhh slut, your time will come soon.”

He picked up the other scarf and started toward Lynn. He stopped and dropped the scarf shaking his head. “No, I think I will leave yours off for a bit.” His smile was almost evil but excited Lynn.

He sat on the bed and told beth to move forward. Lynn watched as beth moved between his parted legs. He told Lynn to move over until she could see everything. Once she was settled, she watched in wonder as beth leaned forward and started to nuzzle David’s crotch.

“What is it you want slut, tell me.”

“Please Sir, please let me suck your cock. Let me feel you throb against my tongue as i love you with my mouth.”

Without looking away from beth’s lowered head, David reached down and unzipped his pants slowly. He raised up slightly and lowered his jeans and under wear until his cock was free.

She watched transfixed as beth leaned forward and began to lick the head of his cock. She saw it jump at the first touch of her tongue. Beth began to take more of his cock into her mouth, always working back to the head to just lick the very tip. Soon she was taking about half of it in.

They both jumped at the sound of the smack that landed on beth’s ass. Lynn hadn’t seen him pick up the long ruler.

“You know better than that bitch! Only the head for now until I tell you otherwise.”

Lynn could feel herself becoming wet while she watch beth work David’s cock. She wasn’t prepared for the touch to her breast. She looked down to see David’s hand caressing her. Moving slowly around her breast. Never going near her hard nipple. She moaned when his fingers grazed the very tip and move away.

“Stand up Lynn. As best you can, move over here beside beth. That’s it. Now get down on your knees so you can see how to properly suck a cock.”

He held her shoulders to help balance her as she sank next to beth.

“Now watch very carefully. Then we will see if you have learned anything.”

“Now bitch, show this little one how to properly suck a cock.”

Beth began to really work his cock in and out of her mouth. Lynn was surprised to see the entire length disappear in beth’s mouth. She heard her moan as she worked. She released his cock only to move down and lavish her attention on his balls. Licking them, then taking one at a time into her mouth to gently suck. Then she moved back up working her tongue on the underside of his now hard cock to envelope it again in her hot mouth.

Lynn’s breathing had increased again. She was panting and wiggling as she watched.

Smack, smack, smack. “Hold still little one.”

She heard beth gasp at the same time as her. She was amazed at how long David was able to hold out against beth’s talented mouth. She had never watched anyone give a blow job from such a close angle before and could feel her juices beginning to soak her panties.

“Stand up little one.”

When Lynn didn’t move, she was smacked again on the ass. “Your not listening very well. I will let that one slide, but don’t do it again.”

Lynn got to her feet and watched as David cut the tape from around her ankles with scissors.

“Now, turn around. When I unfasten your wrists, I want you to take off your pants.”

With shaking hands, Lynn did as she was told. She could feel the sting of the last smack to her ass and didn’t want to repeat that.

“Good girl, now turn back around.”

Quickly this time, she turned and moved her hands behind her to be fasten again.

“Now, back in position. Lets see if you’ve learned anything.”

When she was back in place, he moved over on the bed until she was between his legs. “I hope you paid attention. If you didn’t, you will learn quickly.”

Lynn leaned forward and began to lick the head of David’s cock. She tried to remember everything that beth had done. She worked just the head into her mouth then back to lick the very tip. She began to wiggle, unaccustomed to having her hands behind her. She wanted to wrap her hand around his cock and stroke him.

She jumped when she felt something rub against her soaked panties. She released David’s cock and looked down to see him stroking her with the ruler. Just as quickly, he smacked the inside of her thigh, “Did I tell you to stop? I guess you weren’t paying attention.”

Smack, smack, smack. She gasped and bit her lip to keep from crying out. It wasn’t as painful as she thought it would be. But she could feel the heat starting to radiate out from her ass. She quickly moved to take his cock back into her mouth. Working more and more into her mouth.

She used her tongue on the underside of his cock as she moved up and down on him. She again jumped when she felt the ruler running along her pussy but this time, didn’t pull away. She could feel her clit starting to throb and cried out when he told her to stop and moved the ruler away.

“You did well little one. I think you deserve a reward. Stand up and lay on the bed.”

As he helped her stand, he unfastened her restraints and fastened them again in front of her. She laid down on the bed. He told her to raise her arms above her head on the bed. She watched as he walked to the other side. His cock swaying as he walked. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

She loved having a hard cock in her mouth and wanted to finish what she had started. She felt a pull on her wrists and looked back as best she could. He must have fastened them to something. Keeping them above her head.

He walked back to the other side of the bed and picked up the scarf. No, it wasn’t a scarf, it looked like leather. She soon found out it was a leather blindfold when he placed it over her eyes and lifted her head to attach it behind her head. She could smell the leather and it heightened her other senses.

She felt his hand run down the center of her body, causing her to arch up at the feather light touch. She tingled every place he touched. But he avoided all the places she desperately wanted him to. His fingers moved down from between her breasts, to her stomach. He made lazy circles around her belly button. Then down further to the top of her well trimmed mound.

Around to her hip, only to travel down to her knee. She felt the pressure of his hand as he opened her legs further. She then felt his hand around her ankle. Something was tied to it and then to something, probably the leg of the bed. This was repeated on her other leg.

Then she didn’t hear or feel anything. The room became very quiet. Where had he gone? What was he doing? Her mind raced. Then she heard a moan and slurping sounds. Beth must be sucking his cock again. She wanted to be the one to do that!


Nothing. He didn’t answer her. “That’s it slut, get me good and hard. Ahhhhh, yes!”

Lynn pulled at the restraints holding her open and tied to the bed. She felt her pussy weeping even more. Oh this was worse than watching! She knew what they were doing and wanted to have his cock in her mouth. She heard beth whimper. What had happened? Then silence again.

“Now little one. Are you ready for your reward?”

“Yes, please! I’m so hot and ready for anything. Just please don’t leave me here like this.”

She heard him laugh and movement in the room. She tried to turn her head to figure out what he was doing. Then she felt the bed dip between her spread legs. She felt soft lips against the inside of one thigh working upward. She arched her hips as the mouth got close to her wet pussy. She cried out as the lips moved away to start at the inside of her other thigh and work upward.

She had never felt anything like this before. Her entire body was on fire. Just as the lips reached her pussy, she felt a sting to her left nipple. Someone was pinching and pulling slightly!

The tongue worked over her slit, licking up all the juices there. Working slowly inside. Flicking and gently darting in and out of her now throbbing pussy.

“Please, I can’t take much more. I need to cum. Your driving me crazy!”

“Oh no, little one. Your not allowed to cum until I say you can.”

What? How could David be licking her pussy and whispering in my ear at the same time? Then it hit her!

It wasn’t David that was licking her pussy and driving her to the edge of her climax, it was beth! Oh God! She had never had a woman lick her pussy before. She heard David laugh in her ear again,

“Yes little one. My slut is working you over good. She loves licking pussy almost as much as she does sucking cock!”

Lynn began to shack as David pinched and pulled on her nipples. Beth was now gently sucking on her engorged clit. She was bucking as best she could off the bed to get more contact with beth’s talented mouth.

“Yes little one. That’s it. Tell me what you want. Tell me what you need.”

She tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out for the wonderful feelings of the slight pain from him pinching her nipples and beth sucking her clit.

“Please, oh God, please, I need to cum! Please let me cum!”

“Yes little one, cum for me, cum for me now!”

With those words, beth sucked harder and racked her flattened tongue against her throbbing clit. When she slipped two fingers inside her dripping pussy and began to move them in time with her sucking, it sent Lynn over the edge. She road the wave of release as it over took her entire body. She couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, she could only feel.

After what felt like hours, she started to hear movement around her. She felt David caressing her breast as beth caressed her thighs and stomach. She was surprised when David removed the blind fold and put a pillow under her head. He then moved down to beth who still laid half on the bed between her legs.

She saw David move between beth’s legs and lift her hips up. She saw the pure lust on beth’s face as David sank deep into her.

She watched as David started moving in long strokes. She could see his cock almost come completely out of beth’s pussy. She could see beth’s juices that had already coated his cock.

Beth raised up onto her hands and Lynn watched as her tits started to swing in time with David’s thrusts. Gently at first, but soon he had picked up speed.

Smack, smack! “Get back on that pussy bitch. Make her cum again as she watches you get fucked!”

Lynn’s head was spinning again. She watched as beth lowered herself again between her legs. She could feel each thrust as David pounded into beth, pushing her into Lynn’s pussy. The only time beth stopped licking and sucking frantically, was to beg to be allowed to cum.

David told her she could cum when Lynn did. That set beth into a frenzy. She sucked harder and worked two fingers into her pussy again. It wasn’t long until Lynn was screaming her own release. Beth soon joined her as she too began to cum. After about half a dozen hard thrusts, David threw back his head and moaned his own release.

They were all panting and trying to catch their breath as they came back to the present. Lynn watched as David stood and moved to release her wrists. Beth was releasing her ankles. After she was released, they all laid in a heap on the bed. Touching and caressing as they calmed themselves.

Beth kissed Lynn tenderly on the lips. She could taste her own juices as beth slipped her tongue into her mouth and their tongues danced. When beth released her lips, she leaned over Lynn and kissed David in the same manor. David pulled away and looked deep into Lynn’s eyes and kissed her forehead.

“That was amazing. Thank you both.”

David chuckled and shook his head. “Oh little one. That was only the beginning. We have the entire night and the week ahead of us.”

With that, he pulled the blanket over all of them and they settled down to rest for a while before they would begin again.

Lynn laid there thinking of everything that had happened. She couldn’t help but smile. She looked at David and beth, their eyes slightly closed.

David noticed her looking at him. “What is it little one?”

Lynn giggled, “I was wondering, well, I’ve never done what beth did to me earlier. Do you think, well, could we tie beth to the bed next time?”

David and beth began to laugh. “Oh little one, you will soon learn that beth loves to be tied and teased for hours on end. Maybe with your help, she will get exactly what she deserves for once.”

With that, they all laughed until they fell into a light sleep. Only to wake later and begin again.

To be continued…

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