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He was restless, tired and content as he watched her through her bedroom window; his place in the tree gave him the perfect view. She had gone to bed about twenty minutes ago, he stood in the tree waiting. Forcing his eyes away as she changed in her near dark room, he wasn’t a pervert or like the rest of them.

He knew when to look and when not to, tonight wasn’t the night. She had tossed and turn for most of the twenty minutes, restless but tired. He could tell as he listened she was almost asleep, something was keeping her awake. What he couldn’t tell.

She rolled over on to back, her blankets tangled around her body. Reaching up she flicked on her fan and tiredly tried to get her blanket to release her, when they wouldn’t she flung herself up into a sitting position. Outside he jumped at her sudden movement, watching as she struggled with her blankets. Silently, somewhere in the back of his head he wanted to help, but he stayed where he was. He could only watch.

Finally after a few minutes she was free of her blankets; she laid back down and rolled over resting on her belly. Her head propped up on her pillow, staring at the starry sky. Completely unaware she was staring at him as well. She mumbled a little prayer to herself the rolled back over on to her back, she could feel herself fading as she moved her arms over her head. She felt herself sink into the mattress below her and her blankets slowly move away, but sleep came too quickly for her to do anything.

He leaned back slightly, she had finally fallen asleep. Though he found himself in a worse situation than before, she had moved just before falling asleep. Her moving had caused her blankets to move and reveal parts of her nearly naked body, her shirt in the untangling of the blankets must have twisted because now he found himself staring at a her dark nipple. He couldn’t pull his eyes away, his cock twitched, his pants becoming tight and uncomfortable. But in her sleep she rolled over again, her body once again covered. He sighed in relief, glad she was covered. If he had done more than watch he would have been really mad at himself, he was only allowed to watch.

Hours passed by as he watched her sleeping form, watching her but guarding her at the same time. He lost track of time and it wasn’t until he heard a soft sound below that he realised the time.

‘Time to go little brother.’ His brother’s voice entering his thoughts.

He sighed and pulled his gaze away from her, knowing she would never know he was there. His was his job to guard her, no one but him and his brother knew he had started to enjoy his job. He jumped down and looked around at the sky then finally his brother’s face, it felt like staring into a mirror. His twin turned his head to the side, his eyes catching what was left of the mood light. Almost the same, his brother eyes were a different shade of gray. Lighter and more friendly, something that had to do with him being born a minute before him, but he didn’t really care.

It was strange the bond they shared, listening and talking with their thoughts. Even though with their kind it was a common thing, only difference is they could do it in both their forms. Human and non. In human no one but them could listen.

He felt his brother nudge his thoughts, not wanting to eavesdrop but wanting him to talk to him. For a second he pulled his eyes away watching as the others moved in taking their different place, it was their turn to watch over her. He looked back at his brother.

‘Let’s go home.’

His brother nodded, turned and led the way back to pack grounds. They jogged matching pace for pace, for a minute he just enjoyed himself. He relaxed and pushed everything from him mind but his twin’s amusement and running, he didn’t want to go back but he had his duties, his responsibilities. It had been awhile sense he was able to run.

He picked up his pace, getting ahead of his brother by a few feet. Then turned cutting him off, he heard him yelp in surprise and try to right himself and turn. He yelped again and crashed to the ground rolling, and then bounced back up on to his feet. He had almost caught up when a sharp growl filled the air.

“Shikobia and Yoki!”

They froze on the spot, standing at attention.

“Enough of your foolishness, there are jobs that need to be done. Yoki get back to your training.”

“Yes Roaul.” Yoki spoke nodding to his alpha.

‘One day I’ll catch you, little brother’ He added silently.

“You Shikobia, report to Travis, and I better not catch you slacking off on duty again. You know how important this is.”

He nods, pretending to understand. He didn’t understand why the one he wanted so much couldn’t be his, why night after night he was made to watch over her. Catch a glimpse of her life and silently get to know her, denied everything but her name. He didn’t understand why the pack suddenly had more secrets then not. He turns away and heads into the trees that surround their land, easily finding his way through all the bushes and trees. As he closes the distance between himself and where he suppose to report, other pack members nod and wave him in greet. Females are drawn to him but he ignores them and walks on, they could all smell it on him. A new alpha on the edge of breaking free, but he knew in his heart he could never be alpha. It was the main reason he was still under a lessers order, watching over a human girl. He didn’t want to follow in his father footsteps.

He entered the cabin without knocking and walks in to the back office; Travis sits there waiting dark eyes emotionless and cold. He doesn’t speak as Shikobia walks in, just stares.

“A bit restless, half an hour before she slept.”

Travis nods. “Good, same time tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow.” Shikobia agrees.

Quickly he turns to leave, Travis was never one he liked to stick around and talk to, on duty. Things got awkward when they were supposed to be working.

Suddenly Travis chuckled, getting up from his desk.

“You’re off duty Kobia, and as of a few seconds ago so am I.” He said.

Shikobia stopped halfway to the door, turned and look Travis in the eye.

“What’d you have in mind luv?” He asked his voice rough and deep.

Visibly Travis shivered and his eyes half closed. Shikobia dragged his eyes down his body, stopping at his crotch. Travis’s tight pants kept his hard-on hidden but not well enough from Shikobia. Shikobia felt himself shiver, wondering why if he cared so much for that girl, did Travis still get to him. He sighed out a breath, in his mind cursing his confused body and heart. He cared for Travis, loved him a way but that girl there was something about her that he just kept going back to. For the moment he shrugged it off.


He stood with his eyes still half closed.


Travis’s eyes popped open and he stare at him, slowly he smiled.

“You made me wait.” He whispered voice harsh.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again luv.” Shikobia pauses suddenly feeling awkward. “Can we run luv?” he asks.

Travis smile drooped a bit, staring at his lover for a minute. Taking in the slight sag of his wide shoulders, and his tired face. He was trying to hide it, putting the rest of his energy into wanting Travis. But Travis knew if they ran Shikobia would be too tired to do anything else, he didn’t want to wait any longer. He had been waiting all night, but it seemed Shikobia shifts just kept getting longer and longer. He silently hating the mans ability to stay up all day and parts of the day.

Shikobia noticed the changing in Travis’s face before he even looked at it; he saw his body take a defensive stand. He could smell Travis’s sadness and arousal all at once, he really needed release.

Shikobia turned and faced Travis full on, finally letting his full tiredness show. Mentally beating himself for being so weak and bendable, he didn’t want to do anything but rest.

Travis opened his mouth to complain, Shikobia moved then. Crossing the room and shoving Travis hard against his desk, the desk moves. Scraping against the ground and thudding against the wall. Travis grunted in surprise, and tried to push him away. But he was pushed back, his back on the desk, his head and shoulders on the wall behind them. For a second Travis was scared, fearing what Shikobia would do to him in over tired state. His body tense then shuddered as Shikobia tore open his pants and roughly pulled his cock out.

“Kobia?” He whispered just seconds before it disappeared into his mouth. Travis groaned loudly, and shoved his hands through Shikobia long black hair grabbing handfuls. Watching helpless as Shikobia had his way with him, head bobbing up and down. His tongue swirling around, touching the sensitive underside of the head of his cock, dipping into the slit at the tip. Travis could feel himself being turned on by Shikobia roughness, this was something they had never done. He felt Shikobia’s hands travel over his legs and pull his pants down to rest at his ankles, then cup his balls. Gently rolling them with his fingers. Travis gasped out and lost his grip on Shikobia’s hair, his arms slamming onto the desk underneath him as he moaned.

For a second Shikobia paused looking up at Travis, his eyes closed and lost in the moment. He quickly moved up and stole a soft kiss, the first act of tenderness sense this started then swallowed his cock all over again. Travis jerked and twitched under him, his breath coming out in quick fast pants. Shikobia sucked harder and felt Travis’s hands back in his hair then gone and back.

“Shi…. kobia..” Travis breathed.

Shikobia moved his left hand up and under Travis’s shirt, pinching and twisting one of his nipples then moving and doing the same to the other one. Travis groaned, then Shikobia felt it. The end, Travis’s cock swelled in size in his mouth as he cried out his release. Come splattered and coated the inside of Shikobia mouth, he sucked gently. Making sure to milk all his come out, then slowly let it drop from his mouth.

The second it dropped from his mouth the office door boomed open and three pack members raced in, they froze at the sight of their higher ups. Travis pinned against the wall and desk face flushed and bright red, Shikobia face flushed and a line of cum and spit going from his mouth to Travis’s cock. Well everyone stood frozen, the packs Alpha came in. Anger rolling off of him in waves.

“I thought I told you there would be no fighting between pack unless-”

Finally he caught sight of the pair across the room. “Oh.” He said. Then suddenly turn to the men beside him, hitting one of them on the back of the head.

“Oaf!” He muttered, and then walked out his men following quickly behind him.

Shikobia watched as Mason and the other members of the pack left then turned and looked back up at Travis. Travis leaned in and gave him a small kiss.

“Let’s go to bed.”

Shikobia could only nod and was shocked as Travis quickly picked him up and took him towards the back of the cabin, opened doors with a light kick of his feet and closing them the same way. His pants abandoned back in the office. Shikobia buried his face into his lovers’ neck and felt himself start doze off.

“Not yet baby.” Travis whispered. “I need to take care of you first.”

Shikobia was beyond caring, yes his cock ached and wanted to come badly but his brain had already begun to shut down. He barely felt Travis lay him on his bed and remove him clothes, the moment his head rested on a pillow he was out.

Travis laughed and stared at his sleeping lover, only Shikobia could manage to fall asleep with a raging hard-on. Travis pulled off his clothes and slipped into the bed behind his lover, slowly he too drifted to sleep.

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