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Gail Davis watched the young man, perhaps in his mid-to-late twenties, climb out of his sports car and walk towards the office of her small real estate business in rural New Jersey. As she did so, Gail began to feel an immediate moistness between her legs. Not much older than my oldest daughter, she thought, eyeing him through the tinted window, feeling her nipples stiffen through the confines of her half-bra and cotton blouse. Other than her frequent masturbation sessions, her nipples hadn’t been this hard in far too long.

He was cute, there was no doubt about that, but it was more than that. Gail was terminally horny recently, having not had any sex, by choice, in well over a year. Nature’s needs were screaming in Gail’s ears lately. Perhaps it was time to re-examine her choices.

She glanced at her watch. Five-oh-nine, nine minutes after the daily scheduled closing of her office. She was all alone, gathering her belongings, having let the other agents depart a bit early on this late summer Friday. They had things to do, places to go. Gail, in the middle of a contentious divorce which had depleted most of the joy in her life over the last year, had no such plans for the weekend. In fact, she had volunteered for office duty the following day, when she would be running solo. Although Saturday was often the busiest day for most real estate offices, it was Labor Day weekend, and the last thing that people were usually doing on Labor Day Saturday in this sleepy part of Hunterdon County was shopping for homes or apartments.

Gail was several months shy of her forty-ninth birthday, officially an empty-nester as of last week when her youngest of three daughters went off to college, leaving Gail with more free time than she had ever imagined. Unfortunately, she had yet to take advantage of any such social opportunities to fill her dance card, so to speak, but she was determined to do something about that very soon.

Gail had been married to Kirk for more than twenty-five years, just after they had graduated from college together, and they had built up a successful real estate business, now having several offices scattered through the state. Kirk decided a few years ago that one of the young agents, twenty-something Meredith Haigler, was worthy of some of his, uh, personal mentoring, and Kirk and Meredith now lived together, expecting their first child.

As part of the anticipated settlement where she pledged to take the philandering bastard for every last cent that she could, Gail would be financially set for life, including inheriting the role of lead broker in this particular office located in Sergeantsville, but the hit on her self-esteem was profound. Gail had lost her virginity to Kirk on their wedding night, and she hadn’t been with another man in her life. Until the very end of their time together, when Kirk’s attention was obviously waning, Kirk was a wonderful and attentive lover. Even after all those years they had made love almost daily, and Gail remained emotionally shattered that he had chosen to end their life together, all for a younger woman, or in Gail’s slightly biased opinion, a fucking buxomy golddigger.

Not that Gail hadn’t had her own chances, mind you. Gail had been spending a lot of time in the gym in recent months, and her already thin and well-preserved frame had been toned to rival that of most women fifteen or twenty years her junior. In fact, her middle daughter, Kelly, had kidded her mother, only half-jokingly, that she wasn’t going to bring around her boyfriends for introductions because she was afraid that the young men might turn their eyes onto Kelly’s hot mom. “It’s not easy having a mom who’s a MILF, ya know,” Kelly told her mother.

Gail was 5’2″, at 105 lbs still the weight she was a quarter-century ago, with dark brown hair halfway down her back, brown eyes with flecks of green, and that petite body that aptly reflected those many trips to the gym. Her skin was naturally a light bronze, enhanced by the sun’s rays during her daily five-mile walks with her beloved golden retriever. She wore a beige pleated mini-skirt today, and beneath it a leopard-print bikini thong she bought solely for her own pleasure, that matched her half-bra. Her blouse was molded directly to her recently surgically-lifted 36C breasts and was stretched taut, especially so around her large chocolate brown areolas.

It was much more daring than she normally would have worn into the office, but Gail was becoming much more frisky with each passing day. Forty-eight years was far too long to have lived with only one lonely cock inside of her, she reasoned, as she eyed up the young man as he walked towards the front office door and peered inside to see if anyone was within. Gail felt a strange sensation wash over her body as he entered. Gail had only known lovemaking for her entire life, but today, she felt very different, a strange awakening flooding through her being.

Today, Gail really wanted to be fucked.

The handsome young man was dressed in a crisp white shirt and red print tie, and Gail couldn’t help but to glance down at his groin, her gaze lingering there for perhaps a second or two longer than it should have. She had been fantasizing about new cock for more nights than she would have cared to admit. She didn’t want anything complicated, no one with baggage, no lies or bullshit commitments. For now, at least, she just wanted a cock. The fact that this one was attached to a young, cute and apparently hung male was even better.

Gail’s attention was snapped back from fantasy to reality by the man’s initial inquiry. “Um, you are Mrs. Davis, aren’t you…?”

Gail squinted at the young man’s face, his bright green eyes sparkling in the glare from the plate glass window. Gail didn’t know which looked yummier, his eyes or his crotch, but then again, she mused, you can’t suck eyeballs.

Gail stood up straighter, causing her breasts to stick out even further. Gail wasn’t aware of it, but the male agents that worked for her called Gail’s perfect tits the “Two Minute Twins”, as in, such was their disproportionately large size on her thin torso, they entered a room two minutes before Gail did. The young man’s green eyes trailed like a laser to her chest, and he blushed unknowingly. Gail loved the effect that she had on him already.

“Yes, I’m Gail Davis. Um, I was getting ready to leave, our office is closed for the day, but….” She looked directly into his eyes and felt that tingle she’d been feeling lately spiral down directly to her pussy. She regained her composure and gave a conciliatory smile.

“I’m sorry, how rude of me, how may I help you?” she asked, while thinking to herself, “Perhaps you’d like your cock sucked by a woman nearly twice your age, do you know how horny I am?”

As she looked at him, admiring his muscular body through the professional attire, a vague twinge of recognition came into the far reaches of her memory.

He smiled a bright, though slightly gap-toothed smile at her, his toothy flaw looking impossibly sexy to Gail, and it was then she remembered, just as he introduced himself, extending his hand cordially.

“I’m Mark Roberts, Mrs. Davis. I took your daughter Meg to the senior prom, what was it, eight years ago now?”

Gail flashed back to that night. Her daughter was now twenty-five, and yes, she did remember Mark. Mainly, despite his athletic good looks, she recalled how genuinely polite he seemed that night, how he had blushed that same blush when it came time to pin the corsage on her daughter’s revealing prom dress. Meg had inherited her mother’s cleavage, and Gail recalled smiling that night as Mark fumbled his way around her daughter’s ample chest, trying to navigate it without impaling her breasts with the pin.

What Gail didn’t know, even to this day, was the fact that Meg and Mark had skipped the numerous after-parties that night, and had licked and fucked and sucked each other on a blanket in grassy farmlands until just before dawn. Polite only goes so far when you had a package like Mark’s, as young Meg came to know over and over that night, losing her virginity to the biggest cock she had ever known.

Snapping out of her momentary flashback, Gail’s reaction was so impulsive that it surprised Mark, and certainly stunned Gail herself. She strode towards Mark and embraced him in a warm hug. “My God, Mark, what a small world, it’s so good to see you.” Gail’s chest pressed against Mark’s strong pecs, and their hips involuntarily grazed against each others as they hugged, and Gail wasn’t sure, but she thought she felt a small bulge in Mark’s trousers when their pelvises touched.

She stepped back and there was an awkward moment of sexual tension, that Gail quickly broke by asking, “Last I heard you were playing minor league baseball somewhere, trying for the majors, is this a new uniform?” She stood with her hands on her hips, assessing the young man. His cock, in turn, had already started to assess Gail.

“Yeah, well, funny thing about the minor leagues, Mrs. Davis. They don’t seem to like players who hit less than two-fifty every year.” They smiled together, Mark had somehow remember that unlike most moms, Mrs. Davis seemed to have an understanding of the game even back then. He liked women who liked baseball, he thought it was sexy. Also, he couldn’t help but to glance at her breasts as he spoke, and wondered if it was just his imagination, or were Mrs. Davis’ nipples poking more prominently through her top? Were they always THAT big, wow!

He stammered for a second, and continued, looking up now into the mature woman’s beautiful brown eyes “So, anyway, I stuck with it for about five years, but last month I got offered a job with Morgan Stanley in Bridgewater that I couldn’t turn down, so here I am, looking for a place to live, and I saw an ad in the paper for the loft apartment in town, and I thought I recognized your agency. Small world, indeed, huh?”

The forty-eight year-old mother of three adult daughters and the twenty-six year-old athlete-turned-investment broker took stock of each other. Gail’s cunt smoldered through the leopard-skin material of her g-string thong and Mark’s cock twitched in his suit pants. Mark couldn’t help but add an addendum.

“And if you don’t mind me saying so, Mrs. Davis, at the sake of being less than a gentleman, you look spectacular, time has been a friend to you.” Gail felt like a river was flowing between her legs now and she shifted on her fashionable stiletto sandals. Mark continued his charm. “Each of your daughters were beautiful girls, Mrs. Davis, and I always knew why. Their mom was, and is, HOT!!!”

Gail had to physically halt herself from dropping to her knees and showing Mark her appreciation of his comments, but she somehow maintained professional decorum. ‘You’re not too fuckin’ hard on the eyes yourself, handsome’, she thought to herself, the humidity in her nether regions rising like a rain forest at dawn.

“Well, well, aren’t you ever the charmer? And you most certainly ARE a gentleman. But if you call me Mrs. Davis again, I’m going to hit you with a finder’s fee that’ll make your head spin. It’s Gail, the name is Gail, got it?”

She tapped his chest in mock anger and again felt the muscles beneath his dress shirt and damn near swooned. She went to a small cabinet on the wall next to her desk, aware that her skirt rose when she reached up, and looked over her shoulder to catch Mark staring at her ass and exposed upper thighs. She smiled, aroused beyond belief at the reaction of this handsome stud, nearly half her age.

“Could this be the one,” she thought. “Could I…? Would I?”

She flipped the keys to him and he caught them in mid-air. “Nice catch, quick hands!” They smiled at the double-entendre. “Just so happens that apartment is right down the block. C’mon, wanna see it, right now? Get it while it’s hot!”

As they walked down the street, Mark quickly discovered that his former prom date, Gail’s oldest daughter, was now living in New York City, and engaged to be married in the Fall.

“Lucky guy, Meg is quite the catch,” said Mark earnestly. He thought back to that night of hot marathon sex in the fields, and how naturally and eagerly Meg evolved into every conceivable sex act, and mostly how incredibly sweet her virgin cunt tasted. He nonchalantly added, as if it were idle conversation. “So, how’s Mr. Davis these days?” He wondered if Gail tasted as delicious as her daughter.

Gail stopped at the front door to the rental apartment and her eyes bore into Mark’s.

“Mr. Davis and I are no longer together, Mark, and believe me, there is no need to even feign condolences.” He nodded and exhaled an imperceptible sigh of relief.

“Now,” Gail continued, “This is a two-story unit, but we have to climb up a flight up stairs just to reach the living room.” She opened the door, and Mark saw the steep flight of stairs that led to the main floor level.

He was cognizant of the short skirt that Gail wore and mumbled, “Um, perhaps I should go up first.”

In the next instant, Gail made the split-second decision that sealed the deal for only the second cock she would enjoy in her nearly forty-nine years. She gently pushed him aside and started her ascent up the stairwell, fully aware that Mark, following behind, would have an unfettered vista straight up her mini to her leopard-skin thong, sheer enough to detail every contour of Gail’s now saturated, needy pussy. Grrrowwwllllll.

“This is a little realtor’s secret about a selling point of this particular unit, Mark,” Gail cooed. “It has a remarkable scenic view, if you’re paying close attention. Enjoy.”

Mark wasn’t sure which excited him more, the sight of Gail’s tight, mature ass and pussy peeking beneath the thin fabric inches from his face as she walked slowly up the stairs, swaying her ass subtly yet seductively on her stiletto heels, or the obvious aroma of her sex, musky, sweet, permeating through the narrow corridor.

When they reached the living room, Gail knew she had crossed that irrevocable boundary between tease and seductress. It had been far too long, and she had NEVER flashed a man in her life. Her boldness only served to invigorate her primal urges, and she was becoming more turned on at Mark’s initial reticence. She was in full control of this young, hot stud, who was obviously more than willing but unsure how to proceed.

Gail had a plan for that, though. An accomplished realtor always can close the deal if she accurately reads the cues from her prospective buyers and responds accordingly, reassuringly.

Mark tried unsuccessfully to camouflage the impressive bump against his zipper, but Gail’s eyes lowered. “Mmm, hardwood,” she gushed. Mark almost physically recoiled, such was his embarrassment.

But then Gail made a sweeping gesture with her palms towards the floor of the living room. “Don’t you just love hardwood floors, Mark?” She smiled at him, almost leeringly now. “I’ve wanted a place myself that came with some good hardwood, isn’t it nice? Strong, firm, durable.”

Mark walked over to the window, as much to adjust himself as to figure out what he was going to do next. Gail took this opportunity to walk behind the kitchen counter, out of view from Mark momentarily, and reached beneath her skirt to remove her saturated panties and stuff them into a kitchen drawer. It took every ounce of diminishing self -restraint that she possessed now to not jump up on the counter and begin to massage her naked, willing slit right in front of him, right now.

“Let me show you the loft, Mark. It can double as an entertainment room, I think. I’m curious as to your opinion.”

When Mark walked up the stairs and saw Gail’s glistening, glimmering pussy beneath her skirt, it didn’t take an investment banker to ascertain his next move.

Athletic and primal instincts taking over, he waited until the apex of the steps and then whirled Gail around in his strong arms to face him, and their tongues immediately danced into each others’ mouths, their hands groping at their respective bodies, the young man’s hands pawing at the spectacular, mature body that he had lusted after since he was a teenager. He had jerked off countless nights, Gail being the fodder for his fantasy for an older woman. Better late than never, Mark thought, as he lifted her arms and peeled the blouse over Gail’s head, her tits now begging for release under the leopard bra.

His strong arms went around her and felt for the clasp on her bra. Mark undid it and released those beautiful breasts. They were magnificent. Full and heavy with large aureole and extended nipples, now impossibly stiff with desire.

As he lowered his head to feast on those inviting tits almost crying out to be sucked, Mark murmured up at Gail, “Do you know how many of my classmates wanted to fuck you, Mrs. Davis?”

Gail leaned back against the wall, throwing her head back, pushing one hand onto the back of Mark’s skull, encouraging his sucking, while the other snaked down to his crotch and began massaging the steel-hard rocket beneath his suit pants. It felt absurdly huge, could it really be THAT fucking big, Gail thought, her cunt dripping in anticipation. “Well, then, aren’t you the fortunate one, Mark? Just as in baseball and investment banking, timing is everything, isn’t it?”

He eased her back against the wall, expertly kissing her breasts, as Gail began to tug frantically at his zipper. His engorged cock was pulsing in the grip of Gail’s tiny palm. Mark sucked on each of her breasts slowly and softly, his patient technique belying his years, increasing the suction as her body responded.

He moved away from her breasts, his hands and mouth now traveling all over her body. He dropped to his knees onto the loft’s plush carpeted floor, and undid the button and zipper on the side of Gail’s skirt and peeled it down her legs until it plopped onto the carpet next to him. She kicked it away with her heels. He slowly licked his way up to her thighs, massaging, kissing and licking all of her exposed skin. His thick fingers found their way to their mutual target of desire, her slit was sopping wet, gushing sexual moisture in small streams. His hands lifted and cupped her firm buttocks as he began to lap oh, so gently at her pink, swollen folds. Her pussy was exquisite. A small tuft of fine auburn hair above her slit but the rest completely smooth and hairless.

He gazed in rapture momentarily, and then lowered his mouth to it, his young but talented tongue sliding easily into her wet depths.

She drew a sharp breath, then opened her legs wider giving Mark unobstructed access to her love hole. He plunged his tongue in and out of her willing canal, her hands went to the back of his head pulling him down hard directly on her mound. Mark’s tongue flicked her clit and she shuddered. He sucked it lightly between his teeth, her body beginning to writhe above him. He inserted three fingers into her now very wet cunt, searching for that elusive “G” spot, as he continued nibbling and sucking on her clit. He kept this action going for what felt like an eternity, but was actually maybe 10-15 minutes. Gail didn’t care, she was suspended in time, lost in orgasmic heaven.

Mark could have continued lapping on Gail’s cunt for days, she tasted delicious! Just like her daughter indeed, he thought wistfully, maybe even better! Mark now knew not only where Meg got her looks from, but also her taste. He wondered if Gail’s pussy could similarly feel as tight as Meg’s virginal tunnel.

Gail began to draw sharp breaths, her body now bucking uncontrollably, her hips thrusting from the wall, pushing her cunt hard onto Mark’s mouth. She grabbed his head and held it flush against her mound and screamed, shuddering violently as the most explosive orgasm of Gail’s life took over. She moaned incoherently, muttering what could have been obscenities under her breath, her hips and lower body still bucking and writhing over Mark’s mouth, as she came back down to earth, her cum juices literally pouring onto Mark’s lips and tongue.

Eventually her trembling subsided and she stood very still.

She opened her eyes and looked down at Mark still on his knees, tenderly kissing her flat stomach just above her pussy and below her belly button, tracing a trail along the remnants of her stretch marks, the gesture so erotic Gail thought she just might cum again. She whispered down to him, watching him enjoy her body still, “I haven’t cum like that, ever, thank you.”

“Now it’s my turn,” she said and pulled Mark up by his shoulders, dropping to her knees, effectively trading positions. She unbuttoned his shirt, slid it off his shoulders as he kicked off his shoes. She dropped to her knees, unbuckled his belt, pulled down the zipper and let Mark’s pants drop to the floor.

His young, steel-hard cock was now standing to full attention in front of Gail’s face, straining to escape from his briefs. Gail tugged at the elastic of the undies, pulling them straight down, at the same time as she leaned forward and slid her mouth over the beautiful cock, swallowing it to the hilt, taking it down her throat, her nose pressed into his shaved pubic area, releasing a talent that she hadn’t utilized in far too long. Her deep-throating ability. Gail had no gag reflex, but this monster was going to put that to the test, this was at least several inches longer and much thicker than the only cock she had practiced upon for a quarter-century.

Mark gasped in virtual shock as he realized what Gail was doing, consuming his cock whole in small gulps. The only person he had ever had, that could remotely deep throat like that, was Meg, Gail’s daughter, eight years ago.

Gail looked up at him as she drew back up the shaft, one hand stroking and massaging his heavy balls while the other hand was on his firm butt cheek pulling Mark into her wet and willing mouth. He couldn’t do anything but moan and watch in amazement as she performed her oral magic, making Mark’s shaft disappear inch-by-inch. He just stood there, pants and undies around his ankles, as she sucked on me for his length for all she was worth. She continued to work on his thick shaft with one hand as she massaged his balls with the other, her mouth sucking up and down in unison with her hand.

It was only a few minutes before he felt my orgasm building. “Stop, please, or I’m going to cum,” he stammered.

She ignored him, needing to taste new cum, and sucked and stroked even harder until his cock erupted and he spewed a massive load of hot sticky jism down Gail’s throat. She didn’t spill a drop, sucking and licking him clean, and was delighted to discover that Mark’s cock was not only NOT softening, but if anything, it was getting even stiffer in her mouth despite his explosive orgasm. Ah, the recuperative wonders of youth, thought Gail, I could get VERY used to this.

She stood up and kissed him deeply. Mark could taste his cum still coating her mouth. Gail smiled up at him, and again gripped his twitching cock, still rock hard, standing out in front of him in seemingly perpetual salute to Gail’s charms.

“Are you going to put that beautiful thing in me, or just stand there and make me wait and dribble some more?”

Being an obedient young man, respecting his elder, Mark did as he was told. He sensed that Gail did not want ‘gentle’. Mark could do ‘gentle’, as he had already demonstrated with his fantastic cunnilingus display, but he could also do hard and rough. Mark perceived Gail wanted, craved, hard and rough.

He perceived correctly.

Still holding her against the wall, he guided his big rampant dick into her slippery love tunnel, pushing it home to the hilt and slamming her butt cheeks hard against the wall. Gail responded by thrusting her pelvis at him, her long dormant cunt grinding hard down on his turgid cock. She threw her arms around his back, grabbing his buttocks and him pulling him even harder into her. He picked up her lithe body and lifted her in his arms, fucking her while suspended in mid-air, holding her firmly, otherwise they were connected only by cock and cunt.

They kept this furious pace going for what seemed ages but was probably only a few minutes until Mark felt her body begin to stiffen, her cunt walls begin to tremble, and knew she was about to orgasm again. He slammed his cock into her as hard as he could and held it there and she screamed. Gail’s words surprised even her, she had never talked this way, she felt like a wanton cockslut for the first time in her life.

And she really, really liked it.

“You fucking stud bastard, keep pumping me! Fuck me! Slam that huge cock of yours into me, fill me!”

Her verbal coercion spurred Mark onto an even greater pelvis-thrusting pace, matching her own, so deep inside of her now as she tried to thrust her cunt out of the air and plunge onto his cock, again and again and again.

Then it happened. Another orgasm tore through her.

This time her reaction was different.

She held him tightly, pressed her mouth to his and kissed Mark passionately, but gently. The kiss went on and on as her orgasm subsided.

He started to move in and out of her again, slowly and gently and her body responded in the same manner. The juices were pouring out of her now, his whole groin area was saturated.

They slid to the carpeted floor, never disengaging, the slow fucking and kissing continuing, their sweaty bodies collapsing as one, Gail’s pert torso and huge tits heaving on top of Mark’s smooth, muscular chest.

Mark could feel his next orgasm building, slowly, deliciously. That beautiful feeling in your whole body when one of those mind blowing, body-shattering orgasms approach. Every nerve ending in your body experiencing that exquisite feeling.

But he didn’t want it to end, not yet. This was the best fuck of his life, made even more exciting by knowing just how hot he had made this incredibly sexy woman twenty years his senior. So, he mustered every iota of self-control that he could, and began his time-tested, though unique way, of delaying his orgasm.

He began to recite the Yankees starting line-up in his head. Ah, that’s much better. Now, where were we?

He positioned Gail so that she straddled him, knees either side of his hips. He looked down at her cunt, now gaping open with five or six inches of hard cock protruding from it. He felt his knob as it repeatedly pressed into her wet lips and slid past them into her warm wetness, sliding all the way in until she was fully impaled, her pussy lips touching his shaved pubic area. She sighed as she grinded onto his cock and started moving slowly and gently, just rocking backwards and forwards, feeling the movement in her cunt.

Mark began to slowly lift his hips, pushing himself up into her, matching her movements up and down. She began to slowly increase the tempo as they matched thrust for thrust, just like they did when he was carrying her. He could feel my cock hitting against her cervix as their actions became and more and more frenzied. They fucked like this for what seemed ages, her hands digging into his shoulders, his massaging those beautiful tits, pinching and squeezing her stiff and extended nipples.

Gail threw herself down on his chest, her arms wrapping around him, her mouth searching for his again as she kissed him passionately, her pussy slamming up and down on that magnificent cock. Talk about stamina, she thought in her manic thrusting. Wow, a girl could get used to this kinda young, strong cock.

Their tongues entwined, he again felt her body shake and begin to spasm as another orgasm took over and the juices from her cunt washed over his shaft and stomach and ran down into his asscheeks. She continued riding him as her orgasm subsided, their mouths still locked together, Mark’ cock still rock hard inside her quivering, battered cunt.

She lifted her head. “You haven’t cum?” she queried.

“No. I have control,” he smirked, “but probably not for much longer.”

“Then do me doggie please,” she begged as she climbed off his throbbing cock.

Gail got onto her hands and knees and Mark came around behind her.

He positioned my cock head at her wet cunt opening, grabbed hold of her beautiful hips and slammed his pelvis forward, driving all eight-plus inches into the hilt, in one powerful forward stroke. Gail responded by pushing her hips back to meet him, matching stroke for vigorous stroke. These actions didn’t take long to finally bring Mark to the point of orgasm, the Yankees line-up now long forgotten. I He could feel his balls tighten and yelled, “Oh God! I’m gunna cum.”

Gail encouraged him with another obscene rant, which only escalated Mark’s explosion. “Oh god. Yes. Yes. Give it to me. Give me all your cum. Fill me up with your hot cum. Oh god, give it to meeeeeee!”

He shot his second load deep into her cunt, spewing forth, while years of built-up desire cascaded from Gail’s pussy onto Mark’s pole, as they came gloriously together, as if they were the ones who had been lovers for twenty-five years. Gail thought she’d never stop cumming, writhing up and down on his rod, savoring the feel of his cum oozing from her sated inner walls.

Gail moaned and muttered incoherent obscenities as she collapsed, face down on his chest. Mark relaxed with her, his cock still buried deep in her pussy, their breathing ragged.

They lay there on the floor together, sweat from both of their bodies mixing with the cum dribbling from Gail’s pussy, kissing passionately, enjoying the afterglow of intense, spontaneous sex, their bodies shuddering and shaking. Mark finally eased his softening cock from her fiery hole.

He stood, and with his next clumsy, youthful words, he succeeded in nearly ruining the moment for Gail.

“Um, I gotta go, Mrs. Dav…., er, I mean, Gail.” He glanced at his wristwatch, the only thing he was still wearing, as he reached for his clothes. “I mean, that was great, awesome, but, you see….” He blushed, and Gail watched him closely, almost looking directly up at his bare asshole, propping herself up with her elbows, still prone on the now cum-stained carpet.

“Um, I’m late for a date.”

Gail felt the sex-stoked adrenalin and energetic afterglow of great sex rush out of her body as if being flushed down the drain. She had another choice to make now, much as she had just earlier made the decision to fuck Mark today. She remained calm, refusing to grant the young stud any satisfaction that he had played on her emotions. After all, it was Gail who had initiated this impromptu liaison to begin with.

She got up, slowly, coolly, and first made a declaration, and then asked a question.

“That’s fine, Mark, thank you for sharing.” Much to Mark’s surprise, she began to help him gather his clothes. He thought she would be pissed, that’s what he wanted, he wanted her to be enraged so that he would never have to see her again, he lived for the ‘one-and done’ sexual encounters. You see, although Mark played the role of polite, innocent charmer, he actually took morbid pride in letting each of his sexual conquests know that he was constantly moving on to yet another.

But Gail was forty-eight, and although this was only the second cock she had ever had, Gail was a worldly woman, and this wasn’t her first rodeo when it came to men’s head games.

Gail kneeled in front of Mark and helped him on with his briefs, kissing his cockhead lightly as she did so, and smiled up at him, knowing exactly what Mark was doing, asking mark that awkward question.

“But, tell me, Mark, when your little chippy is sucking on your big dick later on tonight, are you going to tell her that she’s tasting the cum of a forty-eight year-old MILF that you fucked earlier in the evening?”

Mark couldn’t get out of there fast enough, any thoughts of renting the unit long gone, and Gail, still naked, looked mournfully down at the carpet and sighed.

“Guess I’m gonna have to get this carpet cleaned before I show this space again,” she mumbled, cum still dripping down from her pussy onto the carpet. She smiled. “Unless………”

Twenty minutes later, newly-minted cougar Gail Davis eased herself onto a barstool at the Sergeantsville Inn on this still-young Friday night. Her leopard thong was tucked in purse, her hair was tousled in that freshly fucked look, and some semen still dripped from her steamy, well-stretched cunt down her pert thighs and onto the leather seat. Some local residents in the cozy establishment recognized Gail and were shocked at the sight of the transformation that had taken place.

She oozed sex. Men aged twenty-five to seventy admired her as she tossed down her first shot of tequila, gargling with it to mix with the remnants of Mark’s tangy semen still on her tongue.

“Come and get it, boys,” she said to herself, gesturing to the bartender for a refill, maneuvering her shapely legs to rather blatantly expose herself to a group of four young businessmen at an adjoining table.

“I’m looking for the third cock of my life, and why wait?”

“Why not tonight?”

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