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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

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Entering the college library, Susan, a slim, dark-haired woman, moved quietly round the shelves to the reference section, and seeking out her usual table in the far corner, walled in on two sides, she placed her laptop on the table and removed her coat. She hung her bag and coat on the back of her chair, walked to the shelves and after selecting the books she needed, returned to the table, opening them up next to the lap top.

Carefully she scanned the pages, then switched on the laptop and opened up her work page. Susan sighed deeply and sat back in her chair, ignoring the laptop, books now unnoticed, dragging her fingers through her hair, drawing it away from her face. All she could see was the face and body of her lover, Jess. All she could think about was how Jess felt, tasted, sounded when they made love. How much she simply wanted to be with her.

Susan was disappointed and slightly saddened. Having kissed Jess goodbye as she left earlier, snuggling briefly into the soft warmth of her body and inhaling her scent, she had waited for Jess to wish her Happy Valentine’s Day. She had wanted to say the same to Jess. She had wanted to tell Jess how much she, Susan, loved her. She wanted to ask Jess to stay with her, be with her. Forever.

But Jess had said nothing made no indication that she had even remembered what day it was, and, as always, her courage had failed her, so she had said nothing. She knew she wouldn’t be able to cope with the disappointment, the hurt, the pain and the loss, if Jess had rejected her.

So many times lately she had thought the moment had come to ask – but each time her courage had failed. She had reasoned with herself, that Valentine’s Day would be the perfect day to do the deed.

Susan’s hand moved automatically to the bag hanging on the chair under her coat, seeking out the shape of the small heart-shaped box that she had been carrying around with her now, for weeks, and the hard edge of the card she had chosen carefully. The box contained the ‘outward and visible sign’ of her deep love for Jess. Her hand trembled as she touched it, fingertips caressing the soft velvet, closing over its shape drawing it into her hand, which closed over it. Susan had decided to give it to Jess today, tonight, over dinner. But even the thought of this action filled her with trepidation.

With a sigh, and imperceptible shake of her head Susan returned to the present and why she was there.

Dammit! This just won’t do………..I have to get this research finished.

She turned to her books and began to flip the pages, making notes, and working on her assignment. She became so engrossed in her work that during one visit to the shelves, she didn’t notice the approach of the taller redhead who took up the seat next to Susan’s. Very quietly and deliberately, the woman opened her own laptop, took some books from her bag and placed them on the table. Before Susan returned to the table, the woman had moved away to more distant shelves. The redhead, although seeming to be searching for books, was keeping a surreptitious eye on Susan, watching her movements, and as soon as she saw Susan return to her place at the table, the redhead made her way over to her own chair.

As she sat down Susan noted the presence of another student, but otherwise took very little notice. Resuming her work, she concentrated on typing up her notes, integrating them into the framework of her assignment, only becoming aware of her neighbour returning to the table, from the scraping of the chair on the floor.

Suddenly Susan gasped in shock as she felt a hand slide under her skirt and settle warmly on her thigh.

Her head snapped sideways, eyes widening in shock as she recognised her lover, Jess, before lowering briefly to take in the hand on her leg. A sharp rebuke was already forming on her lips when she felt a single long finger gently pressed against them, stilling her outburst, and heard a soft, familiar voice telling her, “Sssshhhhhh, sweetheart, no noise. We don’t want to disturb the others do we?”

The words were accompanied by a beautiful smile that, as always, melted Susan’s heart, and the movement of that hand further up her thigh until the fingers grazed over the satin thong covering Susan’s mound, making her gasp again.

Her eyes closed at the touch, and a slight shiver ran through her as she felt Jess’s other arm move to the back of her chair to lie along it, the hand resting lightly on Susan’s shoulder. The redhead’s fingertips moved almost imperceptibly in circles over her shirt sending ripples of sensation through Susan’s shoulders.

Susan was shocked into silence, that this could be happening here, in the library…. with people all around! What on earth was Jess thinking of?! But she seemed unable to resist the touch of those hands.

Opening her eyes, Susan saw a pair of brilliant green eyes looking carefully into her own, and heard the sound of the voice that she loved, speaking again. The touch of the other woman’s hand on her mound, stroking softly, was making it very difficult to concentrate, and with an effort she forced herself to listen.

“Look at your laptop, not at me; to anyone behind us, it looks as if we are working on something together.” The woman’s voice was soft, gentle, barely above a whisper, but commanding. Susan seemed unable to resist it. All the time, her two hands were moving over Susan’s body, arousing her, playing her.

The stroking continued, firmer now, and combined with the hand on her shoulder was sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine.

Susan’s hands, which had been on the keyboard, now settled shakily on the table, each side of the laptop, as she breathed deeply to try and calm herself.

Jess saw the movement and smiled, chuckling softly. Leaning her head close to Susan’s to compound the fantasy of studying something, she whispered, “Good girl”, her soft breath on Susan’s ear and cheek adding to the shivers. “Now open your legs for me, lock your feet around the legs of the chair, move your hips forward more, closer to the edge.”

Not even considering the option of refusing to do as the redhead asked, Susan did as she was told, shuffling her hips forward, the movement opening her up wide, leaving her vulnerable and available.

Susan was rooted to her chair, shocked at what was happening, but seemingly unable to resist the voice or the touch. The stroking was driving her crazy, the bizarre situation arousing her more than she thought possible, her thong already soaked.

All the time Jess was talking to her, cranking up her excitement. “I can feel your pussy, it’s wet….you’re so excited….do you like it when I do this?” she asked, as she slid one finger the length of Susan’s lips, pressing the wet material between them. Susan moaned softly, her body stiffening, her hands clutching at the sides of her laptop, desperate for something to hold on to, as she fought the urge to press her hips against that hand and especially that finger.

“Oh, you want more?” whispered the woman, as she felt the slight movement of Susan’s hips.

“Oh god!” moaned Susan, as the woman’s finger found her rapidly hardening clit through the now sopping satin, and lightly flicked the tip of her finger over it.

“You like that?” whispered the woman, continuing to flick her finger, watching Susan’s mouth gasping for breath, her eyes squeezed shut.

Swallowing painfully, her mouth so very dry, Susan gasped a reply. “Ye-e-sss. Please, please,” she whimpered as softly as she could.

“Please, what, sweetheart?”

Trying to control her shaking, and breathing, Susan gasped, muttered disjointedly about people coming over to the shelves…they could be seen. Part of her was terrified that they would be seen; the other part was terrified that Jess would stop and leave her hanging. She was so turned on by what was happening that she could hardly breathe.

The taller woman stilled her hand, allowing Susan to catch her breath, the hand on her shoulder changing its stroking to a soothing caress. Breathing deeply, Susan turned her head to look at the redhead, and was touched to see concern and gentleness in her eyes. She knew Jess wouldn’t do anything to embarrass her, and that thought only stoked her desire even further.

Jess smiled, speaking softly. “It’s ok, no-one can see. We both have coats on our chairs, just keep looking at the screen with me.”

As she spoke the last words, Susan gasped to feel the teasing hand sliding under the edge of her thong, brushing over her straining clit, and sliding over her soaked and slick lips. The redhead began a slow stroking over Susan’s lips, which had the brunette whimpering in need, her hands seizing the laptop in a white-knuckled grip, and her tensed, splayed legs straining to press her hips against the fingers.

The redhead’s fingers slid lower, gliding over Susan’s lips which were now soaked with her arousal. She began to stroke slowly, eventually sliding one finger under and easily into Susan’s pussy.

Susan was desperate not to make a sound, but even so a soft moan escaped her lips as the finger slid deeply into her. Her back arched, legs tensed at the sensation as her hips desperately tried to move against the finger. The movement brought a smile to the face of her tormenter as she slowly slid the finger back and forth, then adding a second, producing yet another soft moan.

The redhead watched Susan carefully, saw the way she took her bottom lip between her teeth, trying to stop the soft whimpers and moans as the persistent fingers slowly but surely fucked her where she sat.

Completely absorbed in the sensations and her rising arousal, fully aware of the depth of her desire from the moisture she could feel, and the sounds she could hear as her lover’s fingers slid wetly in and out of her, it was all Susan could do not to cry out when she felt the woman stroke her thumb over her clit.

Susan’s body jumped in the chair, and moaned her need to the woman teasing her. “Oh god, please…I need…let me…”

Jess said nothing, but slowly continued to fuck Susan, fingers pushing deeply, wetly, thumb gliding and circling her hardening clit. Slowly but surely, she could feel Susan’s orgasm rising; could hear her soft panting, the sounds she was trying desperately to muffle. When finally the redhead felt Susan’s hips lift for that final spasm of pleasure she stopped, pulled back, leaving Susan teetering on the edge and panting softly, whimpering in her need to come.

Susan could feel her lover’s hand on her shoulder, gripping her tightly through her shirt. She closed her eyes, breathed deeply trying to make herself calm, but at the same time wanting so much for this beautiful woman to finish her, take away the burning need she had created. Susan could feel the wetness between her legs soaking into her thong; she could feel the blood pulsing in her veins and her heart pounding in her chest.

Slowly Susan opened her eyes, and gasped at the sight before her. The redhead was sitting close to her with her soaked fingers between her own lips, sucking and licking Susan’s juices off them. The woman slowly removed her fingers from her mouth, and moved them close to Susan’s, her sparkling eyes urging Susan to taste her own juices. Susan closed her eyes again, trying to calm the sensations roaring through her body as she parted her lips, and felt the long moist fingers slide into her mouth. She felt the hand removed from her shoulder, heard rather than felt a movement beside her, felt the fingers leave her mouth, and when she opened her eyes again…the woman was gone.

The sense of disappointment that she felt was almost too much to bear. She was so aroused, wanted so much.

Just at that moment, she felt a touch on her knees. She jumped in her seat, stifling a small sound of shock and surprise. She looked down and was stunned to see Jess kneeling under the table, her hands on Susan’s knees. Smiling a wicked smile at Susan, Jess took hold of the legs of the chair and slowly pulled it towards her until Susan was jammed hard against the table, making it impossible for Susan to see what was happening. She could only feel what was happening, adding yet another notch to her arousal.

Slowly Jess bent her head, until her lips were barely touching Susan’s skin. She began kissing slowly up Susan’s thighs, her hands reaching for Susan’s hips pulling her to the edge of the chair. Under Susan’s skirt, she reached for those now very wet panties, pulling them downwards. Realising what she wanted, Susan surreptitiously lifted her hips just enough for Jess to ease the piece of wet satin off her hips, and down her thighs, her calves, and finally over Susan’s feet.

Susan had never felt so vulnerable, so exposed, and so fucking aroused. She could not believe this was happening. In the college library!! Surrounded by people!!

Her body jolted in surprise once again, as she felt, Jess’s hands pushing her knees apart. She knew what was coming next. She wanted it. So much, but was terrified they would be seen. She hardly dared to breath, could not look down, as she imagined Jess’s head moving closer and closer until suddenly she was there. She moaned inwardly as she felt Jess breathe softly on her pussy lips, blowing on her wetness and making her shiver. Then Jess’s lips were on Susan’s mound, her tongue flicking out, searching for her clit. The pleasure that ripped through Susan as Jess’s warm, moist tongue found her clit almost caused the helpless woman to faint; instead she merely gripped the sides of her laptop, biting her bottom lip in a desperate effort to remain silent. And still. She knew she had to keep still.

She felt Jess’s hands reach for her feet, lifting them up from the floor, pushing them up towards the table, making Susan’s knees open wider, her hips to move backwards more, allowing Jess to get closer to her lover’s lips. Then Jess’s tongue was inside her, pushing, twisting, licking, flicking up over her clit, making her shudder deep inside, as she felt the imminent arrival of an orgasm.

Susan felt her stomach muscles begin to clench, felt her body pull inwards, as the orgasm approached. Jess obviously felt it too, as she released Susan’s feet, letting them drop on her own thighs. Jess used her hands to hold Susan’s hips on the chair as the orgasm rolled through her, every muscle in the brunette’s body straining and struggling to hold herself completely still and silent while her brain and pussy exploded in pleasure.

Gradually her breathing calmed, the pounding of her heart slowed and quietened, and her senses began to refocus on her surroundings. She became aware of the softness of Jess’s tongue gently brushing over her pussy lips, softly but happily gasping at the sensations this extra attention was producing, the soft moistness very welcome.

She was still bent over her laptop, knuckles white from gripping it a few moments before, about to move, when she felt Jess’s fingers on her, felt something soft being gently but surely pushed inside her, filling her up. The fullness was very pleasant, if unexpected.

Jess pushed the chair back, just enough so that Susan could see her. And what a sight, the face she loved grinning up her, glistening with Susan’s juices. Jess held up her hands and Susan could see that she was holding a pair of panties. There was writing on them, and as she read the words, she looked quickly at Jess in disbelief, then back at the panties, then back at Jess. When she realised that she’s not imaging it, she smiled happily at Jess, fighting back the tears suddenly appearing in her eyes. The panties were adorned with a large red heart, and across it the words, “I love you. Be my valentine?”

Unable to speak, Susan reached down a hand and softly touched Jess’s lips with her fingertips, smiling happily, silently mouthing the one word, ‘Yes’.

Jess moved the panties to Susan’s feet and slowly pulled them on to her, up her legs and thighs, smiling when Susan lifted her hips briefly to allow Jess to pull them all the way up. Her smile softened even more as she felt Jess’s soft lips on her thighs, and heard her voice as she whispered, “Is it safe to come out?”

Quickly scanning the room, seeing that everyone else was absorbed in their work, Susan replied a soft ‘yes’, and Jess scrambled out from under the table, a sheet of paper in her hand, presumably a subterfuge if they had been discovered. Susan had to repress a gurgle of laughter at the thought of trying to explain her state of undress had they been challenged.

Resuming her chair, Jess leaned in to Susan, one hand softly caressing her thigh, sending even more trembles through the sated woman’s body. Susan felt Jess’s breath on her cheek as she whispered, “Those other panties inside you?”

Susan turned to face her, eyebrows lifting in surprise. She had forgotten about the fullness inside her, and almost laughed out loud as she now realised it was her own satin thong that was giving her that delightful feeling.

“They stay exactly where they are until we both get home…my love.” Her lips briefly brushed over Susan’s cheek, kissing her gently. “It’s my intention to remove them for you…. and replace them with something altogether more pleasurable.”

Gathering up her things Jess turned to look briefly at Susan, smiling wickedly at the sudden blush on her face, the small gasp of anticipation, and without another word, left the room.

Susan sat quietly remembering, her thighs squeezed tightly together as she became more and more aware of the fullness inside her. Her head was unable to concentrate on anything other than the images of what had just happened, and more importantly, those to come. Her face flushed and her hands trembled. She knew she would be unable to work any more today, she wanted only to be with Jess. With shaky legs she returned the books to the shelves, and like Jess, gathered her things and left the room, every movement reminding her of the satin thong inside her, cranking up her anticipation level.

Oh yes, this was already a Valentine’s Day to remember, but with so much more to come.

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