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Rose’s Awakening The Final Alternate

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Rose’s long black hair shimmered in the morning light that slipped through the partially opened blinds. Tyler stood over her watching his beautiful daughter sleep, she lay there his lover, sub, and so much more slumbering peacefully. Not for long he thought to himself. Tyler pulled the sheets back to reveal his daughter’s nude body, her legs curled up beneath her almost in the fetal position and her soft little sex lips visible between her legs.

Tyler reached down and ran his big fingers up the back of her calves and slowly behind her knee until he found the his fingertips brushing against her sex. He slowly pushed against the flesh and felt his finger slip through her folds and into the warm, wet center of his daughter. She moaned involuntarily in her sleep and rolled over allowing her legs to splay open a bit as she lay face down on her stomach.

Tyler knew the final straw was at hand here it was time to do what it was he had longed to do this past few weeks, he had slipped placebo pills into her birth control compact and was sure by now she would be ovulating and ready to conceive. He reached beneath the bed and pulled out a pair of leather wrist restraints and hooked them through the eyelet on the bed. Gently Tyler took each of Rose’s little hands and slipped them through the opening in the restraints before locking them both in place easily.

It had taken a little thought this morning on how he wished to awaken his daughter but he had conjured up just the right fitting method he figured. He knew she had planned everything that had happened for the most part and been party to his deception and capture even though she denied it vehemently. Now it was time for her final retribution. He had sent the other submissive women in the household away for the weekend. Julia and Annie had been sent to serve the two switch construction workers and Mike had left a few hours earlier with Kim to take her to his home and show her around for the weekend before bringing her back to pack up her things.

Rose normally slept like a log and she was always difficult to rouse in the mornings, she was proving this just now as Tyler slowly slid behind her on the bed and spread her legs wider. He reached down and ran his fingers up and down her moist slit before he pushed deep inside and curled them in the liquid lust that was churning inside his daughter’s pussy.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Tyler stroked his cock for a few seconds and then pressed it against the open waiting canal of his submissive daughter. As the head entered her pussy Rose came awake, she tried to pull her hands free but to no avail. “MMM, morning daddy, Sir, I see you want, oh, to be rough today.”

As she said this she was raising up on her knees and arching her hips back at her father and his meaty prick. She loved the way it fit snug inside her waiting snatch and she wished she could always feel this filled up by her father. Pushing back she urged him to fuck her harder and deeper.

“Rose, you little sweet slut, I’m going to get you pregnant this weekend or die trying.”

Rose’s moans went to whimpers and she silently thanked the lord that her father was finally going to make her his true submissive slut and make her give birth to their child and his grandchild as well. “Daddy, no please you can’t,” she feigned fear and struggling.

Tyler reached down with one hand and spanked his daughter ferociously as he rammed his turgid cock deep inside her. How many times he had thought of pounding his daughter and spewing his load within her waiting pussy to conceive a child, and now he was going to do it whether she liked it or not. Tyler slid deeper and deeper into his daughter and used his other hand to rub the little rim of her asshole.

“Yes, daddy, please fuck me, oh god just like that, just don’t make me pregnant, please daddy.”

“You forgot Sir, you little bitch,” he yelled out as he slammed his open palm down on her rosy little asscheeks. The time to come was now and he started to fuck her harder as he spanked her and tugged her hair harder forcing her to turn her head and look at him. “Look at me, my sweet little Rosebud.”

As Rose looked back at Tyler, her loving father and master, she started to cum, she loved it when he was rough with her and now he was going to implant his seed in her and hopefully she would become pregnant. She pushed back and her hips bucked wildly of their own volition as he continued to thrust deep inside her and his already enormous cock swelled to what seemed near epic proportions.

“Yes, my doll, cum with daddy, oh, umph,” he moaned as his cock started to jerk and his balls tighten.

Tyler let loose a blast of cum that coated the inner walls of his beautiful daughter’s pussy until he could stand to thrust no more inside her. His cock was too sensitive to continue. Their hips remained joined together and Tyler reached up and undid Rose’s restraints. At once she was twisting beneath him and spreading her legs keeping his slowly softening member trapped within her own moist confines.

“Let’s do it again daddy, Sir, I want to make sure that we do it as many times as we can so when the weekends over I will be carrying the fruit of your loins.”

Epilogue: A little over nine months later Rose was carrying Marianne, their daughter through the door. Mike had married Kim and she was also expecting a child within a few short weeks, a son to carry on the family name.

Julia and Annie had both conceived as well within the past few months and they were going to give birth to boys. Tyler sat down at his computer late one night and typed out the entire story. He finally found a website to publish it if for nothing else than his own enjoyment.

Rose quickly returned to her pre-pregnancy form and was submitting in all of her old ways as soon as she was able. She had the good fortune of having the gym at her disposal and caring nannies to watch the child as she worked out and submitted to her father’s whims.

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