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She Has Her Way

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She is a recent regular at the gym I work out at.

I have often revelled in the lovely perfume she exudes when she walks in. Her flawless skin, toned body and distractingly prominent, firm and bouncing breasts have always made it quite a task to avoid noticing her. Particularly because while working out she is always in different coloured, men style body-hugging stretchable sleeveless vests, which are more like appendages to bring more attention to her breasts, that end some two inches above her pierced belly button that has a lovely diamond dangler.

And she also shows off the string of green emerald stones that she wears as a waist belt, just for style. The contrast against her startlingly creamy and shiny skin is absolutely riveting.

I initially thought she was in her very early 30s, though nowadays one can hardly tell. She is tall, about 5’10” and when she walks in her heels, she is a sight to behold.

I have struggled to maintain a distance. I have known almost from my first sight of her – or was it from the first breath of her, for I remember her perfume had wafted into my senses before I even saw her – that I was in lust. It was lust at first sight. Which has often made it difficult to hide my arousal and hard-on even while working out a sweat because she seems to always choose the work-station next to me.

Today she is in a scarlet vest. My heart lurches and misses many a beat. I was distracted by her perfume. And her beautifully toned, bare arms. She had a bright red thin string tied as an arm band on her right upper-arm, which only accentuated how perfectly sculpted and toned it was.

Her breasts were ripe, firm and proudly protruding through her sleeveless vest, heaving, as she raised her arms, lifting up the weights, lying on her back, revealing her flawlessly smooth armpits that seemed to be beckoning me.

While feigning nonchalance, and indifference, I would watch her surreptitiously, her toned arms, her breasts heaving under those vests, her brastrap peeking out flirtatiously, and those underarms, oh how I wanted my face buried right there, breathing in her sensuous aroma, kissing the smooth skin, licking it, kissing it…

And then today things just happened so fast that I am still recovering from them.

She dropped her bag accidentally it seemed, right next to where I was working out. And two things fell out with a clang: a pair of steel handcuffs and soft, tying rope.

As I tried to help her gather the bag and the handcuffs and rope, she smiled at me.

I was aware of her aura, her proximity, her skin that seems to be made for kissing and licking. Her fragrance, the spicy perfumes her shampoo…

It was nothing less than heady and intoxicating.

I was aware of my suddenly obscenely bulging shorts.

My manhood reacting to the sight of this goddess, and letting out almost an audible gasp at the sight of those handcuffs and rope, now in my hands.

Her hands touch mine, as I hand those over to her.

She smiles. And comes close enough to whisper.

Her warm, fragrant breath is on my face.

“I know what you are thinking,” she whispers.

I look up, uncomprehendingly, questioningly.

“Yes, you are right,” she carried on.

“Um?” I am nonplussed at what she might be alluding to.

“Yes, I like to handcuff youngmen and tie them down, all those who so like to look at me, so I can play with them, have fun with them teasing them…before I fuck them…”

She is telling me all this, but why? “But then,” she continued, “I may not even want —or have — to use those handcuffs on you.”

I am not sure where all this is going, all I am aware of is her perfume, her aroma, her aura, her proximity, her enticingly perfumed cleavage so close to my face, her toned arms, her smoooth underarms distracting me as she raises her arms to push her hair back.

“Oh, I can see you would want them on,” she says, as she reaches out to caress my manhood with her manicured hand, while her other hand teases first my left and then my right nipple through my shirt, telling me that she likes to make men out of boys, that it’s been a long time since she took a virgin boy home…and would I like to go home with her?

“But, hey, before I do that, I got to be sure…”

Sure of what?

“Don’t get your hopes too up… for it would depend on whether you would be able to please me or not… Would you have the patience to wait, to satisfy me?”

And then suddenly, after a pause: “Would you like to see my breasts?” she asks.

“Yes, of course, oh yes,” I respond

“I like your eagerness, but I may let you not just see them but even to kiss them, lick them, suck them, baby”

I gasp.

“But….,” she adds. “It’s a big BUT”

I have my heart in my mouth, wondering what she’s going to say.

“You will have to do exactly as I say”

“Oh, of course… anything,” I stammer out.

“Let us see, then,” she says. “Take off your shorts”

“Whhhaaat? Here?” Granted, right now it’s just me and her in the gym, but anyone could walk in.

“You wanna go and lock the door first?”

Yes, I wanna.

I do.

As I return, she’s taken out her scarlet red lipstick and is applying it on her lips.

“How would you like to get it on your cock?”

I am a bit scandalised, but excited by her words nevertheless. What if she is just playing with me?

“Oh, no, not like this, silly, I mean from my lips”

“Mmmm, um,” I struggle to find the right response…

“Take off your shorts now or else I may never…” she paused theatrically, but continued, “fuck you.”

“You do know, don’t you that it would be I fucking you…”

Oh, she sure knows how to fuck with me. I take off my shorts, so fast as if there were ants in it.

She smiles, watching me. “Now your Jockey”

I am aware of my thick and throbbing manhood violently lurch.

“Mmmm, it is nice. Now show me, but before that tell me how do you pleasure yourself when you masturbate thinking about me… yes, I know you do… Do you have me straddling you in your imagination or do you pin me against the wall and just ram into me…?”

“Do you picture yourself kneeling in front of me, your hands tied, your face buried deep within my thighs, licking my clit, sucking my pussy….”

Oh, man, to think that this sex goddess can actually articulate these words, uninhibitedly, is so arousing…but she is continuing with her questions:

“…or do you fantasise about tying me up and pounding into me hard and fast and furious, with all your might, huh?” She pauses.

I wonder if I am supposed to reply.

I look down at her feet. They are perfectly pedicured. Her toes are painted scarlet red to match her lipstick. She is in 4″ red-scarlet fuck-me stilettos, as a result of which she is towering above me by around 2″.

I am tall, at 6’2″ and am not used to women towering over me…

My thoughts meander, looking at her feet. I so want to kneel down and suck her toes one by one, licking them reverentially, knowing that she would be turned on.

She has, as if, read my mind. She is now sitting on the press bench. She lifts her right leg up, slowly, sensuously, luxuriously, her open-toed sandals are now caressing my bulge through my Jockey.

“Yes, I think it is time to take it off. And she slides my Jockey down with her foot, pulling it down till my hard-on, my thick cock standing full mast is in the way….

“Lose it now,” she says.

I do.

Aware that this is the first time I am revealing my young, virgin cock to a grown up woman. No, make it: to a sex goddess.

“Caress it. Stroke it,” she commands softly.

She is watching riveted.

I am awkward, embarrassed —but massively excited. My nipples want to be caressed more than my cock. “May I please not touch myself, yet,” I say.

‘What? Are you shy?” she snaps.

“Um, no, I don’t like to stroke straightaway. I like it to build up.”

Her eyes light up.

“Oh, my, purrrfection,” she smiles. “I too like extended foreplay. That means I could tease you and torment you for hours before I let you get release…before I fuck you…but on that do not be under any illusions, it will be me fucking you: my breasts fucking your mouth, my pussy fucking your cock, my fingers fucking your ass…”

I am excited beyond belief. I like the imagery of her breasts in my mouth, her pussy on my cock, but am not too sure of the fingers in my ass…I am a virgin there too, and don’t intend to lose that virginity.

At least I don’t dream about it.

But her fingers are already playfully caressing my ass, as my manhood throbs wildly…

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