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Running With Kings Ch. 02

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“Shit! I’m so gonna be late for practice.” Jeremy Tryon was stuck on the highway in a traffic jam. More than likely a bunch of people who were going to the same place he was. At least he didn’t have to unpack when he got there. He would just check-in, change into some workout clothes and run down to the track. He could still do it. He pulled into the back of the Stonewall Hall loading dock.

He sprinted down the hallway, rushed the RA through the check-in procedure and was back out to his car. He pulled his red VW Bug into a space next to a blue Mustang, grabbed his bag and sprinted to his room. “Stonewall Room 101,” he said to himself as he quickly inserted a card key and pushed the door open. He ran to the empty bed and threw down his bag. As the bag hit the bed his mind caught up on all the stuff going on in the room around. His face flushed red. This was going to be embarrassing.

He slowly turned around to see his roommate standing by the other bed. His roommate was beat red, very embarrassed. He was wearing nothing but his briefs which had been hastily pulled up upon his entry into the room. He also noticed the green display of the cell phone in his hand, and heard a soft voice asking “Peter? Peter?”

Holy shit, this was his roommate, Peter James, and he had just interrupted him having phone sex with his girl. He remembered Peter James. He’d lost out on many a girl when this stud went walking by. Even though he thought of himself as perfectly straight, Jeremy had to admit this guy was built like Adonis. He was still staring. Michelangelo’s David was a quarter the man this stud was.

Jeremy suddenly started laughing; the whole scene was so out of control. Here he was meeting his new roommate. His roommate, his high school’s biggest stud, and Jeremy was staring at his cum glistening down his sculpted chest, dripping from the inside of his firm thigh, streaming off his clenched right hand, and a wet spot was forming at the end of a long shaft tenting out his underwear. Jeremy stopped laughing when he realized how mortified Pete was.

“Dude, I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t help it. My girlfriend and I were talking dirty, I got a little into it that’s all. I’m so sorry, I feel so horrible.” Pete hung the phone up on his girl and held his cum free hand in front of his bulging erection. He was beyond embarrassed, he was caught in the act. Not the right first impression on a guy you would be spending the next year living in close quarters with.

Jeremy thought quickly he needed to relax Pete. Of course this definitely meant he wasn’t going to get to practice today. “Look, Pete, it’s not a problem. I know what it is like to be a guy. Hell, you were the definition of guy back at our school. Every guy does it. We’re roommates, we keep secrets, we become best friends. Don’t worry about it.”

“That’s awesome man. You are such a great guy. I owe you one, roommate. You’re Jeremy right? I remember you; you were our star sprinter on the track team. You had the girls all over you too. I always thought of it as a challenge to bed them before you did.” He reached out his hand to shake, and Jeremy grabbed it quickly pulling back. “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” That was all Pete could say as Jeremy wiped his new roommates cum on his jeans. They broke out into laughter. After a while it subsided.

“Don’t worry about it man. I guess I’m too late for practice, so we’ll just hang out this afternoon?” Pete nodded in answer to Jeremy’s question. “I’ve gotta unload my stuff…that should give you some time to clean up.” Jeremy chuckled as he peeled of his shirt. “Damn its warm out.” He headed out to his car.

After about fifteen minutes he finally had the last load of his stuff in front of his dorm room. A couple of girls in the room down the hall were peering out their door, enamored by the hunk that had been carrying in boxes. Jeremy stretched; he made sure the girls had plenty of time to take in his tight body. He decided to put on a little show and reached down the front of his pants. He gently stroked himself until he was hard and then shifted it to show off as much as possible. After a minute or so he pulled his hand out, licked his fingers and opened the door to his room. He loved teasing the girls; they were practically falling out of the doorway. He knew by the end of the first week he would be involved with those girls in one orgy of passion.

Pete was still in his briefs, but all cleaned up. There was a slight stain in his briefs where his cock head was still plainly visible. Although he was no longer erect, the full outline of his large manhood was obvious. At the least, it was a big improvement over their cum-drenched introduction. Jeremy pulled off his jeans, so he could cool off in nothing but his boxers. Together they moved in the boxes. The girls at the end of the hall were still watching and were now doubly excited because the two scantily clad hunks were using all their muscles in provocative ways as they moved the boxes. Pete and Jeremy were putting on quite the show.

Once all of the boxes had been brought into the room the two overheated boys closed the door to their room, opened their window wide and collapsed in their chairs. They arranged their chairs so that they could carry on a conversation if the wished. The chit chat was pretty informal to start. Jeremy couldn’t help but notice, in the tight quarters and reduced clothing situation, that Pete’s briefs were having a difficult time containing his cock. Jeremy could see why the girls liked Pete so much. His jet black hair flowed down to his broad muscular shoulders. His body was cut from stone with the flowing dark hair that gave his face a brooding and intense look. No girl could resist him, of that Jeremy was sure, especially if she knew what he was packing into those briefs. Without realizing how out of context the statement would be, Jeremy blurted out the question at the front of his mind.

“So Pete, how big is that dick of yours?” Jeremy’s face flushed as he heard the question come out of his mouth. Thinking before he spoke was never something he was good at. Now he was making himself sound like a gushing slut.

“I guess we’re certainly close enough after our introduction. It’s nine and a half inches. Do you…maybe…wanna see it?” A look of shame flashed across Pete’s face, after asking. Pete couldn’t figure out why he’d offer up another straight guy a look at his cock.

“Sure I do.” Jeremy was convinced that was far too enthusiastic. “Not that I’m into looking at dicks or anything. I’m just curious is all.” They were doing a good job of creating awkward situations their first day. Pete looked shocked only for a second before he freed his monster from his overworked briefs. Jeremy wasn’t looking at Pete’s eyes anymore. The cock was growing harder in Pete’s hand, getting longer with each second and becoming incredibly thick. Jeremy watched in amazement as the cock grew. Pete’s balls forced upward by the elastic of the boxers were monsters themselves. Low hanging and massive Pete’s junk lived up to his amazing body. This guy was the gift of God to women.

“So Jeremy, why don’t you show me what you’ve got down there?” Pete slid his briefs off and flicked them across the room; he was now totally naked holding his massive hard cock. The situation was getting out of control, but there was nothing Jeremy could do he was caught up in the moment. In the back of his mind he was getting excited, but he just wrote it off as male bonding. The hesitation on Jeremy’s part prompted Pete to qualify his statement. “I mean I showed you mine, you’ve got to show me yours.”

Jeremy stood up and pulled off his boxers. Much to Jeremy’s dismay, he too was hard as a rock. His cut, seven inch cock pointed straight out in front of him. His balls were a good size and covered with neatly groomed hair. “Dude, bring your chair over here, right in front of me. People walking by the window can see you over there.”

Jeremy didn’t hesitate, after throwing his boxers on the bed with his jeans he sat naked in his chair knee to knee with Pete. The two guys took in the sights, neither speaking for several minutes. Their huge erections complimented each of their bodies; the boys looked at each other in awe. While they watched each other they both began to slowly, almost seductively, stroke their hard dicks. The newness of the situation was confusing. Being naked, erect and exposed so intimately with another guy was much more invigorating than either had suspected. Jeremy was the first to give in to the confusing thoughts.

“So I’m not gay, but I think I could experiment maybe.” Jeremy didn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth.

“Dude, I’m not gay either, but if you want to…what the hell…We certainly don’t have our girlfriends here. Let’s just get it out of the way now. Then we won’t keep wondering all year.” Pete smiled and picked up the pace as he worked his tool.

“So do you think we’re going to have sex a lot then?” Jeremy wasn’t even trying to hold back anymore. He knew there was going to be sex, and he knew it would be mind-blowing. He knew he’d probably never want pussy again, especially with ball draining sex being so conveniently located in the room and embodied of one of the horniest and sexiest college guys in the world.

Pete leaned forward, he didn’t answer Jeremy’s question with words, and instead he grabbed Jeremy and pulled him to the floor. Legs intertwined, hands explored their new partner’s tight body, and two college boys kissed a kiss like there would be no more kissing for the rest of time. Both grasping each other’s hard shoulders the two fought a battle with their tongues trying to fill each other with the passion of the other’s love. Half an hour later, panting the foreplay had progressed to the center of the room. The two naked and rock hard men were too passionately involved and grinding into one another to notice the three young men gathered outside their window.

Jeremy was still conflicted, nearly all of him wanted to stud to do incredible things to him, things no woman could do, but his mind fought him. “Dude we’re not gay! Why is this so great?” Lips mashed together again, his mind was losing the battle. “Just remember, Pete, we’re not gay. Just remember that when we’re fucking each other’s brains out.” Pete closed his mouth over Jeremy’s again the two struggling with the passion of the moment and with their minds. “Oh God Pete, I want you inside me. I want to see what its like to get power-fucked by the biggest stud in school.” Jeremy was jerking on Pete’s cock with both hands. Jeremy wanted to be a slut for that cock. “Fuck me, fuck my man pussy, rape my asshole, and make me scream your name!”

Pete hopped up, straddling Jeremy’s mouth and shoved his thick bone in between his moist lips. “You gotta suck me first…lube me up with that hot mouth of yours.” Jeremy swallowed as much as he could, his lips caressing the shaft of his first male lover as it reached further down his throat. He wanted it all. It was fulfilling and thrilling having that much meat fill his mouth. Using his tongue Jeremy learned every texture of his lover’s throbbing pole. After a few minutes Pete’s solid erection backed out. With a smile Jeremy licked the slit taking a gob of Pete’s precum on his tongue. The taste flooded his taste buds with a sensation of pure pleasure.

“Breed me!” Jeremy gasped in the pleasure of the situation.

Pete’s cock couldn’t get any harder. All nine and half inches were hard up and ready to take Jeremy’s virginity. With his ankles on Pete’s shoulders he stared into Pete’s sex crazed eyes, the desire still growing. Covered with sweat it was with animal like desire that he pressed his cock against Jeremy’s virginity.

“Should I get a condom?” Pete could barely speak the words, feeling he was on the precipice of the most amazing sexual marathon of his life. He sucked on Jeremy’s left big toe while he waited for the answer.

Jeremy felt the cock head pressing against. The slick precum was moistening his hole. “No! Fuck Me! Breed Me!” Jeremy was dying from the desire to be filled in a way he had never imagined in his life. Pete smiled and entered the track star’s ass.

“FUCK!” Jeremy yelled in agony as Pete’s massive tool broke into his virgin asshole. It hurt like hell, but beyond the pain he felt intense pleasure from being completely filled.

The pain was melting away, Jeremy’s head rolled back, giving him a glimpse of the window. The three guys were standing watching Jeremy’s first all male sexual experience. Each of the three guys was huddled close to the window, jerking on their own erections through the zipper opening in their jeans. Pete pulled out for a second and smiled as he rammed all nine inches as far as he could into Jeremy. The pain was replaced by pure pleasure after the first few thrusts.

Wave after wave of pleasure rippled through his body. The guy every girl wanted was thrusting his meat into the track star with the vigor only young men exhibit when fucking. Pete’s balls smacked Jeremy’s ass. The groaning from Pete was a major turn on for Jeremy who had regressed into high pitched moans of pleasure. Jeremy’s whole body tingled with each thrust. Pete’s eyes showed the glimmer of an animal as he pumped his way through the most passionate sex he had ever experienced.

With a powerful thrust Pete’s cock erupted to life inside Jeremy’s ass. His cum streamed into Jeremy’s defiled hole. In the midst of his fifth blast of cum, Pete pulled out. The remaining four jets of cum splashed on Jeremy’s chest and face. A cheer arose from the guys jerking off at the window. Pete smiled, this was the first he had known about the observers. Caught up in the passion, he licked his cum off of Jeremy’s body and then let it drip off his tongue into Jeremy’s awaiting mouth. They kissed passionately celebrating their wild sex.

“Well,” Pete said, still out of breath from his orgasm and their kiss, “I think we owe the fans another round, and I owe you an ass to fuck. I’m gonna ride your cock so hard you will never want a chick again.”

Pete grabbed Jeremy’s throbbing erection and sat down on it as hard as he could. Jeremy’s cock ripped apart Pete’s insides. The pain was intense but drove Pete’s passions even further. He began to ride Pete like the chicks in high school used to ride him. He forced himself up and down over the whole length of Jeremy’s cock and was shouting about how much he loved Jeremy’s cock in his ass. Jeremy’s hand ran up and down the length of Pete’s now hardening cock like a piston. The boys were coated in sweat and cum and soon Pete exploded a second time in Jeremy’s hand. Jeremy was coated by this newest load of Pete’s. His face was covered with globs of the sticky cream and his chest coated as well.

Jeremy came before he knew it and unloaded inside of Pete’s ass. The warm sprays of love inside Pete filled Pete a feeling of lust he had never experienced before. Sloppy with cum the two first-time lovers kissed and spread cum all over their bodies. Two hours had passed since their first kissed and both men knew sex with women was a thing of the past. The prospect of a year in the same room with their passionate lover was something that drove their passionate post sex make-out session to lengths neither man had ever experienced before.

An officious knock at their door reduced their passion to a simmer. The window was now empty, with no more onlookers, but there were three loads of cum dumped on the window screen from their observers. They grabbed a sheet from Pete’s bed and wrapped it around their waists. Pete stood behind Jeremy in their sex wrap, and they walked to the door together. There was no sense in hiding what they had been doing; everyone on the floor had to know. Pete necked with Jeremy and pushed his rehardening cock into Jeremy’s ass as Jeremy pulled open the door with a grunt. There was the RA standing in the open doorway as Jeremy was slowly getting fucked from behind. Jeremy became suddenly aware of the cum coating his face and chest as he took in the stern look of the RA. But even this interruption didn’t keep Pete from continuing his gentle fuck and necking. Jeremy’s erection was very obvious to anyone who saw the two naked men wrapped in a sheet and covered in cum and sweat. The RA’s jaw had dropped as he watched two young men in the midst of a sexual marathon.

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