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Silk and Steel

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Her plane had been late, the weather hadn’t cooperated for love nor money with her itinerary, and yet somehow, she was standing on his doorstep early, the plans had her traveling to visit her friends on the coast, several stops had been made, several more to be made in this extended, or more accurately, open ended trip.

Her trip had led her to many places already, many doors very similar to the one she now stood before, she knew he would be home, it was the weekend and he had it off, the whole weekend, and yet, it was Friday night instead of Saturday morning, what would he say, would he be surprised, shocked, would he direct her to the lovely motel she had passed by and had in all honesty, planned to stay at anyway? It was this sort of thing that was going through her mind, among other things, like; is my skirt smooth at the back, is my hair ok, is he aware I’m here, am I completely silly for being nervous? Her knuckles tapped lightly on the wood of the door and then she wondered if she had knocked too quietly or too loudly, or; all those thoughts faded as he opened the door.

The first thing he did was smile, and then he reached for her hand which still hovered in the air, taking her gently inside the house, the door closing firmly behind her, his sensual voice whispered over her ear as he took her in an embrace, asking how long she had been there, that it was wonderful to see her, that he needed her to say something, anything. Her mind was racing, she was tall, her body fit in against his as if made for that simple purpose, to meld against him, her arms instinctively wrapped round his shoulders, her thighs parted for one of his as he pressed her to the door. As her body drew him closer, her mind became calmer for a brief moment and she whispered against his throat, asking in a teasing tone if she had come at a bad time, should she go back to the motel on the highway and call him tomorrow, knowing all along that the swift swat to her bottom would follow her irreverent words and the growl that rumbled in his throat would be the last he had to “say” on her leaving.

She let out a soft cry as his hand warmed her bottom, pressing closer and whispering an apology for being a smart ass, he made her nervous, she was unsure of her welcome, she babbled on until he moved, pinning her to the door with his body and cradled her face in his hands, only a half heartbeat of preparation allowed her to know that he was going to kiss her, the words died on her lips, forgotten, he growled again and then claimed her mouth. To call this a kiss would be to raise the stature of simple kisses to something unheard of, this was possession, claiming, ownership, he started slowly, licking, teasing and tasting her, listening to the plaintive mewling for more that wrenched unbidden from her throat. To say she surrendered would be to diminish what occurred, with each touch of his lips, tongue, teeth, mouth, her body moved to press closer, the heat in her belly rose, her hands clutched at him, utterly aware of clothing that barred her from proper exploration, every touch brought another piece of her soul to him, to be gathered with such love and power that she was left breathless and weak in his arms. In this brief span of time, she shed the veils that hid her deepest nature, showed the submission in her over the dominance that she had so long displayed, and when his head lifted slightly, she stared up at him, blue eyes gleaming with passion, chest heaving with excitement, not a word was spoken as his fingers caressed over her swollen lips, letting the tips dip inside to tease over her tongue.

If she had a more clear mind, she might see how shaken he was, how moved by the simple joining of a kiss, she was aware of his trembling body, aware of the tight rein he had on his hunger, she could feel the need strumming through his taut form, almost felt burnt by the heat of him, and he too felt that in her, but she could not fathom the depth of emotion that brought on the next, surprising move on his part. His hands slipped along her sides, then lifted her, pushed her back solidly against the wall, he growled out for help, pushing her clothes aside, her hands moved to do the same to him, stripping only what was required for this suddenly mutual need for joining as his fingers caught her panties and ripped them from her form, leaving her bared for him, this was not what she had expected, dinner, talking, dancing, dropped at the motel till morning for the day to start in the same fashion, but this, this was infinitely better than her imaginings.

She cried out softly at the burning of flesh where the panties resisted his tugging, and then screamed as his already hard shaft plunged into her body, he growled against her ear, she clung to his shoulders, nails raking over the material of his shirt as she alternately tugged on it and pushed it away, seeking flesh, seeking his body more closely against hers, their hips found a fierce motion instantly, both pounding against the other, nothing tender, nothing gentle about this union, the only sounds filling the room were her screams of lust, his ragged gasps for breath and the hard slapping sounds of two bodies meeting in savage passion. The moment could not last, this was not a slow build brought on by light caresses and soft teasing, this was brutal, violent and claiming, this was animalistic in its ferocity and so, within moments of joining with one another, both bodies bent closer, hips ground together almost painfully, she screamed out at his whisper to cum, and then he shouted his release seconds after her juices flooded over him. Both collapsed onto the floor in a heaped tangle of limbs, clinging to one another, panting and gasping, her face wet with tears of utter joy, his body shaking with the power of his release, it was long moments later that he finally regained strength enough to gather her in closer, to wrap himself more tightly around her, soothing her shaking form, raining sweet kisses over her cheeks and whispering softly to her, pleading with her to not hate him, sure that the tears, the trembling was from fear and hurt.

It was only after she heard him speak that she regained her voice, catching his face in her hands and quietly, in a firm, yet soft tone, assured him that she was not afraid of him, that she was not in pain, and that she had truly adored what had happened in the middle of his kitchen, that she was only surprised that it had happened at all, not regretful. She kissed him then, far more gently than before, cradled him as he held her, loving him with her soft lips and her body, soothing his worry away with her touch, erasing his fears that he had hurt her at all, that she was unhappy, remaining on the floor for a long time, until he realized how cool the tiles were. He carefully extracted himself from her body, unembarrassed that he was hard for her once more, she blushed prettily at the sight of his shaft before her as she remained on the floor before him, licking her lips once and then again, eyeing him, a wicked smile dancing on her lips, she slowly leaned forward, one hand coming between his legs and holding his retreat by pressing against his bottom, keeping him within her reach while he groaned out a half hearted protest, telling her that he had though they could go to the bedroom. She paused, lips wrapped over the tip of his shaft, suckling while she thought about his words, knowing that he was being driven to distraction by the tenderly tugging of her mouth on him, that he was watching her suckle and lick at him with a look of hunger in his gaze that was smoldering into an inferno of lust once more, how they had built this passion, she didn’t know, but she did know that it was not to be sated by one quick “fuck” on the floor.

With that thought, she lifted her mouth away, raised her hands to his and allowed him to pull her from the floor, standing on shaking legs, she whispered huskily that she thought the bedroom was a wonderful idea, but first, she needed her things from the car, and since she was more presentable than him, she would slip out and do just that, she didn’t wait for his protest, she dashed out the door and retrieved her bag, long dark locks mussed, her dress in disarray and yet, she still was more together than him, with his shirt torn; how “did” that happen, and his jeans open and baring a very aroused member. She came back into the house, locked the door and walked straight into his arms, kissing him deeply as he removed her bag from her hand and then scooped her up in his arms, it was with grand intentions that they moved from kitchen to living room, on their way to the stairs and the bedroom.

The first thing that should be noted is that one should not try to carry an amorous woman and her luggage at the same time as having a raging hardon that is being teased by the silkiness of said woman’s skirt, it is, for lack of a better term, recipe for disaster, or in this instance, a good way to blow to hell all the good intentions of going straight to the bedroom. If he had been only doing one of those things, even two, he might have survived the trip upstairs in relative condition, but as it was, the combination of things proved his undoing, he wanted her far too much, and had done so for far too long to be able to concentrate on anything more than driving his thick shaft into that tight, sweet sex. The disintegration of intentions happened in stages, first, he dropped the bag to the floor, second he dumped her on the couch, third, he stripped off his clothing as if being burned by the soft cotton of both T-shirt and jeans and then, while she lay rather shocked, stripped her dress and the remains of her bra from her quivering body.

If, and this is a big if, she had not been quivering, if she had not been whimpering out his name so sweetly as he stripped her, he might have been able to lift her once more and take her upstairs, and of course, if he had not accidentally brushed her sex with his fingers and tasted her juices, he might not have been blinded with lust, which is in fact, what happened. He wanted to touch her everywhere, to mark her as his in every way he could think of, and at this moment, he was thinking of more than a few, first though, he had to taste, to drink of that sweet nectar between her thighs, he bodily moved her body around on the couch so that her head was on one seat, he then simply crawled over her, making sure not to kneel on her hair and then dipping his head between wide spread thighs. She watched in heady anticipation, speechless as he moved around her, stripping her clothes, revealing his lean, hard body, eyes raking over her form as if surveying his property, which, she reasoned within her fevered mind, he was.

When he moved her, he didn’t speak and neither did she, she pushed her hair so that he wouldn’t kneel on it and then she reached up, drawing his hips down to her so that she could please him as he was pleasing her, taking his hardness into her mouth and suckling greedily as his tongue delved deep into her wetness, both moving to take more from the other, thrusting up and down to fuck against the flesh of each other’s form. She groaned in delight as his mouth and then his hands explored her sex, his thick fingers probing her depths and stroking over her g-spot, bringing muffled cries of need as she sucked and licked his shaft, drawing it deeper into her mouth, tugging on it in pure instinctive response to the pleasure he was drawing from her body, making her squirm and quiver beneath him, her hands moved and grasped the tops of his thighs, just below his ass, clinging to him to hold him where she wanted, her own body curling to press her sex to him as she was growing closer and closer to orgasm.

He growled against her body, demanded in a harsh tone that she not cum yet, that she wait, that he wasn’t sure she truly wanted it yet, and she only whimpered and moved harder in response, suckling his shaft deeper into her mouth, pushing her hips up harder against his fingers and mouth, begging with her body for him to allow her release, even as she sought his, wanting his taste on her tongue, wanting to feel his seed spill into her mouth. He felt her growing desperation, fed it with harder thrusts of his fingers, sharper bites on her clit and the tender lips of her sex, he soaked one finger in her juices and pushed it deep into her ass, filling her up and fucking her harder, he lifted his head a little and growled for her to cum, to cum hard and give him what belonged to him, as his words faded on the air, she arched beneath him, her body bowed so that her breasts brushed over his belly and her hips pressed at his shoulders, cumming hard and fast, hips jerking and pushing against his fingers and mouth, only pausing briefly when his shaft erupted within her mouth, hearing him shout, feeling his own hips push against her, she held her body and his tight together, shaking with the power of her release and his, drinking the cum that filled her mouth, feeling his tongue lap at her body and take the juices that spilled from her.

He was the first to move, pulling himself from her body and landing on his back on the floor, laying spread eagle out on the carpet, eyes half closed, panting for breath and trying to calm his racing heart, his hand clasped hers in a tight grip, fingers tangling together. She purred and eventually rolled herself off the couch and turned, curling at his side on the floor, whispering that maybe this time, they would make it upstairs, he only grinned and told her he didn’t care how long it took to get to the bedroom, he was having fun trying. She blushed fiercely and informed him once more that what had already happened was far more than she had ever expected, that in fact, judging by the placement of the sun, she had by now, expected to be tucked in at her motel, reading or watching tv after having had dinner with him. He grinned and said that as far as he was concerned, he’d had an appetizer already, which only made her blush more, and then proceeded to tell her that he didn’t see any reason at all for her to leave his house for as long as she wanted to stay, and then nodded firmly when she scoffed at his words, telling her he meant it, as long as she wanted. He refused to speak more about it, slid her body upright and leaned against the front of the couch, bringing her to his lap, telling her in soft words that she needed to trust him, trust what was happening, enjoy it.

She nodded softly, and assured him that she did trust what was happening, but was surprised, she wasn’t like this usually and he reminded her that he knew well of her past and the things that made her shy away, and that he was happy that she had made it to the door and had left her fears on the step. She rose from his lap and extended her hand, helping him rise and moving across the living room to the stairs, they moved with less fervor now, though the air was still thick with lustful desires, and finally ascended the stairs to the bedroom, he tossed her bag on a chair and then gestured, telling her to find a pair of panties, shorts, bra and T-shirt that she wouldn’t miss later. She blinked, staring at him for a long moment, and he just grinned, she shivered suddenly and whispered a husky agreement to his request, the word didn’t slip from her lips but she thought it, he wasn’t just masterful, he was a master and she knew it, deep in her soul, she felt it, and went to do his bidding. When she had collected the clothing that she would least miss, she held them up and he gestured for her to put them on, and with a blush, because dressing is almost more intimate than undressing, she put the clothes on, ever aware of his watchful eyes on her body.

Her eyes found his, she trembled at the look in his gaze, worrying her lip with her teeth softly, whimpering as he merely pointed to the bed and directed her to lay on her back, he would do the rest, she crawled up onto the large bed and did as he asked, waiting for him, he moved around the room, lighting candles, vanishing for a moment and then returning to set a steel bowl on the night stand, all the while leaving her to remain on the bed, finally he moved to the foot of the bed and secured her ankles apart, tying them with silken scarves to the bed posts, bidding her to move, nodding to himself and then moving to the head of the bed and repeating the process with her wrists. He stood back and watched her as she tested her bonds, whispering that she was his now and there was no escaping, she laughed and returned that she wasn’t looking to escape, she was only positive that the ties best be very secure because she had a good idea of what was coming and knew she wasn’t going to be placid, offering a wicked lil grin at her words and then watching his jaw drop at her bold statement before he recovered and informed her that he would hold her to that.

Her smile faltered and then she sucked in a sharp breath, watching as his eyes darkened, his demeanor changed and she could feel the predator emerge, she watched as he stalked her, prowled about the bed, finding his angle of approach, slowly crawled atop the bed and drew a knife, from where, she could never be sure, it hadn’t been there before, she was almost certain of that. He held the knife up, letting her see the entire piece in his large hand, the blade, a carbon steel that even to her unpracticed eye, was obviously razor sharp, and then the hilt, a deep black of some undetermined material, not shiny but smooth, with a fine design etched into the grip, the handle was finished with a smooth rounded piece made of similar material to the blade and highly polished. He described every detail of the blade, fingers stroking over it lovingly, as if caressing her body, tender touches, making her whimper with need even before he had started his true torment, his gaze locked with hers and then he started.

The knife slid along her thigh, blade flat upon her skin, teasing the flesh lightly, the cold steel making her whimper, and squirm just a little bit, he laughed at the immediate reaction, watching her eyes widen and then go very dark, a quiet mewl of pleasure spilling from suddenly dry lips. He knew then, that he had her complete attention, that nothing would distract her from what was going to occur next, his blade shifted, grazing her flesh lightly, not hard enough even to mark and then, with a swift motion, sliced up the center of her T-shirt, splicing the material in half, leaving her to gasp sharply and stare. He next made quick work of the material of the short sleeves of the shirt, cutting them away from her body, the blade teasing her skin, his lips following along after, his focus completely on removing the material that hid her body from his view. Her bra was a thing of the past before she could even whimper out in surprise, split between her breasts and deftly removed by warm hands, leaving her bare from the waist up, he even tugged the ruined clothes from under her body so she would remain comfortable.

She watched in utter fascination as this man whom she had only truly known for the last few hours, awed at how much she trusted him, even while he clutched a blade in his hand that could take her life with ease, he smiled at her then and took the blade across her right nipple, the flat surface of the steel flattening the erect nipple and then letting it jut upwards at rigid attention, giving evidence to her aroused state. She sighed with the warming sensation washing over her body, the passion downstairs was fierce and overwhelming, what was happening now was a slow build of sensation, soon to culminate in an explosion of lust and pleasure she had never encountered before. He watched her face, could almost read her thoughts as he dragged the flat of the blade over her skin, teasing her, but at the same time lulling her into the slow arousal that he knew she was becoming comfortable with, he also knew she was unaware of his intentions, of his desire to shock her out of her comfort zones. She was practically purring at the waves of heat washing over her form, the tightness and moisture between her thighs, the steady throb of awareness in her body, her eyes were on him as he moved the blade over her body, and yet she still missed the subtle motion that would have given her the hint of what was to come.

His hand moved, it was a twitching of muscles, a shifting of his wrist and the blade slapped down over her nipple, once and again, a rapid fire tapping that made her cry out, her body shake and her eyes widen as she tugged on the bonds securing her wrists, it wasn’t that he was hitting hard, just a light, steady motion bringing steel to flesh, repeatedly slapping over her taut nipple, making her knees bend slightly and her body bow with pleasure. She noticed when he stopped, her eyes were bright and shining, widened with the surprise she still felt as she stared at him, his lips curled in a wicked grin as he leaned over her, took the tender nub between his lips and started to suckle, head tipping a little, hand poised, blade ready over the opposite breast. It was in his eyes, the pure devilment of his mind, gleaming through to let her know that they hadn’t gone anywhere near as far as he planned to, she whimpered softly and held her breath, watching as he tormented her, holding the blade just above her erect nipple, all the while suckling and biting down on the other, keeping her body tense with anticipation. He drew that tense need out for a long time, curled on her body, his mouth suckling her nipple almost languidly, keeping her on edge and waiting, her soft little cries became plaintive as he teased, finally she begged hoarsely for him to continue.

She truly believed that his control was better than her own, that he did not need to be inside her as much as she did to feel him inside her, but that wasn’t true at all, his cock was throbbing, almost painfully with need, but he was clinging to his control because he was determined to please her more than any ever had, he knew her fears, knew the depth of the damage done to her so long ago, no, he would be patient, even when she wasn’t. He gave her nipple a sharp slap with the flat of the blade and offered a pleased growl as she cried out, he repeated his actions over and over against her flesh until finally, she screamed and begged for release, unaware even of her words, but hearing him offer his permission her body exploded, soaking the panties and shorts that still concealed the lower half of her body, making her blush scarlet in shock. It took all his effort not to explode with her, to cover her luscious body with his seed, but he fought back the desire and just watched, and urged her on as she shook on the bed, lifting the blade away from her flesh and suckling and teasing both nipples with his lips and hands.

In the moments after her orgasm, she became aware of several things at once, that he was not nearly as controlled as she had assumed was only the first thing, the next was that even with the look of determination in his gaze, the absolute gleam of power, she was unafraid and quite hungry for more, and finally that she had completely missed the fact that he had, while her orgasm had washed over her, stripped her of her shorts and was even now, dangling the completely ruined material from his blade. He laughed as she cursed him out, dropping the material to the floor and then leaning down to press a kiss to the damp spot on her panties, speaking to her even as his lips danced over the satin, telling her how she tasted, how her scent drove him wild, how soon, very soon he was going to fuck her again and hear her scream with lust. He began again as before, teasing, tormenting, slowly building her pleasure up with light touches, then after she had closed her eyes and was reveling in the sensations, he called to her, urged her to open her eyes and made her watch as he carefully dragged the blade’s tip along her thigh, not once marking her skin and then wiggled the blade under the edge of satin at her groin, and slit the material from her body.

There was a faint sound in the room of material being cut, and of a kitten, no, not a kitten, that was her, she made that sound, a soft mewling that started in her throat and made her body quiver as she fought the intense surge of lust that built in the deepest part of her belly and washed over every inch of skin. It was surreal, she was watching, her eyes open, staring at his every movement, taking in the play of muscles that allowed his fingers to curl over the satin of her panties, cupping her sex and then pull the shreds of material away, the motion of the blade over her bared flesh, the play of his lips as he smiled at her obvious growing state of hyper awareness, she watched it and yet, she felt it all more deeply, as if he was reaching in and touching her soul. He leaned slightly and pressed his mouth to her sex, tongue dragging between smooth lips, his eyes on hers, his voice rumbling over her body as it made its way to her ears, telling her it was a shame that she was so smooth, he would have loved to shave that sweet body, tongue lapping, drawing her wetness over her soft lips, he watched her face as a blush flushed her skin a deep scarlet.

Soon the blush faded, replaced by the high color of arousal that colored her skin a dusky pink, her nipples were hard and erect on her breasts and her body had a fine sheen of perspiration that gave her a glow, and she was making soft sounds of lust in her throat as he dragged the blade over her flesh repeatedly, carefully parting the lips of her sex with it and then gently holding them apart with his fingertips. He knew she was no longer consciously aware of his actions, that she had sunk so deeply into the sensations of her body that everything he did, only sent her deeper into that lustful place, she panted as he teased, cried out as he caressed and screamed his name when the flat of the blade slapped down on her soaked and hard clit, he only barely move it away when her body arched up hard, saving her a cut that would have been more than uncomfortable. She sobbed and begged, his words only urging her on as he told her what he wanted, what he was going to do, what she was to him, his slut, fuck toy, his precious whore, the blade tapped relentlessly on her clit until he growled out softly and told her to cum for him.

There was no hesitation, from the moment he said the word until her body bowed, time could not be measured, her body simply responded to the command with a force that brought her body off the bed and wrenched a scream from her that could only be called guttural, primal, so full of passion and lust that it brought tears to her eyes. He literally had to jerk the blade from where it touched her clit to avoid injury, his motions were hasty now, he arched up and drove the knife into the headboard where her gaze immediately became fixed on the steel embedded into wood, and then he grabbed her hips, in the midst of her violent orgasm, he drove himself deep into her body. He was out of control, his lust and hers combined to create an inferno of passion in the room, she screamed and cried and he shouted out, taking her, using her body for his pleasure, pounding his hips against hers in frenzied action, his body slamming fiercely against her own as they moved. She stared fixated on the blade, he moved harder, her body tensed and squeezed him, he moved harder still, she struggled against the bonds at her wrists and ankles and pleaded with him for more, he gave, she took, he took, she gave, they moved together like wild animals until her body gave in, her hips jerked hard against his and then her body went perfectly still, the muscles clenching him tightly, holding him deep within her.

He shouted again, this time only one word, she again did not hesitate, her body broke, her screams became hoarse and then almost silent as she bucked under him, juices spilling over his body, drenching him, soaking his thighs, spilling to the bed, her orgasm raged and then subsided, and raged again as he continued to drive deep inside her aching body. He tried, later he would think back and wonder how he had held out, but he tried to, and yet, the moment he caught her lust filled gaze, he knew there was no holding back any longer, his hips thrust and thrust into her and then his back bent, his eyes closed tight and his nails sank into her hips, gripping tightly as he lost all vestige of control, pumping his seed deep into her body, filling her to overflowing, the mix of juices coating their thighs, seeping onto the sheets below. He collapsed and then she did, or was it that she collapsed first and took him with her, either way, they ended up sprawled on the bed, panting for breath and shaking, him no less than her, her body convulsed as he landed atop her, making him cry out as her body milked another burst of seed from his form, his head landed on her breasts and his eyes closed. She was asleep before he was.

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