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Shower House In The Desert

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The cool desert breeze hit me in the face as I stepped from my tent at 04:30 and made my way to the shower house. I shivered slightly. I was a 30 year old Marine forward air controller, attached to a tank Company, training at 29 Palms, California. I had decided to get a 30 minute jump on reveille so I could relax a bit with a hot shower, without having to fight the crowds.

As I entered the brick building I could hear the water running. Someone else must have had the same idea.

I disrobed and hung my towel and robe on a hook and grabbed my soap dish before heading into the shower room. As I stepped inside I saw a young enlisted marine just inside the door to my left. His dripping wet green coveralls, worn by all tankers, were hung on the shower head, obviously freshly washed from the shower. My eyes naturally dropped to his groin area and I was surprised to see him masturbating his full raging hard on, which curved upward toward his flat belly, several inches of his reddened shaft and a purple, plum-sized head extending above his fist. I made a quick calculation on it’s size, about eight inches long, nicely circumcised, and nearly as thick as my wrist.

I adjusted my gaze upward to his face and our eyes briefly met as he turned his back to me, hiding the object of my affection, and probably embarrassed. I had obviously interrupted him just moments prior to his orgasm, and the eroticism of the moment caused my own member to begin to stiffen.

The shower room was approximately 10 feet square, with three shower heads on three of the walls. I decided to use a shower on the same wall he occupied, leaving the middle showerhead between us. As I turned on the water I glanced over to him and nodded. He sheepishly returned the nod as he reached up and took down his overalls and began soaping them up, holding them in front of his body to hide his deflated, but still swollen penis.

Once I had the water temperature just the way I liked it I turned around and let the water cascade over my head and back. I looked straight ahead, thinking about the situation I was in. My own penis was still hanging downward, but had thickened a bit with the vision of that young marine’s hard dick dancing in my head. I did not consider myself gay, and I was happily married with children, but I had experimented from time to time since puberty with homosexual sex, and my thoughts remained fixated on what I had just seen.

As I began to soap up my body I glanced over and noticed the young marine’s erection had fully subsided and his long penis was now hanging downward. After a few minutes he hung his washed overalls on the showerhead next to mine and returned to his shower and began to soap up. As I continued to wash my body I could not help but sneak a few peeks at his thick hose length member and low hanging scrotal sac. I dared not instigate any type of sexual advance, but I decided that if I was to innocently show hard and he reciprocated, then I was willing to let the chips fall where they may.

My penis began to swell slightly as I soaped and fondled my balls, wondering if he was watching me. I was now half way erect, and my thickening member wagged back and forth heavily, sticking straight out, as I stepped back into the stream of hot water to rinse the soap from my body. I was nearing the point of no return and could not hide my growing sexual arousal.

As I turned toward the shower stream to rinse the front of my body I glanced over and noticed he too was beginning to stiffen again as he continued to thoroughly washed his balls and dark tangled pubic bush.

I decided to drop my soap on the floor, and turned my buttocks toward him as I bent over to pick it up. This gave him a clear view of my smooth plump ass cheeks, asshole and hairless scrotal sac. The thought of him looking at the most private area of my body caused my stiff penis to swell into a full erection. I was a natural blond, so I had relatively smooth skin with very little hair on my body, except for my under arms and groin, which I kept neatly trimmed. This was in contrast to his hairy chest, legs, and groin.

Without looking at him I stood up and began to soap up my face. What this did was allow me to close my eyes so he would have plenty of time to look at my swollen erection with no fear of being caught. To make things more obvious, I turned slightly in his direction, giving him nearly a full frontal view. With my eyes closed, I began to fantasize about the erotic situation I was in, which only served to cause my hard member to swell even more, arching straight upward toward my naval. I leaned back slightly as I washed my head, then moved down my chest and stomach, before soaping up my throbbing erection, which thrust up and out even further in his direction. I fantisized that he would step over and grasp my hard penis and begin masturbating me.

After a long minute or two, with my legs trembling with excitement, I stepped back under the stream of water and began to rinse the soap from my body, wondering what would be his reaction. Once my eyes were cleared I glanced over to check out my shower mate and was delighted to see he too sported a full erection. I concluded he must be interested and thinking along the same lines as me,

He turned his back to me and bent over to pick up his bottle of baby shampoo, giving me a clear view of his hairy asshole and low hanging balls. He stood up and poured shampoo into his hand, then set the bottle back on the floor next to his feet. As he bent over again, I had another clear view of his asshole and full scrotal sac hanging low between his thighs. He stood up and began to soap up his head.

With his eyes closed I had a chance to stare openly at his own throbbing and swollen member. He turned toward me as he washed his head, giving me a clear frontal view of his perfectly circumcised erection. I felt a strong temptation to reach out and grasp his thick penis and drop down and suck him off, since it was obvious he too was sexually aroused.

I began to soap up again to prolong my shower as I openly stared at his thick erection and swinging scrotal sac. I began to soap my own hard on, masturbating myself toward orgasm. When he began to rinse off I stopped just short of orgasm and stepped under the stream of water to rinse off, my erection now red and puffy. I no longer cared if he saw me staring at his hard penis.

We both made eye contact when our eyes were cleared, and I decided to break the ice by asking if I could use some of his shampoo. He bent down and picked up the bottle and stepped over next to me as he extended the bottle toward me, his erection swaying heavily in front of him.

I realized this was the moment for which I had been waiting.

With my mind in a blurr, I reached out and took the bottle in my left hand, squeezed some into my right, handed the bottle back to him then reached down and began to rub shampoo through his thick pubic bush, soaping up his groin. I cupped his balls with my left hand and began to stroke his stiff rod with my right, then looked into his eyes. He froze momentarily, then stepped forward and reached out and grasped my own throbbing member. He dropped the shampoo bottle as I stepped toward him.

We both began to fondle one another, groping and grasping each other’s balls and pumping each other’s slick rigid shafts. I marveled at the feel and weight of his thick shaft as I continued to masturbate him. His balls were like two eggs as I gently cupped and fondled them. He groaned and stepped in real close and pressed his massive erection along side my own . . . skin to skin, and sticking straight up, he rubbed our dicks together, simultaneously masturbating us and sending a wave of pleasure throughout my loins. I reached around and grasp his firm buttocks, pulling him in even closer as he continued to rub our hard dicks together. Our two bodies contrasted. His was ruddy and hairy, my own smooth and fair.

He whispered that we only had a few minutes before reveille so we should hurry up. He asked me what I wanted to do. I ask him if he wanted to fuck me. He said sure. I quickly got down on my hands and knees and told him to use the baby shampoo for lubrication. He poured a good amount down the crack of my ass and another glob onto the plumb sized head of his dick. Kneeling behind me, he placed his hands on my hips and pressed forward. I felt the head of his dick rubbing up and down between my ass cheeks, searching for my rose bud. I reached back and grasp his heavy stiff shaft and guided the plump head of his penis to my relaxed nether hole. The non-irritating baby shampoo did its job as he pressed forward, the head of his dick slipping inside me. He hesitated momentarily, to give me a chance to grow accustomed to his size, then began to press forward, inch by inch, sliding his massive hose length erection deep into my back side.

I relaxed as much as possible to aid his entry, and soon I felt his hairy belly flush against my smooth pink ass cheeks. With some hesitation he slightly withdrew, then pushed forward again. Soon he began to slowly saw in and out of my ass, the baby shampoo working its magic. I quickly picked up his rhythm, and began to move in unison with his strokes. The swollen head of his dick rhythmically stimulated my prostate as his shaft slid smoothly in and out between my ass cheeks.

For several minutes he steadily sawed his member in and out of my lubricated ass. The pleasure was exquisite for us both. We both grunted with pleasure. I began to understand the pleasure a woman must feel as she is being fucked with a hard dick. In and out he continued to fuck my ass. I thrust my butt back toward him, meeting every stroke. I began to masturbate myself as I felt my orgasm began to build from the pressure on my prostate.

Before long he began to pick up the pace and began fucking me quite rapidly. I began to groan with pleasure as my orgasm built to a crescendo. I told him he was going to make me cum, and I wanted him to cum inside of me at the same time. I told him to tell me when he was cumming. That must have pushed him over the edge, because he began to groan loudly and hoarsely whispered he was going to cum right now. I reached back and grasp his buttocks in an attempt to pull him even deeper inside me, demanding that he fuck me hard, as he frantically began to pound my back side, his heavy balls slapping against my own tight scrotal sac.

I groaned in pleasure when he evidently could hold off no longer as he roughly grasped my hips and drove his thick shaft deeply inside of me, with one last thrust, grunting like a pig. I felt his body stiffen as his fingernails dug into the smooth flesh of my ass. Finally, his balls gave up their stored gism, ejaculating thick ropes of his hot white sperm deep inside my bowels.

Simultaneously my own orgasm erupted, my own balls giving up my white seed, oozing out, and dripping onto the floor. I gave my stiff rod a few quick strokes and renewed my involuntary ejaculation. Once satisfied, I again reached back with both hands and held his buttocks tightly, pulling him toward me, unwilling to let him pull his softening erection from its warm sheath, as I pressed back into him. The feeling of his thick rod embedded deep inside my ass was very pleasurable. He slumped over my back, breathing deeply and sighing with pleasure. About that time we heard reveille sound.

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