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Mustang Sally

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It was hellishly hot, the wind made a halfhearted effort to blow the dust from around Sally’s feet but the effort was too much and the dust scarcely lifted.

Five kilometers down the road Sally had abandoned her car, water pump failure, shit, on this Godforsaken stretch of road of all places. No-one ever drove alone here, the only reason she had come this way was because the distance was shorter.

Sally stood at the railing overlooking the valley, she was at a point where vehicles could pull off and take photos of the breathtaking view. If it wasn’t so hot, the view would have been beautiful but right now Sally just wanted a lift to the nearest town, book into a hotel, shower and an ice cold beer.

Her thin cotton dress whispered around her slightly less than slender calves, her petticoat had been pulled off after the first one hundred meters of walking and Sally knew that the thin fabric was transparent, her black lacey French knickers would be pretty visible to anyone driving past, she didn’t care. Sally reached behind her and unclasped her bra, twisting and contorting she worked the uncomfortable thing off and placed it in her bag. That’s better, her full breasts were now comfortable, their firm rounded spheres pressed outward against her white cotton shirt. The shape of her dark nipples were visible against the fabric, it felt good. Sally was proud of her tits, she loved to caress them in the shower, soaping them up and sliding her fingers over the sensitive tips until she cried out. Her daydreaming caused the twin tips to harden and swell, her areolas puckered and tightened into hard points that gave Sally a trill down between her breasts onward into the deep cleft between her thighs.

Then the heat was back, Sally could feel the wetness on her back, shit, she was uncomfortable. Thin trickles of moisture ran slowly down her back, down, down to where the cleavage of her ass began, teasingly hesitating for a second before rolling into the pass between her cheeks. Sally arched her back slightly, causing her ass to part slightly, allowing the droplet to pass unhindered to where her sensitive secret place lay tucked away. Oh what she would do right now to have a throbbing cock part those same ass cheeks and seek out her soft, tight, warm anus……

No time for that now Sally, focus, the sound of an approaching motor.

The car came up over the rise and the tone of the engine changed immediately, slowing. Good, a lift at last. Sally could not believe her eyes, it was a blood red Mustang cabriolet, her dream car, pictures of this car were enough to make Sally wet.

The vehicle slowed and pulled off the road. Sally hesitated, why, she was not sure. Behind the wheel was a tall man, long blonde hair, Oakley’s and a bandana. For a moment he looked like Jon Bon Jovi. He said nothing, but behind those shades Sally knew that he was getting an eyeful. The way Sally was standing, the sun behind her, a man would have to be blind not to see that the woman may as well have been naked. Still he said nothing, leaned over and opened the passenger door.

Sally didn’t need a second invitation. She threw her bag into the back seat and gratefully slumped into the front passenger seat. “Thank you” was all she could say.

The man nodded his head once, put the car in gear and pulled out into the road.

For Sally this was a prayer answered, to ride in a Mustang. So what if he didn’t want to talk, no problem, she would sit and enjoy the ride. It wasn’t long before the wind in her hair and the sound of the powerful engine lulled Sally into a sate of dreamy unawareness……..

She woke with a start but did not open her eyes. Slowly she took in her surroundings, they were still on the road, the wind was still ruffling her hair. Carefully she opened up one eye, just a crack. He was looking at the road, good. In her sleep Sally had pulled one leg up under her, the wind had blown her skirt up, exposing her thighs and her black French knickers between them. She was exposed to this total stranger, how long had she been like this? Strangely she did not feel embarrassed, in fact, strangely she was feeling turned on. Looking back towards the man she noticed that he kept his eye on the road, could he not see that her legs were open for him to secretly stare at her pantie covered pussy.

Come on, please have a look. Sally wished he would just turn his head and sneak a peak up her skirt at her mound. She was becoming increasingly aroused by the fact that she could watch this stranger without him knowing it, and on top of it she could watch him stealing a glimpse at her snatch. Come on, dammit, look at my pussy. Pretending to move in her sleep, Sally shifted her position, moving her thigh at more of an angle to him and spreading her thighs further apart. The movement attracted his attention and he looked round towards Sally and directly at her open legs at the apex of which was her thinly covered vagina. Sally knew that the thin lace was not covering much of her smoothly shaven slit and she knew that her clit would be clearly visible, protruding from between her outer pussy lips. The thought of him looking down at her partly exposed pussy was causing a burning sensation to build up in her tummy, lower down Sally could feel her aroused vagina beginning to swell as her hot, sticky juices were released from deep within her. The shaft of her large clit was now thick and fully erect, the tip, she knew, would be bright pink peeping out from under its hood at the top of her puffy pussy lips.

His gaze was fixed on her mound, every few seconds he would momentarily glimpse at the road ahead and then back at her pussy. The trill of this reverse voyeurism was beginning to seriously arouse Sally. Her nipples had hardened and darkened, pressing against the thin fabric of her shirt, the gentle bouncing of the car causing excruciating friction between the soft flesh and the cotton material. Now and then the stranger would lift his head slightly, hinting to Sally that he was spying on her aching tits as well, she wished he would remove his sun glasses so that she could see his eyes.

Sally could feel her inner vaginal muscles contract, allowing a small stream of warm pussy juice to escape from her tight opening and she felt the sticky liquid lubricate her inner pussy lips, she knew from experience that the slightest movement would allow her to feel her lips rub against each other, caressing her clit. She had once cum while riding a bicycle.

Sally knew she could not take this torture much longer. Her slit was crying out for a warm tongue to probe open her tiny entrance or a thick finger to slip between her swollen lips, searching for the source of the hot slippery nectar, or better yet a thick cock to be gently forced past her tight opening, the head pressing upwards deep into her inner vagina and the shaft stroking her soft pussy walls as the full length slid up inside her.

Sally opened her eyes and looked at the stranger, it took a few moments for him to realize that she was watching him. At first he was startled but then he realized that Sally made no attempt to close her legs and hide her pussy from his gaze. He reached up and removed his sunglasses. Sally saw piercing blue eyes looking back at her, and then he dropped his gaze back down to between her thighs.

Sally felt as if her pussy was on fire. This man was driving her crazy, he said nothing, he drove and openly stared at her partly exposed vagina…..Wow.

It was her turn to drive him a little wild.

Shifting position again, Sally lifted her leg over the centre console of the Mustang and shuffled herself over until she was sitting astride the console with the gear lever between her wide spread thighs. Reaching under her, she lifted her skirt out from under her ass and by loosening the band, she was able to pull the garment over her head and throw it in the back seat. Sally’s one leg was now in the foot well on the driver’s side and pressed tightly against the one leg of the stranger.

Sally unbuttoned her shirt and it joined her skirt in the back seat. Her breasts were now fully exposed, between her arousal and the wind in the cab her nipples were standing fully erect and Sally noticed his eyes were aimed directly at the dark points as they bounced slightly with every movement. Sally’s snatch was now begging for attention, her opening was contracting madly and her juices were now flowing freely out of her little hole and out between her inner lips, she could feel that her knickers were getting soaked in the area around her parted lips.

Placing her hand over her mound Sally held her thinly covered pussy for a moment, the relief of having pressure on her aching clit was almost unbearable. Sally was no longer conscious of the stranger, her whole world revolved around the space between her wide spread thighs. Pressing downwards slightly with the length of her middle finger Sally separated her pussy lips further, pushing the fabric of her panties against her erect clitoris. She gasped as the friction caused her vulva to convulse and her soft anus to close tightly. This was fantastic, here she was, fingering herself in full view of a strange man and she didn’t give a damn. Reluctantly moving her hand away from her slit for a second, Sally used both hands to tear the seams on both sides of her knickers, pulling them out from between her legs she flipped them into the air, caught in the slipstream of the fast moving car they flew up into the air and came to rest in a heap in the middle of the road.

Sally returned her hand to her now wide open pussy, gently feeling the exposed length of her parted outer lips. She slowly ran her middle finger downwards from her erect clit, parting her soft inner lips, down, closing her eyes as her finger caressed the sensitive inner velvet of her lust. Heat, warmer as she pushed further downward until she felt the wonderfully soft, slippery mouth of her open vulva.

With the tip of her finger she traced the outer edge of the tight hole, she had always been very tight and proud of it and she loved the way her hole would grip her fingers when she masterbated. The outer lips of Sally’s pussy gripped her finger firmly and she could not resist moving her finger back and forth along the full length of her slit, spreading her slippery wetness from her opening to her clitoris, pausing a moment to gently tease the erect shaft before again parting her tiny pink inner lips once again, this time slightly deeper until she could feel her tightly puckered anus, wet from her own pussy juices, slippery and warm. Placing the tip of her finger in the center of the pleasure spot she applied slight pressure, the lubrication from her vagina made it easy for the tip of her finger to slowly penetrate her most sensitive entrance. Sally’s breathing quickened as her finger began to enter her ass. She knew that if she were to fully penetrate her anus she would cum like a rocket and she did not want that yet. Sally opened her eyes to find the stranger staring openly at her manipulation of her pussy. To her surprise she also saw that he had opened his pants and taken out his cock, it was fully erect and the thick shaft stood straight up. Sally stared openly as the man took hold of his member and began stroking the length slowly up and down, each time retracting his foreskin to expose the well defined head. He didn’t seem to mind that she was watching him wanking, only problem was that it drove her mad.

Next Sally did something she had promised herself she would do one day, she just never imagined it would be in a Mustang. Reaching up to take hold of the top of the windscreen Sally lifted her ass off of the console and thrusting her hips forward moved her open pussy closer to the large round knob on the end of the gear stick.

She felt the large object press against her vulva, warm from the sun it could just as well have been the huge knob on the end of the strangers cock. A slight increase in pressure pressed the hard, smooth surface against her outer lips, parting them. By moving ever so slightly she was now able to smear her slippery cunny hunny all over the knob.

Sally’s breathing quickened again as she felt the hardness against her entrance, gentle pressure began to stretch her soft velvety hole open and she gasped. More pressure and her vulva began to swallow the ball, slippery tension as her elastic pussy opened wider to allow the intrusion into her deepest secret place. Her nipples burned with lust as she was penetrated by the very car that she loved so much, a quick glance over at the stranger saw him furiously sliding his hand up and down his pole, she hoped he wasn’t going to cum yet, she wasn’t finished with him.

Suddenly a bump in the road took care of Sally’s efforts to insert the gear lever up her pussy slowly. The lever came up to meet her slippery heat and the knob disappeared up inside her tight cunny. Sally gasped as the ball slipped into her, stretching her inner pussy wide open in order to insert itself fully up inside her, her tight entrance closing again on the warm metal of the lever. Sally kept still for a few seconds, allowing her pussy to adapt to the large intrusion, then slowly she began to ride the gearstick. In and out she forced the ball, never removing it from inside her only moving it back and forth, feeling the pressure deep inside her.

It took less than a minute of deep penetration and Sally could feel herself ready to let go. The sensation of her orgasm began in her feet and moved upward into her pussy, a flood of pleasure coursed through her wide spread thighs and she released her pent up lust. Her eyes were shut tight as her inner muscles contracted around the ball, squeezing every last drop of pleasure from it as she continued to trust her hips forward, jerking as her orgasm flowed over her. Gradually the spasms subsided and Sally could withdraw her convulsing vagina from its tight grip around the ball. A flood of her juices bubbled from inside her as the ball was released from her pussy’s grip. She sat back on the console and watched as the man continued stroking his cock.

Retrieving her leg from his side of the car she moved back onto her seat. Her vagina was still in the throws of orgasm and the tiny opening kept tightening in spasm. Pulling her legs up under her she folded her knees and knelt on the seat, turning to face the man she took hold of the hand that was wanking his shaft and pulled it gently away. Leaning forward she put her face into his lap, took his shaft in her hand and retracted his foreskin to expose the beautiful head and took his erection into her mouth. She felt him stiffen as her lips closed around the deep ridge around the thick head of his knob. He was warm and tasted great, her tongue traced the outline of his throbbing phallus and he sighed. She felt his legs shift and the car began to slow.

That’s it big boy, don’t wanna cum on the run. Sally continued teasing his knob as she stroked the shaft with her hand, lower down his balls were tight and she knew he was close to blowing his load. She felt the car come to a sandstill and the engine go quiet. Sally pressed her head forward and took more of the man’s penis into her mouth, feeling the thick head at the back of her throat. She had always been able to control her gag reflex well and today was no exception. It felt good to give this guy head and she was beginning to feel the resurrection of arousal between her legs. Lifting her ass off the seat she was now on all fours with this guy’s rod in her throat. Sally could feel the cool breeze on her anus as her cheeks were completely spread due to her position, her pussy too was totally exposed to anyone who cared to look and she liked the idea.

Sally began to increase the rhythm of her movements and she felt his cock begin to twitch as she slip it in and out of her throat, she tasted salt as a few drops of pre-cum escaped from the tip of his rod. He was close and she was in control, she slowed her thrusts again and he moaned, his shaft growing thicker as he neared orgasm, she held him back and more pre-cum escaped from his knob a lot more this time. She ran her tongue over the tip, tasting him, the thick, sticky liquid turned her on and she felt a dribble of pussy juice escape from her slit and run slowly along her clit.

It was time to pop this guy’s cork and she began to suck on him as she moved his throbbing head in and out of the back of her throat. She stopped stroking his shaft and held back his foreskin as she pumped her mouth over his knob, teasing the ridge with her tongue at the same time. He moaned and she felt him trust forward as his shaft thickened, she felt his ball tighten under her hand and then it happened… a thick, hot stream of semen shot down Sally’s throat as he began ejaculating, again and again his cock twitched and a fresh spert of sperm was released into Sally. She was in heaven, this guy came like a horse, non stop and in buckets. She moved his cock in and out of her mouth as he continued shooting large jets of semen into her, and she took it all.

Eventually the spurts became weaker and his cock stopped twitching, Sally sat up and marvelled at the perfect shape of the head of this mans cock, just what I need.

Again Sally changed position, from having her ass in the air she sat with her back against the door, spread her thighs and looked the stranger in the eye. He smiled, leaned down and put his mouth over her waiting vagina.

From the first second his tongue touched her Sally wanted to cum. He was an expert, he traced the length of her swollen clit to the tip where he gently licked the very end, the very sensitive end. Her insides curled up and Sally felt a flood of wetness released from her opening, quick on the job his fingers probed between her puffy lips, found her leaking hole and she sighed as he inserted his finger up into her. Turning his finger inside her he pressed against her G spot and she almost fainted, a man who knows where a woman’s G spot it, amazing. He worked quickly, his tongue sending sparks of pleasure up and down her clit as his finger massaged her G spot. Sally was on the brink of an orgasm but she wanted to save it. Gently taking his head in her hands she lifted his head out of her lap and wanted to scream when his mouth left her clit. He removed his finger from inside her and watched her as she crawled over the back of the seat and into the back seat. Once there she kneeled on the seat with her elbows on the backrest, her ass out towards him. He was quick to catch on and was soon stripped naked and positioning himself behind her.

Sally felt him place his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them giving him full access to both of her hungry holes. He then thrust forward and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her vagina, Sally reached down and took hold of the thick shaft and rubbed the head between her wet, slippery lips, feeling his hardness pulse in her palm. Placing the tip back at her opening she thrust back and allowed him to stretch open her pussy, she felt the thick ridge pass into her inner pussy and her tightness close around the shaft. Sally could feel him entering her deep inside, her warm walls closed around his rod as he pressed forward, inserting more of his length into her. Sally felt the touch of his swinging balls as he came to the end of his insertion and began to pump his length in and out of her dripping pussy. With each thrust Sally could feel the head open her entrance as if to escape and then dive once more deep inside her. Sally reached back and held his shaft as it plunged in and out of her, she could feel her own slick juices on his shaft as he retracted and she gently squeezed his balls.

Sally was right on the edge of a roaring orgasm and she could feel her thighs getting hotter as the moment approached, then he stopped and removed his cock from her pussy. Sally wanted to scream …… until she felt him press the thick knob against

her anus, oooooh just what she wanted. She relaxed and felt him thrust forward, extasy as her ass opened and let his head pop inside. She was soooo ready for him and he just kept going until his balls came to rest against her wet pussy. Sally waited with anticipation for him to start pumping in and out but he just stayed there, feeling the tightness and the warm wet heaven of her ass.

Sally was shaking with excitement and lust as she gently squeezed his pole with her anus, he let out a moan and slowly started pumping his shaft in and out of her back end. She knew that neither of them would hold on for long so she reached down between her legs and slipped her middle finger into her pussy. OOOoooh, shit, she could feel his knob working in and out of her ass and she lost it. The deep penetration up her anus combined with her own finger in her cunt was enough to send her over the edge and she let rip with an explosive orgasm. Instantly he let go and began ejaculating inside her, she felt his shaft pulse as squirt after squirt of hot semen shot into her. It seemed like endless lengths of cock were being driven up into her slippery depths and she was loving it. Sally could feel the thick semen running from inside her, warm down her thighs and as she waited his shaft pulled from inside her and her anus closed tightly again, locking in his spent lust within her.

After a short recovery Sally made sure that he was in the mood for a lot more fucking, now she wasn’t sorry that the road was pretty desolate. It was still a long way to the next town…

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