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Senior Lovers

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It was one of those days when there just wasn’t anything to do. I had tried the TV, the radio, and had looked through my CD and tape collection. Absolutely nothing appealed to me. I had even considered putting one of my porno tapes in the VCR and jacking off to Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, or Annet Haven. Even this really wasn’t what I wanted.

Almost in desperation I went to the “health club” where I’d been conned into buying a years membership. The gal that coned me worked there. I had screwed her several times and figured I might get another night from her. The club offered all the standard exercise machines with the standard locker and shower rooms.

After changing into the socially acceptable costume (lycra shorts, mid thigh with tank tops for men, and sport bra for women). I chose one of the treadmill exercisers for my workout. That would give me enough time to find out if Elen was working this shift. About the half mile point a really good looking older woman started using the next machine over. She set her treadmill for three miles at fast walk.

She was also wearing lycra. It was obvious that there was nothing but her under it.. Mine were not exactly loose, but hers must have been uncomfortable the way it pulled into her vulva. Most of the women wore their leotards snug enough to show panty lines but these would have shown a tampon string. It was like a thin coat of paint. I was not wearing a jockstrap under my uniform, so my cock was obvious as it began to gain interest. Since my attention was no longer on my exercises I stumbled and had to recover my position on the treadmill several times before finishing my two miles. I then moved to an upper body’ machine that would allow me to continue watching the way her ass squirmed it almost asked to be fondled.

As soon as she finished her three miles she came over and apologized. “I’m not a member but my daughter works here and asked me to try it out. This is her body-stocking and I know how I look in it. My name is JoAnn McEntire, my daughter Elene supervises one of the aerobics classes.”

While she had been talking, JoAnn had been looking at my crotch. I glanced that way and saw what she had been looking at. A wet spot where the pre-cum lubricant had been leaking from my cock.

“I apologize as well. Normally I don’t cream my jeans watching a good looking woman” I then stood. “My name is Jim O’connal.” “Thanks for the compliment.” JoAnn laughed as she toweled perspiration from her arms and neck.”

“Just as an apology. I would like to buy you supper at the restaurant of your choice after we shower and change. No strings.”

“OK. I’ll meet you at the registration desk in about fifteen minuets.”

I was more than a bit horny, and didn’t want any more lumps in my pants, or wet spots to advertise it. Since there was no one else in the mens locker-room, I jacked-off while showering.

True to her promised timing JoAnn walked up to the registration desk right on the fifteen minute tic. “If you really meant your invitation I’m ready.”

“I never invite good looking women out unless I mean it. Where do you want to go.”

“Do you like Thai food?”

“Not when they are trying to impress the tourists. I do like it when the cook does it as if he were going to eat it himself.”

“The place I had in mind has a woman chef. ” Then with a laugh, ” She does eat her own cooking.”

“Fine by me.”

“It’s only a couple blocks from here.” Then teasingly,”I would walk if I were alone.” Then showing a bit of a smile; “That short walk inside didn’t tire you did it?”

“Show the way woman!”

JoAnn started off at a moderately fast walk and I had to hustle to catch up. True to her word we only went two blocks before she entered an inconspicuous little restaurant with only ten tables and no booths. The place was spotless as a hospital operating room, and much better decorated. The receptionist/waiter was a small 5’2″ man of indeterminant age who scurried up to JoAnn with the honest greetings of a friend, his smile almost as wide as his face. JoAnn introduced him as “just Nick. You couldn’t pronounce his family name anyway.”

As he seated us near the kitchen door he asked JoAnn “Your usual?” Then looking at me “You like bland, hot, or our way?”

“What ever the lady is having.” I answered.

JoAnn stated the order,”We’ll have the Stuffed Wings, Spicy chicken with silver noodle soup, and the Ginger shrimp.” Then with a questioning look at me, “Tea?”

I answered. “Hot, a full pot, oolong.”

“Good choice.”

“That thai iced tea is far too sweet for me. The iced coffee is ok but with food I prefer hot tea.”

“I do too.” She agreed. “Some people make a show of having the latest fad or of ‘BEING WITH IT’. Life is much too short for that kind of posturing.” Then with an amused smile.”I don’t like wasting time in needless fancy preliminaries either.” She then looked me in the eyes and asked,”Are you going to proposition me after we finish eating? ”

After closing my mouth, I answered; “Why not right now since you don’t like wasting time.” Then trying to smile seductively. ” Yes I have been wondering if I could get lucky and convince you to follow me home. I do want to eat first since I think I am going to need all my endurance.” I laughingly answered.

“You sure will.”She laughed just as Nick delivered the appetizers.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal which had just enough spicing to bring out a fine sheen of perspiration without being too hot to taste the flavor of the food. The occasional thought of how JoAnn was going to taste added just a bit of interest. While walking back to the Health Club parking lot we determined that my apartment was closer. Probably also more suitable having a separate bedroom. Hers was an efficiency with a fold down ‘Murphy’ bed. JoAnn asked if there was enough parking at my place, or if she should leave her car and have me bring her back.

“You better follow me so that you will have your car if you decide to walk out. There is ample visitor parking.”

“OK. Don’t drive too fast, and signal your turns. I’ll follow.”

Her Escort wagon was parked almost next to my Mustang so She had no problem following me. As I led the way to my apartment I began wondering how I should proceed with the ‘seduction’. It was already understood that we would be having some kind of sexual interaction. JoAnn was more than blunt about intentions but what did she expect as foreplay? It wasn’t till we were walking through the door that I decided to just show the apartment, and let nature take it’s course.

“I try to keep the place reasonably organized and have a cleaning service in once a week.” Then gently leading.”This is the living area and that door leads to the kitchenette/dinette, over there is the bath.” Then twirling an imaginary moustache,”And that is the bedroom.”

Pointing at the entertainment unit with the ‘CD’ storage tower. “Would you like some music? I have at least some of everything.”

“Some YANI or KITARO would be nice. David arkenstone if you have any.”


“Fine.” Then breaking the thread of my thoughts. She asked,” May I use the bathroom? The tea wants out.”

“Go ahead. I’ll start the music.” I loaded the CD changer with several other KITARO disks. The first measures of Silk Road mingled with the sound of the toilet flushing.

I was still adjusting the volume level when JoAnn asked, “Where do you want me to hang these?”

When I turned to answer I totally lost my composure. She was standing in the bathroom door holding all of her clothes in her hand. She had even taken off her shoes and stockings. I stared at her perfect body for several seconds before stammering.”In the closet I guess. It’s in the bedroom.”

“Show me.” She then turned towards the bedroom exposing the rest of that beautiful body that many a Porn Queen would kill for.

Her Breasts with dark aureole and nipples that had a well chewed wrinkling. Her firm hips blended into the buttocks I had admired at the ‘Club’. Her pubic hair was the same shade of tan as that on her head. I briefly wondered if she dyed both. I entered the bedroom just behind her and had to side step to keep from bumping into her when she stopped. “The closet is over there next to the door leading into the master bath.” I stammered over a tongue that wanted to stiffen for licking as much as my cock was trying to get out of my pants to enter the same area.

“You can be striping while I hang these up.” She directed.” Then I’ll meet you on the settee.” Just before she got to the doorway she turned with a wicked smile asking, “I’m not going to fast am I?”

“Well…I normally have to do some persuading to get this far with most of the women that I bring up here. But then you did say that you didn’t like to waist time in unnecessary preliminaries.” I quickly striped and hung my clothes in the closet next to hers. Then with my already half hard cock leading the way joined her on the settee.

“What else do you have to spend time persuading them to do?” JoAnn asked as she leaned back and spread her arms across the back of the settee.” Then almost as an afterthought, “OH. You can call me JO. Most of my friends drop the ANN.”

“Well. By the time I’ve managed to get most of their clothes off the foreplay is over.” I sat down next to, but not touching, her and continued. “I guess that is part of the GAME that most women play with us. They try to get as much caressing and foreplay as they can while we try to get them striped far enough to screw .”

“And I spoiled the game by not putting up any resistance.” She laughed.”Well. By the look of your cock I didn’t really spoil anything, just saved some time without having to muss up our clothes. Come on over and we can caress each other. I like to have my tits fondled, gently, no hard grabbing. Anything you especially enjoy?”

We turned toward each other and before I could answer we clinched for a kiss and I began to gently tickle her left nipple with the palm of my right hand. The right tit was pressed firmly against my chest. Her left hand slowly caressed down my side , across my belly and began a slow fondling of my now fully erect cock. The kiss and fondling lasted about ten seconds before breaking.

“I do enjoy giving full body kisses.” I answered. “Some women I’ve had up here didn’t like me kissing backs or feet but enjoyed most other areas.”

“You like ‘SIXTY-NINE’?”

“When the woman is clean with no stale urine or other contamination.”

“Same here. Most men don’t like to suck clit and some don’t keep their pricks clean. I guess it has something to do with their MACHO IMAGE. I enjoy oral sex as much or maybe more than fucking if the man is clean.” She then spread her legs wide as s he could. “Want to check me out?”

At that invitation I slid to my knees before her and used both hands to gently spread her labia. As I pulled her labia away from the inner tissues I could see and smell that she was indeed clean and her clit was big enough to really suck. She was also well lubricated. “Looks good enough to eat. Want me to start licking clit now?”

“Yes. Get me off at least once this way then we can go sixty-nine for a while if you can hold off coming.”

My reply was completely muffled by her crotch as I stuck my tongue into her vagina and began rubbing my nose over her clit.

“Oh yes that’s the way. Don’t suck my clit till I’m ready to come.”

I continued licking around her vaginal opening and labia for several minutes without touching her clit with anything but my nose before she began to moan, “Now. Suck my clit. I’m almost there.”

Then as I sucked her larger than usual clit into my mouth I began rubbing my tongue over it.

“Yea. Yea… Yea . . . OOOH YEA!” With this I had to hang on tight or get my nose broken by her pelvic bone as she went through several convulsions before her climax receded. I was careful to have no physical contact with her clit until she calmed down enough to talk and asked. “You eat all your girlfriends like that? It felt like my clit was as big as your cock.” Then as I finally broke my genital kiss. “I’m not sure we should go sixty-nine. If your cock were in my mouth when I came that hard I might bite.”

“When I’m doing sixty-nine you won’t get that kind of stimulation.” I explained. “What got you off so hard was that my tongue was stimulating your vagina, my nose was on your clit, and my chin was rubbing against your ass-hole. From sixty-nine you won’t get the ass stimulation unless you ask for a finger in it. A few of the women I’ve fucked like that, one even wanted me to fuck her there.”

“I don’t want anything as big as your cock up my ass, but a well lubricated finger might turn me on at that.” Then thoughtfully,”Not while I’m also sucking your cock tho, as I said I might bite.” JO then held out a hand to help me off the floor. “Come back up here where I can lick ME off YOU. At least off your nose , chin , and lips. I’ll get around to other areas as we get me on them.”

“Which area do you want to coat next?”

“Wait till I’ve finished your face. Then maybe we can vary the routine.” Then with a wicked smile, “You don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning do you?”

“I may not even get to sleep tonight if your hint means what I think it might JO.”

“What is your ‘personal best’ for climaxes in one night? Mine is six if you don’t count multiples.”

“Wall. I normally don’t like to brag … OK … four.” Then as I sat next to her , touching this time. “I must admit that there were two girls working on me that time. Taking turns at each end.”

“Next time I will have to bring my daughter along, that sounds like something she might enjoy, I know I would.” A thoughtful pause,”We haven’t done the same man at the same time before.”

“You trade off lovers with your daughter??”

“Sure.” Then as she finished licking off my chin.”We started exchanging partners when I caught her with my ex-husband. Come to think of it we may have started earlier than that. My brother always paid her a lot of attention.” Verbal communication was then ended as we began trying to exchange tongues while fondling each other.

The embrace and concurrent fondling lasted at least five minutes. She stroking my fully ridged cock, spreading the lubricant seeping out of it. I gently caressing her from the back of her neck, down over her shoulders to a breast. Then after several minutes on down over her belly to her mons. We weren’t timing it but it seemed at least twice that long. When we came up for air JO had a good grip on my cock and I had a finger half way into her vagina. Neither of us had dry hands as I was leaking copious amounts of lubricant and Jo was just as well lubed.

“Why don’t we spread some of this leakage over my tits so you can lick it off me like I licked my cunt juice off your face?” Suiting action to words Jo leaned over and began rubbing the end of my cock over her nipples. First the left one then the right then back and so on. She continued this for several minutes till both tits were liberally coated. “OK. Lick it off. Get all of it paying particular attention to the nipples.”

“Your wish is my pleasure Jo.” I did not remove my finger from her cunt but slowly worked in deeper as I licked and suckled her tits and nipples. By the time all of my lube was licked off, Jo was beginning to softly moan and work her hips to get more of my finger into her vagina. “You ready to come again JO?” I asked.

“Yes! Don’t stop fingering me, or stop sucking my tits.”

Just before Jo came I pushed a second finger part way into her now well lubed ass hole.”OH GOD! DON’T STOP!” With this exclamation Jo climaxed with several hard shudders. I slowly removed my fingers from both her ass and cunt and transferred my kissing to her mouth while holding her close. JO spent several seconds coming down from her climax then broke the embrace. “You have made me come hard twice and haven’t even come close to climaxing yourself. No wonder your ‘ best ‘ is only four times, a woman couldn’t last long enough to get you off more than that.”

“My mother always taught me that the guest always comes first.”

“Did she have sex in mind when she told you that?”

“No. But you have to admit I won’t get many complaints.”

“Not from me you won’t. But it should be your turn to get off now ,how do want it?”

“Would you enjoy blowing me?”

“I always enjoy giving head after a man has gotten me off.” And suiting action to words JO quickly knelt before me as I had her. “This is the size cock I like to suck too.” As she began licking around the head. “I’ve had some that were as small as some clits, and an occasional one that was uncomfortably large.” With that comment she swallowed all seven inches. She then slowly backed off. ” Not too many of the big ones tho.” With that pronouncement JO began to again lick at just the head of my cock. “Tastes good too.” Then as she cleaned off the last of the lube she began to take more and more of it into her mouth till she had all of it. Some had to be down her throat. She held all of my cock in her mouth for ten to fifteen seconds swallowing several times before coming back off of it. “Perfect size. Just fills my mouth and throat without straining. How long can you last?”

“Depends on how often you swallow like that. No one has ever swallowed like that while deep throating me. Its a new sensation.”

“Good. Give me at least enough warning to get it out of my throat when you come.” Then after another of those swallowing deep throats. “I like to taste a mans sperm as he comes.”

She then proceeded to give me the most fantastic blow job I had ever had. One second she would be swallowing all of me, the next second lapping at my balls, then licking just around the crown of my cock. She seemed to be making love to it, not just trying to get me off quick as most of the women that had blown me in the past.

I was thankful that I had jacked off in the shower, I couldn’t have lasted even one minute of that action if I hadn’t. As it was I was only able to hold off for about two minutes before getting that cramped feeling at the base of my cock that signals climax.

“Here it comes JO. I can’t hold off any longer.”

She had been deep throating as I called out and quickly pulled off enough that just the head of my cock was still in her mouth and mumbled around it, “Come. Come to me.”

I did!

It felt like I would never stop coming as she continued to suck on me, swallowing every bit of my ejaculate. She didn’t stop until my cock had gone completely soft in her mouth.

“How soon will you be able to come again?”

“Usually takes an hour or so but that was not the kind of blow job I usually get. I think you may have blown out my nerve endings along with my balls.”

“You have any suggestions on activities while we wait for it to get back up?”

“I could fix something to eat. Food I mean.”

“I really don’t want anything to eat, except that salami between your legs.” Then as she sat back on the couch, “More like some thing to drink. Coffee, tea , even water if that’s all you have.”

“Well water I always have. Could make tea or coffee. I think I still wave some Michilobe and even a couple bottles of Sharps non-alcoholic.”

“A Mick would be delicious right now.” Then with a mischievous grin; “I mean the beer not the Irishman. You already were and I hope will be again.”

“May I return the complement? Your crotch was very tasty too.”

As I handed her the opened bottle I toasted her with mine and nodded in the direction of the bedroom. “Shall we dine on each other after finishing these?”

“Best idea you’ve had in the last ten minutes.” She watched my crotch area as she sipped at her beer. “They do say that a thought can lift one of those.”

“Lightest thing in the world.” I answered looking down at my almost fully erect cock. “I won’t guarantee that its reloaded yet.”

“I’ll get it reloaded, and fired.” Then absentmindedly squeezing a tit as she finished the beer. “Finish that and come on to bed. I’m already almost hot enough to come again.”

I followed instructions and knelt down beside her shortly after she spread herself down the middle of the bed. “How do you want this JO?”

“Give me that tongue bath you mentioned about a year ago. When you get to my cunt turn around for sixty-nine. I’ve been thinking about it since you mentioned it as something you enjoyed. Maybe why I came so hard.”

“OK” And I got on hands and knees to begin. I started by kissing her forehead then eyes, nose, chin, before gently sucking on her ear lobes. After sucking both ear lobes I again began working down over her throat to a tit. Each tit got well lapped. Each nipple sucked until Jo began to finger herself. At this I again began a southward progression. When I reached her navel, I tongue fucked it for several seconds before continuing. Jo had both hands at her crotch by the time my tongue had worked that far. She had a finger buried in her vagina and was rubbing her clit with the other hand. From the way she was shuddering and moaning I figured that she was in orgasm.

I did not stop to lick at her crotch but continued down her right leg. When I reached her foot she had finished her orgasm. “JO.”

“What lover?”

“Roll over on your belly.”

As soon as she had resettled I began working kisses up the back of her left leg. She had stretched her arms to the headboard and was completely relaxed. Her relaxation ended when my tongue reached her buttocks and I began licking into the cleavage between them. The deeper my tongue went into the cleavage the higher she rased her ass towards my tongue. Just as my tongue reached her anus Jo whipped a hand to her crotch and again began rubbing her clit for another orgasm. I quit reaming her as soon as she came and straddling her legs. I continued licking up her back and sides. Although her orgasm had ended she kept up a continuous purring and kept a grip on her crotch. By the time my licking kisses reached her neck my cock was penetrating just head deep between her labia from the rear. I could feel her fingers scratch at my cock as I lay full length on her and worked my feet between hers.

“Spread your legs JO.” I whispered in her ear. As she did so a half inch of my cock slid into her vagina.

“Now raise up to kneeling.” She took her hand away from her crotch and slowly came to a hands and knees position forcing me to my knees at the same time.

“God that was wonderful.” Jo murmured. “The way you slid into me as I came up. I hope you aren’t going to come to soon, this feels much to good to stop.”

“Thought you might like it this way.”

Neither of us moved for quite a few seconds, just letting my cock soak in her very receptive vagina. Then she began to roll her hips up and down so that my cock would move in her. While she was fucking herself with my cock, I reached forward and cupped both tits in my hands. As I began to roll her nipples between my fingers Jo again began to climax but this time her orgasm didn’t crest and then subside, but continued to build. I very soon had to grasp her hips and hold her ass to me to keep her violent gyrations from ejecting me as my own climax began.

About five seconds after Jo had begun climaxing she collapsed onto her belly dragging me with her. I just barely kept my cock in her as a few quick involuntary humps of my own finished the ejaculations that had begun in the middle of her orgasm. Neither of us moved for several minutes until my cock had shrunk out of her. As my ejaculate began dribbling out of her slit onto the sheets, I weakly rolled off of her and lay limp on the bed beside her. Neither of us did more than gasp for air and wait for our hearts to slow for over a minute.

“My god what a fuck! I’ve taken it doggie before but never after that kind of build up. I must have come at least twice before you even got close to fucking me, I really don’t remember. Then as that beautiful cock slid into me as I knelt up … it was one grand continuous building orgasm till I collapsed. Still feels good.” Then turning to her side and backing up against me, “Let me rest a few minutes before starting anything else.”

“I need a bit of rest myself JO. You seem to have taken all the starch out of me.” And as I cuddled up to her back I reached over her and cupped a breast in my hand as we both fell asleep.

Jo woke first and in squirming from under my arm woke me. “What time is it Jo? The clock is on your side.”

“Only eleven-thirty.” Then as she climbed out of the bed. “I’ve got to piss.”

“Don’t flush it. I need to go too.”

“Jo quickly emptied her bladder, and while wiping, “I’m really sticky from all that juice you pumped into me. I need to wash off before we start anything more.” “Don’t you want me to lick it off like I did your Tits?”

“Its got piss mixed in now. Probably wouldn’t taste too good.”

As I shook off the last drops from my prick I pointed to the shower. “We can wash each other then.”

“Good idea. We may get around to that sixty-nine before breakfast yet.”

“Or have each other for breakfast.”

“Not enough calories.” Jo joked. “I’m going to need something far more nourishing.” after a second of silence.”Could make it an appetizer course tho.”

By now the water was hot and I had begun to soap Jo’s back. Since she had short hair I didn’t worry about getting it wet and started at her neck. As I lathered her shoulders and arms Jo began that almost purring hum that I don’t believe she was even aware of. By the time I had worked to the middle of her back she was leaning into my hands so I moved them towards her sides. I was soon cupping both breasts as Jo reached behind her hips to grasp my growing cock. She guided it between her ass cheeks. Since we were both completely wet and slippery with the soap, my cock slid easily into position just short of her vagina. I let go of her breasts and moved my caressing down her belly until they rested over hers at her crotch. “Don’t you know that you’ll go blind masturbating like that?”

“Haven’t yet. Been doing it since I was ten.” Then leaning forward so my firming cock could reach and penetrate her cunt. “Started doing this at eleven.”

“Don’t think the ‘GUN’ is reloaded Jo. Besides Neither of us would benefit from slipping and falling in here. Better rinse and dry first.”

“Spoil sport!” Then straightening and turning around; “But you’re right about falling. Ruins the whole evening.”

“Yea. Really spoils the mood.” By this time we were rinsed off and as I turned off the water, Jo snagged a towel and began to dry me off. Some areas took longer than others.

Then handing me the towel.”Now dry me.” I had the same problem getting some parts of Jo dry just as she had with me. She even had more of those areas than I did , two more of them to be exact.

“How old were you when you got married? Elene doesn’t seem young enough to be your daughter.”

“Thanks for the complement. I married at eighteen. Had a baby at nineteen, and was divorced at thirty-five. Don’t ask how long ago that was!” Then with a double take “Do you know Elene?”

“She is the one who conned me into joining the ‘Club’.”

“She been up here?”

“Several times.”

“Damn it! I was hoping to keep you for myself.” Shaking her head Jo walked into the living-room. “Did you give her the same fantastic sex?”

“NO. She played the same game as all the rest. It took me almost this long before She let me get her cloths off. Didn’t get to fucking till almost two AM.” Then after a pause, “The first time that is. The other three times she was almost as eager as you. But she never seemed to want seconds.”

“Yea! She doesn’t like to loose control of any situation .” Motioning me to cuddle up on the settee. “As I’ve said already, we seem to exchange partners from time to time. We tried teaming up once. It was not a good experience. We had double-dated with men we had both screwed before, and with the understanding that sex was to be the object. I was just well warmed up and ready for seconds when Elene finished screwing her date. I wanted to stay and maybe swap off. We had each screwed both men before and knew it. Elene insisted on going home. I wound up taking on both of them after she left.”

“Yea. She does tend to control the action as much as she can. The last two times she’s been up here it was her idea. I don’t mind being led in a relationship, but don’t care for being treated as an object.” Then I put my arm over Jo’s shoulder and cupped a breast. “She doesn’t seem to enjoy sex as much as you do either.”

“I’ve often wondered if she were screwing my men and leading me to screw hers as some kind of rebellion.”

“Could be, could be.” I thought about this for several minutes as I fondled her tit. “How many times have you been at the health club ”

“Tonight was the first. Elene called me and almost begged me to try it out tonight.”

“What time did she call?”

“About five. I was just getting ready to fix something to eat.”

“That’s the time I got to the club. She did set us up.”

“I will have to thank her tomorrow.”

“Mind if I ask some personal questions.”

“If we haven’t gotten past the personal point by now we never will.”

“OK Does she set you up like tonight very often?”

“No.” Then obviously thinking. ” You are only the third man I can think of that she fucked first, then passed on.” Then after thinking for several more seconds; “More often she finds out I’m screwing some one and tries to seduce him.”

“Next question. Of the others she, I’m using this generically, screwed you out of. How many were you starting to see often?”

Jo was silent for several seconds before answering. “I think I see where your going. Yes … I was starting to get more than just sexually involved with all of them .” Then leaning back and laughing, “She’s trying to get me a man she likes to fuck. Wonder if she’s looking for a stepfather.”

“It certainly looks like it.” Then laughing my self ; “Tell her I don’t want to get married just now.”

“Neither do I. It would end the alimony my ex is happy to pay me to keep quiet about the incest with Elene.” After some more thought. “Damn! I’ll bet she started it herself to break us up. Normally She didn’t get along with him very well.”

“Tell her that.”

“About me thinking she deliberately broke us up?”

“No. About the alimony. Then invite her over here with you.”

“She’d shit.” Then placing her hand over mine on her tit. “I think I will!” Then grabbing my cock with her other hand. “But not till much later this morning. Should we do that sixty-nine now or wait till after breakfast?”

“Lets wait. I really need some rest.”

“Lead the way to the bed, for sleep.”

We slept till nine thirty when we were awakened by our bladders. I went first and then started the shower while Jo had her turn on the pot. She joined me in the shower just as I finished rinsing. “I’ll start breakfast while you rinse off.”

“OK but don’t get dressed. We haven’t had that sixty-nine yet.”

I had just set out the two plates of scrambled egg and micro waved bacon when the phone rang. “I’ll bet that is Elene checking up on you JO .”

“Should I answer or might it embarrass you if it isn’t her?”

“No problem.”

Jo walked over to the phone and answered it. “Hello. … Yes, Elene, this is your mother. Come on over and Paul can fix you some bacon and eggs too. … Of course I spent the night here. Didn’t you want me to when you set up the meeting. … Yes, I figured it out. … Come on over here and we can discuss it over coffee. … Paul figured it out as soon as he learned that you are my daughter.” Then forcefully,”Shut up and get your ass over here!”

As Jo sat back down to her breakfast, “I told you she’d shit. Denied setting us up, and claiming she did not know how to get here … the whole bit.” Then between bites “She’ll be here in about five minutes. Let me open the door for her just like I am. She’ll shit again.”

“Want me to stay naked too?”

“Please. As soon as Elene and I get through with the fight we’re probably going to have, I want to have that sixty-nine we never got around to last night. ”

“Even if she stays?”

“Especially if she stays!”

“Your choice Jo. I like sex with you better than Elene anyway she’s to inhibited.”

“Maybe part of our problem . I tend to overpower everyone. And she won’t relinquish control.”

“Didn’t overpower me after the initial surprise.”

She pointed at my crotch and smiled. “Well maybe subliminal control.”

“But not overpowering. You came more times than I did last night.”

“Your right. I did, and I’d like to come some more this morning. But will probably have to have this fight with Elene first.”

“Why does it have to be a fight? Why can’t both of you admit that you both like sex and quit competing.”

“Dammed if I know. As far as completion goes, the only competition I’m interested in is to see who comes first. And that coming I’m interested in is sexual.” “When Elene gets here you will not answer the door. I will. I have an idea that may defuse things.”

“It’s your home.”

“That it is, and I set the rules in it.” We were sipping our second cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. “Hang loose Jo.” I checked through the peephole to make sure it was Elene, and no one else was in the hall, then opened the door. “Come on in Elene. Your mother is having coffee in the kitchen.”

Elene was more than a little disconcerted at my nudity and half hard cock but recovered quickly. “She naked too?”

“Of course. If you don’t mind I would like you to strip as well before we go any further.”

Just then Jo stepped through the kitchen doorway and added “He is setting the rules Elene , don’t fight him.”

“Your mother is quite right Elene. I am setting the rules here.” pointing at the bedroom door I added. “You know where the cloths closet is. STRIP!” Then turning towards the kitchen. “Your mother and I will be finishing our coffee. Should I pour you a cup?”

After several seconds of silence, meekly, “Yes please. I Think I’m going to need some.” She then slowly proceeded to the bedroom. Jo and I returned to the kitchen.

As Jo and I quietly sipped at our coffee after I had poured one for Elene we could hear her as she grumbled to herself “What the hell happened. He isn’t that good. I don’t think he’s that good. ”

Jo and I smiled at each other. She lifted her cup in a toast before commenting “The last one who was as good was my high-school prom date.”

Elene finally finished hanging up her clothes and, like a cowed dog, almost sneaked up to the table. She said nothing but did begin to sip at her coffee. Jo took her lead from me and remained quiet. After Elene had consumed about half her coffee I broke the silence. “You conned me into joining that gym just so you could maneuver your Mother and I into meeting , correct?”

She answered almost in a whisper; “Yes.”

“Did you expect that we would have sex?”



The silence lasted over two minutes before Jo broke it. “You’ve done this before baby. I would like to know why too.”

This time there was no wait . “I’M NOT A BABY DAMN IT!” she shouted. “I’M A WOMAN JUST LIKE YOU ARE!” And her shout died in the flood of tears that followed. Neither Jo or I attempted to stem the sobs but remained silent until they eventually subsided. “I am a woman. I am. I’m not a little girl. Why does everyone treat me like a little girl?”

At this opening I put in my two-bits.”You get treated like a little girl because you usually act like one.”

“What do you mean? I fuck as good as she does don’t I?”

“There is a lot more to being a woman than fucking, Elene. A lot more!” Her head came off the table and she began to look at me. “You have to have a lot more to a mature relationship than sex. And NO, you don’t fuck as well as your mother.” This brought a change of state from self pity to self defense.

“You didn’t complain when you screwed me.”

“I never complain. How ever, if you will dispassionately review our relationship, consider who asked who the last couple times.”

She again was silent for several seconds before meekly answering. “I guess I did didn’t I.” Then after another period of quiet; “What was I doing wrong?”

“Acting like a little girl.” then taking her hand, “You made me seduce you like a school girl on a first date. Then as soon as we came you would turn cold and go home. Mature women don’t act like that.”

“How does a woman act?”

“She certainly doesn’t resist a man all the way to the final moment then go wild. She also doesn’t leave immediately after .” Ask your mother.

“I cant! She hates me!”

Jo and I almost harmonized:

“No she doesn’t.”

“Yes you can.”

I held my hand up to quiet JO and asked,”Why do you think she hates you?”

“She must. I just know she does.”

“Because she caught you and your father fucking?”

Almost screaming.”How do you know about that?”

“She told me about it.”

Almost in pain Elene turned to face Jo for the first time since arriving. “How could you? How could you shame me that way?”

“Baby, if there is any shame involved in your fathers seduction of you it was his.”

“But I seduced Him!”

At this I had to put in my contribution.”Elene. NO MAN IS SEDUCED BY A GIRL! If she is willing it isn’t seduction. If she is not willing it is rape. I’m sure you have heard the saying, ‘ a hard cock has no conscience’ but I can assure you it is only an excuse.”

After a few seconds I continued, “The only type of man who would screw an unwilling girl is mentally deficient. And a man who would screw his own daughter, even if she asked him to, is even more mentally deficient. Or maybe trying to hurt her or his wife. Perhaps both. In either case, the shame is his, not hers!”

Jo then grasped Elene’s hand before adding; “Honey. He was fucking other young women long before you let him. I divorced him for not keeping me satisfied. Not for screwing around other women. Although I used infidelity as the grounds for divorce you definitely were not the only one involved.”

I then added another two bits. “So you see Elene. You don’t have to punish yourself by trying to take away your mothers lovers, or try to ‘count coup’ by passing on those that you are finished with.”

Then after leaning over and kissing her lightly; “Live your own life. Ignore the past as, I’m sure, it ignores you.”

Looking at JO she softly asks “You really don’t hate me for letting Dad screw me.”

“Hell no! I can’t afford to hate anyone. It takes too much energy. And ignoring them is much more effective. I don’t even hate your father. Mater of fact If it weren’t for the way We’ve both become used to our independence I might even consider getting back together with him for a while.” Then winking at me. “He was a fairly good lover when he wasn’t screwing around other women.” Then after several seconds pause. “Baby, we have both bedded better the last couple of years. The best of the bunch is sitting right over there. Thank you for the set up.”

“Your not angry about it?”

“Not in the least. Some of the men you’ve passed on weren’t too bad. This one is the best.”

“Jim was always considerate and gentle with me but after the first date seemed to loose interest.”

“Elene. That was because you acted the little girl, demanding to be ‘seduced’ when we both knew we would end up fucking.” Then standing beside her with a limp penis practically in her face, “Would you like to watch your mother and I do it right?”

“Dammed if I care if she wants to watch or not. I’m going to get what we’ve been promising each other since supper last night.”

At this Jo asked, ” Ellen, have you ever had oral sex with any of your partners?”

“No. Dad asked me to take him in my mouth once but I refused. A few of the men I’ve fucked since have also asked for me to suck them but I never have.”

“Any of them ever lick your cunt?”

“Never. I didn’t know men would do that. Except in porno films any way.”

I again entered the conversation. “Elene. You have been sadly misled as to normal sexual gratification. I think most of your problems are a result of a seriously incomplete education.”

“What do you mean Jim?”

“I’ll bet you have never really had an orgasm have you.”

“I don’t know. That last time you fucked me and kept up after squirting your sperm I felt something different. I know I felt different than after all the other times men have fucked me.”

“Baby, When you have an orgasm you know it.” Then Jo incredulously asked. “Haven’t you ever masturbated to orgasm?”

“What’s that?”

“Finger fucked or used a candle or bottle to get off.”

“No. All the gym teachers said that you shouldn’t do things like that.”

“Damn the fucking puritanic educators and all the other misguided moralists.” Jo cursed. “Didn’t any of the girls you hung out with in high school or college talk about getting off with their boy friends or masturbating or ‘ANYTHING’?” “No wonder she fucks like a little girl! I’m insulted to hear that I didn’t get a woman off in four tries!”

There was silence for several seconds.

Then in a very soft voice Elene almost begged.”Could I have a fifth chance Jim?”

Jo then stopped next to the bed. “Elene. you will watch Jim and I enjoy having oral sex. While you watch us suck each other to orgasm try to imagine that you are the female partner.”

“If a finger happens to drift to your clit just enjoy it.” I added. “Then if your mother leaves any of my cock on me I’ll do my best to get you to orgasm afterwards.”

By this time Jo had lain out on the bed with legs spread. “Quit talking and start eating.”

“Slow or right to the point?”

“Just start gobbling crotch and feed me that cock, hard or soft Makes no difference.”

Following orders I lay over her with my face in her crotch. My cock quickly submerged in her mouth. As soon as Jo began swallowing I spread her labia with my hands and began to lick the full length of her slit. Jo had both hands around the base of my cock so that she could control the depth of my penetration. Elene sat on a chair she had brought in from the kitchen. She quietly watched as we thoroughly enjoyed eating each other for almost five minutes. I warned Jo that I was going to come. She had come twice without biting me so I felt safe. Jo began her third orgasm just as the first jet of sperm shot into her mouth. By the time the second jet hit the back of her tongue she was in full climax. I almost got my nose broken by her pubic bone as she hunched her hips. My cock had plunged fully into her throat as well when she let go of it to reach around my hips and pull me to her. Jo kept me fully swallowed for ten to fifteen seconds till she began to come down from the climax high. As soon as she relaxed her grip on my hips I pulled my shrinking cock out of her mouth and rolled on to my back. As I lay there getting my heart rate back towards normal I could hear her mumbling. “He did it again. It will take the rest of the morning for me to recover.”

Elene shyly crept over to the bed and carefully grasped my now limp cock. She took a very tentative lick at the head. Then as she contemplated the taste, looked at her mother laying exhausted beside me. “Must be some thing to it. It really doesn’t taste all that bad.” Then looking me straight in the eyes, “Did you really enjoy doing that to Mom?”

“Elene. We each enjoyed sucking the other. A very large portion of the enjoyment of sex is giving your partner pleasure. Some times I have sucked a womens cunt till she was almost limp from orgasming and didn’t even get to fuck her.”

“But what pleasure would you get that way?”

“The pleasure of giving pleasure.”

With a very thoughtful expression on her face Elene leaned over and tentitivly took just the head of my limp but not too shrunken cock into her mouth. She slowly licked her tongue around it. After several seconds she backed off. “Tastes strange. Not bad. just a new flavor. Like a new kind of fruit. I might get to like it.” Then back down onto it taking more into her mouth till she began to gag.”

“Don’t try to swallow all of it baby.” Jo cautioned as she came up on one elbow to watch. ” You will need a lot more practice before you can deep throat a cock that big.”

she then began coaching, “Easy does it for the first few times. That’s the way. Hold it by the base so you can control it.” By now Elene was slowly face fucking herself with my still soft cock. JO continued a subdued series of instructional comments. “That’s right. Lick up from the base to the tip. Not so fast. Don’t suck so hard. Easy.” About two minutes of this and I was no longer soft, but in no danger of coming.

“Want to swap ends and sit on it a while? I won’t be able to come again for quite a while but you might be able to orgasm on it with out my getting off.”

“I would like that. I think .” Then as she slowly sat down on my cock, “you wouldn’t mind if you didn’t come?”

“He’ll fake it just like women sometimes fake it to keep from hurting a mans ego .” Jo comments.

“I never fake it JO. There wouldn’t be any point since there would be no sperm to show.”

“Right. Well, let Elene have fun. I’m going to rinse off and start lunch.”

Elene was not moving her hips much.”You’re going to have to move your hips a lot more than that to get off Elene. Try to rock your hips back and forth on the base of my cock. That’s a little better. But more distance. Now your getting it.

Whoa. Not that far or you’ll pull me clear out of you.” Elene finally settled into a slow rock that scrubbed her clit up and down my cock in about a three inch stroke.

She maintained this motion for almost three minutes before she asked; “How long does it take before I climax?”

“Some girls come very quick, others take awhile longer.”

“Why the difference? ”

“The ones who come quick are the ones that know how it feels and have psyched themselves in anticipation. The ones that take longest are the ones that have never had an orgasm ,or are afraid of losing control.”

“I guess I’m both of the second types.”

“No reason to fear it. Yes, you will lose some voluntary muscle control at the peek. The pleasure is well worth it. Actually that momentary loss of muscle control is one reason many men don’t like to lick clit with inexperienced women. They tend to piss in your mouth when they climax.”

This comment caused Elene to start laughing and as I reached up and cupped both breasts she relaxed into my caress. The relaxation of tension and extra stimulation lowered psychological barriers she had erected. Only seconds passed before she asked. “Should my clit be feeling like it’s getting bigger?”

“The bigger the better Elene. When it begins to feel like it will explode, don’t resist. The explosion is what you want.”

“I think it will if I don’t stop.”

Jo had been watching from the kitchen and only now reinvolved herself. “Don’t stop Elene. Let go and let it happen.”

At the sound of Jo’s voice I could feel Elene begin to tense up again so I had to do something to keep her relaxed. “Elene honey – please try not to piss on me when you come. I hate interrupting things to change sheets. It spoils the mood.”

As she began to laugh again she passed the final barrier and started her first true orgasm. As I felt her muscles begin the orgasmic spasms I pulled her down and began kissing her on the mouth while ramming my cock into her as hard as I could. Her spasms crested and subsided very quickly and as she lay atop me I gently caressed her back. “That wasn’t to bad was it?”

“OH NO! It felt just like you said. My clit got bigger and bigger till it did feel like it exploded.” Then suddenly sitting up and looking at our still joined crotches. “I didn’t piss on you did I?”

“No. All that wetness is only excess lubricant. From your vagina and my cock.”

“If you two are finished, I have lunch on the table.”

“Be there as soon as your daughter gets off of me Jo.”

“I don’t want to. It still feels good filling me .”

“Don’t be greedy. We’ll have all afternoon. Lets eat some food.”

Elene very slowly lifted herself off of my cock and meekly asked, “Can I get back on after lunch?”

“We’ll see. Maybe you and your mother can gang up on me.”

Jo’s “Get your asses in here and eat!” ended our conversation.

Jo had found some vegetable soup mix and had made cold-cut sandwiches which were set out on the table. “We will all need our nourishment this afternoon. First. I want my clit licked again by someone, and then I want to get fucked.”

“Looks like I get nominated for the fucking assignment.” Then after a bite of sandwich and spoon of soup. “You want to volunteer for the clit licking Elene?”

“I’m no lesbian damn it!”

“Just checking.” Then after avoiding a mock clubbing and eating some more soup and sandwich. “Well guess I’ll have to do both. Elene will just have to watch again.”

Timidly Elene asks, “Could I maybe use the end of you that mom isn’t using?”

“What do you think of that Jo?”

“She’s learning.” Then as she wiped the last of the soup from her bowl with the last bite of sandwich. “Think you could manage both of us at once?”

“Willing to try.”

I collected empty bowls and plates. “I’ll get this cleaned up while you two empty any filling bladders.”

“Ok We’ll empty our bladders and give it a quick rinse.” JO called as she headed for the bathroom. “Elene and I will be back very soon.”

As soon as she felt that Jim wouldn’t hear them Jo whispered to Elene,”Jim thinks you are an only child, not the youngest of four. Please don’t tell him or even hint that you are not my only child. A mid-forty or early fifty year old is a lot easer to fuck than a woman dragging sixty.”

“I don’t think that would bother Jim in the least mother.”

“Well, I don’t want to take any chances. He’s much to good a lover to lose.”

“Any man who would take the extra effort to teach a twenty-five year old how to have her first orgasm wouldn’t care about a few extra years.”

“I still don’t want to lose him. Jim is the best lover I’ve had since high school.”

“Better than Dad? ”

“Much!! ”

“Well … Lead the way mom.”

As they entered the bed-room Jo set the agenda. “I want that cock inside my vagina first Jim, and please don’t come too fast. Maybe if you concentrate on Elenes clit you won’t be too aware of the other end.”

“I’ll try not to disappoint you.” Jo had been positioning herself over my hips and now began to slowly slide down over my fully erect cock.

Elene watched all seven inches of my cock slowly disappear into her mother as she gently fingered her clit. “Damn that’s sexy! Watching that thing sliding up into you mom. Almost as exciting as watching the two of you sucking each other this morning. Well , Time for me to find out how it feels to get my clit sucked. Here I come Jim. ” And facing away from her mother, she straddled My face.

I stuck out my tongue and began licking up and down Elenes slit. She in turn used both hands to spread her labia, giving me full access to every part of her increasingly wet cunt. She was soon rocking her hips to scrub herself over my face and I reached up to fondle her tits.

Meantime, Jo was doing a slow rotary grind on my cock and had started the purring that seemed to be an advance warning of impending orgasm. Elene too began a soft mewing sound as she increased her motions. I soon had to release her tits and grasp her thighs to keep her from breaking my nose.

After stopping Elenes violent motion I took a grip on her clit with my lips. This was the trigger that she needed to climax. Jo too, had worked herself to a second orgasm and I held on for dear life as both mother and daughter spasmed through climaxes. Elene finished first and slumped forward to grasp the headboard and slowly lift herself from my face.

Jo continued to spasm for a few more seconds before she too began to slowly lift herself off my still fully erect cock moaning,”Too much for this old woman. I’ve come twice already and he isn’t even close yet.”

Elene was also mumbling about too much too soon. “I’ve just learned to climax and now I can’t stop.” Then crawling off the bed; “I’ll never make it through my shift at the spa tonight if I keep this up.”

Jo too continued mumbling; “I’ve come more times the last twenty-four hours than the previous two months. Including the times I fingered off. I hate to say this, but I need some rest as much Elene does.

Let’s all clean up and get dressed. Elene has the late shift at the ‘Club’ and your pantry is empty. You and I can do some food shopping while I rest up.”

“You might want to go home for some more clothes too Jo.” I suggest. “We can stop at a restaurant for supper on the way.”

“Sounds OK Jim.”

“You want to ride with us or drive your car Elene?”

“I’ll drive. Then I can go on to the spa for my shift.”

“OK Do you know about that THIE restaurant your mom took me to yesterday?”

“Yes. I eat there sometimes myself.”

“OK with you Jo?”

“Fine. We can do the shopping after we eat. Then get me some clean clothes. Probably not in that order tho. I’ll ride with Jim.”

“I’ll go on to work after we eat, then go on home. I may come back tomorrow after noon, but I’ll call first.”

Jo and Jim did only small talk as he drove to the restaurant. Elene pulled into the lot almost behind them, and all three entered the restaurant together. Again only small talk while they ate. Primarily Elene trying to talk the others into using the SPA to keep in shape. Jim promised to consider it. Jo remained noncommittal.

After finishing the meal Elene went to work and Jim and Jo got in his car to do the shopping. As they drove towards her apartment to pick up some clean cloths Jo calmly asks, “Shall we stop by your home for some clean cloths for you too?”

“Why do you think I live somewhere other than the apartment we were in?”

“To few clothes. Very little food, and the place was much too clean. It just didn’t have a ‘Lived In’ feeling. I suspect that you keep it specifically for a Pick up pad. I’d do the same if I could afford it.”

“You are very observant JO. Yes; you are right. I kept a mistress there for several years, when she left I kept the apartment. None of the women I’ve taken there ever noticed the lack of supplies.”

“How do you handle the phone?”

“Call forwarding of course.”

“It’s a very nice apartment. Must cost a lot to keep up.”

“I own the building. I could afford it even if I didn’t own it.”

“You willing to let me see where you really live, or will you drop me back at the apartment while you go home for clothes?”

“Come along if you want. Or if you would like you could just move in to either that apartment or my penthouse.”

“That a proposition or a proposal.”

“Which ever you prefer.”

“You like the way I fuck enough to propose marriage after one night? Better get to know me a lot better first.”

“If I don’t know you after last night and today, I doubt I ever would. A woman tells a man more about herself in the way she fucks than she ever does talking.”

Then after a slow stroke of his hand up her thigh and a gentle squeeze at her crotch. “You enjoy life fully in all ways and enter into situations with nothing held back. You don’t shy away from unpleasant situations but face them, and if possible solve them. New situations don’t frighten you. And finally, you remind me of my late wife. She was very much like you, strong willed but not dominating. She, as you, enjoyed life too much to let someone else’s ‘morality’ get in her way. You would have liked her and I know she would have liked you.”

“How did she die?”

“Driving back home from visiting our youngest son and his family. A damn drunk started a chain reaction pile up on the freeway, and by the time the emergency crews got to her car it was too late to save her. She died the next day in the hospital.”

“Sorry I asked.”

“No problem. It’s been long enough to deaden the pain. I didn’t start dating again for over two years, then found Sally. She was my mistress for almost three years before she finally decided to go back to Kentucky last year.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, just how old are you? You said you had several children by your wife and the youngest was married.”

“Only three years older than you. Sixty four.”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW MY AGE?” Jo almost screamed.

“I always have my security staff check out any of the girls that seem to be getting too eager.” Jim explained. “When Elene started asking me for dates, I had her checked out. The report included you. I liked what they had to say about you.”

In a tone of voice that was about ten degrees above absolute zero. “And just what did they say?”

“Sixty-one year old divorcee. Living off alimony of $1500 a month plus new car every five years. Four children. Three boys, one girl. Two grandchildren. Volunteers at local hospital. Plays viola in local symphony. Physically active.”

Then with a smile, “Didn’t say if physical activity included sex.” almost as an afterthought, “OH. They included a news photo taken at one of the symphony fund raisers. Didn’t do you justice. I didn’t recognize you till you mentioned Ellen.”

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