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Runaway Daughter

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My marriage went from bad to worse, as my wife went south on me, taking our kids with her. She convinced our two lovely teenage daughters that I was a beast, had treated them all horribly, and thus deserved the worst treatment possible.

I never understood what happened to my wonderful family and took it pretty hard. Especially, I never could figure out why my darling daughters started treating me like shit. They acted as if I had done all sorts of terrible things, which I never had. But I didn’t complain, I just accepted it.

Perhaps that’s a fault of mine, not defending myself. But I didn’t want to confuse my darling daughters with arguments conflicting with my wife’s allegations and make their new life without me, any more confusing.

Our divorce settlement allowed them to visit me alternate weekends and I did everything I could to make their stay as pleasant as possible. But they didn’t seem to appreciate visiting me at all and regularly missed about half of the scheduled weekends together. I didn’t complain, as they were now actually beyond the age where they were legally required to follow the court.

I just lived from day to day, dreading the solitary moments, absorbing myself in my successful restaurant businesses, trying to forget how wretched my existence had become. These unfortunate events in my life gave me a hard lesson and I learned first hand just how difficult life can be. Because of this, I especially tried to be fair to my employees, and seemed to get along very well with them. At least, as far as I could tell, they liked and respected me.

In the midst of my lonely miserable existence, a very significant event occurred, which didn’t seem like much at the time. I was leaving one of my businesses, a posh restaurant in a very cosmopolitan area of the city. As I opened the door to my Mercedes, I saw some movement in the trash bin behind my establishment, which turned out to be a young girl, at a glance, looking no older than sixteen.

I confronted her and asked here what she was doing digging in the dirty trash. She replied confidently without a trace of fear, “A girl has to eat you know.”

“Well, come on out of there. I own this place.” She emerged clutching some vegetable remains and a tub of yogurt. She wouldn’t tell me much of anything, except that she was hungry and had run out of money. She revealed her name as Leah and that she was on her own, “It’s just me.”

Feeling some compassion for her situation, I set her up with as much as she wanted to eat in my restaurant and gave her my card with my name and cell number. I told her if she needed help again to give me a call and that she could eat free at my restaurant anytime. Then I left, never expecting to see Leah again.

About four days later I received a call from an old friend in the police department, saying he had a young runaway that had been involved in an attempted rape and said she knew me. She needed help and would I be willing to help her. I couldn’t understand who she was until I saw her at the hospital.

My friend explained that a police car had been near to where she was attacked and a neighbor had called in after hearing her screams. So she was saved at the last moment, her clothes having been ripped off, her face punched, her head slammed into the concrete and she had been kicked a few times. But, she was untouched sexually.

The police learned that she was a runaway and a few days shy of turning eighteen. She had become totally hysterical when they said they had to return her to her father, so they asked her if she knew any other adult who could be responsible for her until her hearing. Having no recourse, other than her father, she named me.

I requested some time alone with her and finally got it out of her, that her father had abused her and that is why she ran away. She only needed a few more days before being of age, the magic age of eighteen, and then the police were not obligated to return her to her father. But they needed someone who would be responsible for her until then. I thought, ‘What the heck, why not? My life is so fucked up, it might be good to help this waif. So, I took responsibility for her and brought her home to my place.

I made it clear to her, “There will be no funny business, no stealing, no wacky behavior. I will feed you and get you anything you need within reason. Money isn’t a problem for me, but don’t abuse this good will of mine and we will get along fine.”

She gladly accepted this and limped into the room I gave her. She was still sore and stiff from her beating, but thank god, that was all that happened to her.

I took her to a doctor friend who suggested ultrasonic treatments and good massages, so we arranged this. Being the owner of a number of businesses with expert managers, I was free to do whatever I liked, so was happy to take the time and help Leah get herself together. It gave me something more interesting to do with my time. I felt a lot of compassion for Leah’s situation and tried to do whatever I could to help her.

We celebrated Leah’s eighteenth birthday by taking her out to dinner in our fanciest restaurant and she thoroughly enjoyed it, although she was still limping and obviously quite sore.

I could tell that her left shoulder (and leg) were still really stiff, so I volunteered to massage them for her. She was reluctant, until I told her I studied massage before my business started to take off. Anyway, I knew what to do, so she allowed me to massage her shoulder and leg. I think it helped her immensely.

As for myself, touching her vibrant young body unfortunately launched lustful feelings for my surrogate daughter. I had no such ideas at all, yet they nevertheless now came into my mind and wouldn’t leave.

The feel of her somewhat fail, yet very attractive young body sent jolts, like mild electric shocks, shooting through my body. I managed to keep my desires under control, dreading the consequences of such lustful feelings.

I had never had this problem previously. Perhaps it was the lonely existence I was living, that allowed me to become so much overwhelmed by this beautiful young girl, who had suddenly entered my life so prominently.

The next day my two bitchy daughters, Shawn and Tricia, showed up and were stunned when they met my new house guest. They were endlessly curious and actually had to be unusually nice to get answers out of me as to her status.

They were initially jealous of her, treating her with as much contempt as they treated me. But since Leah was so innocent and unpretentious, they just had to start to like her. She opened up a bit more to them and told them the whole story of her family and her abuse.

Leah related how her father had been fondling her for some time, but only recently had escalated his abuse. She was convinced from what he said that he was going to force her to have sex with him the night she ran away.

I think that after hearing Leah’s sad story, my daughters genuinely started to accept her and feel sorry for her. I believe it also helped my daughters appreciate me a little bit more. Since the relationship with my daughters could hardly have been worse at this point, things could only get better between us.

After my daughters left, Leah and I settled into a routine. She opened up her heart and seemed to take complete shelter of me. I was very happy to see her come out of her shell and finally act normally. Indeed, she blossomed and often exchanged light-hearted banter with me, almost as though I was an object of male attraction for her.

After some weeks passed, I woke up in the middle of the night and found her sitting in my room, watching me as I slept. She said, “I am still scared to be alone and feel so safe in your presence. My whole life has been hell. This is the first time I have felt safe, being with you. You are the only person I trust. I often come and sit with you as you sleep.”

I just went back to sleep. It would have been fine if she hadn’t then decided that she wanted to get into bed with me in the middle of the night. I woke up this time with Leah tightly latched onto me like an octopus, with her firm youthful breasts burning holes in my back and her scalding pussy singing my thigh. No amount of scolding or threats would prevent this from happening again and again, night after night. I eventually felt forced to accept her presence in my bed as inevitable, but had to continuously fight off the feelings her hot lithe body was awakening in myself. I was trying to act like the responsible older parent here, but she made it extremely difficult for me.

Her only response to my threats were, “You’re the best, ‘daddy.’ I love you so much.” She had started calling me daddy and I sort of liked it, since my two real daughters had always treated me so badly, even though they had improved lately. Finally I felt needed again. What a relief. It was really nice to be the recipient of so much genuine affection. I started to really love the affection and I started to actually love Leah like a daughter. It was just one of those nice things that happened.

But she was too hot, so beautiful, and paid far too much attention to me. After all of this I was definitely attracted to her. I was slipping, wondering where I was headed. Fortunately she was eighteen, so at least she was legal. ‘Damn, am I going to go to hell for my thoughts? And what if I act on these thoughts?’ I was confused because I was so attracted to her.

I found myself unconsciously contemplating doing all sorts of amazing sexual acts with this scrumptious beauty, who shared my bed regularly. Sometimes she would accidentally reveal her succulent body, dropping the towel wrapping her wet naked body or bending over without any panties on, driving me mad with desire. Damn! It seemed like she was regularly exciting me to a huge hard-on and I had to hide it all the time.

She was just too beautiful and too nice to ignore. I was becoming totally enamored with my beautiful little runaway guest. As we got to know each other more, I could understand that she was actually quite naive and inexperienced in the ways of sex and men. But she certainly had the natural capacity to easily entice me with her wonderful hot little body. In this way, she was definitely not as innocent as she seemed. But I could never see this when I gazed at her sweet face. It was an enigma for me — on the one hand she was very innocent and naive and on the other she seemed to be very expert at enticing me with you tender body. But being under her spell I was simply captivated and adored her.

I would often find her watching me in moments when she was hoping to see me naked or changing. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied that she had never seen a man naked and was really curious. “I have no experience other than a couple of dates and my father feeling me up a few times and I feel like such a fool. All the kids my age know everything and have done everything.” She started to cry and looked so pathetic that I took her in my arms and cuddled her, wiping away her tears.

She aroused my compassion and fatherly shelter, but even more so, she aroused me with a deep burning desire for her. I think our embrace at this point crossed a line, for there was no turning back after this. You can only hold back strong sexual desires so much before they consume and overwhelm you. And she had done it, I could no longer suppress my sexual needs. I was at her mercy. I wanted her. I wanted her badly. She had broken me. I felt terrible to be so out of control of my own life. I had gotten where I was as a successful business man by my own hard work and thinking but now I felt powerless.

She seemed so trusting and helpless as she snuggled in my lap, wrapped in my tight embrace. Her overly warm and perfect body aroused me greatly and I suddenly felt overwhelmingly attracted to her sexually. My manhood swelled and pressed throbbing into her butt, as she squirmed about. I felt so vulnerable, overpowered with her youthful sexuality.

I was out of control, yet too stunned to act. Leah took the initiative and kissed me tenderly, totally melting any resolve I might have had left. I felt a great surge of strong emotions sweep through my body and mind, overwhelming me and demanding that Leah and I gratify our desires for each other.

We kissed for a long time, my head reeling with emotion. Any remnants of inhibition I might have had, were finished, I was total putty in her hands. I had no willpower left and she could tell that I was totally under her spell and wanted to be there. It was wonderful to be like this with her, to be enchanted with one so beautiful, a youth exploring her sexuality for the first time. It was surely a dream come true. Her simplicity was so refreshing to experience, as she struggled to please me.

Then she said in a very soft pleading voice, “Teach me everything about sex. I will do anything for you, anything at all! Please show me how to do everything. You can do anything you want to me. Anything at all. I am in love with you. Please daddy!” This was an incredible offer, an offer I couldn’t refuse.

She was legal, I wanted her so very much, and she obviously wanted me. And here we were, right now, good to go. It wasn’t hard for me to make a decision. “Alright,” I said, “I will teach you to be a woman and how to make love to a man.”

Then, without any hesitation, I pulled Leah into a tight embrace and kissed her on the lips in a long passionate kiss. Then I kissed all over her face, ears, eyes and neck, working my way down between her perfect breasts, as I slowly unbuttoned the silk blouse I had bought her. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so I was soon sucking her erect nipples into my mouth and nibbling her soft mounds gently.

Leah was soon panting with erotic excitement as I squeezed her firm ass cheeks with my large hands and rubbed her tight body all over, pressing my throbbing cock against her demanding sex mound, as she pressed back into me with even greater eagerness.

I worked my way down her body, kissing and licking every inch of her soft skin, as I approached her sizzling hot pussy. She was burning up in her passion and it wasn’t wasted on me. I was just as hot for her as she was for me and soon had her begging for my cock. I kept teasing her with it, but didn’t touch her pussy or clitoris again.

All this foreplay was driving her crazy, just as I wanted. I knew that when I finally fucked her good, she would have an incredible orgasm. But I kept up the teasing, building her desire for me more and more, working her into a frenzy. She loved it and was wild with pleasure, writhing about and pressing her hot pussy hard into me unrelentingly, demanding more pleasure.

When neither of us could stand it anymore, I plunged my throbbing manhood deep into her beckoning love canal in one long glorious thrust. She bucked her hips up to meet me and gasped deeply, as she sucked in her breath and my cock drove deep into her, filling her completely. Leah gasped, “Oh god. Fuck me. That feels so good. Oh fuck me.”

Her expression was one of total fulfillment, with lust, pain and pleasure overwhelming her every sensory organ. Her eyes glazed over and guttural sounds came from her throat, as I forced my throbbing cock deep into her tight pussy again and again. She was lost in the pleasure surging throughout her body from every loving inch of penetration I could give her. Her only response was to utter more unintelligible primal sounds.

I could tell from Leah’s glowing smile that it felt incredible to her. It was wonderful for me also and I was in heaven. I thrust deeply into her tight pussy, withdrew almost fully and then plunged into her divine orifice again and again, as Leah shuddered and thrashed about in her seemingly endless incredible orgasms.

I followed soon after in what was one of my most fantastic orgasms ever, as I pumped Leah’s juicy little pussy full of my cum. This was an all time high for me and I soared in my orgasmic euphoria for a long time, savoring the unique satisfaction of such an incredibly tight and totally fantastic fuck. My cock stung for many hours from the tightness of our union, reminding me again and again of how wonderful it had been. A great fuck, a tight fuck, a true joining of our souls in commune.

Leah was all starry-eyed and looked at me with such a loving look, that I was stunned. She was so perfectly beautiful at this moment, she had a perfect youthful body, I had just fucked the hell out of her and she loved it as much as or more than I did. I didn’t think life could get any better. And on top of it, it seemed obvious now that we both loved each other.

But almost immediately she was demanding, “Please fuck me again. Daddy. That was the most wonderful thing, the greatest thing that ever happened to me, in my whole life. Fuck me again, daddy, please.”

It didn’t take much for me to get hard again; just thinking of how fantastic she was, was enough. I felt strong sensations as I forced my throbbing organ once again into her squishy hot pussy, this time with less effort. She pumped herself onto my cock with so much enthusiasm that we each relished this coupling more than our first time. She was a natural-born fucker and loved to fuck me as much as I loved to fuck her. Although we were both very sore from our previous tight union, we relished every moment of pain and pleasure as the ultimate expression of our deep love for each other.

Our desires for more sex and rougher sex were ravenous and we indulged our senses to the maximum, spending the rest of the week having as much sex as we possibly could. I taught Leah everything I knew about how to be a very sexy girl and how to really please a man. And, I used everything I knew to please her. She was indeed pleased with me, as I was pleased with her. We were both extremely happy together and oblivious to all else in our little love nest.

All of a sudden it was Saturday morning and my two daughters, Shawn and Tricia, showed up. We had totally forgotten about them and were still in bed asleep when they walked into my bedroom. They had a house key and we had unfortunately left our bedroom door wide open, so they could hardly miss seeing us, laying together uncovered.

They were shocked to find Leah and I naked and entwined in each other’s arms, having obviously spent the night balling each other senseless. I woke up to Shawn’s incredulous gasp, “Oh my god, daddy, you and Leah are naked. Oh, my god, did yy..o.ou f..f..fuck her?”

I had to think fast, so did the best I could to try and ease things with my daughters, but didn’t really do it.

“Aah, hi girls. Sorry, I forgot today was Saturday. I guess you caught us. Well, aahh, Leah and I really became close. I don’t know, it just happened.”

Leah, piped up, “Really it is my fault, your dad really turns me on. I think he is sooo hot, I seduced him. He didn’t want to have sex with me, but I made him do it.” That was a stretch of the truth also, but she was trying to make my daughters feel better about their father fucking a girl their own age. I thought it was so sweet of her to do this.

Leah continued in her own way trying to justify our relationship, “Yeah, really I am sorry to do this to you guys. But you should know that your dad is really one sexy guy.”

Tricia groaned, “Yeah, like I really need to hear that about my dad. Maybe we should just leave. Come on Shawn, lets go!”

“No, please stay Tricia. I want to make you guys breakfast,” Leah said. “Please, we need to talk and understand each other better. It’s really important to me. Please.” My girls couldn’t resist Leah’s heartfelt plea and replied, “Ok, we will stay and talk to you.”

Leah then jumped out of bed buck-naked and ran into the shower, with her goodies shaking and bouncing everywhere. Shawn and Tricia were again shocked that Leah took her nakedness so calmly. Then I told them, “Girls, I need to get up and get dressed. Could you give me some privacy?”

“Ok, daddy,” they meekly replied.

I thought I detected a tone of normality in their demeanor, not anger. Although they seemed visibly shaken by this turn of events they acted normally towards me, not harsh.

Maybe my daughters were lightening up even more and I could finally have a normal relationship with them. Little did I know how turned on they were by the discovery of a totally naked Leah in bed with their also naked daddy and the certainty that we had been fucking each other.

After this, the opposite of what I thought would happen manifested. Leah and my daughters became closer and my daughters even came over more than their now expired court appointed visits mandated. They treated me nicely as Leah and my daughters became very tight friends.

Finally, Leah drew it out of them that their mother had fed them full of all sorts of lies about me, lies that were totally weird and obviously untrue. They were shocked to find out how much their mother had lied to them and suddenly decided they wanted to move in with me. I told them that this was up to them, but that they were very welcome to stay with me. When they confronted their mother, she realized it was in her best interest not to challenge them, having been exposed in her blatant lies. So my two daughters moved in with Leah and I.

It was a little awkward fucking Leah all the time, with my daughters in the house, and I tried to be careful. Only later did I find out that my two daughters were always listening to Leah and I and almost as often watching us, with Leah’s complicity, as Leah and I had the most amazing sex. She was totally incredible in bed and drew out so much energy from me for sex that it continuously got better and better.

Also unknown to me, my two daughters were really getting off, seeing their daddy fucking their new friend so passionately. They were inexperienced in sex, so hearing and seeing Leah and I going at it every day, they became totally enamored with thoughts of fucking me.

Seeing Leah suck my huge cock so enthusiastically blew their minds and excited them greatly. But when I ate Leah’s squirming pussy mound to a mind-bending climax, where she screamed over and over with several incredible orgasms, my cute daughters were creaming their tight panties and out of their minds with desire for me.

My daughters were so turned on, that their beautiful new friend Leah was so hot for their father to fuck the hell out of her. Further exciting them was Leah being so loud and having such obviously incredible orgasms.

They were awed by my hard and, to them, huge daddy cock and fantasized about losing their virginity to their daddy. Every time Leah and I had sex, my beautiful daughters enjoyed the experience almost as if they were themselves having sex with me. They soaked their panties with their juices of pleasure and rubbed themselves to orgasm again and again, as they became overwhelmed with desire. They could barely contain their lust for me. Of course they told all of this to me later.

Leah understood Shawn and Tricia and drew it out of them that they really wanted to learn about sex from me. When she told them that I had taught her everything she knew about sex, they wanted to hear everything from her right away.

Of course even that wasn’t enough for these two horny girls, so they finished up their hot talk with a meek request to Leah, that, maybe somehow, “Daddy can show us some things about sex.” Leah is no dummy, so she knew immediately that they really wanted to fuck their dad and learn everything from him directly, just as she was doing. She felt, in her genuine humility, that my real daughters had as much right to sex with me as she did, and incredibly she didn’t mind. In fact, she liked the idea as it turned her on and told them she would arrange it within a couple of days. Talk about generous.

Sure enough, the next day there was a candlelight dinner for the two of us, and Leah loosened me up with lots of wine and charmed me totally. Then she told me, “I have a favor to ask on behalf of your daughters.” She stated their request so sweetly that I couldn’t refuse. “They are dying to learn about sex and really want you to teach them like you taught me. I don’t object. I think you should. It will be really hot and fun for us all.”

And who could resist such a request under such circumstances anyway. I know it is very wrong to fuck your own daughters, but they are both nineteen and adult enough to know what they want. Besides I felt good about being the one to teach them about sex properly. Goodness knows what they would learn on their own in this crazy world.

Too many first time experiences are full of grief and disappointment, but I knew I could provide them with a wonderful first time experience and thus assure them a healthy sexual outlook for the future. In my opinion this far outweighed the immorality of fucking them. Besides I really wanted to fuck my two wonderful daughters. I don’t deny this. I love them dearly and they are both beautiful young and sweet girls.

They are my adorable darling girls, whom I love with all my heart. What could be more meaningful than fucking someone you love with all your heart? I honestly felt good about it and didn’t agonize over it at all.

I told Shawn, “You can start by watching Leah and I tonight as we make love.” But she immediately said, “We have already been watching you for a month and want to start right away.” ‘Phew. Wow,’ I thought. “Well, ok, I guess.” But we were all a little shy about where to start. So, I started explaining some things as I demonstrated with Leah. I could see my girls, Shawn and Tricia getting really aroused as I kissed Leah erotically. It was obvious they wanted to be in her place, but both my daughters were too shy to say anything more right away. So I invited Shawn, “Come sit next to Daddy, honey.” Then I gently started to kiss her gently on her lips at first, increasing the passion quickly.

As she melted into me with my soft kisses, I pulled her to me and fondled her ripe breasts, unbuttoning her blouse and suckling her swollen teen breasts with my wet lips. I caressed her lithe young body all over, exciting her beyond anything she had ever experienced. My expert ministrations soon had her trembling on the brink of an incredible orgasm, as she experienced the essence of her womanhood’s manifestation.

I carefully kept her shaking in ecstasy, bringing her back down and then up again to the peak of pleasure, so that she could savor these most intense and wonderfully powerful sexual emotions again and again. By the time I dragged my flat tongue along her succulent pussy, she was so excited that she immediately exploded in an incredible orgasm.

My lips’ rapt attention to her pulsating clitoris kept her orgasm peaking for a long time, her pleasure soaring for many minutes before her euphoria settled down. She babbled the highest praise of her experience to her ‘sisters,’ as she described the wondrous sexual pleasures she was experiencing for her first time.

Naturally, my other daughter was very eager for this same incredible sexual experience. Because I hadn’t even fucked either of them yet, they still had a lot to look forward to tonight and in the future. I relished the thought of my good fortune, to have three such amazingly beautiful young damsels begging me to fuck the hell out of them all the time. My cock almost ached in anticipation of its’ total satisfaction by these scrumptious girls and their tight pussies. Any one of them was perfect for me in herself, what to speak of three beauties, all of whom I adored, and they all wanted me to have endless sex with them.

Tricia was even more demanding, insisting that I fuck her and take her virginity, “Right now.” I accepted her insistent request and soon plunged my very hard and very large cock into Tricia’s very tight pussy, causing many wonderful vocal manifestations of her love for me to burst forth from her mouth. She was beside herself in the wonders of her first fuck, relishing and ravishing me, in the height of her seemingly unlimited passion.

Her virgin pussy wasn’t quite as tight as Leah’s, but she was undoubtedly just as good a fuck as Leah, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say that any one of them was significantly better than the other, for they were all incredible. I relished every moment and I loved each of them individually and thoroughly.

Soon, all three of these teen beauties were demanding that I fuck them often and hard. They loved the tight penetration of their snug little pussies by my eager cock and our continual sex, that satisfied their endless desires only for a few moments. Fortunately I was in good physical shape, but I still had to work hard to keep up with the raging sex hormones of these three young beauties. Hardly an hour went by that one of them wasn’t showing a pouty or lust-crazed face in her desire for me to satisfy her.

But there was another concern and that was their likely pregnancy. My two daughters fortunately were on the pill, but Leah wasn’t, so this was a very real concern for me. When I mentioned this to her she positively glowed with the thought of having my child. I could tell she actually wanted it, so I didn’t feel inclined to discuss it’s prevention further with her.

Needless to say, I don’t spend much time at my businesses any more. I mostly stay at home with my three wonderful daughters and continuously and thoroughly ravish them, day and night, over and over again.

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What a lovely story.

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That daddy daughter story was as good as I have ever seen!