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School Nurse

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My wife of twelve years decided to end our marriage and move out with our two daughters with some guy she works with. Man. I was really fucking pissed, drinking every night to forget how sad and lonely I’m. One day while working I get a call from my ex and she needs me to go pick up our youngest from school due to the fact she was not feeling well. So I left work to go pick her up and page the school office to let me in. I walked straight to the nurses office, my daughter lying on a cot taking a little nap.

“Hello, I’am Ms. Greene the head nurse.” Said the woman behind the desk.

“Hi, I’m Bill Murphy.” I replied. “What is wrong with my daughter?”

“Looks to be she has that nasty little stomach bug that is going around the school.” She replied as she pushed away from her desk. “Any special instructions?” I ask.

“No, just make sure she has a lot of fluid to drink.” She replied.

Now I notice how attractive this woman is, she stands next to me at around five feet tall, should length brunette hair, green eyes. Her figure looks nice for a woman who was probably a few years older than my thirty-two years. I estimated her age at forty-five to fifty years of age. I saw no wedding ring on her finger. So I threw caution into the wind and decided to see if I could maybe talk this lovely woman into a dinner date. “Did you say it was Ms. Greene?” I asked.

“Yes it is.” She replied.

“I would have figured an attractive woman like yourself would be married.” I prodded.

“I have been divorced for a few years now.” She said now turning her attention toward me.

“Well I was just wondering if you would care to join me for dinner later, I have not dated since my divorce and I would love it if you would do me the honor of being the first?” I asked again.

“Wow this sure is some surprise!” She exclaimed. “My daughter is always telling me I should date again, yet I have not done so. I guess it would be all right, you seem to be a nice man and your girls are great kids.” “Great should I pick you up around seven then?” I asked.

“That would be great, let me write down my address for you.” She said bending down to scribble on one of those post it notes. “Is this formal or casual?

“I think casually would be a good start.” I laughed.

“I do too.” She chuckled.

We woke my daughter up and I carried her book bag out to the car, I had to admit despite having a sick little girl on my hands the rest of the day I felt like I was walking on air. I took her back to my apartment and a few hours later her mother came to pick her up, even her nasty bitchy attitude could not ruin my good mood. After she left, I got ready for my date, I took a shower, shaved and then got dressed. I made sure I was casual wearing a pair of jeans and a nice button up a shirt. I grabbed my keys and drove over to her house, on the way I stopped at a florist and grabbed a nice bouquet of flowers. When I arrived at her house, she let me in and my jaw nearly hit the floor, she looked absolutely stunning. She did not have much makeup on when I first saw her, now she had her face painted as if it was a masterpiece. She had a tight white tank top on and a button up a shirt as well, which was unbuttoned. Her jeans fit her just right and she wore a pair of black leather boots that added a couple inches to her height.

“Aw, for me.” She said to take the flowers from me. “You shouldn’t have.”

“I just wanted to make a good impression.” I replied.

“Well-let I get these into a vase and then I will be right back.” She said to leave the room.

“Ready to go.” I said offering my arm when she returned.

“Sure are.” She replied with her beautiful smile. We ate at a nice steak house that also had a nice bar that usually had sports on several different televisions. Dinner was excellent and we made really good conversation throughout the meal, after deserts I asked if she would like to go into the bar and continue talking. She agreed and we went to a nice secluded booth to continue to get to know each other. I found out many things about her such as her age was fifteen years more than mind, once we cleared the air that it did not make any difference to either of us we continued to talk. At first I had a couple of beers but then switched to coffee for the remainder of our time there. She however continued to drink wine, it was starting to approach midnight yet I did not want this night to end. I felt I could have known this woman all of my life with all the things we talked about, yet we both agreed that I should take her home. We arrived to her house and I got out of my car, I ran around to the other side of it and opened her a door. I offered her my arm and escorted her to her front door, to my surprise she gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Would you like to come in and continue to talk?” She asked.

“Sure I would love that, I’m not tired in the least.” I answered.

“Great I will make some coffee, you just sit on the couch and make yourself comfortable.” She instructed opening the door. I settled in on the couch and waited for her to return from the kitchen, she did this time minus the shirt she had on for the date and carrying a tray with a coffee service. I got up and took it from while she cleared a place off on the coffee table so I could set it down. Like the restaurant we talked about everything that could come to mind, we covered politics to religion. We both talked about her children, our failed marriages and why neither of us dated after the divorce. Before either of us knew it, we sat there until three o clocks in the morning, we looked at the time and laughed.

“Wow I have not done this in a long time.” She said.

“I think I could talk for a few more hours.” I laughed aloud.

“I think we both are needing a sick day tomorrow.” She chuckled as well.

“Well now that I know a nurse, I should not have much trouble finding good health care.” I looked into her eyes at that moment.

“What?” She asked expectantly.

“Can I kiss you again?” I asked.

“Always the perfect gentlemen.” She answered. “Yes I would like it very much if you were to kiss me again.” I leaned and kissed her full on the lips, at first she seemed to hesitate, then as I reached up and put my arm around her she relaxed. I don’t know if she was going to allow this to turn into a lengthy make out sessions so I took full advantage of every moment. I pulled her to me and held her tightly with one arm, as we kissed I rubbed it up and down her back. She made soft mewing sounds as I parted her lips and slid my tongue into her mouth, I was surprised she did not pull away. I then changed arms and put my other arm around her and rubbed my now free hand up and down the sides of her arms and legs. Now or never I decided I was going to see how much further I could push this. With my free hand I gently untucked enough of her shirt and ran it up to her bra clad breast, it was surprisingly firm as I gently squeezed it. Once again she mewed but made no attempt to stop me from exploring her tits. I found that her bra hooked in the front and manipulated it to come unhooked, the sensation of touching her bare breast and her hardening nipples almost caused me to cum in my pants. I slid my hand now down her flat stomach and unbuttoned her jeans, then I pulled down the zipper. To my surprise she leaned backwards on the couch and pulled me down with her, this gave my hand better access to get down inside her pants. Wow this really conservative woman or so I thought had very little hair down there, soon I found her fat puffy, pussy lips, I spread them apart and began to rub her wet pussy. She broke our kiss and was panting softly as I was not rubbing my hand over her clit.

“We should continue this in my bed.” She panted. Without saying anything I stood up and bent down, being almost six feet tall and two hundred pounds it was easy for me to sweep her tiny frame off the couch. I carried her upstairs and she directed me to which direction was her bedroom. She had a spacious bedroom with a large poster bed, I set her down on it, then pulled off my shirt. She on the other hand threw the pillows and then quickly got up to pull the bed spread back. By the time she did this I was now completely naked, my hard cock pointing toward her. She turned to me and smiled at the sight of me naked waiting for her, she pulled her shirt off. Her breasts looked beautiful as she slid the bra off of her arms, then she pulled her pants off and then her panties.

“Wow you are so beautiful.” I whispered.

“Thank you.” She said. “You are the first man to see me naked since my husband.”

“Well I’m not disappointed.” She giggled, at the sight of my hard cock.

The big comment did not surprise me, my ex wife used to tell me the only thing we had going good for us in our marriage was my eight-inch cock. She laid down on the bed and reached over to shut off the lamp by the bedside. I climbed into bed with her and we wrapped our arms around each other, we started kissing passionately again. I kissed and licked her neck, then went to work on her tits, she kept moaning and encouraging me to her breasts. Then I kissed down her stomach and she instinctively spread her legs, then she moaned aloud.

“Are you going to do what I think you are going to do?” She moaned her question.

“Yes I’m, your pussy is very beautiful and I want to taste you.” I told her.

“No one has ever tasted my pussy.” She said.

“Trust me. You will enjoy this.” I promised her.

I spread her pussy lips apart and began to lick up and down her slit savoring the musky wetness of her cunt. Then I went to work on her clit, as I thought it would be very sensitive to my tongue, she tensed as it flicked over it for the first time. Then she relaxed as I licked and sucked vigorously on her clit, soon she was thrashing her cunt all over my face soaking more juice. She shuddered with a powerful orgasm and continued to lick her clit until it subsided, then I climbed up and slid my cock into her slick pussy all the way to my balls. Her short shapely legs wrapped tightly around my waist as my cock worked in and out of her. Her long nails raked up and down my back, she was moaning aloud with every thrust of my love missile. We fucked in the missionary position until she had another earth shattering orgasm, she whispered into my ear that she wanted to get on top. I got off of her and she climbed on top of my cock, she bounced up and down on my cock at first slow. Then she really started to bounce up and down faster and faster, she was giving me the ride of my life. I took every opportunity to play with her tits and cup her nice round ass, she was creaming her cum all over my cock as she rode it.

“Ohgods this feels so fucking good, you have to fuck me doggie style next, please fuck me doggie style.” She did not have to beg any longer.

She climbed off of my cock and I got her up on all fours, I then teased her as I rubbed my cock up and down her wet pussy slit. She giggled due to the fact that maybe this action tickled and then she pushed her ass back toward me.

“Fuck me, please fuck me with that big cock.” She begged again.

I slid my cock into her wet pussy and grabbed on either side of her hips, I started with long slow thrusts but soon was encouraged to fuck her harder and faster. My cock was now pounding in and out of her so fast and hard she was screaming she could feel it in her throat.

“Oh fuck babies I’m going to empty my fucking balls into you.” I said aloud.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, I’m cumming, shoot you cum, let’s cum together, oh fuck me, fuck me.” She said.

“Aug!” I shouted aloud as me cum burst several large loads into her.

We both collapsed on her bed and I pulled her into my arms, we kissed and held each other for several long moments.

“I have only been with my husband, I would have divorced him sooner if I knew a man was out the that could fuck me like that.” She said running her fingers through the hair on my chest.

“It is not hard when I have a woman as hot as you to make love to.” I replied.

We kissed for a few minutes and then she grabbed a cordless phone off of her night stand, she called in sickly to work. Then she handed me the phone and I did the same, leaving a voice mail for my boss. We went right to sleep after that holding onto each other tightly. It must have been around ten in the morning when I finally awoke, what had awaken me were the slurping sounds of my new lover sucking my cock. I looked down at her lovingly sucking my hard cock in and out of her mouth, she stroked it up and down with her small hands. I reached down with my hand and urged her to suck it harder and faster.

“Oh baby what a way to wake me up.” I groaned in pleasure.

I stopped just short of me cumming in her mouth and she climbed on top of cock, only this time she rode it at a slower pace than she did last night. She held and squeezed her breast and my hands rubbed her ass cheeks.

“Oh I think I’m going to love this big cock of yours.” She moaned as she came.

“I think it loves you too.” I said.

She climbed off of me and instead of letting me fuck her some more she went back to sucking my cock. I let her lick and suck her cunt juices off of my cock, she really had a very skilled mouth for cock sucking.

“You tasted me last night I want to taste the nectar from your balls, cum in my mouth honey.” She said.

With that she started sucking me harder and faster, all the while pumping my cock with her hand. Soon I tensed up and began emptying my load into her mouth, she drank as much of it as she could, then she swallowed it down. After she did that she went back down and cleaned my softening cock off.

“I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.” I said.

“Just wait until lunch.” She said crawling back up to me.

We shared a few kisses and then we fell back to sleep, savoring the feeling of being in each other arms.

The End.

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