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Shelly Sings Willie’s Blues

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When the SUV pulled up near the oversize garage, Shelly looked over to her manager Mark with a strained expression on her face. Without a word, her face broadcasted everything she wanted to say.

“Look Shelly, we both agreed you needed to broaden your sound, this is an excellent opportunity.”

“Are we here because it’s an excellent opportunity or because it’s free?”

“Both. You know the agency doesn’t have the cash to line everyone up with a full backup band, at least not until you can pull together some record deal.”

“But how can I get a record deal without a band?” Shelly asked.

“Look, I know they’re not professionals, but I’ve heard this band’s pretty good. If they work for you we can even run some demos here.”

“In the garage?”

“From what I’ve heard they’ve got some pretty good electronics.”

“Okay, but if this is just some garage band we’re turning around and leaving, right.”

“Just give them a chance.”

Mark watched as Shelly opened the door and climbed out of the vehicle. The sun caught her auburn hair, lighting it up like a fire. Following her up the drive he couldn’t help admire her self-confidence. Though only nineteen, she had the self-assurance of a woman twice her age. When she wanted something, she was not afraid to reach out to grab it. On occasion she failed, but that never stopped her from reaching.

When Shelly was about halfway up the drive, the silence from the garage was mowed down with the distinctive sound of bluegrass. Mark prepared himself to catch Shelly as she ran back to the truck, but was surprised when she slowed, but didn’t turn around. It was as if she was mesmerized by the twang of the banjoes and the rhythms of the sound.

Catching up to Shelly, Mark walked slowly beside her as they moved silently to the large open door, where they stood and quietly listened. After a minute or two, in the middle of the song, suddenly one of the band members raised his hand and waved them all to stop. He held his guitar out until another member grabbed it and set it in a stand.

The band member then stood up from his stool with the rest of the band following his every move. From behind, Shelly and Mark could see he was an older man, but it was not until he turned around that they could see how old he really looked.

His cowboy hat covered his head, but the thin wisps of white hair that poked out was a clear hint that he was balding, if not fully bald. The man’s nose and ears seemed much too large for his small, round face. Looking into his eyes, Shelly saw only a cloudy white confirming her suspicion that he was blind.

He suddenly called out, “Do we have visitors?”

“Ah, yes sir, I’m Mark Dunsmore from Hitchward Agency…”

“You brought along a young lady?”

“Yes, one of our star vocalist, Shelly Bryan.”

“Ah, we’ve been expecting you, two, three, four…,” the old man said, while the band began playing. “You recognize this one?”

“It’s an old one,” Shelly replied, “but yeah, it’s Clapton’s ‘Bell Bottom Blues.'”

“Well, Bobby Whitlock actually wrote it, but it’s listed by Derek and the Dominoes. You know the words?”

“Sure,” she answered, picking up with the band:

“Do you want to hear me beg you to take me back? I’d gladly do it because I don’t want to fade away. Give me one more day, please. I don’t want to fade away. In your heart I want to stay.” (1)

Waving his arms, the band stopped playing and the man turned toward Shelly and said, “I am proud to meet you Shelly Bryan. I’m Willie Norris,” he said holding out his hand toward the young lady.

Noticing the slight shaking of his hand, Shelly took it with both hands and shook, surprised on how soft the man’s hands were. Sure the fingertips were calloused, but the rest of the hand was so smooth and soft. She could see odd blue veins beneath the skin, but his handshake was firm. “Hmm, firm and soft, when have I felt that on a man before,” Shelly thought to herself.

Holding his arm out to her now, Willie said, “Now, if you help me a bit here, I’ll introduce you to the rest of the Medicaid Swing Band.” Slipping her arm into Willie’s, Shelly led him to each of the band members where they had a short talk, before moving onto the next musician.

They finished the introductions after about half an hour and Shelly led him back to the stool. Willie carefully sat down, reached down and grabbed his guitar. He glanced at Shelly and asked, “‘Bell Bottom Blues’ from the start?”

Grabbing a microphone from a nearby stand she said, “Sounds good,” into the mike. The microphone was on, so she prepared herself to begin. She looked over to Willie.

Willie quickly whispered to her, “We’re gonna go ahead and record. It’s just jamming, so if we mess it up we’ll just keep going for now, okay?”

Shelly nodded and Willie said, “‘Bell Bottom Blues,’ two, three, four…” and the band began to play.

Mark, glad to slip into the background moved over to the recording equipment, shook the hand of the technician and settle into a seat beside him. He had talked to Willie earlier and the two had worked out a list of songs Shelly was ready to sing at the time. During the session, Willie even pulled out the lyrics to a couple of classic bluegrass songs and after a few tries, Shelly was singing them almost as good as the songs she knew already.

After about three hours of almost non-stop music, Willie shut down the band and said, “Okay everyone, in tribute to our special guests, we have catered dinner. Go ahead and fold things up here and head over to the back yard, we’ve got some crawdads and barbeque going.”

Helping Willie put his guitar on the stand, Shelly led him out of the garage and over to the picnic area, where the two sat together at a table, along with Mark, the sound guy and a few of the other band members. As the group talked of the recording and what they were looking for on the demos, Shelly studied Willie.

Although he limped a bit, she could tell he was pretty fit, at least for his apparent age. She would have guessed he was sixty – sixty-five, but later was informed by another band member he was seventy-five. He had a broad chest, but a fairly trim stomach, with nice hips and, with the cut of these jeans, a fairly nice ass for an old guy.

Trying to associate him with her grandfather, she noticed some similarities but was attracted to the differences, primarily the hands. Wondering what the hands might feel like on her, she felt a wetness accumulating between her legs. She excused herself to head to the restroom and try to get herself back under control.

Once in the restroom, she quickly went to the bathroom, cleaned up and then sat on the toilet thinking of Willie’s hands. After a moment or so, she opened her legs wide and slipped her hand down to her crotch. Moving a finger into the opening, she moistened her finger and then slid it up her slit and found her clit. Closing her eyes, she slowly began circling her tiny nub with her finger, dreaming of Willie’s hands on her ass, feeling the soft palms along with the calloused fingertips.

Imagining his tongue teasing her clit, she continued, slowly moving her hips up to meet his face. She returned her finger to her cunt to wet it some more and then quickly returned to her clit. Moving faster she…

“Knock, knock, anyone in there?” came a voice from the bathroom door. “Sorry to disturb you, but I’ve had too much beer and well… well, I’m about to pop here.”

“Oh, okay, just as second,” she replied, pulling on her panties and pants, then slipping into her shoes. She quickly flushed the toilet, washed her hands and opened the door.

Milo, the bass player rushed past her, not waiting for her to shut the door before undoing his pants. As she closed the door she could hear him moan to the tinkling music of him peeing into the toilet. Giggling she headed downstairs.

Not wanting to get back in the middle of the technical discussions regarding the recordings and demos, Shelly headed back to the garage. The large doors were closed so she stepped in a side door into darkness. Pausing while her eyes adjusted to the dim light inside the garage, she heard a faint strumming on a guitar. Looking further into the garage, she saw Willie holding his guitar.

He stopped playing and said, “Come on in Shelly.”

“How did you know…”

“You think I could spend all afternoon with you and not remember your beautiful scent?”

“Christ,” she thought, “I’m not wearing any perfume.” Quickly sniffing beneath her arms she moved toward him.

“I think it may be your shampoo,” he said, as if he realized what she was doing.

She moved over closer to him and he handed her his guitar. Carefully placing it on the stand she said, “You’re not out there talking about the recording.”

“No, they finished talking music, now they are talking tech stuff. I figured I’d come out and strum a bit.”


“No, writing a song, the music at least.”

“Can you play it for me?”

‘Well, it’s still just a riff in my head, haven’t worked it onto the strings yet.”

“Okay, no problem,” she answered. “I really enjoyed singing with you this afternoon.”

“It was my pleasure Shelly. Usually it’s just the gang and I out here, just plucking away, making music just as it comes, not really playing songs. It’s good to know we can get organized on a few things.”

“It certainly seemed well organized to me.”

“Shelly, if you pardon my impertinence, the band members all told me how pretty you are and I wonder… I wonder if you’d… ah, let me touch your face?”

“Oh certainly,” she replied, reminding herself Willie was blind. She moved closer to him and when he reached out with his right hand, she guided it to her face.

He slowly and ever so gently ran his hand over her forehead, down her nose onto her lips and then back over her cheeks. Feeling the rough fingertips barely grazing her skin, Shelly was beginning to breathe harder. Willie continued and the sensation ran through her body, all the way to her pussy.

Willies hands moved to her hair, toying with the curls as he asked, “What color is it?”

Fighting to retain her composure, she moaned, “Red… ah… auburn. It’s auburn.”

“So beautiful,” Willie said, “thank you.” He then removed his hands from her hair.

Shelly quickly grabbed his hands and guided them to her neck and after he touched her lightly on the neck, she guided them down to her breasts. Willie moved his palms in circles over her breasts, his rough fingertips catching a bit on the fabric.

She quickly reached down and pulled her blouse over her head and then removed her bra. His hands found her naked breasts and gently kneaded them, taking her nipple between his thumb and index finger. The sensations flowing through Shelly’s body were incredible as she felt his soft palms and his rough fingertips move over her.

She heard him whisper, “I don’t know if I can…”

Reaching to his crotch, she took firm hold of his erection and said, “You’re off to a very good start.”

“You bring out the best in me Shelly,” he said, running his hands over her shoulders to her back and then pulling her against him. He turned his head and their lips touched, first gently, then opening, they joined in a long kiss, their tongues mingling. As they kissed, Willie stood up from the stool and began grinding his hard cock against Shelly.

She stooped kissing him long enough to unbutton and remove his shirt. Pressing her breast to his chest she began kissing him again. Kicking off her shoes while they kissed, she began moving him toward the large couch at the back of the garage. Once they reached the couch, she unfastened his pants and pulled them down, letting him sit on the couch. She then removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, before she removed the rest of her clothes.

Kneeling between his legs, she rolled her breasts back and forth over his cock, feeling the incredibly soft skin slide over her mounds. It was hard to see well in the darkness, but she could tell that, although it was not fully hard, his cock was big enough and hard enough to do everything they both wanted to do. Easing her mouth over it, she noticed how thick it was, with the head nearly filling her mouth. Moving her tongue over the head, she was rewarded with the tangy taste of his precum.

“It looks like things are all working,” she thought to herself as she slurped up copious amounts of the clear liquid. Her fingers moved over his balls as she began sucking the huge head of his cock.

“I need to taste you,” he whimpered to her.

Remembering her fantasy while up in the restroom, she realized it was about to happen for her. Removing his cock from her mouth, she stood up, resting one foot on the couch’s armrest and leaving the other on the floor she pulled his head forward to her. She shuddered as his tongue found her, first burying deep in her pussy before withdrawing and sliding up and down her lips.

Suddenly she felt his arms on her thighs and then his hands on her ass. He began kneading her ass as he moved his tongue up over her clit and then back down into her pussy. It was simply too much for her and in just moments, the feeling of soft palms, rough fingertips, soft tongue and the light scratch of his face rolling over the most sensitive parts of her drove her to orgasm.

She moaned loudly as she came, pushing herself against him, humping his face, covering him in her wetness. Inside she felt the pulsations and she longed to feel him inside her. Expecting him to stop, she began to move her foot off the armrest, but he held her ass tight and while still squeezing her ass with one hand, he moved the other to underneath her and pushed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her wet opening.

“Fuck,” she moaned as she felt another wave coming… coming… and yes, yes she came, her pussy clenching on his fingers and his hand squeezed her ass and his tongue dance wildly over her clit. Now, forcibly pulling away from him, she straddled his thigh and sat down on him as he leaned back in the couch catching his breath.

“Oh, Willie, that was incredible. What do you want now? I can suck you or…”

“Fuck me, please fuck me,” he begged.

Grabbing his shoulders she guided him back on the couch and climbed over him. Grabbing his cock in her hands, she held it upright as she lowered herself onto his erection. She was so wet that it slipped into her easily and she quickly lowered down onto him, taking all of him into her. Feeling so full, she moved slowly up and down, feeling the fullness slip away and then come thrusting back to her. Moving faster, she could hear the slurping sound as they splashed together again and again. When she suddenly felt those hands again, this time grabbing her breasts, she was gone, coming once again, this time dropping herself on him, feeling the full girth of him as she pulsated around him.

She paused, savoring the intensity of the moment, feeling his huge cock fill her completely, feeling the hands on her breasts. Beginning to move again she could hear a loud splash each time she crashed down on him.

She had soaked him and when he moaned, “You’re so wet, oh damn,” she knew he liked it. Continuing her movement, she could tell he was getting closer now and when he suddenly squeezed her breasts hard and lifted his hips, she let go once again, coming together with her lover. He thrust upward into her a couple of times and then relaxed, pulling her down on top of him.

They lay together entwined, catching their breath. After a few minutes, she felt the strange feeling of his cock slowly slipping out of her body, her cunt finally, pinching it out. Feeling her pussy continue oozing their cum out onto him, she looked around for a towel. Spotting one, she went to go get it, but Willie grabbed her and pushed her down on the couch where he dove in between her legs.

“I’ll get a towel,” she said.

“No,” gasped, “I want this.” He began running his tongue all over her pussy, lapping up the cum as he began pumping his fingers into her.

“How many times?” she wondered to herself as she felt it building inside her again. Willie’s tongue moved up to her clit and then he sucked it in between his lips. He sucked her clit until she came once again, moving his mouth down to catch the last of her juices as he pulled his fingers out of her. He then sat back on the couch.

Figuring she needed to do some clean up of her own, she moved her head back to his crotch and gave him a thorough tongue bath, finishing by taking his soft cock into her mouth. Soft like this, she was able to take more of it in and she sucked hard, moving it around her mouth with her tongue. After a few minutes she removed her mouth, kissed his balls and proceeded up his stomach, chest, up to his face, where she kissed his mouth deeply.

When they finished kissing he said, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I couldn’t get it up that last time.”

“Oh Willie,” she exclaimed, taking his face in both her hands, “I must have come five or six times. I’ve never done that with anyone before, and God, your cock, it filled me like I’ve never been before.”

“You’re not just saying that to appease an old man.”

“Look at me Willie, I’m a wet rag. You fucked and sucked the hell out of me, like I have never been sucked and fucked before.”

“Does that mean you’ll come back and sing my blues with me again?”

“Willie, I’ll sing your blues anytime, anywhere.” Reaching down and taking hold of his cock she said, “Just keep this instrument saved just for me.”

“Sing for me and it’s yours forever.”

Shelly bent down and kissed the head of his cock. It seemed to stir a bit, so she slipped it into her mouth. Feeling it begin to harden, she was interrupted by the ring of her cell phone. Remember where she was, she quickly picked it up and answered.

“Oh Mark, yes, I’m out in the garage with Willie.

“No, no we’re ah… working on a song. Give us a few minutes and we’ll come out there.”

Hanging up the phone she whispered to Willie, “Our public awaits.”

They both quickly dressed and then Shelly leaned to give Willie one last kiss. When they finished she reached and gently grabbed his now soft again cock and whispered, “This thing was getting angry again. You fuck me nearly half to death and you’re still ready to roar. What are we going to do?”

“Write a song about it?”

“Well, Willie, you write it and I’ll sing it,” she replied, “We better go find the others, they’ll think we’ve been up to something.”

“Nah, my buddies would never believe it, even if I told them.”

“Well I believe it, and that’s all that matters,” she said, leading Willie out into the evening air.

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