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The phone woke me from a focused stupor as my secretary let me know a call was on the line. Talking to whomever it was on the phone, anyone, would be a welcome relief from reading through the boring minutiae of the commercial pre-lease agreement in my hands.

“Paul Sturner on the phone for you, Max.”

Paul Sturner? Now there was a blast from the past. Paul and I had worked together in the mid 90s when he was still running a large construction concern in midtown.

He’d transferred out to the west coast well over ten years ago and we’d had minimal, though occasional, contact since that time. My curiosity was piqued as I picked up the handset.

“Paul? To whatever do I owe this pleasure?” I inquired.

“Max. Good to hear your voice again too, old friend. How are you?”

I replied and we spent the next few minutes talking small and catching up. Finally our conversation turned to the real reason for his call.

“Max, I’m calling to ask you a favor,” he said.

“Paul, I believe the ledger balance is largely tipped in your direction, so anything I can do for you, just name it,” I replied.

“Well, you may vaguely remember my daughter, Kim. She was probably only 10 or 11 when you met her, but she’s all grown up now, as they tend to do, and she’s going into her last year of architecture grad school at USC. She’s a great kid and a terrific student, but she’s in LA for the summer and having an impossible time finding an internship or summer job in the trade. She’s working, but as a hostess in a restaurant. I really think she needs a little practical exposure to the whole development world and I was hoping I could ask you if you’d let her shadow you for a week in August. No need to pay her and she can stay at our little place on the Upper West Side. But I think she’d benefit greatly from seeing how you do business and how you work with professionals in her field. I know this is a big favor to ask, but…”

“Paul, I’d be happy to help. It would be my pleasure.”

I vaguely remembered meeting Kim and her younger brother at some function or grand opening of some sort, but it was a long time ago; a very hazy memory and a passing nod at best. I recalled that Paul had adopted both of his children and they were of Asian descent; Vietnamese, if my memory served me. But, beyond that, there was little that I remembered.

“I know this is an imposition, Max, but if you could just let her accompany you to a few meetings and visit a few building sites, I think she’d get a good dose of reality from you. And it would get her out of LA and a sort of social rut I think she’s in there. You’d be doing me a great service, Max.”

“Say no more, Paul. Consider it done. Let me check my August and get back to you, or her. I’ll try to find a week I’m here and doing some interesting things. I’m glad you called, really. I’m happy to help.”

We updated contact information and he gave me Kim’s info as well. It was left that she would contact me and we’d make arrangements directly. While I wasn’t sure shadowing me for a week would be all that exciting, there were some interesting projects we were working on and a few meetings she might find interesting.

Our company is a major player in the development and management of some rather large projects in midtown Manhattan and elsewhere, so she would potentially get a very different perspective on the building game and how the design profession factors into the development of commercial projects. And, I most definitely owed Paul from some favors he’d done me well in the past.

The truth is I had always enjoyed being a mentor to younger people on the verge of entering careers related to design, development and construction. At fifty-one, I had spent my entire adult life in the field and had always felt it an honor and an obligation to give back to young people. My marriage, unfortunately, had not survived the time pressures and demands of my work life as I climbed the managerial ladder, but that’s a story for another time. Even as I entered my fifties I loved what I did and it enveloped my life. My work had always been, and still is, the primary soul-satisfying aspect of my life. That said, as a successful bachelor about town, I had never had trouble attracting female companionship when I needed or wanted it. I’m tall, slim, and in good shape with salt and pepper hair that is a little too long. And I will admit to having always been attracted to younger women, especially as I’d aged.

Kim contacted me by email the next day and by then I had found a week that looked promising. She had a very polite, but congenial, writing style and she agreed to the week and left it that she would show up at the office at 9 a.m. that Monday. Little did I realize what lay in store for me.

At the precise time on the pre-arranged date my assistant stepped through my office door and showed Kim the way into my inner sanctum. I’m not sure what I had expected as I rose to come around my desk to meet and greet her, but I wasn’t prepared for the beauty that swept around the door jamb and into my office with a noticeable air of confidence and aplomb. I stuttered as we walked to one another, our hands extended.

“K…Kim?” I stammered as she took my extended hand and squeezed. I’m quite sure I had a glazed look spread across my face.

“Hello, Mr. Stanfield. It’s a pleasure. My father has told me so much about you,” she said with a gorgeous smile. Her handshake told me right off the bat that this was a young woman who knew her way around social circles and was well aware of the power of her considerable beauty.

“The pleasure is all mine. But, please, call me Max. No formalities if we’re going to be spending the next few days together,” I replied, trying to hide my considerable glee at the prospect.

Kim stood about 5′-8″ and had a slender graceful figure. While she was assuredly of Asian descent, there was definitely a mixing of European blood that gave her both an exotic air and a unique beauty. Her hair was jet black and her smooth silken skin had the light bronze quality of Southeast Asia. Her huge eyes were dark and fully showcased the mixed blood of her heritage, a blend of French and Vietnamese, as I came to find out.

She was dressed professionally and conservatively, yet still with a provocative air. I immediately noticed the black high heels – a true weakness of mine – and the perfect cut and fit of her rather tight skirt. The short jacket she wore hid her upper assets, but accentuated her very well-proportioned lower half. She appeared from my first survey to have a modest, yet noticeable, bust. Her stature and posture immediately reminded me of a dancer, which I learned was, in fact, a pastime of hers.

I showed her to a seat across from mine and we chatted for a bit. I gave her a general outline of our schedule during the coming week and explained how I would allow her to shadow me as much as possible, but there were times when I would need to call on an assistant to take the reins or find helpful chores in the office that she might do for us. She was totally accommodating and willing to do whatever we asked; she was just happy and thankful for the opportunity.

Over the next few days we spent quite a bit of time together. The two highlights of the week were a large meeting in the city with a potential partner on a major project in New Jersey and a day trip to Philadelphia to make a presentation to a group of investors for a project on the outskirts of the city. While Kim and I were together doing other things during the week, those two meetings were opportunities for her to really observe and see how I make my living and for us to spend some quality time together.

Each day she would arrive punctually, looking fresh as a daisy. Her wardrobe was perfect for her role, but even her professional work attire did little to hide the wonderful curves of her lithe body. She wore heels every day and besides adding inches to her stature, it clearly enhanced her already considerable sex appeal as well. Even in her tallest heels I still had several inches on her, but I loved the way heels brought her a little closer – almost eye to eye. I felt like, if it ever came to that, our bodies would align perfectly. I did not tire of looking at her or spending time with her. It was truly a delight.

And while she was certainly beautiful, she was clearly very smart as well. She spoke eloquently, listened attentively, and asked extremely intelligent and probing questions. She also had a very witty sense of humor; another weakness of mine when it comes to women. And, most impressively, she wasn’t just on cruise control for a week with one of her father’s old colleagues; she was taking advantage of the opportunity and soaking it all in.

She certainly turned heads at our Tuesday meeting. I introduced her as the daughter of an old and dear friend, there to shadow and observe. But as the meeting progressed, I could see several of the men around the conference room table stealing glances at her. I think she rather enjoyed the attention, but she also seemed to be engaged in the tenor of the meeting and the negotiations that were taking place. The main partner tried to engage Kim in the conversation, just because I think he wanted a chance to look at her and hear her speak. She was demur under the circumstances, but knew exactly how to respond, how to play her role as a shadow and remain in the background.

As we left the building I chided her.

“Well, if I’d known you were going to be such a distraction to all the guys around that table, I’m not sure I would have brought you,” I teased.

“I’m sorry,” she said sheepishly, but with a coy smile.

“Hey, listen, Kim. You have a power in your beauty. As long as you couple that with smarts and experience, your potential knows no bounds. You would have had those guys eating out of your hands, if need be. But always work from a point of knowing what you’re talking about and use your beauty as reinforcement; don’t fall into the trap of using it to cover a lack of hard work or understanding the subject at hand.”

“Good advice, Max. Thank you. I’ll remember that.”

I had no doubt she would.

On Wednesday we took a day trip down to Philly for a presentation. We took the Acela train and relaxed comfortably on the ride down. It finally gave me a chance to find out more about her. She had done her undergraduate degree at Brown and then had taken a year off to travel to Southeast Asia in search of her roots. It was there that she had developed an interest in architecture and become inspired to follow this new found passion into a career. She was two years into the program and had one more year to go.

She told me how much she was enjoying her stay in New York; not only spending the days with me, but seeing old college friends in the evenings. She commented on how different New York was from Los Angeles and alluded to the fact that her father had been insistent that she make this trip.

Kim was a very tactile person and loved to touch as she talked, to make a point or draw your attention to something. I loved the way her touch would linger on my upper arm or elbow. And rather than just pull her fingers back, she’d let them graze down and away, maximizing the touch and the sensation. Her sensual touch had my imagination running wild.

She also had a mesmerizing way of whispering in my ear, in a way that made you feel like you were being taken into her confidence and told something secret and special. Her breathy voice and her closeness as she whispered sometimes overshadowed what she was actually saying. It wasn’t so much what she was saying, it was the way she was saying it, inches from my ear, that riveted my attention.

I certainly found myself fantasizing about her: what she must be like in bed; what she would look like naked; what kinds of sounds she would make when she was aroused and approaching orgasm. She was a true flirt and knew just how to look at me with an expression that mixed humor, intelligence and blatant sexuality that made me want to melt. She was less than half my age, but was drawing me into the sensuality of her orbit with each passing day. And from what I could see she had this same effect on every male, and female, we came in contact with over the course of those several days.

Our trip to Philly was a wonderful day. The presentation went very well – I was well-prepared – and, once again, Kim was the subtle focus of several of the gentlemen and one rather attractive woman sitting around the table. While Kim didn’t have much to say that day, she was attentive and sat absorbing the situation like a sponge. I must admit, I was proud to have her by my side that day and we walked out of the presentation with a spring in our steps.

“Oh, Max, that was fascinating. Thank you for bringing me along,” she chirped as we left the offices and headed for the train station and the journey back to New York.

“My pleasure, Kim. I would have done this alone, if you weren’t here. But it’s nice to have the company, I must confess,” I said.

She touched my arm the way she did and smiled. I noticed the stares and looks she received as we wended our way through the 30th Street Station. I think beautiful women are often oblivious to the looks they receive; perhaps a built-in defense mechanism developed over the years. Kim didn’t seem to notice, or didn’t let on, but I did.

The train trip back was uneventful, but pleasant. At one point Kim, seated at the window, put her hand on my leg to indicate she needed to visit the lavatory. I loved how she leaned her weight on me mid-thigh to get past me, her hand only inches from my cock. I watched her sashay down the aisle, as did several other admirers. I felt pretty damn lucky to have her traveling with me.

We spent part of Thursday together, but I let one of my assistants take her to a job site during the afternoon. She poked her head into my office toward the end of the day and seemed to have something on her mind.

“Max, I don’t know how to thank you for this week. It’s really been wonderful. I was wondering if, as a small token of my appreciation, you might consider having dinner with me tomorrow night?”

I felt my heart leap and the blood flow at the mere idea of having some time outside business hours with this lovely young lady. I acceded and asked her where I could meet her.

“Well, actually, I was thinking of eating in. Why don’t you let me take care of everything? You just show up at 7:30 and leave everything in my hands,” she said with what I perceived as a very sexual overtone.

How could I argue with that? She gave me an address on the Upper West Side, a number that indicated her father’s “pied-a-terre” was only steps off of Central Park. I smiled and thanked her and, just as she turned to go, I added one additional comment.

“Kim, we do sort of acknowledge Casual Friday around here, so you can wear slacks tomorrow. If you want to,” I added.

She grinned and nodded.

“Well, I’ll do that then. See you tomorrow, Max,” she said with a flourish as she turned and sauntered back into the office. I admired the rear view and her sexy walk. My thoughts turned to what might lay in store the following evening.

Kim showed up the next morning, her last, in a pair of the tightest black silk pants I think I’d ever seen. They had little zippers from the bottom up about 10 inches along the outside of her calf and were accented by a pair of strappy black heels. Her top was only a tee shirt, but it fit so nicely and showed off her slender physique. I wasn’t the only one ogling her during the day. But all I could think of was that I was the lucky one who was going to be joining her for dinner that very evening. We smiled at one another knowingly several times during the day. I’m not sure she was having the same thoughts I was, but I liked to think I’m a pretty good judge of the opposite sex and I was getting a vibe from Kim that showed great promise for the evening about to unfold.

She poked her head around the corner of my open door toward the end of the day and smiled.

“I’m not going to thank you now,” she cooed. “I’ll do that later. See you at 7:30, Max.”

“Anything I can bring, Kim?”

“Just yourself, Max. I’ve got it covered,” she said jauntily.

“I bet you do. See you later.”

She gave me a quick smile, flipped her long gorgeous locks over her shoulder and strode out of my office, knowing full well that I was watching her from behind. I was sad that our short week had come to an end; who knows when I’d cross paths with her again? But I smiled at the evening that lay just ahead.

I went home a little earlier than I might on a Friday night, showered, shaved, and changed into some casual clothes: a pair of black silk slacks and a very nice indigo blue shirt. I ran a comb through my long graying hair, spritzed on a dash of cologne and was ready to go. Her place was a good cab ride from my digs in the West Village, but the ride gave me a little time to collect my thoughts. I smiled to myself as I hopped out of the cab and looked at the lovely pre-war structure into which I was headed. Not bad digs for a guy who was only in New York City for business once every two months or so. Obviously Kim was living in style, but the notion somehow fit her.

I got off the elevator, full of anticipation, walked down the plush dimly lit hall to her door and knocked softly. A few seconds later the door opened and there she stood: a total study in innocent beauty. She looked absolutely radiant in a short, but flowing dress of purple silk and the tallest pair of heels I think I had ever seen. I noted the thin black strap that surrounded her ankles and smiled contentedly. Obviously, we were not going out anytime soon; these were heels designed for show, not for moving about in public. I just stood there for a moment with a stupid grin on my face, smiling at her. I was dumbstruck.

“Wow,” was all I could mumble. “You look exquisite, Kim. Truly,” I added as I crossed the threshold and handed her a lovely bouquet of flowers and an expensive Bordeaux.

“Max, I said you didn’t need to bring anything,” she said with an enormous smile; obviously pleased that I had ignored her request.

“I hate to show up empty-handed,” I stated emphatically.

“Well, thank you. Come on in,” she said, as she shut the door with a thick clunk of quality construction. She gave me a very nice, but softly polite, hug and the lovely floral scent of her perfume permeated my brain cells.

The apartment was a small one bedroom place, but totally tripped out. A high-end designer had most definitely been involved. The space had a minimalist feel, but screamed money at the same time. My attention was drawn to a killer view of the park though the French doors. The lighting was subdued, candles were lit everywhere, and soft music drifted coolly from hidden speakers. I wasn’t sure what she had in store, but I felt like a plan was in place and I just needed to take my cues from her.

“I hope you like sushi,” she said, more of a statement than a question, but my nod made her smile.

She strode into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase and I watched her rear view. Kim had an absolutely intoxicating walk; her whole body moved and flowed in one sensual wave of motion; her hips seeming to tie everything together.

While the dress was tight on top with thin spaghetti straps resting on her delicate shoulders, the lower half hung and swayed in a lovely testament to the body hinted at, but hidden below. Her long black hair was up in a casual knot and this hair style accentuated her graceful neck and the lovely hoop earrings that dangled from her pert little ears. Her breasts, though small, seemed perfectly cradled in the bodice of the dress, the tops of her bosom looking soft and inviting. I could barely make out the subtle poke of her delicate nipples, slightly upturned and barely encased in the thin silk bodice.

“Max, would you mind opening a bottle of champagne? I thought we might have a little cheese out on the balcony and sip some bubbly.”

She stood close by, two flutes in hand, as I deftly popped the cork and we both watched the little whiff of smoke waft from the top. As the emerging cork made a thudding pop, we both laughed.

“Oh my. I love the sound of champagne being opened,” she said with a smile in her voice. “Very sensual,” she added softly.

“Indeed it is, especially in such a lovely setting,” I continued, “and with such a beautiful lady.” I poured the effervescent liquid into our glasses, first one, then the other. She handed me one and smiled, a look of lust and allure fleeting across her expressive face. I got lost in the dark pools of her eyes as she lifted her flute toward mine.

“To a wonderful week and a new friendship,” she toasted. “Thank you for everything, Max.”

I raised my glass and we clinked softly, then sipped our first taste as we looked at one another over the rims of our flutes. The champagne tasted crisp and flinty and seemed the perfect beverage for the moment.

“Let’s go out on the balcony, Max. I think you’ll like the view.”

I knew I was going to like the view and the hot August night air mixed well with the tangy bubble of the wine. The sun was at a deep slant and bathed the late summer green of the park in a thick amber light. Our perch on the nineteenth floor made it feel like we were on top of the world. The unit was on the southeast corner of the building and felt like our own private aerie. We walked to the corner of the balcony, larger than one might think based on the size of the apartment, and stood, leaning against the solid brick railing.

Kim’s skin glowed in the warm evening light and I surveyed her body subtly as we talked and drank. The thin silk of her dress lay against her body as she leaned back against the wall. I couldn’t help but notice the lovely rise of her mons as the silk caressed her stomach and thighs and draped itself lovingly over her beautiful mound. I tried not to stare, but I could swear I saw the subtle outline of her labia under the purple silk. She didn’t seem to mind my perusal of her assets; in fact she appeared to glory in the attention.

We talked in generalities about life, steering the conversation away from work and the prior week. Perhaps it was the effect of the champagne or the swirling magic of the hot summer evening, but our talk began to drift in a more personal direction. My next question may have had something to do with that.

“So, Kim, do you have anybody special waiting for you at home?” I inquired in a not so subtle manner. She smiled slightly before answering.


“Tell me about him,” I requested. She lowered her glass and looked me straight in the eye.

“What makes you think it’s a him? And why do you assume it’s only one person?”

I recouped from my blunder as quickly and smoothly as I could.

“Sorry. Bad assumption. Tell me about him/her/they,” I smiled, as did she.

“Well, I do have a male friend. He’s an artist; early forties; Spanish, who I’ve been seeing for awhile. He’s got friends, men and women, who are a part of our group. His name is Alberto.” She paused for effect. “And then I have a girlfriend, a lover, who is an aspiring actor, my age, Danish, very lovely,” she paused. “You’d like her,” she ascertained with a glint in her eye. “Her name is Inga.”

“I see,” I said coolly as if this is the sort of thing I heard every day of the week. Kim looked at me as if she needed to clear the air.

“Look, Max, I’m very bi, as you may have gathered, and so are my friends. And that leads to, well, all sorts of interesting combinations and adventures. You might say I like,” she paused again, “variety.”

She smiled at me sensually as she peered over the rim of her flute and took another sip. Our glasses were almost empty, yet again, and I grabbed the bottle to refill. The champagne seemed to be fueling our conversation in a very interesting direction.

“And what about you, Max? I’m sure an eligible man of your good looks and position has no problem attracting women. Or men? Maybe I shouldn’t make assumptions either?” she laughed.

“No, I’m hetero through and through, I’m afraid. And a one woman guy; kind of boring I guess.”

“I don’t think you’re boring, Max,” she said in almost a whisper.

“Let’s just say that since my divorce I’ve played the field and like it that way. I’ve got many ‘friends with benefits’, you might say, to quote an overused phrase.”

“Oh, I like benefits,” she laughed. “All kinds.”

Emboldened by the alcohol and the turn in the conversation I continued to leer at Kim’s beautiful face and body. While she had looked great all week, tonight she had a deepening air of sensuality in both her dress and dialogue. I was finding the whole situation incredibly arousing. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the gentle uplift of her breasts or the lovely curve of her hips or the gentle protrusion of her mound. I could feel myself thickening as we spoke, but did nothing to hide my own excitement. Kim seemed to be scanning my body as we spoke as well; we were like a mutual admiration society.

“So,” she said, ready to pose a question. “You like the view?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied. “I’ve never seen Central Park from this angle. It’s extraordinary.”

Kim smiled.

“You’re a funny man. It didn’t seem like you’d even noticed the park. I thought you’d been looking at me.”

“Well, yes, that too. You look very lovely tonight, Kim. You’re an extremely beautiful woman. It’s hard not to stare,” I said, rather sheepishly.

“Yes, I noticed the hard part. Thank you. I’ll take that,” she said with emphasis, looking down at my crotch, “as a compliment.” She was grinning from ear to ear.

“I was also admiring your dress, in fact. It’s exquisite.”

“Why thank you. I designed and made this myself, you know.”

“Really?” I said, expressing true surprise. It gave me an opportunity to look at it, and her, unabashedly; my eyes once again drinking in her lithe shape and sensuous curves. This was one seriously gorgeous woman. She moved away from the wall and spun in a slow circle, allowing me to soak in this vision of loveliness.

“Yes. I wanted something appropriate for a really hot summer night; when it’s far too hot to wear much more than a dress,” she said coolly and seductively, leveling me with her intense gaze. I looked her over again with even more interest, if that was possible.

“You mean that’s all you’re wearing?” I blurted out, sounding more like a teenager in heat than a sophisticated gentleman.

“Of course, not, silly. I’m wearing heels also. And earrings,” she added, tilting her head to let them dangle.

I scanned her body again, totally not caring that she watched as my eyes undressed her. She looked back, bemused by the attention. My eyes came to rest on the lovely apex of where her thighs and belly met in a soft barely hidden mound of delight. I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say, but I knew that Kim was watching my own excitement grow.

“Well, that dress clings to you very nicely, Kim.”

“I’m so glad you like it,” she said in a purr. “You know I feel like a simple sushi dinner is really not enough of a thank you for the incredible experience you’ve given me this week. I’m thinking about what else I could give you,” she said with a quizzical look.

I waited for her to continue.

“I was thinking that I could,” she hesitated, “take you bowling?”

Her eyes crinkled in a smile.

“As long as you were wearing that dress, bowling would be fine. I don’t think they’ll allow those heels on the lanes though,” I added.

“Hmm. You’re probably right,” she pondered with her finger tapping her lips in deep thought.

“Karaoke?” she continued.

“You know, given the way you’re dressed, wouldn’t it make more sense to stay in tonight? Don’t you have some board games of some sort we could play or a jigsaw puzzle?” I said, taking the joke for a ride.

“I know,” she said with a broad grin spreading across her face. She put her flute down and sauntered over to me ever so slowly, touching my chest lightly as she leaned into to whisper something intimate in my ear. God, I loved how she touched and whispered.

“I could give you the best blowjob of your life, Max. How about that?” she queried, her other hand gently palming the prominent bulge now clearly defined in my slacks. “In fact, I think I should get out of this dress to do it. Don’t you? It could get kind of messy,” she whispered and teased.

She pulled back a little, turned, and asked me to unzip her dress. I did so, ever so slowly unveiling the long sleek lines of her finely sculpted back. She looked over her shoulder with a ‘come hither’ look and told me to follow her. I placed my empty glass on the table next to hers and followed her across the balcony and back inside. As she crossed the threshold and entered the living room, the straps fell off her shoulders and the silk dress fell in one graceful droop down her body and onto the floor as she stepped out of it and kept walking. She was now naked, except for her heels, and her slender body was everything I had expected. She looked over her shoulder as she continued toward the bedroom, me following like a lost puppy dog.

There was soft music playing and candles that she must have lit before I arrived flickering in the fading light. She walked over to stand between the bed and a huge mirror and turned to face me. I stopped in my tracks, a few steps away, to take in this vision of loveliness. Her small breasts sat high on her chest, in perfect proportion to her exquisite form; their lovely shape highlighted by two small dark nipples that pointed slightly up and away, so pert and fully erect. She had a small tuft of delicate pussy hair, neatly trimmed and very fine.

I whistled under my breath as I took her in, a beautiful vision standing naked before me.

“My God, Kim. You’re lovely,” I managed to stammer.

“Come here, Max,” she implored, pointing to where she wanted me to stand. I realized as I arrived in the chosen spot that our profiles were both reflected in the full-length mirror. I smiled.

“Dad’s a little kinky, don’t you think?” she laughed.

“Indeed he is. Thank God,” I added, as Kim began to undress me slowly. I let her unbutton my shirt and slide it off as I just gazed at the wonder of what was happening. I caressed her face and hair as she unbuckled me, slid my zipper down carefully, and hooked her thumbs into my waistband to lower my trousers and boxers all in one move. I stepped out of them and she tossed them to the side as she knelt before me and looked up at me with her dark brown adoring eyes.

“Oh, Max. It’s magnificent,” she said, as she placed her hands on the front of my thighs and looked at the raging erection now bobbing rigidly just inches from her face. “Oh, baby, we’re gonna have some fun tonight,” she cooed quietly from below.

And then she proceeded to do something so simple, yet something I’m not sure I’d ever experienced in all the oral sex I’ve enjoyed over the years. Her hands slid up my thighs and came together slowly and gently to cup and cradle my balls, almost as if she was taking my cock as an offering. And as she applied just the right amount of pressure, encasing my testicles in the curved palms of her hands, she brought her open mouth over the head of my cock and began to slide the first two inches into her mouth. I’m not sure I’d ever felt such a sensation as she squeezed my balls with just the right amount of pressure and sucked my cock with her warm velvet mouth. It was completely submissive and sexy as hell. I groaned loudly as she began to bob in a long slow rhythm, taking a little more of me with each descent. I felt her tongue swirling back and forth on the sensitive ridge just under the head.

‘Oh, Kim,” I moaned. “That feels so good, baby.”

She pulled off for just a second.

“Better than bowling?” she joked before inhaling me again.

“Fuck, yes,” was all I could say in reply.

She used her cupped hands to pull on my balls and, thus, my cock slipped slowly between her warm wet lips. She worked into a steady rhythm and I watched in awe as more and more of my rock hard shaft descended deeper and deeper into her hungry mouth. She was now making moaning noises and sucking with as much saliva as she could muster.

While oral sex at this point in the game is often a prelude to other events, I could tell that this blowjob was a work of art and that I should see it through to completion. She obviously had no intention of stopping and seemed to be totally lost in the moment, as was I. She hesitated for just a second, letting my cock pop out of her mouth.

“I love sucking your cock, Max. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you; drink you,” she crooned so seductively as she inhaled my cock again and began to suck me with an earnestness and intensity that told me we were going for climax now.

They say that blowjobs are more about attitude than technique, but Kim was combining both in equal measure and I felt an orgasm begin to build deep in my core. I wanted to freeze this moment, to enjoy it forever, because I could feel my seed girding up for an eruption to end all. I looked sideways in the mirror and loved the view of our bodies in profile: me crouched slightly to deliver my cock to her; her kneeling and sucking like there was no tomorrow. Such a lovely sight.

I placed my hand lightly on her head, feeling the fine smooth texture of her hair and the motion of her skull as she took me in, all of me, and gagged on my girth. But this didn’t stop her; it just spurred her on for more, as my body froze and I looked down at Kim’s face, absorbing the entire length and breadth of my cock. I felt the first jolt of my climax wash up through me like a volcanic eruption.

The head of my cock was banging off the back of her throat as I emptied a huge load of cum in her head, filling her mouth with a series of steady spurts. This elicited a loud unearthly moan; a sound that I don’t think I’d ever made before. I didn’t know where it came from. But I stared at her in awe as I felt my semen squirt and pulse in waves of ecstasy, emptying into Kim’s hungry mouth.

Kim slowly withdrew once I’d stopped spasming and as her mouth disengaged from my still pulsing cock, she let out a dribble of thick white cum, allowing it to drool back onto the top of my shaft. She used her tongue to sweep up and back along the length several times, licking up every drop of cream until my cock throbbed and glistened in the afterglow of one of the best blowjobs I could ever remember.

“My, God, Kim. You weren’t kidding,” I stammered.

“Oh, I never kid, Max. Not about something like that,” she added. “Think of it as a little thank you suck.”

“Unbelievable. Do you want to shadow me next week? Or the week after that?” I joked, only half kidding.

I helped Kim up to her feet and wrapped my arms around her. She came in close and we kissed deeply. I could taste the remains of my semen, but it was sort of a turn-on, in a way. Our tongues darted and played as my hands slid up and down Kim’s backside, enjoying the feel of her smooth slender body.

“Mmm. I like a man who isn’t afraid to taste his own cum. That’s sexy, Max.”

“Well, how about this Kim? How about you lay back and I’ll return the favor?”

“You want to eat me, Max? You want to taste my pussy?”

That was a question that needed no answer. I watched as Kim walked several steps to the bed and layed down with her back and ass on the edge of the bed and her feet on the floor. She looked at me with sultry eyes as she spread her legs, ever so slowly, and placed both hands on her upper thighs, framing the view of the sweetest pussy I’d ever seen. While she had a little tuft of finely trimmed pubic hair, her lips were smooth and very delicate. The black hair of her pubes contrasted nicely with the glistening tender pink slit of her cunt. I grabbed a pillow, threw it on the floor between her legs and kneeled down for an appetizer. Who needed sushi?

“Oh, Kim. What a glorious sight, baby,” I opined.

I could see her hips undulating in a subtle sway and her hands moved about her thighs, creating an enticing display of flesh. Her lips were open and inviting, a lovely pink color and glistening with arousal. She looked at me with a dirty sultry expression; a look begging for a response. But I wasn’t quite sure I was ready to dive in. I wanted to make her wait and want. I needed to take control of the situation.

As she began to lightly touch her clit and moan, I stood tall between her legs, looking down and admiring the view in my own semi-flaccid state. I leaned over, placed my hands on either side of her shoulders and descended to her ear.

“I’m going to eat that lovely pussy, Kim, but I’m going to work my way down from up here,” I whispered, “slowly.”

“Mmmmm,” was her response as I nibbled on her ear and began to gradually work my way down her neck, kissing and nuzzling just below her taut jaw line. I could hear her breathing thicken as I descended toward her upper chest, headed for her tight hard nipples. I pushed up so my face was a few inches above her and blew softly on her protruding breasts. Her nipples strained skyward, begging to be sucked, her body moving with a feline grace like a cat in heat. As I blew on her puckered tips I could feel her body straining to reach my mouth, her nipples needing contact.

But I teased her, breathing on them, blowing softly on them, kissing all around them, until I could feel her back arching. I lowered my open mouth over her distended left nipple, encircling her areola with my lips. I didn’t move for a minute, just sucked ever so slightly, until the flat of my tongue swirled in a lush circle around her rigid tip.

“Oh, fuck!” Kim said loudly. “Suck my nipples, Max. Please, baby. Suck them,” she begged. “Oh God, suck them, Max,” she pleaded as she arched her chest forward to meet me.

I would, but not quite yet; not until I was ready and had her absolutely squirming. That didn’t take long. She had extremely sensitive nipples and I was truly enjoying her reaction to my oral ministrations. I covered her small perfectly formed breasts with saliva, moaning as I sucked and using my mouth for maximum effect.

“Oh, God, Max. I love having my nipples sucked. Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

After a period of intense sucking, I’d stop and pull back to flail her fully distended nipple with the tip of my tongue or switch to the other nipple, dividing my time equally between her lovely tits. There was a direct connection between her breasts and her pussy, as her hips moved and undulated to an unheard rhythm.

But this was just a stop along the way, as I’d told her. So I left my fingers behind to play with her saliva soaked nipples as I headed south, slowly kissing my way across her belly, descending back to my knees between her legs, getting ready to taste and suck her. She put her hands on my head and pushed me down, anxious for me to arrive and apply the same mouth action to her clit that I’d utilized on her nipples.

“What would you like, Kim?” I inquired, knowing full well what her answer would be.

“Oh, Max, suck my pussy, baby. Please. Eat me. Fuck. Suck me. Hurry,” she said with some sexual desperation in her voice. I pulled my hands down from her breasts and she replaced them with her own, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples as I readied to devour her cunt. I placed my hands on the inside of her open thighs and pulled apart her already gaping sex. I looked at this gorgeous creature, her pussy practically throbbing with anticipation; wet with the copious fluids of her excitement.

“You’re very beautiful, Kim. Very. I want to taste you; to eat you,” I teased her, unmercifully.

“Oh, God, Max. Suck me. Now! Hurry!” she begged as she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to lick her gaping pink slit. I hunkered down low, placed the flat of my tongue on her perineum, and ascended the length of her fleshy groove in one long slow stroke of tongue on lips, dipping the tip of my tongue in as I passed by her deepest opening.

“Ohhhhh, fuck,” Kim implored.

My lick ended at her clit, and I lay my flattened tongue on her little rosebud and applied pressure, barely moving my tongue back and forth; feeling her respond to the slightest hint of pressure or change in motion. Her fingernails dug into my head as I began to circle her throbbing clit with the tip of my tongue, twirling in an ever closing circle around her pearl of pleasure. I could feel her hips moving and humping to meet my mouth, so hungry for my suck.

I alternated between a swirling or flicking tongue and pulling her tender clit in between my lips to suck. She seemed to love the variation in my technique, so I kept focusing on and increasing the little subtle moves that seemed to cause her body to jerk suddenly or brought forth an involuntary moan. We got into a nice rhythm as she humped her hips to an inner beat and I delved deeply between her fleshy labia with long twirls of my tongue.

My mind flashed to the week just ended and our various interchanges and client visits. Little had I thought as I had ogled Kim’s body all week long, that my fantasies would actually come true and I’d be devouring her sweet pussy and eliciting such sensual verbal and physical responses. She tasted divine, a mix of hot tang and musky juice. The scent of her arousal mingled with a delicate floral scent she must have sprayed between her legs earlier in the evening while she was getting ready. It turned me on to know that she had planned this interlude all along. I felt my cock begin to stir again; drained from Kim’s blowjob, but showing signs of life. I moaned deep into her juicy hole and swirled my tongue through her hot lippy flesh.

And something told me, a little voice inside my head, to keep going; that this also wasn’t a stepping stone to fucking, but an end play all its own. I could tell, clearly, that she was really digging this, as was I. I doubled down with focus and every technique I knew, but mostly, I just lost myself in her glorious pussy and let my enjoyment show.

I felt Kim’s body respond in stages, plateaus, almost. I won’t even try to describe in writing the sounds and words and verbal outbursts that resulted from my oral play. These were accompanied by her body language, which told me in no uncertain terms that she was getting close, very close, to orgasm. I found a rhythm and a groove and her spot and I just went for it, feeling her climax approaching as her body tensed and her breathing became erratic.

And then, it happened – she came – and almost violently. Her body shook in arrhythmic spasms, her voice screamed in concert and her thighs tightened around my head in a vice-like grip; almost drowning and suffocating me at the same time. I sucked her through the heart of her climax, then slowly backed off, taking cues from her recoiling body and soft breathing.

“Ohhhh, fuck. That was magnificent. Oh man. Oh Max.”

“Just returning the favor, Kim. Tit for tat, so to speak,” I replied.

“Well, fuck. That’s all I can say,” she stated as she wiped her brow and looked down at my face, glistening with her juices. She smiled and caressed my face. “Thank you,” she reiterated. “Whatever will we do for an encore?” she questioned, knowing full well we were barely started.

I crawled up on the bed with her and brought her into my arms. She didn’t exactly seem like the snuggling type, but, in fact, she was. She nestled into my arms and we wrapped our limbs together in a human pretzel; my hand gliding over her smooth silken skin. We were in no hurry, now that we weren’t going out bowling. We joked and talked and we, both, well, especially me, regained our strength and fluids. We were going to have to eat soon, if we were going to keep up this pace. But, for the moment, neither of us had any interest in anything other than ourselves.

Before long our talk became racy, our hands began to wander further afield, and we kissed. It was a gentle kiss at first, but it became more and more intense as our blood began to flow again and another round of lovemaking seemed the most logical thing in the world. Kim’s hand wandered down to my stiffening cock and urged it back to full strength. With my rigid dick in her hand, she leaned into my ear.

“You know, Max. I hate to break the mood, but why don’t we take a quick break to eat. I’m starving; I bet you are too. We’ll hold this thought,” she said, lightly stroking my cock, “and start up where we left off. What do you say?”

My stomach was growling and I bounded out of bed in response. We padded into the kitchen, totally naked. Her cute little ass cheeks twitched so tightly as she led the way; my rejuvenated erection bobbing in time as I followed her lovely naked body into the kitchen.

She had a wonderful array of sushi laid out on the counter and an ice bucket with a nice chilled bottle of white wine already uncorked. It went without saying that this was going to be a stand-up meal. I had to grin as we stood there, leaning against the counter, munching sushi, totally naked. We could have just as easily been standing there fully-clothed, eating our meal and drinking our wine at a casual social affair. But we were naked and with her free hand Kim was casually stroking my thickened cock.

The meal was excellent, but I couldn’t keep my hands off this young lady. Her skin was like silk and her body, except for her glorious mane and the tiny soft tuft on her mound, was completely hairless. It was one of the more bizarre meals I had ever had – eating, drinking, being naked, stroking, touching.

“So are you going to come visit me in LA someday, Max?” Kim asked as she lightly handled my manhood. “I could introduce you to Inga,” she said with a knowing smile. “I think you’d like her, Max. And I know she’d like you,” she cooed, as she palmed by dick from underneath, slowly twisting her soft hand. She was driving me crazy.

“Well, I can always find an excuse for heading out to the west coast,” I replied. “Research. I think I need to do a little research out there,” I said, smiling coolly.

Kim had finished eating, as had I, and her attention was returning to the hard meat she was holding in her hand. She began to use both hands, one cupping my balls, the other massaging and handling me with a perfect touch. I was rock hard and ready to go.

“So, are you going to put this inside me?” she queried as she stroked and squeezed it with just the right amount of pressure. “Are you going to fuck me, Max? With your big hard fucking cock? Hmm? Are you?”

“Oh, Kim. You say the sweetest things,” I chided. “But if you insist, I am pleased to be of service to the lady,” I replied.

She laughed and began to pull me, cock first, back toward the bedroom. She led us right to the mirror and stood facing it, pulling my arms around either side of her so we were facing the mirror, me standing behind. It was an incredible vision. Her breasts looked so perfect in the soft candlelight and the tight little fleshy vee of her pussy was absolutely irresistible. We watched as my hands skated over her body, caressing her upturned nipples and delving down into the slick wet folds of her pubis. She pressed her ass back against me, groaning ever so slightly, feeling my thickness pressed against her lower back.

My middle finger slid into the top of her groove as we watched and I found her clit, hidden but open to my slick digit. She spread her legs, just a little, just enough to let me slip all the way down and curl up inside her snug little hole. Oh my, she was a tight little girl, and a teaser. She was playing me to the max – and I loved it. I pulled my hands away and pushed her forward slightly, letting my hands slide between us, each one cupping the round fleshy bubble of a cheek. She felt, and watched, as I spread her cheeks and slid my pulsing cock up and down between the cleft of her protruding butt.

“Oh, fuck, Max. Are you ready to fuck me now? Because I need it. Now. I need you, baby. Inside me.”

A lady in need? How could I refuse? Kim was a dirty talker. She wanted to hear it back.

“You need this, Kim?” I said, as I pressed my hot meat against her. I could feel her hand reaching between her legs to grab me; not so gentle now; more needy and desperate as she tugged at my length. “Do you need some hard cock in your tight little pussy hole? You need to be filled with dick? Hmm? Do you?” I asked, demanded, as I pressed my thick flesh against her smooth slender body. I know it was completely delusional, but at that moment my cock felt so huge and threatening against her slight frame.

I watched in awe as she leaned forward, placing her palms on the large mirror a few feet in front of her, and arched her back to raise her ass up toward my throbbing manhood. Good God, the view she presented was out of a high quality porn film – the light, the music, the atmosphere, the mirror and, most of all, her exquisite body and sexy face. I could tell she was going to say something as she presented her fine ass to me and turned to look at me over her shoulder.

“Fuck me,” was all she said. “Now,” she demanded.

Simple enough. I could do that. With pleasure.

She continued to stroke me in earnest with one hand while supporting herself against the mirror with the other. She grabbed my bobbing erection and pulled it toward her dripping flesh. I let her show me the way. I reared back and enjoyed the view in the mirror – my sweet young shadow, ready to be fucked standing up while we watched. She was going to want it hard; I could tell.

She guided the throbbing helmet of my head to her opening. And when I felt her let go, and knew I was right where I needed to be, I pushed. And I felt her body yield and a flush of feelings ripped through both our bodies and minds. As I pressed in just the first inch, she groaned and swore. Oh my, she was so ready for cock, so ready for a good deep fuck.

“Oh, God, Max. Shove it in me. I need it. Fuck!” she groaned as I leaned back and grabbed her hips, bending my knees slightly so I was coming into her tight hole straight and true.

I pushed, she groaned loudly, and pressed back to receive me. Over the next minute we pushed and pulled, inch by inch, sliding my thick and totally rigid dick into her slippery snug hole. She was really tight, and while I’m not that big, a little above average, I looked like a giant next to her petite brown body. She spread her legs a bit more, leaned forward and opened herself up to me as much as she could.

And as we watched in the mirror, like we were watching other people, I felt her yield and open and my cock slid all the way into her, bottoming out. I felt my pubic bone grinding against her ass. We both gasped at the same moment, knowing that I was home, all the way in. Now I could withdraw and then sink right back to where I was right now. I leaned back and pulled out almost all the way. Then I grasped her slender hips tight, looked down at my cock, only the tip still engaged in her tight little pussy, and fucking slammed it home.

She screamed, a good scream, a scream of fulfillment and ecstasy and deep cock. And I began to fuck her in long steady strokes, still holding back from full thrusting. I watched in the mirror as her long dark hair swung freely on one side of her slightly upturned face; her eyes closed and her mouth open in a silent scream. I alternated between watching her directly and watching our reflections. With each thrust I re-entered her petite box a little harder and a little deeper. Out concurrent groans were coupled with that lovely fleshy smacking sound of male hips and female ass. My cock was sheathed in her dripping cunt, so warm and welcoming as she greeted each new thrust with a backward arc of her own.

Suddenly I felt an overwhelming urge to turn her around, to face her, to look into her eyes as I fucked her. So I pulled out unexpectedly, dragged her backwards and onto the bed, both of us falling together. She was desperate to have me inside her again, so we wasted no time as she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and brought me back into the fold. With one long deep thrust I sunk back into her sex as we groaned in unison and in agreement.

I propped myself up on my elbows and knees, so I could look at her pretty face, awash in desire and lust. We found one another’s mouth and kissed; a wet sloppy kiss; a mélange of saliva, lips and tongue. The wet sloppy sound of our bodies joining was intermingled with a cacophony of grunts and groans.

Kim wrapped her legs around me tightly and I pushed up to get just the right angle. We stopped kissing and just looked into one another’s eyes as I penetrated her deeply in a pounding union of hard and soft flesh. We built up a lovely rhythm and our movements and excitement began to reach a crescendo. I could feel Kim’s need and I tried to reach back and push ever deeper; trying to express with my body what was rumbling in uncontrollable waves through my brain.

And just when it felt like we couldn’t go any harder or deeper, we reached a plateau where all the senses converged in a raucous collision of desire and I felt an orgasm girding up so fucking deep in my loins.

And then it came; I came; we came. I emptied myself into Kim, spurt after powerful spurt erupting so deep inside her body. And as my cock pulsed and spewed, I felt Kim’s pussy spasm and clench my dick in a pumping vice. I heard voices, hers, mine, ours, cry out in wails of ecstasy as sweat poured from our bodies and hearts beat madly in time. I collapsed on her, still in her. I could feel her body let go, relax, as our fluids oozed out of our union and greased my retreat as I gently pulled out.

“Holy shit, Kim. I think I feel officially thanked now. You can skip the bowling.”

“Oh really?” she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “I was hoping I could thank you at least once or twice more tonight. Are you in a rush or something?”

I laughed and curled up next to her, pulling her lithe smooth body against mine. Our bodies seemed made to be intertwined. Her legs wrapped in mine felt like the most natural thing in the world. I nuzzled into her neck, smelling the heady mix of her sweet perfume and the musky undertone of her sex.

“I’m not rushing anywhere, actually. I was hoping to see the view at sunrise, in fact. Unless you have other plans?”

“None, Max. None. Stay right here. Right now.”

We wrapped our arms around one another and dozed off, girding our strength for the night, and the morning, to come.

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