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Scent of an Orchid

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Monday always began with a meeting, and this Monday morning was no different from any other. We were all sitting around the long wooden table in the conference room, listening to one voice after another explaining how good their department was. Everyone was showing graphs over the growth of our company, but somehow it all seemed so distant from the reality we had to live with in the small office rooms.

When it was time for our department to show our spread sheets and graphs, I was amazed to see a woman stand up at the end of the table, and walk up to the computer screen.

“Before I begin my presentation, I’d like to tell those of you who don’t know me, who I am. I’m Ms. Evans, and I’m taking over where my predecessor, Mr. Jones, so suddenly had to leave he’s seat vacant due to circumstances beyond his or the company’s control.”

I had not heard anything about Alan’s reasons for leaving his seat available, and I found it strange that they would bring in someone new to fill his place, and not take someone from the department.

“I know that I won’t be able to fill Mr. Jones shoes, nor do I intend to try. I’ve been told that he was a great asset to the entire organization, and I will do my best to continue his work. He will be missed by a lot.”

She was saying all the right things, but I felt a shiver up my spine, when I heard her refer Alan as a asset, as if he was nothing more than an office chair. She was being down right cold, but no one seemed to notice that in her words, or maybe the truth was that no one around the table knew Alan as I did.

“I’ve been asked to present last month results, but I would like to ask Mr. Arthur Little from the department to do this weeks presentation.”

She looked at me, and held out her hand gracefully towards me, so that everyone would know who to look for. I sat still for a moment, feeling stunned by the moment, but coming to my senses after a deep breath. I stood up, and walked up to her with a smile, taking the folder she handed me. Doing so, I felt her index-finger touching my hand, and passing me I heard her whisper.

“Thank you.”

I watch silently as she walked to her seat, and sat down, and when the room was silent, I began to present the departments activities from all sorts of aspects, just as all the others had done before me. We had been working hard the previous month to keep the time-schedule we had set up for the project, and it was with great satisfaction I could present that the department was ahead of schedule.

I answered the questions I was given, and each time I looked in her direction, I could see her shiny white smile, smiling back at me. The presentation was ended, and the next department began to explain why their results wasn’t according to expectations, and the meeting went on, until all sides had been discussed.

It was almost lunch when I began to walk back to the office, but I was suddenly stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

“Mr. Little. Could I have a word with you?”

I turned around, and Ms. Evans was smiling towards me, removing her hand from my shoulder, and I smiled back before I replied.

“Yes, Ms. Evans?”

It was the first time I could see her face, and the light in the hallway revealed her beautiful face. Her slightly oval face gave her classical features, her eyes were dark brown, and her cheekbones high. Her nose was straight and just the right size, leading down to her mouth, her upper lip being thinner than the lower, but both perfectly painted in dark red. The dark brown hair was flowing down over her shoulders, framing her face.

“I want to thank you for helping me out in there. It’s the first day on the job, and I was handed the folder just minutes before the meeting. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me, before we head back to the duties?”

I accepted her invitation. The coffee was free anyway, but I did not mind some small talk with the new department chief. We walked down the hall to the cafeteria, taking a cup each with the company logo on them, pouring up some, before we took our seats. We sat on opposite sides of the table, and I took a sip from my cup when she began to speak.

“Did you hear what happened to Mr.Jones?”

“No. I was quite surprised not to see him at the meeting.”

“If I’m informed correctly, he retired. Apparently he’s wife has cancer, but the company has agreed to offer him one million as a bonus, to cover the medical expenses.”

I was impressed, and somewhat jealous. They had offered him one million, which at the same time made me happy, knowing that they had appreciated his work and talent. Alan had never told me of Susan’s sickness. I had just recently began to understand that she had been to the hospital often, but cancer.

“I’m happy they gave Alan that offer, but no amount of money will be enough if Susan doesn’t make it.”

“You talk about them with first names? You knew them well?

“Yes, I did. I think Alan took me under his wing in a way, and I was often invited for Thanksgiving, and even Christmas. He is a great person, and so is Susan.”

“I’m sorry. You must be thinking that I’ve taken his place, but I was offered this position, and I couldn’t say no to be on the winning team, could I?”

I smiled, but before I could reply, we both heard her phone ring, and she picked it up from her handbag, and I could hear her mumble. After a short conversation, she placed her phone in the handbag again, and looked at me.

“I’m sorry, but we’ll have to continue this some other time. I have some business to attend too.”

We took our empty cups, and put them on a tray, before we parted. I walked back to the office, and sat down in my chair. The screen was indicating that I had received e-mails, so I began to read and reply to them. The meetings always put the entire Monday two hours behind, but who was I to complain or change how the organization was structured. That was for the marketing people to think about.

I was almost finished with my e-mails, when I was paged by the front desk. Someone had left me a package, and I went down to get it, and I opened it up when I came back to the office. The box contained a gorgeous purple orchid, which I picked up.

I looked through the box, but there was no card, so I turned to the plant to see if I could find a card. It had an intense scent, which almost made me dizzy, but I couldn’t find any card. Putting the plant away, I noticed something written inside the pot, just above the soil, and I lean forward again, and read the words “Call me”.

I looked all around the inside, but there were nothing else written, so I placed the orchid aside, and returned to my mail. I realized that I was hard in my pants, and I felt a little ashamed, being horny at work, but that was the plain truth.

My cock was drawing my attention to an urgent need. I kept on working with my mail, when I received a letter from hotmail, some strange name I never seen before, and when I read it, there were only one word “Dig”. Dig?

Must have been sent to the wrong person, and I deleted it, but the word kept clinging to my head until I saw the plant on my table. The words had been just above the soil, so maybe there was something else written beneath it. I placed the plant before me, and used my index finger to move the soil a bit, only to reveal a number.

I picked up the receiver and dialed the number. I waited for a while, until someone answered on the other end. I said who I was, but all I received was a warm female voice, telling me.

“Get down on your knees and jerk off.”

The voice kept repeating itself, and I realized that it was a taped message. I hung up, and gave it no more thought. It was lunch, and I left the office.

I returned to the office after lunch, full of energy and I began to work, trying to catch up on all the things that were planned, but after half an hour, I once again felt my hard cock in my pants. I began to think, and realized that the last time I was intimate with a woman had been over two months ago.

All that I had been thinking about lately was the project. My head was spinning, until I could not hold a thought in my mind. I put on my jacket, and went home. My arms were heavy and my legs were far from steady when I entered my apartment. I sat down on the couch, and fell asleep instantly.

I woke up the following morning, sitting in the couch, and I got undressed and took a shower. It felt so nice to clean both body and soul. The morning continued normally, with a breakfast to build up the energy reserve, and the trip to the office, so I entered the building the same time I usually did.

I felt warm when I entered my office, and I was greeted by the scent of orchid. It felt just like home, and I began to do my work. 30 minutes passed, before I noticed how my cock was aching in my pants, and I squeezed myself through the fabric and I moaned silently. It had been to long. Correcting my cock, I began to reply to e-mails, and when I took a look in my inbox, the strange sender had written me another e-mail, so I open it up to see what she had written.

“Call me, I know you really want too.”

I looked at the pot, and out of curiosity I dialed the same number as the day before, but the message wasn’t the same. I sat still while I began to listen to it.

“Hi, I knew you would call again. Just relax, and lean back in your chair. Inhale deeply, and close your eyes. Listen to my voice, and let me help you relax. Just keep your eyes closed, while you listen to me. Nothing else matters right now, just my voice, and your relaxation.”

The female voice was smooth as silk, and I found myself doing as it was telling me to do, and enjoying the deep relaxation it was giving me.

I held the receiver to my ear, while my thoughts drifted away, breathing deeply the orchid filled air. Moments later, I snapped out of it, standing on my knees on the office floor, with the receiver in one hand, and the other stroking my cock furiously. I stopped and listened to the voice in the receiver, repeating itself as the day before.

“Get down on your knees and jerk off.”

I got up and sat in my chair, and with great effort I pushed my rigid cock into my pants again, wondering what had made me do that in the first place.

I continued as if nothing had happened, but the thought kept nagging me. My thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang, and I answered it.

“Mr. Little. Could you come to my office around 5 PM this afternoon. I’d like to go over a few things with you.”

“Yes, of course Ms. Evans.”

“Good, I was wondering about a few things, and I know you’ll help me sort them out for me. Oh, and Arthur, don’t be late. I do not like people who’s late for appointments.” Click.


She had not waited for my reply, which I found rather rude. After all, she was the one who had requested the meeting, and at the end of the day too. I continued, realizing I had only read one e-mail the entire morning. I worked efficiently so that I would be done before lunch, but when I was done, I received a new letter.

The e-mail address was that hotmail sender, and I was puzzled when I opened up the letter and read the content.

“Call me. You’ll be surprised.”

Without thinking, I dialed the number without looking, and I waited for the call to go through. It didn’t. It just kept on ringing, but each tone seemed so familiar, each of them sending signals to my body, and I began to kneel on the floor, taking out my waiting cock, and I began to stroke. Slowly, to match the pace of the signals, and I continued even after a minute. It was just to good to stop.

Suddenly the call was answered, and the female voice began to talk while I stood silently.

“That’s good, you want to call me and feel the relaxation my voice gives you. Close your eyes, Arthur, and stroke that cock for me. Give in to the feeling, and squeeze it harder as if you were sliding back and forth in my tight pussy. The juices make you slide in and out so easily, and you feel my muscles grabbing your shaft, sucking you in. I want you to relax, and forget about your duties. The only thing you want is to please me, and to do that you need to do as I say. Nothing else matters.”

“I want to please you.”

“Good, just feel how I squeeze your cock with my pussy, the soft and wet walls, clinging to your shaft. You want to please me, so you won’t cum. I don’t want that. You understand?”

“Yes, I won’t cum.”

My head was getting blank, and I could really feel her pussy around my cock, and I began to moan from pleasure. My legs were shaking, feeling the orgasm build, as I reached the edge, but something stopped me.

I stood there, and I felt my loins aching from the pressure. I looked down, and I realized that I was no longer stroking myself, just standing there with my huge cock standing straight out, the head large and purple. I couldn’t hold back my disappointment, and I express my feelings with a short scream in the receiver.

“You’re so good to me, that’s it, just do as you’re told, and hold back.”

I could hear her climaxing, making my own built up pressure seem more intense and unbearable. I stood silently, while I kept listening to her voice, as her moaning and screaming turned into a gentle crying. I could visualize her tears running down her cheek.

I waited for her to say something, but instead I heard a distinct click, and I knew that I was left out in the cold. I sat up, and looked at the clock. Lunch was soon over, so I saw no reason to go. I pushed my cock into my pants again, this time harder than last, and I continued to go over the projects and the different reports.

Everything seemed all right, actually better then expected, and the rest of the afternoon passed just like a normal afternoon. The day was coming to an end, and I remembered my appointment with Ms. Evans.

I took my jacket and locked the office door in a single flowing movement. Walking down the hall, I began to prepare myself mentally for bowling practice. I knocked on Ms. Evans door, with a strike in my head. Perfect lane coverage, rotation and finding the pocket perfectly. Not that difficult to make a strike, if you execute the play correct.

I stood for a moment waiting, before the door opened up, and I was greeted by Ms. Evans bright smile.

“Mr. Little, come on in. Thank you for offering to help me. I feel that I want to know everything, but I don’t know where to start, and since you know these things, I’d like to hear your opinions and thoughts.”

I walked in, but stopped when I was about to pass her. She looked at me with a smile, and closed the door. I felt a strange warmth in my body, and she moved close to me.

“Does something seem familiar? Maybe this flower? Smell it. I know you’ll like it.”

I leaned forward, and inhaled. It was the same as the orchid in my room, and I felt how I began to feel relaxed by the scent. I watch her walk over to a couch, and sit down, and when she began to talk, I recognized her voice, and the relaxation grew. I felt the air get thicker, and my thought getting dim.

“Arthur, come over here. Kneel before me.”

I did as she asked me to, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and she kept smiling at me when she placed her feet on my shoulders, and slowly began to pull up her dress.

“Remember the satisfaction of my pussy around your cock? The extreme pleasure when I came all around your hard manhood?”

I nodded, unable to speak, just looking at the edge of the dress slide up, revealing more and more of her thighs, and then finally, her white cotton panties.

“Lick me, my pet.”

I pushed my face into her panties, and began to lick her with my strong tongue. I could hear her moaning, when I continued to work my tongue up and down her panties. I saw her unbuttoning the blouse, revealing her breasts, and she began to pinch her erect nipples.

“Yes, that’s it, please my pussy. Feel how you get more and more relaxed by licking my panties.”

I could not resist her, and my tongue was sliding up and down, forcefully licking her pussy through the soft, silky smooth fabric. I could hear her moan out louder and louder, until her body was caught in a massive orgasm.

I felt her thighs pushing against my cheeks, but I continued to lick until I heard her soft voice telling me to stop.

“You have done well, my pet. Lay down on the couch.”

She stood up, and I laid down on the soft couch. She stood next to the couch, and looked down into my eyes, telling me to take out my longing cock, and caress it with my left hand. I did as she told me, enjoying to have her just beside me, able to see me as I stroke my cock.

She places one foot on the other side of me, and I could see her white panties again. She lowered herself to my face, and sitting on my face, facing my cock, I could here her say.

“Cum before you suffocate.”

Her voice was cold as ice, and I felt how she forced her entire weight on my face, covering my nose and mouth with her wet womanhood. I was so close, so close. * * * * * I sat up, looking around me, finding myself in my own office. My cock was pounding within my pants, and felt a droplets of sweat in my forehead. This daydream had been more realistic then the others. I shook my head, when the phone rang.

“Hello Arthur, this is Sally from the front desk. There’s a package for you here.”

I replied that I would come and get it right away, and with some hesitation, I entered the hallway, and walked down to the front desk, where Sally greeted me with a smile. I took a look at the package, but before I picked it up, Sally said.

“Arthur, this is Ms. Evans. Miss, this is Arthur Little.”

I turned around, my head spinning, my mouth getting dry in less than a second, and I reached out for her hand, just to hear her say. “I know, we’ve met.”

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