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I hate labels. I don’t consider myself gay. Hell, I don’t even think of myself as bi, either. Slightly bent? Straight with a slight curve? Fuck if I know because I love sex with women. Really, I do, except I’ve had a dick or two inside my mouth, too. So, what does that make me? Before Todd, I never thought much about it. Best to think of myself as a horny bastard and leave it at that.

We jerked off together. No, not Todd and I. This was before I met Todd. This was with Jimmy, I guy I knew in high school. We had stolen a half empty bottle of vodka from his dad’s liquor cabinet and were hunkered down watching internet porn in his room. “Man, have you ever seen this one?” Jimmy asked and fired up a video of girl sucking off five guys. I was staring at her tits and her pretty mouth wrapped around those fat fuck sticks. Meanwhile, Jimmy kept up a running commentary about the dicks surrounding her. “Look at his dick. Fuck, it’s fat as hell.” She moved to another prick and he’d say something like, “Yeah baby, drool on that big cock.” With Jimmy, everything was cock, dick, prick and shit like that. Maybe that should have tipped me off, I don’t know.

I was drunk and out-of-control horny in that way only eighteen year old guys can get. I was hard and rubbing the sizeable lump inside my shorts. Hell, why not? Jimmy was rubbing his hard-on too, you know? It didn’t feel gay. He wasn’t trying to kiss me or make a pass at me or any of that gay shit. We were two drunk and horny guys watching porn, big fucking deal, right?

“You wanna jerk off?” Jimmy asked after an hour of porn watching. That’s when I noticed his had slipped in hand inside his shorts. When the fuck had he done that?

I remember how my answer surprised me. “Yeah,” I mumbled, hard as hell and deeply in need.

I don’t know why what he said next worked as well as it did. Maybe because I was a jock in high school. Running faster and jumping higher than the next guy was important to me. Anyway, that’s my best guess. “Bet I can shoot farther than you.”

“Dude, no fucking way!” I told him. I was horny as fuck. Coach had told us we weren’t allowed to have sex before track meets because it would take away our edge. I had gone three days without an orgasm and felt backed up. Jimmy wasn’t an athlete. He didn’t have my reason to resist. No way could he beat me.

“How do you do it?” he asked, meaning, How do I jerk-off? Again, I was drunk and horny and that’s my excuse for why I answered him.

“In my bed,” I said.

What he said next should have tipped me off. Should have. It didn’t. “That’s hot.” Before I could register what he had said, he kept the ball rolling. “Okay, so we both lay on our backs, do it and see who shoots the farthest up his chest, okay?” He picked up his laptop from the desk and put in on his big bed. Then he pulled off his t-shirt and sat on one side. “We doing this?” he asked, still rubbing the lump inside his shorts.

“Yeah,” I said as I felt trapped between being too drunk and horny to care if what we were about to do was right or wrong. I pulled off my t-shirt and sat on the other side of the bed. It was a big bed. We would have the laptop between us. It felt safe. My manliness didn’t feel threatened. Jimmy pulled off his shorts. Either he wasn’t wearing underwear or he had shucked them off with his shorts, I don’t know. All I remember is seeing his big cock springing into view and I knew this was really going to happen.

“C’mon, man, I’m horny as fuck and might shoot the fucking headboard,” he said. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my underwear as I pulled off my shorts, too. Damn, I was horny and hard. And yes, I noticed Jimmy’s big dick. And yes, I noticed him checking out mine, too. Did it matter? I mean, we were both naked and hard, why wouldn’t we look? Any guy who says he never checked out other guys in the showers is a liar. Naked, hard and watching porn? It didn’t seem to matter if we both looked.

“You’re hung like the guys in these vids,” Jimmy cracked and I felt funny about that. I didn’t know what to say back to him. Guys don’t compliment each other in that way.

“Shut the fuck up and start the next vid,” I said as I laid down on the bed and wished for something more than just a laptop separating us. That was the first time my gay-dar pinged hard enough for me to notice it. It didn’t matter. I was too hard, too horny, too drunk and too far into things to care.

He turned on another vid of some chick sucking off multiple guys. That wouldn’t have been my preference, but that’s what we had been watching, so it didn’t feel weird or suspicious. This one was titled, “Cumpilation” and I understood the title after it started. Someone had pieced together the cum shots from different movies into one, longer video. “Yeah baby, eat that cum,” Jimmy groaned as another big cock shot a load into another pretty girl’s mouth. “Does that taste good, baby? Do you like how salty it tastes? Do you like how warm it feels dripping down your chin?”

Jimmy’s play-by-play was funny as hell but I found the details interesting. “How do you know it tastes salty?”

“You never tasted yourself?” he asked, sounding as if I was the one who was being an idiot.

“No,” I mumbled, startled by his accusation that I was behind the times.

How he twisted things with his response still amazes me. “You expect some chick to swallow and you’ve never tasted it?”

“Shut up,” I remember saying and he laughed at me.

“Guess that means you can’t shoot far enough.”

That was crazy sounding. “No way can you shoot that far,” I said as I wondered if I could. I mean, I had jerked off plenty of times, though I had never tried for distance. Usually, I held my dick in one hand and a Kleenex or sock or something in the other. I never did it in the shower. I know a lot of guys do that, but I was an athlete and I didn’t want to associate a shower with jerking off it because I take group showers all the time. Trust me, you don’t want to get hard while showering with a bunch of other jocks.

“Ever try to suck yourself?”

“That’s gay.”

“Ever do it?” he insisted.

I had. I think most guys have tried it at least once. I didn’t admit it. “Can you do it?”

“I can get close,” he said.

“Bullshit!” I called. No way. Sure, Jimmy was skinny and well-hung, but I never got closer than a couple inches to my dick. “How?”

“Well, you don’t bend over and try and do it,” he laughed. “You have to put your knees over your head so you can get closer.” He demonstrated, moving around on the bed until he was tucked into a ball with his ass in the air and his hard cock pointed directly at his face. “See? I can get close.” He could. “Try it.”

I was drunk, remember? Yeah, so fuck you, I tried it and I didn’t get any closer than he did, but I realized something else: this was how he tasted himself. “Is this how you did it?”

“Maybe,” he hedged. He moved, bracing his back against the headboard for better leverage. I don’t know why I followed his lead, I just did until we were both curled up, braced against his headboard and stroking with our dicks pointed directly at our faces. “Do it,” he said, watching me. “It’s like being one of those chicks in the video.”

“You have to do it, too,” I remember telling him. He had never budged from his position.

“I’m almost there,” he said, watching me.

“Me too,” I said, watching him. His cock was long and hard. It looked a lot like mine, long, fat and veiny. We were about the same length, so that wasn’t a competition. I saw how the head of his cock was turning dark red, like mine did, too. His cock looked good. I couldn’t admit that at the time, but I know I thought it somewhere in my mind. “Oh fuck,” I groaned, close, so very close.

“Do it. Open your mouth,” he urged, demonstrating what he meant as he tugged and pulled on his fat cock. I watched his hand rubbing and caressing himself. I matched his actions. “Do it,” he said again. “It tastes good.”

I can remember Jimmy urging me to do it but what I remember more were the sounds from the laptop just behind my head. I couldn’t see the screen, but I could hear the woman sucking dick. I could hear her begging them to come in her mouth and give her more. She clearly wanted it and, on some level, her desire became my need, too.

I came. I came on my face, across my nose, cheek, forehead and chin. I did manage to get a couple spurts directly on my waiting tongue, too. Jimmy was right, my spunk did taste slightly salty. My face felt coated in cum. I could feel it running down my face like tears. Turning my head to the side, I watched Jimmy’s orgasm. He came, too, spraying with more control than me. He shot his load in his mouth while breathing heavy and seeing his cock exploding changed me. Seeing a guy shooting off in real life was much more fun than watching on the internet.

“Dude, you got some Kleenex or something?” I asked, uncurling myself and feeling dirty.

“Eat it, man. It won’t hurt you,” Jimmy said, scooping up cum from his face and shoveling it into his mouth. “You really came a lot.”

“More than you,” I said, pushing some extra cum into my mouth. Its taste wasn’t my issue because it didn’t taste bad. No, it was feeling coated in cum that was bothering me. I picked up my t-shirt and used it to wipe my face.

“Want to do it again?” Jimmy asked.

I thought he meant cum on my face. “Nah,” I shrugged, wondering if we were going to get dressed or stay naked. I didn’t care about staying naked if he didn’t care.

“I mean jerk-off,” he said. “I always do it more than once a night.”


“Usually,” he amended. “Don’t you?”

“Sometimes,” I admitted. After going a few days without, after a track meet, I typically needed a couple orgasms before I felt normal again.

“Bet I can do it again before you can.”

“No fucking way. I’m still hard,” I said, pulling on my dick again.

“I’m telling you, I’ll cum first.”

He didn’t. He tried, but he didn’t. Not that second time or the third time. And yes, we did it three times that night. Why not? What difference did it make after the first time? We jerked off and I know we spent more time watching each other doing it than we ever did watching videos of hot chicks doing whatever they were doing on his computer screen.

With Jimmy, it felt as if I had found a friend. I can look back and see how I had found a jerk-off buddy, but I didn’t know those words when I was eighteen and a senior in high school. He was a friend, that’s all. And sometimes, we would get together, watch some porn and jerk-off together. I never thought much about it because I was still chasing girls, too. Jimmy wasn’t. I didn’t know why and I didn’t question it, either. Had I thought about it, I probably would have done the math and realized it was because he was gay. Except Jimmy never made a pass at me. He never tried to kiss me or get romantic with me, so it didn’t feel gay. To me, we felt like two guys who sometimes jerked off together, that’s all.

We were drunk again when things escalated. I don’t know how Jimmy’s dad didn’t notice the liquor missing from his cupboard and didn’t care. What I remember is sitting side-by-side in front of Jimmy’s desk watching porn on his laptop. We weren’t wearing pants. We knew we were going to jerk-off, there wasn’t a reason to pretend like it wasn’t going to happen.

“How are things going with Suzanne?” Jimmy asked me, which was cool. I think it was part of the reason why things didn’t feel really gay because Jimmy would ask me about my girlfriends. “Do it with her yet?”

“Nah, she’s so uptight. She won’t even touch me down there.”

“Man, that has to suck.”

“You have no idea,” I said, happy to have a reason to be naked in front of someone else, someone who seemed to enjoy being naked around me. I felt validated in my sexuality. What I mean is, I was a horny guy. I enjoyed jerking off regularly, being naked and being hard. It was fun being naked and hard. Being around another person who enjoyed the same thing felt like validation. It didn’t feel gay.

We didn’t do the “cum on your face” thing again like that first night. At least, we never did it together. Back home, curled up against my headboard, I had done it more times than I’m comfortable admitting. I sort of liked it, though I didn’t understand why. I remember how I had done it on my own a couple times, you know, as an experiment. Then, I did it again just because I wanted to do it. Then, I started doing it every now and again because I guess I liked it. I didn’t think about it being gay to eat my own cum or spray my face, I just did it because I liked it.

“Ever wonder what it’s like?” he asked.

“What? Getting fucked? Are you still a virgin?”

“Maybe,” he said. “But that’s not what I mean. I mean, ever wonder what it’s like to touch another guy’s dick?”

“No,” I said because I hadn’t, even after watching Jimmy jerking off at least a dozen times, I had never once wondered.

“I’m just saying, it’s got to be weird for a chick, because she doesn’t even have one, you know? I mean, I bet your dick feels about the same as mine.”

“Nah, mine probably feels better,” I joked.

“You’d freak if I did it, wouldn’t you?”

“Do what?” I asked, once more drunk and horny. Jimmy and I were testing each other. We were seeing how long we could go with watching porn before we had to jerk-off. So far, we had lasted about two hours and it was tense.

“This,” he said, grabbing my hard, throbbing cock.

“Whoa, dude,” I gasped without moving.

“What?” he smirked as if nothing was happening. I felt his fingers wrapping around my dick. He began moving his hand up and down in a jerking off motion. “Afraid this makes you gay?”

I didn’t know what it made me or him. I know his hand felt good and I didn’t want him to stop, even though I asked him, “You going to keep doing that?”

“Why? You going to cum?”

“Maybe,” I admitted, looking down at his hand wrapped around my prick and feeling weird about it. I wasn’t sure what I should do. I could guess that he should stop except I never said that. It confused me that he wanted to do it. I confused me that he was doing it and wasn’t stopping. “If you don’t stop, I’m going to,” I warned. “I’m sort of on a hair trigger right now.”

“Do it,” he shrugged. “I don’t care.”

“Man, this is so wrong,” I remember telling him even as I thrust my hips upwards and slouched down in the chair so he could get a better grip.

“Do me.”


“If I make you cum, you have to do me.”

“Shut the fuck up,” I said. His hand felt too good and it too much time had passed since Rachel had done this to me. Okay, to be fair to Rachel, she had never done it on my bare dick. She had done it through my pants and that was all. But I came in my pants more than once from her rubbing me and I knew how good that felt. It felt even better having a hand wrapped around my cock. It felt even better having a hand rubbing me in a way that felt good, too. Jimmy instinctually understood how to rub me. He should. He had seen me do it to myself enough time, you know?

Anyway, Jimmy kept doing it and I didn’t stop him. Again, I don’t know if that makes me gay or bi or what, because I was really into girls back then. I didn’t judge. Instead, I watched the video playing on his laptop, I stared at the pretty girl sucking dick and I allowed nature to take its course. The video was hot. The girl was pretty. His hand wrapped around my cock felt really good.

I don’t know when or why I slipped my hand into his lap. I can’t say I thought about it when I did it. Okay, maybe I did. Maybe it was because I was getting close to coming and I was afraid he was going to stop and leave me hanging, I don’t know. I just remember I did it. I remember slipping my hand over his thigh, beneath his arm and grabbing his cock, too.

Jimmy’s cock felt about the same as mine, except I was touching him from the wrong angle. What I mean is, my hand recognized that I was touching a cock at the same time that my mind twisted because it wasn’t my cock. Jimmy felt slightly fatter than my cock. His dick felt smoother. His cock felt hot in a way I never had never noticed when I was jerking off by myself. He felt firm and rigid in a way I had never noticed. It felt like touching myself without touching myself. And feeling his hand moving differently than my hand made it interesting, too. My mind and body knew something different was happening and both liked it.

I came. Jimmy had jerked me off to an orgasm. I came and sprayed my junk across my belly. I came and I didn’t care that another guy’s hand had created that orgasm because it just felt good to have a fucking orgasm with someone else’s hand. I came, it felt good and I felt obligated to make Jimmy come, too. I started pulling faster on his cock, pulling on his tube steak the way I like it. It worked. Jimmy squirmed, moaned and felt his orgasm shooting from his shaft. And I liked it.

“Yeah, that was hot,” Jimmy said, scooping up a strand of his semen and putting his finger in his mouth.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I mumbled, once more using my t-shirt as a towel.

“Oh, fuck you. Tell me you didn’t like it.”

I couldn’t.

Worse were the days after that night when I fantasized about doing it again. Both parts. Touching him and letting him touch me. Even worse? The next time we hung out together. Part of me wanted him to do it again. That same part wanted to touch him, too. Another part of me didn’t want anything of the sort.

We jerked each other off three times that night.

I don’t remember the first time Jimmy got on his knees in front of me while jerking me off. I remember it happening, but I just don’t remember how long it took for us to get that far. I remember him telling me to cum in his face and I did. Same is true of when I received my first blowjob from Jimmy, I don’t remember when that happened, except it was after I had cum on his face and it wasn’t the very next time or the time after that. It was a progression, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. We jerked off together. We gave each other hand-jobs. He blew me and . . .

I was still hard after his blowjob. It felt good, as good as any blowjob should feel. Having Jimmy around made dating Suzanne easier. I didn’t mind so much that she was a prude and never wanted to do anything more than just kiss a lot. She would let me grope her tits, but that was all. Whatever. Once, I went over to Jimmy’s after a date with Suzanne and he sucked me off. I could tell he liked doing it. He liked doing it a lot. He didn’t seem to care if I did anything to him or not.

It felt lopsided. It felt unfair and I drank a lot more vodka than Jimmy one night before I did it. “I want to suck you off,” I told him, though I’m sure I slurred every word. We were naked in his room. We were both hard. His hand had teased my dick close a few times. He always did the best job at teasing before pleasing me.

“You sure?” he asked, looking worried. I remember nodding because I felt a funny, spinning sensation in my head from the vodka while nodding. “I won’t come in your mouth, I promise,” he said as his expression changed from concern to one of happiness.

I got on my knees while Jimmy sat on the edge of the bed. I climbed between his legs, played with his big dick for a while and finally put him inside my mouth. He felt hard and hot and good. I thought about Karen as I did it. Karen was one of my first girlfriends, before Rachel and Suzanne. She was my first and before we ever did it, we would fool around a lot. She would sometimes suck me but she said she didn’t like doing it. Once we started fucking, that’s all she wanted to do and she had never sucked me again. Our relationship hadn’t lasted. Sometimes, I think it’s because I missed getting blowjobs from her.

I don’t understand why she didn’t like doing it. Having a guy’s dick in your mouth feels wonderful! I don’t care if it means I’m gay or bisexual or whatever, because it’s fun, okay? I like how a guy feels and it’s a feeling you can’t get with a girl. A guy’s cock is a unique appendage. It’s soft and silky on the outside while still feeling hard and bony on the inside. And the way the guy reacts is hot, too. You just know you have his most prized possession inside your mouth. You just know you’re pleasing him in a unique way that nothing else matches. Look, I love to fuck. I love to fuck pussy and ass, but I don’t believe I’ll ever fall out of love with getting or GIVING blowjobs.

Jimmy tried tapping out before he came. He tapped my shoulder, “I’m going to cum,” he said. I didn’t stop. Why should I? I wanted him to cum inside my mouth. I had done it to him at least a dozen times, he should be allowed to do it to me, too. “I mean it,” he said, trying to squirm away. There was no where for him to go and it quickly became too late for him to try moving away. He came and I’ll admit it, I was instantly hooked. Maybe it was because of all the times I had aimed my cock at my mouth, I don’t know, but something in me knew this was something I wanted to do again and again.

And that’s precisely what we did, that night and for the rest of that summer after high school.

College was a different experience. Though I had been good at track in high school, I wasn’t good enough for the college team. It didn’t matter. Being a jock didn’t feel as important in college as it had in high school. And there were women, lots of women. Women in every shape, size and color. If I had been concerned that blowing Jimmy had made me gay, my freshman year proved otherwise. I dated, a lot and getting pussy was the least of my concerns. Funny thing is, I don’t remember ever being concerned about being slightly gay or bisexual or whatever.

Sometimes, when I had my dorm room to myself, I would still curl up in a ball, jerk-off in my face and think about sucking Jimmy. I did that a lot during my first year at college and I couldn’t wait to go home and see Jimmy again. Except, somewhere after the summer had ended, Jimmy had lost interest in me. Jimmy had a boyfriend. I mean, a real boyfriend. He had come out as gay and suddenly, it felt strange having him as a friend. I guess I’m shallow, I don’t know. Here’s how I thought about it at the time and how I still think about it: Jimmy was like an ex-girlfriend. If you’re not getting it from her anymore, why stay friends with her?

Summer came and went. I returned to school and a new roommate, Todd. Until then, I had never questioned my sexuality. I was straight. I knew I was straight. Never mind that I had jerked off and sucked Jimmy more times than I ever counted. I had also fucked twice as much pussy. Hell, more than that! If I were to add up all the sex I had with Jimmy and compare it to all the sex I had had with multiple women, I’m sure I would have wound up straighter than gay.

It was during our first couple weeks back in college that Todd came out to me. “My family doesn’t know. Hell, most of my friends back home don’t know. But I do,” he told me. Until then, I hadn’t thought about it. Todd felt like a regular guy. He was into sports. He liked action movies. He drank beer whenever we scored it. He told dirty jokes and worked out regularly.

“How do you know?” I asked. It felt like a stupid question, but he shrugged off the stupidity of it.

“Girls don’t do anything for me,” he explained. “I mean, I didn’t want to be gay. I tried being straight. I used to try jerking off to straight porn, but I always found myself watching the guy and being jealous of the girl.”

“What about lesbian porn?”

“Ew,” he said, laughing.

“Have you, you know, been with a guy?”

“A couple,” he admitted. “And it felt good. It felt right, you know? I mean, how do you know you’re straight.”

“I don’t,” I said, coming face-to-face for the first time with my sexual identity.

Todd stared at me for a long beat. His brown eyes searched my face for a hint of a prank being played before he felt convinced enough to ask, “What’s that mean?”

“It means, I’ve done, um, stuff with another guy.”

“Circle jerks at camp don’t count.”

“Do blowjobs?” I asked. That got his attention.

“Giving or receiving?”

“Both,” I admitted and he gave me a big, pretty smile that showed gleaming white teeth in neat rows from wearing braces as a teen.

“Then welcome to the family.” We toasted our commonness before that bond was broken by his next question. “So, do you do women, too?”

“Yeah,” I said without thinking much about it. Jimmy never seemed to care, why should Todd?

“Aw, that’s too bad,” he said. I didn’t understand. For whatever reason, it mattered to Todd and that confused me. He asked if I would date a girl who went both ways. Of course, I would. Hell, at the time, I even thought I would enjoy it! Then he asked if I would date a guy who went both ways.

“I’m not sure I want to date a guy,” I said.

“And that’s why I don’t do bi-guys,” he said. “You’re fickle. You don’t know what you want.”

“Maybe I just haven’t found what I want yet.”

“And when you do, she’ll wear a skirt without a dick inside of it.”

That felt true. Like most guys, I had never given much thought to getting married. If a woman mentioned it, I would change the topic. Still, I had always assumed that when the time came, I would find a woman and settle down. That’s what people do, isn’t it?

Except gay people. They don’t find a mate of the opposite sex, do they? But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to fall in love and set-up housekeeping as a partnership. I didn’t get that at the time. I didn’t get much, except I thought Todd was hot and I wanted him, even if he didn’t want me.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked. He didn’t. He said he didn’t risk having one with his situation back home. He grew up with that “old time religion” being bible-thumped into him whether it fit or not. While he had learned better, his friends and family hadn’t. His pain was easy to see.

Todd and I were roommates, not lovers. Anyone who has had to live in communal living knows that sometimes you have a roommate and sometimes you have a roommate that becomes a friend, too. Todd and I became friends. Maybe not the best of friends, but we joked around. We would watch sports together, drink together and all that other “guy” stuff. He dated around. Nothing serious. Todd had a knack for lusting after straight guys. I kept dating, too, though I didn’t talk much about my dates.

I’ll admit guys are funny. I tried to explain it once to a girlfriend. She didn’t get it. Guys love differences. The tallest guy is always called something like “Stringbean.” The fattest guy in the room gets called “Slim.” Someone with a reputation for having a big dick gets called “Horse.” We all do it. It wasn’t any different in our room of two. Todd would accuse me of being gay and I would tell him, “You know, you’re the straightest gay guy I know,” as I made fun of his lack of fashion sense.

I don’t think it was a secret how I lusted after Todd. Sure, it wasn’t going to happen, I knew it wouldn’t. Todd might lust after straight guys, but he wanted a straight guy to go gay for him, permanently gay. He didn’t want a confused guy like me. Confused was his way of teasing me about my sexuality. I didn’t care. It was all in good fun.

Sometimes, I missed Jimmy. Okay, that’s not true. I missed being with another guy. Meeting Todd made me realize there was more guy fun out there than I had considered. Worse, knowing Todd made me want some dick more than when I was with Jimmy. It got to where I couldn’t stop thinking about it. More than once, Todd would catch me watching gay porn on my computer. “Really dude?” he’d laugh. “You trying to tease me or are you still confused?”

“Maybe both,” I began saying.”How did things ever happen between you and Jimmy?” Todd asked. I told him the story. “So, he seduced you with straight porn?” I nodded. I hadn’t thought about it that way, but Todd was right. “So, you think those vids are still online?”

“Probably,” I said, keeping it low key. I knew they were. I fired up my browser, surfed to the website Jimmy used to use and began playing one of the vids.

“It would be hotter if that was me in the middle,” Todd grinned, rolling his desk chair closer and watching with me.

“Jimmy used to point out the dicks,” I said and tried my hand at talking up the guys. “Yeah, baby, take that big dick. Doesn’t that feel good in your mouth? Oh, you like sucking big dick, don’t you?”

“And that got you hard?”

“Still works,” I said, rubbing the lump inside my boxer briefs. It was late on a lazy Saturday morning and neither of us had dressed. We watched until the end of that vid when it occurred to me why Todd was interested. “You’re hoping to seduce some straight guy, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” he admitted with a rakish grin. “Are there more like that one?”

“Lots more,” I said, starting the next one. I watched without providing a commentary.

“He has a nice cock,” Todd mentioned as the girl on screen bobbed her head up and down a fatter dick.

I accused him of being a size queen before pointing out how he can’t talk directly about the dicks. “You have to say it more like, ‘Oh yeah, baby, suck that fat prick. You know you like it.’ You have to keep the focus on her as much as the guy.”

Todd nodded. “Would you get hard?”

“We were eighteen, we both got hard.”

“Yeah, but you’re rubbing yourself. Did you do that with Jimmy, too?”

“At some point, we did,” I said, unclear remembering when we started doing that. “We were usually drunk, too.”

“Who pulled it out first?”

“He did,” I lied, skipping over how things really went down. “He said something like, ‘Man, I’m so fucking horny,’ and stuck his hand inside his shorts.” I demonstrated. That was sort of true. “Then, a bit later, he said something like, ‘I can’t stand this,’ and whipped it out.” I demonstrated my lie, pushing my boxer shorts down my thighs and displaying my hard-on. I caught Todd checking me out and I felt an excited jolt surge through me.

“No shit,” Todd said, chuckling. “What did you do?”

“At first, nothing, except I was drunk and really hard.” I was off Jimmy’s script. “He said something like, ‘I showed you mine,’ or something.” That felt lame. I glanced at Todd. He looked like he was still buying it except he wasn’t doing anything. I pulled up my shorts.

“You don’t have to do that,” he mumbled.

“You have to do it with me,” I said, smiled and added, “That’s how Jimmy did me, too. He said he wasn’t going to be the only one jerking off and if I didn’t want to do it, too, that was cool, but then he wasn’t going to do it, either.”

“And you really wanted to jerk-off, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. I sure as shit wanted to jerk-off, right that moment, with Todd. “Damn, she loves that cum,” I said, nodding at the mouthful of creamy white goo coating the actress’s tongue she displayed for the camera before swallowing. I kept rubbing my prick before asking Todd, “Are we going to do this?”

“Do what?”

“Man, it’s as if you were in the room with us! That’s the same thing I said to him!” I know, I was making it up as I went along, but this wasn’t about Jimmy anymore. “Are we going to jerk-off or not?”

“You can if you want to,” he said with a shrug and a confused looking grin. Could he guess what was happening?

“Yeah, I said the same thing.” I forced my hand away from my hard cock straining against the stretchy fabric of my boxer briefs and stared at the video playing until it ended. It was difficult keeping my hands away from my hard cock, but I managed it. Trust me, I saw how many times Todd checked to see if I was still hard. When the vid ended, I clicked my home button and went back to surfing sport stories.

“That’s it?” Todd asked.

“What? Did you expect me to jerk-off in front of you?”

“You want to, don’t you?”

“Who is he?” I asked.

“It is that obvious?” Todd asked, laughing. He told me about the guy in one of his classes, a straight guy, a guy he hoped to seduce. “So, when things happened with Jimmy, you were drunk, didn’t care and jerked off with him, didn’t you?”

“Something like that,” I said, unwilling to play along if he wasn’t going to play, too.

“That’s hot,” he said. “Thanks.” He rolled his chair back in front of his desk, leaving me hard, aching and needy.

Ten minutes passed and my need never left me. “You’re a dick,” I said, heading back to the x-rated video site.

“Sorry,” he said. The big smile on his face made it clear he didn’t feel that way.

I started a new vid and watched for a few minutes before I pulled off my boxer briefs. Todd glanced over at me, smiled and rolled his eyes. “No control.”

“Fuck you,” I said and went about my business. I toyed with my cock and balls, nursing my thrill instead of quickly taking care of business. I could have gotten off quickly. I was excited enough to rub one out in record time. Instead, I pulled off my shirt and took my time. Todd kept glancing in my direction. I’d say I didn’t care except that would be another lie. I did care. I liked him checking me out and I wanted him to keep doing it. A droplet of pre-cum oozed from my cock head. I scooped it up with a fingertip and tasted it. I missed that taste.

“Did Jimmy do that, too?”

“Taste his pre-cum?” I asked without looking at Todd. “Nah, we were too excited. There was no pre-cum involved. We just jerked off and came.”

“OK,” Todd said and it looked as if he finding it difficult to keep his eyes on his computer instead of on me. I kept up my tease as long as I could, which wasn’t much longer. I was too hard, too excited. I needed an orgasm and knew it was a waste of time to hold back. I pulled harder and faster on my swollen cock until nature took its course. I came, splashing my cumshot into my left hand and coating my palm. After the last shiver finished surging through me, I licked my palm clean. “Cumslut,” Todd said with a tiny laugh.

I scooped up a last drop clinging to my peehole and swallowed that, too. Standing, I stretched while facing Todd. “It’s the best part of waking up,” I said, rubbing my balls. I was still hard. Hell, I should be, I had just orgasmed and guys don’t go soft immediately, though it was more than that for me. I’m able to stay hard after my first orgasm, I’ve always been able to do that. I had never thought much about it because that’s just the way I’m made. Girls seemed to like it because I would have an orgasm and keep going until I had a second orgasm. Jimmy had liked it, too. “Guess I’ll take a shower,” I said, picking up a towel and heading into the bathroom. I wore the towel around my shoulders and left my hard-on on display.

I got dressed after my shower. I wasn’t heading anywhere and I dressed for hanging out in the room, in shorts, no underwear and another t-shirt. Todd still sat his computer, writing something. About ten minutes later, he asked me, “Did Jimmy ever touch you that first time?”

“No,” I admitted, playing it straight about my past gay experiences. “We jerked off together. We did that several times before he finally touched me.”

“You have to get him naked and horny first. Getting drunk might help, too.”That evening, Todd returned to the dorm room with beer and a friend in tow. Brent was skinny and looked like a hipster. I wasn’t impressed. Todd could do better. I drank one beer with them while figuring out how to give them some privacy and not letting on that I was pissed off. I wished Todd had warned me about bringing home a friend. I made a comment about needing to leave soon when Todd surprised me. “You should stay,” he said. I’m sure I looked as confused as I felt. “We’re not going to do anything except hang-out and drink beer.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“Hey, do you remember how to hook-up your laptop to the TV?” he asked, handing me another beer. That’s when I noticed the box of beer they had brought back to the room was half empty and I guessed they had gotten a head start on me.

“We gonna watch some porn?” Brent asked, slurring his speech a bit as it came out as, “We gonna watsh shome porn?” Todd assured him we were. “OK, I gotta pee first.” Brent went into the bathroom. At least he wasn’t staggering.

“Help me,” Todd whispered as soon as Brent was gone. “If we do it, maybe he’ll do it, too.”

“Do what?” I asked, still playing catch-up.

“Jerk-off? Maybe more?”

“He’s going to think we’re both gay.”

“So?” he asked, grinning at me. “You’re half-gay, right?” And that’s when Brent came back from the bathroom.

We had rearranged our room from the standard layout for the sophomore dorms. Todd’s bed was against the wall with the window to it. There was a nightstand and then my bed was against the side wall, forming a L-shape of our beds. Across from my bed is where we had put our desks. Between our desks, within easy reach, sat our dorm room sized refrigerator that doubled as a TV stand for Todd’s flat screen. I ran a HDMI cable between my laptop and the TV.

“What kind of porn are we going to watch?” I asked, though I had a good idea.

“Play one of those vids you showed me this morning,” Todd said, tossing his pillows from his bed to mine. The three of us sat across my bed with our backs against the wall and using it like a big couch. Todd sat close to his bed and the nightstand. Brent sat between us and I sat at the foot of my bed where I had shoved the other nightstand. There was plenty of room between us. I loaded up the queue for website so I wouldn’t have to keep getting up and turned off the overhead light before starting the show.

“Da-amn,” Brent said as the first video started. The website didn’t play around. The videos started right at the “good” parts. “Look at that bitch!”

“I know, man,” I said, leading off the commentary. “She loves that dick, don’t she?”

“Yeah she does,” Brent said and tugged at the front of his shorts. No way was he already hard, was he? I glanced and guessed he was only making room for future growth.

“Look at how she’s swallowing that fat dick,” Todd added. I smiled and nodded. I don’t know if he saw my reaction, but he had gotten it just right. “Yeah, she loves that cum, don’t she?” he added as the first prick exploded inside her mouth.

“I like how she keeps tugging on two more dicks while she’s swallow that first one,” I pointed out.

“Is she gonna suck off all five of them?” Brent asked.

“Hell yeah,” Todd said.

“Damn, that’s a lot of dick.”

“Yeah it is,” I said and I felt myself getting hard again. These damn videos always did that to me. I could guess how Pavlov’s dogs must have felt when they heard a ringing bell. How many times had Jimmy and I watched either these videos or ones just like them? I couldn’t guess. How many more times had I jerked off, dreaming about being the chick in the center? I tugged at my shorts. Not expecting Todd bringing back company, I was still dressed for comfort by going commando inside my shorts. No way would I be able to hide the bulge inside my shorts.

“Damn, dude,” Brent laughed, noticing. “Problem?”

“We watched an hour of these damn vids this morning,” I said with a shrug. I pulled at the front of my shorts as if trying to rearrange things. My shorts were too loose fitting. There was no rearranging that would hide or disguise my condition. My hard-on tented my shorts and after a couple more beers and half a dozen more videos of hard cocks getting sucked by pretty girls, I didn’t care.

My cock ached as if that morning’s orgasm had never happened. My growing beer buzz wasn’t helping. I knew Todd was using me to seduce Brent. At first, I didn’t care. Around the time I popped the top of beer number three, I started resenting the idea. How fair was this to me? Todd was using my past experiences and my favorite jerk-off videos. And, he was using me, too.

I had tried pressuring Todd into jerking off with me that morning. It hadn’t worked, but I had tried. Now, Todd was using that idea to pressure Brent into jerking off and maybe more. Brent was drunk and clueless. I was working on getting drunk, but I was far from clueless. Get the straight guy drunk and horny, get naked around him and see what happens. More than likely, Brent would get naked, too.

Todd wanted my help getting Brent into a compromising situation. Fine, I thought as I emptied beer number three into me and a new thought occurred to me. If Todd wanted my help getting Brent naked and hard, then Todd would have to play along. Wouldn’t that put Todd in a compromising situation, too?

“Hey, is this getting you, too?” I asked Brent, keeping my voice too low for Todd to hear. I already knew the answer. I could see the outline of his hard-on extending upwards inside his shorts.

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

“What about Todd? Is he suffering, too?” I asked him. Brent looked, nodded and grinned. I felt good that Brent had checked. “Bet I can get him naked.”

“No way,” Brent said, laughing.

“What are you guys talking about?” Todd asked.

“Your hard-on,” I said.

“Oh, like I’m the only one sporting wood,” Todd said.

“Stop checking out Brent’s hard-on,” I laughed, putting Todd in the hot seat.

“Who says I’m checking him out?”

“Then how do you know you’re not alone with a hard-on?”

“You’re a dick,” he laughed.

Standing to grab another round of beers, I turned, faced the two men lounging on my bed and grabbed my hard-on. “I’m a dick and a proud dick owner!” As I passed out beers, I noticed both guys looking. Okay, maybe I flexed my dick a couple times, too, making it bob up and down inside my shorts.

“Dude, you’re like really hard,” Brent softly mumbled after I climbed back on my bed.

“Want to see it?” I asked, a bit too loud. I didn’t care if Todd heard me. I didn’t wait for an answer. Instead, I pushed the elastic band down on my shorts and exposed my prick. I didn’t leave it hanging out, I only flashed it. I heard Todd chuckle. “Now you have to show me yours.”

“No way,” Brent laughed.

“Don’t be a pussy,” I said. Ah, that ultimate guy-challenge! “I showed you mine.”

Brent hesitated before doing it. He didn’t do more than I had. He pulled down the front of his shorts and underwear, flashed his hard-on and that was a start. He looked as hard as I felt. His cock looked good enough to eat and I fought against touching or propositioning him.

“Your turn,” I told Todd.

“Yeah, dude, we showed ours,” Brent piled on.

“Fine,” Todd groaned, as if he was reluctant to do it. He put down his beer, hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down far enough to show off his hard cock. I leaned forward to see the cock I wanted most. The cock he wouldn’t show me that morning. I wasn’t disappointed. His cock was big, fat, veiny and straining with need. Better yet? He was completely shaved down there.

“You shave?” I asked before laughing because it was a dumb question. Of course he shaved, he had just proved that.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Nah, it’s your dick. You get to do anything you want to it.”

Up to that moment, Todd had always kept a towel wrapped around his waist or kept his back turned to me when he was naked. I thought it was locker room courtesy. Even in the showers, most guys kept their backs turned unless they had a monster sized cock to show off. Now I understood he was hiding his bareness from me.

“You do that for your girlfriend?” Brent asked, never realizing how awkward of a question that was for Todd.

I covered for my roommate. “Fuck, he hasn’t had a date with a chick since the semester started. He does it for himself and I know why.”

“Why?” Brent asked.

“Makes his hand lotion last longer when he’s jerking off.”

Todd laughed, stood, and visited the bathroom. As soon as he was gone, I said to Brent, “Told you I could get him naked.”

“That don’t count,” the skinny hipster said.

I pushed my hand down the front of my shorts and rubbed my bare cock a few times. “I don’t get why it’s a big deal. We all know what we want to do.”

“Yeah,” he said, watching me. He reached inside his shorts, too. “She’s hot,” he said, nodding at the video. “You guys do this a lot?”

“This morning was the first time we ever watched porn together,” I assured him.

“My roommate would freak-out. He’s real churchy.”

“You’re not in your room,” I pointed out. I pulled my cock out again and rubbed it.

“Damn dude,” he said, his eyes drifting back and forth from my face and cock.

“Come on, do it with me,” I said.

“I don’t know, dude,” he moaned, looked at the bathroom door and that’s when I knew this was getting to him.

“It’s not as if we’re going to get any bitches up in here,” I said, still displaying my hard-on and pretending I was watching the TV. In truth, my head might have been turned towards the TV across from us, but my eyes were watching Brent. He still had a hand inside his shorts. I didn’t know if he was watching me or the video. “Show it to me again,” I whispered.

Riding that pleasant beer buzz, I wasn’t sure if I had said those words in my head or loud enough for him to hear. He eased down his shorts, putting the top half of his hard-on on display as he tugged on it. I glanced at him. He was watching me instead of the video.

“You want to touch it?” I asked him. His eyes rolled up to mine, as if checking to see if I meant it. “I’m serious,” I assured him, putting my hand on his junk and grabbing a handful of his balls. He didn’t stop me until the bathroom door swung open a moment later. He moved quickly, allowing his shorts to snap back into place while brushing my hand away at the same time. When I had pulled my hand away from holding my shorts down, my shorts had slipped back into place over my hand. I kept my hand inside my shorts and wondered if Todd had caught what we had been doing. If he had, it didn’t show.

“Did I miss anything important?” Todd asked as he walked back into the room and looked at the TV.

“She sucked off two guys while you were gone,” I offered.

“Damn, and I missed it,” he laughed as he returned to his spot on the far side of Brent.

“Your roommate wants to jerk-off,” Brent said.

“Way to throw me under the bus,” I said.

“I’m drunk enough to do it,” Todd said, fishing inside his shorts.

“Then pull it out,” I insisted, hoping he would. I was ready for something more and I really wanted to see his shaved cock and balls.

“I will if you will,” he said.

“This is torture,” Brent said without doing anything about it.

“I don’t give a rat’s ass,” I said, pulling off my shirt. I flung it across the room at the chair in front of my desk. Enough teasing. If Todd wanted play a game and use me to get into his boy-toy Brent’s pants, then fuck it, I’ll play. And whether he liked it or not, I had touched Brent first. “Who’s getting naked with me?” I pulled off my shorts and tossed them across the room, too. Naked and hard, I rubbed my hard-on without shame. Both guys gawked at me. Both checked out my hard cock. Both stared without moving for what felt like a long time. I didn’t care. I fondled my balls and gave my long, hard cock slow strokes as much for show as fun.

Brent was first to break the silence. “Dude,” was all the hipster could manage.

“Yeah, I’m horny and hard. Big deal,” I said, returning his gawking stare. I waved my dick around. “You like how that looks?”

“I think someone’s drunk,” Todd offered. Maybe he was apologizing for me or making excuses for my action. I don’t know.

“I think someone’s horny and doesn’t care,” I corrected. I started tugging on my cock as if I meant business. I guess I did. If no one stopped me, I was going to get off. Why not? Enough time had passed since that morning’s orgasm that I could do it, stay hard and do it again, too. I got close enough for a droplet of pre-cum to ooze from my cockhead. I smeared it around my dark red, swollen tip. “Did you want a taste?” I asked Brent and laughed.

“You’re a trip,” Brent said. He sounded shocked and amazed.

“Pull off those shorts and see how trippy I can get,” I said, tugging at the elastic on the side.

“I don’t need any help,” he said.

“You’re not doing it. Afraid I’ll touch you again?” I wished I could have seen Todd’s face when I said that. In a moment, I would make the same wish a second time.

“Fuck that,” Brent scowled. “I don’t give a shit.” After pulling off his shorts and underwear, he pulled off his t-shirt, too. “See anything you like or are you too chicken to do anything in front of your roommate?”

I had seen something I liked: Todd. But Brent was naked, hard, and challenging me. “Like I said, I don’t give fuck,” I said and I wrapped my hand around Brent’s hard cock, matching the grip I had on mine. “You like that?”

“I think your roommate is gay,” Brent told Todd.

“Gay or too drunk to care,” Todd said, finally deciding to get naked, too. I looked past Brent and stared at Todd’s glorious shaved cock and balls. He looked as hard as Brent and I. Fuck, I wanted to touch and taste him. I wanted that long, smooth cock inside my mouth and if I had to go through Brent to make that happen, I would.

“You like that?” Brent teased me. “You like seeing both of us naked and hard?”

“Fuck you,” I said, still pulling on his hard cock. “What if I do?”

“Hey dude, whatever gets you off,” Brent laughed. “You want to suck it, too?”

“You’d freak if I did,” I said, so tempted.

“Not as much as Todd. You gonna go gay in front of your roommate?”

“Not before you do,” I said, unsure why I was holding back. “Touch Todd and I’ll blow you.”

“Bullshit,” Brent huffed.

“I’m serious.”

“Go for it,” Todd added. “I don’t care.”

“Are you gay, too?” Brent asked, sounding suspicious for the first time.

“I just want to see if he’ll do it,” Todd said.

“He’s not going to do it,” I laughed. “I’m surprised he’s letting me do this.”

“I don’t give a shit,” Brent said as if being touched by another man made him something less than gay as long as he didn’t do it, too.

“You’re going to have to go a little gay if you want me to suck you off.”

“Do it, dude,” Todd told him. “I won’t tell.”

“I just have to touch him once, right?” Brent asked.

“Sure,” I agreed, tugging on Brent’s cock and doing whatever I could to get him too excited to care what he was doing.

“Fine,” he said, giving Todd’s hard cock a single tap as if testing an iron to see if it was hot.

“Man, that doesn’t count,” I groaned.

“That’s all I’m doing,” he insisted.

“Still makes you gay because you touched him,” I said, laughing because I was the guy holding another man’s stiff dick.

“Not as gay as you.”

“You going to do it?” Todd asked me.

“You going to freak out if I do?” I asked. I’m sure Brent never guessed how I was asking for permission.

“I think you should blow us both,” Brent laughed.

“You going to return the favor?” Todd asked.

“What favor?” Brent scoffed. “He hasn’t done anything except touched me.”

I moved to my knees, looked at Todd and saw him nod that I should do it. I didn’t need any more encouragement before I bent over and drew Brent’s hard cock between my lips. Fuck, that felt good. I didn’t realize how much I had missed playing with Jimmy until I felt another cock between my lips. Memories of sucking Jimmy poured into me with every bob of my head. I could almost remember how his cock felt deep inside my mouth as I pushed Brent deeper. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead and never pulled my mouth completely away. Brent’s balls were bigger than Jimmy’s had been. I grabbed at his furry sac while I sucked.

“Damn,” Brent groaned. “He’s good at this!”

“Feel gay?” Todd asked.

“Ask your roommate,” Brent laughed.

I kept my eyes open as I sucked, open and locked on Todd’s big, hairless cock. I saw him stroking it as he watched me. I considered touching him except I had both hands on Brent. I was determined to make the straight hipster come in my mouth. If it helped Todd seduce him later, so what? I had gotten it first and maybe tonight would change Todd’s attitude towards me. I pulled on Brent’s fuckstick while playing with his balls. I felt his hard cock throbbing against my tongue as I enjoyed that familiar of sensation of soft skin covering bone. Damn, I wanted this! I worked faster.

“So close,” Brent moaned. I knew he was. I could feel his cock throbbing. I could feel his balls tightening up.

“Do it,” I mumbled between mouthfuls.

“Yeah?” he asked. “You want my cum? You want to be like that bitch in the video?”

“Mm-mm,” I moaned with my mouth still full.

“You do, don’t you? You want all my cum, don’t you?” he asked and surprised me by pushing my hand away from his shaft. I was confused until I felt his hand on the back of my head. He was making sure I couldn’t pull away while he jerked off inside my mouth. I kept my mouth wrapped around the head of his dick and waiting for it. I didn’t have to wait long. He came, hard, splashing his salty load against the back of my mouth before coating my tongue. I made sure I didn’t miss a single drop of his cream. “Fuck yeah. Take it. Take it all!” he growled. After his last spurt, he pushed my head all the way down his fuckstick, choking me with it. I didn’t care. It felt too good. Eventually, he released his grip and pulled away. “Damn, you stayed hard the entire time, didn’t you?”

I was kneeling alongside of him. My hard cock throbbed with need while my heart pounded from the thrill. I wiped my hand across my mouth and stared at Todd.

“Trade places with me,” Brent said to him, standing and waving for Todd to move. When Todd hesitated, I filled the gap. I put my hand on Todd’s hard cock. “Let him do it,” Brent said, sitting behind me. Todd let go of his cock and that was all the permission I needed.

I attacked Todd’s cock differently. His long cock extended to his navel. It was big and fat, bigger than Brent’s or Jimmy’s. I pressed my lips and tongue against him and licked up and down his shaft. I heard Todd groan and moved my mouth lower. I wanted to feel his shaved balls against my wet tongue. He parted his legs and I gave his balls a tongue bath, sucking and nursing them inside my mouth one at a time before releasing them. Todd moaned his approval. In need of more cock, I pulled his big cock away from his belly and started sucking it.

“Damn dude,” Brent said, apparently watching. “I think he loves cock.”

“Feels that way,” Todd said, his voice throaty and raw as if my skill surprised him. I hoped it did.

“You going to cum in his mouth?”

“Think he wants another load?”

“Yeah he does,” Brent said right before he grabbed my balls. I know it was Brent who did it because of where Brent sat. “Hell, he might want more than that.”

“I don’t know, it feels as if he’s loving this cock in his mouth,” Todd said.

“I wonder if this ass is still a virgin?” Brent asked, grabbing my backside.

That surprised me. I pulled away from Todd’s cock, looked over my shoulder and asked the skinny hipster, “Who’s gay now?”

“The guy sucking cock with his ass in the air,” Brent said. “Too bad I don’t have any lotion.”

Todd’s nightstand sat between our beds. I felt him moving and when I looked up, I saw he was opening the top drawer of his nightstand. He pulled something out and passed it to Brent.

“What do you expect me to do with this?” Brent asked.

“Whatever you want,” Todd replied.

Brent chuckled and a moment later, I felt cool lotion dripping between my asscheeks followed by the warmth of a finger or thumb smearing the lotion over my asshole. I felt my cock throbbing so hard it was tapping against my stomach. Was this really happening? Did Brent suddenly get over being gay? I felt him easing his thumb inside my ass. “Oh, he’s tight.”

“Loosen him up,” Todd said, putting a hand on my shoulders as if to hold me in place. He didn’t need to do that, I wasn’t planning on leaving his hard cock.

“Dude, for real?” Brent quizzed. I didn’t hear a reply, but I felt one. Brent replaced his thumb with two fingers and rotated them. It felt amazing.

“Ever done anything like this?” Todd asked.

“No,” I said between mouthfuls of his cock.

“Good,” Todd said and rubbed my back. I don’t know why, but that caress felt gayer than holding his cock in my mouth while Brent fingered my ass. “He’s going to fuck you now.” I moaned with a mouthful of cock as questions ran through my head. I had thought Todd and I were trying to seduce Brent. Had I gotten that wrong? Even now, as I write this and replay how things happened that night, I’m confused. What had I missed?

I felt my bed shimmy as Brent moved behind me. He put more lotion my ass before pressing his hard-on against my upturned backside. He rocked back and forth, rubbing his rock hard prick against my virgin ass. “Do you want this, wanna-be?” It was another hint that I was being played.

“Yes,” I gasped.

“You heard him,” Todd said and he moved, too. He reached around and over me, grabbing my ass and pulling apart my asscheeks. He dug his elbows and forearms against my back, keeping me pressed against his dick. I kept sucking as I heard Todd tell Brent, “Fuck him.”

I remember Jimmy wanting me to fuck him up the ass. It was after we had traded blowjobs a few times. “Ever play with your butt?” Jimmy had asked me. I hadn’t and I had told him as much. Then I had asked if he ever did it. “It feels really good,” he told me before he had demonstrated doing it with a single finger. I don’t know, in a way, that had felt like too much. Jerking off together and even sucking each other had felt like we were over the edge. Ass-fucking? That had felt like too much.

“Can I stick my finger in your butt?” Jimmy asked me while going down on me.

“No,” I said and he respected it every time he asked and I refused. He wanted me to stick my finger in his ass when I sucked him. I was against that, too, and Jimmy continued to respect my limits.

“Can I play with my butt?” he asked one time when I was going down on him. I decided I didn’t care if he did it. I can still remember how much bigger and stronger his orgasms were when he did that. As summer came closer to ending, Jimmy asked if I would fuck him up the ass.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Come on, it’s like pussy,” he promised and I knew I wanted to fuck pussy. That’s what sold me on the idea and I did it to him. I fucked Jimmy’s ass three times before summer ended and I left for my freshman year at school.

Now, I was the one with my ass in the air.

Brent took his time. He teased me with his cock. He’d press it against my asshole and just as I thought he would slip inside, he would pull away. “Yeah, he’s tight,” he reported and he did it again.

“Do it,” Todd said, though I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or Brent. “Do it.”

I relaxed as Brent pressed against me again. Todd pulled my cheeks farther apart and once Brent has worked his fat head inside my asshole, he froze in place. I began seeing stars. That cock spreading apart my puckered backside thrilled me. I pushed backwards and he eased a bit farther inside. That felt even better. Then he pulled back. At first, I was afraid he was going to pull out. Instead, he pulled away a bit before pressing back inside of me. And that felt best of all.

“Take it,” Brent said. “Take that dick.” I did. I wanted it. I wanted all of it.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Todd asked and I knew he was talking to me. He released my ass, caressed my face and watched as I sucked him. “Now you know how it feels to be really gay.” I might have moaned or groaned or something, except that was also when Todd reached beneath me and grabbed my rock hard cock. He tugged and pulled on it and I was too overwhelmed with pleasure to make a sound.

I felt full from both ends. My mouth was filled with Todd’s cock while Brent nailed me from behind. Brent was careful working me over. He slid in and out of me with slow, deliberate strokes that caressed and pleased me without hurting. I pushed backwards against him. “That’s it,” Brent said. “Take it. Take it all.” With every stroke, I felt my ass loosen and accept more of him. I also felt the joy of being assfucked growing with his swelling cock. “Fuck, he’s going to make me cum again,” Brent gasped.

“Do it,” Todd told him. “Fill him. I’m almost there, too.”

“Together,” Brent gasped as I squeezed my asscheeks around his cock.

“Hurry,” Todd growled and I knew why. His long, smooth cock was throbbing with need. I grabbed his smooth balls and felt them nestled oh-so-tightly against him and I knew he was ready to blast. So was I. “Now!” Todd managed to say as his cock erupted inside my mouth. For the second time that night, I felt the warm splat of hot cum against the back of my throat and roof of my mouth. I eagerly swallowed as I realized a second sensation, the pulsating feel of Brent’s cock exploding up my ass. Mix with those two joys was another orgasm, my own. I was coming, too, right into Todd’s hand. With every spurt, he kept stroking me, using my cum as lube and coating me with my orgasm as I felt overwhelmed and happier than I could ever remember.

I’ve fucked a lot of girls in my life. Maybe not as many as some, but certainly more than most. My freshman year of college had been very rewarding for me when it came to pussy. I had had women suck me and fuck me. But in that moment, I felt a joy and sense of pleasure that surpassed any woman.

Brent pulled out of me as soon as he finished his orgasm. Todd began licking his palm clean. I flopped down on my bed feeling exhausted and pleased in ways I never knew were possible. That’s when Brent bent over and licked me clean. It didn’t take him long. He sucked me a few times and cleaned off my orgasm while I tried to catch my breath.

“Something tells me I’ve been setup,” I finally said as I worked things out. Todd never needed help seducing Brent the straight guy. I was the one being played and they had done it well.

“Go get cleaned up,” Todd said.

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower to clean my bottom half. When I came back into the room, Todd was still naked while Brent was dressed again. “You’re pretty fly for a bi-guy,” Brent to me with a big grin. He surprised me by kissing me on the lips. He gave Todd a kiss, too and left us alone.

“So then, that happened,” I said, unsure about the world.

“And this,” Todd said, pulling me into his arms. He pulled me close, grabbing my bare ass and pressed his naked body against mine. I felt our hard cocks sandwiched next to each other as he kissed me. It was a strange kiss. I felt the coarse scratch of Todd’s whiskers against my face and there was no way for me to deny I was kissing another man.

Yes, I kissed him back. That was something Jimmy and I never did and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Kissing another guy felt really gay to me, though I sure enjoyed reaching between us and fondling his cock and balls. “You okay?” he asked, running his fingers through my hair.

“I’d be better if I could suck you again,” I told him.

“Only if you promise to fuck me, too.”

“Sure,” I said and that’s where we started. And let me tell you, he loved it. Hell, I did, too. I came deep in his ass before rolling him over and sucking him off.

Since then, things have changed in our room. For one thing, I’ve taken to shaving everywhere, too. It was my idea, but once I did it, I understood why Todd enjoyed doing it. For another thing, we spend a lot of time naked in our dorm room. Brent came over for a repeat two nights ago and the three of us had a great time.

The thing is, since that first night, I haven’t gone out with any of my girlfriends. I think I miss it. Girls are softer and I like playing with tits, but then again, guys are more fun. Guys know what they want and we get right down to it. I don’t know, I still don’t think of myself as gay. I guess my boyfriend is, though and for now, that will have to do.

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